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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the in the same location for about four hours dumping 1 to 2- hour. somerset county, we have had reports of significant flooding, in effect until 7:30. the storms have weakened and moved to the north, the waters have not quite receded. this is the cell. it sat over the same area and produced rain over and over again over parts of union county in new jersey. upwards of four inches of rain as reported by our radar, estimated by our radar in a short period of time. there were several reports of flash flooding and u.s. 22 as you saw on the picture was a mess. scotch plains, all lanes are closed between bony burn and mountain avenue. now everything is shifting to the west right out by the delaware water gap, parts of warren county, pike county, pennsylvania, the access of heaviest rain. thankfully it has weakened
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where you get the significant flooding over union county. high resolution futurecast shows encouraging signs. as we lose the daytime heating, we lose a lot of the fuel in the atmosphere for the storms and i think everything will weaken as we approach sunset. the problem is as we head to later in the week, especially friday, there could be a much more widespread potential downpour and flooding situation in the tri-state area. we will talk about that in the full forecast coming up. >> see you then. we will turn to the folks trying to clean up from the storms. nina pineda is in scotch plains. she continues our coverage. >> reporter: liz, we are talking flooded basements, ruined cars. i will show you how the force of this water behaved here on route 22 eastbound. look at that. that is the pavement just buck ltd under the force of this day -- buckled under the force of this deluge. they are talking 3 to 4 inches
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they thought an hour. it came down the hill and actually up the highway and took the street with it. we have cars stopped on the way. they are coming eastbound on route 22. police have this area blocked off. we will show you viewer pictures that they sent in of their house. byrd avenue is off route 22. they had high water, weight high in some places -- weight high in some place -- waist high in some places. they had to take buckets to bail out the water. here is what she had to say. >> it was raining for a while. we saw it kept coming up and up and up. then all of a sudden it went from, like, the sidewalk to up here in a very short period of time. >> up four steps? >> up over the bottom step. >> then what did you lose in the basement? >> i don't know yet. we will see.
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>> reporter: well, michelle knew she lost in the basement and she lost in her car. they are letting some cars go by slowly on the eastbound lanes of route 22. but it is closed in both directions throughout union county. best to avoid this. freddie, go will talk to our viewer. how did this happen? >> the water came down the street. that is mountain view avenue across the highway and completely flooded the other side, poured under the openings in the divider and ripped up the road. >> that is what witnesses saw as the rain behaved this way. this rain had nowhere to go. the catch basins flooded everywhere. avoid route 22. live in scotch plains, nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> significant damage. thank you very much. we are following more breaking news tonight. a stabbing near 45th street and 8th avenue in hell's kitchen. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid is there with the latest. carolina?
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>> reporter: liz, we have an active scene. police presence here as they continue to gather evidence and the person that stabbed another man. take a look at the police presence that we have. detectives, nypd officers are all here at the scene gathering everything they can. here is what we know. we know one person was stabbed in the torso area near 45th and 8th. that is between 8th and 9th avenues before 5:00 this afternoon. it appears there was an argument here on the street that turned physical. a man in his 30s was taken to the hospital. we do not have any word on his condition. police are still searching for the suspect. again, no word on what this argument was about. as you can see, the block from 8th to 9th avenue is completely shut down as police continue to gather evidence to continue to search for the man who stabbed another man here on the street. reporting live in hell's kitchen, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> carolina, thank you. we turn to the search for a violent serial burglar.
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police say he has attacked six people in coney island walking up to them and ripping the jewelry from their bodies. investigators are trying to get him off the streets before he can strike again. these are surveillance pictures of the man. stacey sager is on coney island with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: liz, police are kicking up the investigation. they are patrolling the boardwalk. now they put out new video of the suspect. the victims in all these cases are elderly. >> if he comes and grabs my neck, we will fight. i'll tell you that my now. >> reporter: you aren't giving that up? >> no. >> reporter: some in the above 60 crowd are fed up with the suspect who seems to be targeting people because of their age and police say he has done it at least six times since july. in fact, check out this video on west 30th street near the boardwalk last thursday. the suspect slowly approaches
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from behind and snatches the chain off his victim's neck. camille and carmine say their friends in his 80s was mugged last month sitting on this bench then the suspect leaps over the fence and gets away on his bike. >> he turned around this way and the guy had the chain and he had a cross on it. the guy got the chain but not the cross. >> i took off my cross because i heard about it, somebody on a bike. he watches and as soon as he sees you are not paying attention, he grabbed your chain, jumps on the bike and high tails it out of here. >> reporter: police confirm most times the suspect is on a bicycle, either the approach or the get away. they want you to take a good look at his picture. they have now put up fliers around the neighborhood. >> he is wearing a yankee cap and a white shirt. what police don't want is anyone getting hurt if they try too hard to fight back.
