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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 26, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, heated exchange. a journalist in a clash with donald trump. the face-off taking place on live tv. >> sit down. sit down. sit down. a well-known spanish language anchor removed from a news conference. what he's saying this morning. terror charge. barefoot and blindfold and new look at the paris train suspect. investigators detailing his plot in court as one of the american heroes arrives home. tracking erika, a major change in the storm's strength overnight. will it form into a hurricane with florida in its bull's-eye. a group of boaters getting a big surprise jumping out of the water. well, good wednesday morning to you.
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we begin with a new feud involving donald trump. >> he clashed with our colleague jorge ramos, anchor at fusion and univision. it started when ramos stood up and began to ask trump about his immigration proposals. >> excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. >> no, i'm not -- >> sit down. >> go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't you haven't been called. >> go back to univision. >> go ahead. >> you cannot deport 11 million people. >> go ahead. >> you cannot deport 11 million people. you cannot deny citizenship. >> sit down, please. >> you weren't called. >> things just got more interesting from there. >> abc's tom llamas filed this overnight report from iowa. >> reporter: at a prestigious hispanic journalist for those clashing with donald trump. trump tangling with jorge ramos as the anchor of univision and fusion, a cable network co-owned
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by our parent company disney repeatedly interrupted the presidential hopeful. >> you cannot deny citizen ship -- >> sit down, please. you weren't calmed. >> reporter: a security guard removes ramos from the room. trump defending himself. >> he started screaming and i didn't escort him out. >> reporter: but then allowing ramos back. >> i had to go back and ask questions. that's my job as a reporter, as a u.s. citizen, i have the right to ask any questions to anyone. >> i haven't even started. do you know how many latinos -- just check -- >> do you know. >> reporter: this is the first time i've ever been escorted out of any press conference or any interview. >> reporter: univision's news chief responding we'd love for mr. trump to sit down for an in-depth interview with jorge to talk about the specifics of his proposals. >> okay, thank you. >> reporter: this scrap just the latest in a media offensive
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trump repeatedly attacking megyn kelly, roger ailes calling it an un unprovoked attack. stay tune as the trump campaign rolls on, so does the action. tom llamas, abc news, dubuque, iowa. >> after that confrontation, ramos appeared on his own network to tell his side of the story. >> and right in the middle of the question, mr. trump said that i couldn't keep on asking my question and i am a reporter and immigrant and a u.s. citizen and i have the right to ask any questions to anyone. two agents, members of his security team came to me and pushed me out of the press conference. i the first time in my life anywhere in the world which i've been escorted out of a press conference. >> we will have much more on the news conference clash later on "good morning america." hillary clinton picking up a key endorsement as she starts a
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campaign swing in iowa. agriculture secretary tom vilsack becomes the first obama cabinet member to back clinton. vilsack is also the popular former governor of iowa and traveling with clinton in the state. >> caroline kennedy, the u.s. ambassador to japan finds herself in the middle of an e-mail investigation this morning. kennedy among the senior staff of the u.s. embassy in tokyo who use personal e-mail accounts for official business. some of their e-mails is said to con tan sensitive information according to the inspector general's report. a spokesman says classified information was not sent. asian stock markets traded in a mostly narrow range overnight ultimately posting mixed result. the lack of volatility is something that would be welcomed on wall street. a roller coaster session ended yesterday with the dow losing nearly 205 points. at one point it was ahead nearly 450. uncertainty about their economy
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is one reason for the losses. rebecca jarvis looks ahead. >> reporter: the key question this raises and impacts you whether you own a stock or not is what happens next to interest rates. they've been at 0% for six years now and many on wall street are wondering if all of this recent volatility will delay a rate hike which was originally expected for september. >> the next federal reserve meeting begins on september 16th. all three major u.s. stock averages have lost ground for six straight days. stock futures this morning indicating a higher open. breaking overnight, two nato soldiers are dead after an insider attack on a base in afghanistan shot by two men wearing afghan security force uniforms. the attackers were then shot and killed. there's no word yet on the nationalities of the victims but almost half of the 13,000 nato troops in afghanistan are americans. it is the third insider attack this year. well, one of the american heroes who helped take down a
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gunman on the train in paris aback home. anthony sadler arrived along with members of his family. they had flown from europe to oregon on a private corporate jet. sadler's two friends also involved in the incident remain at a u.s. military hospital in germany. meantime, terror suspect ayoub el khazzani made his first court appearance arriving barefoot and blindfolded. authorities say he activated a new cell phone on the day of attack and watched islamic extremist videos while on the train and claim he may not have acted alone because access to his facebook page was disabled while already in custody. forecasters say weather conditions near washington state's largest ever wildfire will only add to the threat and say fire crews will be working today in temperatures over 90 degrees with dropping humidity and increasing winds. all those conditions could fuel a large expansion of the fire. it's already consumed more than 400 square miles. a group of australian fire managers is expected to arrive
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in that area tomorrow. arizona is feeling the effects of the monsoon season. a massive wall of dust hit phoenix. tucson downed power lines trapped people inside their cars including a school bus. thankfully no children were on that bus. power was knocked out across the state. taking a look at the radar. you can see that storm system pushing through arizona and spreading into new mexico and colorado. >> well, tracking erika this morning forecasters providing an important update overnight. the storm is dying out. it's still heading toward the lee ward aisles but may dissipate and forecasters say the wind shear is too strong over the northern caribbean for it to strengthen and had been forecast to actually hit florida late this coming weekend. new this morning, 2 million pounds of a popular breakfast food recalled. >> and surprise statement during the james holmes sentencing hearing, the theater shooter's mother standing up in front of the judge. what she had to say.
