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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a deadly encounter steps from the ferry terminal on staten island. firefighters are still pouring water on a massive blaze inside a warehouse. parts of queens boulevard shut down to traffic. donald trump takes his campaign to long island today as a new poll shows hillary clinton pulling ahead. good morning i'm lori stokes. and i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. it is thursday august 4th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist amy freeze in for bill with the accu-weather forecast. what a fantastic start we've got. we can see the empire state building all the way down to one world trade. skies perfect and a few fair weather clouds decorating the backdrop. 67 degrees currently in central park. 67 in murray hill too. 70 for white stone. howard beach good morning 64 degrees there. down the jersey shore, 61 for belmar and then 50s for monticello.
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really have to search lie and low. and as far as rain goes, we are again, dry on the east coast. looking great for the northeast, and we hold showers- free really right through tomorrow afternoon. and then by saturday we could be dodging some showers and thunderstorms. your day planner for today, upper 60s by 7:00. by noon 78. a high today of 81 degrees with a light southeast wind. coming up the accu-weather 7- day forecast we'll talk the best half of the weekend and weekend is out. >> i'm okay with that. me too. something i'm not okay with is this. this is the george washington bridge as you move across the upper level you are bumper to bumper. lower level looks a lot better all because of late running construction. webster avenue into the sheridan. 30 minutes inbound george washington bridge lincoln and holland doing okay. verrazano bridge brooklyn-bound police activity. the activity has been cleared away, the upper level is open.
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the staten island expressway onto the verrazano bridge. bqe northeast into the brooklyn battery tunnel you have an accident right there. onto the l.i.e. east late running construction exits 21, 22. you can still see that delay as you go eastbound. even westbound stuck in some volume. street cleaning rules in effect. lori over to you. thank you. developing overnight a man found stabbed to death early this morning on staten island. police found the 30-year-old victim dead on b staten island ferry. he had been stabbed in the torso. no arrests have been made. the investigation is impacting ferry service this morning. 6:02. this morning streets from queens are close today traffic as firefighters contain a wood fueled fire inside a warehouse. the fire rose to five alarms last night, sending dangerous flames and smoke into the air. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson is live. >> reporter: good morning ken. a change out here.
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since last night. all westbound lanes of queens boulevard are now open. traffic flowing in both directions. right now crews are still dumping water on what is left of this factory. this is 37th street just off queens boulevard where quality advisory remains in effect because of the lingering smoke. this fire started around 7:30 last night and was so intense, because the inferno was being fueled by tons of lumber and chemicals. at its peak the blaze reached five the roof of the building to collapse. it was brought under control around 11:30 last night. at one point, some of the first firefighters to arrive here got trapped inside it. chief called a mayday, and that is when this operation switched to an exterior attack. smoke could be seen from miles away. at this point it is not clear what caused the braise inside of new york custom interior mill work corporation.
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this wasn't a total loss. >> through aggressive actions, we were able to save the businesses on both sides and on the rear of the building. so, through a very aggressive action, the one business is lost and it is always a problem for the people who were working there, we feel we were able to save the businesses of the people, without injuries. >> reporter: again this fire is under control, but crews are on hot spots. so again for the first time since last night, traffic here on queens boulevard flowing in both directions. it is a little sluggish here at times at 37th street. in terms of the number 7 train, it is also up and running. i have seen a lot of trains heading eastbound, but i haven't yet seen one heading toward manhattan. kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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sexual attack inside a staten island church. this photo, released by the nypd, shows 42-year-old asincian barrera. he tried to rape a woman inside the women's bathroom at the church sunday. she did fight him off. if you know where he might be call crime stop sneers flyers have been posted around a neighborhood in howard beach queens after the shocking avid runner. 30-year-old karina vetrano was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted while she was out for a run. eyewitness news reporter mallory huff has the very latest. >> reporter: lori good morning. she is remembered as a woman gone all too soon. at this hour, still no suspects in this case. as you can see, behind me, there is a command post set up. there are what appear to be three aerial pictures of the
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to investigators as the search for clues continues. last night people attended a vigil for 30-year-old karina vetrano. she disappeared during a jog. the medical examiner ruledler death a homicide and said she was -- ruled her death a homicide, and said she was strangled. she left home for a jog around 5:00 tuesday evening. when she didn't come back, family reportedler missing. her missing. her body was discovered around 9:00 by her father 14 blocks from her home. she typically ran on the path with her dad, but on this occasion he didn't go, because of an injury. now an entire neighborhood is on edge. >> a terrible tragedy. it is frightening. i go bike riding every day. >> my heart goes out to the family and the neighborhood.
