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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a deadly knife attack in london. an american woman killed. five others wounded in a popular tourist spot. authorities now looking for links to terror as security steps up across the city. chaos in the trump campaign as trump splits mate over a key endorsement and faces more bad news in the polls. but trump insists he's never been better. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> what trump's campaign is saying this morning. his campaign chair is joining us live. the murder mystery in new york. a young jogger disappeared killed in broad daylight. her body discovered feet from the road. the massive manhunt under way. the major new concern in rio as abc news tests the water
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the troubling results that would close any american beach and why one of team usa's famous athletes were taunted overnight by thousands of olympic fans. and good morning, america. okay, there's no opening ceremony for the olympics yet but already a pretty ugly scene. you saw it last night. hope solo really getting booed as she went on theie turn out okay for the u.s. big victory over new zealand. see the goal there. we conducted our own investigation into rio's water, those results are coming up, as well. first we'll begin with that breaking news overseas. a deadly attack in london. an american woman has been killed. five others injured. a suspect is now in custody and london is on edge as police step up security on the streets there. abc's alex marquardt is on the scene with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning,
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in russell square in the heart of central london at the height of tourist season. just moments ago london's police saying the suspect is is norwegian-somali origin. excuse me, robin. >> reporter: security stepped up. police cordons around russell square in central london as investigators comb through the scene of this gruesome knife attack. police were called just after 10:30 p.m. reports of a man on a victim in her 60s fatally wounded and five others injured. >> early indications suggest that mental health is a significant factor in this case. and that is one major line of inquiry. >> reporter: overnight one of the biggest security responses the city has seen since this same square was targeted in one of the deadly bombings in the summer of 2007. >> i could hear the policeman screaming, stop don't move. don't go any further. stay where you are and he turned
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>> reporter: this as london braces for a terror attack that authorities say is all but inevitable. this week deploying 600 additional heavily armed police officers into the streets of the city in the wake of the recent wave of attacks in europe. so, even though there are no links to terror, this is still very much a city on edge. among the wounded there were five wounded, there was one american, this morning london's mayor calling on citizens to robin, george. >> alex, thank you very much. a lot of chaos. >> sure is. the race to the white house and questions swirling around donald trump's campaign. he says it's never been better but top republicans are in panic mode as a new fox news poll shows hillary clinton with a ten-point lead. trump's campaign chair paul manafort here in the studio after jon karl brings us the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. trump's allies are desperately trying to get their candidate back on message. so far the results have been
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trump's campaign is rolling in the cash fueled by a massive infusion of small dollar donations from his supporters. it's donald trump versus mike pence. while trump has infuriated fellow republicans by refusing to endorse paul ryan, speaker of the house. trump's own running mate is eagerly endorsing him. >> i strongly support paul ryan. strongly endorse his re-election. i believe we need paul ryan in >> reporter: even with chaos swirling around his campaign, trump insists things couldn't be better. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> reporter: not only does trump insist he'll win, he suggests a loss would be almost unthinkable. >> wouldn't that be embarrassing to lose to crooked hillary clinton? that would be terrible. >> reporter: voters he said simply must vote for him. >> if you dislike me intensely,
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trump, you have to. you have no choice. >> reporter: his confidence given a boss boost by a big fund-raising haul in july, $2 million. but trump trail as clinton by ten points conducted in part before this week's cascade of missteps and controversies. it was that feud with the parents of a fallen american soldier. then suggesting women who harassed at work should find a different job. then this claim about the purple heart. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: overnight in jacksonville, florida, trump touted his gift yet again. >> i took it. i said i can't believe it. it's one of the most beautiful things that i've ever received and from the heart, so much from the heart. >> reporter: newt gingrich, one of trump's most reliable allies
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very self-destructive. >> reporter: democrats are hitting him for suggesting the election might be rigged. >> i would just note it is often a claim made by people who don't end up winning elections. >> reporter: reince priebus has repeatedly tried to get trump to publicly apologize to the family of captain khan. trump has not done that. but, george, over the past 24 hours he has not attacked the family again either. >> okay, jon, thanks very much. let's talk to mr. campaign chair, paul manafort right here joining us. thank you for coming in. >> george. >> let's pick up where jon left off. in that fox news poll it also shows that 70%, almost 70% of the voters thought that those comments about the khan family were out of bounds. why not apologize. >> well, i think mr. trump has paid the respect. it's just nobody is acknowledging it. >> he hasn't apologized. >> what he said is that he respects and totally sympathetic to the sack fights that family
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and, you know, beyond that i think it's politics. i mean, the driving of what the right words are. he is appreciative of their efforts. and but he receives them as part of something that's a part of a bigger thing which is the campaign and the issue of isis and the issue of the mismanagement of foreign policy. that's what he's campaigning on. he's not campaigning on the khan family. he's campaigning on the -- >> he's hoping to move on without an apology. >> he's expressed his sympathy and expressed his support for what the family is going thro caught up, what's the difference between i support you and i endorse you, we quibble over the words and the sentiments are there and the sentiments about what he feels towards that family and what they've went through he expressed. just because he doesn't say the words everyone wants he said he's sorry for what they've gone through but keeps going back to the main issue and the main issue isn't this family, it's the main issue that caused the suffering of this family which is the war in the middle east,
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obama and clinton that caused them. >> he said that the campaign is you nyed. never been doing so well. front page of "the washington post," gop, new level of panic over trump. one of his allies negresco is quoted in that article saying he cannot win the presidency operating the way he is now. isn't that right? >> look, last night he spoke in two events in florida. one had 10,000 people, another 15,000 people and it's august. i mean, these are crowds you see at the end of beginning of october so the support for mr. trump is there. the campaign messages are worked out. the themes of this campaign are settled. we know -- >> will he follow them, is the question. >> he will with, i think he is trying messages out on the campaign trail, you know, he's been very successful in the primaries. he draws his strength and his messages from the interaction he has with the public and he's doing that right now. >> he has a strong core of support no question about that
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that. that doesn't seem to be happening. >> oh, it's building. that's -- i mean, look, we framed the election. the convention did that. this is a change election. the stakes of the election are do you want more of the same, a third term of obama which would be clinton and the american people show they want change and the american people consistently show they don't think she can bring the change and that he's the change agent. >> he hasn't that. >> the last couple of days he has if you were down in florida but this time in august we've been through this and tried different approaches out. september, october, you have your messages honed. the strategy set. we know what it is. and the hillary clinton can't change her position in that context. >> one of the messages that mr. trump has been putting out, he warned several times this election is going to be rigged. is that a real concern? is it responsibly suggesting that the outcome of this election might not be legitimate. >> well, it's -- i mean he's
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coverage of the election. i mean which is part of the election process. >> his opponents say he's gotten $2 billion in free media. >> but, for example, 12 -- the two conventions when you hook at the analysis of the coverage of the two conventions, republican convention got 12 times more negative coverage than the democratic convention. >> that's not a rigged election. >> but that rigs the process if the messaging is one-sided. if the message is taking their narrative from one side of the campaign that affects messaging absolutely. now do we think we can overcome that, yes, we do but at the same time it's a real issue to him. >> and finally you've heard jon karl report on reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc has been a strong ally of mr. trump. is livid about his refusal to endorse paul ryan. will we see an endorsement? has he spoken to mr. priebus. >> reince priebus is a strong supporter and a good friend and supporter of paul ryan and he's been abridge to -- between the
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nominee in april and spoken several times in the last two day, they're very good friends and have done a lot of things together, you know, there's a conflict within the trump campaign. and we've sort of had a rule of not getting involved in primaries because it's usually not a good situation for the presidential candidate. of course, he'll work with paul ryan but ryan is running against somebody who's not going to win but nonetheless is a strong supp it's not just in paul ryan's district, that gets all the notoriety because he's the speaker. >> mr. manafort, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. now to the severe weather across the country. flash floods in arizona and the carolinas and hurricane earl making landfall in belize overnight heading for mexico. ginger tracking it all. >> good morning. earl made landfall just near belize city and now is moving west. and i think the major concern here is even as it decrease, it's no longer a hurricane or becomes that.
