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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 28, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. making news in america this morning, tracking the tropics. erika barreling through the caribbean overnight. already being blamed for a number of deaths. new video just in of the damage it's leaving behind as the u.s. coast prepares. new details in the on air murder of two journalist, we're learning about the gunman, his past, getting fired from the st. francis station he worked and items discovered inside his car. hair defense. in front of a packed crowd, donald trump calling a person up to check his trademark hairdo. >> i don't wear a toupee. we're going to settle this. >> a tug of the hair hoping to put those rumors to rest. >> and mowed down. stopped in his tracks, the fastest man in the world taken
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out by a segway. well, good friday morning to you. florida and the bahamas now on alert as tropical storm erika unleashes deadly mudslides and flooding in the caribbean. >> erika right now on radar lashing puerto rico overnight. reports of heavy wind and downpours on the island right now. the storm expected to dump up to 12 inches of rain in parts of the caribbean. >> rescue crews are fanning out across the caribbean island of dominica. the storm washed away cars and buildings and unleashed landslides. at least four dead and more than a dozen unaccounted for. >> the sunshine state is still in erika's path. people in south florida already preparing. water and supplies are already flying off supermarket shelves. we get the latest now tracking from accuweather's paul williams. good morning, paul. >> appreciate it. reena, phillip. erika now tracking her way and expected to curve up towards
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florida by the time monday rolls around and slowing going to gain momentum. think of this storm as a big snowball and it's rolling uphill as it goes through the disruptive wind and this area is unfavorable for it to get stronger. as soon as it comes over the edge with more favorable conditions it's going to get bigger as it rolls downhill like a snowball possibly developing into a category 1. reena, phillip. >> thank you. former president george w. bush and his wife laura mark the ten-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> images like this are still seared into the minds of many. homes submergeded. residents sitting on rooftops. today the people of new orleans will celebrate the resilience of people coming back. bazi kanani has more. >> reporter: good morning. new orleanians refuse to give up proving there are some
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things even a hurricane can't destroy. in new orleans, this morning, a renaissance, hundreds more restaurants, a burgeoning tech industry, a billion dollar medical center and higher graduation rates. >> the fact that we can make this many strides ten years after a terrible epic disaster, i think, is an indication of the kind of spirit we have in this city. >> reporter: president obama called the city an inspiration while touring parts of the lower ninth ward thursday highlighting the remarkable progress made after an apocalyptic storm. hurricane katrina flooded 80% of the city drowning hundreds in their own homes leaving thousands stranded and desperate. >> the early recovery was not good and i think that this country is a in a much better place because of what we went through. >> reporter: but in the city
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preparing to celebrate and commemorate on this weekend's anniversary, there remain stark reminders of loss. >> it just -- it's just horrible. >> reporter: abandoned homes or just empty lots in predominant african-american neighborhoods still waiting for revival. poverty remains high and what about those failed levees. the city is now fortified with a new $14 billion levee system, one. the best in the world. still, there can be no guarantee against the power of mother nature. >> every time you build a wall there's a bigger storm that comes. >> reporter: it is a risk those who love this city are willing to take. former president george w. bush will be later today and former president bill clinton will visit tomorrow. reena, phillip. >> just amazing to see the recovery. abc's bazi kanani live in new orleans, bazi, thank you. well now the grief after those tv shootings in virginia. memorial services are being planned for reporter alison
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parker and adam ward. their colleagues at wdbj receiving support from the community as they deal with their deaths and police finding out more about the gunman. here's abc's elizabeth hur in roanoke. >> reporter: the 41-year-old shooter worked here at the station with the two victims until he was let go. station officials say he did not take the firing well, but they never saw this coming. new evidence suggesting the 41-year-old former reporter bryce williams whose real name was vicki gardner was preparing to evade authorities. police finding a wig, sunglasses, a shawl, black hat and three license plates, along with a glock 9 millimeter pistol and six magazines of ammunition inside his getaway car. >> use caution. >> reporter: flanagan committed suicide while on the run from troopers this after killing his two former co-workers on live tv. >> please join us now in a
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moment of silence. >> reporter: exactly 24 hours later, virginia station wdbj observed a moment of silence for reporter alison parker and her cameraman adam ward. their sudden and tragic deaths uniting a news team still grieving. >> they cry, hug and get the job done. >> reporter: if a note he called himself a ticking time bomb. in a lawsuit against wdbj in 2014 he claimed to be the victim of racial and sexual harassment, allegations the station denies. >> i would defend the actions of every person who was in that newsroom when he was here because i saw the way he behaved. >> reporter: the station did order flanagan to get counseling before firing him two years ago. counseling for behavioral non nonmental health issues. elizabeth hur, abc news, roanoke, virginia. >> in georgia, a student at savannah state university has been killed in a shooting on campus. a spokeswoman said the victim
