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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 22, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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52 for monticello sussex, poughkeepsie at 57 degrees. upper 60s for newark, somerville, down to 58 degrees, everyone is else is warming up nicely, and a lot of rain yesterday, and now it sits there hugging the shore. the eastern long island area, clouds throughout, and moisture here and there. no question, today is the bet dare with temperatures at 86 in the city. looking good through the afternoon, and clear skies by sunset, but more clouds moving through after midnight tonight. more detail in the accuweather forecast. she you then, michelle. >> developing right now, police worked through the night,
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trying to figure out what led a man to open fire on a security building in manhattan and killing a security daughter -- life. you can see the officers carrying bags and box evidence out of the home of kevin downing. >> marcus solis is live where the now deceased man lived. >> reporter: he a grudge against the department of labor, the agency for which he worked. all is quiet here, but it was a different story overnight as motive. >> reporter: heavily armed esu officers swarmed the scene, but it was over as quickly as it began. 68-year-old kevin downing slipped into the lobby
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camara. he then went towards the elevators and shot himself. the building was secure, and alone. it's called criminal probe, but terrorism. federal agents then executed a search parent on his home. >> i just heard it and i came out. he was a former employee of the department of labor. >> he's a former federal employee, at one point employed by the bureau of labor and statistics. >> reporter: he said he was fired in 1999 for being a whistle blower and disclosing inexcusable public waste and said the agency service block him from further employment.
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downing was also we are tired tire -- a retired member of the army reserves. eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you very much, and the security guard killed in yesterday's tragedy was not even supposed to be in the building when it all happened. the 53-year-old was supposed to leave at stay late at work to help out. idrissa died after being shot at close range. camara was a security guard under contract with the department of homeland security, and the secretary of the department, jay johnson came from his home in new jersey to offer his condolences to camara's family. >> it's the kind of thing that
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is unimaginable, i'm sure to somebody in the family situation. >> anyone knows him, pray for him right now. >> the security services company said he was well job. >> we will keep on top of the story thoroughly, throughout the day. three americans took out an armed gunman on a high speed from amsterdam to paris. the man recently traveled to syria and appeared to be an isis sympathizer, and two
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american soldiers subdued the gunman gunman a26-year-old who is now in custody. 9:05. let's talk about money. it was not the time check on your 401k. wall street closing a dismal week of selling. the worst day in 4 years, and the dow plunged 530 points closing at 16460, and the nasdaq fell 171 points and the s&p 500 dropping 61 points. it was the fourth consecutive day of losses, and this week the dow tumbled more than 1,000 points. and developing right now, federal officials are confirming the death of an isis leader during a u.s. military air strike in iraq, and the obama administration said he was killed in northern iraq on tuesday, he was the prop mare
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cord gnat to moving vehicles and -- he was the main coordinator in moving weapons and vehicles for the group around syria. classic taxi service saying their driver, 44-year-old rodrigo baru works for the community, and new york is stepping up the police presence after five people were kill in the city in a span of 36 yours. a long island man is accused of driving drunk with a 7-month-old child in his car, and 36-year-old marvin witch field of huntington is charged with endangering the the welfare of a child.
