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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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from the mother of the lone survivor. you mentioned the stations general manager. this is about loss, grief and moving ahead. the deaths of this reporter and photographer have an entire community grieving and felt by the employees of that station. the staff at wdbj supporting each other, began wearing special ribbons in support of alison parker and adam ward. >> we are wearing ribbons today and will continue to wear those as long as we can. they represent adam and alison. >> reporter: they began the day during the morning news remembering the moment when they lost their colleagues. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> they cried, hug and then they get the job done. >> reporter: melissa ott seen with adam when he proposed to her was in the control room and saw the horrors of the shooting. >> this is a really, really difficult time for her and she
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has family around her and is doing the best she can to copy. >> she told me she was shot in the back and lucky to be alive. >> reporter: the lone survivor of the carnage, vicky garner is in good condition. >> disturbed individual, wanted to take it out on his former coworkers, a senseless deed and my wife was there at the wrong time. >> reporter: gardner with the local chamber of commerce was being interviewed when the gunman identified as vester flanagan, a former disargument lettered reporter station fired nine shots. >> it's senseless that her life and adam's life were taken by a crazy person with a gun. >> reporter: alison's boyfriend, chris hurst, a news anchor began sharing memories on abc "good morning america." >> i want everyone to know that she was not only a fantastic journalist and well on her way to a remarkable career but she
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was good at everything she attempted. >> reporter: flanagan sent abc news a lengthy fax, that he suffered from racial discrimination and bullying at work. his family issued this statement. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. >> coming up tonight on "eyewitness news at 6:00," i will have more on the investigation including some new details. sade? >> tim, thank you. new city mayor de blasio addressed the shooting today talking about dealing with the duel challenges of mental health care and gun control. the mayor said the nypd is making sure media locations have extra security. he said there is no evidence there might be copy cat activity. he indicated after repeated shootings he is frustrated people with mental health problems are able to get guns. >> there is a reality in this country right now where people who are not mentally stable, either with a specific
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grievance in their mind or no grievance whatsoever are using guns that they shouldn't have to begin with and shooting people randomly. >> de blasio said these types of incidents are avoidable. you can read more at abc7ny or from our news app. tonight we are learning new details about what happened before and after a fiery deadly car crash on long island. the driver blamed for causing the crash, oneil sharpe is accused of driving drunk and killing a father and his two children on the southern state parkway. n.j. burkett joins us now with new information and new video in the case that was just released today. >> reporter: diana, two speeding cars, one horrific crash. prosecutors revealed today that two drivers were apparently racing one another when one of them plowed into the back of another motorist, one of several new allegations in this high-profile case.
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prosecutors say this man was the linchpin, 25-year-old shian richards who admitted driving up to speeds of 95 miles per hour. investigators say he did not cause the fiery crash on the southern state parkway but when he blew past his friend, oneil sharpe, prosecutors say sharpe stepped on the gas to try to catch him. >> i guess oneil sharpe figured let me catch up to this guy because i have the bmw, same year as his. we will have fun. they are weaving, cutting in and out of traffic. >> reporter: the result was horrific. investigators say sharpe's car slammed into the victim's car at 75 -- 75 miles per hour. the crash killed 37-year-old ancio ostane along with his son andy and daughter sephora. sharpe and his cousin, who was his passenger, were not injured. prosecutors say sharpe stood by and watched as other motorists
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tried to save the victim. >> they displayed no certain for the victims of their actions who were trapped in that burning vehicle dreaming for help. >> reporter: he said sharpe is seen on this cell phone video tossing a bottle of tequila into the woods nearby. investigators believe his blood alcohol level was .12, well over the legal limit. his friend is charged with helping sharpe leave the scene of the crash. in court sharpe pled not guilty to multiple counts of manslaughter and vehicular homicide. attorney. intoxicated. he wasn't driving recklessly and he didn't leave the scene intentions. >> reporter: now, the judge set million.
