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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  March 13, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump rally chaos. as the billionaire businessman marches to the nomination, his rallies erupt into violence, fear, confusion. >> back it up! >> trump, defiant about those clashes. >> i would have been out there fighting, folks. i would have been boom, boom, boom. >> his rivals say trump is to blame. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> responsibility begins and ends at the top. >> with just two days before the crucial winner-take-all primaries, can trump be stopped? all three of his rivals, kasich, rubio, cruz, are here. plus, full analysis from the
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most critical moment yet of 2016. from abc news, it's "this week." here now, chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> what will happen next? has campaign violence gone viral? those are the questions this week. after the ugliest two days of a dangerously angry white house race. chicago friday night. a trump rally canceled after protesters clash with trump supporters. dayton saturday afternoon. trump startled when a protester storms the stage. look at the secret service circle around him fast. and overnight in kansas city, police use pepper spray outside a trump rally, arrest four. it's all after a week where a trump supporter was arrested for cold-cocking a protester. jon karl starts us off. >> reporter: at thursday's presidential debate in florida, the republican candidates were on their best behavior. it's been up here. >> reporter: just 24 hours later, the campaign entered an ugly and dangerous new phase. protesters clashing with trump
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the cancellation of a rally friday night. and on the campaign trail saturday, this frightening scene. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> reporter: a protester attempted to charge at donald trump. >> i was ready for him. but it's much easier if the cops do it. >> reporter: protests at trump rallies are so common place, they've become as much a part of the show as his promise to build a wall. >> you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. i would like to punch him in the face. knock the crap out of him. i'll pay for the legal fees. i promise. >> reporter: in north carolina, the world saw a trump supporter do exactly what donald trump has called for. sucker-punching a protester as he was being escorted out. now trump's rivals are openly accusing him of sowing the seeds of chaos.
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>> the job of a true leader is not to stoke people's anger. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> encouraging violence is wrong. that's why i've called it out. >> reporter: president obama weighed in, too. >> those who aspire to be our leaders should be trying to bring us together and not turning us against one another. >> reporter: trump sure isn't backing down. blaming the chaos on professional rabble-rousers. and supporters of bernie sanders. >> we want to get along with everybody. but when they have organized professionally staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. >> reporter: but as the campaign has taken its ugly turn, trump's opponents are now wavering on their promise to support him if if he wins the nomination. >> do you support him as the nominee if he's the nominee? >> i don't know. getting harder every day. >> and jon karl joins us now. boy, you saw senator rubio look shaken up yesterday. when he was talking about this. i think all of us are taken aback.
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the campaign trail since 1968. >> it's hard to look at what is happening now and not think about the images from chicago in 1968. you had violent clashes on the streets. and you had disruptions right on the floor of the democratic convention. now, george, i have been to trump rallies all over the country. it's important to say that the overwhelming majority of trump supporters are entirely peaceful. overwhelming majority of the protesters are entirely peaceful. i have never seen a situation where you have the candidate himself encouraging, condoning violence from the podium. as these protests grow bigger, grow more fervent, i fear this could actually get worse. >> we don't know yet what effect this will have on the voting, the big states coming up on tuesday. >> it's hard to say. thousands of people have already voted in florida and ohio because of early voting. in the short run, this may help trump, as you have a reaction against the protesters. in all the contests, nearly half
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trump has not gained a majority of republicans. if he wants to win, he needs to unify republicans. and of course, ultimately, he's going to have to go a long way toward eweunifying the country. that's not the direction this is going. now to the candidates. we begin with senator ted cruz in missouri. >> thank you, george. good to be with you. >> we have seen these extraordinary scenes at the trump rallies. you have said they encourage the violence. so to be clear, you believe mr. trump is encouraging this violence? >> well, let's be clear. first of all, the protesters were in the wrong. you come up, use violence, engage in violence, when you threaten violence. you try to shut down and shout down speech, that's not what the first amendment allows. it gives us the right to speak, but not to disrupt others. but i think also in any campaign, the responsibility starts at the top.