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plus, blame it on the smartphone. the connection between selfies and a rise in cases of head
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lice. welcome back. well craft heinz is recalling 2 million pounds of oscar mayer turkey bacon linked to illness. it's recalling it because it may spoil before the best when used by date. craft was made aware of the problem but food safety regulators have not received any confirmed reports of illness. it was mascots made between may 31st and august 6th of this year. new rules will soon require public companies to disclose the
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pay gap between what the ceo makes compared to the average workers but we are getting a preview. according to glass door, the head of discovery tops the list making nearly 2,000 times what the arm worker earns. the ceo at chipotle is next making 1500 times, as much following by cvs at 1200. amazon is offering quick delivery of beer, wine and hard liquor in the seattle area. it's a test for the amazon prime now service which operates in a number of major u.s. cities but only wine is offered there. seattle is the first with hard liquor. two-hour delivery is free. one-hour delivery will cost an extra eight bucks. it's been an annual rite of fall. pumpkin spice in everything. this year not just pumpkin spice but pumpkin spice latte m&ms. they will join another flavor,
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pecan pie. >> look forward to that. when we come back, caught on camera. drivers causing chaos on the highway. doing doughnuts in the middle of traffic. major malfunction at the top of the washington monument. dozens of people forced to take the long way down. sami has no idea why her coat is so shiny; buddy doesn't know why he's full of energy; but mom and dad know that they're feeding them the complete nutrition of natural balance . now available at petsmart! we're always looking to bring you the very best in pet nutrition. with natural balance , part of our family of natural foods, you can give your pets premium quality ingredients. introducing natural balance at petsmart. save up to 10% on dry and wet food! fill your pet with love. petsmart . inspired by pets. americans. 83% try... to eat healthy. yet up to 90% fall short in getting... key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's. complete with key nutrients we may need.
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in california, the driver of an suv slid off a rain-slicked
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road and ended up here, a swimming pool. she got out of the car but it took several hours to get that car out of the pool. your car is also likely to get wet if you're driving in the rockies, florida and the southern atlantic coast and just east of the great lakes. and if you're flying, airport delays are likeliest in phoenix, salt lake city and las vegas. today a colorado judge is set to officially sentence the movie theater shooter to a lifetime in prison. >> james holmes was convicted of murdering 12 moviegoers and injuring 70 more. he was spared the death penalty because the jury's vote was not unanimous and a remarkable scene in the courtroom yesterday as holmes' mother apologized to the victims and families and even the survivors for the first time. >> we are very sorry this tragedy happened and sorry that everyone has suffered so much. my son, he feels remorse for his horrible actions but his ability to express his emotions has been
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impaired by disease and medication. >> holmes was asked by the judge if he wanted to make a statement but he declined. this morning the judge can impose a maximum 12 life sentences plus more than 3,000 years in prison. a man who once jumped the white house fence was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy at a courthouse near philadelphia. police say curtis smith had attacked a deputy with a knife shouting i'm going to get you. his motive remains unclear. smith was arrested at the white house back in march. the deputy is recovering from the knife wounds. even in death, indy car driver justin wilson is helping others. his organs were donated to six other people. wilson died a day after being struck in the head by a piece of debris from an accident in front of him during a race in pennsylvania. he was driving a car with an open cockpit. his brother says justin was always generous and thinking of other people. >> it makes you feel even prouder to be his brother.
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and just sort of exemplifies the life that he led. >> wilson is the first driver to die in a major u.s.-based auto racing series in the past four years. the 37-year-old brit had lived in colorado for the past decade with his wife and two daughters, ages 7 and 5. well, there's the dash and dine but one south carolina chick-fil-a had a crash and dine. a truck slammed into the restaurant during a father/son dinner night. police say the driver hit the wrong pedal. no injuries reported. it's the second time that a vehicle has crashed into that chick-fil-a since june. new mexico officials are looking for these pickup truck drivers doing stunts on a busy interstate highway in albuquerque sunday. while some of the trucks blocked the road others performed doughnuts in high-speed acceleration. the videos are going viral but cops are not amused. they're looking for these pickup drivers but so far they've made no arrests. what goes up did not come down for some visitors to the washington monument.
