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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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cup full of corrosive chemical. >> the attack happened in the sunnyside section. that's where we find darla miles with the new information. >> reporter: liz, the nypd is trying to determine what type of chemical mixture was thrown in this woman's face. sources are telling eyewitness news it was a thick liquid, almost like a gel. they say it played out in this intersection behind me. >> an emergency. i go over there right away. >> reporter: the face of acid. her domestic partner of 10 years says she will be in the hospital for weeks. >> somebody through it in the face because she wouldn't open the door. miss. the guy just ran. >> reporter: around 5:30 as the 59-year-old victim left her office, she was approached by
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man who said can i ask you a question? sources say the suspect may have called out to her on purpose to get her attention in order to toss the chemical in her face. police say the victim tried to drive away but couldn't stopping her car and screaming for help. felony likes alvarez saw where she abandoned it. >> i saw a lot of cops there and it was in the middle of the street. >> reporter: sources tell eyewitness news that the attack was not random as detectives and a crime scene unit searched the victim's office and officers canvased the neighborhood for surveillance video. >> that was darla miles reporting. we will try to get back to her and get more of the story when we can. meanwhile, we want to turn to the weatherment after several hot and humid days we could get heavy rain coming through the area after isolated storms yesterday that left route 22 flooded in union county, new jersey.
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all lanes were reopened through scotch plains but now the next storms could be more widespread. meteorologist amy freeze is in for lee goldberg. she is timing out the storms. >> they will start late tonight. it could be northwest new jersey that gets the brunt of this. still blue sky showing up boroughs. a breezy spot. tonight we will see changes and the potential for the heavy rain developing. the heaviest thunderstorms will be coming in, it looks like, for early to mid-morning tomorrow. so, the latest information we have coming in tonight is after 11:00 p.m. these showers will develop from the west to the east. safer the low 80s this afternoon, upper 80s in the outlying areas, temperatures will fall into the upper 70s. it won't meal change the air mass but it will cool us off a little bit. the weather alert for areas in green is a flash flood watch. this is where we will get the most rain and where it will also rain the longest.
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the amounts right now coming from the computer models -- by the way, these showers in sussex are the early showers. the computer models show us at least two inches in many spots and up to four inches locally in some areas. that will cause the low lying flooding. after 11:00, there they come moving in west to east and we should have rain through the majority of the morning hours. for central park, here is the breakdown. temperatures fall into the low 70s then we fire up the storms and they will be present across much of the area with the heaviest right now, the bull's- eye northwest, new jersey. i have new information coming in and have that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> amy, thank you. there is a significant update about new york city's legionnaires' disease. late this afternoon they declared the outbreak is over and the opera house hotel in the bronx was the initial source of the bacteria. marcus solis is at that hotel with the latest. marcus?
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>> reporter: from are the beginning, city health officials said it was likely to be one single source for the outbreak and now they say scientific testing proved them right. they say that the cooling tower at the opera house hotel on east 149th street has been identified as the culprit, the source of the outbreak that killed 10%, 12 fatalities. the tower was disinfected august 1st. no new cases since august 3rd. today the health department did declare the outbreak over. scientists tested samples from 25 patients, some who died. samples from the legionella bacteria was taken from the cooling tower. it was a painstaking process that took time because cultures needed to grow but the results came back the same at different laboratories so the city finally has its smoking gun. >> after rigorous testing, verification and agreement at all three laboratories, we know that for everyone of the
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samples for which testing is now complete, there is a match with the strain found at the opera house hotel. we looked at the legionella strains cultered from the initial five cooling towers and other towers nearby. none of them matched the strain found in patients. >> reporter: in a statement, the management at the hotel called the findings disappointing adding that testing was just completed yesterday showing that the tower is free of legionella. at 5:00, more details on what the hotel says it will do moving forward and we will hear from residents living in the neighborhood that were exposed to the mist that was contaminated for several weeks. live in the mott haven section of the bronx, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus. former president jimmy carter began radiation treatment on the four cancer supports on his brain -- spots on his brain. he spoke candidly and openly about the diagnosis.
