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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, travel warning. an historic move by the cdc advising people to avoid an area in the u.s. as the number of zika cases rises. why the concern over this one community and the pregnant women already there on high donald trump stepping up his attacks against hillary clinton calling her the devil as more republicans condemn his comments about a gold star family who spoke at the dnc. we are live in washington. breaking overnight a powerful typhoon slamming hong kong. the major financial hub shut down. this new video as the storm made landfall just in. and a mama bear and her cubs barging into a home chasing a
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good tuesday morning. i'm nick watt. >> and i'm linzie janis. diane and kendis are off. we begin with the growing zika outbreak in miami leading to an historic travel warning to pr pregnant women. >> they are being told to avoid the >> the battle against the virus. 20 more workers headed to the front lines to begin spraying today. the florida neighborhood north of downtown miami where at least 14 cases of zika have been transmitted by mosquito. >> we believe there's still individuals that are at risk in that one-mile square radius. >> reporter: the new cases
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an emergency response team to the state. >> reporter: the cdc issuing its first ever travel warning for right here in the u.s., advising pregnant women not to visit that neighborhood. most people who get zika show no symptoms, but pregnant women can pass the virus off to their baby causing severe birth defects. >> a wareness is important. you need to be aware and you need to know you should take and what you can take and then you choose how to go about that. >> reporter: abc's dr. richard besser is talking to pregnant women who live near that florida neighborhood. >> how does it make you feel that zika is so close to where you are? >> it's scary because as a mother you just want to protect, you know, your child. >> have you taken any steps around your home to cut down on mosquitos? >> making sure none of my plants
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and i make sure to keep the door closed. >> the cdc advised all expectant mothers who traveled to the area in recent weeks be tested for the virus. donald trump is losing ground in the polls as hillary clinton enjoys a post-convention bounce. >> trump rolled out a disparaging new name for clinton while slamming bernie sanders for negotiating with her campaign. >> he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> reporter: refusing to back down from his controversial feud with the parents of a fallen american soldier despite growing criticism from republicans and democrats alike. abc's maggie rulli has the latest from washington. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: good morning, linzie. hillary clinton's convention bounce was more than double that of donald trump's and seeing her highest support in the polls since early may, more than nine points ahead of trump. this increase right on the heels of trump's latest controversial
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within hours a new poll showing hillary clinton with a solid lead in the race for the white house. donald trump declares this. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. i have to be honest. >> reporter: he calls on all republicans to be careful come election day. during an interview on fox news. >> and i hope the republicans are watching closely or it's going to be taken away from us. >> reporter: while trump is focusing on a rigged election many veterans groups and even his own party continue to condemn his comments. john mccain is leading the statement, while our party has bestowed upon him the nomination it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us. gop vice presidential nominee mike pence out on the campaign trail was forced to defend his remarks when a military mother asked about the controversy. the pro-trump crowd began booing. pence went on to say he and trump support military families. >> spent time with our nominee.
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more devoted to the armed forces of this country. >> reporter: in virginia clinton's vice presidential nominee tim kaine took on trump's controversial muslim ban. >> you know, if it's muslims this week, it could be mormons next week or could be baptists the week after that so this is a race that is just absolutely incredible. >> reporter: another member of team clinton taking aim at donald trump. warren buffett is challenging trump to release his taxes before election day. >> thanks so much, maggie. overseas and the u.s. is becoming more deeply involved in the balancele against isis in libya. american forces launched two air strikes near sirt. more air strikes are expected but u.s. ground troops are not expected to be involved. president obama approved the strikes after a request from the u.n. backed libyan government. a longtime fbi employee
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china and sending it sensitive information about the u.s. 46-year-old koon shonn chung worked as an electronics technician at the new york office with top security office. the naturalized u.s. citizen is likely to get a prison sentence of two years. now to the weather. a storm system is getting stronger in the caribbean. there is a 90% chance it will become tropical storm earl. the storm hitting jamaica overnight. it impact on the u.s. but could bring significant rainfall to south texas. rip currents are also potential danger on gulf coast beaches. and breaking now, hong kong got a direct hit from typhoon nida and winds as high as 90 miles per hour. transportation disrupted. classes canceled. even the stock exchange shut down. the storm has now been downgraded moving across
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southwest is seeing monsoon rain. flash flooding is possible in the four states and even the deserts could see an inch or two of rain. still ahead, the major change coming to the food at mcdonald's. and caught on camera. a pilot exiting the cockpit and taking down an unruly passenger. plus, daring rescue. a car in a lake sinking fast
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dramatic moments as a man is rescued off driving into lake st. clair near detroit. good samaritans were already at work by the time police arrived.
