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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 27, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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two decades. making news in america this morning, a deadly shooting on live tv. a news crew gunned down in front of cameras. overnight, the tributes pouring in. the reporter's father speaking out and new details about the suspect. we're live in virginia with the latest. tracking erika. the caribbean bracing for the storm. likely impact the u.s. soon. determined driver. a man behind the wheel not getting towed without a fight doing whatever he can to keep his car. dynamic duo. taylor swift brings a friend on stage and it nearly broke the internet overnight. good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin doing what we know many
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others, thinking about those two young journalists on the air. >> alison parker and adam ward were known at their station as the "a" team, both of them just a few years into their careers. vicki gardner shot while being interviewed is hospitalized in stable condition. >> last night, candlelight vigils held to honor and remember the victims. abc's kenneth moton has more from moneta, virginia. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me virginia state police are still watching over the scene because the investigation will continue. meanwhile, this community is honoring the fallen journalists who had bright futures ahead. late into the night investigators searched for clues and answers at the home of the man accused of gunning down two roanoke, virginia, journalists on live television. >> it did not register it was gunshots. it probably should have, but she's doing a feature story. >> reporter: wdbj reporter alison parker and the man behind the camera, adam ward were in
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the middle of a live interview when vester flanagan opened fire. the news crew was killed. the woman they were interviewing vicki gardner seriously injured. flanagan was later captured after a crash and died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> at some point in his life it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: the 41-year-old who went by bryce williams on the air had a history of workplace problems, bouncing around from station to station over the years alleging racial discrimination and sexual harassment. in a rambling manifesto sent to abc news after the shootings he wrote "why did i do it? the church shooting in charleston was the tipping point but my anger has been building steadily. i've been a human powder keg for awhile just waiting to go boom." memorials and prayer vigils took over the community. 27-year-old ward was engaged to marry a producer at a station who happened to be in the control room at the moment of the shooting. parker just 24 years old was in
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love with her boyfriend, wdbj anchor krirs hurst. >> today i lost the love of my love and it was not slow but it was incredibly painful and it was immediate. >> reporter: the shooter posted video of the attack online and went on a twitter rant about his victims. the police have that evidence, which has been removed from social media and replaced with support from fellow journalists tweeting the #westandwithwdbj. >> so incredible just how calculated auld of this was. what else are relearning about the victims this morning? >> reporter: well, we understand this ward and this parker, they were just incredible human beings and incredible journalists. just obviously very young in their profession. they wanted to do so much. we understand ward, the cameraman, was his fiancee who was a producer at the tv station tragically in that control room when the shooting happened. it was her last day yesterday and they were days or weeks away from moving down to another tv
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station so they could start a life together. they wanted to get married. also parker, she, her boyfriend was actually an anchor at the station as we've mentioned as we've reported and they also wanted to get married. the anchor actually tweeted they just moved in together. they were not open with that are relationship but very much in love. >> kenneth moton live in moneta, virginia. kenneth kenneth, thank you. the father of alison parker says his family is dealing with unbearable grief. even so, he's vowing action. >> in an interview with fox news, andy parker said he's ready to campaign for gun control. >> i'm not going to let this -- this issue drop. this is, you know, we've got to do something about crazy people getting guns. this is not the last you've heard of me. i got -- this is something that is alison's legacy that i want to make happen. >> parker went on to say he's
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going to shame legislators into doing something about closeing loopholes and background checks. he says he's already spoken to virginia's governor who is a gun control advocate and really what else can you do as a parent when something tragic like this happens other than do everything you can to make sure your daughter doesn't die in vine. >> the guy she loved with all her heart, the last text that alison you see there sent to her boyfriend was good night, sweet boy. just a short time before she was senselessly killed. with them. stay with abc news for the latest on the virginia shooting and later on "america this morning." more on the suspect and the letter sent to abc news, plus, live team coverage later on "good morning america." well, a police officer responding to an emergency call in louisiana is dead. he is the second officer killed alone. henry nelson was shot after responding to a house where three women were stabbed.