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>> i had a wonderful life, thousands of friends and i have had an exciting and adventurous gratifying existence. so, i was surprisingly at ease, much more so than my wife was. but now i feel, you know, this is in the hands of god. >> the four spots of melanoma were detected after liver surgery. he said so far the pain is slight and he has not felt weakness. nevertheless, he plans to cut back on his humanitarian work and focus on his treatment. this afternoon, president obama tweeted president carter is as good a man as they come. michelle and i are praying for him and rosalyn we are all pulling for you, jimmy. joining us is dr. richard besser. thank you for joining us to talk more about this. a lot of folks think of melanoma as a skin cancer. a lot of folks were surprised that it spread to his brain.
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>> that's right. melanoma is the skin cancer that we worry the most about, cause the is most skin scan ser deaths. there are 74,000 people that get melanoma each year a small percent go on to be metastatic. when they do, one of the places it goes is to the brain. when they die it is often due to the metastasis in the brain. >> tell me about his treatment and what it includes? >> he is getting a lot of new treatments for metastatic melanoma. he is getting radiation to the brain. when you think about radiation to the brain, it used to be radiation to the entire brain that has severe side effects from that. here he is getting directed radiation to those four spots. those spots are tiny. we never used to be able to pick up spots that small. they are optimistic that picking them up that early will be helpful.
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he is also getting medication to boost his own immune system and fight the cancer in his bodies. >> when you see him in the video, he is 90 years old. he looks really strong. what do we know about prognosis and is there a potential cure for this at this stage? >> there is no cure. it's not curable but it can can be managed. when you think of someone who is 90, almost 91, the average life expectancy without cancer is another four years. the treatment he is undergoing we don't have years of experience with so it's hard to say how much time they will give. the five year life expect santi for someone with metastatic melanoma is about 16%. the treatments hopefully they won't make him uncomfortable, allow him to live the kind of active life he has been living. watch him talk about it and open, it was inspiring. >> his strength and attitude
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were wonderful to see. it will help other patients. news. >> i will. >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, richard. new at 4:00, a large tree toppled over on staten island and trapped a woman beneath it. video shows the woman crushed under the tree as she waited for rescuers to arrive. it happened this morning in port richmond. firefighters tell us the woman was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. other witnesses say that other than being somewhat scratched up and shaken, she seems to be okay. >> i saw the lady on the floor. she was smoking a cigarette. >> it's not clear what caused the tree to be uprooted from the ground. people say it was not windy at the time it fell over. new jersey transit trains are running on time again following a deadly crash on the tracks. a train hit a car in emerson hitting an elderly driver in
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the vehicle following the accident. the pascack valley line service was suspended. no one on the train was hurt. the reason the car was on the tracks is under investigation. a man faced a judge today in new york. david karnauch was extradited to new york city from his home state of tennessee. the judge decided to release him on his own reconnaissance. his attorney says they will continue to fight the case during the next scheduled court appearance in september. well, new york city police commissioner bill bratton wants the pedestrian plaza in sometimes square closed. he said it would help restore order in that busy area. mayor de blasio said closing the pedestrian plaza is one option being considered by the task force which is addressing the growing problem of costume characters and topless women preying on tourists to take pictures for cash tips. the task force must report back to the mayor by october 1st.