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depression, it's the heavy rain and can still have a foot of rain fall. speaking of that, more than 7 fell in charlotte, north carolina. check out this video and one of the rivers going up to 20 feet quickly in hours and video out of arizona right at the mexican border. they're also seeing flash flood problems the next couple of days it becomes more and i'll detail where that happens in just a couple of moments. rob robin and george. the first case of a u.s. po transit cop charged with trying to help the group, trying to help the terror group by buying them gift cards. abc's mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: this morning an alarming first. a police officer charged with aiding isis. the fbi allegedly catching nicholas young in the act. the fbi saying the 36-year-old thought he was selling hundreds of dollars of prepaid phone cards to an isis operative. but it was really an undercover
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fairfax, virginia, home searching through his belongings. >> it's very, very disturbing. >> reporter: neighbors describe him as a loner. >> i'm not shocked because he was so weird. he was just so secluded and kept to himself. >> reporter: officials who have been tracking him for nix years say young was part of a radical network and previously associated with amine el khalifi seen in this undercover fbi video readying an attack on the u.s. capitol. now, despite young's close ties to one of the nation's largest transportation systems, officials say he was never a threat to commuters here. if convicted, he now faces up to 20 years in prison. robin. >> all right, mary, thank you. plow to the latest on that crash landing in dubai. we're getting a firsthand look at what happened after the airliner hit the ground surrounded by smoke. the 300 people on board thankfully were able to escape. abc's david kerley has the
7:14 am
oh. >> reporter: a belly landing, the jet's right engine ripped away, but that wing without an engine may be leaking fuel and then this. an explosion. the wing tank blasted upward in a ball of fire. just minutes earlier, panic in the cabin. an emergency evacuation on the emirates 777. >> leave everything, please jump and slide. >> reporter: but passengers opened bins to grab their luggage before finally jumping down the slide only to see the other engine on fire. emirates 521 had passengers and a crew of 18. as the jet approaches, no sense of emergency from the pilot. >> cleared to land one-two left. >> reporter: but 12 seconds later in an unconfirmed recording the piltower tells th pilot to climb which he acknowledges. 15 seconds later the pilot of another plane is stunned seeing the jet slam onto the runway. >> you can see the gear doors
7:15 am
the landing gear, former ntsb lead investigator tom howdard. >> mechanical just jump out at me at the moment. >> leads to pilot error. >> some kind would be clear from this. >> reporter: still this morning emirates irlines won't acknowledge much less say the landing gear wasn't deployed. a transmission of the black boxes th that ntsb and boeing investigators, george, are heading to dubai. >> okay, thank you, david. we move on to the olympics. kicking off the opening ceremony tomorrow in rio as concerns grow over the water quality and whether it could be athletes' health at risk. matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: one of the biggest health concerns is the water of that gorgeous bay behind me. we had it tested and scientists say they found levels of a virus
7:16 am
would consider contaminated in the u.s. and those scientists say that those environments leach even into the sand here. this morning, new questions about the safety of the water some 1,400 athletes will compete in as they vie for olympic gold. brazil had promised a massive cleanup of the guanabara bay when the sailing events take place. one day away, these images, tid debris and a layer of scum and last week a corpse spotted in the bay and advising athletes who go into the water not to swallow it, to cover open wounds and wash immediately after they get out. abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser saw that sewage firsthand from above. >> it's pure [ bleep ] going right into the river. >> yes.
7:17 am
guanabara bay and another at the copacabana beach where marathon swimming will take place and bringing them both to a lab outside rio for testing. our testing snapshot of the water found virus and fecal b bacteria levels far above what would get a u.s. beach closed. >> my kids, i wouldn't let them go interthese waters. >> reporter: while the copacabana sample shows high leve sewage pollution. a commercial environmental testing laboratory in new york had this to say. >> the diseases that could affect people that are exposed to these types of pathogens to be an acute respiratory disease like typhoid, help tight is, gastroenteritis, dysentery and even ear infections. >> reporter: and that's not the only problem that organizers have encountered here.
7:18 am
have actually given away 240,000 of them to underprivileged children here. guys. >> all right, now i want to show you this is the suit right here -- anti-microial and seamless. the rowing team will wear these for protections. we have one intern wearing it. where is showbiz. the legs are uncovered. will these help, matt. >> reporter: there's a lot of concern is that people will ingest that dirty water and no suit can fully protect against that. lara. >> all right. yeah, you think there might be something -- >> is it comfortable? >> can you move? do you have a lot of freedom? >> it's tight. >> i think that's a good idea. thank you. over to ginger. boy, look at those fires.
