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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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dive into the ground. this is a giles202 single engine civilian aircraft. it is based out of austin, texas. that is who it is registered to. the port authority is not releasing the name of the pilot but we know the faa is investigating to find out how this crash happened. this pilot was out on test runs. so everything seemed okay at first. the rehearsals for today have been canceled but let me shoyu what the eyewitnesses are saying about what happened. >> i saw the plane in the air. airplane. and the airplane got lost. and i think it crashed. we don't hear any boom.
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but, it disappeared. >> that was darla miles reporting. clearly, we lost communication with her. we are following another story, divers have recovered the body of a missing fishing boat captain off the coast of new jersey. tom andresen's boat the el jeffe sinked. they done know what caused the boat to sink. a tsa agent from laguardia airport accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the court. he allegedly told the 22-year- old college student from korea she needed to be taken to the bathroom for a search. jim dolan is outside the courthouse in queens with more. >> reporter: he has worked with the tsa over a decade. most of that time spent in direct contact with passengers
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but we won't be working with passengers any longer. he is charged with unlawful imprisonment and sexual assault after allegedly ordering a young woman into a restroom and sexually assaulting her. according to the charging brought against him. he wore his uniform on tuesday when he ordered a 22-year-old woman from south korea into a restroom at the airport. >> ron: there, the district attorney says, he sexually assaulted her. but his mother says her son is a good man. >> i just cried. that's all i could do. >> reporter: the queens da says aquindo told the 22-year-old woman she had to be subjected to secondary screening. after she got off the plane from salt lake city. he allegedly sexually assaulted her inside the restroom. the tsa released a statement saying the tsa has terminated this person. tsa holds its employees to the highest standards.
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we expect them to conduct themselves with integrity and respect. his mother said it just couldn't be her son. >> reporter: the district attorney said the woman followed his orders to go into the restroom because he was wearing a uniform and appear to be efficient. reporting live, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you jim. the noise of a partial building collapse scared people in one westchester county community today at 12:30 this afternoon. a front facade to kill a sunrise in longmont. fortunately, no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation. the search for a suspect in brooklyn is over.
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23-year-old kareem david attacked a 52-year-old woman last week in a stairwell after threatening to shoot her. the woman lost two teeth during that attack. when she bit him on the hand. florida is bracing for what would be one of the worst storms in years. tropical storm erika is making its way to the u.s. they slammed the island triggering landslides and floods in dominica. at least 12 people are dead and nearly two dozen are missing. in florida, officials are advising people to be prepared. >> the biggest concern now is we don't know how much land it is going to go over. we don't know how much water we are going to get. but clearly, the storm track is continuing to move a little bit west. >> and puerto rico, strong winds and heavy rains knocked out power to 200,000 people but caused no major damage and injuries. what do we need to know about the storm's path? meteorologist lee goldberg is
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tracking it for us and lee, now i know it is moving southward? >> it is south of the projected storm track. that is big news. what is really becoming clear is an encouraging update in the hurricane center for florida. i'll tell you why in a moment. it is certainly not a classic looking tropical system. you don't see thunderstorms around a clear center. thunderstorms. the censer right here near dominican republic closing in here. it is just southwest of santa domingo. this shows you how it is pieces. and, it is only going to get more torn apart as it goes haiti. winds of 50 miles an hour and moving quickly but more west. still forecast to take more of a west northwest turn over the next 24 hours but here is the big news with the update. after it remains a tropical storm status overnight, now forecast in the north shore of cuba to become a tropical depression so weakening with
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winds of 30 miles an hour. still looking to approach south florida or the eastern gulf of mexico over the weekend. may regenerate into a weaker tropical storm. what is becoming more likely is a good rainstorm for a good part of florida and this pretty good drought across south florida. now last hour, 4:00, i showed you this future cast rainfall. it put six inches on west palm. now it is down to an inch-and-a- half showing you the westerly trend of this rain. maybe south florida gets two to four or six inch amounts. we will continue to track the storm but it is encouraging that it will weaken into a tropical depression tomorrow. back to you for now. >> thanks lee. former president george w. bush visited louisiana today marking the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. he and laura bush visited the oldest public school in new orleans. he was heavily criticized for his response to hurricane katrina.