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sharpe's cousin is being charged in an unrelated identity theft case and shawn richards has been released without bail on reckless endangerment charges and is said to be cooperating. n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> n.j., thank you. a memorial service is set to begin within an hour outside of the federal building in lower manhattan for a security guard who was murdered on the job. officer idrissa camara was shot in the lobby of a building by a man that then shot and killed himself. a memorial will be held at 26 federal plaza. the public is welcome to attend. funeral services tomorrow in east harlem. on staten island, a construction worker is recovering after falling into a trench this morning. newscopter 7 was over the con edison facility in the travis section as firefighters carefully lifted the man out of the trench. no immediate word on what the contract worker was doing when he fell.
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fdny said his injuries were minor. president obama is in new orleans marking the tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina. the president is speaking right now. this is a live picture that we have from new orleans. this, as you may recall, is one of the hardest hit areas by the storm. that area in many ways still struggling to recover. it was 10 years ago this weekend that nearly 2,000 people died and one million people were displaced because of kat. now, earlier -- because of katrina. now, earlier rest tends lined the streets for the president. watch the president's remarks. we will have them for you at abc7ny. from hurricane katrina to preventing damage in our area to another storm like sandy, 100 million-dollar plan unveiled for mayor de blasio to create a new flood protection
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system to prevent lower manhattan from flooding. political reporter dave evans is in lower manhattan with how it would work. dave? >> reporter: sade, $100 million is announced on top of the other money to protect lower manhattan from future homes. most will go for the footings so that the city can quickly put up a temporary flood wall to protect lower manhattan in a couple of hours before an approaching storm. it will start on the lower east side at montgomery street. it will go all the way around the bottom of manhattan and then come up to the northern part of battery park city in the hudson river. sandy is considered the second costliest storm in history. in parts of manhattan, 14 feet of water. 7 subway lines shut down. today the mayor helped put together go bags with flashlights and batteries and announced the city will spend $100 million on a new effort building berms and temporary
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flood walls to hold back the east river. >> for people in this community it's vivid what it means that there is still a threat out there. and we don't take it lightly. >> reporter: we don't know what the berms and flood walls will look like but the city is spending the extra hundred million in hopes of attracting more federal money to protect lives and some of the most expensive real estate. >> it could happen again. we are in a red zone. it's a hill that goes down. i am on the top. these other buildings back here get flooded. >> reporter: do you worry about it lapping again? >> yeah. >> reporter: the mayor's announcement comes on the tenth anniversary of katrina and a couple of months from the third anniversary of sandy. >> we learned some painful lessons from katrina and painful lessons from sandy. we are trying to do something about those lessons because we
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have not solved global warming. we know that. there is so much more to do. >> the mayor noted that next month, september, is national preparedness month, the further away from sandy and 9/11, we don't have the go bag ready but we should have a go bag ready for any future emergency. >> thank you, dave. now the race for the white house. donald trump campaigning down in south carolina today. during his speech in greenville, trump, ever the show man, veered away from the issues to talk about his hair. he tugged on his hair while proclaiming that he does not wear a toupee. when he asked a woman to come up and tug on his hair, she did then confirmed that it is the real deal. on the democratic side of the race for president, hillary clinton took her campaign to the midwest swing state of ohio. clinton spoke at case western reserve in cleveland.
