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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 24, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> developing right now, a police officer assigned to protect mayor de blasio shot two teenagers are in custody. >> and three americans who helped to prevent a potential terror massacre on a passenger train have received france's top honor. good morning to you, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. today is monday august 24th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and jeff's in for bill evans with forecast. >> a muggy monday shaping up across the tri-state area. we're watching a couple showers over extreme eastern long island by the twin forks. that's about it right now. there is a little bit of fog also, especially in the outer suburbs reducing visibility below a half a mile. in and around the city pretty high and dry, a couple of showers right now, a couple downpours not too far from shelter island on the east end of long island. we're checking out the radar and satellite across the region. there's drier air attempting to move in from the west.
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that will scour out that shower activity. right now 73 in the park, 50s well north and west. dew points that measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere in the uncomfortable category. it is muggy out there. 72 at 8:00 in the morning, average partly to mostly sunny. 82 by noontime, temperatures in the middle 80s by 2 or 3:00. we send it over to debbie duhaime right now. >> good morning jeff, good morning everybody. we'll start off on the maps by telling you about a problem on route 9 in cortland at jack road. it's an accident. also at the southern state westbound by 111. reports of an accident on the shoulder. the 1 train back on schedule, 2 and 3 back on schedule. same thing with the 7, everything on time with the lirr, new jersey transit and metro north. george, lincoln and the holland moving smoothly. the east river crossings off to a nice start. let's go outside, the staten island expressway moving okay eastbound through victory boulevard heading through that construction zone.
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alternate side parkings rules are in effect. back to you. 6:02. we have breaking news in brooklyn. a toddler was critically hurt in an early morning house fire. the boy was rescued in cardiac arrest. dray clark live on the scene with an update for us. >> reporter: good morning ken, we understand that 2-year-old suffers significant smoke inhalation and is now listed in critical condition at beth israel. here is a look at the home where the fire happened around 1:15 this morning here on the 3700 block of avenue p. it was two eyewitnesses, one who was walking his dog and noticed smoke coming from inside the home and another person who lives across the street. both men tried to run inside the home and rescue the 2-year- old little boy on the second floor, but the smoke was so intense that the two men had to retreat. the fire department arrived very quickly, and ultimately it was the firefighter who rushed inside the home and found the 2- year-old.
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several eyewitnesses say for quite some time emts were trying to resuscitate that 2- year-old little boy before rushing him to the hospital. here's more from that eyewitness who did not want to show his face on camera. he gave us some idea of just what he saw as everything was happening with the attempt to get that little boy out of the house. >> the guy i told him the baby's upstairs in the room. he put on his mask, and then the guy went upstairs. it took less than 2 minutes for him to bring the child outside. >> from the fire department? >> yes, when he brought the chide outside and laid him on the grass there's like four firemens and some ambulance, the jewish ambulance service started to perform cpr on the baby. >> that 2-year-old was inside the home there for quite some time before firefighters tried to get to him. i should say with those neighbors trying instead. meanwhile he's now listed in critical condition at beth severe smoke inhalation.
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we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you to you. now to a developing story. the nypd is questioning two teenagers suspected in a shooting that injured a female security detail. outside gracie mansion response. >> kala rama is live on the upper east side. >> reporter: good morning, based on the response last night you can tell they are taking this as a serious threat. two teenagers in custody being questioned right now for shooting a member of the mayor's security team. let me show you where this happened. we're on east end avenue and you can see at the corner by 88th, that's the entrance to gracie mans. that officer was in police cruiser. when she stepped out on the driveway she felt something hit her in the back. they discovered she was hit by a pellet from a pellet gun. police say she was hit in the
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lower back below her bullet proof vest. she was taken to the hospital to be checked out. this morning we're told she's doing just fine. police tell me at no point was the mayor ever in danger. the mayor and the first lady of new york city were out of town this weekend. they brought their son dante to college. clearly this is a serious threat, and they treated it that way. team. here's what we know about who's responsible for shooting a member of the mayor's security detail here. police say two 19-year-olds, a man and woman were taken into custody and are being questioned right now about the shooting. we're also told that they may live in the area, actually, in a building just across from gracie mansion. that is something that officers are still trying to hash out this morning, and we'll learn later about that and possible arrest, possible charges pending later this morning. we're live on the upper east side, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you so much.