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. proud sponsor of the us swim team good morning it is 71:23 this thursday august 4th. i'm ken rosato. topping headlines we are following the developing story in queens where a fire that began yesterday still smoldering. all westbound lanes of queens boulev after being shut down hours overnight. the enormous flames devoured this building causing the roof to cave in. no word on the cause of the fire. also developing this morning a 30-year-old man was found dead near the staten island ferry early this morning. police found the victim on a bench stabbed to death. detectives say the man might have gotten into a drunk dispute earlier this morning. a drunk 49-year-old man is being treated for stab wounds. he is a person of interest.
7:24 am
will be in staten island and the bronx for another round of mosquito spraying in an effort to prevent the zika virus from settling in here. this begins as the new york attorney general begins a crackdown on zika scams. it has sent cease and desist there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking.
7:25 am
that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. the trump taj mahal will close after the labor day weekend. some 2100 people will lose their jobs. the casino is said to be losing millions of dollars every month. it will be the city's fifth casino to close in two years. ken we are looking at this mess right over here on long
7:26 am
on that ramp. over to our maps l.i.e. westbound that ramp to the northern state parkway at the connector, that is where the accident is. 60 minutes upper level of the george washington bridge, 40 to the lower. lincoln is 30, holland is 30 minutes. police activity at essex streets. street cleaning rules in effect. ken over to you. thank you very much heather. meteorologist amy freeze is in for bill. >> reporter: ken a lot less worry in weather. a lot of sunshine, 81 degrees this afternoon. sort of a repeat of yesterday. tonight 68, the overnight low in the city, 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow 84 with an increase in humidity. heading into the weekend the accu-weather 7-day forecast calling for 88 and showers seated. 85 and sunshine sunday -- saturday. 85 and sunshine sunday. coming up an exclusive interview with a survivor of an incredible roll over crash
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welcome back to "gma." looking at the scene of a deadly knife attack in london. a suspect now in custody. security stepping up across that city. also right now on this thursday morning, donald trump splitting with his running mate over a key endorsement facing tough poll numbers but his moments ago there's no trouble at all. the phoenix serial shooter struck again. thankfully the victims sustained no injuries. also this morning could a new app help you avoid close encounters with great whites as millions of americans hit the beach, the new feature on your phone that may keep your family safe. that's coming up in our big board, george.
7:31 am
thanks. we start out with the search for a killer in new york after a jogger's body was found along a path she often ran. abc's linsey davis is in queens with the latest. >> reporter: karina vetrano was said to go running along this path every day but on this one occasion her dad didn't go and not only are they fearful but questioning whether targeted. >> strangulation, asphyxiation. >> reporter: a vigil for karina vetrano who went out for a jog around 5:00 tuesday and never came home. concerned, her father called police and went out looking for her on a path they often ran together. >> you can imagine his angst at that point. we found her face down in the ground. we immediately called ems. >> reporter: vetrano was found
7:32 am
her new york home. you can see her here in a short film she wrote and starred in called "the paradox." she wrote about death. stipes when i'm feeling really sad and lonely and misunderstood i wonder if right now at this age and this time of my life if by some freak accident i died, what would happen. then this happened. her father a retired firefighter was having back pain and couldn't make the run on this evening and asked her not to go alone. >> she was a sweetheart. she lit up the room when she walked in. she was a beautiful girl. >> reporter: police say they have a lot of digital evidence including cameras in the neighborhood where her body was found. >> she had a very high social media profile so this is something that the detectives will have to cull through every one of these things to see if there's any threats or anything said really inappropriate. >> reporter: according to the autopsy she was strangled to death. there is also evidence that she
7:33 am
police have yet to make any arrests. george. >> so horrible. okay, linsey, thanks very much. let's talk to brad garrett. surveillance cameras and social media profile. that's where police begin. >> that's where they begin but the real key is who frequents this area? maybe the local patrol folks will give them some insight into that but for whatever reason, trails and females, there is a certain attractio particular type of predator to go to those locations. so has he been watching her in the past? did he happen to come upon her this particular day? i don't know but my guess is he's going to have some connection to the park and between the surveillance cameras and checking out who patrol may know who hangs out in that area could be a potential lead. >> some connection to the park but not necessarily to her. >> yes.
7:34 am
parks, they tend to be random. now, that doesn't mean that the bad guy didn't see her at some other point. but one area that i would check that i've used in the past is you're going to pull up every registered sex offender in and around the proximity of that park and maybe even a circle bigger than that and look for m.o. and also going to look for other assaults in parks whether central park because people who like to do this will go from park to park. >> as we saw in the chandra levy case, sometimes they can be so hard tom solve. >> exactly. which is a wide-open case. the things i mentioned you got to jump on immediately and i think they've got some real possibility. >> okay, brad, thanks very much. now to that survival story. the florida driver behind the wheel of this car you're about to see. it was seek rolling over nearly a dozen times, well, that driver
7:35 am
the exclusive interview. good morning, gio. >> reporter: this is just incredible. the man tells us he was on the way to the hospital because he was feeling a little strange. he has no memory of that accident and doctors believe that's because he had a seizure while driving. leading to this. you're watching the moment a florida driver lost control of his car ending up in an epic accident more fit for a hollywood action flick. watch again, surveillance video capturing the car flipping not just once or eight times, slamming into the ground with each flip. leaving behind a massive debris field. incredibly the driver survives. now telling his story exclusively to "gma" from his hospital room. >> after seeing the video i'm lucky i'm here. >> reporter: miraculously 43-year-old joe myers has only small scrapes and cuts. not even a broken bone and attributes his survival to this
7:36 am
samaritans rushed to save him. you can see one even using a fire extinguisher to put out any plames. >> they pulled me out through the sunroof because the doors were wedged shut. it's a miracle i'm here. i'm grateful to those people for saving me. >> you're good, brother. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> reporter: our cameras are right there as joe reunites with his rescuers. >> if it wasn't wouldn't even be here, man. >> reporter: now in that hospital room joe's mom is thanking them too still stunned by that dramatic video. >> i was so thankful when i saw him and then you look back at the video again and it's like, it can't be, god's got to have a bigger plan for you, joey. >> a bigger plan, indeed. it's incredible, joe says he doesn't even want to drive anymore until doctors figure out what's going on with him. he said what scares him the most
7:37 am
>> oh, that's what he was thinking about. >> that's what he was thinking about. >> i love how his momma called him joey. >> and joey is here. >> thank you, gio. lara. coming up on our big board reports of a hammerhead shark closing a famous beach. now a new app that could warn if there's danger in water near you. then those frustrating self-checkout scanners. could they be turning honest people into thiefs? and want to fly to the moon? i wasn't going to sing, don't worry, guys. actually. our insiders joining us to talk about all those topics in two minutes and more on our big board. stay with us. especially on class picture day! you have to stay clean. [dogs barking] you've gotta be responsible. whoa! and no matter what, be on time.