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tourists had to walk down 800 steps after an elevator outage. the elevator malfunctioned at the monument's top. two pregnant women had to be carried down by special equipment. no injuries have been reported. it's unclear what caused the outage. a few weeks ago the monument was closed for several days due to electrical problems. wow. all right. let's talk some sports and let's talk baseball. >> highlights from our friends at espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" set in los angeles. late august. things are starting to get heated in major league baseball. >> hot august nights. neil diamond album. get it. blue jayses/rangers. blue jays and yankees locked up in a tight one. rangers chasing that second wild card position. troy tulowitzki not in it. tolson. texas thought they would win it. top of the ninth. josh donaldson. adrian beltre, don't touch his head. he is a four-time gold glover.
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the end of the inning. instead it's 5-4 -- that's beltre. that's the end of the game. blue jays come back. 6-5 winners. yankees taking on the astros. carlos gomez in the sixth, flips his bat after he flies out. now earlier flipped it in the first inning when the astros had a big inning and words for the yankees dugout and getting into it with the catcher john ryan murphy and players coming out of the dugout. things eventually calmed down. but gomez's bat did not. off chris capuano. three-run home run. his second home run. they take it 15-1. over the yankees. >> yeah. ready to do push-ups after the show. >> we'll spare you from seeing that. back to you. >> actually wanted to see that. up next in "the pulse," social media lice, doctors blaming an uptick in cases on selfies.
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ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. well, a health alert to top "the pulse." are selfies to blame in the uptick in lice? >> one doctor thinks so. the pediatrician in wisconsin says because kids are putting their heads together so often to travel. >> i never thought of this. wow. >> they're calling it social media lice. you can't make this one up. the cdc does warn head-to-head contact is the most common way to spread the pest. still others say selfies are not to blame. teens just spend a lot of time in close contact.
4:23 am
now that you mention it it does make a lot of sense of the you see those selfies. all their heads are together and, you know, it happens a lot especially among school-aged children with the head lice and there you go. head lice. yet another way to stay away from the selfies. >> okay. all right, "forbes" out with their list of the highest paid television actors and tops is jim parsons. he's the lead character from big "big bang theory." he made $29 million last year. also brought in some cash for his broadway show and has endorsements too. >> and right behind parsons was his car so johnny go leckey. forbes was only rating tv actors. why is that? "the big bang theory" co-star sweetening it up there, you see her there parsons and go leckey, each make $1 million per episode and a cut of the profits. >> "big buck theory" is what they should call it. a lot of cash. >> got to give them a call next time you have contract negotiations.
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>> great, great idea. well, it was a whale of a show and once in a lifetime sight off the coast of nova scotia. >> some lucky tourists saw a humpback whale do a backflip. he breached dozens of times. >> hey. >> yay! >> cannon ball. scientists say while whales breach for several reason, okay, they do it for to possibly knock off some parasites and also do it to communicate, believe it or not, perhaps though this whale was just putting on a show for the crowd. >> i think he's saying don't come any closer. >> there you go. >> or i'll bite. >> that is incredible to see. wow. >> it almost doesn't look real but it was real apparently. >> it is. over and over and over again. >> for some of you your local news is next. for everyone else a costly stumble. got to check it out.fore fibromyalgia, i was on the go. i was organized.
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checking our top stories, donald trump and univision actor jorge ramos clash over the issue of immigration. ramos was escorted out of this news conference before being allowed back moments later to continue the disagreement. anthony sadler, one of the americans who stopped a gunman on a train bound for paris, is now back home in california. french authorities are investigating whether the suspect acted alone. he is now facing formal terrorism charges. arizona's feeling the effects of the monsoon season. a massive wall of dust hit phoenix along with torrential rains and powerful winds and tucson downed power lines trapped people inside their cars. quick look at today's weather, thunderstorms in the rockies and cooler than usual in the midwest. and you might call this a real-life nightmare at the museum. it happened in taiwan to a 12-year-old boy and thanks to surveillance video and the internet, it may haunt him forever sfl so what did he do? he damaged a priceless 17th
4:28 am
century painting part of a special exhibition on tour but as abc's nick watt reports accidents like this aren't at all that rare. >> reporter: keep your eye on the kid in the shorts. oh, boy. a $1.5 million, 350-year-old canvas flowers by porpora has a fist-size hole. imagine what's going through his mind and the feeling in his stomach. the clumsy kid's only solace. he's not alone, three ancient vases worth 750 grand smashed at a museum in england by a guy who tripped on a shoelace. an american tourist snapped off the virgin mary's finger at this florence museum and super rich steve wind once put his elbow through his own picasso, fixed up it later sold for $155 million. and don't worry, this isn't coming out of the kid's pocket money. insurance will cover the damaged canvas. but not the wounded pride. nick watt, abc news, los angeles.
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>> see why we can't have nice things. >> well, at least insurance will cover it. >> they did. he tripped and fell. he didn't spill his drink, though, which is nice. look at that. >> very impressive about to tip -- save the drink. don't spill the drink. >> that's what matters most. i feel bad for the kid, though. >> but they survived and that's what's making news in america


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