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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the ground and into the victims. three victims were unresponsive at the scene. they are right now in critical condition. the other two were taken to mid hudson regional hospital. moments ago we obtained this awed of police responding to the initial calls for help. >> priority one for multiple patients struck by lightning. mansion square park. 60 north clinton re between the two entrances of mansion street. >> we're obviously pretty sure this was a lightning strike by accounts of people in the area. and also due to the types of injuries that appears the victims suffered. and we're looking obviously they were underneath a tree on two park benches. certainly at this point that seems to be the cause. >> now, the victims range in
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on the way to the scene. we hope to have live pictures for you coming up. five people under a tree in a park when lightning struck. three of the people in critical condition. as we get more information, we will bring it to you. >> thank you, joe. we turn to the heat. a large part of the area is under excessive heat warning that will go through sunday. it feels like temperatures are approaching 110 degrees today. the heat is expected to continue through the weekend. con ed is fixing equipment and residents in the communities are being urged to conserve electricity. this was a tough day to be outside if you were construction worker like these guys in the bronx. vendors selling cold treats were dos brisk business. it was even hot at the beach.
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asbury park. we begin with meteorologist amy freeze who is in for lee who is in the weather center with more for us. >> it is so hot outside. not just sizzling temperatures but it feels like a steam bath because of the incredibly humid air mass that is just hanging over. it's not going to quit any time soon. i wish we had better news. relief not in sight yet. low to mid 90s for the top temperatures. humidity are fueling storms that are dangerous. we talked about the storms up in duchess county that created lightning strike that's are judge -- strikes that injured people. it doesn't have to be raining overhead for the lightning to be dangerous situation. some of the lightning strikes are fading out as the storms move closer to cooler water, just off shore. but they still have danger in them. these are the latest numbers as
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storms. south brunswick, 6:06, just a couple minutes away from seeing the it will not clear east brunswick until 6:19. still a threat of showers and thunderstorms across the area tonight. more on the excessive heat warning that goes until sunday night at 10:00. this hasn't happened since 2013. it has been several years since we have seen it. the triple digits feels like temperatures stick around. details on that coming up. >> thank you, amy. we want to talk about the people who are outside coping with this miserably hot weather. the advice from health officials, drink plenty of water and limit your outdoor activity. but are people doing that? we go to carolina le who is in the bronx tonight. >> reporter: last night, there were 59 heat related calls to the city. today, that number is mounting. as you can see people and children are doing their very best to keep cool.
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around this fire hydrant at the corner in the concourse section of the bronx. a bit of relief on such a swell entering day. >> i love the kids. i'm going to go in there myself right now. i'm going to go in with all of you right now. hope it gets better. it is very hot. >> reporter: reminding residents to use city issued sprinkler heads because opening hydrants can create an issue with water pressure if there is a fire nearby reasons why one should not use a fire hydrant without a spray cap. very dangerous, reduces water pressure, can flood your neighbor's home and many other things. >> reporter: the mayor says this is the first excessive heat warning in three years, meaning the heat index is at or above 105 degrees. >> it's been three years since we have had this kind of heat emergency. so, again, we definitely had hot weather earlier in the
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this one is worse. so i want people to really take to heart, take precautions. this is not business as usual. >> reporter: day for those doing outdoor construction work. new yorkers did all they did to beat the heat, including carrying an eye nor muss umbrella and eating an ice cream. >> i want to go to the pool or something. drink water. a lot of water. >> reporter: another solution, pools and going to them. the pools will remain open until 8:00 tonight. reporting live in the concourse section of the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> she has got it right, drink lots of water. elevator service and air- conditioning has gone out for the second time in 24 hours at a senior citizen building in queens.
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electricity at brookdale village. a crane perched outside will henry pair a transformer. >> it is so humid. i have bronchitis. you can't breathe when there's no air. it's not a good feeling. i slept in my car last night. >> all night i was working. >> 274 residents are without power. don't forget to sign up for our breaking news aler send out information on weather related issues all weekend and on we have a list of cooling centers and tips for you on beating the heat. it is now been ten days since the brutal death of karina and her parents are not letting up when it comes to finding her killer. the 30-year-old was sexually assaulted and strangled while out running in the weeds.