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welcome back. time for our big board. we have t.j. holmes at the table and our team of insiders standing by live for more on today's top stories and begin with a new shark warning. a beach on martha's vineyard was shut down wednesday after a
7:40 am
sightings forced to close a stretch of beach in california. but a new app that could help avoid a close encounter with a great white. joining us now discovery shark week filmmaker joe romeiro. good to have you with us, okay. we've had closings this season and we had a record last year so what's going on here, joe? >> well, there's no real rise in shark numbers and sharks haven't had a vendetta against us or anything. there's a the shores, there's a lot of people going to the beaches with the rise in temperature and a lot more sharks near the shoreline because this is a natural time of year to migrate to the area. so with those two coming into play, you could see a lot more people seeing sharks at this time of year but this new app is very exciting. we're able to determine lat and longitude of where they are and tell people where they are and
7:41 am
danger from a great white that was in the area. how does it work? >> well, the app is actually when the atlantic white shark conservancy goes out twice to three times a week identifying the animals and tagging the animals but also able to track them so if the animals are seen anywhere near the beaches we give a lat and longitude of where they are so people can determine where they are on the actual app. >> what's the name of the app? we have to give the >> the name of the app is sharktivit you can find it on iphone right now. we're working on an android version. >> we'll move on to new research raising big questions about those, you know, at times very frustrating self-checkouts at stores. do you guys use them do you use them. >> i do. >> could they turn honest shoppers into thieves? i have wondered. this t.j., you have this story.
7:42 am
got to be ashamed of yourself, okay. this new research looks at all of these paid -- these self-serve self-pay options in stores. you don't even have to talk to an employee. how does this turn into a thief. you go in, you scan, doesn't scan and eventually you get frustrated and say oh heck with it and throw it in your bag. you didn't mean to but now -- going with the intent of stealing but now you're a thief and the technology doesn't work and feel justified like, wow, this thing didn't somebody to be and now lara and robin are thelma and louise and y'all are on the thieves on the run. >> this booming voice comes on did not scan, you shouldn't put it in the bag. >> of course, you shouldn't. >> but it's happening. aren't there cameras and things around. >> there are cameras and also employees close by but here's the thing, so what. who is going to come and prosecute you because you have a built-in excuse. oh, my goodness, i thought i scanned that.
7:43 am
>> so numbers will go up. >> what they're seeing is that people put these in place to try to cut down on employee hours and save money. now it's costing you more because you're losing more in revenue in theft so it's not really -- >> prices go up. >> any advice for people who want to use them but do get frustrated. >> i'm saying, go ahead, tale away, no, we're not saying that. it's going to get frustrated. we use it all the time in new york and just take a minute. >> and figure it out. >> sometimes you >> you do use those things. >> save a lot of time. >> it does. finally, have you ever dreamed of fly me to the moon. ? fly me to the moon ? >>. ? fly me to the moon ? >> thank you, control room. >> that dream could be closer to coming true for the first time. the faa is approving a private company's plan to launch a spacecraft to the moon, joining us now none other than former nasa astronaut and our good friend mike massimino.
7:44 am
this is a big deal, right, mike? >> yeah, it is. it's kind of ground breaking. up until now, the only entities that have flown spacecraft to the moon have been governments and large governments like united states, russia, china, but now they've gotten permission from our government to not only launch a rocket to the moon but to land on the moon and do a little exploring so this is a pretty big deal. >> so the ceo of moon express we've heard it before but this really could happen within the next ten years. are you buying that? do you think we'll be able to go to the moon? >> i sure hope so. you know, there's two sides. one you get permission and ask your mom can i go to the moon and your mom says, sure. now you got to figure out how to get there. your mom is not going to take you there so they have to figure out how to get there. they have a plan in place. it's not going to be easy. just to give you an idea the international space station
7:45 am
250 miles away. the moon about 250,000 away so the space station where we is less that 0.1%. it's far away off and wasn't be easy but we have to root for these guys. they have to be successful in order for us to keep exploring and rooting for them and think why not. 15 years, flights to the moon. >> you said not going to be easy. not going to be cheap either, i would imagine. big price tag. >> no, it's not but there if you see like not just going to the moon now, you know, flying cargo to lower orbit and trying to explore mars. very good successful entrepreneurs who see tourism, resources available to them in space and they see a way to make money and could be a golden age like we saw in aviation a hundred years ago and hopefully on the brink of a golden age of space exploration. >> would you go to the moon,
7:46 am
time. you's do it? >> t.j.? >> i'm not even looking forward to the ten-hour flight to rio next week. you can keep the moon. >> no, don't look at me like that. >> i'm with mike. i'm with you. i would do it in a heartbeat. >> you would? >> yes, i'm the daughter of a tuskegee airman, a pioneer. >> our first report from the moon, we have our correspondent? thanks, mike. thanks, t.j. coming up, a big win for the u.s. women's soccer team in where t.j.'s headed shortly. hope solo with a shutout but why couldn't she shut out the crowd taunts her all night?
7:47 am
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7:49 am
back to matt gutman in rio with the story. hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, lara. no, it was a cold-hearted welcome for goalkeeper hope solo. now, the u.s. team won the game. she was not winning any hearts and minds and that's because she instagramsed this picture of her and what looks like a zika doomsday preparedness kit with a bandanna and that net. now, brazilian fans weren't liking it partly because she tweeted this caption. not sharing this, get zika-proofle field to rio. they invented this brand-new version of ole, ole, ol. watch this. >> zika, zika, zika. ole, ole, ole. >> we catchy indeed and booed her every single time she took
7:50 am
in terms of popularity. also she had tweeted out another picture earlier. it also went out on instagram of her bed, with bug spray all over it and the caption there was if anyone in the village forgets to pack repel leapt, come and see me. department of defense, zikaproof. guys. >> all is fair and love in the olympics. >> yeah, she did apologize. she apologized and said she never meant to insult the host country. just concerned about it. >> all right, matt, thanks very much. >> coming up, back-to-school time and tory has huge "deals & steals." there they are right there. i think i'll pick up a few today. >> ah. to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox?. botox? is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox? is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month
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with delta in2ition plus h2okinetic, you can. see what delta can do. back here on "gma" we go to florida where my friend steve workman took this picture and said our grass is so dry.
