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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 27, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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>> goodnight >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, pierce brosnan, from "fear the walking dead," alycia debnam-carey. "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from lamb of god. with cleto and the cletones. and now, prepare yourselves -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. now you're embarrassing me. thank you. i have a question. is anyone in here in our audience tonight going burning man this weekend? really? no? just screaming? yeah. do you know what burning man is? out in the admit of the nevada desert, thousands of people, last year they had 70,000 people, get together to form what they call a temporary metropolis dedicated did community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. and it's also a great place to do peyote with a guy dressed like a reindeer. burning man is kind of like the new "mad max" movie but instead of charlize theron, people like this are there. all sorts of great people like this.
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the underpants hula hoop guy. the scary car wars stilt walker. unicorn man. a walking birthday present. a guy who's very proud of his umbrella. very enthusiastic about it. hapless pillow fighters dressed as bad man. and of course drunk gumby. all the world's worst -- [ cheers and applause ] these are the sorts of people with whom you would never have brunch, for instance. i know people who have children that go to this every year. they all say there's no better place for white guys with dread locks to spin fire yo-yos than burning man. i'd love to hear what donald trump would think of burning man. i'm questionsing he wa dislike it. i'm guessing he would build a wall around it and no one would ever -- all the new polls indicate that donald trump is getting more popular every day. apparently his inspiring riches
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so riches story is really resonating with everyday americans. [ laughter ] one poll has donald trump leading his nearest competitor in the republican party by 40%. ben car soon is second with 12%. jeb bush is third with only 10%. donald trump has 52%. right now members of the republican national committee are essentially the sign timss in a movie realizing their creation has escaped from the lab. even though trump is on top a majority of voters, 54% of voters, don't believe he's trust worthy or honest. you can say a lot of things about donald trump and a lot of them might be true, but dishonest? if anything his problem is he's too honest. if donald trump is dishonest, what's he going to say when he starts being honest? this is interesting. they did a nationwide survey that found that when voters think of donald trump, the most common word that comes to mind is "arrogant." when the same voters think of hillary clinton, the most common
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word they use is "liar." true. and when they think of jeb bush, the first word that comes to mind, for real, is "bush." voters don't even care enough about jeb bush to come up with a word to describe him. one of my favorite parts of this donald trump comedy tour so far has been him talking about how much he likes the bible. you know he originally said his favorite book, they asked him his favorite book, he said "the art of the deal" but donald trump. he amended that to say it was his second favorite book, amended that again to say it was a distant favorite to the bible, his first fifth. very big of him to admit, very humble. trump was on the bloomberg tv show with all due respect. the host of the show asked him to be more specific about this loving the bible thing. >> i'm wondering what one or two
11:40 pm
of your most favorite bible verses are -- >> i wouldn't want to get into it. that's very personal. when i talk about the bible it's very personal. i don't want to get into -- >> you don't want to get into a verse that means a lot to you that you think about or cite? >> the bible means a lot to me but i don't want to get into specifics. >> even to cite a verse you like? >> i don't want to do that. >> old testament or new testament. >> probably -- equal. >> >> jimmy: equal. which is the one that has the jesus guy in it? i buy a lot of bibles for the rooms in my hotels, nobody buys more bibles. bible's number one because of me, donald trump. strangest thing about the trump campaign. being on top for a full month now, apart from his plan to build a wall to keep the mexicans out, we know absolutely nothing about what he is planning to do as president. ordinarily people running for president tell us what they will do if they win. but donald trump has, as you'll see here, a much broader approach. >> donald trump, a man with a
11:41 pm
