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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  June 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at the stonewall inn with more on this weekend's big events. mallory? >> reporter: a big indeed. barricades are already in place. so many people who plan to participate in the parade tomorrow are celebrating pride in harlem today. hundreds gathered in jackie robinson park for harlem unites the unit of harlem with lgbtqa. keep it going. >> celebrate. >> reporter: xena lost a friend in the pulse nightclub massacre and was at the stonewall riots in 1969. she marchs in the parade every
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be frightened. we have to come out in force, bigger than last year, bigger than they very seen. >> reporter: as harlem pride got underway, a new video was shown publicly for the first time. outside of the stonewall inn, a signed of thanks. >> it feels just like another form of acknowledgment. >> reporter: people stopped by observing a memorial that continues to grow in the wake of the orlando shooting. this as preparations are what is expected to be the largest pride parade in the history of the event. >> now, the community is stronger. so ... you know, love conquers all. >> reporter: the parade will begin at noon tomorrow. but first, a moment of silence. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you mallory. we have more on the pride events this weekend and the march route on our news app. breaking news in new jersey
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say a six- year-old boy accidentally shot his four-year-old brother in the head while playing with his mother's gun. it happened this morning at home on norman street in east orange. the victim is undergoing emergency surgery. his condition not yet known. police are investigating how his older brother got ahold of the gun. so far, no one has been charged. a tentative agreement now reached between new jersey transit and its two hold out unionsment both sides announced negotiations to avoid a june 30 strike. the unions representing engineering and conductors voted down an agreement reached with the rail lines other unions back in march. specifics on this new deal have not yet been announced. also, in new jersey, police are looking for the driver who hit a man in hobokin and took off. a.j. ross is live at the scene. >> reporter: that's right
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the middle of this intersection, there was a 21- year-old man killed overnight and police were searching for that black suv with new york plates that struck and killed him here. people who live and work nearby say this is a dangerous intersection and they have been asking for a stop sign for years. surveillance cameras captured the unidentified driver sixth street just before the suv struck and killed zachary simmons. according to witnesses, instead of pulling over and calling for help, the driver of the suv fled the scene and simmons was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. cars routinely speeding through this intersection and high volume of pedestrian traffic, people
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makes me emotional. it is horrible. why do people drive like that? >> to think of a family getting a phone call in the middle of the night. it is devastating. >> reporter: if you have any information, give the hoboken police a call. president obama has just declared a major disaster in west virginia where at least 26 from devastating flooding there. this afternoon, the president spoke with west virginia governor earl ray tomblin on the phone. the president extended condolences and assured the governor would have all the federal resources he needs for recovery efforts. torrential rain and rising water destroyed more than 100 homes. washed out roads and bridges and electricity.
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around the clock to rescue people stranded in their homes and cars. one man was rescued from his rooftop after staying behind to help a stranger who was panicking. >> i was making may way through a clearing and a young lady was screaming. by the time she got out of her house, she couldn't make it through the waters and i tried to talk her into it but she was panicking. i couldn't lve next month's greenbriar classic because the host course in west virginia there suffered extensive flooding damage. the new york mets today signed their former shortstop jose reyes to a minor league contract. he played with the team with 2003 to 2011. he went to colorado but was cut after violating the domestic violence policy. he became a free agent today.
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$39 million plus more than half a million dollars. the mets will pay the minor league minimums. coming up in sports, how fans are reacting and what the mets are saying about bringing him back. a giant ferris wheel in staten island is coming up. it is starts to take shape. workers planned a little bit of history underneath it and the search for boys and girls at on. now take a swing. >> oh lauren, that was awesome. i hope you make it. tonight, in accu-weather we are looking at temperatures. what a day. practically a perfect ten. looking at temperatures in the highs so far across the area, we did make it into the mid 80s . 85 the top temperature for central park today. no showers and storms. it will be a beautiful weekend. much more coming up in the accu- weather seven day next.