7:55 am
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7:56 this thursday august 4th. topping headlines police are searching for clues from the howard beach park where a woman jogger was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted just blocks from her home. karina vetrano was mourned by hundreds last night at a candlelight vigil. vetrano 15 feet from the jogging path where she usually ran with her father. the search for a man who ran from a traffic stop and jumped into the pasaic river will continue today. newark and howard police assisted in that search. the suspect ran across a bridge and dove into a river and into a storm drain to avoid capture. police say if he is still in the sewer he could drown at high tide. 7:56.
7:57 am
because of an accident near round swamp road. more problems on the l.i.e. with another accident being cleared away. let's go over to our maps and we'll talk about the j, and m, trains. expect service changes. the belt parkway westbound near pennsylvania avenue. another accident. 60 minutes upstairs george washington bridge. 50 to the lower. lincoln and holland 30. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. ken over to you. thank you very much. of the accu- weather forecast. >> reporter: another perfect day ken, really nice outside. hard to find a cloud. we found a couple decorating the skies. 71 degrees right now, heading out the door right now all you need is your shades and a little sun protection. temperatures will be around the low 80s across the entire area. heading into the weekend, things are looking pretty good. today we are completely dry. tomorrow just an increase in humidity, no showers.
7:58 am
storms rolling through in the evening hours. much more coming up in the accu- weather 7-day forecast next hour. ken. coming up back to school savings. all the best deals on "good
7:59 am
r almost anything. even a romantic rodent. [rickie] a romantic what? [squeaking noises] i'm a sucker for proposals. and we covered it, april twenty-sixth, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? america, let's do lunch. narrator: drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello. volunteer for meals on wheels
8:00 am
good morning sh, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new trouble tore donald trump. his campaign chair talked to "gma" this morning and they say it's never been better. sharon osbourne talks out on zy >> it's hard because it affects the whole family and it's quite embarrassing to talk about. >> her husband confesses to a six-year battle saying he's mortified at his own behavior. can their relationship survive? health alert. new research revealing that the key to preventing asthma in children could be found on the farm. what scientists are saying could be the magic ingredient for your kids. ? whoops i did it again ? >> brittney's back.
8:01 am
kimmel waking up in his own bed. the superstar reveals she's headed for glory. get ready for "cats." going behind the scenes for the fiercest cats on broadway. it's going to be one purr-fect performance as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. square. good morning, america. good to have paula faris, amy on her way to rio and a lot of fun, "cats" in case you hasn't heard is back on broadway. and there you see this coming back after a 18-year record run. >> the new cast putting their whiskers on right now for us. they're getting ready to perform the show's hits live on "gma" and ginger has joined them behind the scenes, got right
8:02 am
is. i'm telling you, ginger is always in it. >> so game. >> she's always game. i know. so we have that and also "deals & steals." >> yeah, we got a little bit of everything today. a little back-to-school edition in "deals & steals." hard to believe summer is coming to an end, sorry. >> no. >> tory johnson making it a little easier to accept with huge savings on school essentials and everything at 55% off. or up to that. >> how much do you love back-to-school shopping when you were a kid? but now my kids are like, yeah, no, not too much. they don't like it. >> mine too. >> i was way into it. the morning rundown from paula. >> i want to buy a trapper keeper, you guys. >> i love that. >> good morning to you, good morning, everyone. we do begin with the breaking news in london. an american woman has been killed this a stabbing spree in a popular tourist area of the city. five others were wounded in what police was a random knife attack in russell square.
8:03 am
custody this morning. police say he is a norwegian of somali origin with mental health issues sean a there is no sign he has been radicalizeed. more armed police are patrolling london today as a precaution. donald trump is denying there's any chaos in his campaign despite reports that party leaders are in panic mode. a new poll shows that trump is trailing hillary clinton by ten points. that is her biggest lead yet. after a week of controversies that included tangling with the parents o refusing to endorse house speaker paul ryan. even his loyal allies like newt gingrich and rudy giuliani are appealing to him to stay on message. reince priebus pleaded with him to apologize to the khan family. two more republicans say they won't for him, one from the key state of pennsylvania but trump's campaign manager told george this morning trump has plenty of support.
8:04 am
events in florida, one had i think 10,000 people, another 15,000 people and it's august. the support for mr. trump is there. the campaign messages are worked out. the campaign themes are settled. >> that was paul manafort. trump is enjoying a much-needed bump in fund-raising and narrowed the gap with hillary clinton bringing in $80 million last month, much of it from small donations. we do have new details about that $400 million in cash that the obama administrationen iran. just as four american prisoners were being freed back in january. "the wall street journal" reports the justice department objected to the timing of that cash payment out of concern that it would send the wrong message. white house denies it was part of a ransom deal. and a health alert this morning about preventing asthma. scientists recently studied why amish children have such low asthma rates and they found that growing up on a farm and being exposed to animals boosted the
8:05 am
barnyard dust with animal microbes in it protected the kids and doctors say this evidence adds to the theory that some children get asthma because their environments are too clean so take your kids to the farm. swimmers got unexpected company. a mother bear and her cubs decided to join them cooling off in the water just a few feet away from the humans who seem to barely notice that they were there. sorry about that. i know, terrible joke. how about this shot for guys. two bear cubs cooling off in a bird bath. look at that. just piled in there in a yard in pasadena, of course, if you have a bird bath or a pool, they may make their way up because they do that this time of year but the person who shot it filmed behind his glass door. >> wanted to know where mama bear was there. >> mama bear was watching. always mama is bear is always -- >> thank you, paula. how about a little news that
8:06 am
>> thank you, robin. ? oops i did it again ? >> time for "pop news." oops, she did it again. britney spears finally announcing her next album called "glory" and says on twitter this is the beginning of a new era. we'll find out what this new era sounds like when the new music drops august 26th. we have already gotten a little taste of brit's new sound, this coming up is the first single off "make me" featuring jeezy. that was released july 15th and fans who preordered "glory" on apple will have access to "private show" another new song on the track list. >> a couple of really great shows with her over the years. remember when she had the circus one here. >> and sam went out to the desert. >> and then -- yeah, the desert and sam and i went to san francisco with her, as well. we work with the best. >> like that.
