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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 19, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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product on our facebook account. making news in america this morning, severe weather. tornadoes and powerful storms racing across the midwest. causing damage and knocking out power. where this is all heading right now. e-mail investigation. hillary clinton dismissing questions about her private server. >> my personal e-mails are my personal business, right? >> the presidential candidate in the heated exchange. we're live in washington. pink pill. the controversial viagra for women approved. when will it hit the market and will it cost more man the male version? hard knocks on the campaign trail. presidential candidate marco rubio with a pigskin mishap. well, good morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. let's start with that severe weather rolling across the
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middle of the nation. at least two tornadoes were reported in the chicago area late yesterday. the areas they were spotted in are very rural. no initial reports of any damage from the tornadoes. >> take a look at this. the scene at wrigley field in chicago. a strong thunderstorm bringing the tigers/cubs game to a haul. the delay lasted more than two hours before the game could start again. >> several suburban chicago areas were hit hard by the storms. it's believed a lightning strike ignited at least one house fire. at one point nearly 15,000 customers were without power. >> the radar, you can see the system swirling in the midwest. lots of rain coming from those storms plus triple digit temperatures. accuweather's justin povick tracking it all. good morning, justin. >> reporter: phillip and reena thanks, good morning. another steamy start, another steamy afternoon on the way for the northeast and i think it will spark at least a couple of showers and thunderstorms but, again, the way it feels, it's going to be well into the 90s,
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some spots around d.c. and baltimore and philadelphia, new york city could feel like it's over 100 degrees. meanwhile, the northwest, unfortunately, not good news for firefighting efforts. more warmth, dry conditions on the way. phillip and reena, back to you. >> justin, thank you. those conditions are exactly what firefighters do not need right now. some of the most serious wildfires are burning around chelan, washington, where more than 170 square miles have been scorched. >> and in idaho, fire conditions are said to be their worst since 1926. more now from abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: with at least 90 large wildfires now burning in the west, the 30,000 firefighters on the ground are stretched so thin. the army is now being called in for the first time in nearly a decade. >> soldiers, you know, we're hard workers and it just comes natural to us. >> reporter: 200 active duty soldiers from joint base lewis-mcchord have been deployed
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in washington state to battle relentless flames tearing through chelan. here you see a black hawk helicopter crew gathering water and just seconds later making this air drop over a northern california wildfire. that military might also desperately needed to save hundreds of homes threatened in washington. >> we had a really big, big living room. >> reporter: carol jenkins' homes is one of several destroyed. >> i didn't take any family pictures or anything like that. i did not think anything was going to happen. >> reporter: in northern idaho more than 40 gone. another two dozen lost in oregon and in drought-stricken california where 18 wildfires are tearing through hot, dry terrain, firefighters are using these weather balloons to coordinate their attacks and keep fire crews safe. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> the other major story we're following this morning is the race for 2016. hillary clinton still being dogged by questions about her e-mail. >> and donald trump heading back
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to the campaign trail in new hampshire. abc's kenneth moton is watching it unfold and joins us from washington. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, phillip and reena. yeah, it's been a crazy week of dueling campaign events, tense moments on the campaign trail and large rallies for presidential hopefuls who appear to be gaining ground. democrat bernie sanders is continuing to gain support holding a large rally in nevada. also in the state yesterday, front-runner hillary clinton who had a heated exchange with a reporter at a las vegas campaign event. the topic, yes, her ongoing e-mail saga. >> my personal e-mails are my personal business, right? >> reporter: the former secretary of state asked, does she try to wipe her private server to hide the mishandling of classified information? something? we have turned over the server. they can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what's there or not there. that's for the people investigating it to try to figure out. but we turned over everything
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that was work related. every single thing. >> reporter: it's been that type of week for clinton, video emerged edd her tense behind-the-scenes exchange. >> i don't believe you change hearts. i believe you change laws and allocation of resources. you change the way systems operate. >> reporter: meanwhile, today the republicans are playing a game of dueling campaign events. front-runner donald trump proving nobody trumps trump announcing a town hall meeting in new hampshire at the same time as jeb bush's town hall. the two and several other candidates will be in the state summit. the rest of the week will be busy for gop presidential hopefuls, trump who is leading the latest polls at 24% just announced a pep rally friday night in mobile, alabama. reena and phillip. >> and we are watching those numbers. washington, thank you so much. new developments in the
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bangkok bombing which killed 20 people. police say this is the man they're looking for. the suspect there wearing a yellow shirt and this morning the police chief saying that the bomber did not act alone. the shrine where the bomb went off was re-opened to the public today. residents left flowers and messages of unity and hope. >> well, the former spokesman for subway sandwiches is expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. jared fogle is going to accept a federal plea deal. he had been the face since shedding 200 pounds in college but the sandwich chain cut ties with him after his home was raided. the head of his foundation was arrested on child pornography charges in april. attorneys for tom brady and the nfl will face off today in a new york federal courtroom. arguing over brady's deflategate suspension. the new england patriots quarterback and nfl commissioner roger goodell could not come to a settlement over brady's four-game punishment during hours of talks yesterday. if a deal can't be reached both