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but he said for now it is about celebrating the city's resurgence. rebuilding is still ongoing in our area from superstorm sandy. an organization that helped in katrina is also helping people in queens tim fleischer is live in howard beach with more. >> reporter: there are portions of new orleans still being rebuilt ten years after katrina. but, there are homes like this one here in howard beach years after superstorm sandy that are still being rebuilt and more organizations, friends of ave are involved in both of those communities. heavy damaged by sandy and the homeowner forced to leave this howard beach house is finally being painted, repaired, made livable again thanks to many volunteers. >> what we do here is a replica of the work we are doing down in new orleans. >> reporter: friends of rockaway became an affiliate of the saint bernard project. a nonprofit organization for
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katrina ten years ago. their objective is to help their homes. the goal here? >> identify homeowners affected by hurricane sandy unable get home, make repairs to their assistance. volunteers and donations, they step in to make sure residents can finally return to their homes. here in rockaway where the group is headquartered they are working 17 job sites and have a waiting list of 15 homeowners waiting to qualify for help. they have provided assistance to 150 properties and fully rebuilt 102 homes in queens. the owner of this rockaway townhouse suffered heavy damage to their home and a rental property next door which also repaired. >> what we find here, new york city, and what they continue to find in new orleans is that there are hundreds and thousands of people that are still waiting to return home that still have unmet needs. >> reporter: with ten years passing since the devastation
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of katrina, and coming up on three years since sandy left havoc in its path. >> our aim is to not have a ten year anniversary where there are still families and homeowners waiting to return home. >> reporter: and friends of rockaway hope to return the 80- year-old homeowner to her home in a couple of weeks. reporting live in howard beach, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks tim. a mixed verdict today in the rape trial of a graduate of an exclusive new england prep school. >> guilty. >> you say he is guilty? >> yes. >> reporter: 19-year-old owen labree over in tears. he was convicted of lesser sex offenses against a 15-year-old freshman girl. he was bound for harvard and now faces up to 11 years in prison. new details emerging about the deadly attack of two journalists down in virginia. for the first time, we hear
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from the sole survivor of that shooting, vicki gardner, she was being interviewed live on television by alison parker and adam ward. she said parker was shot first, then ward. when she started to run, the gunman began firing at her. tonight on 20/20. we will have an in-depth look at the shooter's past problems and also look at the work of the two young journalists that they did so much today. loved ones. the special edition of 20/20 begins here at 10:00 on channel 7 eyewitness news and you with watch it on the watch abc app. gunfire at a brooklyn hookah lounge and we are hearing from the family of the young man killed as police search for the shooter. the popular restaurant shut down after photos of workers making food nearby and a rat nearby. hear what else they found.
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plus a jets >> more breaking news in mount vernon were shots were fired after some kind of undercover operation by the nypd. >> lucy lang joins us with lucy? on beakman avenue. vernon. there are layers of police and a very active police scene behind me.
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this, we are told at 4:00 this afternoon, shots rang out on this normally we are told the new york city police officers on an undercover operation entered the city of mount vernon today. it is confirmed new york city police officers opened fire while on this assignment. we are told two people were hit. one has been identified as a suspected. the second person is still not sure if that person was an innocent bysnd oerr a target of their investigation. the new york city police department, the mount vernon police department and westchester department of public safety are investigating this police involved shooting. afternoon. police officers in the city of mount vernon opened fire. two people were shot and hit. neighbors here tell me they heard at least a dozen shots fired and the gunfire is not a mount vernon. residential area.