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her dad about his mission to find her killer. >> reporter: the mission is one word. obsession is another. yes, karina's father is determined tonight to find the killer. just as determined as the detectives working the command post in howard beach. a search that could end with a single phone call. >> we need to find her killer. >> reporter: phil vetrano convinced that someone knows something. that someone march knows exactly who killed his daughter. in an eyewitness news interview, phil revealed that coo cringe avetrano put up a fierce struggle before she was sexually assaulted and strangled exactly ten days ago tonight. >> somebody saw someone come home with scratches, with a bruise because karina fought back. >> reporter: the body was found in the weeds in the park blocks from her home in howard beach, queens. she had left her home barely an
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phil says her daughter had run through the park at least once before alone and without incident. >> my daughter was a magical being. she had so much persona. she had so much power. and she still has. >> reporter: since the murder, the outpouring has been extraordinary. phil established a gofundme page that has raised more than enough to offer a $100,000 reward. >> it is a force we can even comprehend. and that force is coming from karina. that's where all of this came from. she wants us or persons responsible for doing this. that's what she wants. >> reporter: phil says it's about justice for his family and for his daughter. >> there needs to be an arrest. most important thing is an arrest. and we need the public to help
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is convinced it's coming. as we have been reporting, the gofundme page now tops $200,000. he says the balance after the reward will go to charity or to establish a charitable foundation in karina's name. anybody with information that could help solve this case is urged tonight to call the nypd. we're live in howard beach, queens, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. hillary clinton revealed opponent to do the same. and donald trump back stepping again on his comment about who founded isis. and raising questions about what constitute sarcasm. eyewitness news political reporter dave evans is in the news room with more. >> donald trump responded to clinton's demand that he release his tax returns. the trump campaign said nobody wants to see the records. instead the american public would like to see the 33,000 e-
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told rehabilitates who lost in the primary to get over it and help out. >> today's rally like most others but this time an introduction by the republican party chairman. he clashed privately with trump over trump's inability to stay on message. >> do you want four years of hillary clinton? do you want to hear from the next president of the united states, donald trump? >> the other news of the day came there the clin tax returns showing that they earned $10.6 million last year, paid a third in taxes and gave almost 10% to charity, almost all of that to the clinton foundation. today the clinton campaign also released this web ad asking why won't donald trump release his tax returns? most republican leaders say trump should. >> the last 30 or 40 years, every candidate for president has released their tax returns. and i think donald trump should
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now, behind in swing states like colorado. he is down 14 points there. about the same in virginia. it's 9 points in north carolina. and in florida, it's tighter but clinton is ahead there by 4 points. today trump was back at it, calling clinton and the president the founders of isis. >> so i said, the founder of isis. obviously i'm being sarcastic. then -- then -- but not that sarcastic to be honest with you. >> yesterday h barack obama is not the founder of sighs. the white house issued a one- word statement, seriously. today trump blamed the press corps for not understanding sarcasm. >> they knew i was being sarcastic. they're analyzing, did i really mean that? how could i say that. these people are the lowest form of life. i'm telling you. >> now the trump campaign is planning a major speech about
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speaking about law enforcement in the city on thursday. >> thank you, dave. an elderly beating victim is speaking out as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this friday night. the 74-year-old man pushed down the steps and kicked and now telling his terrifying story. >> reporter: i'm laura behnke live at yankee stadium where the your daughter wants to stay organic.
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here. there is a severe thunderstorm warning right now for parts of suffolk county and union county. it goes until 7:00 tonight. this is the storm right now that has dangerous lightning and gusty winds. located near bridgewater right now. it will be moving east at 25 miles per hour. right now the wind speeds are above 55 miles per hour in this storm. >> okay. thank you, amy. another robber preying on the elderly. it shows the suspect first pushing 74-year-old delione down the stairs and then beating him and robbing him. the victim spoke to us about the terrifying attack. >> he says he couldn't take any money. he pushed me down the stairs and i was rolling around and around. when i landed, i hit my head on the wall. >> he suffered several
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face but he is okay. he says he was taking the stairs because the elevator in his building is broken. as we just heard from amy, we've got serious weather in
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>> and amy is back with us. we have a severe thunderstorm warning moving into the area. >> yes. >> kind of like last night. >> absolutely. like this with the humidity in place, we could have a severe thunderstorm at any time. that is what is ahappenning. over manhattan you can see skies are darkening up a little bit. it's a soupy air mass. looking down to the battery, this is darker than i have seen the skies all afternoon. showers will come through. we will see if we can avoid game time in the bronx. it will be a close call.