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at subway, you'll love the greek flavors of our mediterranean collection. your choice of delicious chicken or hearty steak. with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today. subway. fresh is what we do. >> an explosion in a fire pit on long island injured three
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in suffolk county after summon poured gas on the flames. two people, youths, were burned. an adult also suffered burns on his arms and hands. a giant ferris wheel is one step closer to becoming a reality. workers finished pouring concrete to complete the foundation of the new york wheel which will be america's tallst ferris wheel at 630 feet and they added a time capsule was buried in the concrete with instructions to open it in 630 years including items like a copy of today's staten island ads and a jar of honey. >> it is symbolic. it is a commemorative step for saying we have finished a major milestone in the building of this wheel and this foundation should certainly last 630 years because we are building an
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all those years. it is slated to open next year. hundreds of boy scouts are in new york city for an annual racing event. the pinewood derby took place in time square. kids seven to ten years old raced their hand crafted cars. some reach speeds up to 20 miles an hour. the first pinewood derby was for a run in the sprinklers. >> most of the humidity is actually, without the humidity. it is pretty good. the first official weekend of summer. this is hard to beat. but the question is can we do it again? >> i say yes. i say yes. >> that is what people want to know. temperatures made it into the mid 80s in the city. i think we will do a degree or
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equation. let's see what is happening. we are looking over the east river now. live picture and the numbers coming in feel good. it feels pretty nice out there. it is warm but we don't have that stickiness. pressure is holding steady. if you are in the shade or you are by the water it will feel cooler. that is nice relief. we dropped to 80 degrees from the high today. one of the warmest spots was the city. in summerville. by tomorrow, our temperatures could make it to the 90-degree mark. a beautiful evening in front of us. a terrific sunset around 8:00. so be ready for some fantastic shots. southeasterly winds will turn here for the evening hours. our temperatures drop in the low 70s overnight. maybe slip into the 60s for a very short time after midnight and we are right back to a
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tomorrow. picture perfect this first weekend of summer. the sea breeze will keep us cooler at the coast. now we have seen the turn of a southeasterly wind, you will get the most relief from that. so remember that if you are headed to the beach tomorrow. there is a thunder threat returning next week, but until then, wall to wall sunshine. look at the eastern seaboard. high pressure is in control. we are not worried about any major storms forming. it is hard to see a cloud when you are looking at this picture. things are just that nice. the transition will start to occur on monday when a weak in from the west. but that doesn't do much to change the forecast until tuesday. tomorrow afternoon, there could be some cloud development to the north in the mid to upper hudson valley. don't expect a shower there. but monday when the front approaches from the west, we will watch it much of the day before we get any chance for a change. in fact, maybe a few clouds come in monday afternoon. but tuesday, the next front becomes a lot more organized and the showers and storms will come in, in a line. that way, we can time them as
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round of showers north and through the afternoon, popup scattered showers. a chance to see a transition with that front. temperatures in the water, we are getting there. four foot waves possible. there is a moderate rip current risk. breaking down the numbers, 86 tomorrow. upper 70s at the coast again. another chance for us to see along the shoreline. south facing shores getting the most relief. so more humid on monday. stickies are back. and then, we see the chance for showers. tuesday and wednesday, maybe even thursday, there could be an isolated shower. 86 on friday. and 83 on saturday. basically a summer like week in front of us. great timing in the weekend. low humidity, sunshine. >> i think it is perfect.
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closed. >> there we go. >> take a look. it is a couple of months until the u.s. open takes place in flushing queens. >> are you a tennis player? >> i am. >> i learned the try-outs for the all important ball girls and boys were held and i thought if i could play tennis i could try this too. take a look. >> i like it. >> you want to try to get it down the end of the court. >> reporter: that is a little easier when you are using your ball person, you are relying on your arm. i signed up to try out. >> do you have any moms doing this. >> we have had up to 85 years old. moms, second generation kids. >> reporter: first a quick warmup, then i try out for the back court position. [ laughter ] which is rough from the get-go. >> i'm down to two! >> reporter: after a few throws, my arm is weary. i would have taken out the uumph on that one.
5:16 pm
side. >> it is all about the hustle. getting into position. >> scoop it. come back. set yourself, throw. >> reporter: which is manageable until it isn't. >> can you move? >> reporter: obviously, you can't ask the play tore move out of the way which is why this throwing is exhausting and ball boys are usually kids, 16 years old. this year, 80 spots will be filled and 170 ball people will be returning to the u.s. open including leray fowler w been a ball girl since 1998 when she turned 14. >> i couldn't go pro. so why not be a ball person? >> it is really the best. i don't sit. but it is the best seat in the house. >> reporter: and you get paid minimum wage. this is the only grand slam tournament that pays its ball people. if you are wondering, i will not be among the ranks this year. >> at the back, it is not really a position for you. but better news is at the net, you did okay.