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>> i would recommend that they let the attacker take whatever they want and get the best description possible then call the police or 911. >> like i said, i'm fighting for my stuff. >> reporter: i'm not messing with you. i'm not messing with you one bit. fortunately no serious injuries. police want to keep it that way. they need your help on this. the suspect is wearing a yankee's baseball cap, at least last seen. white t-shirt riding a black female style bicycle. police do need your help. go to abc7ny north for the number of crimestoppers or if you want another look to see if you recognize the man in them. stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacey, thank you. former long time subway pitch man jared fogle agreed to plead guilty to charges of child pornography and paying
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for sex with minors. prosecutors say at least two of the encounters happened in hotels here in new york city. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman is here with much more on the disturbing details. sandra. >> reporter: liz, authorities say jared fogle started traveling to other states to engage with sex acts with people that he knew were underage years before he began trading in child pornography. fogle's torn said he had a medical -- attorney said he had a medical problem, prosecutors say what he did was criminal. from famous tv pitch man to accused sex offender. >> today jared fogle has been charged and admitted to participating in a five year criminal scheme to explode children. >> former subway spokesperson jared fogle in court in indianapolis after agreeing to plead guilty to paying for sex
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with 13 and 14-year-old girls and for receiving and distributing child pornography. >> in so doing, he will fully and completely acknowledge responsibility for his wrongdoing and his acts and his conduct. >> reporter: prosecutors claim from 2007 until june of this year, fogle traveled and used social networking in pursuit of underage girls. according to court documents, investigators allege in 2012 he met a 17-year-old pot institute manhattan. in november, 2013 that same 17- year-old at the ritz carlton battery park. after waving in his home, investigators found pornography involving children as young as russell taylor. prosecutors say taylor in custody on child pornography charges secretly recorded children and shared the videos with fogle for years.
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in a tweet today, the sandwich chain sought to further distance itself from the former spokesman. we had already ended our relationship with jared. he agreed to pay $4.1 million in restitution to his victims as part of a plea deal. he faces 5 to 12 years in federal prison. he was jeered as he left the courthouse. liz? >> thank you. as we continue with "eyewitness news at 6:00" on this wednesday night, a local college with a strong family presence, quadruplets attending the same college and they will all play the same sport. >> eli manning really demanding to be the highest paid quarterback in the league? is help?
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ro a set of quadruplets from miami decided to attend iona college they are all freshman and teammates and will play water polo. >> reporter: members of the sports teams sometimes considering themselves like family. iona college is taking things four steps further. starting this year, alexander, alexandre, andre and andrea
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will be freshman on the water polo teams. two brothers, two sisters, a set of quadruplets on one campus. >> we were open minded about not being together but it worked itself out so that we were. >> reporter: they are from miami and wanted to stay on the east coast. the men's season starts in a few week. the women in the spring. brian kelly coaches both teams. >> their speed, quickness in the water is exceptional. fundamentals are exceptional. they can play at both ends of the pool. great additions for us. >> reporter: as kids they were on a swim team and asked by a coach to give water polo a try. three state championships later in florida, they are here in new york. >> when we decided to go to the first practice, we loved it. we wanted -- every friday was water polo day. we he couldn't wait for friday. >> reporter: does playing
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together so many years help in the pool. >> we know when we want the ball and sometimes when we don't. sometimes we argue. it's almost instinct, we have the same instincts. they are worried about the winter and still settling in. >> looking forward to making friends and starting something new. >> they were like all college freshmen, except in the water. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> good luck to them. >> reporter: just ahead, jeff smith in for lee goldberg
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these storms are powerful. they targeted this one area. >> such a small area. we have been talking about it the past couple of days. the air mass is so humid that they can just develop. this happened to sit over the same area for hours on end. check out the video that we have from scotch plains. >> wow. >> that was taken earlier. a lot of clouds to ground lightning with the storms.