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the suspect who happened to be officer nelson's cousin is in custody. this comes after a louisiana state trooper died on monday after being shot. colorado movie theater killer james holmes will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a jury has sentenced him to 12 life sentences. one for each of the people he killed three years ago. a judge added thousands of years for the attempted murders of dozens of other movie patrons, the max sentence allowed under colorado law. many in the courtroom applauded as it was announced. new fallout from that confrontation between donald trump and univision anchor jorge ramos. trump refusing to back down said ramos was totally out of line at the news conference. the head of univision calling the treatment of ramos beneath contempt. and trump getting some unsolicited advice from the white house. >> i'm not sure that it's a successful media strategy to physically remove reporters for asking tough questions. >> while campaigning in iowa
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hillary clinton said trump is no different than most of his rivals when it comes to immigration telling an audience, most of the other republican candidates are just trump without the pizazz or the hair. and for the first time clinton addressed the possibility of a challenge from joe biden telling an audience in iowa that the vice president must do what's right for him and his family. on a conference call with top democrats, biden said that he is still undecided about a run for the white house. he said he's weighing whether he has the emotional fuel to endure a campaign. the caribbean is bracing for tropical storm erika as it nears the leeward islands. it is on track to to approach near puerto rico and the virgin islands today, schools, arms and casinos are closing and shelters are being prepared. erika is expected to bring some much-needed rain to parts of the drought ridden caribbean and at this point if could hit florida sometime on monday. new this morning a major retailer already starting christmas layaway. >> i just can't believe it.
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out-of-control takeoff. an american airline under investigation after one of its flights got off to a terrifying start. plus, terrific touchdown. one of the craziest punt returns
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you will ever see. mexico's volcano erupting again spewing ash in the air. hundreds evacuated and ordered to stay miles away. the volcano has been active since july. in the past month nearby villages have been covered in thick ash. it's considered one of the most active volcanoes in central america. major automakers are being sued over those keyless ignitions following the carbon
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monoxide deaths of 13 people. according to the complaint filed in federal court in los angeles, carbon monoxide is emitted after they take their keyless car fob. markets opened on positive territory again. the dow surged more than 600 points. nearly 4% after a six-day sell-off. that was the biggest one-day point gain in seven years and third biggest ever. the sell-off was caused by worries about china. this morning china's main stock index enjoyed its best day in two months. the christmas season is starting two weeks earlier this year. tomorrow in fact, that's when the walmart layaway program begins. 40,000 items will be available in the payment plan. it's about 20% more than last year. the giant retailer wants to get a head start on holiday shopping. >> i haven't even seen the halloween costumes out. when we come back, the big
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turning it into a guiser. the water shot 25 feet into the air. eventually fire crews were able to turn off the fire hydrant. it is unclear what caused the crash. now for a look at morning road conditions roads will also be wet in parts of the rockies, central plains and south to southeast. if you're flying, airport delays are likeliest in miami, kansas city, denver and phoenix. updating our top story this morning, the on air murders of two young tv journalists in virginia. >> alison parker and adam ward's colleagues at wdbj in roanoke are going back on the air this morning with heavy hearts. both were shot and killed by disgruntled former colleague during a live interview. we know the gunman was fired by tv stations at least twice causing problems with other employees and authorities say he had a clear plan for yesterday's attack and how he was going to spread the word. >> thousand they're piecing together his clearly troubled loov life. more now from abc's pierre thomas.
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>> reporter: vester flanagan was known as bryce williams. here he is in one of his stories holding a gun, a man slowly descending toward madness. he targeted a television crew when they were most vulnerable. >> you have an individual, a journalist by trade who not only carried out a workplace attack but used the tools of his trade to communicate about that attack. >> reporter: a man identifying himself as flanagan faxed what he called a suicide note to abc news that shows a deeply angry man laying out his grievances noting that he had been fired from the station of the murdered television crew. flanagan expresses admiration for mass murders specifically the columbine killers and the virginia tech shooter whom he said he personally knew. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> and do stay with us here at abc news for the latest on the shooting. robin roberts will speak with
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killed. that's coming up on "good morning america." the faa is investigating a scare involving an allegiant air flight. a plane taking off from las vegas started lifting off and nose wheel off the ground before hitting the right speed. the alarmed pilots fighting against the plane's controls couldn't push the nose back down. they had to abort the takeoff. the airline says that a part of the plane malfunctioned and they are now inspecting every plane in its fleet. there is nothing more frustrating than coming bang to where you parked your car and seeing that it's about to be towed. so this florida driver tried to do something about it. fighting the tow truck tooth and nail. that cannot be good for his suv elevated at a 45-degree angle. his attempt to escape failed and now it looks like he's going to have plenty of damage to pay for. >> well, time for your thursday morning sports.
