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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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video that was shot a short while ago. the power outage is affecting baggage screening. the escalators and elevators. but carousels and computers and restaurants are all working. they're all operating. the tsa has an alternative screening method in place for the baggage screening but that takes more time and of course that's the one thing that will slow down an airline and a flight the quickest. there are long delays here but to the weather and they point to newark airport which also has some long delays right now. they're experiencing delays as well. american airlines owns the terminal but there are other airlines that operate from inside. so the best thing to do is to check with your airline to make sure your flight is leaving on time or if there's a flight coming in that you're waiting for a passenger, just make sure you call that airline, make sure everything is all right and
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reporting live from jfk, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the murders in queens. oscar morel right now held without bail for what prosecutors say was an assassination of an imam and his associate in queens. morel this afternoon arraigned on several charges, including first degree murder. the imam and his friend were shot in the friend after they left prayers services saturday crime is so heinous, so offensive, that queens d.a. richard brown added the charge of first degree murder. the maximum he could face is life in prison without the possibility of parole. but he insists he didn't do it. the victims' families are infuriated. >> i want justice. >> reporter: relatives of the victim say the pain is unbearable.
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guilty. his relatives watched from the spectator's gallery, seemingly in shock. one woman with her head in her hands. >> they're upset and they don't believe -- they can't understand how he could be involved in this. >> reporter: they later gathered outside the courtroom in a huddle with their court appointed attorney who told reporters that morel insists he didn't do it. >> just denied having anything to do with it. that's it. nothing else. >> reporter: the cold blooded captured on surveillance video. the 55-year-old imam, maulama akonjee, and his 64-year-old assistant, tara uddin shot in the head. the vehicle matched the description of the getaway car. detectives say he later tried to ram officers who tried to stop him. they later recovered his
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a smoking gun. a precise ballistics match to the bullets recovered from the victims. >> oscar, did you shoot them because they were muslim? >> reporter: investigators say the evidence is overwhelming but the motive was still not clear late this afternoon. prosecutors are convinced he's the killer. what they do not yet know is why. >> when he saw the shooter in front of him, he wants to ask the shooter kill my innocent father? what his father did wrong to the shooter to lose his life. >> and why? that is the question tonight but in court the prosecution offered no explanation. morel pleaded not guilty today. as bill mentioned a moment ago is being bail tonight. live tonight, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to the weather tonight. while we've officially broken
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still strong enough that we have the threat of powerful thunderstorms in our area. meteorologist jeff smith in for lee goldberg in the weather center. >> even though temperatures have fallen a bit, humidity more than making up for it and priming up the atmosphere for the potential for strong thunderstorms west of new york city. 84 right now. we were 87 earlier this afternoon. a little downpour moved on through parts of new york city including midtown manhattan in the upper west side and that dropped our temperatures a bit. seve t effect for 11 p.m. central and western parts of new jersey. also pike county, pennsylvania. with the excruciating high humidity, we have a heat advisory in effect for the five boroughs of new york city. southern parts of new jersey. we have on the radar a couple cells developing ahead of the main line of storms. one little downpour over central part of the county. we're watching this line along
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of warren county. downpours there. stronger storms south of scranton. we'll have to watch those as they approach northern warren and parts of sussex county in new jersey over the next several hours. these storms have a history of producing wind damage. we'll keep a close eye on the radars. the good news is for new york city, they tend to weaken as they move toward the five boroughs. we'll keep an eye on it just in case. behind it, a little bit of relief in the humidity department. we'll detail that in your full accuweather forecast. loose in queens. for two weeks tonight, a man who sexually assaulted and murdered a young woman jogging by herself in howard beach. tonight friends and family of karina vetrano gathering not so much to look for any clues, but perhaps looking for something more profound. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid is there tonight. >> two weeks and still nothing. still looking for a suspect. as you can see, this is absolute torture for her family. her mother and father right here
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community that's doing everything it can to keep the attention on finding this killer. karina vetrano's dad has been doing national interviews, hoping to help crack the case. she was murdered and sexually assaulted during an evening run. on august 2nd she was alone. her body was found in spring creek park several hours later. everyone in this community still shocked. >> it's tragic but it's a beautiful thing to see the community come together. knows something out there. somebody knows, either it's your brother that did it, your brothers or your cousins or whatever. and they're as guilty as whoever committed this murder. >> the original plan was to walk along what they're calling the trail of tears. that of course being the path where vet rano was running august
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difficult to navigate so anyone with a stroller or wheelchair would not be able to be apart of this. now the plan is to go from the family's home to the church and to keep attention on this case. reporting live in howard beach, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to vote 2016. the focus of the presidential race tonight on classified information. at the request of house gop members, the fbi turning over to congress interview and investigative notes from its probe in to hillary clinton's clinton's campaign says it wants all the documents to be shared publically, not just some. the campaign trail in philadelphia today, secretary clinton went after donald trump's foreign and anti-terrorism policy. >> it just absolutely bewilders me when i hear donald trump try to talk about national security. what he often says hurts us.