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you have a candidate like donald trump, who is telling his protesters, punch that guy in the face. you know, i mean, i don't think you should be encouraging people to violence. and i think beyond that, you know, we need a -- a candidate who respects the people. who engages, even engages the protesters with civility and respect. not with hostility. i think, you know, what i would appeal to for every candidate is decency and civility. we can disagree and disagree forcefully while still respecting each other and not engaging in insults and vulgarity and not encouraging >> he says this is being preplanned and organized by his opponents. do you believe this might be a conscious strategy on his part to drive out his vote? >> well, listen, i don't know if i do know that his approach to every issue is simply to use angry rhetoric. often to engage in insults.
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and that's not a productive solution. listen, we're all frustrated. we're angry. i understand the people that are voting for donald trump. they're angry with washington. they're angry with politicians who have lied to us. i'm angry, too. donald has been enmeshed in the washington corruption for 40 years. if you want to fix it, all of us are frustrated with the failures of the obama and clinton economy. the fact that jobs are going overseas to overseas. we need a president who understands the way to fix it. the way to fix it is small businesses. is unleashing small businesses through repealing obamacare. passing a flat tax. lifting regulations. donald doesn't focus on small businesses. he focuses on washington and dealmaking and big business. donald trump is the system. he is washington. and he's part of the problem. >> both marco rubio and john
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right now is making it more difficult for them to support mr. trump if he's the nominee. is it making it more difficult for you? >> well, listen. the approach to donald, i think if donald trump is the nominee, i think it is a disaster. i think it's a disaster for republicans, conservatives, for the country. if donald is the nominee, it makes it much, much more likely that hillary clinton wins the general. and i'll tell you. 65% to 70% of the republicans understand that. that donald is a disaster in the general election. the answer is not to cry in your beer about it. it's not what the washington establishment is doing, which is trying to come up with a magical plan to have a brokered con vepgs and parachute in some magical character. trump, the answer is to beat him that's what we're doing. our campaign has beaten him
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literally from alaska to maine and everywhere in between. we're beating donald trump. we're seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign because we're the only candidate that is in a position to beat donald trump, to earn 1237 delegates and become the republican nominee. we're seeing republicans unite. >> i know you believe you can beat him. i have to press this a little bit. if you believe donald trump and his campaign are encouraging violence, how could you support him if he's the nominee? isn't that a line that should not be condoned? crossing that line, shouldn't that not be condoned? >> and i'm not condoning it. i'm encouraging everyone to focus on decency, civility, appealing to our better angels. my focus is on winning. winning the nomination. then on beating hillary clinton and bernie sanders. because let me be clear. hillary clinton would be a disaster for this country. if hillary clinton is the president, we will lose this supreme court for a generation. the second amendment will be
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of rights. religious liberty will be lost for a generation. and our kids will be drowned in debt. jobs will keep fleeing america. i don't want to see my children's future taken away by hillary clinton becoming president. the way to prevent that is for republicans to continue uniting behind our campaign. you know, this week, i was honored to be endorsed by carly fiorina. also by mark levin. it's been incredible. by national review, we're seeing conservatives across the speck truck, uniting behind our campaign. as that continues to happen, i believe we're on a path to beating donald trump. as we've been doing over and over again. >> you have also said, a brokered convention would lead to revolt. do you accept mr. trump's standard that whoever has the lead in delegates going into the convention should be the nominee? >> there's a difference between a brokered convention and a contested convention.