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storms are headed in that direction. be on guard if you're in this area. what we're expecting is lightning, heavy winds and rain are coming in right now. there is a 60 miles per hour wind with this storm. woodbridge needs to be on guard. elizabeth, that's one of the lines that this most severe part of the storm will be headed. of course the excessive heat warning continues across the area. to be watched carefully. over south brunswick, there's plenty of lightning but the heavy rain is to the north and parts of woodbridge. as we get into the evening hours, we will see the pop-up thunderstorms still possible. once we get beyond sunset, they're not as potent usually. and also as they get closer to the cooler waters, we don't have as much of a problem. this is the projection coming into even the bronx here by 7:15. this is a futurecasting with
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rain as the game gets underway. this thunderstorm doesn't last the entire game. instead these are quick movers. about 20 to 40 minutes before they clear the area. storms tonight. we will get repeats of these both saturday and sunday afternoon as our heat indexes continue to push the triple digits. it creates an air mass that is vulnerable to weather development. here are the heat indexes for tonight. midnight. st 80s, low 90s. that's the reason for the warning. we don't get a chance to cool off. we're back into the triple digits by saturday afternoon. peaking between 2:00 and 5:00. but extreme heat again on sunday. high temperatures are in the 90s. lots of humidity. the feels like temperature back to 103 by noon on sunday. and pushing into the upper 110 range by the afternoon. as far as storms again tonight,
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and clouds. it gets steamy again. it's hit and miss after 2:00 with the thunderstorms. lightning, heavy rains and wind with these. on sunday, storms less likely to happen but a spotty thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. 95 for the high. real-feel temperatures up to 110. slightly hotter than we saw today. we will see temperatures in the 93 degree point on sunday afternoon. near 90 on monday. steamy with storms again. and then some reli. muggy on tuesday but down to 86. 85 on wednesday. 84 on thursday. and 83 on friday. a lot more comfortable. >> coming up next, we're going
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>> we're back with the final ceremony for a-rod whose last game with the yankees is tonight. we have laura behnke at the ballpark with us with the latest. laura. >> reporter: hey, diana. with everything going on lately, it feels like this alex rodriguez farewell tour has been going on for months. he was promised playing time and then denied a chance to here we are, his finale designated hitter, batting third as the yankees say good- bye. >> i'm at peace. and i'm really excited. this is a happy day for me and my family. >> reporter: alex rodriguez had hoped to play more in his final week but says there are no hard feelings. >> if this was september 30th and everything had been different, this would be
6:27 pm
that we wanted. i could play him at every position. i could pitch him if he wanted to pitch. i don't know if he would want to. my guess is he wouldn't want to catch. but you just can't do it. >> families have disagreements. and that's okay. he has his opinion. i have mine. but in the long run, we're going to be fine. >> reporter: a-rod is wrapping it up just four homers shy of 700 with no indications that he will play for another team but leaves the game content. of my view-ups and how badly i acted the fact that i am walking out of the door and part of the family, that is hitting 800 home runs with me. and i will be able to share that with my daughters for a long time. >> reporter: now, over at citi field tonight, the mets open up a series with the padres. matt will meet with dr. james andrews. now to football, if you're heading to the giants
6:28 pm
eli manning. ben has decided he doesn't need to play his starting quarterback. he knows what he can do. the vets are looking ahead to when things count. >> this is a time for the younger guys to work and come in and, you know, kind of get themselves prepared and situated in the nfl. >> reporter: now, in rio today, a shocker. the united states women's so in penalties. they will not medal. the women's basketball team however did beat canada. the men play tonight. as for last night it was a good time to be an american olympian. simone biles took gold.
6:29 pm
simone manuel took a gold medal. and michael phelps, he made it four for four as he won the 200 individual medley. it is his 22nd career olympic gold. phelps will go for another gold tonight in the 100 meter butterfly. but around here, everything is all about alex rodriguez. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> laura, it may be raining on the parade out there. around 7:15, 7:20. we will see. be prepared. thanks, laura. for a look at stories we're working on for 11:00. >> tonight we will be gathering details on the dangerous lightning strike that sent several people to the hospital in poughkeepsie. that's new tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00.
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thank you for joining us. i'm diana williams. world news is coming up next. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the deadly flash floods. vehicles swept away. and now flood alerts from new mexico to new england. and now the heat. it will feel above 100 in much of the country this weekend. also night, a crash on an american highway. a tractor-trailer crashing into a van. a mom driving members of a sports team. the two air emergencies. a deadly plane crash. investigators on the scene right now. and the midair scare -- jetblue passengers hitting severe turbulence. dozens rushed to the hospital. donald trump declaring president obama was the founder of isis. tonight saying he was being sarcastic. hillary clinton releasing her taxes, asking trump where are his? and the new polls out just tonight in the crucial


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