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that did it. the neighborhood is tight and the whole community is going to come together right now. >> reporter: now investigators are looking into crime patterns in nearby neighborhoods. they say it is still unclear if this woman knew her attacker. live from howard beach mallory huff channel 7 eyewitness news. the search will resume this morning for the man who ran from a traffic stop, dived into the pasaic river and then to escape into the storm drains under newark. the escape brought out police from newark and neighboring harrison, where the man was first stopped. the suspect ran across a bridge ask dived into the river to avoid capitalture fawhile he was -- capture. for awhile he was holding on to a support. >> reporter: you think he jumped into this bad river? >> hey man, it is dirty jersey. people will do crazy things to
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find him. from what i heard he was actually hiding in the sewer pipes in the sewer line. >> reporter: police pulled open manhole covers to look for the man. this morning's search could actually turn into a recovery operation if the man is still in the pipes at high tide. 6:08. donald trump will be on long island tonight for a private $5000 a plate fundraiser. the money will be good local cash and not summer money from good for trump in a new fox news poll that shows hillary clinton building a strong lead. she has 49%, up 5 points from last month. trump is trailing with 39%. over the past month he has gained just 1%. top leaders in the republican party reportedly are planning an intervention for trump meant to be a strategic review and perhaps a last chance to convince trump to change his direction after two
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to focus on fighting hillary clinton and not pick a fight with the whole world. hillary clinton is cam page today in nevada but she picked commerce city, colorado to attack donald trump for outsourcing his business in overseas factories. clinton set a fundraising record last month pulling in $90 million. but trump pulled in $80 million, most of it donations. you're never more than 7 we start off this thursday with spectacular skies. i love this shot. we can see one world trade. lady liberty in the shadow. a repeat what have we saw yesterday in a lot of ways. meteorologist amy freeze seeing another 67-degree reading to start off. it is going to be comfortable of the hard to find a cloud when we are looking around the area this morning and we are going to be shower-free again.
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same for long island across the sound. bridgeport has 63. 50s showing up, andover and monticello reading temperatures in the 50s at there hour. another cool night tonight but not quite as cool falling in the 50s. wall to wall sunshine. we'll look at the rain forecast taking us through the next 24 hours. we remain rain-free. enjoy this day. low to mid-70s, right around 78 a high today of 81 in new york city. that is weather. here's heather with a look at your drive and ride today. >> reporter: looking at the grand central parkway it is jam packed. this is eastbound right near the interchange. you can see only two lanes getting by at this point. ongoing construction. let's head over to our maps and we'll talk to you about the george washington bridge and our new jersey transit, metro north and long island railroad.
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jam packed. the bqe, northeast, getting into the battery tunnel. you have an accident right there. so that is crossbronx expressway is a mess. eastbound webster avenue into the sheridan because of construction, so the inbound side of the george washington bridge 30 minutes to the upper level. street cleaning rules in effect for today. lori and ken over to all right heather thank you. 6:11. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, hurricane earl america. winds up to 75 miles per hour. we are seeing our first video of the storm. also ahead a car slams into a home but the driver doesn't stick around to help clean up.
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crashing into a home from new jersey. minutes later the homeowner says that the driver then backed out and drove off before police could arrive. two cars parked outside the home were also hit and damaged. 6:14. a serial street shooter has struck again from arizona. police believe the person who shot a 21-year-old or shadowat a 21-year-old plan and a 4-year- old boy on july 11th is responsible for a string of
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dead and two hurt since april. police say they reviewed this information a month after the shooting. an arrest this morning but still no answers into the killing of two teenagers in an atlanta suburb. their bodies were found behind a grocery store on monday. 20-year-old jeffrey hazlewood faces murder charges in the deaths of 17-year-old natalie henderson and carter davis. they both had been shot head. police are still investigating a motive, but they believe hazlewood acted alone. the yankees are hoping for a repeat performance tonight in the bronx as they close in on winning the annual subway series. the mets took an early lead only to have the yanks answer back in the bottom of the first.