vision for america. not a specific vision -- a great vision. the best vision. donald trump has a plan for making this country great again. what plan? a great plan. a plan that will work. because it is the best. why? because donald trump knows good people. which people? the best people. people who aren't stupid like other people. people who know how to get deals done. what deals? great deals. the biggest deals. deal or no deal. let's make a deal. >> we want deal! >> make america great again. donald trump. >> i'm donald trump, and of course i approve this message, because it's a great message and i have lots of money to pay for it. >> jimmy: that is great. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is probably not a
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great sign of the times. according to new research from yahoo!, use of mobile devices is way up from last year. it's up 35% in one year alone. americans spend an average of 3:40 a day on their mobile devices. we're crushing more candy than ever thought possible. they say there are now more than 280 million of what they call mobile addicts in the world, people you see patting their pockets to make sure the phone's there, just like we used to do with cigarettes in the good old days. i'm not a mobile phone addict but i have noticed, to be honest, i have noticed myself to be scrolling through fote else to of my daughter while she is sitting right in front of me. the problem is how do you know if you're an addict? everything a's attached to their phone. i think it's this. if you ever get up from a dinner table to go to the bathroom when you do not need to go to the bathroom, that's a warning sign. that's where you should be worried. every passing day we're paying less and less attention to
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what's happening around us. i guess we're all okay with it. we did something interesting today. we went out on the street to interview people -- whatever subject, didn't matter. what mattered was the guy doing the interview was not paying attention to the answers to the questions. so he'd ask a question then start looking right at his phone. this is how folks on the street reacted. >> we're here talking to people about technology in america, how it's affecting the country. just trying to get general opinions on it. do you have any take on it? >> yeah, actually. i think that technology is ruining the world. not only our youth but seriously, it's taking over. it's like people think of technology as something that's making this world a better place and more sophisticated but in reality i think that technology is -- pretty much it's destroying the world. anything else?
11:44 pm
and i think that -- >> we're out here talking to people about technology in america, just trying to get their opinions on how it's affecting americans today. do you have a take on that? >> yeah, i think, actually, it's actually -- it's good in a way, it's bad at the same time. if in a good way it's good because -- >> find the best thai restaurants in the area. >> we're all out here and new movies, everybody's good, i could find you, locate a new phone, everything. it's bad at the same time because once you lose your technology you're lost. no twitter. no facebook. no instagram. no, you know, no social media. it's over. you know. >> find the best pad thai in los angeles. >> say what? excuse me? what'd you say? >> oh, sorry, i'm talking to my phone. >> oh, that was good. >> people were fine without technology 60, 70 years ago. why aren't people okay with technology without it now?
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so -- >> certain careers you have to give up your passwords and things to like facebook and stuff so they can check on things you've done in the past. and i think that could be detrimental to your future -- >> totally. >> like i don't think you need to give up that type of privacy. yeah. that's my opinion. i don't know what else you'd like to know. like what you're doing right now is driving me crazy. on your phone. >> totally lily litotally. >> yeah. like you shouldn't be doing that if you're interviewing. >> sorry, what? >> you shouldn't be doing that if you're interviewing someone. >> doing what? >> doing that with your phone. >> oh, so i just had to delete a couple pictures. >> oh, okay. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: we're going to take a break. when we come back we have a special something from our friend snoop dogg, plus "this week in unnecessary censorship," so stick around. [ cheers and applause ] get up girl, show me what you can do. shake it, shake it baby, come on now. shake it, shake it baby, oohh oohh. shake it, shake it, shake it, oohh. a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3 as simple as do-re-me, a-b-c, 1-2-3, baby you and me, yeah. a-b-c, it's easy, it's like counting up to three. sing a simple melody, yeah. make it look easy with jeans that stretch from target. right now, at&t is giving you 50 percent more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. and get 300 dollars credit for every line you switch to at&t.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. still to come, alycia debnam-carey, music from lamb of god on the way. first, facebook has a new feature. did you see the new thing on facebook? it's designed to i guess further distance ourselves from other human beings. facebook yesterday started testing a digital personal assistant. the assistant's name is "m."