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breaking news on wall street. stocks suffered major losses today. in fact, the dow is back below the 17,000 mark. investors in the u.s. and around the globe were scared by another slump in the chinese stock market. stocks on wall street -- another drop in oil prices hurt that. the stocks were down 358 points to close at 16,990. so, not a good day on wall street. >> it hasn't been below 17,000 in a while. could caitlyn jenner be facing manslaughter charges? >> outrage after a wedding gown shop closes in new jersey leaving brides who put down a deposit scrambling to put up a plan b. >> and a shark that did not want to give up. hear from the kayakers on the
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time to check the ride home on this thursday. big problems on the staten island expressway. an accident was just cleared on the new jersey side of the goethals bridge. there are residual delays on the staten island side of the bridge. but traffic is moving along. that is good. at the hudson river crossings, 25 minutes at the outbound lincoln, 30 minutes outbound holland. george washington bridge at this time, no delays. well, we are following a developing story in california where a sheriff's investigator plans to recommend a vehicular manslaughter charge against caitlyn jenner. jenner was involved in a deadly car crash on a highway in malibu. investigators found that jenner
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was driving in a, quote, unsafe manner for the road conditions. jenner's s.u.v. rear ended a lexus pushing it into oncoming traffic. the 16-year-old driver of the lexus was killed when she was struck head on by a hummer. the district attorney will determine what charges jenner could face if convicted of manslaughter, he could face up to a year in county jail. this afternoon. a baby found locked in a safe at a hotel in niagara falls. police found the parents. turns out the baby girl was accidentally locked in the safe during a game of hide and seek with her siblings. after a maintenance worker freed the child they headed to ontario to visit friends. the family was very could ownership pertive and no charges will be filed. new safety measures are being implemented in movie theaters in response to deadly shootings. regal says backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to
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inspection prior to admission to all of the theaters. according to regal's web site, that goes for guests and employees. large bags and backpacks will be banned together. the minor inconvenience they say is worth the added safety. new at 4:00 a kayaker survived an encounter with a large shark that took a bite out of his kayak. he wpaddling off the coast of santa barbara when he felt something slam into his craft. he says he saw a dorsal fine in the water and new immediately it was a shark. he said the predator began thrashing against the boat then put his jaws around >> i saw him emerge from the water with the kayak in the mouth. i had a clear picture of the eye which is something like that big around, something like that, then a big wide open mouth. >> can you imagine? fortunately people on a nearby fishing boat saw the whole thing, quickly moved in to help
4:17 pm
him out. they pulled him to safety. they examined the bite marks to determine what kind of shark it was. i'll tell you what kind. the kind that likes kayaks if nothing else. >> a strong one. that kind. anyway, amy freeze is in for lee goldberg. i got to say not looking forward to tomorrow or really kind of the the weekend because of the weather. >> reporter: right, exactly. we have a few systems coming in. this tropical air mass, some are calling it uncomfortable, enough with the stickiness already. what is coming our way is not necessarily relief. it could spell trouble for a lot of places. there is a flood watch posted for much of northwest new jersey, central new jersey because of a strong cold front coming in. let's get started. feels like the tropics here. blue sky over manhattan. checking the numbers, upper 80s for many locations. we are at 83. high today so far in central park of 86.
4:18 pm
pressure holding steady. the humidity making things uncomfortable. dew points are high this time of year that keep things tricky. i don't know, did it freeze? i'm not quite sure. is it working for you guys upstairs in the gremlins are in my dome dome today. that's for sure. it's totally frozen. absolutely frozen. let me tell you this. here are the details you need to know. storms after 11:00 tonight moving west to east. a lot of rain for northwest new jersey. we will talk about when everything clears out and what you can expect for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> i need exact -- i got things happening this weekend. >> i need exact details. >> we have an outdoor birthday party. >> there you go. bouncy castle or no bouncy castle. >> weather by request via twitter. something is in the computer. i will be back in a few minutes. coming up next, a new and shocking revelation from reality star josh duggar.
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what he is now admitting. >> could it be the secret to a good night kiss? the unexpected factor that could change the make or break date. >> she devoted her life to serving others. now this nun has one request. what she is asking for from the some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with no antibiotics ever.
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new information about josh duggar.
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he is apologizing for cheating on his wife after his name was those among millions exposed in a data breach of ashley madison. in a statement, he says i have been the biggest hypocrite ever while exposing faith and family values. i have over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and i became unfaithful to my wife. i am so ashamed of the doable double life i have been living and grief for the hurt and sin has caused. the statement has released the porn addiction. the parents wrote their hearts are broken. earlier this year the family's tlc reality show was canceled and josh duggar resigned from his post after it was revealed that he molested five girls including two of his sisters. well, some new york city
4:23 pm
catholic school students are preparing to host pope francis who will visit our lady queen of angels in east harlem when he is in new york city. he will meet with 24 students from four schools. they will represent the 70,000 students that the archdiocese teaches across the five boroughs. remember, channel 7 is your go to the upcoming papal visit. if you need information on tickets, public transportation, road closure, so much more, it's on our web site, in hollywood you often here the movie industry needs more diversity. that cry is being answered in our area. a brooklyn based student group helping the problem. entertainment reporter sandy kenyon is here with the details. >> reporter: dave, liz, this is a unique cultural exchange program that brings students over from france to work for a week with young men and women from our area. we caught up with them in the gowanus section of brooklyn. >> action.