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to win it 9- 5. fourth and final game tonight 7:05 at the stadium. and the olympics don't officially start until friday, but the u.s. soccer team is already getting the ball rolling from rio. the women are vying for their fourth straight olympic gold. the team shutout over new zealand in the first game of group play. the next match is against france. 6:15. check this video out. hurricane earl darkening the skies over cancun, mexico. the storm has hit belize and parts of southern mexico could be next, but earl may give cancun a break, even though this those look ominous if you are a tourist hoping for a tan. >> yeah not too much sun there. 6:16. time to check the accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: i'm hoping people don't have vacations down there right now.
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mexico. plenty to come. a category 1 storm. first look you guys, gorgeous again. so beautiful. look at the skies. hard to beat this weather, second day in a row, coming right at you with temperatures in the low 80s. it is practically like san diego around here, minus the morning fog right? here we go, 79% humidity. this is the number and the official reporting station coming out of central park, southeast winds at 5 miles hour. cool. monticello 54 degrees. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in the boroughs. 57 for lake hurst right now. we begin this day very cool. the last two nights you could have had the windows open overnight. tonight similar story but the humidity does increase for friday. picture perfect, and then nice, muggy, rolling into the
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temperatures near 90 degrees. looking at the picture hardly anything showing up. it is going to be hard to find a cloud for much of day. we transition tomorrow with a flow of weather coming up from the southwest. that's a new air mass we are going to sebringing more humidity in. feeling sticky around here it also creates more instability. this is well south of cancun. to give you an idea and a frame of reference, south even of cozumel, going all the way do is a category 1 storm winds rotating about 75 miles per hour and then you have a westerly movement of 15 miles per hour. this is interesting when you look at the wind fields. it is a tightly wrapped storm. it is not the wind that creates the problem and devastation with this particular storm, it is actually the moisture in the storm. some places could see up a foot of rainfall, believe it or not. that is pretty impressive. the storm will continue to go
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along the coast in veracruz. if you have family in that area, a potent storm, and damage et cetera expected from that one. around here 81 degrees, lots of sunshine, really a beautiful day tonight we go down to 68 degrees. could see upper 50s and low 60s in the suburbs. then the weekend, we kick it off with muggy and 84 friday. saturday there could be storms and it turns out real sticky, of the weekend. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s for monday tuesday and wednesday. that becomes more average for august. but it is not unlikely that we see a sticky first full week of august. and we certainly escaped that around here. i mean, it is absolutely fantastic outside. no mugginess in the air to contend with. i like it. >> very nice. thanks. we go to heather o'rourke.
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washington bridge. lincoln and holland look great, go for that. this is all because of late running construction, webster avenue into the sheridan the construction is finally being cleared away. news copter 7 up above the staten island expressway with earlier police activity finally cleared off the verrazano bridge. good morning john del giorno. >> reporter: good morning heather. a gorgeous morning to fly. staten island you can see all the way out to breezy point in queens. down here all the traffic the verrazano bridge, this is a very heavy delay. as you said earlier police activity was on the upper level and had to lanes shut down. that activity has been cleared, all lanes have reopened but you can see the damage done on the staten island expressway. volume has been a little off on the expressway since we got into the summer, although this morning this is more what we are used to. bumper to bumper delays beginning before toad hill road and up onto the span itself. mass transit is doing fine.
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major issues. bqe northeast near the battery tunnel, that accident is still being cleared way. you can see that delay as you come up into that spot. and as john said, that police activity cleared, verrazano bridge, brooklyn-bound, upper level. over to a web cam and how things look on the grand central parkway. eastbound in the interchange, this is all of that construction. you have the right lane closed off, okay two lanes getting by on the eastbound side. street cleaning rules in effect fo ken, over to you. 6:21. they walked off the job. soon they will be out of a job.