11:51 pm
i'm not saying i love the name siri or cortana but facebook could have tried a little harder. m's not a name, it was the letter sesame street was sponsored by today. "m" is text-based. you cannot talk it but you can instruct it to do collected things. book travel reservations, buy gifts. you can text "m." please like every photo on david's wall except for one, to drive him nuts, and "m" will do that. the only thing you cannot ask "m" to do is purchase m&ms, it shuts down completely. youtube has a new feature too. youtube launched a new video network yesterday where you can watch other people play video games for real. the whole network. it's called we should all be very ashamed of ourselves by failing as parents challenge. it's called youtube gaming. and i don't get that. to me, you know, watching another person play video games
11:52 pm
is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat your food for you. if you like them, play them. but i guess i'm getting old. when i was a kid you only watched other kids play video games wheni do ran out of quarters. then you'd stand there. [ cheers and applause ] apparently there's big money in this. one of the top video players, putie pie, reportedly makes $4 million a year doing this. funny, because that is precisely how much you'd have to pay me to sit through one of those videos of somebody -- if you're a video game player who likes to watch other video game players play video, the problem is where does it end? >> youtube is launching an exciting new service. youtube gaming. with youtube gaming watch other people play the hottest new games. >> awesome! >> what if you want to watch the people watching the people playing the video games? well, get ready for youtube's watch watch. >> i think something cool just happened! >> wait, there's more!
11:53 pm
if you want to watch people watch people watch people play video games, check out youtube third watch. on. >> and we're not done yet. with youtube almighty you can watch all those people being watched by god himself. >> what the h-e-double hockey sticks is this? i've created a race of idiots. >> the youtube gaming suite. watch it, dummies. >> nice shot! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you'd think god would have a better wig, right? you know who else has a youtube channel? snoop dogg has his own channel called ggn. i tell you something, people think snoop dogg is just about smoking pot. and that isn't fair. he also eats pot. he doesn't just smoke it. snoop also teaches. snoop dogg is a lover of animals and nature.
11:54 pm
from time to time he shares his wiz-wisdom with us in the greatest nature and wildlife show of all-time. it is time to learn about tree frogs in tonight's edition of "pliz "plizzanetors." >> welcome to "plizzanet earth." i'm your host with the most. roll the footage. here we go -- what is those? grasshoppers? no. them is -- geicos? from that commercial, huh? these some are ugly [ bleep ], whatever they is. they screwing? going to have an orgy, cuz. three of them at the same time, a little one trying to get in, let me in. this is a strange -- oh, now doing all of them, hit it and run. oh, bloody. what was that geicos?
11:55 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i have a feeling we all saved 15% on car insurance. one more thing, it's thursday night which means it's time to bleep and blur the big television moments of the week whether they need it or not, "this week in unnecessary censor censorship." >> people here on this floor right now, people around the world asking this frank question, what the [ bleep ] just happened? >> the americans say they charged that gunman, tackled him, put him in a choke hold and [ bleep ] the crap out of him. >> nbc news confirmed the bush campaign is doing some. [ bleep ] . >> check out our new morning show. >> [ bleep ] in the morning. >> the focus on language and pc and bickering back and forth, most people i think don't give a [ bleep ]. they're interested in solving real problems. >> i have a huge [ bleep ]. i have a huge [ bleep ]. >> pierce brosnan. >> yeah, talking about his new movie "no escape." he said it's going to grab you by the [ bleep ].
11:56 pm
>> [ bleep ] right there. >> i love mr. obama. till today i wish i'd had one more chance to just [ bleep ] him. >> if you're still making plans for your sunday [ bleep ] today, today is the wet and wild family [ bleep ] fest. >> the undertaker bo dallas! >> congressman garamendi, thanks for joining us. >> [ bleep ] you. >> this is our chance to have more friends than ever. >> we've had enough, you're being kind of a -- a dick [ bleep ]. >> no need to roll out "the d" word. >> jimmy: music from lamb of god, alycia debnam-carey from "fear of the walking dead." be right back with pierce brosnan! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by angry birds two.