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the clinton superpack reportedly moving resources as it shows several double digit leads in battleground states. donald trump is meeting with law enforcement officer whose have been dealing with ongoing protests over a fatal shooting of a black man by a black cop. he describes the situation in milwaukee as, quote, a mess. but adding law and order must be respected. the gop nominee toured the milwaukee county war memorial center. an attempt at an explanation camp after the former new york city mayor claimed there were no radical islamic terrorist attacks before obama took office. he was mayor during the 9/11 attacks. spokesperson says he was talking about the remainder of president bush's term after 9/11. giuliani said, quoting, in those eight years before obama came along. perhaps he was missing a phrase or two in his speech. tragedy on the jersey shore as we continue with eyewitness
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this tuesday night. a deadly fire races through a home. we'll tell you what may have sparked those flames. >> also ahead, using virtual reality to try to convince you reality to try to convince you and others including t for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my stop & shop. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining,
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take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. weather, not arson, likely played a role in the jersey shore fire that killed two men and their dog last night.
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investigators. flames tearing through the home in belmar just before 10:00 last night. that fire so intense, firefighters simply could not get inside to get the men. the identities of the victims not yet released. new york mayor de blasio and other officials demanding congress approve $1.9 billion in emergency funding, this to combat the zika virus before it becomes an epidemic here in new york. the city has budgeted $21 million to fight zika but the mayor says that's simply not enough money. in the u.s. are in new york and de blasio claims the city is more at risk for the virus to spread because it attracts people from around the world. >> we are testing some 100 people each day. 483 people have been diagnosed with zika, all travel associated as you heard among them, 49 pregnant women had four cases of sexual transmission. >> the city is going to conduct another round of mosquito spraying for both west nile and
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tonight we take you behind the wheel. you're the driver. and you're texting. talk about omg. wait till you see what happens when you take your eyes and your mind off the road even for just a second or two. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer at the controls going out of control in a state-of-the-art simulator. and yes, he tweeted about it. >> reporter: it just may be the text that kills you. reality that brings to life the dangers of texting while driving. >> it's insane. i can't believe some people do that. >> reporter: drivers are being given the chance to experience texting while driving. you strap on a pair of goggles and off you drive, encountering near misses with bicyclists and pedestrians and close calls with other drivers. nelson testing the simulator has just started driving.