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she criticized the republican candidates for issues affecting women calling their views extreme. police are searching for a pair of thieves believed to have more than a dozen burglaries under their belt in manhattan. the most recent was on monday inside of an office building on west 46th street. the men took off with laptops and electronics. investigators say it was the pair's 13th burglary since may. for a second straight trading day, stocks on wall street made sizable gains. the market is still struggling to regain ground after a dismal six day losing streak that saw stock plunges a thousand points. the dow close the at 16,654. nasdaq rose 115 points and s&p 500 added 47 points. a doctor in new jersey is arrested accused of touching one patient inappropriately. there. plus, people living in apartments in desperate need of
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repair but the landlord is still trying to raise the rent. how they are fighting back. >> taken down the accident that happened separator usain bolt on the -- sprinter usain bolt on the ground. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. maybe august saved the best for last. beautiful out there with low humidity and upper 70s and low
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to mid-80s. disturbing allegations against a new jersey doctor that handed him in handcuffs. an employee allegations that he touched her inappropriately and bit her. more women have come forward with similar stories. a.j. ross joins us live with more on the investigation. >> reporter: four women made alarming allegations toward raja jagtiani including inappropriate sexual contact, simple assault and harassment. if you take a look behind me, his office is open but several patients that i talked to throughout the day are shocked to hear what the doctor is accused of. >> i was surprised. my son went to him. i liked him. >> reporter: in late july, bergenfield police were contacted by an employee of dr. raja jagtiani who operates an
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practice. the employee told detectives while the two were working together the doctor bit her face and touched her breast. during the course of the investigation, three other victims came forward with serious allegations about the doctor including two other employees and a patient. >> i liked him before this. >> reporter: this patient didn't want us to show her face accused of alarming. other patients and staff jagtiani specialized in internal medicine for 31 years and affiliation with holy name medical center and englewood hospital. englewood said, quote, dr. jagtiani refers a handful of patients to the hospital annually. he does not provide on site care to our patients. dr. jagtiani was arrested tuesday and has been charged with five counts of criminal
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sexual contact, three counts of harassment by offensive touching and one count of simple assault. and dr. jagtiani is set to appear in court on september 2nd. live in bergenfield, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we are tracking tropical stormer erika -- officials say four people died in flooding caused by the storm. this video posted on instagram showing the rushing water damaging a house. you can hear the screams. the island got more than 12 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. >> take that gives you an idea. it's a glorified flooding rainstorm now, not so much about the winds. but on to puerto rico tonight. then the key time. what happens as it approaches the dominican republic and haiti.
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it doesn't look like a classic powerful system but a cluster of big thunderstorms. the track is slightly south of where it was. it is moving to the west- northwest. it will go over puerto rico. the eastern half of the island is in drought. a lot of rain, could be mudslides and flooding then interacts with hispaniola. in this area, it could tear the storm april apartment. the problem is in that three- day cone, south florida is in there. close call. it could strengthen rapidly as it approaches the east coast of florida. we have to watch it over the weekend. right now, friends and loved ones in florida, basically they should have a plan and it might have to be set in action tomorrow. fair weather cloudiness during the day today. a pretty day. at times on the cooler side. you have this low humidity. when the sun goes by, a breeze, cool north and west. average high 81. sunsets at 7:37.
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last year 90, mostly sunny skies and heat in the seven-day forecast. it was chilly this morning, in the mid- to upper-50s. take 2 to 6 degrees away from these lows tonight. mid-50s, even upper 40s in the coldest spots north and west. 71 and dover. pair of 7s teterboro. 70 in milford in pike county. long island, upper 70s to lower 80s. more sunshine on the coast. 66 in the catskills. partly sunny early. mainly clear the rest of the night. clots of sunshine tomorrow morning. less cloudiness in the afternoon. feels great, likes great. you can see the instability. as this low exits to the north and east it will take the cool pocket of air with it and the jet will start to lift. instead of these cool temperatures to the north and west, we will see a resurgence of the heat and humidity for the upcoming weekend.
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a great finish to the work week. couldn't be much nicer. saturday the high moves to the east. more of a return flow behind it. humidity is creeping up. warmer. 87 degrees. accuweather forecast, goes clear and comfy tonight. 50s in the coldest spots north and west. 65 in the city. 84 tomorrow. gorgeous day. lots of sunshine and low humidity. tomorrow night a moonlit sky. full moon on the 30th and a bit milder. at 5:30, goes will we have 40s tonight in the coldest spots north and west? have we seen the last august rain drop? no rainfall until september starts and will erika equal a lot of heat and humidity for us? maybe it's about the height and humidity that makes a come back with the storm. i will explain. back to you for now. >> okay, thank you, lee. coming up, it's august but walmart is beginning the layaway plan for christmas. what would be the most popular gift this year.