8:07 am
>> like this. also in "pop news" this morning, it may be an open and shut case, what is going on with the door close button on your elevator. as you may have suspected that button mostly there for show. no matter how many times you push it, the door rarely closes before it's supposed to. according to otis, the world's largest elevator company, having the button activated is optional. many companies choose not to activate it even if it's there to lessen the wear >> solved a big mystery. >> yeah. >> huge. >> you didn't even call it an investigation. >> no, i didn't. some news that you can use. >> i think i'll repeatedly hit it. i just feel better. >> psychological. so there you go. also in "pop news," remember space jam. well, great movie. warner brothers' blockbuster that put michael jordan and bugs bunny on the big screen. "space jam ii" is coming back
8:08 am
him the l.a. clippers blake griffin will fill his 18 size lie tops. griffin showing his funny side against marvin the martian in a commercial for nike but jordan may not get his way this time, lebron james already attached to the sequel. it's not a done deal yet. but it is a big deal. "space jam" was the highest grossing basketball movie of all time and highest grossing -- >> more >> more than "hoosiers." >> the highest grossing basketball movie. >> we are all leaning in. >> because "hoosiers" is a basketball movie. >> yes. that is why i was trying to say i already told you. >> what a surprise. >> lebron is a good actor. he's funny. >> in "trainwreck" -- best ever. all right, do i have time for the last one?
8:09 am
>> so -- no, i don't. they're just saying "morning menu." "morning menu." save it. tomorrow is friday. tomorrow is -- i'm not walking. i'm not doing the last one. you know what, i love live television. here's what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." ozzy osbourne revealing his struggle with of all things sex addiction and his wife is speaking out. we have an expert answering questions live. a tough topic to talk about. we'll try to tackle it. >> "deals & steals." it's our back-to-school edition with big, big savings and then miles teller, actor miles teller is here, can't wait to talk to him. all that and more coming up on a raucous "gma" live in times square. >> and your mom is here. >> "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. advil takes pain a distant
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8:14 am
back now with the latest on the osbournes. ozzy is speak out about the sex addiction that almost cost him his marriage undergoing intense therapy and abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: sharon and ozzy osbourne speaking out publicly about the super couple's very private recent marital trouble. the rock six-year struggle with sex addiction and his wife revealing on her show "the talk" he's been in treatment for months. >> it's hard because it affects the whole family and it's quite embarrassing. to talk about. i'm proud that he's come out and admitted it finally. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news ozzy says he is mortified at what my behavior has done to my family. he's also now apologizing to his
8:15 am
says took our sexual relationship out of context. i'd also like to apologize to the other women i have been having sexual relationships with. pugh tells "people" magazine her affair with the black sabbath front man felt like an old-fashioned romance. being courted. i loved it. >> michele, of course, says that he was not a sex addict. that they had a real romance, a real romantic relationship for four years. >> reporter: sharon first spoke publicly bac >> i'm 63 years of age and i can't keep living like this. >> reporter: for months headlines followed the split until the crazy train singer revealed on "gma" that metal's top couple were finally back on track. >> some days good. somedays terrible. some days you drift apart but get back on the report. >> reporter: sharon changing her tune too. i can't think of my life without him even though he is a dog.
8:16 am
>> reporter: while pugh remembers ozzy as really nice, sweet and funny she is now suing his daughter kelly in her suit she claims the younger osbourne slut-shamed, bullied and harassed her in a series of angry tweets. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. joining us now sex expert dr. logan levkoff. is it an excuse to have an affair. >> the question polarizes the communitys in and so many people on our website want to know. >> yes, and the fact is, the idea that sex can cause an addiction has not been scientifically proven and even though they've had lots of opportunities to sign in the american psychiatric association hasn't bought into this either. the problem is it's often highly moral link and it operates from an idea that there is a right way to be in a healthy way to act sexually in and out of relationships and anything that
8:17 am
pathological. you know, that being said people have compulsive sex behaviors but often associated with other factors even personality disorders. >> all right. well, sharon said that it's hard and affects the whole family. she's ashaped. it's embarrassing. can you come back from something like this >> that's the problem with this label. there's huge stigma attached to it and i caution all of us that unless we are intimately involved with someone's relationships, we really should refrain from judging because i -- if ozzy wants to label i'll never take that away from him. this family needs to heal on their own. >> and really quickly, give us one or two tips if you're in this situation. >> betrayal is betrayal. constant communication, honesty, seeking out third party assistance and finding support systems because you don't want to share all with your children even if they are adults. >> thank you, demystifying a topic tough to talk about.
8:18 am
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and all the essentials. down south and other places already back to school. >> they're back to school so we have to get moving. first up, who doesn't love personalized school supplies. big assortment. so many different style, boys and girl, notebook, stickers. these little chore charts, folders, a big assortment for everybody. normally $5 to $22. lit lily right on top, >> lily. >> so this is fun bites. so it makes lunchtime, snacktime a little more fun. our own staff made this especially for you. so it's just a fun way to add a little burst of, you know, mom, dad, grandma, whoever it is into somebody's lunch on "shark tank." you'll get four sets. normally four sets would be $40
8:23 am
i'm in love with this company. my family builder and found it on instagram. all of these wooden magnetic blocks so that kids can treat families that look like theirs. so as diverse as their family is, whatever that family looks like, they can create that family and then it comes with a variety of games to play. something i think families will have for years to come to be able to create -- isn't that beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful, tory. i >> these are very well made and therefore the price is according to that. normally for the set, $85. today slashed in half so $42.50. again, such good quality. it will last. >> it is great quality and it will last a lifetime. passed down from generation to generation. >> and the lessons that go wit, incredible. a special one you love, headbands for hope. these are headbands where everyone that is purchased, one is donated to a child with cancer.