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deadlock. and the washington dealmakers come in and pick their favorite candidate who wasn't even part of the mix. that would be a disaster. it would cause the voters, quite rightly, to revolt. there's a difference with a contested convention. two candidates come in, neck and neck. we saw this in 1976 with reagan and ford, and the delegates decide. the delegates decide using the rules of the rnc, they vote. >> so even if you're number two, you could be the nominee? >> if we both go into the convention and have a big chunk of delegates and both of us are shy of 1237, then the delegates decide. that's how the process works. that is allowing the voters to decide. let me be clear, george. the best approach is get to 1237 before the convention. and if you look at the delegates right now, we have 362. donald has 99 more than we do. everyone else is way, way, way
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so what i would say to folks at home, even if you started this campaign supporting somebody else. even if you're thinking of supporting marco rubio or john kasich. they're both good, honorable, decent men. i like and respect both of them. neither one of them to have a possibility of beating donald trump. it's mathematically impossible. and so i would say, if you're thinking of supporting one of them, we would welcome you to our team. trump as the nominee. or hillary clinton as the president, then come join us. we're seeing millions of just that. >> senator cruz, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, george. god bless. and we're joined now from kasich. thank you for joining us again this morning. we have to begin with the remarkable series of events this weekend. you have said, mr. trump has created this toxic environment. if that's true, if he's responsible, as you say, for
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can you also say you'll still support him if he's the nominee? >> george, look, i said in the debate when they asked if i would support him, i said yes, but sometimes it's really tough. the last debate that he was in, as you know, they all sort of caught the contagious positivity that i've displayed and things calmed down. but nothing's 100%. i mean, i'm -- i like -- i hope to be able to support whoever the nominee is. but i have to tell you, george, nominee. i'm going to win in ohio. we're rising all across the country. chance that i could go into the convention with the largest because the campaign has shifted. to places where i think we're going to do better. plus, one other thing. finally, people are starting to get my message. when i talk about the fact that, i want to lift people. i know how to create jobs. i have a record. and i'm not going to take the low road to the highest office in the land.
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people go crazy. when i say that. because they want to see a positive approach and a positive attitude. so that's why i think we're >> you're right. a new poll shows you ahead in ohio just two days before the votes. i want to get to that. first, a yes or no question, is donald trump fit to be president? not going to get me to answer a yes or no question. i hope he'll change his rhetoric and bring people together and stop dividing people. >> he's not shy about suggesting you're not. here's what he said yesterday in ohio. take a listen. >> we're going to hopefully win ohio. you know, honestly. [ cheers and applause ] kasich is a baby. he's a baby. he can't be president. can't be president. too many problems. >> your response? >> you think i'm going to wallow in the mud with donald trump? are you kidding me? i'm not interested in what he says.
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his voters. and these are people, george, who are worried about their job. the stability of their job. increases. bank. it. they're worried about their kids' future. those are the people that need to hear me. because i have solved problems for people like that, both in washington and also in ohio. thanks. that's not a way you can be effective. >> as you know, mr. trump is also trying to appeal to those voters as well. one of the things he's hitting on is your support of nafta. he's saying that has cost ohioans jobs. >> george, we're up over 400,000 jobs here in the state of ohio. in fact, we have investments. i was in a plant in dayton where we have a $500 million investment from the chinese. and they've employed over 1,000 people there. i was intimately involved in
10:16 am
newark. we have a significant german investment in the energy business. we're getting investments from all over the world. our wages are growing faster. we have a $2 billion surplus. cut taxes more than anybody in the country. look, we're not out of the woods. but we have made unbelievable progress. i'm sitting in the city of cleveland, the new cleveland, of the 21st century. we're doing very well. i don't pay attention to the nonsense out there. i'm not going to get down into the mud. records are fine. but this silly rhetoric is just silly. >> you're confident. you sound confident about your state, how you'll do on tuesday. is ohio the turning point? if you block donald trump in ohio, will he not be the nominee? >> i absolutely believe that. look, ohio always seems, george, to be the geographical center of the political universe. i also know that
10:17 am
we'll be able to compete in places like pennsylvania, the eastern seaboard. out west. >> you're not on the ballot in pennsylvania. >> yeah, we'll be on the ballot in pennsylvania. that's political gibberish over there, too. it's amazing. people try to keep you from getting on the ballot. we'll be fine. we'll be competing. >> even though you don't have enough valid signatures now. >> no, we have -- we're fine in pennsylvania. we're fine. this will be resolved soon. >> we heard senator cruz say if somehow, at the republican convention, the establishment parachutes in with an establishment candidate, there's going to be a revolt. your response to that? >> well, if there's an establishment candidate, george, it's certainly not going to be me. and, you know, i think that, at the end of the day, delegates will pick somebody with a record. somebody who has proven experience. and somebody who can win places like ohio and compete in other places. i beat hillary more than anybody
10:18 am
in ohio, i think i'm the only republican who can beat hillary in this state. we just keep plugging. one foot in front of the other. but remember this. my goal, economic growth, jobs, jobs, jobs. make sure that everyone who lives in the shadows has a chance to emerge and live out their god-given purpose. we're having great time out here. >> i can see it. you're still smiling. governor kasich, thank you for thanks, george. let's go now to senator marco rubio. he joins us from florida this morning. senator rubio, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we looked at those clips of you yesterday. you seemed honestly shaken. how did we get this far? >> i think we all need to look at ourselves for a moment. and ask ourselves. i think that includes the media. george, to be honest. donald trump says he's outrageous things. his speeches get covered live by cable networks wall to wall. it's good for ratings to have him on the show, to cover the speeches.