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get your flock out now! (glasses clinking) (ground shaking) well there goes the country club.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. look at that. tonight on the show, from the big new hit show on amc called alycia debnam-carey is here. alive. [ cheers and applause ] then later, the heaviest of the heavy, they are from richmond, virginia, their latest album is called, "seven - sturm and drang," lamb of god from the samsung outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] and may the lord have mercy on our neighbors. next week on the show, we'll be
12:02 am
joined by salma hayek, roseanne barr, amanda peet, andrew garfield, rami malek from mr. robot will be with us, as well bobcat goldthwait from "police academy," and we will have music from demi lovato, atlas genius, chris young, and faith no more. so please join us for all that. [ cheers and applause ] twenty years ago today, our first guest beat me out for the role of james bond. i wasn't even given an audition. but we've moved past that. his new movie with owen wilson is called "no escape," it is in theaters now, please say hello to pierce brosnan. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i was going to say something, a tidbit for the audience at home, even the
12:03 am
studio audience. i just touched your shoulder. and you're so muscular i was taken aback by it. >> it's an illusion. >> jimmy: it is not an illusion. >> it's tension. >> jimmy: you are hard as a rock. it's unbelievable. >> all right. well, thank you so much for such a welcome. >> jimmy: let me say something else about you. the name pierce brosnan might be the best name ever. i mean, it is -- i was thinking about it today. i was trying to imagine as a little boy you were pierce brosnan? >> i was pierce brandon brass than, and i still am pierce brandon brosnan, i've aboutn this guy a long time. >> jimmy: a kid in fourth grade, pierce process than. >> it was good in ireland. when i went to, you know -- when i went to england it was hard. because the english didn't get the lips around pierce brosnan. when i went to school at age 11, 1964, south london, i became irish. so that's what they called me, irish. >> jimmy: they called you irish?
12:04 am
>> called me irish, yeah. it's a good name. they didn't want to say my name, couldn't say my name. i didn't hold it against them. >> jimmy: yeah. if i had a name like that i would be a quarterback for the houston texans right now. i feel like a name really can help shape a child and make him into, well, you. >> thank you so much, jimmy. i wanted to be called frank. >> jimmy: did you really? >> i thought frank was a really nice name. frank is good. >> jimmy: frank brosnan. sounds like a real estate agent. pierce process thanbrosnan is the name. did you have a lot of a young boy? >> i had a few. >> jimmy: iing if the. i figured. >> it was always my buddies who got the girl. the guys with the snappy chatter and the jokes and stuff like that. >> jimmy: yeah, turned out to be the opposite with me. yeah, yeah. >> hey. >> jimmy: who is the first girl
12:05 am
name? >> jimmy: carol. >> carol was a lovely girl. brown have eyed girl. she lived down there in putney in south london. i don't know, i was 14, something like that. 15. she had my heart and took my >> jimmy: she did? she broke your heart? >> it's all right, it's okay. it happens, it's par for the course. >> jimmy: she screwed up, she really did. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: i bet her husband wasn't even james bond once. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sorry, carol. >> well, it's all a merry dance, >> jimmy: it is. i don't know if i ever told you this. thinking about this last weekend, i was in marina del ray, which is this -- for those who have been here, it's a down there. when i was a teenager i made the mistake of going on vacation with my parents. we lived in las vegas. we traveled and went to the marina. i don't know, looking around at like boats my father would never, ever think of renting.
