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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, tornadoes touch down. we have pictures of the damage coming in. the storm system is triggering massive hail and flooding rains and it's just beginning. major victories for teams trump and clinton, the two front-runners pulling farther away from the pack. results from the latest primaries still coming in. a bright light over southern california caught on camera. the mysterious green streak is taking over social media. this morning, we know what it is. and good dog. a playful friend interrupting a soccer game winning over the crowd and players. >> look at that. good wednesday morning to you all. we are following several developing stories right now including the primary results just coming in.
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overnight. the front-runners celebrating big victories. five-state sweep for donald trump and hillary clinton won four. more on that in a moment. the first other big story we're following a serious weather situation unfolding right now. >> let's take a look at the ray gar. a powerful line of storms spawned tornadoes overnight and seeing damaging hail and flooding rains from texas all the way to minnesota. >> some of the pictures just coming in right now including this basketball hoop in oklahoma bending over there after getting struck by strong winds. this is minor, though, compared to other damage being reported from the storms. this morning, wicked weather pummeling several states. in tulsa, oklahoma, overnight, sirens blaring across the city, pictures of damaged buildings
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down in the suburbs of broken air arrow, another one in evansville, indiana. grayson county hit hard and a doctor's office damaged badly. in kansas, massive hail the size of grapefruits. a spring soaker in wichita, kansas, large chunks of ice smacking a flooded road. people in line at this concert hall forced to wait it out and in nearby clearwater, backyards left looking like this, several feet of water surrounding this home. >> i'm covering my car. >> these people taking no chances covering their cars hoping to avoid damage from falling ice. areas of texas, oklahoma, indiana and kansas all getting tornado warnings overnight. the weather threat remaining high throughout today according to accuweather's paul williams. >> looking for widespread severe storms to continue and flash flooding continues to be a problem along with lightning strikes, damaging winds and hail and possibility of tornadoes
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>> and in wyoming, a late april snow shower enough to shut down this interstate. we should mention snow forcing the cancellation of several classes at the university of wyoming. areas of the state dawe up to 7 inches of snow. now to the race for the white house. it's "your voice, your vote." donald trump is now more than 100 delegates richer and closer than ever to clinching that gop nomination. >> trump hit a slam dunk last night. let's put it that way winning all five states up for grabs all with wide margins. it was a huge blow for ted cruz. it's now mathematically impossible for him to win the nomination at least on the first ballot at the convention there in cleveland. >> trump wants cruz and john kasich to call it quits as he looks to the general election. abc's tom llamas has more from the trump victory party in new york. >> reporter: a huge night for donald trump winning all five states that had elections, a
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northeast and he's calling himself the presumptive republican nominee. >> in fact i think chris tells you if youuyou do that it's called a landslide. >> reporter: he's calling for the two others to get out of the race. >> when the boxer knocks out the other boxer you don't have to wait around for a decision. that's what it is and that's what happened tonight. that's what happened last week in new york. and that's really what's been happening throughout. we have millions more votes, millions more than cruz. we have millions more votes than kasich. >> reporter: trump saying cruz and kasich just in his way and he'll get the nomination in cleveland this summer. now, i asked trump if he has put together a short list of potential running mates like senator ted cruz has announced earlier that he is vetting some candidates, trump says he's not there yet but it's a joke that cruz is even considering a running mate at this point because he has no path to the
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>> he's wasting his time. a running mate? it's over. as far as i'm concerned it's over. these two guys cannot win. there's no path. >> reporter: kendis and diane, back to you. >> our thanks to tom. meanwhile, hillary clinton had a great night. even though bernie sanders denied her a clean sweep. >> clinton won four out of five states putting her 250 delegates shy of clinching that democratic nomination. she refrained from saying anything negative about bernie sanders during her victory speech. instead she's looking ahead. we get more now from abc's liz kreutz, good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton won the big prize of the night, pennsylvania, she celebrated here in philadelphia where she hopes to return this summer for the democratic convention as her party's nominee. during her remarks she called for uniting the democratic party and applauded some of her opponent's policies and called for working together to get them done. >> i applaud senator sanders and
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challenging us to get unaccountable money out of politics and giving because whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: clinton also called for a world where love trumps hate. she's clearly turning her attention to the front-runner donald trump. clinton's campaign spokeswoman said while they're still focused on the contest they're turning to the general election and see it winding down in the next few weeks. diane and kendis. >> liz, thanks. as for her competitive, bernie sanders, he has no plans of dropping out for the democrats hold their convention this summer. >> he congratulated clinton on her win but was looking forward to the upcoming races fighting for a progressive party platform and contributed his single win in rhode island that it was an open primary where independents could vote. >> let's give you this, a quick