5:17 pm
which is really important. >> reporter: i clearly need to work on my aim. >> good luck to you. >> i will buy tickets. how is that? >> enjoy the match. [ laughter ] >> great anthony. [ laughter ] >> it is kind of laughable. i took out part of the camera on those throws. >> i did notice that. could you imagine telling serena to move out of the way? [ laughter ] >> i'll stick to a stands. >> what do you got in sports? is it a sign of desperation or are the mets trying to save their season by moving back? the move they made some may question by signing former shortstops. we will hear from the fans. and the yankees were battling
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>> anthony, if this were a movie would they call it back to the future? >> that's right. it is official, the new york mets have resigned jose reyes. injuries have forced the mets to make a move. the team is ready to welcome reyes back who bolted from new york after winning the battle title in 2011 and signing with the marlins. the next year for $106 million.
5:21 pm
team. he has seen his career spiral. he had stints with the blue jays and the rockies. last year, he faced a domestic violence accusation. the commissioner put him on administrative leave and he was suspended until may 31. colorado basically released him and now, he is a new york met again. mets general manager sandy alderson spoke about resigning 33-year-old reyes who will be playing with the brooklyn we can help us, from a motivational standpoint, i don't think we would be able to find a player who is more determined. more highly motivated to perform than jose is today. >> reporter: so, we wanted to hear from you the fans about the move to bring backhoe cia reyes. earlier today, i asked on twitter what does he add? ricky bones says hopefully some
5:22 pm
to come back home. teddy lee adds he was never convicted of any crime and served his time. let's get back to baseball. way to go mets. doug cleary says he is a fan favorite. finally, danny believes he adds all-star ability. coming up at 6:00, we will hear what the general manager has to say about him and the claims of domestic violence. onto one oth the met. they have demoted michael conforto to the minors. he was quoted as saying i just have some fine tuning. the new york yankees are now above 500. on this glorious darks they were taking on the twins and fans were enjoying sunshine and baseball. michael paneda struck out eight. only gave up one run.
5:23 pm
dozier. he was also the twins' only run of the game. yankees got on the board bottom of the 5th inning. carlos beltran with a single. jacolby ellsbury. chapman put the final touches on this one striking out dozier. th the yankees also welcome back mark tashere. this was his first day back on the field since june 3 when he went down with a cartilage tear in his right knee. he walked and went 0-3. lauren, that's it in sports. back to you guys. see you in a little bit at 6:00. >> we will see you then. thans anthony. a woman from ohio reaches new heights and proves you can do just about anything you set
5:24 pm
waste down due to lupus. now, she is hiking the appalachian trail, the 2200- mile trek made possible by a set of high-tech braces that keep her body upright and locked into place and help her legs to move with her upper body. >> i kind of wanted to get the word out there for other people that might benefit from these braces. and also ... try to prove to insurance companies that it is all the come of approving these braces for people. >> because three months into the trip, she hopes to hit the halfway point by next weekend. >> good for her. >> that is incredible. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, the united united kingdom's vote to leave the european union. >> and tomorrow's gay pride
5:25 pm
city. >> and items from one of the most notorious gangsters goes up on the auction block. just how se. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ?? ?? you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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>> you're watching new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news at 5:00. with joe torres, sandra bookman, laura behnke, and meteorologist jeff smith. now, eyewitness news continues. >> here is is a look at the top stories. a little boy is undergoing emergency surgery in new jersey after police say his six-year- old brother accidentally shot him in east orange.