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we are working on this and we will bring you any new development as we learn them. for now, i'm lucy lang for channel 7 eyewitness news thank you lucy. new at 5:00, we are hearing from the family of a man killed in a hookah lounge shooting in brooklyn. three other people were injured. eyewitness news reporter mall mall joins us with more. >> reporter: we are learning the victim had been here many times before today. crime scene investigators have been going through the scene. this as family and phrens wait. as investigators comb through the hookah young.
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jazz phillips is mourning her brother, crispin phillips. it happened at the buda hookah lounge. >> they said your brother passed at 3:30 this morning. >> reporter: three others were also shot and a woman was injured by shattered glass. phillips says her brother was there to discuss work to a near club. >> a little business deal you know. >> reporter: we are learning investigators do have shooting. they say it is in fact very vivid video that should help them solve this case. but in the meantime, the killer remains on the loose. live in brooklyn tonight. mallory huff, channel 7 eyewitness news. mayor de blasio is looking to make new york city greener with new composting rules. the city has introduced rules
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requiring large sports venues, hotels, manufacturers, wholesalers to recycle their food waste. the initial announcement was made in july. the mayor say it is new plan would divert 50,000 tons of food waste. >> i love composting. good for the planet. >> absolutely. we produced our share. >> we do. >> hey, we produced another top ten day. >> it is a 30th top ten day. >> we could be on our 40th. >> the top month. >> it really is. one of the top summers. great weather to enjoy over the weekend. we hope it holds all the way through the holiday weekend. yes, erika is a problem. there are flash floodings we are concerned about in haiti and the dominican republic, but it will weaken. we are headed to the george washington bridge. clogged inbound. moving nicely jersey bound. the high is holding steady in
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the low 80s right above above the average of 87. last year, we were coming off of a hot streak. it was in the 40s in monticello this morning. it is great, 79 at point pleasant. 80 in wrightstown. long island, temperatures around 80 degrees. north salem, 72 in monticello. sunshine gives way to clear skies tonight. clouds during the day. very pleasant. i don't think tomorrow. a couple of patchy clouds tried to form but we were not going today. high pressure is moving in. this system over the midwest. a few high thin clouds and more so on sunday. so there is a lot going on in the eastern two-thirds of the country and the tropics but the
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high coming over us is going to merge with the bermuda high and add to that erika even if she turns into a tropical depression. it is still an equation that would result in a heat and humidity pump. it is a big warm pattern as we go into early september. we start heating up tomorrow check. a few patchy clouds. as this front gets a little closer and the humidity is coming up, i see a couple of isolated thunderstorms in the poconos and catskills. we will be close to 90 early next week. so a pleasant evening, clear, comfortable, 50s north and west. sun and high clouds. a bit warmer, not too humid. tomorrow night is beautiful. partly cloudy. a little warmer. you may not need the light jacket you need tonight north and west. we have a heat wave to start september. it is going to remain hot and
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dry through the labor day holiday weekend. i will give you the extended forecast. here is the question. is it possible that erika's moisture never reaches bus the current track? we have the latest 5:00 advisory and we will tell the strength and track of erica at 5:30. back to you for you. >> thanks lee. coming up, students protest the ban on yoga pants. >> a dog caught in the middle of a domestic dispute. that dog shot hear from the vet who helped to save the dog's life and what is going to happen to that bullet? >> this home is in a flood zone but isn't allowed to get federal flood insurance.
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it is a >> wall street closing out a change from yesterday. stocks drifted all day. monday and tuesday, they fell heavily over concerns about rebounded. the dow jones closed down 11 16,643.