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bring the man to safety. it's believed he suffered a medical episode before driving into the water. the search for three teens in southern california has apparently ended in the worst possible circumstances. it's believed the missing teens were in a truck that apparently flew off a mountain road in angeles national forest. three victims were found at the scene pronounced dead. the teen has not been heard from since saturday. the hot air balloon that crashed this wee has been moved to dallas for further examination. investigators believe the pilot may have been trying to land the balloon when it hit power lines and caught fire and there are reports this morning that the pilot, skip nichols settled a lawsuit after a hard landing during a balloon ride in st. louis in 2009. nichols had been arrested four times for drunk driving and served in prison twice. friends said he had been sober for years. all 16 people including nichols died saturday in the crash
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effort to send paying customers to space has been given the go ahead to resume test flights after a fatal accident 20 months ago. the accident injured the commander and killed the second pilot back in 2014. virgin was forced to reassess its safety policies after coming under intense public scrutiny. if those go well the aircraft could eventually carry passengers to the edge of space. fewer and fewer people are buying tablet computers. new numbers say shipments tablets like apple's ipad and samsung tab dropped more than 12% in the second quarter compared to last year. sales of tablets with detachable keypads are seeing some growth but represent a small percentage of the devices being sold. mcdonald's is removing artificial preservatives from its mcnuggets and some breakfast items, as well. it's also replacing high fructose corn syrup in its buns, the company says the changes
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increasingly customers are demandingettier food. i did not know there was high fructose corn syrup in the buns. when we come back bullets fly inside a store. customers and workers running for cover during a robbery. and donald trump not that one, meet dr. donald trump. how his life has changed since the other donald trump entered
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all right. look closely on the top of this garbage truck. that is a big brown bear that was likely wanted to get a nice meal. this happened in new mexico and we don't know how he or she got up there but the driver was so clever, patient, backing the truck up against a tree and letting the bear climb off. how cool is th >> scary bear, just get rid of the bear. get the bear as far as way as possible. won't be a good morning to take a ride in new mexico or anywhere else in the southwest. many roads will be flooded. there will also be wet roads in the northwest and around the great lakes and mississippi valley and over to the southern atlantic coast. if you are flying, airport delays most likely in chicago, charlotte and phoenix. a kentucky man won't be flying any time soon.
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alleged attack on a flight crew. >> it happened as the plane was taxiing to the gate in charlotte. according to the fbi, passenger michael kerr got out of his seat, kicked one flight attendant and shoved another then a pilot took action. that pilot took action by taking kerr down to the floor while saying you don't put your hands on my flight attendant. kerr faces trial on a long list of charges including assault and being drunk and a manhunt is under way for three brazen robbers would stormed a supermarket in houston. workers were caught on camera narrowly escaping into a back room locking themselves inside with seconds to spare. the masked gunmen tried unsuccessfully to shoot their way into the room. but they gave up and escaped with a cell phone and a customer's wallet. the store was riddled with bullet holes but no one was hurt. kesha has abandoned her
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pursuing a similar case in new york. the pop star's career has been in limbo since she accused producer dr. luke of sexual assault and emotional abuse. kesha is also trying to get new music released while appealing two rulings in new york. dr. luke has denied the allegations and accused kesha of suing so she can get a better record deal. actress shannen doherty is speaking out about her battle with cancer. the 45-year-old doherty is best known for her role hills 90210" diagnosed with breast cancer early last year and tells "entertainment tonight" the cancer first spread to her lymph nodes and now possibly beyond. doherty was recently surrounded by family and friends when she had her hair cut off. >> we did a pixie and then we did a mohawk which was my favorite look and then we finally had to get the shaver
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a picture out of the grocery store, i wanted to put it out there the way that it felt the best for me to put it out there. >> doherty has undergone three of eight planned rounds of chemotherapy. after that she says she will undergo radiation. she says she's sharing so much in order to help other women. the driver of a car that crashed into a west virginia walmart has been collared. he was one of the two dogs that had been left in a running car while the owner shopped. dogs would stay cool but somehow one of then put the car into gear. there was no major damage, we'd say the driver was unlicensed but we'll bet he was wearing his -- i give up. >> time for sports on this tuesday morning. >> let's get baseball highlights from our guys at espn. good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. >> if you don't know maximum
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attention. he's been doing some things, eight home runs in july for the minnesota twin, got called up in june. and he didn't stop there. this monday night against the indians a home run against danny salazar. facing salazar again in the top of the third. two twins up, salazar, mri on his elbow. twins want to check him out struggling a bit. later this is kepler again off cody anderson, three home runs in t 4 for 66. danny duffy with the performance of his life against the rays. his career high june 11th. 10 ks against the white sox. here we go bottom first two out gets longoria, souza, longoria again, bottom eight, no-hitter going. there it went, desmond jennings, fastball into left field for a double. no-hitter over. 16 strikeouts.