5:28 pm
major disaster lek la declaration where in west virginia. >> police are looking for a man who hit a victim in hobokin and took off. the victim died at the hospital. the brexit vote fall-out triggers emergency meetings. while the u.k.'s decision to leave the comply kateed and will take years, the world is already feeling the financial impact. >> reporter: the brexit aftershocks are adding up. financial markets reeling. prime minister resigning. now threats to break away from the u.k. >> we will seek all possible options to seek scotland's place in the eu. >> reporter: scotland planning
5:29 pm
campaigners are petitions for a second do over vote with 2 million supporters signed on. a day after announcing he is stepping down, david cameron appeared at a parade, but not talking. over leaders trying to reassure the population. >> there will be negotiations before we are no longer membering. >> reporter: but the eu leaders u.k. out as soon as possible. more than $2 trillion wiped out in global markets. republican presumptive nominee donald trump downplaying the impact back home. but the stock market already taking a hit and americans are feeling the impact. the average 401k retirement account lost more than $3,000 from friday's market losses alone. some big companies are warning
5:30 pm
effects you can take advantage of like refinancing. >> interest rates as a result of all of this will probably stay slow, could go lower this year. for some, it might make sense to refinance that mortgage. armed gunmen storm a hotel in somalia after an explosion killing 14 people and injuring nine others. the islamic terrorist group al- shabaab claimed responsibility a suicide bomber detonated himself at the front gate of the hotel. police eventually killed the terrorist. the al-qaeda linked al-shabaab has targeted hotels, universities, and shopping malls. two people are dead after gunfire broke out during a fight at a dance studio in texas. it happened just after midnight at studio 74 in fort worth. police say a number of people at a party were armed and they have no idea how many were
5:31 pm
be there. police are investigating and believe it is gang related. police are investigating a triple murder in suburban washington dc. two women and a man were found shot dead in a home yesterday in prince george county maryland. two other people were also shot and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. investigators are trying to identify a suspect. they say the shooting does not appear to be random. the search for members of a fa sailing is over. the coast guard suspended efforts today. officials now confirm that two bodies recovered off the western florida coast this week are the father and his teenage daughter. but the coast guard says there is no more hope that two other children will be found alive. >> when we make these decisions, we don't do it lightly. we consider a large number of factors that go into this.
5:32 pm
area we have searched. the amount of resources we have. how long it has been. the weather. many other factors. >> the family disappeared last weekend. they lived on their boat. and another tragedy in the water of florida. one woman died after being struck by lightning yesterday. she was actually standing in ankle deep water in the daytona beach area and another man and woman were struck by a bolt as well. eyewitnesses say there were cloud ins the sky. rain or wind when the lightning struck. back in our area, in rockland county now, a fire at an electrical substation is now under control. firefighters from multiple towns were on the scene all night. >> at the scene all night. right along the new york new jersey border near ramapo is where this happened. they decided to let the fire burn itself out because of the environmental risk to the area.
5:33 pm
rockland utilities. neither company reported any outages as a result. items belonging to the gangster james bulger hit the auction block. it is raising families of the victims killed by him and his gang. >> his boxing mannequin sparked a bidding war before selling for $4,900. he is serving a life sentence for a host of taking part in 11 murders. organizers expect tomorrow's gay pride march to be one of the biggest ever and the owner of the pulse nightclub in orlando where a gunman killed 49 people last weekend will be on the lead float. tim fleischer has details on the security measures now in place. >> with more than a million-and- a-half people expected to join
5:34 pm
the nypd will also reach record levels with new emphasis. >> we have increased counterterrorism efforts to act as a visible deterrent as well as a quick response capability. >> reporter: there will be uniformed officers along the parade route for crowd management and control and any other plain clothed officers mixing with the crowd. >> we will be increasing the size of the police detail degree of focus. >> reporter: the march is the hallmark event of the lgbt pride season. crowds have grown in size and the parade will feature this year more than 85 floats. organizers are expecting more spectators because of support of victims of the orlando massacre. >> the important thing is that we remember those 49 people we lost last weekend and so many other lives that we have lost. and, we don't hide. >> reporter: nypd security which has already been
5:35 pm
in the wake of the orlando tragedy will also continue during the nyc pride weekend events. >> whether it is new yorkers or folks coming from anywhere in the world to be a part of this powerful moment, you will be safe. you will be protected. >> reporter: city officials also emphasize that while there are no specific threats directed against this parade, it is important for everyone to be vigilant. the nypd will have one of its vehicles in the parade along action league marching. >> indentersty that far, makes one statement right now. progress. >> reporter: tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> governor andrew cuomo has a bill on his desk have new york state funding public defenders. currently that falls on counties and many of them struggle to cover those costs. the decision comes out of a settlement between the state and the new york civil liberties union. it ryes the state to fund
5:36 pm
the other four new york counties. still ahead on eyewitness news 5:00, a bus driver has his eye on the road as well as passengers and steps in to help when a purse snatcher boards
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>> breaking news, we have learned legendary times fashion photographer cunningham has died. he chronicled fashion trends. in 2011, he was the star subject of a documentary that followed the shutter bug around the city as he photographed everyday people here in manhattan. he had been hospitalized a stroke recently. well today, bill cunningham passed away. he was 87 years old. look at this. caught on camera. a bus driver in philadelphia flying out of his seat to go after a purse snatcher. there he goes. the thief struck as the victim was about to board the brush. charles ardeberry saw what was happening and strung into
5:40 pm
could arrive. joe, an 18-year-old girl from brook lip says she is already completed her life's goal to have her art displayed at new york's premier museum, the met. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang met with the teenager and learned how she made her dream become a reality. >> i don't want my work like everyone else's. >> reporter: this teen has a unique powerful can now admire in person at the metropolitan museum of lark. >> i saw van gogh. and to know that i'm in the same museum is like ... kind of a big deal for me. >> reporter: more than 1200 original works of art were submitted by public school students across the city for this annual contest. this year, 89 works were chosen for the great honor of hanging at the met. >> it is well painted. the composition is wonderful.