8:24 am
donated 60,000 headbands. big variety. sitewide discount so something for everybody and start at $10, today they're all slashed in half, $5 to $14. giving looks good on you. that's their motto. >> it does. >> okay and then back to school would not be the same without shoes this. is from a huge assortment of premium designer shoes and their signature collection. there's sam ed weitzman. ash sneakers. the list goes on. incredible shoes. can't beat the selection and every style, as well. we have boots and sneakers, i mean, you name it. normally starting at $29, everything from kids shoes is slashed in half, $14.50 and free shipping and we have a bunch of kids from oasis camp and long island city camps.
8:25 am
>> the forecast. lots of sunshine. 81 degrees is the high for today. another picture perfect day. tonight, 68 is the low. and cooler in the suburbs. in the 50's and 60s. and tomorrow the muggyerize back. ahigh of 84. and sticky. heading into the weekend. sad could be stormy. the temperatures near 90
8:26 am
at 85. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, te >> ah. this is the cool part with christopher gurr which is appropriate. >> isn't it, though. >> you play gus and bustopher and peter. >> three parts. i'm changing clothes all night long and changing my makeup all night long and on stage it's fantastic. >> let's do this. an entrance. >> here we go. >> grab my hand. step up. don't mind the smoke.
8:27 am
good morning. it is 8:27 on this thursday, august 4th. lori stokes. and the latest headlines. the f.b.i. following members of the nypd of people after a multiyear investigation. 50 suspects with mob ties were arrested by states including new york, new jersey, and degrees. more details are expected to be related later today. and happening today. the new york city health department will be in staten island and abroad for mosquito spraying. this is as the ag has sent cease and dissit listers to
8:28 am
donald trump will be on long island tonight for a private fundraiser, $50,000. the money will be good, local let's get a check on your morning commute with heather. >> hi, lori. acouple of subway issues. the d train we have fire
8:29 am
trains we have police activity. and then this problem hon route 208 southbound side, right at route four an overturned vehicle. you can see the delay goes back to almost maple avenue. and then the george washington bridge. 35 at the lincoln. and the holland tunnel is a 30- minute delay. over to you. >> all right. thank you. >> lori outside it is splendid. beautiful skies. 71 degrees right now. with all of the sunshine we could make it up into the low 80's. that's what we're forecasting this afternoon. we're rain-free today. the next chance of rain is saturday. so until then -- live it up in the dry skies. really nice. a lot of sunshine today and tomorrow. and even the humidity increasing by tomorrow afternoon. and saturday and sunday wet weather on saturday with the sunday forecast looking a lot
8:30 am
get out and enjoy the sun. all right. thank you, amy. that will do ? mistoffelees ? >> the cast of "cats." the new the show's hits and a whole lot more behind the scenes and on that stage with ginger coming up. nick, did you know it was national chocolate chip cookie day and the campers up in new hampshire so excited they're singing about it. take a look. >> thank you. ? chocolate chip cookies you got to have more you can bake them in the oven or buy them at the store ? ? but whatever you do have them ready at the door and i'll love ya till i die ? ? boom boom ?
8:31 am
and to our sweet interns sharing the cookie craze with our beautiful audience here in times square. look at them hard at work and showbiz is back. he does it all. remember he was dressed as a rower. >> a man of many talents. >> many talents. that's our showbiz and our friends have taken it to the next level with this "gma" amazing chocolate chip cookies made especially for us. >> yes. talk to you about the very talented miles teller. he is with us live opening up about his new movie with bradley cooper and jonah hill. >> that looks pretty good. >> great in "chiplash" too. >> first time for "cats." the megahit show is back, ladies and gentlemen. it literally changed the face of broadway when it debuted in 1982. more than 73 million people have
8:32 am
musical and now ginger is going to take us behind the scenes of a new production. lucky you, ginger. >> i am so lucky. i cannot tell you the thrill of standing right here on this stage in front of these amazing -- i'm telling you, wildly talented folks especially after i learned to dance a little bit and watching what they can do with their body, oh, my goodness. the "cats" show is back. a little different, a little twist for the future. i can't wait for you to see it and let me bit. let the memory live again. "cats" is back. the legendary musical was once broadway's longest running show and now a new day has begun at the neil simon theatre. ? >> this fierce feline reincarnation bursts with the beloved music and dances that millions remember. and adds a new voice, front and center. top star leona lewis. ? keep keep ?
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
>> hey, seriously, is this safe driving to baghdad?
8:36 am
50/50. >> 50/50 like 50% we live, 50% we die. >> yes. that's why we drive through night, it's much safer. >> how much safer? >> 50/50. >> what the [ bleep ] -- >> so, miles, thanks for coming in and getting up early. >> i'm always up at this time. >> totally natural. >> couldn't help but notice brunette in the film and at the espys you >> yeah. >> having more fun. >> so much. well, you get it. >> i totally get it. >> as a fellow, you know, blond. >> is it for a role or summer fun. >> doing a movie right now about the granite mountain hot shots and they were involved in the yarnell hill fire incident where 19 of the 20 firefighters passed away so i'm playing the lone survivor and he's got blond hair so i say, yeah, let's do it. >> why not. want to talk to you about "war dogs." it stars you and jonah hill.
8:37 am
war without ever setting foot on a battlefield. >> yeah. >> give us an idea of your character and what that was like to play. >> yeah, it's based on a true story, "rolling stone" did a story about arms and the dudes about these two guys that kind of capitalized on the bush administration. they allowed small businesses to bid on all these contracts that they had to fill. so these guys ended up kind of bs'ing their way to the top and had a $300 the pentagon to arm ammo -- >> with no clue. fake until you make it is 100% what these guys did and things escalated and they ended up, yeah, $300 million contract. >> was it the kind of thing that as you were reading it, because it was for me, this can't be real. >> yeah. >> this can't be allowed to happen. >> yeah, and what's crazy that, you know, when i think by the time i was filming it, the guys when they were doing it were
8:38 am
it's just insane how quickly things got kind of out control and, yeah, and kind of where they were at during the whole war and just making money. >> yep. >> off it. lots of money. >> another one of the main characters is played by bradley cooper who is terrific but he's also your boss and produced this film. >> yeah. >> what was it like working for him? >> bradley is great like honestly working with todd phillips and jonah -- i always wanted to work with todd first and foremost. love his comedies. jonah, i think i've seen all his flips and bradley, you get to do a scene with an oscar nominated -- such a great guy and my boss in this but just, yeah, everyone was such a killer cast, man. >> it's a good film. it's a killer characters as you say. >> thank you. >> great to see you. i haven't seen you since your
8:39 am
still playing. >> still playing. >> good. >> it's a lot more fun when j.k. is not -- >> not screaming at you like, you know, so -- is this keep on playing. i know you're very musical and you're terrific in this film and nice to spend some time with you early in the morning. >> thank you. i'm already up anyway. >> good. enjoy the day. it's beautiful. >> i'm going to see "cats." i love "cats." >> a perfect segue. >> they are singing. >> they are singing "cats." let me tell you first "war dogs" opens august 19th. let's g
8:40 am
to you by fruit of the loom. we are feline good. mario batali with be george cooking up a summer treat. there's nothing like trying something new. acking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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? take me high take me low anywhere we want to go ?