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he was one of ten arrested last night in hundredington station. all ten people who were arrested will be in court this morning in suffolk county. legionnaires' bacteria surfaced again this time at a high school in yonkers, and riverside high school was immediately shut down with the cooling tower tested positive for the bacteria, and the cause? legionnaires' disease. the building is now back open no one got sick in this. cuomo ordered every cooling tower in the state be tested because of the deed outbreak in the bronx that has killed 12 people, and just days ago officials said the outbreak is officially over. now we know the cause of the massive explosion at a high school in the bronx. a construction worker lit a match in gas-filled room. two construction workers are in critical condition one in serious after explosion. the workers were installing a gas line in a science lab,
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thinking the gas off and not smelling anything reportedly, a worker lit the match to test the line. >> i believe it was a mistake, and obviously a very costly one for the three workers involved affected. >> i'm confident no student will be in the school unless it's totally safe. >> the building will not be repaired in time for the first day of school, september 9th. city officials say the students will be relocated to other buildings. turning to politics now, donald trump didn't democrat crowd he expected to in alabama last night. >> we went to the convention center, and they can have 10,000 people, and we are all set and excited and the next say they said too many people. we came here. >> before the campaign event he boasted he would fill a 40,000 seat stadium, but it turns out half that many showed up,
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20,000, but it was still trump's largest campaign crowd so far, and very few candidates would not enjoy 20,000 people. still an impressive turnout. dr. dre is now apologizing without any details to the women he has hurt in a statement the 50-year-old said he to unnamed women 25 years ago, and he says he knows it will impact their lives forever, and dr. dre says back then he was drinking too much and had no structure in his life, and he adds he is working to be a better man. he has been married for 19 years. his alleged assault of a female journalist and another female came back out. >> he is owning his mistakes, but we don't know what he did, but serious if it will impact interesting. his movie is doing well debate.
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coming up on this saturday morning, nearly a dozen deadly wild fires raging way cross this morning. right now officials are in desperate need, asking for more help to come in as they battle the fires on the front lines. meteorologist amy freeze returns with the accuweather
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get out of the past. get fios. officials in washington are looking for volunteers to help fight wild fires that are now just taking over that state, and at least ten separate fires, all uncontained are burning across north central washington night rue, and three firefighters tragically were killed this week, three fairly young men, very sad news, and the federal government has declared a state of emergency as the fires burned 250 square miles, and officials said the fires are so vast, it's
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literally impossible to keep count of how many homes have been destroyed. 100 fires burning in eight states out west. it's a horrible, horrible fire season for them. no end in sight, and we are not even that far along into the fire. we have awhile to go. >> devastating. >> well, it's a gorgeous weekend. >> and i mean on the totally opposite end of the spectrum, beautiful weather in time for the weekend, and i think today is the better day. tomorrow a few little kinks or wrinkles, and it pushed offshore just enough to give us the gorgeous night we had last night. today, we continue with the nice weather, and by sunday, some of that energy will push back onshore, and we will have more clouds, cooler temperatures, and humidity is low both days. that's a great bonus. live cameras across the area, absolutely gorgeous.
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empire state building down to one world trade, and the temperatures jumped into the 70s. we were at 69 to start off this morning. north winds are light, 7 miles an hour. looking up through the hudson valley, up north to poughkeepsie, and temperatures were in the 50s last night, and they are in the 60s now. really a temperature climb in come cases of 12 to 15 dries since last night's coldest temperatures, and it's been a quick warmup under the bright, sunny skies, and that's what we are expecting to happen, and middle 80s for the forecast in the city. high of 86, and compare that to the normal this time of the year, that's 82. yes, we will be above the mark. the record was set in 1916, and sunset just as good as last night. 7:45p.m. this evening, and all right, look at the big picture here, and check this out. this is danny, the category 3
9:15 am
storm now a 2. we expect it as it moves to puerto rico to die the area. the cold front is all up and down the east coast. that's the front that brought us the rain i was talk about. just offshore, but it's far enough away we are getting afternoon. it's out in the atlantic, and in here. bringing the clouds back out into view, starting off mostly cloudy, and a spotty shower afternoon. monday is more well organized, and while it will be more humid on monday t looks like the front will actually collect itself, coming through late afternoon into the evening hours, and tuesday, we could have a shower ore thunderstorm for parts of the south-facing shores of long island. the weekend getaway, there's time to do it the scatskills, hamptons, jersey shore, all looking good. sunday, more clouds, and cooler temperatures in most spots, and rain is expected as well as
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above the system offshore. north winds turning from the north to the east. 10 to 15 miles an hour, and the waves up to 3 feet. 80 today. 50sin the northern counties, and clouds roll in for the northern counties, and the chance of showers to the east. on monday, scattered showers across the area with thunderstorms possible into tuesday, and temperatures will be mid-80s monday and tuesday, by wednesday, even though we are cooling off a bit. the humidity will increase it will be warm and sticky around here, muggy midweek i guess is how we play that. 84 on friday, and the accuweather forecast, all in all, fairly decent weekend, and i don't want to emphasize sunday as a washout, but saturday is definitely a better day. >> enjoy. >> next weekend is -- or saturday, next saturday is the 10th ap versery of katrina.