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6:05. fears of another financial collapse are spreading fast this morning after yet another global stock selloff. china's stock market fell by its biggest margin by eight years overnight wiping out the entire year of gains. here are the latest numbers. percent. hong kong's hang seng dropped 5% along with japan's nikkei. u.s. markets were down 3% with the dow suffering its worst week since 2011. buckle up. it is shaping up to be another brutal day of trading. dow futures are more than 350 points down. the nasdaq is more than 150 points down and the s&p is 40 points off. >> wow. thank you michelle. it is 6:06. today president obama gets back to work. the first family arrived back home at the white house last night. the president will not be settling in.
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he's off to las vegas to speak at the national clean energy summit. then his focus will shift to building support for his nuclear deal with iran. senator harry reid announced he will support the compromise. there are no signs vice president joe biden could be gearing up to make a run for the white house. rival democratic candidate martin o'malley told george stephanopoulos he would welcome biden into the race. over the weekend biden met with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. it is thought that biden could have made a pitch for her support. new this morning, donald trump's presidential ambitions may be getting a pop culture boost. the republican front runner reportedly will appear on the cover of nextmont's rolling stone magazine.
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trump was featured on the cover of time magazine last week. rolling stone will not confirm a report by cnn money. there's new video of france honoring three americans who took down a heavily armed man on a bullet train speeding through belgium. president francois hollande pinned the legions medal. the men gave the world a lesson in courage and hope. the gunman now being questioned outside paris by french counterterrorism police. good morning america will have a live report from paris ahead at 7 a.m. >> makes you proud right? >> leave leave it to americans to go right in the line of fire. >> saving lives. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with jeff smith in the accuweather forecast. >> a couple issues this morning, a few shower in eastern long island and low clouds and fog over parts of
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new jersey. you can see those low clouds right there, kind of a marine layer streaming in off the atlantic ocean. that will be overwhelmed by more of a westerly flow as we head into the afternoon ahead of a cold front. that means any of these showers will tend to weaken and move offshore. that fog if you're getting it over new jersey will be burning off at daybreak, right in the next 15 to 20 minutes or so. later on today into tonight we're watching a cold front approaching from the west. that means north and west of the city during the evening hours a couple of those showers and thunderstorms with that cold front could survive the trip to those areas. here's our day planner, partly to messagely sunny -- mostly sunny during the day. temperatures getting up to around 86 at 2:00 in the afternoon before falling back into the upper 70s and low 80s. we send it over to debbie duhaime. she's going to look at the commute. >> good morning jeff, good morning everybody. starting off right now as we
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head to the problems, cortland an accident with injuries. the earlier problems on 206 in hillsborough condition just cleared. speeds are down to 45 miles per hour on the jersey turnpike. if you're heading to the southern state and the l.i.e. by deer park avenue, an accident. i want to show you the volume on the l.i.e. here's the l.i.e. westbound. you can see the flashing lights approaching deer park avenue. do expect stop-and-go traffic heading through this stretch. let's also go over to our next webcam. see what's happening as we take it to the southbound, that's the turnpike up towards 13a. alternate side in effect. 6:10 debbie. thank you so much. still ahead on eyewitness news this monday morning, tragedy at an air show overseas. recovery crews have the grim task ahead of them cleaning up