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sides are urging the judge to rule in the case by september 4th. that's less than a week before the patriots' first regular season game. still ahead, exposed. the secret is out. hackers releasing information of users of a cheating website. >> plus, lost and found. rosie o'donnell's teenage daughter goes missing. where she finally turned up. courtroom chaos. what caused this brawl in front of a judge? you get used to the lingering odors in your bathroom you think it smells fine,
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but your 'em. welcome back. new details about the explosion that leveled much of a motel 6 near seattle and critically injured a gas company worker. a passer-by reported seeing a
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leaking gas line behind the motel so guests were evacuated immediately. it was so intense some firefighters were blown back 20 feet. crews finally masked to put out the fire. hackers made good on threats to expose millions who use a dating website who caters to cheating spouses. popped up online accessible through a special browser said to include names, addresses and credit cards of 32 million users. hackers threatened to go public unless the website was taken down. the autoworkers union is blasting general motors over a possible move to import buicks from china. the buick envision is a crossover made in beijing. gm would become the first detroit automaker to sell a chinese made vehicle in the united states. the issue is certain to be a bargaining chip in the upcoming contract talks between gm and the union. target will pay $67 million to visa over that security
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breach in 2013. the accounts of about 40 million customers were hacked. many of those customer ss asked banks and credit card companies for replacement cared. visa sued to recoup the costs. we mentioned today's deflategate hearings and remember those court sketches of tom brady from last week's court session. it might be the most well-known court sketches ever. the internet went crazy over it and now the artist says she's considering offers from two dozen interested buyers. no word on how much they're offering. looks like she got the last laugh on that. >> absolutely. slez when we come back, the little pink pill, the female version of viagra about to hit the market but when? softball scandal. a little league team accused of intentionally losing a game. why what tournament officials say
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your morning road conditions, we got wet roads from the great lakes down through the ohio valley where flooding is possible. rain as well across the entire southeast and the southern plains. if you're flying airport delays possible in minneapolis, chicago, detroit, memphis and atlanta. well, just hours after going public with an emotional plea about her missing daughter, a relieved rosie o'donnell says the 17-year-old has been found and she is safe. >> chelsea o'donnell had been missing for about a week when police tracked her down last evening at a home in new jersey. rosie o'donnell was especially concerned because she says chelsea lives with mental illness and had been off her medication for several days. for now police say there is no evidence of a crime but they are still investigating. the ntsb has launched an investigation into a rough landing at the charlotte north carolina, airport. the pilot of the us airways jet with 153 passengers on board approaching charlotte from atlanta was hit by wind shear. he aborts that landing taking
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off at full throttle then tries again. what he didn't realize is the damage on the underside of the plane. >> it tells me that this came as close as you possibly can to having a major catastrophe. he hit the ground, he hit the lights, he ran the tail along the ground before he was able to get airborne again. >> passengers on board describing the moments of terror as they were bounced around on that flight saturday. one woman said it was like a rocket ship when the pilot took off at full speed. people there were shaken up but no one seriously hurt. a deadly accident at a construction site in new mexico. six stories of scaffolding outside a medical center buckled and collapsed trapping several people underneath. a construction worker was killed and seven others injured. three of them remain in critical condition this morning. well, turning now to the so-called female viagra, the first prescription pill described to enhance women's sexual drive. a one a day pill that works with
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key chemicals to boost libido. women with insurance can expect to pay between $30 and $75 out of pocket. about the same as viagra and it should be available by october 17th. a courtroom in chattanooga, tennessee, was the scene of some chaos. check this out. >> get back. stay back. >> back up, sir. back up, sir. sir, back up. >> the man who was attacked there is charged with killing his niece. the guy who went after him was the victim's boyfriend. several people who tried to get into the action were kicked out of the courtroom which was briefly locked down. the hearing was postponed and will likely be held in a closed court. a champion will be crowned at the little league softball world series thrown into turmoil amid allegations of cheating. the team with washington state was accused of losing a game on purpose so that a team from iowa would be eliminated but the team from iowa protested claiming
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washington threw the game. so officials scheduled a one-game playoff in which iowa beat washington and advanced to the semifinals. the team from iowa lost that semifinal game last night. all right. how about something a little more simple? >> like baseball highlights. >> hey there, welcome to "sportscenter" los angeles. sometime watch our host show. right now we'll give part of it in miniature. >> we start with the dodgers and athletics. top eight, two on, two outs. game tied. a.j. ellis with a three-run home run, dodgers up 4-1. looked like it was all good for the dodgers because they hardly ever lose when they lead after eight innings. but they're going to lose this one because billy butler said so. he's driving in the winning run in the bottom of the tenth. and the a's take it 5-4 over the dodgers. hey, we got extras, pirates
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and diamondbacks. seventh inning, pirates up 7-3. jung ho kang, over a fence. his tenth on this game. pirates up 8-3. gulc gulchman. lost it. two of paul's schmidt's friends. extras and zip ahead to the 15th inning. one on, two out. pedro hits it well. going to right. yasmine ethomas strumals and cervelli from first. a walkoff winner, 9-8. >> cervelli is a catcher too. that's pretty impressive. >> final note, master p. is coming out with a biopic. >> not confirmed but speculation is he is. that's all we got. >> master p. >> good info. kenny mayne, thank you.