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>> how about some baseball highlights? we'll get that now from our guys at espn. >> good morning, everybody. with neil everett, i'm chris hassel and we almost had a no-hitter last night in major league baseball. >> missed it by that much. that's justin verlander. he pitches for the tigers and just win on the season which is hard to believe. he's got two no-hitters on the back of his baseball card looking for a third. he got trout and pujols and said when he got them in the seventh he felt like, you know what, this thing may be happening. chris iannetta who bats under under .200 went and watched tape in between his a b's and came out with a leg kick, said he was doing that in 2011 when he was hitting the ball better, cut the chalk and no-hitter over. verlander in the same birthday as david price who is now with the blue jays. turned 30 on wednesday. celebrated by striking out a
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bunch of texas rangers. six innings, eight strikeouts. he did give up a couple of runs but these are the blue jays. if you only give up a couple of runs you win by a lot. edwin encarnacion, grand slam, career high 21-game hit streak and the blue jays take a 12-4 -- best 25-game span in franchise history, won 21 of their last 25 games. >> chris and i just met, our chemistry will get better. all right, guys. thank you. most high schools haven't started playing football yet but we already have the best kick return of the year. >> it happened in hawaii where a punt returner picks up the ball and cuts across the field. then the ball is stripped out of his hands and nobody has it -- >> where is it. >> kicked all over the field but the same punt returner gets the ball back and runs it into the end zone. >> just how they drew it up. just how they drew it up. >> i didn't realize that's in real term, punt returner. >> yeah.
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you return the punt. into the end zone after scrambling around for it and juking everybody out. now you know. up next in "the pulse," undercover, miley cyrus goes to find out what people really think about her. >> and going viral, two twins pretending to sleep when they hear mom's voice. >> hi, babies.was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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>> what is her father's name again. >> he's the one -- >> what's miley's father's name? what would you say if miley cyrus was your daughter? you have a few kids or if they were acting like miley cyrus would you have any thoughts? >> no, no problem. i just like taylor swift better. >> we'll have to see which miley cyrus shows up sunday to host the video music awards on mtv in which she performed two years ago she stole the whole show by twerking. made parents everywhere extremely happy, i'm sure. teaching everybody to twerk. >> oh, she does have those moves. some people may notice that the phrase smelly cat trending this morning. it's all because of a special appearance during a taylor swift concert last night. smelly cat smelly cat what it's not your fault >> that's just a classic. >> the biggest hit from the central perk. >> right.
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>> fans of the show "friends" recognized least is kudrow to sing this song "smelly cat". >> made famous from her character phoebe always singing it at their favorite cafe hanging out talking about dating each other. >> that was the vintage "friends." >> all throwback thursday. maybe jen's hair is coming back too. >> you never know. a pair of adorable twins in seattle clearly have an acting future. >> these little girls should have been snoozing but watch what happens once they hear momma's voice. >> hi, babies. oh. >> that's them faking it. >> the 18-month-olds they don't realize mama is always watching. judy travis says her twins are active but the shenanigans end once they hear her voice. >> it proves children know at a young age right from wrong and when momma comes you stop talking and do what she says.guys. i think you'll love
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checking our top story, candlelight vigils to remember the two tv journalists killed on air by a disgruntled former colleague. the woman being interviewed was wounded. she's now in stable condition. president obama travels to new orleans today to join those marking the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. the president will tour neighborhoods and meet with residents. the caribbean bracing for tropical storm erika. it's on track to approach puerto rico and the virgin islands. schools, arms and casinos closing. erika could impact florida. looking at today's weather, thunderstorms from kansas to north dakota. cooler than usual in the midwest. hot and muggy from alabama to the carolinas and into parts of texas and up into oklahoma. well, 6-month-old twin girls in southern california waking up able to hear the birds chirping outside. >> you see the girls were born deaf but through the kindness of others that changed yesterday. kabc's greg lee has the
4:28 am
heartwarming story. >> reporter: meet kayla and kiar hernandez. even though they're six months old they've developed their own personalities. >> she's scream at her, yell at her and look at her and just cooing and smiling. >> reporter: the parents took the twins for a routine hearing exam. >> someone talking with them probably at this level, you know, they've going to struggle to hear. >> reporter: it was so hard for us because i questioned like have they ever heard me say i love them. >> reporter: an audiologist found they suffered from modal hearing loss and began to explore options. >> the younger child is when they're fit with hearing aids they're greater at success and development, speech, language, communication, academic. >> reporter: the hernandez family found fitting the girls with hearing aids would cost about $12,000. to make things worse their insurance like many private providers would not cover it because it's considered elective. >> trying to figure out like how were we going to get it to them. as soon as possible.
4:29 am
where do we even start. >> reporter: enter newport beach based hearaid foundation. they help families like the hernandezs afford them. audiologists fitted them with brand-new hearing aids giving them the chance to hear their parents' voices for the first time. >> mom mo. yeah. yeah. >> that's, know so many blessings and beautiful things, you know this world has to offer for them. >> reporter: the hernandez family hopes their story encourages others to learn about the work of this nonprofit and others like it. >> support them and learn about them and see how they're impacting the community. >> reporter: in seal beach, greg lee, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> so sweet to see her feet kicking as she said mama. >> a beautiful gift for two beautiful little girls. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have a


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