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the wreckage from a fiery crash. millions spent to find out who's behind a series of cyber attacks at rutgers. still no answers. students may end up footing the bill. >> one year after surviving an awful crash as a passenger on the new jersey turnpike, comedian tracy morgan is moving on we snap it. we stack it. we smoosh it. we love it. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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a grim assessment from police in england as the death toll continues to rise after an air show disaster over the weekend. a fighter jet crashed on to a busy road on saturday while attempting a loop maneuver in brighton. at first seven people on the ground were believed killed. a few hours ago a police official said he wouldn't be surprised if more than 20 are now counted dead. they will know for certain when the wreckage is removed later on today. new information this morning on the rutgers computer hacks. there is word the school hired three security firms. the school's computers have been breached four times in the past year. the school expects to spend as much as $3 million on cyber security this year. that added expense that money has to come from somewhere. the school raised tuition and
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upcoming school year. 6:14 time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist jeff smith in for bill evans outside our studios on the upper west side. >> not a bad morning out here, just a little bit muggy. that will be the story for today. day. august. there are a couple of little flies in the ointment, a couple showers over eastern parts of long island and also fog in some areas. we're looking south right now down towards lower manhattan. there are some low clouds and a little bit of fog right over new york harbor, and in some cases that fog has extended inland over parts of new jersey. temperature right now 73. humidity up there at 79%. the wind is calm, the pressure 29.93 and steady. the sun coming up right now, setting at 7:42 p.m. visibility down to a third of a mile at belmar and actually close to zero of the morristown. there are some patches of locally dense fog.
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again, that will be burning off as soon as the sun comes up. 56 right now in sussex, 55 very comfortable degrees at monticello. low 70s on the island. lower and middle 60s on the jersey shore. we're watching those showers over eastern long island. there actually have been a couple of downpours out there by the twin forks earlier this morning. those are tending now to move north of the island into long island sound toward southeastern parts of connecticut. i think if anything those will be weakening and kind of move off to the north and east during the next couple of hours as that little dry slot of air moves in from the west. watching the tropics right now, tropical storm danny going to be weakening to a depression, but giving puerto rico much needed rainfall. they've been in a drought situation there. another system we have to watch to the east of there over the central atlantic ocean to see if that becomes named system. warm and humid, the high in the middle 80s over long island. as that cold front approaches
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later on tonight there could be a shower or thunderstorm with that. still the thunder threat for tomorrow and drier air moves in during the afternoon. accuweather forecast for today, partly to mostly sunny, warm, humid, 86, those spotty showers well east of the city early. mostly cloudy, muggy tonight, a couple showers and thunderstorms perhaps making it into the city after midnight. could be a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow especially in the morning. 85, less humid air arrives later on in the day. we have a really nice stretch of weather coming up for later on in the week. similar deal for thursday and friday. humidity does start to creep up a little bit on the weekend. there's a small chance of getting a thundershower by late sunday. we have a lot to look forward to in that accuweather seven- day forecast. we just have to get through perhaps a shower or thunderstorm tonight into tomorrow. back over to you. >> not so bad. >> no.