5:41 pm
ground, background. all of those things are exceptional. >> reporter: when looking for inspiration, 18-year-old cliffayy forester zeroed in on this young girl from uganda. >> i struggled a lot with the painting. >> reporter: she painted the background beginning with five times, cloudy brooding skies. eventually setting on a clear sky with mountains and hope. >> i decided to background. make her look more empowering. >> i just cried. >> this painting called uganda will hang at the met until october. then, she will finally sign it. but then, she will be in college per suing a degree in fine arts. on the upper east side, lucy lang, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> very talented young lady. it is a face in everything else that only a parent would love. and that might be pushing it too.
5:42 pm
pooches with missing teeth, patches of hair, and vision problems. sweeping rambo. a chinese crested chihuahua mix took top prize. the event is meant to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters. well, from ugly goings to a leaf blower loving llama in houston, her name is fiesta. every morning zoo coopers used a leaf blower to clean her air blowing on her. so, now, the row teen includes fiesta twisting and turning and rolling around in the cool breeze. whether they need to clean the stall or not. >> yes. that becomes secondary suddenly. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a warm welcome for actor dick van dike in his hometown in illinois. this visit is more than just a trip down memory lane. >> and wild fire whiplash. firefighters out west work to contain numerous wild fires
5:43 pm
one right after the other. but around here, not even a weather worry. it looks good. temperatures dropping. looks like it will slide into the 60s . then we warm right back up and we are into the 80s by the early afternoon. coming up, i'll have the accu- weather seven day forecast hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank.
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>> raging wild firing continued challenging firefighters out west. california has burned 72 square mile. you can see nothing but charred remains in its wake. it is blamed for two deaths and burned 150 homes. fires are also burning in new mexico, wyoming, colorado, and utah. the mountain town of pine valley under a voluntary evacuation as flames threaten some 500 homes in that area. lightning is believed no have caused that fire.
5:47 pm
beaches are now open for swimming. the same holds true for swimming pools and jones beach is open until midnight so you enjoy late night activities on the boardwalk and miniature golf and shuffleboard. also life guards will wear innovative new uniforms with sun block built right into them. >> i'm sure it was a little crowded. >> i was in rock away beach surf lesson. it was incredible. i'm so surprised being there post sandy to see the boardwalk. how beautiful it s. the restrooms all rebuilt. the beach looks fantastic. so, summer son in a big way. >> a lot of people there today. >> absolutely. another beach day in front of us tomorrow. it is one of the places you can really keep cool. because of an easterly component to the win. that creates relief at the coastline. while it is hot in the city. temperatures are several degrees cooler by the water.
5:48 pm
all locations is hot, stickiness. it is just warm temperatures and the humidity has been holing off. looking over the east river here. these numbers coming out of central park. 80 degrees. changing that to a southeasterly wind and the high, 85 degrees in central park. warmer numbers showed up on the map. right down cooling it down. upper 70s in a lot of spots. still at 88 degrees. the higher el warmer than any other place today. i think tomorrow, the hot spot is inland new jersey where we will be flirting with the 90s . here's the active weather outlook. looks like tuesday and thursday are the biggest threat days for getting storms and heavy showers. wednesday, we are not really out for a spotty shower, but tuesday and thursday fronts coming through look like they pack the most front. on the accu-weather track, it is hard to see things.