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the big ticket item was the heavy rainfall falling at 1 to 2 inches for several hours. radar estimates of 4 to 5 inches were common in this area near u.s. 22. i was talking to liz about how amazing that live shot was of u.s. 22 torn to shreds there from the rainfall over western union county. tomorrow there could be scattered thunderstorms mainly west of new york city. i expect it to be more organized and widespread late tomorrow night and especially into the day on friday. temperature is 80. humidity way up there at 71%. it's easy for the atmosphere to produce downpours when human is that high. high on the day up to 87 after a morning low of 77. the sun going down before 7:50. storms stay spotty through tomorrow. if you happen to fall under a spot and it sits over you for a while, you get heavy downpours mainly west of new york city. downpours develop by friday
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morning in a more widespread fashion from west to east for the friday morning commute and some rain may be heavy enough to cause flooding through friday and into friday night as well. 81 morristown. 81 downtown shore in belmar. dew points are in the oppressive category. we have flash flood warning in effect for the eastern tip of somerset county just because we have standing water in that area. it's gradually receding now since that rainfall has come to an end pretty much. that storm cell has weakened as it moved over parts of morris county. now we are concentrating over the delaware water gap, basically western warren county, pike county pennsylvania getting a good batch of downpours. probably not going to be causing the flooding issues over union county earlier. the radar and satellite not looking pretty. a lot of thunderstorm activity. this front by chicago will concentrate that activity over
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the city i think during the day on friday. sun to start tomorrow and then increasing clouds during the afternoon. could be shower or thunderstorm activity mainly west of new york city. the high up to 85. what i'm concerned about on friday, this front makes it to the coast then it will sit over us because we have a wind off the water. [ inaudible ] by the way, if you are heading to the beach tomorrow, the rip currents are high. any storms to the west will be weakening. down to 74. humid, sun followed by increasing clouds. most thunderstorm activity well west of the city. high up to 85. a spotty shower or storm tomorrow evening. then heavier rain developing after midnight. we are down to 72. there could be on and off downpours during the day on friday with that front stalled over the area, 81. over the weekend sun and clouds. there is a chance of a shower
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or storm saturday and sunday especially from the city and points east. we will have an important update tonight at 11:00. >> we know you will be tracking it all. >> rob is up with sports. >> not much that gets fans more excited than young talent showing their stuff. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four
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good day for baseball. >> perfect one. >> good one for the yankees. up their division by a game with a month and a half to play.
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at the start the day was about nathan yuvalde. he came in with a career 12 wins. he was perfect into the sixth inning today. threw about 100 miles an hour. mark teixeira out with the bone bruise. they start mark byrd. career home run. in the sixth inning, he fell behind 3-2. yankees come back and they do it with the kid, greg byrd ahead. career home run number 2. yankees win it 4-3. the rookie getting used to playing with the new york yankees. >> so much fun for me to come in every day and just watch them, talk to them, hear what they have to say. it's really special. i won't ever forget it. >> so cool. mets-orioles in baltimore. mets beat them snapping a three- game losing street. washington won as well. the mets first place lead is 4 1/2 games.
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curtis granted der son hit the second pitch over the fence. second lead off home run. he wasn't done there. he nailed another in the 5th inning, 22nd overall this season. 16 rbi in the last 16 games and more home runs against the orioles than any other team. in the 8th to prove his game is well rounded, grand der son has a nifty catch on the warning track. one full night. practice at the meadowlands. preseason game number 2 saturday against the jags. eli manning in the final year of a contractor that gives him a $17 million base salary miffed after it was reported yesterday his goal in contract talks is to be the nfl's highest paid quarterback. manning insists that is not the case. >> i don't compare myself with other quarterbacks by their salary and contracts. i'm blessed to play this year and i will do my job and that's
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all i concern myself with. >> the jets signed quarterback matt flynn to bring a veteran back up presence. he will back up ryan fitzpatrick. been a wild ride forfeits patrick but he is used to it. >> minor mall is craziness, moving around and bumping from team to team and getting used to different guys in a short period of time. so, yeah, the craziness is going for me, i guess. >> more arguments in manhattan as the deflategate continues. neither tom brady or roger good dell where there. lawyers for the two sides in the courtroom for two hours. the judge urging the two sides to work toward a settlement. brady was back in practice with the patriots to get ready for the season.
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finally for us, good yankee game this afternoon. mets tonight playing loose, having fun. last night finding new ways to use the gold believe outfielder in center field. whatever works. keep on winning, everything will be fine. >> just keep on winning. >> all right, thank you, rob. >> i will leave this here. >> thank you very much. we want to check in with sade baderinwa to see what is coming up on "eyewitness news at 11:00". >> hi, liz. long lines in manhattan. what all these people will be spending the night waiting for. plus, so many stories about drones and close encounters with passenger planes. why are stores at one area airport selling drones? those stories and more tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, sade. see you then. that is our news for now. thanks for joining us. i'm liz cho. world news with david muir is up next. eyewitness news returns at 11:00.


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