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>> over to debbie duhaime with a look at our commute. >> good morning ken and michelle. we'll start off by showing you a webcam. here's look at the l.i.e. heading westbound in toward deer park avenue. you can see the flashing lights on the shoulder. it's an accident still being cleared. as we highlight the maps again it's the l.i.e. westbound approaching deer park avenue, a collision. 9 at jack road and cortland, watch out for a collision. keep in mind on the new jersey turnpike because of the foggy conditions between 7a and 8 a.m., speeds are reduced to 45 miles per hour, and on the new jersey turnpike, the truck lanes at 11. an accident there as well. on the 1 train downtown still terminating at 14th with ongoing maintenance. alternate side parking rules in effect. back to you. a rare recall from apple affecting some of its newest iphones. >> and chipotle is reaching out
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to a younger generation of workers. phillip mena and reena ninan report. >> in today's tech bytes a major apple recall. >> a flaw in the camera on some iphone 6 plus phones may cause it to take blurry photos. >> the recall applies mostly to phones sold between september 2014 and january 2015. apple says it will replace the cameras for free. samsung is reportedly planning to super size it when it comes to a new tablet. the company is developing a tan let more than 18 inches. >> that's more than double the ipad that's believed to have two cameras. no word on when it can be introduced. chipotle is using technology to fill 4,000 jobs. >> the chain starts advertising that hiring on social media and pandora, all the hiring will be done september 9th. chipotle plans to open 200 restaurants this year. 6:19. still ahead on eyewitness news
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this morning, the dangers for having a need for speed. an indy car crash at the poconos raceway and the driver in critical condition. >> how low will they go. find out where you can find gas
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for ss u.s. stock futures continue to drop with the dow facing another triple digit decline. friday's decline marked a 1,000 point drop for the dow. >> and those numbers tipped off by a selloff overnight in asian markets. the shanghai, hang seng and nikkei suffering steep losses. business economists expect the federal reserve will raise interest rates before the end of the year according to a survey out this morning. 77% believe the fed will in fact raise rates from their current near zero levels but only 37% think it will happen as soon as next month. the survey was conducted by the national association of business economists. here's a sight for sore
6:24 am
eyes, gas prices in some parts of new jersey are dipping below $2 per gallon. one station in wood bridge selling unleaded at $1.97. this is the ninth straight week gas prices have dropped and analysts expect them to continue dropping through the fall. if you have spotted cheap gas in your neighbor, snap a picture. use the hashtag abc7ny. >> isn't it nicer to call it good value instead of cheap. >> i go for cheap. >> just saying. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> i agree. that's just cheap gas. $1.97. that's cheap. >> i love it. >> we look at the radar picture right now, there are a couple of showers over eastern parts of long island. we're talking up by the twin forks, especially the north fork. those are tending to move to the north and weaken. there's fog in other parts of the area, just patchy fog but
6:25 am
it's dense in a couple of localities. that will be burning off too. highs today about 88 at morristown and poughkeepsie. the beach south wind 5 to 10, waves about 3 feet, water temperatures in the lower and middle 70s. rip current risk is moderate. the pollen is high now. i've been sneezing like crazy. ragweed the main culprit. uv index is an 8. we send over to debbie duhaime right now. she's got a look at the monday morning commute. first of all go outside to the webcam and let's show you what's happening on the l.i.e. here's the l.i.e. westbound getting out toward deer park avenue. that accident on the shoulder just about cleared. the l.i.e. westbound by deer park ave stop and go traffic with the accident being cleaned up. on the bronx river parkway northbound in yonkers watch out for a downed tree. alternate side parking rules are in effect. thank you so much. a frightening crash has left a
6:26 am
race car driver in a coma. indy car driver justin wilson is in a pennsylvania hospital this morning. he was hit in the head by debris that broke off from another car yesterday in the poconos. wilson is listed in critical condition. months after surviving a horrific crash on the jersey turnpike comedian tracy morgan is a married man. sources confirmed that morgan tied the knot with long-time fiancee megan wollover. his newlywed wife told people magazine "after almost losing tracy last year, i'm so grateful to finally be married to the love of my life." >> happy and healthy many years together. congratulations. dozens of firefighters are responding to a home in brooklyn. the fire left a 2-year-old boy critically injured. we're live on the scene working to get an update on his condition. >> new this morning, two guys walk into a parking garage and
6:27 am
walk out with a car that wasn't theirs. >> and concert chaos featuring hip-hop star fetty wap. >> look at that pretty sunrise.
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> breaking news, a home in brooklyn scorched by flames. a firefighter rushing in to save a toddler from that fire. right now that child in critical condition. >> a shooting outside after gracie mansion. two people are now being questioned for firing a pellet security team. >> and it is official, triple crown winner american pharaoh returning to the tri-state area weekend. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. it is monday, happy monday august 24th. >> and you are never more than traffic. a guy who knows american pharaoh personally meteorologist jeff smith in for bill evans with the accuweather >> do i?