4:24 pm
>> the voice of authority belongs to local teenager tiana. >> having that chance to be a leader as a woman is amazing. >> reporter: she is part of a brooklyn based program called real works which is looking to make the film industry more diverse one student at a time. the exchange with a similar group in paris is their boldest move yet. >> we each chose five filmmakers that would collaborate together and they met online. >> sending each other short films designed to break down stereotypes, those from each country might have about the other. such myths went up in smoke after the french actually came here. >> i never worked with people from another country before and that's like a great experience to have. >> they were really open. that made me get to know them a little more. both groups share similar backgrounds.
4:25 pm
>> i'm from the hood. and this is why i am so grateful to be here because it's not a chance that people have to travel like this. >> reporter: the goal is to make two films with a common theme, one is a comedy, the other a documentary. >> it's about exiting yourself just as you are and being proud of who you are. >> reporter: with acceptance of each other has come admiration. >> always giving more and more, never stop to give -- this is beautiful. >> a lot of us have similar backgrounds. we are etching out of our comfort zones. >> reporter: this weekend, dexter duggar will get on a flight to paris for his first trip out of the country. the teen from coney island and the other kids get an all expense paid trip to france to finish shooting the movie over the next week. real works hopes this advertise
4:26 pm
the first of many such cultural exchanges. isn't this great? >> incredible experience. >> thanks, sandy. still to come, a nightmare for brides to be after a local bridal shop suddenly closes. dozens of women are out hundreds of dollars and their
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it's 4:30. all new this half hour -- >> i heard this lady screaming for help. somebody help me, please help me. >> caught on camera, good samaritans coming to the rescue. >> it's on her bucket list. the local nun with a rare disease that wants to meet the pope. how you can help spread the message. >> hear from one of the first women to graduate from the u.s. army's ranger school.
4:30 pm
all new this half hour, brides to be facing a nightmare when a bridal shop shut its doors. >> customers showed up in red bank and found an eviction notice. now countless brides are without their dresses and out hundreds of dollars. eyewitness news reporter renee stoll has the story. >> reporter: while planning a wedding is stressful, the part that is supposed to tampa bay most enjoyable for brides is finding the dress. >> things go wrong but you never thing it would be your dress two weeks before your wedding and you don't have anything to wear. >> reporter: not the situation this bride to be expected when she purchased her wedding dress from sash she chic boutique. >> i lost my mother at a young to not have her there, it was a beautiful moment when i found the dress i loved. i was crying. >> reporter: she $850 deposit to this business owner.
4:31 pm
she is posing inside her bride dale store. she called in june to make sure that her dress was going to be delivered on schedule. >> i kept calling and then my ain't started calling and we kind of got the run around. oh, it's not in. it's being shipped by ups. then they told us it was at a warehouse in utah. >> reporter: she was told to come in and would be offered one of the sample dresses instead. not ideal but didn't happen. the doors to the shop are locked with a shine stating a warrant of removal has been executed, taped to the store's window. >> that's when i knew i wasn't getting my dress. >> reporter: in e-mails she was copied on, she asked the makers of the dress to ship the dress directly to franzone but when she contacted the manufacturer, unfortunately sassy chic boutique has not paid for the gown. luckily she was able to get
4:32 pm
another dress shop just 16 days before her wedding. unfortunately she is out the deposit she paid sassy chic boutique. as for the number on the door brides are told to call, it lead us to her lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy. he has not returned our calls. at 6:00 we talked to more brides who have horror stories to tell and we try to track down the owner of this boutique. reporting in red bank, new jersey, renee stoll, channel 7 eyewitness news. well, police are hoping newly released sketch helps them track down a suspect wanted for robbing people posing as a police officer on staten island. police say this man and an accomplice have taken money from at least three people in the last two months. in the last incident, say the suspect walked up to an 18-year-old man and asked to see his i.d. he took 50 doll out of the victim's -- $50 out of the victim's wallet. in one crime they were armed.