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the nasdaq gained 15 points to close at 14,828. the s&p rose more than 1 point to 1,988. down. a jersey shore couple says they are prisoners in their own home because of government red tape. >> they tell us the law that most people done even know about is also costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. 7 on your side's nina pineda is here with more. this is quite a story. >> reporter: it really is. it is because of a property line putting them in a protected fish and wildlife zone. they feel handcuffed to their homes unable to sell with no end in sight. >> do you feel like you are prisoners of your own land? >> reporter: absolutely. >> reporter: rich and janna say they are stuck in a home they can't sell. >> i spend a lot of sleepless nights wondering how to get this fixed. this is happening. >> absolutely. >> reporter: five of the neighbors on the site find
5:25 pm
their homes are protected by u.s. fish and wildlife falling within this shaded area labeled coastal barrier resources. >> because it is in a cobra area, we can't get any federal assistance at all. >> reporter: that includes federal flood insurance. so ... >> the mortgage companies won't lend money to people who can't get flood insurance. >> reporter: residents say that is making it impossible for them to sell their homes. >> how many buyers pulled out? >> seven. >> seven buyers. >> this could technically financially ruin all of us here if we don't get this fixed. >> reporter: making matters worse, none of the homeowners knew about this problem. >> but this line was drawn and you never knew it. >> we never knew it. >> reporter: and the line made 25 years ago, rich says, was drawn in the wrong place. >> it has nothing to do with fish and wildlife. it has nothing to do with the environment.
5:26 pm
it just has to do with simply, they made a mistake when they drew the line. >> reporter: they have contacted fish and wildlife. but since there is a backlog, their problem will not be addressed until 2017. >> i can't wait that long and we shouldn't have to. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: fish and wildlife blamed the politicians for this bureaucratic bind. the change can only happen with an act of congress. they are working through a ten year backlog of similar complaints. but before you buy a property. check the address on cobra maps. it could save you years of frustration. and by just checking we could have that link for you on our website. >> good to know now. >> but for this family, they have to speak to their congressman. >> yes. we are going to be on of the of it. we are seeing what we can do to help them. they really, they are empty nesters, they want to get out. >> 10 year backlog?
5:27 pm
>> reporter: yeah, and they say they can't afford the flood insurance. >> thanks nina. >> reporter: i will be on top of it. congress here we come. still ahead, photos of restaurant workers preparing food outside an alley way. we will tell you what was found inside that has this restaurant shut down.
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>> hundreds of piec leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us.
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>> you're watching new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a star jets player breaks up a two-night crime spree with this call 911. >> it appears they broke into my car and opened the garage door.
5:30 pm
>> and a popular restaurant in china town is shut down. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. this isn't just the photo that caused them to shut down prosperity dumpling. it is what else they found inside. >> eyewitness news reporter renee stoll tweeted a photo of the shutters restaurant. she has the story from china town. >> reporter: the sign on the door of prosperity dumpling says closed for renovation. >> they were preparing the food in the alley. >> reporter: the department received photos of employees preparing food in the alley. the same place where this picture of a rat crawling around was also taken. inspectorring came to the restaurant thursday and found prosperity had a severe cockroach infestations and conditions conducive to tests that couldn't be corrected at
5:31 pm
the time so they shut the business now. >> does it >> it bothers me that i can't get my dumplings. >> reporter: the owners daughter talked to us with a translater but didn't want to be identified. she says the machine to make dumplings broke yesterday. >> their machine is off. and it takes very long for them to repair it. but, they know it is wrong and they would never do it again. >> reporter: the restaurant received an a rating in may. i looked them up on yelp and found out it is pretty popular and has 3,000 reviews with four- and-a-half out of five stars. >> they really don't want people to see this happen. so, they will do everything to fix everything. >> reporter: when we asked the owner's daughter about the cockroach infestation, she ended the interview.
5:32 pm
>> i think that it is. >> reporter: people are such die hard fans of the restaurant, they plan to return if the owners fix the issues and the health department allows them to resume business. >> i love it. i never got sick from it. >> reporter: renee stoll, channel 7 eyewitness news. a truck driver has been arrested on human trafficking charges in new jersey. 53-year-old bogard valasco is accused of taking two girls ages 13 and 15 from california to new jersey to work as prostitutes. police were tipped off by a woman on social media who reported her niece and another girl missing were in a hotel in elmwood park. he also allegedly had sex with the girls himself. a dog in brooklyn is shot over the fight over who would keep her. the pit bull mix's name is honey.