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atlantic city is about to lose another casino. the trump taj mahal will close after the labor day weekend. the owners blame a strike that has gone on for more than a month. 2100 people will lose their
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losing millions of dollars every month. it would be the city's fifth casino to close in two years. a small start up company has scored a breakthrough for its dreams of exploring the moon. moon express plans to send a tiny scientific rover to the moon next year. the approval opens the door for other companies to pursue private space missions. on wall street the dow started today up 41 points at 18355. s and b500 also begin -- s & p 500 also began higher. closing in on 6:30. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning the very latest on a developing story on staten island. a deadly stabbing near the terminal for the ferry. a deadly attack in a park in london. where hamilton the musical
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we have this mess right here. this is traffic coming off the george washington bridge underneath the apartments going eastbound on the crossbronx. we have an accident buy the deegan, late running construction near the sheridan. a different story in the weather department amy freeze, a beautiful day on tap? it is, 81 degrees today in the city. 70s in the beaches. nice tomorrow, muggy saturday. sunday is the better half. you're never more
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intense flames, hundreds of firefighters working through the night. this is a live picture of the very active scene in sunnyside. flipped on the scene of a shocking -- nypd on the scene of a shocking murder. and what the city is doing today to stop the spread of mosquitoes in certain boroughs. good morning to you i'm ken
6:30 am
weather and traffic. and meteorologist amy freeze. >> reporter: good thursday morning, everybody. skies look fantastic. another beautiful day in front of us. much like yesterday with blue skies, lots of sunshine and temperatures easy to take. one fair weather cloud there, a cumulus cloud hanging over the battery right now. 67 degrees is the number in central park. looking across the area, a cool morristown. 59 for toms river. really looking good. we are shower free again. not only no rain today but also very few clouds, southeast winds through the afternoon, high today of 81 in new york city. by the time we get to sunset, we'll slip right back into the mid 70s. the accu-weather 7-day forecast coming up next. a good look at the weekend.
6:31 am
essex street. george washington bridge 70 minutes getting into the upper level. bumper to bumper across the span this is because of late running construction on the crossbronx eastbound webster avenue into the sheridan. but the construction is finally clearing. you can eight add the crossbronx eastbound on the alexander hamilton bridge an accident being cleared. long island railroad, jersey transit and metro north doing just fine, no major issues. bqe northeast at the battery tunnel, we had there, the accident cleared but you can see the delay. the verrazano bridge over to staten island, the earlier police activity has been cleared from the upper level. street cleaning rules in effect for today. ken over to you. heather thank you. 6:31. new information on staten island there lab a deadly stabbing near the ferry terminal. >> john del giorno is live. john?
6:32 am
of the staten island ferry terminal to the right. this was a stabbing that occurred around 2:00 a.m. we are told around that time a 30-year-old male was found, fatally stabbed on a bench here just outside the richmond county ballpark on the waterfront. at about the same time we are told a 49-year-old, heavily intoxicated male showed up at the richmond university medical center also with stab wounds. that man is being treated right now. life-threatening injuries, and police are treating that person as a person of interest regarding this fatal stabbing on the waterfront. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. john thank you. also developing police are looking for the shooter who killed a man in front of a school in brooklyn on snyder avenue. 38-year-old gerald cummings was shot in the head and back. the shooting had nothing to do with the school. right now, firefighters are still on the scene of a massive
6:33 am
in queens. hundreds of firefighters battled the 5-alarm fire that burned through wood and potentially dangerous chemicals. eyewitness news reporter kimberly richardson is joining us live, as the operation continues to traffic this morning, kimberly? >> reporter: good news for anybody heading out of the door right now. all lanes here on queens boulevard we are right here at 37th street. all lanes have reopened in both directions. they are still out here dumping water on what is left of this factory. we have been watching them all morning. in terms of the air quality, an advisory is still in effect, but i can tell you in the last hour or so the smoke has eased up a lot. the fire started around 7:30 last night. more than 250 firefighters had been working this fire overnight and this morning. this inferno was so intense, because it was being fueled by tons of lumber, wood furniture and chemicals, like paint and lacquer. at its peak it reached five
6:34 am
collapse. it was eventually brought under control around 11:30 last night. the factory was destroyed, but several businesses on both sides were saved. smoke from this fire could be seen from miles away. >> you could feel the heat through the window. coming into queens. on the train. >> reporter: you could feel the heat? >> when you are passing by here it was blazing pretty good. >> reporter: again if you are dr area, queens boulevard, traffic in both directions okay. 37th street some folks are slowing down to take a look at this. also the number 7 train, i have been watching trains heading eastbound all morning and just a few minutes ago i saw the first one heading toward manhattan. so that is really good news. kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. kimberly thank you. 6:34. a queens community is shocked and saddened this morning by the violent death of a popular jogger.