6:31 am
>> you call her ph ar. >> very eastern tip of the island by the twin forks those are going to be dissipating. we have dense fog in a couple of locations. that will be burning off during the next few minutes as the sun gets a little higher above the horizon. 66 right now belmar. 73 in and around the city. 50s well north and west. the dew point which measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, now at 65. it will stay that way during the day today and into part of tomorrow before we start to get some relief. beautiful picture of the sunrise there over central park. 72 at 8:00 in the morning, 82 by noontime. probably topping off in the mid- 80s early afternoon before tailing back to 82 by 4:00 under partly to mostly sunny skies. we send it over to debbie duhaime rite now. monday morning commute. >> because of the foggy conditions we've been seeing,
6:32 am
delays on the new jersey turnpike, speeds reduced to 45 miles per hour as we head to the maps from 7a to 8a speeds down to 45 on the new jersey turnpike. truck lanes at 11 reports of an overturned car, inbound george 5, lincoln 15. holland 10. if you're heading to the bronx river parkway north at thompson street in yonkers a downed tree. accident on the 1 train downtown terminating at 14th street with maintenance and also 2 and 3 local only 34th to chambers. let's go outside to the inbound bqe, just some stop-and-go traffic as we head to the webcam getting up toward the brooklyn bridge. alternate side in effect. thank you so much. breaking news in brooklyn. we are learning more about a child critically injured in an overnight fire. the little boy is 2 years old, suffered from smoke inhalation. he's at the hospital. dray clark is live in marine
6:33 am
park with the efforts to save this little one. dray. >> good morning michelle. we understand that 2-year-old little boy's transfer from beth israel to staten island university hospital where he's still listed in critical condition. the 2-year-old suffered severe smoke inhalation and emts were able to resuscitate him here in front of the home where the fire happened. here is a look at that house here on the 3700 block of avenue p. the fire broke out at around 1:15 this morning. firefighters placing the fire later. initially two neighbors rushed inside the home the second floor with the attempt of boy. the smoke was so intense it pushed those two men back outside the home. the fire department was here very quickly and ultimately was a firefighter who ran in, was able to find that 2-year-old little boy in the midst of the smoke and bring him outside where several emts performed cpr before he was rushed to beth israel hospital and he's
6:34 am
now been transferred to staten island university hospital. fire investigators were here for quite some time this morning trying to determine a cause for the fire, but it remains under investigation. meanwhile the 2-year-old still listed in critical condition fighting to stay alive. we're live in marine park, brooklyn, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. it is 6:34. in manhattan a member of mayor de blasio's security team got shot by a pellet gun. two people are being questioned. kala rama is live at gracie mansion. >> reporter: ken, good morning. it's important to know that the mayor was not with his security detail at the time of the shooting incident, but still, this violence was basically brought to his doorstep. let me show you where this happened. we're on the corner of 88th is the entrance to gracie mansion. that's where the officer pulled in in an unmarked police car. when she stepped out of the car she felt something hit her in
6:35 am
the back. they discovered she was hit by a pellet from a pellet gun. she was hit in the lower back vest. she had some bruising. she was taken to the hospital morning. police tell me at no point was mayor de blasio ever in any danger. the mayor and first lady were out of town this weekend. to college. this is a serious threat. you can see members of the s.w.a.t. teams and officers swarming outside gracie mansion seconds after that shooting incident. here's what we know about who's responsible for shooting a member of the mayor's security detail. police say two 19-year-olds, a man and woman were taken into custody. they're being questioned about this shooting and also back out here life, we're told they live in this area possibly in a building across the street from gracie mansion. they're trying to figure out the logistics of how this shooting went down. was it from a window, all of
6:36 am
morning. live on the upper east side, channel 7 eyewitness news. a house fire in far rockaway queens has tragic results. a man and woman were killed. flames were bursting out of six ground floor windows. officials say the flames were fueled by clutter inside. >> it was terrible but two cops came. they were the first persons to respond. they came in an unmarked car and they tried to do whatever they could do, but they were not equipped. the fire department their response relatively speaking was slow. >> the bodies of the men and women were burned beyond recognition. new this morning, police in the bronx need help finding the men who drove out of the garage there with stolen cars. it happened around dawn last
6:37 am
monday at the surf logistics park and garage. one man distracted the attendant while a second man removed car keys from the parking lot office. four men used keys to drive off in a range rover and honda. american pharaoh set to get back in the saddle again. the kentucky derby is set to race in saratoga. the colt's owner made it official with the message "saratoga here we come hashtag american pharaoh. travers is supposed to be worth one and a quarter million bucks. 6:37 right now. still ahead on eyewitness news this monday morning, a battle designed for kids leads to two real life arrests. the scary discovery for police at the pokemon world
6:38 am
championships. >> hundreds of protestors bear it all hoping to change the minds of city leaders looking to crack down on topless panhandlers.