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>> christmas in august. >> a giant sinkhole opens up on a sidewalk. now the search is on to figure out what caused it. >> plus, a new bar with an old school vibe.
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new at 5:00 a staten land semblyman wants to ban the sale of large gary drks to no. it would ban drinks 16 ounces or larger and require warning labels on food and beverages with 40 grs of sugar. the american heart association recommends no more than 25 to 45 grams of sugar a day. a 16-ounce of coke contains 50 grams of sugar. apple's message did not detail what will be announced but they unveil new products during the early fall. a first for "consumer reports" in the 80 year history.
5:25 pm
the magazine just finished testing a tesla. it received the highest score of any car ever rated. engineers say advances in this care will change auto automobiles. david novarro breaks down why. >> reporter: "consumer reports" put the tesla model sp 85 d through complete testing at its track including acceleration, braking and handling. the all electric takes slay -- tesla aced all the tests. >> we recorded a zero to 60 of 3.5 seconds. the quickest car we ever tested at "consumer reports." despite being a lot faster and it is more efficient getting the equivalent of 87 miles per hour. >> the downside? the shocking price tag. rear reports paid almost $128,000. >> it's not about the car but what the represents.
5:26 pm
it gives you a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry. the technology that gives you the most advanced safety features, technology that allows the car to be updated over the area overnight and extreme efficiency. >> reporter: the number of charging stations is growing. there are now more than 200. and the tesla p 85 d easily goes more than 200 miles between charges, about three times farther than other electric cars. christian baggart is one of those that bought it. he owned it about six months and is thrilled. >> the horsepower, technology, sound system, touch screen, everything is so easy to use and driver friendly. >> reporter: the hope is that tesla's advances and impressive fuel efficiency will show up on lower priced cars before too long. david novarro, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. >> how reliable is it? "consumer reports" is in the
5:27 pm
process of analyzing data and will compare the reliability to more than a million other vehicles. that will be available at the end of october. >> curious what they will find. still ahead on eyewitness news, apartments falling apart as the landlord tries to increase the rent. what residents claim he is doing illegally to charge them more. >> a new school year begins, a new contribute to one of the teacher killed in the newtown
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school shooting. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. they are fighting their landlord over a building that
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they say is falling apart all while he tries to raise the rent. and good evening again, i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. the people in the building say the landlord is illegally charging more than he should. >> it is in east new york brooklyn. a rally was held there today and renee stoll was there posting this video on twitter. she has more right now. >> by not repairing, he is trying to push us out. >> reporter: tammy lives with her disabled mother in one of six units at 650 new jersey avenue in east new york. >> this right here, when it leaks, when it rains it leaks. it does not leak out clear water. it leaks out brown water. >> reporter: she along with other families living in the building are going after their landlord. lawyers representing the tenants in a lawsuit say he allegedly deregulated their rent controlled apartment as far back as 2002 and is trying
5:31 pm
to hike up the rent for a building in disrepair. >> they were rented stabilized but through these false registrations he artificially inflated them. >> reporter: these are the issues tenants have been complaining for months and sometimes years. the banister are barely connected and large holes drip water when it rains. >> the stick is up there because you can climb on this fire escape and you can lift it up and come in if you want to. >> it does not lock. >> it has been like this for three years. >> reporter: we found dangerous holes in railings and tenants say the front door lock malfunctions sometimes locking residents in or out. this message is for michael stolkowski. according to the city he has nearly 200 violations for this building. he owns other buildings with
5:32 pm