10:19 am
for some of this. i think ultimately, the responsibility -- those protesters in chicago, a lot of them, i believe were paid and organized. that wasn't some organic thing. >> by whom? >> i think you saw involved. there's a professional industry of protests in chicago. they don't have a right to disrupt an event or threaten violence so it doesn't occur. put that aside. chicago. donald trump, on a regular basis, incites his crowds. he tells them, oh, beat the guy up and i'll pay your legal fees. you have a guy who sucker-punches a man at one of his events. is air rested. upon release, says the next time we're going to kill him. no condemnation. the campaign manager is accused here in florida of assaulting a female reporter. no condemnation.
10:20 am
american general who dipped bullets in pig's blood and shot a bunch of prisoners that are muslim. it goes off people's backs. we are numb to this outrage. people out there are unbalanced. we don't know how they're going to react. he keeps putting these things out there. the other point i would make is. we have now reached a point in this country where our political discourse look like the comments section of a blog. where people can just say whatever they want about anyone, without any rules of civility, no norms that governor how we interact with each other. if we have reached the point where we can't debate the proper tax rate, differences on foreign policy. what the government's role should be in education. without resorting to, you're a bad person. you're evil. i can say or do anything i want because i'm angry. we'll lose our republic. problems. >> those are strong words, lose
10:21 am
if that is indeed the case, isn't it more important to stand up to the violence than to stand by your pledge to support the nominee? >> more important to do so? absolutely. we have to stand up to it. my point is i don't know if your question is, do i stick by the pledge or not stick by it? what i said yesterday is, look, i'll be honest with you. it's getting harder every day. because while i don't want hillary clinton to be the president of the united states, i do not. i want her to be defeated, we're having a battle to define conservativism. i don't want it to be defined by what i'm seeing in donald trump's campaign. i know people are angry. i know people are frustrated. but leadership is not about making people even angrier or more frustrated and asking them to give you power to go after another group of people. real leadership is recognizing people are angry. recognizing people are frustrated. showing them a way forward that gives them hope and a belief that we can make things better. that's real leadership. we're not getting that from the front-runner.
10:22 am
describe this election at this point. other than it's an important one from a generational perspective. and yet, it's turned into a real circus. and now, it's turned into something even worse. >> i know you hope to be the nominee. the latest polls show you pretty far behind in florida right now. can you really imagine campaigning for donald trump this fall if he's the nominee? >> first, let me tell you, on wednesday morning, some pollsters somewhere are going to have to explain why they're so wrong, not just about florida >> been wrong for sure, that's for sure. >> they have been wrong before. i'm just telling you. and again, these polls do reflect how voters vote. they see it. they wake up and say, well, he has no chance. i can tell you, they're been really wrong. i think in florida, especially, which is a closed primary. florida. i think that's a question.
10:23 am
how about the millions and millions of other people around the country who have already said, if donald trump is the nominee, they're just not voting. they won't vote. no republican can win with that to vote for our nominee. he'll lose. if donald trump is our nominee, he'll lose. he'll lose to hillary clinton. she'll be elected. we'll have four more years like the last eight. him being nominated. >> will you campaign for him? not going to change my position today about supporting the nominee. donald trump will not be the nominee. despite all the noise out there. he needs 60% of the delegates from this point forward in order to be the nominee. ted cruz needs 75% of the remaining delegates to be the nominee. that's the real math. i, at the end of day, do not believe donald trump will be our nominee. i'm going to do everything i can to keep that from happening. and to give the party a choice in me, someone that people won't have to be asked that question about. if i'm the nominee, no one will be asked, will you support the nominee?