6:40 am
>> in japan typhoon goni have
6:41 am
hit the island of okinawa. the death toll from the storm is up to 19. the typhoon is moving north from the philippines. the latest victims are a 2-year- old girl and her 9-month-old brother who were swept away from flash flooding. 16 people are missing. two men who made violented online threats against people attending the pokemon championships going to be arraigned on weapons charges. >> the two men from iowa were stopped as they tried to enter the event. they found the men had a 12 gauge shotgun an ar-15 rifle, and a hunting knife. >> how terrifying. imagine the young people at that event and how scary that could have been. you'rener more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist jeff smith in for bill. >> overall a pretty nice morning. we're looking at a nice sunrise as we look off to the east and
6:42 am
noe northeast over central park. you see the jackie o. reservoir on the left-hand side of your screen. we have some dense fog in a couple locations that will be burning off and a few showers over the extreme eastern tip of long island. those will be weakening and moving to the north and east during the next several hours. they'll be out of here by 9 or 10:00 this morning. later on today we'll be watching a cold front approaching from the catskills and the poconos and that might spread a shower or thunderstorm into the area north and west of the city. 75 at 10:00 in the morning. temperatures rising to 86 by 2 p.m. it will be a muggy one out there under partly to mostly cloudy skies. we send it over to debbie duhaime right now. she's going to look at the commute. >> good morning everybody. starting off on the subways right now, still seeing the issues on the 1 train downtown terminating at 14th street, 2 and 3 local only both directions between 34th and chambers. delays with track maintenance as well.
6:43 am
now lirr new jersey transit on time, metro north the op going maintenance in bridgeport. 18 northbound toward the new jersey turnpike moving okay through the construction zone. speeds reduced on the new jersey turnpike because of fog. alternate side in effect. still ahead on eyewitness news this monday morning, crowd control gets out of hand at jones beach leaving two hip-hop fans hurt. >> and a special delivery for a family in new jersey, look at that little bundle of joy who
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wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. seen kiana. abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. we have some new pictures to show you of a group of men police say beat a man to death in brooklyn. detectives say these five men beat and kicked a man on the street in front of a deli on utica avenue in crown heights early saturday morning. the man died that afternoon. in midtown there was a parade where people got a lot
6:46 am
off their chests. new york was among 60 cities worldwide that took part in the go topless pride parade. the march from columbus circle to bryant park was all part of the eighth annual go topless day. it promotes gender equality when it comes to bearing one's chest. you might feel like you got the wrong number if you ride the 1, 2, or 3 subway lines. fast track repairs are back from 10 p.m. to 5 p.m. and the 1 train will not run between penn station and south ferry. it is 6:46. good morning america is coming up next. robin roberts live in time square. good morning robin. >> to you as well. how about those three americans being honored this morning. >> amazing. >> their extraordinary bravery, childhood friends taking down a heavily armed gunman after he opened fire on that packed train in france. families are speaking out this
6:47 am
morning and what we know more about the shooter. >> and also ahead, chain's stock market taking a dramatic nose drive, the biggest drop in years. what this means for the u.s. stock market and your money as the markets prepare to open again here. an abc news exclusive, new video revealing how those two convicted killers broke out of prison in upstate new york in june. investigators wearing a go pro retracing their steps through that escape tunnel. you're going to learn about the new celebrity, the first celebrity on dancing with the stars and apple ceo tim cook is going to join us wonderful initiative that apple is a part of in schools across the country. >> we'll be watching. thank you so much. have a great day. >> thank you robin. one young lady is going to have a heck of a story to tell about her welcome to the world. this is bella rose abbud. she was born saturday night in
6:48 am