5:49 pm
of the country sunday the influence of a high pressure system. it is hard for storms to form. it is hard for clouds to form so we get this nice weather pattern. futurecast here, we are going to the 60s and the low 70s . by tomorrow morning we are already in the mid 70s early in the morning. making it into the 80s before we get into the noon hour. i think we will have no problem returning to the upper 80s in a lot of spots. trenton, 89 degrees. morris town, 88. shore, temperatures in the 70s all day. same thing for the south facing coastline. you will get the relief from a southeast wind. the next change for rain on the wider view comes in late monday with a few clouds increasing and then tuesday morning, seeing this line come in from the west. now, this could speed up just a little bit or slow down. but looks like it will affect the northwest parts of the area early in the morning in the afternoon, the instability will still be around. a shower threat in the
5:50 pm
quality forecast. moderate. uv index is at 8. mainly grasses are your concerns for pollen. and getting away to the catskills, you have temperatures in the mid 08s . jersey shore, 77. hamptons, 75. we will go with 86 for the high. low humidity again. breaking down the numbers for the week ahead, the weekend really was perfect times and the best weather we have down the stretch. still looking pretty good as we head into nec weekend, but the of the fronts that come through. they don't look like they ruin the days, tuesday, wednesday, or thursday or into next saturday, these are days when we have at least fronts passing the area. and there is the vet of storms in some spots. a threat of storms. >> thanks amy. you guys remember legendary actor dick van dike? >> absolutely. >> the 90-year-old, he is 90. his foundation is turning his childhood home into center for the arts.
5:51 pm
in classics like mary poppins, chitty chitty bang bang. he wants to make sure kids interested in acting have a place to go. >> kids want to go forward with their career. and study, will be able to. >> while in town, he took part in two sold out performances, renovation on the art center will begin next spring. >> just so talented. >> wow. a small illinois town celebrity in their presence. justin bieber had to check into an air bnb mansion along the mississippi river in hamilton then the air-conditioning on his tour bus broke down. he was en route from des moines, iowa to cincinnati. crowds quickly flocked to the $10,000 a night mansion just hoping to catch a glimpse of the star. [ laughter ] meanwhile, fans of one d by the way. that's one direction if you didn't know.
5:52 pm
know that. they are worried that the band is breaking up. this after word that harry styles has signed a contract to go solo. it wasn't long since zayne malik dropped out. >> my weekend was going so well. >> i know. >> a megajackpot just keeps getting bigger. if you want o to yet your hands time. >> i hope so. i would like to cash in. >> okay. >> also ahead on eyewitness news and college students in illinois making history.
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>> an incredible discovery in the middle of an illinois corn field. student archaeologists from indiana university found an entire native american village buried below the surface. it is believed to date back to the mid 1100s and is the largest discovery of its kind in the illinois river valley. among the items they dug up, arrow heads and pottery.
5:56 pm
they consumed, the artifacts like pottery and stone tools. >> i found this arrow head and i was ecstatic because it was whole. not broken or nothing. >> the students collected 97 bags of art facts from the artifacts. the jackpot keeps getting sweeter. the megamillions jackpot is now $390 million. the game's history. some welcome news on this beautiful weekend for everybody headed to the jersey shore. gas prices have dropped in the garden state. they are down about two cents from last week and substantially lower than a year ago. it is the second straight week of dropping prices. right now, the average per gallon is 2.32. anticipation is building for the big pride march
5:57 pm
the big event. >> plus, a 21-year-old killed in a deadly hit and run. the clues police have to track down the driver. >> and we are staying on top of breaking news in new jersey where police say a young boy accidentally shot his four-year- old brother. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, we will have more on that story.
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>> this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with sports. and jeff smith with the exclusive accu-weather forecast. now, eyewitness news at 6:00. crowds descend on new york city march takes on a different tone in the wake of the orlando nightclub massacre. but first, breaking news in new jersey where police say a six- year-old boy accidentally shot his little brother with his mother's gun. hello everyone, i'm joe torres. >> i'm lauren glassberg in for sandra bookman tonight. police responded to the shooting at the home in east orange this morning.


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