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danny not looking like a threat? not for us. not for the east coast, but there's always the aftereffects. depending how the storm gets caught up, always a question mark. we will what happens, but focus on katrina in new orleans this weekend. we will see a lot of recovery stories coming out of that. >> i lived there. my mind always goad back there stay away, danny. >> in deed. straight ahead on this saturday morning, it's almost time for kids to head back to school. we have to feed them! how can you help to ensure it's one of the best academic school
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years yesterda come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit at sesame place. go before they grow.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. all right. the most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching.
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back to school time, and there's a lot of things parents can do to help their kids do better in school. why does it matter so much? thank you for coming in. >> by the way, the healthiest display of food we have ever had on the show. >> i will take it! that's wonderful. you know, there are a lot of research studies and there's a line of evidence that what we feed our kids can result in the way they perform, good or poorly, in school. let me no magical the foods, and the best evidence we have about nutrition and academic performance is breakfast. >> it is the best meal of the day? >> absolutely true. we know they perform better, and they are absent less frequently, and they have better focus and concentration,
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make it simple. here's a come of ideas, good old oatmeal. we all have it in our cup boards, and there's a reason. those complex carbohydrates are a prime source of energy for the brain, but let's put in protein. it sends message in the brain, alertness, focus, and put a tablespoon of peanut butter, a nice affordable protein that is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and we can -- if you're in a rush, whole grain crackers, wholegrain is the operative word. peanut butter in the wholegrain bagel. >> you do that all the time. >> yogurt and a piece of fruit and a couple of crackers with
9:22 am
peanut butter, great way to start the day. >> talk about omega 3s, we have little time. >> it's an adeal way to make tuna rollups or tuna logs. two different times a week the dietary guidelines eating seafood for everybody, also an excellent source of protein when we eat fish. >> what is this it's summon? whole grain bread, and they are like the tuna logs that fit nicely into the box. >> and get your kids sleep? >> absolutely get sleep and you reported the cdc said kids are not getting adequate sleep, and there's movements to shorten the school day, so what does that mean? we need to take the electronics out of the bedroom. >> that's a hard generation to
9:23 am
sell the message to. >> you start young, okay, and there's a harvard study that said one of the most difficult things that they had to do in a childhood obesity study was to get the parent to agree to take the tv out of the bedroom. no texting under the sheets, no laptops, no ipads in the bedroom, anyone else, parents can delegate, and parents can be parents, starting with preschool, 1st grade, right into high school. >> never too late. >> sleep is so important for adequate performance, and we also know when families have dinner together, kids perform better in school, and they eat more fruits and vegetables. >> and stay away from drugs, too. quality time. >> thank you so much. greet advice for kids and adults. >> that was good tips to
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getting your kids 9:25. time for sports with anthony johnson. >> good saturday morning, everybody. the yankees went to theirs alast night to bounce back from the series against the tribe. tanaka on the mound, opening to get his 8th win, and greg has the single to left, dragging in carlos beltran, tieing it at 1. the next inning, the defense falters when ryan cannot handle the slow roller at short, and abraham comes out to score. and next inning, carlos santana with the foul pop that mccan tries to reach in the stands and make the play, but no! it pops out of his glove. don't give santana the next pitch. he drives it into the night giving cleveland the advantage.