her parents' car on the side of the road. mom and dad got stuck in traffic coming back from the jersey shore. dad says things got a little nerve wracking once mom's water broke. >> she's like no she's coming now. that's when she puts the seat in recline. she takes her pants off and i see the baby's head and i'm like oh, my god no. >> oh, yes. the abbud's caught a huge break. in the car in front of them was an emt who jumped out to help with the delivery. momma and baby are doing just fine. the dad seems a little rattled the couple also has a 17-month- old son. he's said to be in love with his new baby sister and our producer car man bigs said the bella rose, bella road because she was born on the road. >> why is it babies are so darn impatient when it comes to being born.
6:49 am
>> it's like a train coming. we're not in charge. >> they are a beautiful family. it is time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's go outside, meteorologist jeff smith is on the sidewalk outside of our studios. >> that is the soundbite of the year from that father by the way. we're going to put that in the archives. taking a look outside behind me. we have partly to mostly sunny skies, a little bit of fog in some areas over new jersey and a couple showers over eastern long island. those will be kind of dissipating. here's a live look right now out across central park, low clouds out there in a few locations. partly to mostly sunny during the day today. it's a muggy air mass over us. humidity at 79%. pressure 29.93 and 82 is your normal high this time of thier. we're going up to 85 or 86 by later on today. 94 your record in 1972. sun came up at 6:15. visibilities right now are pretty low in some areas down
6:50 am
to a tenth of a mile as a matter of fact at morristown. just be careful if you're out driving during the next half hour or so. that fog will quickly be dissipating now that the sun has risen. 55 very comfortable degrees at monticello. lower 60s down the shore, hour 70s on long island. speaking of long island we've had a couple of showers out by the twin forks. those are tending to move to the north and east eventually into southeastern parts of connecticut. i think those will be exiting momentarily if you're still getting little rain on eastern long island. otherwise we're checking out the tropics, tropical storm danny approaching the leeward islands. going to be weakening to a depression. san juan and vicinity has been in a drought recently. this is good news for them. we'll get beneficial rainfall. another tropical wave promises to become a named system during the next several days. we have many days to watch that. warm and humid for today.
6:51 am
the high getting up to 86. that cold front moving in from the west will be over us during date tomorrow with that chance of getting a shower or a thundershower, 85. here's your accuweather forecast for today. other than the showers over eastern long island, partly to mostly sunny, warm, humid, 86. it's mainly cloudy and muggy tonight, a couple of showers and a thunderstorm can work their way into northern western areas during the evening hours approaching. if they survive the trip to the city after midnight. that. down to 72. clouds giving way to some sun, a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow mainly during the morning. 85 i think later on in the day some less humid air works its way in from the west especially from the city and points west and that leads into a spectacular stretch of weather wednesday through friday. less humid, a lot of sunshine on wednesday, 84, we're talking low to mid-80s thursday and friday. we increase the humidity a little over the weekend. there could be a shower or thundershower by late sunday. 87, lows at night dipping down
6:52 am
into the 60s, even here in the city. when's the last time that happened overnight tuesday night and also on wednesday night. a pretty comfortable air mass coming in. it will be similar to what we had actually, if you guys remember saturday how nice it was, we'll have a repeat of that wednesday through friday of this week. we're looking forward to it. >> yeah, we are. well done. >> just applause. >> amy freeze always says just throw money. >> right now debbie duhaime. >> loving the summer, that's fur for sure. good morning everybody. we're going to start off by telling you what's happening at the inbound lincoln tunnel, disabled bus in the bus lane. holland 15, lirr new jersey transit on time. metro north on time. ongoing maintenance on the waterbury branch in bridgeport. downtown 1 terminating at 14th street with maintenance.