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trump picked up more than 100 giving him a total of 973 far ahead of cruz and kasich. clinton now has 2,141 delegates. that's 90% of what she needs to clinch the democratic nomination. >> and stay with abc news for more results and analysis. we will hear live from donald trump later on "good morning america." and this note from donald trump, he may have to testify in the case against his now defunct real estate school. a new york judge ruling the lawsuit against trump university will go to trial after a settlement could not be reached. trump is accused of using his celebrity status to persuade students to enroll in expensive courses that failed to deliver on promises. trump said last night that he's going to win the case. >> still ahead a new warning for parents about a potentially dangerous supplement. >> prince's fortune becoming a legal issue. his sister stepping in after no will is found. so who gets the millions? plus, streaking across the night sky, it was a strange
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if you're uninsured call 1-866-442-cancer well, the canadian authorities are investigating this bridge fire in the province alberta. the smoke from the wooden trestle was so thick a nearby trailer park had to be evacuated as well as a high school. it's 1 of 17 recent fires in that area and all are under investigation this morning. the u.s. military says some progress is being made in the fight against isis. the general in charge of operations against the terror group says air strikes have significantly cut the number of foreign fighters flowing into iraq and syria. he says it's now about 200 per month. down from a high of about 2,000
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and he says isis desertion rates are up. slumping iphone sales could make this a rough day for apple shares. the company just reported its first drop in quarterly revenue in 13 years. the drop is blamed on slowing iphone sales during the first three months of the year. apple is also predicting another revenue drop for the current quarter. analysts think things will improve in the fall when the next generation iphone is expected. and apology is expected from the ceo of the drug company that raised life-saving heart drug by more than 500%. the outgoing head of the pharmaceutical company says he was too aggressive and made mistakes in jacking up the prices. he's also known for embracing the practice of merging with overseas firms to take advantage of their reduced tax rates. an odd site. a mysterious green streak of
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near l.a. and scientists have identified it. this is the breaking news. it's possible space junk. yeah, they believe it was an object in orbit burning up in the atmosphere as it came back down to earth. >> how specific. >> the mystery is solved. >> space junk. >> possible space junk. i thought it was "end of days" but not. >> just some junk out in space. when we come back a man in jail for 25 years for a crime he did not commit. the new evidence that set him free. amazing encounter. a paddleboarder getting up close with a whale. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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philadelphia strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia this is our top story on the radar, you can see the most severe storms moving overnight from the central plains to the east from oklahoma and kansas into the ohio valley and mid-mississippi valley. that system stretches all the way into south texas. in you're flying today airport delays most likely in houston, new orleans, memphis and chicago. let's take another look at the latest primary results. big victories for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> trump won all five northeastern states holding primaries yesterday while clinton picked up four including the big prize in pennsylvania. the race, it's not over yet but both front-runners appeared ready to focus on the general election and each other.
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she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going and, frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going can the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> now, the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> well, clinton already has 90% of the delegates as she needs to win her party's nomination and trump has more than 75% but the rivals say they're not dropping out any time soon. breaking news from overseas. paris attack suspect salah abdeslam has been happened over
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he provided kilo gist tall support to the attacks, it is alleged. a major discovery in the wreck of the cargo ship "el faro." investigators have found the missing data recorder deep in the waters off the bahamas. now they're figuring out how to retrieve the recorder. it's hoped it will shed light on why it went down. >> with investigators looking into prince's death his sister says the superstar died without a will. in a court filing she listed herself and prince's five half siblings as possible heirs or interested persons. that filing asks the appointment of a special administrator to deal with prince's estate which is reportedly worth around $300 million. a prisoner has been set free after more than two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit. 63-year-old darryl pinkins was greeted by his family on his daughter's 26th birthday. he was released from prison in crown point, indiana after dna
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sexual assault case in 1989. he says he's not bitter about what happened. new pressure on the fda to ban powdered caffeine, just one teaspoon of the supplement is like drinking 28 cups of coffee. they're calling on the agency to take action saying there is too much risk in waiting for laws to be passed. parents of children who died interest taking powdered caffeine are urgeing a ban on the product. switching gears to the first round of the nhl playoff they wrap up tonight when nashville and anaheim play a decisive game seven? as for highlights from some other sports going on, here are our friends at espn. good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set in los angeles, stan verrett, neil everett. nba playoffs. >> no canadian teams in the nhl playoffs but one in the nba playoffs. derozan has struggled with the pacers.
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cory joseph, 23-2 run. indiana had this thing locked up looked like going into the fourth. beauty of the game it's never over until it's over. let's go to overtime. what do you say. >> wait a minute. >> missed it by that much. >> wow. >> raptors 3-2 series lead. this wasn't any old baseball game. especially for andrew mccutcheon, rockies and pirates, top of the first, 3-1 militia kutcheren facing jorge de la rosa rosa. top of the second, 444 feet. pirates take a 4-0 lead. mccutcheon up again, that didn't look like a home run until it kept going and going and went over the fence.