9:27 am
the final of last night's game, 7-3. harvey will not make his next start for the mets. they want to make sure he's ready for what they call crunch time. last night they went to mr. reliable to start the series in colorado. johan would store and the long keys are back into the kitchen, carlos gonzalez gonzalez with his 29th of the season, and can you say he is in the bottom of the 2nd, and the grand slam. that's this 21st of the season with the early lead, and the rockies will not roll over, and nolan cracks the 3-run blast in the bottom of the 4th, making it a one-run game, and the mets go ahead and hold off the rockies and win last night. a little bit of history out of houston last night, and mike
9:28 am
friar pitches a no hitter. he walked three, and he flew 134 pitches to get the job done, and that got the former met swinging to make it official. the astros beat the dodgers on the back of the no hitter. todd bowles was looking for progression after a rough preseason loss in week 1. gang green fans last night looking for the same. the same old jets, and matt ryan floats it to colin, who takes it 60 yards, 240-pound fullback, folks, lead together falcons' touchdown. the jets have to punt to this guy, kevin hester, the 61-yard return inside of the 5, and the falcons go on to score. the jets' defense finally shows up, and that's a safety. the offense takes flight when ivory has the 33-yard run and
9:29 am
the jets win the preseason by the score of 30-22. tackling was a lot better. we still have a ways to go, and i thought they took the step today. they needed a play before they needed time to figure it out. luckily they got better as it went. >> that's it in sports. have a great saturday morning. >> thank you, a.j. >> much more ahead on this saturday morning including a live look at the top stories. >> looking far motive. investigators searched the house of a motive who killed a security guard at a federal building yesterday. i'm marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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welcome back to eyewitness news. taking a look right outside of our window where we are here at
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66 and the columbus on this saturday, august 22nd, and look at that sunshine, just bouncing off the cars, and it's a [ laughter ] >> the way it comes off the yellow cab, that's a beautiful day. it's just -- i know! >> listen, i don't care! i love it. >> it's not humid. i'm michelle charlesworth. i lost my mind for a little bit, but i'm back. >> it's beautiful. let's all take our shirts off and go to times square to make a day out of it. >> get us out of this. have paint. office. >> it's trouble. >> it's a very thin line. beautiful outside. we are looking good outside. clear sks, and it's gorgeous.
9:33 am
the line comes out s it's not the intention, but just was weird. 72 in central park, and looking out to the island. hauppauge at 66 degrees, and down the shore it will be a beautiful day if you're lucky enough to head off in that direction. sussex, monticello, poughkeepsie, all starting in the low 50s for the overnight lows, and now pushing near 70 degrees, and it's a quick warmup across the area. we are at 52 for monticello and sussex. it's been a quick temperature climb, and beautiful looking day, and high pressure is edging in from the west, and this front will stall out here to the east, and that's the rain we had yesterday, and it's not giving up any time soon. it will affect the second half of the weekend, and while today is great, headed into sunday, there's more clouds and spotty passing showers especially east. we will talk about that in the upcoming forecast. planning the rest of this day, it's a beautiful one.