6:35 am
night in honor of karina vetrano. she was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted just blocks from her home. police are searching for her killer. >> reporter: ken, neighbors waking up in this area this morning without answers, still trying to understand how something like this could possibly happened here. as you can see behind me, a command post is set up this morning. this is a search for clues. vanished during a jog. her body found in a howard beach park. she was strangled. investigators say her clothes were in disarray, suggesting a possible sexual assault. yesterday 200 people gathered for a vigil in her memory. investigators say she left her home for a jog around 5:00 in the evening tuesday. when she didn't return family reported her missing. her body was discovered at 9:00
6:36 am
discovery was made in the marshes of spring creek park about 14 blocks from her home. she typically ran on the bag with her dad, but on this -- on the path with her dad but on this occasion he didn't go. a childhood friend remembers vetrano. >> very smart girl. well spoken. a very witty person. a fun person to be around. >> reporter: investigators tell us it is unclear if this 30- know her attacker. in the meantime neighbors say they are afraid to send their kids outside in an area they thought was safe. live from howard beach, mallory huff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> mallory thank you. new details out this morning on the knife rampage that killed one woman and injured five others in central london. the victim's body was recovered from the scene early this morning. an officer used a stun gun last night to take down the 19-year- old attacker in russell square,
6:37 am
to be an american. mental health is being called a major factor in the attack, but officials are not ruling out terrorism. also new details now on the jetliner crash in dubai. cell phone video shows how passengers scrambled to escape the emirates airplane, why some appeared to block the aisles, grabbing their luggage. just after the evacuation a huge ball of flames erupted from the plane. a firefighter was later killed in e officials say the landing gear may not have deployed properly but the cause of the crash is still under investigation. happening today the new york city health department will be in staten island and the bronx for another round of mosquito spraying all in an effort to prevent the zika virus from settling in there. this comes as the new york attorney general cracks down on companies pedaling zika prevention scams. the agency has sent cease and
6:38 am
prevention products. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. we are at 67 degrees right now. what a view here. looking at the city, it is just absolutely looks great, the skyline fantastic. a little bit of smoke and haze over queens. looking down toward the battery, a beautiful start this morning, lots of blue skies and sunshine, currently 67 in central park. and temperatures in the low 80s, similar to what we had yesterday. picture perfect day. even with a cool start in places like monticello, however just in the mid-50s this morning, we'll warm up nicely. wall to wall sunshine across the northeast. no major weather disturbances coming in. we are rain-free again today. right through the noon hour, temperatures will be climbing. i think we'll spike our temperatures around noon or 1:00 going for the lie of 81 degrees. as far as the weekend goes, saturday looks like the wet day, sunday a little better with 84 degrees and lots of
6:39 am
we breakdown the accu-weather 7- day forecast coming up next. that is weather, here's heather with a look at your traffic. this is the grand central parkway. let's go over to our maps. m, trains, services. george washington bridge one hour go with the lower level lincoln and holland 15 minutes. lower level ramp we have an accident. eastbound side of the crossbronx expressway, from webster avenue to the sheridan, construction finally clearing, but again, a 1 hour 20 minute delay inbound george washington bridge to the upper level. we are also looking at the grand central east from exit 16 to 19, construction. go with the l.i.e. to avoid that delay. street cleaning rules in effect for today.