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...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. time now to check "the pulse" and some video of what not to do as a presidential candidate. >> all right, check out florida senator marco rubio hitting a kid in the face with a football. this video is going viral and it sparked reaction on social media with one great tweet reading "donald trump would have called a press conference and explained that kid was a loser." >> last night rubio himself tweeted "the qb always gets the blame. the kid, by the way, we should tell you is just fine." >> look at that throw. right in the face. >> give it to us. no. oh. almost. >> we figured it out. we've got it.
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it was close, though. >> let me show you how it's -- oh. moving on to our next story. donald trump said you're a loser. all right, idaho has become the latest state to remove highway signs that become quite a draw for stoners. >> state transportation officials have replaced 420 mile markers with mile post number 419.9. the number 420 has long been associated with marijuana so presumably pot heads have been stealing the signs. >> they've been replaced in washington state and colorado to deter the thieves but if they take them, you know, they'll forget where they are too. >> oh. >> probably laying around random places all over. well, yelp is no longer for restaurants and businesses only. >> they're putting the agencies on the website to review. the new pages include national park, the social security administration and even the tsa which is already getting attention and as you can imagine some of those reviews for the
4:24 am
tsa are not too friendly. >> right now the tsa's yelp page has only 2 1/2 stars. one reviewer saying i'm a grown man, this is not the military. you do not have to talk down to me. >> they should get more stars, should take forever for us to click the button. >> okay. well, they've been married for 63 years but a missouri couple says they only disagree on one major issue and that's baseball. >> but they've obviously found a way to work it out. you see warren is a lifelong cardinals fans and carol love the giants and show their support when the rival teams meet up in st. louis wearing the jerseys they hand made for their anniversary in june. >> carol says they do have one secret to a long, happy marriage. he always gets the last word which is, yes, dear. and i want to get the last throw here. here we go. here we go. oh. >> there you go. geno smith, you have no more job. what happened to your hair?
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political theater playing out in new hampshire today as donald trump has scheduled a town hall meeting at the same time as a similar one hosted by jeb bush. scott walker and chris christie also campaigning in the state. former subway spokesman jared fogle reached a deal with federal prosecutor prosecutors after his home raided last month. severe weather rolling through the chicago area. at least two tornadoes were reported there late yesterday. no reports of damage in rural areas but some trees were brought down in suburban areas. as for today's weather, rain around the great lakes and thunderstorms in the southeast. it's cooling down across the nation's middle and it's going to be sunny and hot for the entire west. well, finally this morning a very different kind of baby boom seems to be under way in washington state. >> within just one week three babies were born on the side of the road testing the skills of emergency responders. reporter molly shen has details.
4:28 am
>> reporter: when seattle officer anthony reynolds stopped a driver who was speeding and running red lights sunday morning he couldn't have expected this. abdul omar was rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital. >> let me go, i can make it, man, let me go. >> there's an ambulance en route right now, okay. i know it will get you there faster. >> reporter: the baby girl didn't wait for the ambulance. >> oh, my god. the baby is coming. >> reporter: after that first cry, the little girl stopped breathing. officer reynolds helped clear her airway. >> come on, baby. there you go. there you go. >> reporter: and this dash cam drama came on the heels of another roadside delivery. trooper mark rudy delivered a baby on i-5 in mt. vernon. >> one, two, three, push. >> it was like two minutes, the birth. >> reporter: while there are no tips on baby delivery at the
4:29 am
police academy, trooper rudy has seven children of his own. >> i've been through it a little bit. so i kind of know what's going to happen but, you know, just try to keep her calm, keep her breathing, trauks to her. keep her as relaxed as possible. >> reporter: each family thanked law enforcement for their bedside or carside manner. seattle chief kathleen o'toole personally responded having met the omars once before. what a beautiful family, she wrote. i look forward to seeing you again and meeting your latest addition. an addition who knows how to make a dramatic appearance. >> yeah, those emergency responders, johnny on the spot there. >> absolutely. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great wednesday,


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