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tenth player in pirates history with a three-homer game but it's happened 18 different types. >> we could name all those players but we'd be showing off. >> exactly. >> and we're out of time. >> back to you. >> humble brag. >> i bet you could name them all. >> of course. >> just not enough time. up next in "the pulse," what a surprise. ceo gives his employees a potentially life-changing gift. the happiest player on the field wasn't even human. for something utterly unique... ...go to your jewelry wardrobe. jared the galleria of jewelry. for levian. only levian makes chocolate diamond jewelry... ...and only jared has a levian selection this amazing. levian. that's why she went to jared. it's the jared diamond jewelry spectacular. featuring our best prices of the season storewide. from mother's day gifts to engagement rings, you'll find the one amazing piece of diamond jewelry she's sure to love. that's why he went to jared.
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it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh. time now for "the pulse" and we'll start with some good reasons for chobani yogurt employees to get busy. >> those were provided by the guy in the middle there. a ceo. he handed out neves to 2,000 full time workers yesterday.
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will be given in chobani ever goes public or is sold. for some the payout would be worth about $150,000. those who have been there from the start would get shares worth more than a million. >> wow. at least it wasn't a pink slip in those envelopes. now to the new york city man who is breathing fire. wayne eljano ate the most chili peppers in a minute. those are the hottest peppers in the world. >> they rate 1.5 million on the heat scale. to compare for you jalapeno is only 5,000 on that scale. he managed to down 22 of those peppers. he's described it as excruciating pain and says he'll never do it again, unless, of course, someone breaks his record then he'll have to give it another shot. >> a certain drugstore in new york out of pepto-bismal. i have no idea if there is a correlation. >> i can't imagine. you never know who you meet when you go paddleboarding off
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two female gray whales and their calves stopped by on their way from baja up to alaska. >> this, of course, is gopro video and a little drone camera got in the way. this spring has been good for whale watching along the coast. mother whales hug the coast to keep their babies safe. and to scare the heck out of badleboarders at the same time. a rather unusual delay at a soccer game. it took place in venezuela. >> early in the morning everything came to a halt because a dog was running around on the field. it ran around greeting some players who some were thrilled. some not so much and hung out a bit longer with one of the goalies. >> one of the visiting players picked it up and carried it off. his team lost the match. >> look at that. >> wanted to hang out and get involved in the game. >> pretty happy. >> at least he cheered them up. more news after this. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh.
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donald trump celebrating big wins in five states and hillary clinton won four, both front-runners are now closer than ever to a general election showdown. former house speaker dennis hastert faces sentencing in a high-profile hush money case. among those expected to testify a man who says he was sexually abused by hastert years ago. a possible tornado hit texas towns near the oklahoma border overnight causing significant damage. power is out for many customers. but there are no reports of injuries. and looking at today's weather, the severe storm system is moving into the ohio and mississippi valleys in the deep south and there is another system moving into the west as well. and finally for us this morning, quite and accomplishment. done by a youngster in rochester, new york. >> ready to run a race but she
4:28 am
>> doris bocker has her story. >> reporter: lee rodriguez rushed to the starting line thinking she was late to her race. >> the man told me i could jump in with these group of runners. >> she jumped in finding someone to space alongside of but felt like something was wrong. >> i asked her how long it was. she said it was like 13 miles and that's when it struck me that i think i was in the half marathon instead of the 5k. >> reporter: that was the race she signed up for and the one her mom had been watching runner after runner finish. >> it's 1:30. she doesn't cross the line. the half marathon are coming already and from the 5k are coming. >> reporter: brenda lee says that's when police and race organizers got involved trying to track her down by the chip on her bib. but it hadn't registered that she even started running. >> we didn't know where she was and we as we found out she was coming to the finish line, i specifically was watching for her and she looked amazing.
4:29 am
name. she was like for me and she said, there she is. >> reporter: her mom tells me she started crying, hugging her daughter. >> i see her with a medal. she run the other one for real. >> she's just 12 years old and decided to keep running and no giving up. >> reporter: lee started to run only two months ago. and she now has a medal to remember her first half marathon, one she finished in 2:43. >> i'm really proud. >> not too bad at all. i wonder if now she'll wouldn't to run another one. >> signing up for the new york city marathon in no time. >> that is's what's making news in
4:30 am
america," donald trump. f0 4:30 and a warning for subway riders after a platform partially collapsed. all new this morning a knife point robbery has investigations wondering if a serial bandit has struck again. a key day in court for an nypd officer who is accused of stomping on a man's head during an arrest. i'm lori stokes.


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