6:40 am
you. 6:39. new this morning a suicidal man clinging to the edge of a building 22 stories up. police come to the rescue, only to take him into custody, suspected of murder. and take a look at this. how did the driver survive? and heather just told us about this. that is the gw byou are looking at, major delays, she is telling us an hour 20. news copter 7 is headed that
6:41 am
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back to the commuter alert on the george washington bridge, check it out. an accident is leading to massive delays. >> news copter 7 is overhead. we check in with john del giorno. >> reporter: good morning ken and lori. you can see delays here at the george washington bridge, much like yesterday. we had late running construction, a couple of accidents, one on the crossbronxon on the inbound lower level, and the damage is done. let me swing the camera around. you are looking at the fort lee side of the bridge here and over on the right side, you will begin to see i-95 come into focus and that is where the big delay is this morning. you can see bumper to bumper volume all the way down the hill. we generally will call that delay a 45 to 60 minute delay once it gets down around that point. we usually use exit 70 there at
6:44 am
for a 45-60 minute delay. this delay is beyond that. it is back past the i-95 interstate 80 merge point there. so that is at least an hour delay. things are moving extra slow due to the earlier problems so as heather said delays now upwards of 60 minutes. live over the george washington bridge john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. john thank you. earlier this week we told you about the woman found murdered in a basement in custody. what an arrest it was. the 73-year-old man was at his lawyer's office in tribeca when he climbed out the window onto the ledge of the 122nd floor, took a translator speaking mandarin four hours to talk the man off the ledge. he is now getting a psychiatric evaluation at bellevue loss. 6:44. "good morning america" is up next. robin roberts live in times square good morning.
6:45 am
stabbed to death, five injured. a suspect is now in custody. europe already on edge. was this an act of terrorism? we'll have a live report for you this morning. also heather, the race for the white house. trump trailing clinton by 10 points in a new fox news poll after a week of controversy. trump's campaign chairman will join us live. and countdown to the olympics. it is on. the opening ceremony kicks off tomorrow in rio as concerns compete in. could it put their health at risk? all the details on that. and on solid ground team usa soccer off to a great start, the women. >> been doing it. >> yeah they are. >> at least they don't have to be in the water. >> that is what i mean, yes. grateful for that. >> robin thanks, we'll be watching. >> you got it. let's check in with meteorologist amy freeze from for bill. >> reporter: good morning to the both of you. a lot of people in a good mood,
6:46 am
get their coffee, faces shining bright, no weather worries, that is for sure. yesterday picture perfect. we are going to get a repeat of that again today. temperatures are easy to take, the skies look good, it is hard to find a problem. but we could find a change coming our direction. empire state building looking down to the battery. the one lone cloud out there, and that is the story of the day. it is wall to wall per hour. white stone 70 degrees there. 64 for howard beach. our temperatures really in and around the boroughs in the middle to upper 60s. you go north and west and it was 50s overnight. almost cool. you could have are the windows open last night. really nice. again tonight another cool night ahead of us. the lineup is picture perfect, more humid tomorrow. by saturday we have storms to contend with and we are pushing
6:47 am
change that comes in. sunday may be the better day of the weekend, more comfortable and a few more risks of storms around as well. the weather pattern high pressure protecting us, slides off to the east. pulls up the moisture from the south. a little bit of humidity and temperatures in the mid-80s, but the extra moisture and instability in the air could scare up showers. so well south of cancun, we go down to belize, give you a frame of reference here on the earl makes landfall overnight, as a category 1 storm. it will continue to push westward, about 15 miles per hour right now, so slowing itself down. and the threat, not really the winds wrapping around this storm, which is pretty potent, wind right now at about 75 miles per hour, it is actually the water inside the storm that is really going to devastate some of these communities. we are talking about the potential for a foot are rainfall. that is -- a foot of rainfall. property damage, flash
6:48 am
very large area going to be affected by this. and the projections for the storm here over the next 24 to 48 hours, we'll take it right past places like vera cruz before it becomes a low pressure system. and in all that time we are going to be seeing a lot of rainfall. the pictures out of mexico will likely be very unsettling, the damage created by this storm system. we'll watch for that. meanwhile, like i say, hard to find anything that creates a worry around here. for weathewe word for queens, they have had that big fire and they have been notifying folks, kimberly is on the scene, the air quality is difficult because of the smoke created by the fire. be aware of that. 84 tomorrow with the increase in humidity. saturday storms, 88 degrees. better half of the weekend yeah we'll give that one a clear. monday tuesday and wednesday low to mid-80s expected. that will do it for us out here. hope you guys are able to enjoy the weather.