4:33 pm
new information on the disappearance of rosie o'donnell's daughter. officials say she was found in the house of a 25-year-old man in the town of barnegat. she met the man through the dating app tinder. they are upset about the situation saying there are security measures to ensure that underage users can only interact with people in their own age group. the teen was not injured. eight days after the first confirmed case of west nile virus in new york city, orange county officials say they found virus. middletown. residents are being urged to take proper precautions like wearing the appropriate clothing, wearing bud spray and eliminating standing water around your home. the investigation into a missing connecticut couple focus on their son. police are searching his home. no word what they found or how
4:34 pm
he relates to the disappearance. the couple owes more than $2 million from a foreclosure on the home a few years ago and their business owes around $140,000 to the power company. relatives deny that their debt played any factor in the disappearance. we are learning new details about the woman from connecticut who is one of the first of two women to graduate from army ranger school. captain kristin gyrst from orange said attending the elite program was one of her dreams. she admits she feared being able to meet the same physical standards as the men in the program. tomorrow she and lieutenant shaffer graduate along 94 male soldiers. >> i just came here to try to be a better leader and improve myself. i feel like i did that. for other women that have that goal in mind, keep that goal in mind and don't lose sight of it and remind you why you are there. >> her best memory from ranger
4:35 pm
school is the end of rack week when soldiers undergo a physical test that includes push-ups, sit-ups, chin ups and a 5-mile run and a swim test, land navigation test and a 12- mile foot march. >> tired just hearing about it. uber is under attack over the way it does background checks on its drivers. prosecutors in los angeles county and san francisco are suing the ride share company. they say uber miss leads customers about how thoroughly it checks out drivers. it points out murder who became certified with uber under a different name. in response, uber spokesperson said that no system is 100% perfect and that the same thing could happen with regular taxi companies. just three weeks before the start of school, new york city is adding 4500 half day seats to the program. some orthodox jewish schools that provide asked for the half day slots. they will be in addition to the
4:36 pm
70,000 full day pre-k seats. it was mayor de blasio's mayor. the risky yeast place in the world for travelers to connect to wi-fi is new york city. time's square tops the list of top tourist attractions with the most mobile attacks. that's according to an analysis by sky cure. they are packed with several malicious networks lurking to tap into your phone's data. the safety tips include avoiding hi-fi networks with free in their name reading any warnings that pop up and disconnecting if your phone acts strangely. >> that would be the number one suspect of a place. the last place on public wi-fi is times square. i grew up in a time in times square they robbed right in front of you. now they do it on your cell phone. potential break through in battle of the bulge.
4:37 pm
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potentially big break through as scientists found out the key gene tied to obesity that makes people overweight. fto was related to obesity. they didn't know how and could not tie it to appetite or other known factors. a faulty version of the gene causes energy from food is stored as fat rather than burned. prevention programs do keep teenagers from drinking and smoking. letter researchers found teens are less likely to drink and smoke if their friends participate in substance abuse prevention programs. it's a big difference. students that didn't attend the programs were 40% more likely to get drunk and more than twice as likely to smoke if none of their friends went through the program. the path they say to a man's heart is through his stomach. now it appears the same holds true for women as well. scientists found that women are more responsive to romantic
4:41 pm
cues on a full stomach than an empty one. they explored brain circuitry and those that never dieted. women that ate before the test responded to images of food much more dramatically than the women who fasted. if you didn't, i guess you would be called hangry, angry and hungry. >> how did they come up with these tests. caught on camera, good samaritan coming to the rescue after a purse was taken from a woman's hand. it happened in nashville, tennessee. she was getting in an s.u.v. and the suspect grabbed her purse and ran off. she started screaming and three men stopped the suspect and held him in his car as you can see, until police arrived. >> all of this people would help you. you don't have to do this. >> he said i'm having a bad day. i said, yes, you are in trouble. we can't let you go.
4:42 pm
>> yesterday she thanked the two men who helped her. the suspect was wanted for four robberies earlier in the week including two snatchings. a judge in ohio held himself in contempt of court. held himself after his cell phone went off. judge rocky cross has a rule in his courtroom, no cell phones. well, during a hearing a cell phone started ringing. turned out to be his. that's when the judge ate some humble pie. >> well, in the seven years i have been a judge, i always made sure i left my cell phone in my office. now i look back -- it's funny. everywhere i go this morning people are saying, rocky, you got your cell phone on. >> i give him credit. he held himself in contempt. he had to life by the same rules as anybody else. he paid a fine on himself. >> you know. flying on the cheap. the new way delta is trimming its fares.