12:06 am
>> right, right. >> jimmy: and there was you shooting "remington steele." and i'd never seen anybody shoot anything before. >> crazy. stephanie. >> jimmy: yes, stephanie zambulis jr. -- [ laughter ] >> why did they laugh? >> jimmy: she wasn't a junior. ev ephraim was the junior. you and stephanie were standing there and we watched you for four hours or something. >> no way. >> jimmy: yeah. >> how old were you? >> jimmy: 14, 15 years old. right in the mid-80s, in that era. and really, i'll never forget it. i was just like, wow, there he is. remington steele is real and he's alive and i can practically touch him. >> oh, that's crazy. and here we are. >> jimmy: now i have touched you and i realize how unbelievably muscular you are. the last time you were here, i think we -- [ cheers and applause ]
12:07 am
>> jimmy: you're blushing. >> it's hot out. >> jimmy: last time we talked about twitter, you got on twitter. i went on your twitter page today. i was looking at it. would you mind if i give you a little bit of constructive criticism? >> please do. >> jimmy: okay, put this up on the screen. this is your profile. [ cheers and applause ] you look great. but here's the thing. here's the problem. and i'll go back here so i can really point it out. this is your bio line. you can put whatever you want here. >> i didn't put that there. >> jimmy: you put, i'm an actor and i love it. >> well, i do love acting. it's been good to me. i'm an actor and i love it. >> jimmy: you've got to jazz it up a little bit. i mean, you're an actor and you love it. >> yeah, but i didn't put that up there. >> jimmy: who did this? >> i don't know. maybe -- i'm not sure. >> jimmy: well, that's what we need to work on. so i've come up with some other things, maybe. >> well, good. >> jimmy: that you can consider. and let's put the first one up there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: we don't have it?
12:08 am
we do have it? >> i like that. that's good. >> jimmy: that's pretty good, right? >> that's good. >> jimmy: you don't have to pick that one, i have a few others. here we go. my hand is bigger than my head. a little weird. >> got a headache. not tonight, darling. you know. >> jimmy: next one. regional brand manager for tostitos. yes? no? >> what is tostitos? >> jimmy: tortilla chip, delicious. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: people like them, people would be excited by that. one more. >> how much? >> jimmy: i think this might -- her here we go. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's the one. >> jimmy: pierce brosnan is here. in theaters "no escape." we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ]
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no i don't want to, i don't want to go! >> shh! this is no time to discuss this. hey, look at me, look at me, look at me. my daughter gave me this the last time i saw her. and she said nothing bad would ever happen to me as long as i wear it. i'd like you to take it. okay? okay? you're safe now. no matter what.
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okay? >> what about these? >> it will work for bed of you. there's nothing to be scared of, you're safe now. stay quiet, stay fast, stay close. >> jimmy: pierce brosnan, "no escape." i would have kept the necklace. >> no, those little girls are so good in this movie. >> jimmy: yeah. it's a very intense movie. and tell us a little bit about your character in the film for those who haven't seen it. >> i play a guy called hammond who you're not sure if he's a spook or a sleazebag or an operative. he's all of those things, really. he comes and befriends the family. they meet him on a plane at the beginning of the journey, when the curtain goes up it rocks. it goes out the traps real fast. and dowdell brothers, they wrote, directed, produced it, we made it in thailand. >> jimmy: more fun to make a
12:16 am
movie like this running around, intense, or is it less? >> it's more fun. >> jimmy: you're an actor and you love it. >> i'm an actor and i love it! there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know what, maybe you're right. >> pays the rent. >> jimmy: i read something about you that surprised me. i think you're originally the choice to play batman. >> tim burton. >> jimmy: when tim burton made the batman movie. the role eventually went to michael keaton. you declined to play batman? >> that's kind of in the gray area if i declined or not. but i was kind of hesitant about the whole thing. i couldn't quite get my head around it. >> jimmy: did you know it was batman? >> i knew it was batman, yeah. but i just -- i did. >> jimmy: what happened? >> i didn't think it was going to fly. i was naive. i was silly. >> jimmy: batman can't actually fly, you were right on that. but he's got a copter, he's got a plane, he's got a car, he's got all those, he doesn't need to fly, he's that wealthy.