6:49 am
in the 70s, so fantastic all the way across- the-board. >> beautiful. >> all right thank you amy. over to heather for a look at the commute. >> reporter: police activity on the f, and m, trains. some trains are going to be running by the a, or g. and we have extensive delays george washington bridge, especially to the upper level. news copter 7 is up above the george washington bridge, now that delay coming inbound, is because of two problems. that upper level is jammed because of construction on the crossbronx near the sheridan. lower level has an accident getting onto the henry hudson parkway. major delays inbound, especially off your i-95 approach. avoid this if you can. you can go down to the lincoln or holland. go back to our maps, lincoln about a 15 minute delay, holland tunnel also about a 15- minute delay. the ramp to the henry hudson parkway an accident and the earlier construction finally
6:50 am
or not the upper level actually looks like it is easing. 138th street disabled vehicle and grand central parkway exit 16-19 late running construction. so head up to the eastbound l.i.e. as your alternate to the grand central. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken, lori. over to you. thank you heather. it is broadway's smash hit musical. now hamilton is hitting the road. >> sort of. se show today. we hope you when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise,
6:51 am
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh.
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6:53 am
6:53. welcome back. a terrifying experience for a woman who suffered a medical emergency. >> take a look at this image. a 12-foot metal pole crashed through the windshield of the woman's suv. the pole was inches from her head. police say the woman veered off the road and slammed into a fence. the top rail of the fence crashed through the windshield. the woman's condition is unknown. the coast guard is finding a unique way to celebrate its 226th birthday. >> cast members of hamilton will ride aboard the coast guard eagle. the coast guard was commissioned by alexander hamilton on this day in 1790. the eagle will then tie up at
6:54 am
through sunday. it is 6:53. in the last half hour we just learned new details about the murder that happened near the staten island ferry terminal.
6:55 am
at subway, you'll love the greek flavors of our mediterranean collection. your choice of delicious chicken or hearty steak. with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today.
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we continue following a developing story in queens.
6:57 am
in a woodworking factory. all westbound lanes of queens boulevard are finally open. the enormous flames devoured this one building, an air quality advisory remains in effect. the fire is under control but crews are still dumping water on hot spots. in the last half hour police are saying a 30-year-old man was found dead on a beach into a drunken dispute with a 49-year-old man being treated for stab wounds at the hospital. he is a person of interest. the crime scene is not impacting ferry service this morning. breaking news we have just learned the woman killed in london was american. five others were hurt in last night's attack. an officer used a stun gun to take down the attacker. motive behind the attacks is
6:58 am
morning. >> reporter: seriously. let's go over to a web cam first. a couple, i have two. this is the l.i.e. around the area of exit 41 you have an accident. then the l.i.e. around the northern state connector, this is another accident off on the side of the roadway but causing delays. over to our plans now. that is the l.i.e. west near the northern, the george washington bridge upper level is 60 palestinians. >> wow. >> you want to go to the lower level if you ca actually gotten better. the lincoln is 30, the holland is 20. then the george washington bridge inbound lower level ramp to the henry hudson parkway there is an accident. there was late running construction on the crossbronx expressway that has been cleared away. f, and m, trains police activity on deegan south 138th street a disabled vehicle. then you have the belt parkway
6:59 am
that is another accident that is being cleared. look at the van wyck expressway both directions doing just fine. that is the only road you can go on. >> going to the beach down the jersey shore, take the van wyck. >> exactly. for the weather, you can't complain. we are worry free in this section. temperatures around 80 degrees, and tomorrow we get humidity increasing and 84. heading into the weekend, things do heat up. degrees, showers and thunderstorms are possible. sunday is a dry day, better half of the weekend there, 85. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s in the accu-weather 7-day forecast. that is a lot more average for there time of year. only a few days with the mugginess mixed in. things are comfortable so enjoy the day. thank you. that will do it for us. i'm lori stokes. i'm ken rosato. more news weather and traffic coming up in 25 minutes. "good morning america" coming
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, a deadly knife attack in london. an american woman killed. five others wounded in a popular tourist spot. authorities now looking for links to terror as security steps up across the city. chaos in the trump campaign as trump splits mate over a key endorsement and faces more bad news in the polls. but trump insists he's never been better. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> what trump's campaign is saying this morning. his campaign chair is joining us live. the murder mystery in new york. a young jogger disappeared killed in broad daylight. her body discovered feet from the road. the massive manhunt under way. the major new concern in rio as abc news tests the water


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