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8:43 am
time now for great summer dishes from our friend mario batali. i challenged the star from "the chew" to come up with something my mission, i wanted you to come with something different for the summer. not the normal hot dog, hamburgers, chicken, something different that will surprise everybody. >> this is exactly that, george. it's a beef braciole pinwheel. pinwheel gets everyone crazy in the summer. i love pinwheels. buy a tenderloin. if it was out of the budget you could use a turkey breast. >> pork loin. >> just about anything you feel you could roll up or a flank
8:44 am
it. the butcher will do it. make the filling. buy the beef, take the filling, we have fontina cheese and salami, all available at your resp respectable italian grocery store, parsley, scallion, garlic, parmesan reggiano and a little bit of bread crumbs and oil. so you stir that all up. if there was any of these ingredients in here that you didn't want to use simply delete it. people say what about i don't like cheese, then don't put the dang cheese in it. it'll be all right. season it hike that which always looks like a lot because of the lights on tv but you need a little bit of salt then you take this like this -- >> the rolling is the tricky part. >> the rolling is not the tricky part, george. this is the easy part, ready. you want to do it? >> i will ahe try. >> so just imagine you're -- go,
8:45 am
how tricky was that. even a morning anchor can do this stuff. come on. then, right. then you take a string and i'll take a string and show you my hoyt ity-toity butcher knot. both of us go jut like that. finger, finger, finger, like a little slip knot. >> i didn't do that right. >> you could do a granny knot. you have it like so. george put a little bow on it, didn't he? all right. so now you do that all up and down and do six of them then you allow it to sit in a friref refrigerator and season on the outside with salt and pepper. and there you have your stuffed steaks. >> come on. >> inside that is the magnificent salama and melty cheese and bread crumbs to hold
8:46 am
>> super filet. >> yeah, it's an advanced topic filet and what we do is go like this and brush it with extra virgin olive oil. you brush yours. you'll be able to impress your family. >> i can do this, all right. >> a little salt, right? and a little black pepper. and then straight on the grill. now you can eat these pretty rare -- >> i like them rare. >> right there in the center just like that. >> then you serve them with other dishes. a capri style gried dressed with a little vinaigrette with herbs and grill these until you're absolutely happy and take off the string. drizzle it like that and hold on, just a little bit of this shalloty-mustardy vinaigrette and taste it, george. taste it and then you relish and revel in it. >> good. >> so you can get his recipes on our site and see "the chew"
8:47 am
coming up, the cast of america, let's do lunch. narrator: drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello. volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at woman: hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2008. he knows he's a pretty big deal.
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8:49 am
obviously we're ready. time for the big "cats" performance. back to ginger at the neil simon theatre on broadway. ginger. >> oh, robin. just me here, all alone in the moonlight. i'm just kidding. i'll let the professionals take over with a m your favorite songs. let's see it. this is "cats." ? ? ?
8:50 am
can you see in the dark ? ? dare you look at a king would you sit on his throne ? ? can you say of your bite that it's worse than your bark ? ? are you cock of the walk when you're walking alone ? ? because jellicles can and jellicles do ? ? jellicles do and jellicles would ? ? jellicles would and jellicles can ? ? jellicles can and jellicles do ? ? we can dive through the air like a flying trapeze ? ? we can turn double somersaults bounce on a tire ? ? we can run up a wall we can swing through the trees ? ? we can balance on bars
8:51 am
? jellicles can and jellicles do jellicles can and jellicles do ? ? jellicles can and jellicles do jellicles can and jellicles do ? ? jellicle songs for jellicle cats ? ? jellicle songs for jellicle cats ? ? jellicle songs for jellicle cats jellicle songs for jellicle cats ? ? ? memories tie your face to the moonlight ? ? let your mettle release you ? ? open up ?
8:52 am
what happiness is ? ? then a new life will begin ? ? ? sunlight moonlight trees in sunlight ? ? and for waiting ? ? why can't it happen when the dawn is breaking ?
8:53 am
? touch me it's so easy to leave me ? ? all alone with my memory ? ? of my days in the sun ? ? if you touch me you'll understand what happiness is ?
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brought to you by target. >> have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
thursday, august 4th. i'm lori stokes. and looking at the headlines. new details on two mob takedowns overnight. a99 f.b.i.-nypd investigation led to the arrest of 94 members -- 40 members. in queens eight people arrested on drug charges. more details expected to be released later today. meantime, developing this morning. a staten island ferry this morning stabbed to death. the man might have gotten into a dunk dispute early this morning. a39-year-old man is being streeted for stab wounds. he is a person of interest. now, a check on the morning commute now. with heather o'rourke. we have an issue on the l.i.e. the wednesday ramp to i-41 is blocked by this overturned truck.
8:58 am
the northern state connector. and we are dealing with near the hempstead turnpike that accident is being cleared away. street cleaning rules in effect. lori. >> thank you. heather. and your accuweather forecast. >> the temperatures will return to the low 80's. and very comfortable. the humidity is back tomorrow. tomorrow, high of 84. the heat, humidity, and thunderstorms for satu that day. by sunday we dry out. the better half of the weekend. a high of 85. the seven-day forecast does keep us in the 80's for monday,
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly." today, from the film "war dogs," actor, miles teller. and from "roadies," carlo. and we continue our summer in the city ambush makeover. details on how you can win an amazing tropical vacation. plus film and broadway actor josh gad returns for another day of co-hosting with kelly all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and josh gad.


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