10:24 am
we'll grow it. we'll win. >> sounds like you're saying we'll see you in cleveland. us. >> thank you. up next, the democrats. hillary clinton again? he's here live. they call it planning for retirement because getting there requires exactly that. a plan for what you want your future to look like. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve long-term financial security. bring your vision for the future to life with pacific life. talk to a financial advisor to help build and protect your retirement income. pacific life.
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we love our protesters. bernie was saying, mr. trump should speak to his crowd. mr. trump. you know where they come from? bernie's crowd. they're bernie's crowd. look, it's a bernie person. it's a bernie. hello, bernie. hey, bernie, get your people in line, bernie. get your people in line. >> donald trump in cleveland yesterday. senator bernie sanders joins us this morning. thank you for joining us. that was donald trump yesterday in cleveland. as i said, he's doubled down with a new tweet this morning. i want to get your response. he says, bernie sanders is lying when he says his disrupters aren't told to go to my events. be careful, bernie, or my supporters will go to yours. your response? >> well, i think anybody who understands mr. trump's campaign knows that he tells the truth very, very rarely. i'm afraid on this occasion, he's lying again. first of all, he calls me a
10:30 am
obviously, that's a lie. then he says our campaign is organizing disruptions of his rallies. that's a lie. george, we have millions of supporters out there. clearly some of them were at that rally, along with many, many other protesters. to say that we organized that, totally untrue. mr. trump, i think, is getting very nervous. he's catching on to the fact that the american people do not support a candidate like trump whose verbiage, language, rhetoric incites violence. we have all seen rhetoric -- we have all seen some of the video of some people at his rallies sucker-punches people. kicking people. i would urge mr. trump really to tone it down. to not incite violence on the part of his supporters. >> you know, some of -- some democrats are taking stronger
10:31 am
morning. congresswoman marsha fudge, calling donald trump a racist. mayor bill de blasio of new york racist. speaks like a racist. of course, donald trump is a racist. are they right? >> well, look this is a man, you'll recall, a few years ago, who led the anti -- who led the birther movement. that was a movement that tried to delegitimize the presidency of barack obama. trying the claim that the president was not born in this country. funny thing, george. you know, my father was born in poland. i'm a son of an immigrant. nobody has asked me for my birth certificate. where there strong racial overtones to try to challenge the legitimacy of president obama? of course there was. what we're seeing in the trump campaign is not only racist attacks.
10:32 am
muslims, women, veterans, to attack senator john mccain because he was a p.o.w. is crazy. to insult mexicans and our neighbors the to the south. calling mexicans rapists or criminals. this guy, there was a big debate in the united kingdom parliament of whether or not he should even be allowed to enter the united kingdom. this is man who is dividing up this country in very serious ways. in frightening ways. i think what we're doing is, my campaign is getting him nervous. i understand that. the last national poll had us 18 points ahead of him, some state polls had us even more ahead of him. so i think you have a guy who is getting very, very nervous. >> first you have to get by secretary clinton. you surprised her and everyone in michigan last week. we have big votes in ohio, florida, north carolina, illinois, and missouri this week. is lightning going to strike
10:33 am
and where? >> well, i -- we have done some rallies in the last few days. we have been in ohio. we've been in -- north carolina. we've been in illinois. turnout is very strong. i am sensing, george, that we have a lot of momentum. we have a lot of energy. and if, as has always been the case, there are large voter turnouts, we'll do well. we have now won nine caucuses and primaries. eight of them by double-digit victories. so my view is that if there's a large turnout in ohio, a large turnout in illinois, north carolina, missouri, i think we're going to do very well. i think florida is a tougher state for us. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. you've heard from the candidates. analysis from our "roundtable" is next. and later, the powerhouse puzzler. brought to you by voya
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right back with our powerhouse "roundtable." what do they make of this weekend's violence? where is this race heading next? supreme court.