9:34 am
high of 86 in the city, and we will talk more about the changes for the second half of weekend in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes, michelle? >> thank you, amy. federal investigators spent last night going through the home of the accused gunman at the federal building in manhattan. >> family members are grieving the loss of a security guard killed in the shooting, idrissa camara, the shooter has been identified as kevin downing from fort lee, new jersey. >> he shot and killed the security guard before turning the gun on himself. marcus solis is live from outside of the suspect's home in fort lee, new jersey. marcus? >> michelle and rob, neighbors of the suspect expressing shock. it's about as quiet of a suburban street as you can imagine. things are quiet here again now, but it was much different overnight as agents from the fbi and the department of
9:35 am
homeland security executed a search warrant at the house, and law enforcement officials were moving boxes of evidence as they try to pinpoint the motive to yesterday's shooting, and they do know the suspect, 67-year-old kevin downing, a former federal employee went to that federal building, and as he approached the security guard, he opened fire, shooting 53-year-old idrissa camaraa native of the ivory coast. he was killed, and then downing walked towards the elevators, shooting and killing himself. >> it's unclear if downing ever actually work there. he claimed he was fired in 1999 for blowing the whistle on taxpayer waste. his girlfriend tied a few years ago from cancer, and neighbors where asked if he ever seemed
9:36 am
angry or if his girlfriend's death affected him. >> if he did, it never showed. some night he is talked so are shocked! >> reporter: neighbors said they knew hes after the military veteran who served in the army reserves as a captain, and for years downing had tried to appeal the decision that led to his firing, but to no avail. live in fort lee, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. eyewitness news throughout the morning for information on the federal shooting. we will update you on abc7ny with posts on our facebook and twitter feed as well. official from north korea and south carolina are meeting to diffuse the rising tensions, and it's taking place on the
9:37 am
boards of north korea and south korea. the two nations did exchange artillery fire earlier this week. family members of a teenager shot and killed by police in st. louis said he was not armed at the time. police released autopsy results yesterday, and showing the 18- year-old was shot once in the back during his confrontation with police officers, and the police officers were serving a search warrant on wednesday night, and investigators said a stolen handgun linked to the suspect was found at the scene. >> i have a witness statement that says a gun was involved and officer statements that said a gun was involved. >> there's drugs involved and a gun, and those are the same speeches they say every time they shoot somebody. >> reporter: it set off violent protests, and police say just because the suspect was shot in the back does not mean he was running from officers at the
9:38 am
time or at one point was not a threat to the officings. the full autopsy report has not been released. people are praising the heroic actions of two american soldiers. they took down a heavily armed gunman who opened fire on a train on france. a warning this may be too graphic for some viewers. the very latest from london. >> i tried to shoot him. >> reporter: an attack on a packed train foiled by quick- thinking american passengers this video from a 22-year-old army national guardsman, moments after his fan spencer stone tackled this man, identified by police as a 26- year-old moracan. stone seen here with the bare back suffering a knife wound as he subdued the attacker, bystanders rushing in to help tie up the man and secure the scene. >> reporter: the two u.s.
9:39 am
servicemen on vacation with a friend, stopping the attack that authorities said could have been so much worse. the suspected arrested carrying an assault rifle, a knife, and close to a dozen additional cartridges, overnight, they spoke out. >> spencer ran a good 10-meters to get to the guy, and we didn't know his gun wasn't working or anything like that spencer just ran anyway, and if anyone got shot it would have been spencer for sure. >> reporter: the attack happening friday afternoon, traveling amsterdam to paris, journeying 300 miles, and as the train was passing belgium, shots were reportedly fired. the gunman arrested with no lives lost and only two suffering nonlife threatening injuries. >> relief that no one was actually killed, and it could have been a real carnage. there's no question about that. >> reporter: the presidents of france and the united states joining those american heroes'
9:40 am
families in praising their courage and quick action. >> we are both very proud of them. >> i'm grateful that everything turned out okay, really! >> reporter: french authorities are still not calling this terrorism, but local media are reporting that the 26-year-old now in custody was known to security officials, and an antiterror operation is now underway. jennifer ackelston, abc news, london. >> if it wasn't for our military folks that could have been another awful scene of carnage on that train. >> can you imagine? >> they beat him unconscious. >> jumped in there, department take moment, and yeah, absolutely. the guy had a gun. >> another "let's roll" kind of moment. >> absolutely. you think your town is the best to live, but one list says it all. where do the towns in our area fall? amy freeze is leave early