dozens of tenants also with violations and listed in the top 100 of worst landlords. >> the state of new york governs rent regulation and does little oversight of what landlords are doing. >> reporter: renee stoll, channel 2 action news. >> the search continues for the captain of that sunken fishing boat off sandy hook, new jersey. the stroller el jefe was found about 50 to 70 feet below water. it was reported missing tuesday. divers searched the boat but there are no signs of the captain, tom andresen. the recovery mission was suspended because of dangerous currents. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that ripped through three homes in new jersey on east second street in plainfield in the middle of the night leaving four people homeless. part of one home collapsed. the four people that lived there are staying with family members. nobody was hurt. a community is honoring an educator that lost her life
5:33 pm
during the massacre at newtown connecticut elementary school. victoria vow hoe was one of those killed in the mass shooting at sandy hook in 2012. her mom wrote on facebook saying vicky would plan for weeks and set up her classroom to perfection. the bulletin board would be up and new books in the cubbies. she would have been so excited to meet her kids. life is not fair. jury deliberations resume in the case against a graduate of an elite prep school in new hampshire accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman. the jury got the case against owen labrie this afternoon. prosecutors say the alleged sexual assault happened as part of a tradition of sexual conquest called senior salute. labrie admits that they kissed but that their encounter stopped short of sex. >> he is not a saint. he is a teenager.
5:34 pm
i submit he told you the truth from that stand. st. paul's school failed the children with their attitude toward senior salute. >> the alleged victim said she said no repeatedly during the incident but labrie refused to listen. if found guilty, he faces up to 60 years in prison. in the wake of yesterday's deadly shooting in virginia, there is a renewed push for gun control. the man leading the charge is the father of the reporter killed. a long-standing hot button political issue is taking center stage on the campaign trail. here is abc's brandi hitt. >> i'm sorry that she won't be there. >> reporter: grieving father andy parker is turning his daughter alison's shooting death into a call for tougher gun laws. >> these people are crazy and can get handguns. i am for the second amendment but there has got to be some common sense. >> reporter: the gunman behind wednesday's shooting live had a history of anger and aggression
5:35 pm
according to station management that fired him two years ago. it's believed he sent this suicide note to abc news expressing admiration for the columbine killers and virginia tech shooter. parker's father says when you add newtown connecticut and colorado's theater massacre, it's time to enact stronger mental health screens for gun owners. >> the politicians that kick the can down the road are in the nra pocket. >> reporter: the issue, a hot potato is front and center on the campaign trail. >> if guns were not so readily available, if we had universal background checks -- >> we have a serious mental problem. >> reporter: just before the shooting, walmart announceed it's no longer selling high- powered assault rifles, not for political reasons but consumer demand is down. it was a handgun in virginia and it was purchased legally.
5:36 pm
and they are trying to cancel a gun show in roanoke. as of now it will go on as scheduled. brandi hitt, channel 7 eyewitness news. and getting between new jersey and staten island will be a challenge this weekend. the may i don't know bridge will be close -- bayonne bridge will be closed until sunday afternoon. the closure is necessary for maintenance work on the span. it will be closed to traffic again monday afternoon. the best time to enjoy a cocktail to what is better than awesome, the new words in the dictionary. a run in on the track for the world's fastest man. and you might be surprised by his response. also, one store thinks it's not too early for christmas shopping. what walmart is doing to help
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some students in the bronx designed a mural to point out and driving. they unveiled the mural today. it's big and beautiful. one side shows a drunk driver in a blurry scene with dark tones. the other is a sober driver using vibrant collars. the phrase appears in spanish to get the message out to everyone in the community. >> smart message. beautiful work. today jamaica's usain bolt completed a sweep of the sprint event at the track and field world championships in china. after the race he got tripped up. see that. it was a segue. a photographer was shooting bolt as he greeted fans.