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and then, you've got the republican establishment, they're very exercised. we're shocked that -- somebody could be loose with the facts. or -- or -- or distort someone's record. shocked. how can you be shocked? this is the guy, remember, who was sure that i was born in kenya. [ laughter ] >> that's president obama's explanation for the rise of trump. let's talk about it with our matthew dowd. our political analyst. jorge ramos, from univision. also the author of a new book
10:41 am
and bill kristol, editor of "the weekly standard." and donna brazile. let me ask you the question i asked marco rubio. how did we get here? >> it's been a remarkable nine months. i think this has been long in coming. i think donald trump's language in the course of these events and what he's done has set america back to a agree. donald trump didn't create the divisions that are in america. he's exacerbating them. instead of using healing language, he's using language that incites in the course of this. you have to give donald trump a credit for some things. he's speaking to a group of washington, d.c. issues. on trade, on jobs. a lot of different things. but donald trump is doing it in way that is not bringing the party, for sure together, and it's not bringing the country together. >> bill kristol, how much has he
10:42 am
marco rubio said the media has some responsibility. how much is he enabled by the republicans themselves? who refused to take him on earlier? >> he's been considerably enabled. they were busy with the bush superpac, $120 million. how much of that was spent against donald trump? i think $5 million. $25 million against rubio. if rubio is going to lose in tuesday, which he may, he may rally, part of it is because the bush campaign dropped $20 million of negative ads on him in florida. cruz and rubio spent more time the failure to denounce trump. i think rubio missed a huge chance at the end of the debate ten days ago, he was asked, could you still support trump? he could have said, look, when i thought i could support the nominee. now i'm not sure. i think if he had crossed the dramatic moment. people. i think a lot of the nontrump
10:43 am
republicans who have voted so far would have rallied to rubio. >> and then the question, jorge ramos, you have seen this rhetoric from donald trump from the beginning of his campaign, his announcement well back in june. where does it go next? can it be contained now that the violence is unleashed? >> i have been asking where were all the candidates nine months ago. he announced june 16th? where were they? where was the press asking tough questions? he was as hateful and divisive when he said that mexican immigrants were rapists, criminals, drug traffickers. where was the press, the government, the political where was the government of mexico? so who is surprised now? i am not. who is surprised that he's being confronted in rallies right now? people are saying, well, if the political establishment decided not to confront him, we're going to do it. >> he said what i want to say in english. i wish i could say it in spanish. because --
10:44 am
political leaders, when he made those, what i believe, the kas. donald trump is amplifying everything we have heard on talk there's not one a.m. channel at home in the south or up north in the east, a dog whistle. everybody is the problem. people have not taken responsibility. i denounced donald trump for not denouncing the vitriol, the violence he's perpetrated with his angry rhetoric. doing. this is not the donald trump who denounced david duke in 1991. this is a guy who is now soaking it back out. >> is there a strategy here? everything by gut and viscerally. i don't think this is a i don't want to become the donald trump apologist or the media's apologist. in the course of this. voters have the information about donald trump. they've had it for a year.