5:33 pm
kenneth white tried to strangle his girlfriend sunday and then fired a shot into honey's mouth. the bullet is stuck in a muscle. >> i am shocked. i have never seen anything like that before. then after hearing the dog's story about how she was kind of protecting her owner, this is a lucky dog. >> yeah, the bullet got close to honey's brain. veterinarians are leaving it inside honey. white is facing a number of charges. a mail carrier in new jersey who was arrested on drug charges is now also accused of failing to deliver more than 1,000 pieces of mail. police arrested 37-year-old domanic demani two weeks ago. he worked in fair lawn. investigators said during a search in his car for drugs, they found mail dating back three months that he never delivered. >> if he was unable to complete his route on a particular day, if he wasn't feeling well, he would take the mail he had left
5:34 pm
and put it in the trunk of his vehicle. >> the mail has since been delivered. he is also facing charges of theft. building inspectors are investigating a collapse in staten island. firefighters responded to the accident. officials say a section of an exterior wall came down at 9:30 this morning. the house is unoccupied and all the workers escaped without injury. an overloaded power strip is blamed for the fire in yonkers. it started this morning in an apartment building on valentine lane. two people went to the hospital. one resident for smoke inhalation and one firefighter for elevated levels of carbon monoxide. weekend swimming plans have been dried off. the builtmore beach club was closed because of high bacteria levels.
5:35 pm
no word on when the beach will reopen. in connecticut today, a poignant tribute to a young teacher who gave her life protecting her students. the victoria soto school was dedicated this morning. she was killed in the sandy hook massacre. community leaders voted to name the school in honor of the 27- year-old in honor of dedication of her students. one of the americans credited with stopping a terror attack in france is back in the u.s. army national guards man alek skarlatos was vacationing with his friends after a in afghanistan when they saw the gunman on the train last friday. they were able to disarm the suspect and detain him until police arrived. today, alek skarlatos shared his heroic tale on good morning america. >> i immediately recognized what was happening and i just thought there is just no way. there is no way this is happening right now. we just acted and i didn't have
5:36 pm
another conscious thought for the next two minutes. >> boy, pretty amazing. the oregon national guards man says he is touched by the outpouring of support that he has received since the incident. >> well deserved. well, ashley madison ceo stepping down. what is next for the scandal plagued company? plus, an uber driver charged with sexually assaulting a woman who invited her into his home after a ride. also, girls protest a school dress code that bans yoga pants. >> the verdict is in tonight. the former prep school student accused of sexual assault breaking down in court.
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>> an uber driver has been charged with raping a woman in new jersey.
5:40 pm
25-year-old efren madrigol is accused of attacking the woman. she invited him back into the apartment after the ride saturday night. he is being held on $200,000 bail and will no longer work for uber. the company that runs the website ashley madison, a website that promotes adultery will soon be under new leadership. the ceo of ashley madison has resigned following a massive security breach. a spokesperson for the company says the decision was mutual, but no replacement has been named yet. hackers originally breached the site in july and posted the information earlier this month when the company did not shut down. joe brown turned himself in to a memphis jail to face a five-day sentence for a contempt of court charge. he was charged after they say brown caused an outburst in the courtroom while representing a client last year. before reporting to jail, he issued a statement saying he
5:41 pm
will serve the time and continue to stand up and speak out for justice. well, a student in new jersey is starting a school year by taking a stand against the dress code. cape cod technical high school ruled that spandex tights and yoga pants must be worn with shorts or a skirt. they are considered inappropriate by themselves and the principal says it prepares girls to be successful in the work force. emily connelly thinks there is another reason. >> it is considered more of a distraction to boys. >> she says that is unfair. they have launched an online petition and plan to wear yoga pants on the first day of class. still ahead, a jets player breaks up a burglary ring.