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oh, lord! >> what? what's going on? >> diane wrote to us and said she had the windows open, and she had to get a blanket. >> it's going to be perfect. >> back to you. >> what do you two have planned for sneed any requests i can help you -- for? any requests i can help you for? >> i have a bucket list on things i'm supposed to do before the end of summer. make pesto, pick the tomatoes, get the hammock out that belongs to my husband and take a nap on it. >> excellent! my list is to get outside more,
9:44 am
and just soak it all up because i think this is probably the startling fact for some, and it may be disappointing for others, we are just 5 weeks away from cutting an entire >> i know! tonight it's 7:45, and within 5 weeks it will be 6:45. how do you feel about me now. >> throwing things at the tv! 72-degrees is what we have for central park. the light northwest wind feeling good with the invigorating air mass, and 72 in morristown, and newark at 74, and right now, it was chilly this morning in the northern counties, and they warmed up nice. starting with the low 50sin andover and islip has 76 degrees, montauk at 73. sunny and warm today. the best day of the weekend, clouds and a passing shower tomorrow, and we are affected by the front that is offshore, and the humidity will increase on monday, and first up, let's talk about danny, the category
9:45 am
3 storm was downgraded overnight, and it's weakening. it will continue to push, and as it does, it's losing the punch, and it's headed over the caribbean, and before we go, we may not see much of an impact. the threat of land here is not that great, and the storm will continue to lose its punch or weaken if you will. here we are with the cold front just offshore. how does this affect our weekend weather? it holds off. it may have a few clouds into the fork of long island, maybe coastal connecticut with a few extra clouds, and it's tomorrow where we could become mostly cloudy because of the moisture that is just offshore and spotty showers are mostly possible. we cannot rule it out for anyone. the system is well organized, and on monday afternoon and evening, that's a line of showers and thunderstorms, and early on tuesday morning, we could see some showers and thunderstorms. north only north and west, but the south-facing showers look like we could get the brunt of that.
9:46 am
saturday is the better day for the catskills, the hamptons, and the jersey shore. cooler showers and the temperatures with the threat of rain showers at times. the north winds turning easterlily, and the waves up to 3 feet, and the water temperatures are going 74 to p 9 with the buoy readings right now even more mild and the moderate rip current risks, a life guards. 86 is 4 degrees above the seasonal average, and that's the forecast for the high. tonight, low 70s, and some areas to the north could drop into the 50s, and even with a few clouds forming after midnight, it's possible they will get cool again, and tonight, the accuweather forecast, monday 85, and scattered showers are possible, and tuesday, the thunderstorm coming through as the front finally clears, and the temperatures will be cooler on wednesday, however, the humidity returns, and 83 is expected. for thursday and friday, temperatures mid-80s. all in all, the accuweather
9:47 am
forecast, no extreme heat, and this time of august, we can always get the days in there that are stifling and overwhelming, but the comfort factor is up. >> i like it. >> bring it on. and don't bring that other stuff until we have to. don't bring up all that darkness. >> i just wanted to -- >> i want you to savor what it left of the summer. >> when you think of summer, you think of one song for 20 years that captures the summer mood this edition of community al incar is a remix of "summertime" by -- >> will smith? >> there you go! yeah! here's what is happening, walk through a magical environment with magical, tropical butterflies in connecticut. and listen to a variety of live music, or check out exotic animals at the canal day moose
9:48 am
craft festival in new jersey. in the bronx, firefighters fight the summer heat with a day of games, food, and family fun at the fdny summer block party. from hay rides to magic shows call things appropriate for a good-old fashioned time at the otisville country fair. the best of blues music with the best of barbecue foods to make it an incredible summer experience on pier 26 in manhattan. the sun will come out tomorrow, bring your blanket out as dusk under the stars presents annie in prince. for more on these events or possibly to submit an event
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ok. so everyone is saying 'hey, you've gotta get fios.' but why? why fios? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optics network to the home, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. and access to the fastest internet and in home wifi available from any provider. with big capacity too, so everyone in the house can be online all at once. only fios has 500 meg download speeds, with equal upload speeds. so you can upload your favorite videos up to 5x faster than cable. and with the fios mobile app, you can view your entertainment at home, or on the go.