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>> he puts everything in every pitch. i mean if you watch him throw. >> yeah. >> you know, he puts everything into it. >> does that mean he has nothing left. >> well, yeah, for that pitch. right. back to you. up next in "the pulse," jojo's decision. the bachelorette season finale. so who got the final rose? and dangerous intruder. a bear inside a home chasing this man up his own stairs. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?.
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the beach in thailand. not a good sign. jojo turning him away saying her heart was elsewhere. >> and where else could it be? with jordan. he proposed marriage and she said yes. they're moving to dallas together and they say they will be married next year. >> i got all excited and i believed them. >> it's love, nick, i tell you. >> it's love. >> it's love. political pundits have been saying for months that there's only one donald trump. the brass bil his tongue for no one, of course. >> but actually there is another donald trump, dr. donald trump, an oncologist who runs a cancer research center in virginia and could not be more different. he is soft-spoken and low key and lives in a one-story home and drives a subaru and still married to his high school sweetheart. >> i have dealt with the smiles and the chuckles and the, oh, you're really not donald trump
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a lot more intense in the last year. >> i felt pretty sorry for him. that's not a political statement. >> only one of these donald trumps will be voting for donald trump in november. we've had bears in backyards in swimming pools, even a garbage truck but imagine this california man's surprise to find a bare and her two cubs inside his house and, worse, they chased him up the stairs. >> he slammed the door but not before recording this on his through the whole thing. he just thought the other guy was making a lot of noise preparing a snack. but that's a bear chasing him up the stairs. trying to make him a snack. >> that was the same room that left the door open in the first place. >> i cannot believe this happens and apparently this is relatively common. relatively common, this happens. more news after this.
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checking our top stories, there's a travel warning for a miami neighborhood where more than a dozen people have come down with the zika virus. pregnant women are advised to stay away. donald trump says he's bracing for a rigged election as hillary clinton opens a nine-point lead in the polls. meanwhile, trump is refusing to apologize over a feud with a gold star family despite growing criticism. f trading suspended and trees uprooted when typhoon nida hit hong kong overnight. the storm had moved on but there is still a threat of flooding. today's weather, there will be heavy rain and possibly flooding in the southwest. thunderstorms are expected around the great lakes and in most of the south. and finally, a special couple in new york state celebrating a marriage
4:28 am
>> and what's the secret to a marriage that long? wabc's tim fleischer talked to them to find out. >> reporter: coming down the aisle elizabeth could not help but shed a tear in this moment. for her husband karl, the man she has loved over 75 years. renewing their wedding vows karl and elizabeth show just how strong their love has been and will be. good to each other. >> reporter: the gfatters who just moved into the river valley care center in poughkeepsie have been overwhelmed that taff and administrators want to celebrate this special occasion. >> staff and residents alike and, again, everyone is just so excited to celebrate what is really just a beautiful celebration in general. >> reporter: karl and elizabeth first met as children. later dated in high school after that karl proposed.
4:29 am
want us to get married yet. they said we were too young. >> reporter: after a church wedding, karl's father bet him the marriage would not last. >> he says, i'll tell you what, if it lasts more than a year, i'll give you a hundred bucks. >> reporter: he paid in cash and their love floush othered. karl went off to war. later they had a daughter who passed away in 2015, but one thing was constant. >> he just said he loved that's all that mattered. >> you are truly a blessing to the world, to society and what it means to sacrifice yourself for the other. >> reporter: elizabeth and karl then kissed each other. their love stronger than ever. >> 75 years. wonderful years. >> reporter: reporting from poughkeepsie, tim fleischer, abc news. >> love, honesty and be good to each other.
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f0 breaking at 4:30, one person is dead and another injured after a gunman opens fire on two people sitting in a car. we are live with what we know about the gunman. an unprecedented warning. officials are warning people to avoid a certain part of florida because of the zika virus. what officials are doing in our area to keep people safe. we are tracking early- morning thunderstorms on


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