5:42 pm
hear his tip to 911 call. >> it is served here at pizzetteria brunetti. we are making it today on neighborhood eats. >> and we are eating it. i'm lee goldberg. deep blue sky looks beautiful outside. satellite confirms it. temperature 80 degrees. we are checking in on erica moving through the dominican republic. the center right there. certainly flooding here. what will this storm look like over parts of cuba?
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i think you "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care.
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we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. >> new details about the panda born at the national zoo. turns out it is a boy. the cub is a twin. the other little cub did not survive. this guy is doing quite well though. he is the second son for the zoo's panda parents. >> so cute.
5:46 pm
as we toad you earlier, it was ten years ago today that hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast. and irene struck our area. it first made landfall in southeast new jersey and then on coney island. there was major flooding and the mountains. >> i can remember joe torres in the catskills and the roads washed out everywhere. looked like a war zone up there. by the way it was ten years ago today that katrina hit peak speeds of 175 miles an hour, a category 5. and we know what it did after that. we tracked erika on this day. it is a tropical storm, but maybe it goes into tropical depression status as we go into the next 24 to 36 hours.
5:47 pm
we are looking at central park. shadows are so dramatic. deep blue sky there indicating the lower humidity in place. we are at 80. sunshine, a westerly wind at 7 miles an hour. your weekend get away, sun and patchy high clouds tomorrow. 85 jersey shore. a stray storm sundays afternoon in the catskills. otherwise, partial sunshine. more humid at if beaches. probably a little more cloudy at the shore. tonight. 50s northwest. high clouds. the humidity is not too bad. it is not anything more than low to moderate. the future cast temperatures, a little milder than last night. during the afternoon. but it is still nice and warm. a look at erika right now. look at the thunderstorms blowing up over parts of the dominican republic and haiti. looks like there are two centers but that's the storm right there. it is going to go right over
5:48 pm
the mountains meaning it is likely to continue to weaken and just be a big rainstorm. for not only the dominican republic, maybe parts of cuba, up through the bahamas and into south florida as well. the timing, looking at south florida would be toward sunday. and the hurricane center is suggesting it may not be even by watches or warnings with this storm because of how weak it may be. look how it is forecast to become a tropical depression. coast. and maybe, it is enough warm water here in the florida straits to strengthen into a tropical storm. maybe not. but it will be a weaker storm that hopefully brings beneficial rains to south florida. they are in severe to extreme drought. for us, air quality moderate. pollen count high. winds for boaters, westerly wind early. very light in the morning. two to three foot chop. it will be beautiful to get to the beach. but the rip current is moderate not woman through the weekend, but probably through the city of mount vernoning week.
5:49 pm
so here is your seven day accu- weather forecast. look for 86 tomorrow. more humid on sunday. nearing 90 degrees. the high clouds may keep us just short of that. but then, a heat wave to end august and start september. that thunderstorm on monday is just widely scattered. it is not really much to trigger showers with the idea of erica weakening and going further west into the gulf, i don't think the moisture is coming up the coast any time soon so we have had a dry hot stretch that could last into the labor day weekends. >> nice. >> i think it could happen. >> all right. >> what are you in the mood for? >> pizza. >> me too. >> yeah, lee wants pizza. sade wants pizza. we are getting sophisticated pizza. >> who will bring it? no one other than lauren glassberg. >> reporter: oh yeah, we are talking about the sophisticated toppings on this pizza from truffle, honey, brussels sprouts. >> they are happy.
5:50 pm
>> the owner of this restaurant like creating interesting combinations. pizzetteria brunetti is at 626 hudson street in the west village. >> my father and i always made it at home. >> reporter: the sunday night pizza past time turned into a passion for michael. he learned to make pizza in naples and tried to lure his son into business. >> i was running a car dealership in naples florida, not italy. >> reporter: together, they opened pizzetteria brunetti. home to bella the oven built by experts from italy. >> i carried 13,000 pounds of material in. and then, steph came in, in seven days, they actually constructed bella. >> reporter: pizzas cook in two minutes. there are three kinds of dough, gluten free, regular, and whole wheat. it rises overnight.