5:41 pm
the segway got too close and bolt and the photographer collided. he said accidents happen. good attitude. the holiday shopping season may be here sooner than you expect. walmart is kicking off the season two weeks earlier this year. tomorrow the layaway program begins. the big feature this year is toys tied to the upcoming star wars movie. the. meanwhile, this video was posted on instagram page along with the words there is an awakening. the force awakens is the title of the next installment coming out. >> can't wait. in keeping with the times, the oxford dictionary is out with the new words it is adding to the web site. among them, hangry, a combination of two words, hungry and angry. it means bad temper or irritable as a result of hunger.
5:42 pm
also, awesome sauce which means extremely good and excellent like lee's forecast then beer clock and wine clock which are the appropriate times of day to start drinking each of beverages. >> sade, is it wine o clock. >> i like that. coming up, no phones, no wi- fi, the bar trying a new approach. >> what happens when you are standing around and the sidewalk just opens up. >> yes, indeed, we are out here in paterson on the field waiting for the fetty wap concert. over 1200 kids from paterson
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
schools are here ready heart pounding moments in northern china.
5:46 pm
watch as people standing on the sidewalk are suddenly swallowed up -- yeah -- but that sinkhole. three people crashed in the hole while a woman clings to a pipe under the pavement. can you see that there. another person standing on the hole. one person is hanging to the side. fortunately no one was >> very fortunate. most communities in california, they are taking the seriously. most cities cut their water usage by more than 30% in july. that exceeded governor jerry brown's mandate of a 25% reduction. regulators are turning their attention to individual communities that are still not meeting their mandated targets. they will be pointing them out and taking them to task, i'm sure. >> you have to under those conditions. >> a couple of fronts coming into the pacific northwest may clip northern california but it's a long wait until maybe late fall or early winter for
5:47 pm
the el nino to come in. we will talk about erika in a moment. outside the beautiful evening is coming up. so nice. the the clouds are starting to melt away. some fair weather cloudiness. it's nice. we look at the sheep meadow, partly cloudy skies or bill. >> bill ritter just in central park last night for the film festival. conditions will be nice tonight. is that some type of disco? i don't know what he is doing now. >> pee wee her man. >> thanks a lot, bill. i am on my way. thanks for visiting. >> central park film festival. movie airplane will be there. want hope you can join us. dramatic look. great photography day. shadow over the meadow and east side, 78. partly sunny skies, northwest wind at 15. weekend get away looking like this. catskills, sunshine, high clouds, 79 degrees. beaches look great. mostly sunny skies. a few clouds mixing in sunday.
5:48 pm
stray storm in the catskills. otherwise a nice final weekend of august. temperatures in the 70s tonight with clouds giving way to clear skies. what a beautiful day. less cloudiness than today. low to mid-80s with low humidity. wind on shore during the afternoon hours. sea and sand forecast in a moment. tomorrow morning, look at these numbers, 50 in monticello. may dip to a 48 or 49. this will be the coolest morning. 50s north and west. ocean county, pine barrens. low to mid-80s during the day tomorrow. to erica which closes in on puerto rico tonight. right now soaking the leeward islands. going into unfavorable area where there are winds that will sheer part of the storm. at the very least the storm will stay at the current strength, weaken a bit. there is a possibility it shreds the storm and it's a tropical wave then moves into a
5:49 pm
favorable area and tries to regenerate. really tomorrow will tell the tale if it can reemerge out of that tough area and have strength to it then we have to be concerned about south florida. notice the track pushed farther south over puerto rico interacting with the dominican republic. that can tear it apart. the forecasting center has it to survive and be a cat 1 close to florida. computer models have it clustered off the east coast. air quality good tomorrow. ragweed high. another great beach day. seven, heating up over the weekend. i would be surprised to see a 90 next week. sun, clouds and september sizzle in there. we are flipping the calendar but plenty of weather ahead. erika. hope it gets torn apart the next couple of days. crowd of students are
5:50 pm