12:17 am
that would have been a good one. things? >> i play the bad guy. >> jimmy: you do? >> now and then. i did a movie with roman polanski, "the ghost writer." he was a skeptical kind of guy. >> jimmy: okay. >> i did a movie earlier this year call the "survivor." and i was an assassin. pretty intense. >> jimmy: it would be fun if you movie. to come full circle. i don't know if they'd want that. >> jimmy: never mind what they >> the family. >> jimmy: we're concerned with what i want here. it's very good to see you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i hope all is well. the movie "no escape" in theaters now. pierce brosnan, everybody! be right back with alycia debnam-carey!ted time! starting at $12.99. join us tonight for your choice of irresistible entrees. like rich and creamy smoked mozzarella chicken,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, we're back. still to come, music from lamb of god. our next guest traveled all the way from australia just in time
12:23 am
for the zombie apocalypse. you can watch her in peril every week on "fear the walking dead," which airs sunday nights on amc. please welcome alycia debnam-carey. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i heard this is your first time you've ever been on a talk show. >> yeah. first time. >> jimmy: have you seep them before, do you know how it works? >> no, in australia it's a foreign concept. no, we have them. >> jimmy: you do have them there. >> no, we don't have them there. >> jimmy: do you not? >> we have one. we have political kind of commentary stuff. i think the last time is rove and that ended ten years ago. >> jimmy: that's sad, i'm sorry to hear that. >> you are my first experience. >> jimmy: well, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] did your family come along with you? are they back in australia?
12:24 am
>> they're all back in australia. but my mom did give me a little bit of research. she likes to give e-mails before i do anything. >> jimmy: what did she tell you? >> she e-mailed me, just in case you don't know who jimmy kimmel is, this is some links. and i was like, thanks, mom, i know who jimmy kimmel is. >> jimmy: that's nice. is that helpful? or do you find that annoying? >> no i love it. it's always something cute. she mentioned something about the miley cyrus and paul mccartney, she was wearing a dress and he was like -- >> jimmy: miley cyrus was naked here on the show last night. >> there you go, there you go. her words of wisdom were maybe just, don't wear something naked. >> jimmy: wear clothes. >> wear clothes i should say. >> jimmy: that's good advice. >> yeah, yeah, so i turned up in leather instead. >> jimmy: yes, okay. [ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy:paulmccartney would not like the leather. >> the peter pan collar makes up for it, conservative leather. >> jimmy: doesn't peter pan wear green?
12:25 am
or is that tinkerbell? yeah, peter pan. maybe in australia peter pan wears red. here in america, everything's upside down there, right? the toilet bowls spin up into the air like tornados? yeah. >> exactly. >> jimmy: howl have you been over here? >> i've been here four years. this is my north year. >> jimmy: you have. >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you used to driving on the right side of the road? when i say right side of the road, not right-left, i mean the right side of the road. that we drive on. >> i am now. but when i first got out here, i didn't know how to drive when i first got out here. and then -- >> jimmy: you rode the bus here? >> people from l.a., they don't even know there's a transport but there is. and you can get on it. >> jimmy: you can? >> it's very inefficient. >> jimmy: yeah, it is. >> it does exist. >> jimmy: the train is good. but the bus doesn't seem good at all. >> it takes three hours to get >> jimmy: right, yeah. l.a. traffic. >> jimmy: that's true. it doesn't take much less time in your car.