4:43 pm
what passengers won't be getting now. >> and are you curious about who the three top paid actresses are? we have new information in the trend. >> also, a local nun battling a rare disease. we will tell you about her plea
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
to well, a passenger rights group is taking aim at delta airlines sales tactics. the nonprofit group fliers
4:46 pm said the airline is shaming travelers to spying upgrades for the flight. they say the airlines web site highlights drawbacks and restrictions of economy tickets such as no seat assignments, no refunds and last to board the plane. the airline defends the system saying they are just trying to make people aware of what they are buying. well, the count down is complete. stony brock university hospital delivered the 100,000 baby this week. that's a lot of baby. he was born monday morning at 8:09 a.m. to parents mike and katie. congratulations. stony brook rolled out the red carpet. look. yeah. the first delivery at stony brook was in may of 1980. the hospital started a countdown to 100,000 earlier this month. congratulations. >> a hundred thousand babies. lucas is precious. break the news to us.
4:47 pm
you are saying further east it won't be that great this weekend. >> yes. we have to get through tomorrow morning. >> it will be a mess. >> i think it will be a mess. there are areas that have already had heavy deluge of rains, downpours and these are the areas that will be most sensitive for the rain coming in. a flash flood watch already posted for those areas and much of new jersey. as we get started right now, the tropical air mass out there. high humidity in the full sun a lot of spots got in the upper 80s. even spots cloudy at times got to 86, 87 degrees. pretty warm. the winds are picking up. i have seen gusts above 20 miles per hour. breezy in much of the today. gusting, especially seeing the cameras bounce. we can have real breezy conditions before the showers and storms develop. currently 84 white plains. the same for newark. here are the wind speeds. newburgh 21 miles per hour
4:48 pm
straight out of the south. morristown 14 miles per hour. this is all just ahead of the cold front that will be approaching us. what to expect is that the storms will stay west early tonight and then the downpours happening just after midnight and continuing into early friday. you will need your umbrellas early friday. rain is heavy enough to flood areas, especially low lying areas, typically flood broken areas and anyone affected by flooding in the last 24 to 48 hours. i think even up in the hudson valley creeks and streams will be inundated with water. even if you are not highlighted in green on the national flood watch area, expect a storm. here is what we are dealing with. on the radar picture, accutrack shows the showers that are coming through pennsylvania then heading into sussex and parts of morris that will get a little bit of rain here. that is ahead of the front. the main body of moisture is coming in after midnight. the storm systems will be moving west to east and they
4:49 pm
get out of here about midday tomorrow. the computer models are showing this a lot. what is happening is the front is coming through slowly. ahead of it, we get the breeze showing up right now and temperatures in the low 80s even after the thunderstorms and showers move out by tomorrow afternoon. on the futurecast, here is the timing. about 4:00, showers and storms ahead of this. main area of moisture, look how it goes up through sussex, ulster, dutchess and northwest new jersey getting heavy downpours as well. the computer models are showing us getting about 1/2 inch to an inch of rain in many areas. then locally there will be pockets where we could get up to two and i see this on the futurecast. the high resolution is showing it where we could get heavy downpours in short periods of time. tomorrow morning the northern suburbs getting real downpours. by 2:00 it looks like it moves out even off the island. so we end up with a decent friday evening. sea and sand forecast, maybe
4:50 pm
you can get boating in for the evening hours. rip current risk will remain high. accuweather seven-day forecast, talking about the weekend here, saturday looks like most of the storms are going to be off to the east. long island and connecticut. sunday a passing shower. this could happen anywhere but definitely not widespread heavy downpours that ruin the day. monday warm and humid. a shower or thunderstorm around. muggy tuesday, 86 and playing it out through august, the best part of the week is wednesday and thursday in the accuweather seven-day forecast. flooding tomorrow morning and then that potential for the showers east, unfortunately, on saturday. >> all right. allow for extra time on the morning commute. >> absolutely. >> thanks, amy. >> david? here is what is trending on this thursday. "forbes" magazine list of the highest paid actresses is out. j law is at the top. jennifer lawrence leads the way with $52 million.