10:45 am
asked more questions. they know what donald trump said about mexican americans and about immigrants. they know what he said about muslims. all the language he's used. he's on tv saying the things he's saying for months and months and months and months. they're not without information. there are a huge segment of voters in this country that feels frustrated. >> let me ask the question i asked jorge. now that he's unleashed it, can he dial it back? and must he or not? >> i think this -- the china's broken in the course of this, i think the republican party is whatever the result of this is is -- it's not going to be donald trump that i think pulls this back together. somebody else has to come in and pull this back together. if they do. donald trump is likely the republican nominee. he's not going to be able to pull the majority of the country together. and say, i'm now the one who will be the unifier. who did give a speech, the trump? impressive speech. the general reaction of smart
10:46 am
people hate the establishment. why is he givesing this speech? wrong speech, wrong time. if everyone calculates that way, where is paul ryan? it's a matter of the honor of and of the conservative movement. it's not about whether, gee, if i speak up, people won't like me as much. i'll antagonize six voters. who are on the fence with trump. i think that's what's happening. >> i think the problem is, it looks like to many people, people are stepping on donald trump voters. they're stepping on blue collar people that have felt left behind. left behind by the republican party for 20 years. that's what they feel like. so when you come out, many of them, the establishment comes out and speaks against donald trump, the voters feel like, you're not listening anymore. >> 95% of those voters voted for mitt romney. they voted for paul ryan. >> i think they feel betrayed. >> i think it's way too late. it's very dangerous when a presidential candidate attacks a group, minorities, or women, the way donald trump did. when he ejected me from the
10:47 am
by the way, the only time i have been ejected from a press conference was fidel castro in 1991. donald trump did the same thing. he said, go back to univision. those are code words. just a few seconds later, somebody said, go back to my country. well, i'm a u.s. citizen. this is the rhetoric he's promoted. he's been all over the place. nobody reacted. >> i want to pick up on one thing. matt, you said he's the likely republican nominee. let's dig in. coming into this tuesday. five big states coming up. we have some charts here that shows what he'll need to do if he wins florida and ohio. let's put that up first. if he wins florida and ohio, he has to win 54% of the delegates left. but look at the difference if he splits. wins florida but loses ohio. he has to win 60% of the delegates left. with the map shrinking.
10:48 am
wins in ohio, a good chance that donald trump can't get the delegates he needs. >> i think kasich is a must-win. in ohio. holding him down. if rubio could win in florida, i would be confident that trump would not be the nominee. if ohio and florida split, i think there's a pretty good chance to stop trump. people are being too fatalistic with this. everyone says donald trump is a menace to the country. he's been horrible. but, 45% of the delegates are selected, so, let's proclaim it over. i object to that. if he's a serious menace to the country, people need to fight him to the end. >> but, bill, the delegate math works a little bit different on the republican side. the winner take all. kicking in on march 15th. by the end of the month, 60%. by the time we get to the yankee primary. 75%. the math will not help rubio, cruz, or mr. kasich. it only benefits mr. trump.
10:49 am
>> if they beat him -- look, arizona -- >> they slow his roll. you won't kill his speed. >> he's averaged 35% of the votes so far. it's not inevitable that he wins winner-take-all arizona, or that he wins winner-take-all wisconsin. it could be made less likely by serious republicans. where is the speaker of the house from? wisconsin. will paul ryan tell the voters of wisconsin you should not vote for donald trump? >> that's a big question. >> i think most of the elected officials that have come out against donald trump have wound up losing in the course of this. they end up losing in their states in the course of this. i think the number that donald -- 1237 is a number that donald trump probably has a hard time getting to. let's get this scenario. donald trump gets 1100 delegates. >> that's reasonable. i agree. >> and he's 300 or 400 ahead of the second place person. very reasonable in the course of this. and he's won 29 states. what do you do at a convention the natural thing is to go to the leader.
10:50 am
millions of voters, and these people are very angry and upset, oh, by the way -- >> let's say everything you said is true. but the violence we have seen this weekend continues through july in cleveland. >> i think it will continue. i think you're going to see violence now at democratic events. i think what will come out of this, not because of democrats, but because people trump supporters and other things. you showed up at ours, we're going to show up at yours. i think this only gets worse. >> i'm not sure about that. i think donald trump has been inciting the violence. he says he hasn't been inciting the violence. he said, um, alabama, november, maybe he should have been roughed up. about a protester. las vegas in february, i would like to punch him in the face. michigan, march, not hurt him, but if you do, i'll defend you in court. i think -- >> he was on a college campus. i'm on college campuses every week. these are community organized. class of leftists. i wish leftists were so professional as to organize at this level. these are local people. people who don't like the rhetoric coming out of donald trump.