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was shot during an altercation at the student union and was briefly on the lock down. the victim identified as a junior from atlanta. presidential politics and hillary clinton on the attack during an appearance in ohio. clinton drew parallels between terrorist organizations and the field of republican candidates when it comes to their views on women. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world, but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> jeb bush tweeting his response, she compares pro-life americans to terrorists but defends despicable planned parent treatment of the unborn. >> donald trump speaking to a
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crowd in greenville, he blasted a recent story that indicated he wore a toupee. that's when he asked the wife of a local politician to step on up and feel for herself. >> you have to do an inspection. this is getting crazy. this is crazy. just real quick, we don't want to mess it up too much because i do use hair pray. is it mine? look. look. >> it is. >> say it, please. >> yes, i believe it is. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> tiny tug on the back there. the billionaire putting those rumors to rest. mark your calendar, apple fans. a date set for the next big announcement. >> little hero. a boulder smashes in a hiker. his young son thinking on his feet and coming to the rescue. plus, stopped by a segway, usain bolt takeing a tumble on
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the tracks. american stock markets are showing a rebus rebound after a street. the dow closed up 369 points. the second day of rallying in a row. if today's report on consumer confidence is encouraging investors could see more gains. overnight. well, all the rumors are true. apple has an announcement to make. the company sent out invitations yesterday for an event in san francisco on september 9th. it's widely expected that apple will use the get-together to introduce a new iphone and a revamped tv set-top box. landmark labor ruling will make it easier for fast food workers and other contract union.
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the national labor relations board changed a key relationship between employer and employee which has held since the days of president reagan. the decision was attacked by business groups who called on republican lawmakers to overturn it. the nebraska lottery is spicing up its offerings. with sriracha. it's ruing out a new $2 hotsie radja scratch-off game. it actually smells the famous hot sauce as you scratch it off. players can compare scent with the smell of real sriracha sauce tomorrow at the nebraska state fair. tickets available at retailers soon. i'll get my dad some of those. he loves it. when we come back caught on camera. a bus driver attacked by a passenger while the bus is moving. and self-photography 101, the college now offering a course in selfies. matt's gotten used to the funk in his man-cave. yup, he's gone noseblind.
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city, minneapolis and seattle. michigan police say there may be a sniper targeting freeway drivers. >> they are investigating after at least five motorists reported being shot on two major roads. the shootings occurred between the end of july and last week in the southern part of the state. there may have been others. no one has been injured. the same area was targeted three years ago with nearly two dozen shootings. newly released surveillance video shows the brutal attack on a phoenix bus driver. the attack caused the driver to lose control and crash the bus. eight passengers were on the bus including three children. the man who has been charged with that attack is now apologizing. he says he's a drug user and he does not remember the attack. well, 13-year-old boy is credited with saving his dad's life after an accident on a hiking trail. charlie and his dad were in the idaho wilderness when a huge boulder fell and injured the father. there were other rocks all over the slope that could have come loose. charlie says he remembered a
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very important lesson from boy scouts. don't panic. first he went back to their camp about a mile away to get supplies. >> charlie was right on top of things. he got me lowered down to the ground and got the first aid kit lowered to me. >> you just got to make sure you're staying calm. >> he stayed calm for awhile and took care of him for a couple of days then hiked several miles to get help. they're already talking about the next adventure on a beach this time. i don't blame them. >> not at awe. things are getting serious now at the little league world series. >> plenty of drama to go. before the champ is crowned on sunday let's get the highlights from espn. >> chris hassel right there from the east coast. neil, right here, always on the west coast. this is "sportscenter" set. go. okay. >> little league world series from the east coast area it's in bear. and, boy, this was a fun game. texas was down 7-6, extra
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innings, bottom of the eighth tied up. two batters later, one on or lo lowe, 0 for 5 with five strikeouts in the little league world series until he just walks off. dramatics from texas on to the u.s. title game to play pennsylvania pennsylvania. the mets down 5-0 to the phillies. thought they would gain a game. bottom ten, two outs. off carlos torres to daniel murphy back to torres. this is why we have spring training, fella, to practice plays like this. you know what, that is a tough play. if you're ever wondering what one is, that is. this is just a really good play. murphy again, he's been red hot in august in the 13th, he drives in the go-ahead run and phillies fall apart and mets beat the phillies 9-5 in extras. >> second largest division lead in all of baseball.