4:51 pm
not bad for someone that is 25 years old. scarlet johansson made $35.5 million rounding out the top 3, comedian now fashion designer melissa mccarthy pulling down $23 million. kelly clarkson announced during her performance at l.a. staples center she is expecting her second child. >> oh, wow. >> totally pregnant. >> i'm so pregnant. >> the surprise announcement came after she was breaking down while singing the song piece by piece a song about her relationship with her dad it was not her idea to announce it like this but she couldn't help herself. actor joseph leather is a new dad. they preferred to keep the details private of the pregnancy but social media has been congratulating the couple. speaking of pregnancy, a woman's prenatal ritual at the hospital is trending as she turns to a dance to get the
4:52 pm
labor moving around. it's pretty awesome. check it out. >> okay. a little tootsie roll action. her husband says, you always wanted to go viral and here i am helping make that happen. this is with her approval of course. >> listen to this. scientists at ohio state university say they have grown a nearly complete human brain in a lab. researchers say it's the size of a pencil eraser with 99% of the genes in a fully developed fetal brain. >> wow. >> it was engineered from adult human brain cells, grew in a dish for 15 weeks. they hope it will help neurological diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's. a york shire terrier has love at first sight. check it out. >> hello. i love you.
4:53 pm
>> oh, my gosh. >> i love you even more. >> so cute. >> i can't help myself. >> i like our interpretations. i see it as loving kisses. >> the music. >> it could be the music. check out the trend online at abc7ny. send us your trend ideas using hetrend. still to come, a local nun is battling a rare disease. now you can play a part in checking things off her bucket list. the one person she wants to meet. we will tell you about it. >> and a check of the delay at the hudson river crossings. 40 minutes outbound at the holland. 25 minutes both ways at the
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
lincoln and right now no d quell, it's lee -- well, it's a plea through social media that's reaching the masses but it will reach the person who it's really meant for? that's the question. an 88-year-old nun is battling a rare disease and can't talk or walk. >> but on the bucket list she wants to meet the pope when he makes his journey to new york city. her plea has been posted on facebook and twitter more than 100 times. 1 now times rather -- 1,000 times rather and eyewitness news reporter aj ross caught up with her. >> reporter: at the tender age after 5. sister noel devine already knew there was a great calling on her life. so at 17 she joined the mary knoll sisters of st. dominic and began her journey in ministry. >> devine is my surname and i was destined. >> reporter: after 60 years of service, the sister would love nothing more than to meet pope francis on his next visit to new york city. although she cannot speak or walk due to a rare called pls. she spreads the good news with
4:57 pm
the help of this tablet and a smile. >> pope francis is more outgoing and in touch with the people. he has great understanding and compassion. >> reporter: just last week, sister noel's longtime wish to meet the pope was shared on their convent's facebook page. and it has since gone viral with more than 1,000 likes and shares and 80,000 views. >> i think it is wonderful. people just share the same dream so they are rooting for me. for sister noel. you know yes she cannot speak and yet she can reach so many people. >> reporter: so far there's no word yet from the vatican but the sister remains hopeful and certainly prayerful. if you want to see her meet her dream come true, you can go@sister's facebook page. it's the mary knoll sisters of st. dominic page and you can like or share it. in ossining, new york, i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> late this afternoon we should tell you the average sides of -- archdiocese of new
4:58 pm
york tells us the sisters will be among the religious orders invited to join pope francis for vespers. some prayers were answered there. eyewitness news will be with the pope. we have a very special section on our website. where you can find the pope's full schedule. just head to and there's still much more news ahead including how the nypd is giving back to students in the bronx. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. a moving day mishap. a woman forgets abs a bag of -- about a bag of valuable jewelly in a taxi but there's something else she left behind that she's frantically searching for. and attacked with acid. a woman's face burned and tonight police searching her
4:59 pm
office for threws so -- clues so they can figure out what did this. good evening al 5:00. i'm diana williams -- >> and i'm sade baderinwa. right now cops are trying to hunt down the man responsible. but they say this was no random attack. >> now, the victim's boyfriend tells us he doesn't know if anyone who had a problem with his girlfriend alexandria diier, eyewitness news reporter darla miles is at the scene in the sunnyside section with more for us. darla? >> reporter: diana, there's a command center set up here at the scene. it has been here all day long. detectives have been walking up and down the block as well as going into her office on this block looking for evidence. after the attack, she actually tried to get away and she was able to drive about 200 feet in her car. up tillman street but just so bad and so painful she had to get out and stop and that's when someone called 911. >> she come out. opened her mouth that much. the tone -- it's purple.


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