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but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone for just $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. or double your speeds to 100 meg for just $10 more a month. call 888 get fios or go online. get out of the past. get fios. well, maybe some people will get new homes after put out a list of the best places to live. >> it's one of the top stories on abc7ny this week.
9:51 am
the top of the list apex, north carolina, and sharon, massachusetts, and louisville, colorado. i'm sure you can hear the new yorkers packing up now to go there. sims bury, connecticut, and orangeburg, new york, and hillsborough, new jersey made the list for the area. and again, check out our website, abc7ny. i think new yorkers are just fine where we are. >> get out of here. >> those of us in the tri- state, it's all good. >> well, we are already at the top of the list, new york city, who doesn't want to live here? >> it's supercat saturday. amy? >> this first cat takes me back this tiny kitten reminds me of when i was 5 or 6 years old, and i got my first cat. clicka was her name, and my great grandmother used to say
9:52 am
that, like be happy, be fun, and i taked her clicko, but this takes me back to the moment when you get the kitten, and she's so sweet. mr.magic, playing it cool. he has his feet up against the air conditioner. i love it it's like perfect. this is from princess blue on twitter b. proper with your pictures, and finally this is baby sent in by joyce.
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we would love to developing right now, investigators are continuing their search for a motive in the shooting that left a security guard and suspected gunman dead in a federal building in manhattan. >> marcus solis is at the gunman's home in fort lee with the latest.
9:55 am
marcus? >> rob and michelle, the suspect had no criminal record, but he may have been holding a grudge against the government. officials are now trying to pinpoint the motive, and they came here to the house last night, and overnight, agent from the fb and i department of homeland curt searched the home and collected evidence as they executed a search warrant. the gun mark kevin downing, authorities said walked into the lobby yesterday afternoon, killing idrissa camara, the security guard, and then downing turned the gun on himself. he had been fired from the government after complaining of taxpayer waste, but it's unclear if he ever worked in the building. there's a department of labor office in the building. downing spent years trying to appeal the decision that led to his firing, but he was unsuccessful. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, marcus, thank you. a long island man is
9:56 am
accused of driving drunk with a 7-month-old child in his car. the picture of the suspect just came into the eyewitness news room, and 36-year-old marvin woodington is charged with driving while intoxicated, and he's one of ten people arrested late last night at a sobriety check point at huntington station. all ten people arrested will be in court in suffolk county. police are investigating a a livery cab driver was shot and killed in newark. investigators were on the scene last night and the livery cab driver was shot and killed at 10:00 last night in an industrial area surrounded by several factories and warehouses as well. classic taxi services say the driver works for the company. no arrests have been made. a yonkers high school is back open after testing positive after legionnaires' bacteria. the high school was shut down
9:57 am
when it tested positive for the back tear that caused legionnaires' disease. governor cuomo has ordered every cooling tower in the state get tested because of the legionnaires' outbreak in the bronx that is over as of now, but it did ultimately kill 12 people. let's get a final check on the weather. >> it's going to be beautiful. we can see outside of our studios a lot of shine, and temperatureses in low 70s, a repeat of the afternoon and evening we had yesterday, and beautiful, comfortable, and temperatures easy to take. the live picture, looking down to lower manhattan, it tells the story. great looking day today. tomorrow, there will be changes. the accuweather forecast, showing we have more clouds moving in, and a shower especially east. scattered shower is not out of the question, and not everyone has a soaking rain fall, but it's possible you could see rain over parts of the area. monday, scattered showers, and finally a front comes through, but there's a thunderstorm on tuesday, and it's more humid on
9:58 am
wednesday, and temperatures will be in the mid-50s through the end of -- mid-50s? oh my gosh, i had a winter slip. what happened then? i don't know, something scratchy. >> is that mine? >> i don't know! let's get out of this show. >> that will do it for us. everything is falling apart. >> luke, i am your father! >> , no he's not. >> i'm rob nelson. for the entire eyewitness news team, thank
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