6:53 am
local only on the 2 and 3 both directions 34th to chambers. let's go outside and i'll show you a look at 18 northbound getting through the construction zone. pretty busy through east brunswick on the new jersey turnpike speeds still down between 7a and 8a because of fog. alternate side in effect back over to you. we are seeing new video this morning from a concert at jones beach that left two girls hurt. rapper fetty wap jumped off stage and into the crowd at the billboard 11 festival. girls became trapped under the fence as fans rushed the stage. they were treated at the scene. the high school students in paterson new jersey will be allowed to pick up their tickets to fetty wap's homecoming show. the free concert on thursday is at john f. kennedy high school. students only need to show their school ids to retrieve their free ticket. >> another check on weather and your commute when we come back. >> flames broke out in a 2 story home in brooklyn.
6:54 am
the only person injured was 2- year-old boy. emts raced to save his life overnight. >> watching the markets while keeping an eye on your 401(k). futures dropping 100 points
6:56 am
over the last hour alone after a 2-year-old is struggling to survive after a horrifying night of flames and smoke. >> eyewitness news reporter park brooklyn. >> reporter: that 2-year-old little boy is at staten island hospital in critical condition. here is a look at the home
6:57 am
where the fire happened in the 3700 block of avenue p. firefighters before able get that fire under control in about 30 minutes. two neighbors rushed inside the home of the second floor trying to rescue that 2-year-old little boy but the smoke pushed them back. ultimately a firefighter was abe to reach and rescue the little boy. there was rhesuses takes performed on -- resuscitation performed on him. it's 6:57. two teens being questioned after a member of mayor de blasio's security detail hit with a pellet gun. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama is outside of gracie mansion. >> reporter: serious situation here, violence brought to the mayor's deep step. that security officer was going into gracie mansion right there at the end of the block in an entree ere unmarked police cruiser. when she stepped out of the cruiser she was hit in the
6:58 am
lower back below her bullet proof vest with that pellet gun. she is doing fine but clearly they took this seriously. s.w.a.t. team members, officers swarming the area of east end avenue. police say the mayor was never in any danger. the payor was out of town with the first lady dropping their son off at college. so far two 19-year-olds a man and woman were taken into custody. they're being questioned right now with their involvement in the shooting. this morning officers tell me they are looking into whether those 19-year-olds may live in building across the street here and what their involvement was with that shooting. we're live on the upper east side, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. overseas stocks are taking a beating. china's main index plunged 8.5% erasing the gains for the entire year. european markets are down as well. on wall street another nose dive. dow futures are down more than 400 points. experts say if you are thinking about selling right now out of
6:59 am
fear do not do that. try to ride out the storm unless you need the money right now. most people don't. 6:59. we check the commute with debbie duhaime. >> thanks ken and michelle. let's tell you what's happening with the inbound lincoln tunnel. 30 minutes in, the george 15. holland 15. as you head towards 495 out towards lincoln watch for the stalled bus. outside to the southern state parkway with our webcam, some problems on the shoulder. alternate side in effect. thank you. >> so looking good. >> yeah, not too bad. the fog's burning off. the showers are exiting eastern long island. going to be partly to mostly sunnied t. 73 right now probably going into the middle 80s during the afternoon. those showers exiting the east end of the island. 86 today, could be a thundershower especially early


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