12:26 am
>> i did get any license. well -- i got it after three -- i failed three times. >> jimmy: three times? the written or the driving test? >> the driving test. >> jimmy: you failed the driving test three times? >> yeah. >> jimmy: how much time has to -- >> there's a reason why. >> jimmy: well, yeah. because you're a terrible driver. [ laughter ] >> i'm actually quite good now. >> jimmy: what happened? let's go through them. number one, what happened? >> okay. so the first guy was just really mean. i don't think he liked me very much. >> jimmy: mean? >> that doesn't sound like a good reason but it really was. >> jimmy: okay. >> then -- then i think he just had a vengeance against life or something. >> jimmy: okay. >> and -- >> jimmy: if you were a in a car with people who didn't know how to drive all day, you wouldn't be thrilled with life in general either. >> the second lady, she -- i was probably doing something wrong. and then she got a little angry at me. so i was like, that's not very nice if you're a driving instructor, to get angry at your student, so you should probably -- i started talking back at her, bad idea.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: terrible idea. >> so i think apparently you're not supposed to talk back to your driver, they fail you, so that's what happened. the third time -- but again, kind of a mean driver. it's like it's not a great job. i get it. >> jimmy: the common denominator so far is you. number three? >> then the third time, well, i kind of almost hit someone. but there's a reason. you know, because in l.a. you have to turn left in a left lane thing. and then i -- someone was trying to walk across the road and i -- they weren't sure if they were going to walk or not. so i was like, well, i'll go. i decided to go. then they decided to go. so it looked like i was -- but i stopped. and then he said that was not -- >> jimmy: no, you have to -- >> then they took me where the roads are wider so i passed. >> jimmy: you went to an easier area? >> yeah. >> jimmy: oh, really? that's -- i guess that's resourceful. >> isn't that comforting?
12:28 am
>> jimmy: it is. congratulations on the show. >> thank you. >> jimmy: the highest-rated cable television debut ever. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: are you a zombie entertainment fan? because there are a lot of zamby things. >> well, at first i wasn't. when they actually came through with the script i was like, no guys, zombies, horror, gore, not really my thing. but i read the script. it was amazing. so it was such an incredible thing to be a part of. yeah. >> jimmy: well, sure. i mean, it's like a guaranteed hit. >> yeah, then i started actually watching the original show. i mean, it's incredible. i became completely obsessed with it. >> jimmy: it's very gory and scary sometimes and tense. >> yes. >> jimmy: that's not when you're shooting it -- it's like when you're -- >> yeah, i mean, it's kind of -- well, i -- i've had a couple of scenes, like okay, we want you to be terrified in this scene.
12:29 am
i'm like, don't worry, i already am. >> jimmy: oh. how many episodes did you shoot? >> we did six. >> jimmy: six episodes, okay. i would imagine they picked it up already. and you realize you have to be really careful with this show. because on the walking dead they don't care who's on it. >> doesn't matter. >> jimmy: they'll kill you if you misbehave. >> once you're a zombie, you're dead. >> jimmy: yeah you're kid. but then you can maybe come back. a little bit that's never a good thing. >> jimmy: just be really nice to the producer and the writers. that's what i would recommend. and don't drive them around anywhere either. it's very good are very good to meet you. i think your first appearance fittingly. alycia debnam-carey. "fear of the walking dead" airs sunday nights, 9:00 on amc. be right back with lamb of god! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by
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12:32 am
out of time. "nightline" is next. but first, this is their album is called "seven - sturm und drang," here with the song "five, one, two," lamb of god. [ cheers and applause ]
12:33 am
six bars laid across the sky four empty walls to fill the time one careless word you lose your life a grave new world awaits inside lycanthropic survival instincts and shun the weak awake the primal one that sleeps inside or feel the shiver running through your spine the time is slipping by no peace in sight but the teeth of time still hold their bite my hands are painted red my future's painted black i can't recognize myself i've become someone else my hands are painted red
12:34 am
my hands are painted red schizophrenic amnesia bid goodbye to all you knew and loved forget the only life that you knew outside they bought the ticket now you take the ride the time is slipping by no peace in sight but the teeth of time still hold their bite my hands are painted red my future's painted black i can't recognize myself i've become someone else
12:35 am
my hands are painted red my hands are painted red across the sky four empty walls to fill the time my hands are painted red my future's painted black i can't recognize myself i've become someone else my hands are painted red
12:36 am
my hands are painted red red red my future's painted black i can't recognize myself i've become someone else my hands are painted red my hands are painted red


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