5:51 pm
this one gets a topping of honey truffle oil. goat cheese, onions, shitaki mushrooms. olive oil. >> it is very popular. >> reporter: other toppings, brussels sprouts. there are other options here, but bella will undoubtedly lure you in. >> the crust is amazing. everything. crust. i love what bella does to any popping. the best member of the family. >> reporter: one that is keeping a pizza making going. >> we reestablished our relationship with pizza. i look at my son and i see what he is doing here. and i'm so proud. >> so sweet. >> reporter: the recipe for the whole wheat pizza dough you can make at home, we have it at easy to make at home.
5:52 pm
the toppings, you have to get creative like they do. >> it is amazing. i am going to check this out. this is perfectly delicious. onion. >> the pizza is so good. >> i knew they would be happy. >> it is electrifying. >> i have a crush on bella. [ laughter ] >> we are heading over there. >> maybe this weekend. >> uh-huh. still ahead, a jets player gets his car broken into. >> it is what he did next that helped bring down a gang of thieves. we will be back after this. we are enjoying our pizza. >> uh-huh. >> and i'm liz cho. we are following breaking news in westchester county where nypd officers are conducting an investigation. two people have been shot. we will have the latest from the scene. >> and the nypd's top hostage negotiator retiring after three decades on the force.
5:53 pm
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>> well, he is known for helping to make plays on the field, but a jets player really scored helping to catch a group of car burglarrers. >> nick mangold became a victim himself. >> they were part of a two night crime wave. >> anthony johnson has the story. >> reporter: pro bowl center nick mangold usually protects the jets quarterback, but now, he is being credited for protecting his community after making a 911 call after thieves tried to break into his car. >> they broke into my car and broke into the garage door. >> reporter: that call helped to end a crime spree involving 48 burglaries of unlocked cars. bernadette's daughter was a victim. >> everything was out of the glove compartment. >> reporter: here own oak street, several cars were targeted.
5:57 pm
>> my daughter's boyfriend's car was unlocked. he realized as he was pulling out of the driveway that his glove compartment had gotten, had some of the stuff moved around and he then realized he had left his wallet in his car. his wallet got stolen. >> reporter: on main street, a variable message sign reminds messages to lock their car door at all time. the thefts were in chatham township and chatham borough. >> there were approximately $37 in small change taken from the vehicles. >> reporter: vehicles received text messages alerting them to the crime spree. calling 911 right after a crime seems automatic, but sometimes, people wait or react slowly. but in this case, the jets center jumped into action leading to the arrest of two adults and three juvenile car thieves. >> good for the neighborhood. yeah. it is great he called 911. i don't know if i would have.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: after the operator got the 911 call from nick mangold's residence, an officer here in madison stopped the suspects. in new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and that does it for this friday. still ahead, the nypd's top negotiator is retiring leaving behind a hollywood worthy legacy. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter ands liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the accu-weather forecast. now, eyewitness news at 6:00. news. an undercover operation erupts into gunfire with nypd officers firing their weaponing. tonight, two people have been shot. >> and an air show horror. a pilot is killed when his stunt plane crashes during a practice flight before the new york air show.
5:59 pm
good evening at 6:00, i'm liz cho. bill is off tonight. we are beginning with the breaking news. a tense situation right now in westchester county. shots were fired during an undercover nypd operation. at least two people have been hit. we learned new information since our first report at 5:00. lucy lang has the latest. >> reporter: well liz, among beakman avenue and p street here, where gunshots were fired this afternoon in this residential area as you can see, the scene behind me is very active. there are multiple agencies on site. new york police officers on an undercover operation entered the city of mount vernon at 4:00 this afternoon. i learned they were on a gun buying operation. an official tells me when the suspects tried to rob the undercover officer, shots were fired. all from the nypd. two people were hit.


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