10:51 am
the genie in the bottle. he may not figure it out. the american people are calling for him to rise to the occasion. and not continue to deinvolve. >> the protesters in this instance, chicago, have done no good service in the course of this. nothing to heal the country in the manner in which they say they want to do. they come in, act in a very disruptive, violent way. donald trump has said some outrageous things. in that instance, that time, the protesters, i think, did nothing but help donald trump. >> they're nonviolent. they also have first amendment rights. >> they were swinging their fists. >> look, matt. you know, you're throwing your hands at me. be cool. i'm not the other woman who likes it. listen, many of them are nonviolent protesters. they're coming in. that muslim woman who stood there in silence. they're coming in with first amendment rights. but i don't condone violence. i'm a martin luther king type.
10:52 am
violence. i think people are reacting to the vitriol. and the language of donald trump. >> they're saying we don't want what you're saying. >> but i don't think, it's never good if you say we need to heal the country. to fight violence with violence. >> we all agree on that point. we have to take a quick break. we'll look at the president's short list for the supreme court. the pick could come as early as tomorrow. we have our powerhouse puzzler, inspired by the switch of the clocks.
10:53 am
we'll be back with that. and we're back with the latest on the looming vacancy to the supreme court. president obama has narrowed his list to three finalists. the pick could come any day. and abc's terry moran has more on the potential nominees. >> reporter: and then there were three. merrick garland, chief judge of the federal appeals court in d.c. sri srinivasan, and paul watford, a federal appeals court judge in california. resume diversity? not so much. but srinivasan would be the first asian-american on the court. african-american. all confirmed with support from senate republicans. can president obama convince senate republicans to hold
10:54 am
>> everybody knows any nominee submitted in the middle of this presidential campaign is not getting confirmed. everybody knows that. >> reporter: history offers a contrast. 17 presidents, including 5 in the 20th century successfully put justices on the court in an election year. so when? the nomination could come as soon as tomorrow. and likely before the president makes his historic trip to cuba next week. republicans are still holding firm that this vacancy should the filled by the next president. >> it is today the american people who are best positioned to help make this important decision. >> we answer to the american people. >> the american people. >> reporter: that has at least one republican nervous. >> in the unlikely event we lose the white house, hillary clinton will be president. she'll pick somebody probably more liberal than president obama will send over in a few days. >> reporter: with a donald trump
10:55 am
likely, could the gop senate decide to dance with the devil it knows and consider obama's pick? for "this week," terry moran, abc news, washington. >> so the next battle about to be joined. let me talk about this with donna brazile. it look like, if that list is indeed correct, the president following his model. judges with a solid background. relatively safe backgrounds. think that will put republicans >> he's also looking at not just character. nominees that have gone before the senate before. the senate has held hearings. individuals that have been confirmed by a large bipartisan majority. will the republicans consider the character and demeanor and temperament of the nominee or obstruct? >> any of the nominees in a tough spot? >> i think merrick garland puts them in the toughest spot. he's been on the d.c. circuit a
10:56 am
by the judges and republican senators. i think the republican position is set that let's wait until the next election. >> no hearings? >> i think no hearings. >> i think that is just a complete tragic mistake that the republicans are doing that. they like to talk about how government bureaucrats don't do their job, don't do their job. these people are elected. paid by the united states treasury to do their job. they're saying, we're not doing our job. we're a constitutional republic. not a direct democracy. that says you vote on the supreme court. the u.s. senate should do their job. in the course of this, they show up day in and day out, they get a paycheck. they should do their job and vote it up or down. i think as of wednesday morning, the republican position will change. as of wednesday morning, if donald trump does well in the primaries on tuesday night, they're going to figure out, maybe a nominee by barack obama is better than a nominee by hillary clinton if donald trump is the nominee. >> i'm wondering, president obama, knowing he'll face this situation, he'll go for the
10:57 am
simply because i say, this is the nominee that i want. or if he goes with the prague gnattic one? >> seems like he's leaning toward pragmatism. >> i don't know. if he understands that, he'll get no support from the senate, why not just do a symbolic choice? i don't know. >> we'll find out soon enough. maybe as early as tomorrow. quickly, before we go, did anybody guess who started daylight savings time? >> ireland. >> iceland. >> sweden. >> no, no, you're all wrong. germany, world war i.
10:58 am
we'll be right back. and that is all for us today. thanks for sharing part of your sunday with us.
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