waiting forfeit at the wap to take the -- for fetty wap to take the stage. he is hosting it for hundreds of students in a town where he grew up. anthony johnson is with them in paterson. >> reporter: they are quiet but there has been music playing all afternoon. ladies are you familiar with trap queen and my way? those are two big hits by fetty wap. he will be performing those on the stage in just a few minutes. this is a celebration of paterson. we want to show you video of fetty wap arriving at the stadium a few moments ago. he was greeted by the mayor. they met and talked for a little while. he stood around and took pictures with fans out here. they really were having a good time, excited to see him arrive. when he rode on the field, you could hear the whole crowd screaming fetty, fetty, fetty. let me tell you, they are excited. he has become a megarapper
5:51 pm
giving back to his hometown. fetty wap, given the students of paterson a sense of pride. the football field here has been rocking. >> i am glad he came back to the city and did us right. >> make sure you have the bracelets on or they will not allow you in. >> students had to show a school id or report card to get in the show. each getting a wrist band as the line stretched down the block. but the process of getting into the stadium moved with relative ease even through the security process. the students were excited to see fetty for free. >> it's good. you don't have a lot of celebrities that come back to the neighborhood. good that he gave back to us. celebrities don't do that. >> reporter: fetty wap's welcome home left an impression on his hometown fans. >> symbolizes urban america. if you believe in your dreams and pursue your dreams you can reach your goals. >> reporter: each student will receive a backpack of school supplies when they leave but
5:52 pm
they close out the summer of 2015 with a show that puts paterson in the entertainment spotlight. >> feels good to know that after he got out of paterson he wasn't like oh, no, bye. he is still cool being back to us. >> reporter: get back in line. >> bye. >> reporter: she was one of the excited young people coming into the concert. they are still waiting forfeit tito take the stage. the mayor is up there. they are still talking. we anticipate he will take the stage in a matter of moments. the concert is expected to last until 7:00 this evening. that's the latest live from paterson, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, anthony. a bar where you are welcome but your phone isn't. you got to leave it. >> what do customers think of the plan and what happens if you have to check your messages anyway?
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put down the phone and pull up the stool. >> rather than trying to entice people with free wi-fi he wants people to enjoy each other's company. >> just talk.
5:57 pm
>> how is it going over? eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff explains. >> reporter: in a connected world, a years city pub owner is asking patrons to disconnect. the sign out front says it all. no wi-fi. talk to each other. >> it has been great. people tend to stair at their cell phone and creates an antisocial environment. >> reporter: angelo is trying to bring back the social aspect of going to a you be '. you be -- to a pub. unlike most pubs, mckinley's is a cell free zone. >> what are the rules. >> you must put your cell phone away. >> reporter: inside the 100- year-old building is an old school vibe indeed complete with a cash register, variety of board games and one television that he says is for emergencies only. >> so, what if you are caught texting or chatting. you may be asked to kindly put your phone away. is this the first time all day
5:58 pm
you put your phone away? >> it is. yeah, it is. >> on the phone for work. >> look into a person's eye and have a conversation. >> i talked to more neighbors since this place has been open than in the six years i have lived here. >> reporter: plea don't sell brand name lager. the overall concept is working. >> it's refreshing to work at a place where people are eager to interact. he fixes an old-fashioned in an old-fashioned scene, patrons realize they have to step outside to text their friends to head over. letter in jersey city, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i like leaving the phones away at dinnertime at least. >> yep. still ahead, a dangerous alligator turtle turns up where it's not supposed to. how did it get there. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00"
5:59 pm
starts right now. a moving show of from colleagues of a tv reporter and photographer killed on live television. new information what the gunman had in his car when he killed himself. >> plus, mayor de blasio takes action to clean up time's square, some residents in east harlem say what about our neighborhood. >> a search for more suspects in the largest heist in nassau county. how they almost got away with millions of dollars. good evening at 6:00 i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. no question this was a sophisticated burglary. a concrete vault with $20 million in it. >> one suspect caught red handed with $2 million in his trunk.


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