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only the royals have a larger lead than the mets. they'll make the playoffs. >> who do you like in that fight saturday? >> santa cruz. >> there you go. >> i'm going with santa. >> you heard it. have a good day. >> you're going with pearland, texas. >> yes, the guys that won if a walkoff. >> rooting for them then. earlier in the baseball season we showed a couple catching foul balls in their beer cups. >> this happened at a minor league game in california. the fly ball finally comes down, way up there, the guy catches it right in his cup. there it is, of course, now he does what everybody would do at such a great moment in life. he chugs that beer. >> look at that. spilled a little on himself. look at that. >> my first thought would have been to get the cup -- >> he sees it's coming. bang, right in there. >> that's confident for you. he seized the moment good for you. up next in "the pulse" another trailer for the upcoming "star wars" movie is released. the story behind this guy,
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well time to check "the pulse" starting with a new trailer from one. most anticipated movies of the year. >> "star wars: the force awakens" from our parent company disney popped up on instagram and quickly went viral. >> there's been an awaken inging. i felt it. >> it's going to be legit. >> get your lightsaber. >> lots of lightsaber action on this. the best part, kid playing with a lightsaber. >> of course. only really 15 seconds but you can expect "star wars" fans, they're going to dissect it and discuss it every single second.
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you dot to google it. >> blogs probably already doing conspiracy theories and all that. just such a hunger for "star wars." >> coming this fall to indiana university northwest, selfie 101. >> students will study selfies. the professor says the class will examine research on selfies, as well as exploring etiquette. when it's an appropriate time to take a selfie. >> really? you don't do chemistry or physics. it's not the only university offering a course on selfies. at the university of southern california, a freshman class explores what selfies say about ethnic gender, sexual and class identities. okay, i get that one. >> it says you can't ask a stranger to take a picture for me. that's what it says, lack of social skills. >> i didn't know that was inappropriate. i do it all the time. >> i would think so -- take you can tell. there you go. i take it all back then. next up, a guy who had a chance to take a really great selfie, no doubt about that
4:24 am
spotted by a drone flying right next to that wind turbine in rhode island. >> this is a rather odd place to catch rays. he doesn't seem to be too pleased about being found. he knows he was busted there and he flipped the drone off. >> look at that. it's unclear who this guy is or how he got up there. but he was upset they found him. i mean, i could see that. that's the one place you thought that no one is going to find you and sure enough, a drone comes by, takes your spot, guess you got to soak up that sun wherever you can. the unofficial end of summer is next weekend already. >> okay. and finally, even the world's fastest man usain bolt couldn't get out of this one. the sprinting legend from jamaica was taken down from behind after a cameraman lost control of his two-wheel scooter. >> just won the race in china and then this guy on the scooter supposed to be covering his victory lap, it all went wrong and thought an american he just defeated may have told the cameraman to take him down.
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checking our top stories hundreds of migrants are feared dead right now after two boats carrying 500 people safk off the coast of libya on their way to europe. it comes a day after 70 were found dead inside a truck in austria. police in virginia say they found evidence that the gunman vicki gardner planned to plea after shooting that news crew on live tv. they found a wig and three license plates in his car. tropical storm erika pounding puerto rico after unleashing deadly floods on the island of dominica. more than a dozen missing and the storm could impact florida monday. looking at the rest of today's weather, heavy rain in the pacific northwest will finally break that hot streak. cool conditions in minnesota and wisconsin today. another gorgeous day in the northeast. well, finally from us the story that hit close to home for newsrooms around the country. a news crew gunned down on of tv? preparations under way for a memorial as the victims are remembered this morning. >> we come to you this morning
4:28 am
with very heavy hearts, two of our own were shot and killed during a live shot yesterday morning. >> when i walk around, i would run into alison or adam, it was the high point of my day because they always made me smile. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> you know, it's affected everybody in this community and i think everybody across the country. i mean, because she was such a kind and sweet person. i was, you know, i was a proud dad. still am. >> i think we're all in a state of shock. you can hear people behind us in the newscourtroom crying. it's just really hard to -- >> we're holding back too. >> i texted her that i loved her and to have a good day and she said, good night, sweet boy. and that was the last that i ever heard from her. >> but she did call us the cutest newsiest prettiest couple ever. >> we've lost two friends, two co-workers in the sense of shock
4:29 am
and loss and mourning that we're all feeling this morning. >> this is not the last you've heard of me. this is something that is alison's legacy that i want to make happen. >> and it has to stop. it has to stop. and we are going to need to come together and we are going to need to work together because no family and no community should have to feel this kind of pain again. >> such young lives with such promising futures just taken away. alison's father did say they plan on scattering her ashes along a river she loved to kayak and planning memorial services. >> and lobbying for gun control too. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good


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