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firsthand experience in using technology to show us what the dangers are. >> reporter: and drive home the message, it can wait. >> we've heard too many stories of people being injured or dying as a result of three words in a text which could have waited. we're out here to educate as many people as we can. >> reporter: at&t has partnered with the nypd and d.o.t. bringing the simulator and jarring virtual experience to the flatiron plaza for everyone to try. >> to get them in a this, behind a simulator, which feels like something they'd do anyway, almost like a game, brings home the dangers. >> using this kind of technology helps to communicate with teenagers. >> reporter: here in the city where vehicles and pedestrians come dangerously close together, the department of transportation is a valued partner in the program. >> even if you're driving casualty, that you take your responsibility behind the wheel seriously. we need people to be alert, aware, and not distracted. >> reporter: i just had to
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video and every time you hear a new message come in, your eyes are pulled off the road. then answering a text, never saw those bicyclists. and the most jarring comes at the end unexpectedly. you only need to experience once. >> it's amazing. >> definitely something you shouldn't do. don't text and drive. >> news. when we come back, meteorologist jeff smith in for
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so you missed the face time thing on google? miss it no more. google today launching duo, it allows for video calls between android and ios devices. something face time does not do. when you open duo you get a split screen between you and your contacts, allowing you to see what you look like before
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vice versa, or something. what did you say here? you said when thunder roars, head indoors. i tweeted you about this. i don't want to say you plagiarized. you're attributing that to the national weather service. >> it's a national weather service campaign. >> it sounded so great. i gave you credit for it. >> also sounds great because it keeps people safe. >> more importantly. if you do hear the thunder, you're close enough to be hit by lightning. indoors over western parts of new jersey right now because there's some thunderstorms approaching. taking a live look off to the south. those are building clouds as we look to the south of manhattan. 84 degrees. look at the humidity way up there at 76%, high on the day getting up to 87. we did not continue the heat wave in new york city but it felt worse even than yesterday because the humidity was so
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your record in 1944. any thunderstorm this evening could be severe especially west of new york city. main threats in this situation, flooding downpours and potential for strong damaging wind. becomes a little less humid tomorrow. similar temperatures. but it's going to feel a whole with dew points falling. still could see the potential. dew points when they're above 70, feels downright oppressive. the alerts, no warnings in effect just yet. we do have severe thunderstorm watch central and western parts of new jersey, pike county,
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has a bow shaped appearance. that's moving in to parts of warren county, northern parts of hunterdon. morris county, eventually somerset county. also a nasty cell south of scranton. this will approach pike county, pennsylvania and move across parts of sussex county and new jersey. one little renegade downpour developing ahead of the main line over ocean county. this moves in to southern parts of monmouth county over the next few minutes. here's our futurecast showing everything weakening a little that rings true and watch the radar as we move in to the evening hours. highs tomorrow getting back up to 87. one or two of the storms could be on the strong sidement a little bit less humid. partly sunny on thursday. outside chance getting a stray shower or storm. 90 on friday. not too humid.
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storms in here sunday night in to monday. behind that, downright pleasant by tuesday. we've not said that in a while. >> laura is up next with sports. despite everything that's happened this season, the yankees are still in the playoff picture and they are counting on the baby bombers to get them there. not a bad plan especially if they keep getting this type of production from aaron judge. plus, the jets were back on the
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i was just thinking we probably don't have to mention alex rodriguez's name again. then i see the top of your screen. >> as the alex rodriguez era ended friday night, the aaron judge era began saturday. three games in you could say it's been a pretty positive
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start in the bigs adding an rbi double for the game's only run. in the process the 24-year-old has done something no yankee had ever done before with an extra base hit in each of his first three games in the majors. that combined with the shut-out pitching effort capped with a nice double play to end the game gave the yankees a solid and much needed win. >> judge has been great. he's a guy that we're all rooting for obviously. really nice kid. right now. >> it's exciting. you love playing with your friends. it's exciting to see what happens. >> nate eovaldi needs double elbow surgery including tommy john. he will miss the rest of this season and his entire 2017 season is in doubt. he already had tommy john surgery at 17. the mets expect to get offensive help by the end of the
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friday. an addition that can't come soon enough after last night the amazings were anything but, dropping a fourth straight game to the last place diamondbacks. arizona started building a lead on the way to a 10-6 win. with the loss, the mets are three games out of the final wildcard spot. noah syndergaard will be on the mound. it was back to business in florin park today as the jets return to the practice field and they continue to get positive the injury front. muhammad wilkerson participated in team drills. they hope matt forte will not be far behind. he returned to practice sunday. so far he's just doing positional drills. he hopes to play in the third preseason game and praupss to -- and promises to be ready for the season opener. >> we're being super, super cautious about it. at this point there's no reason to rush back out there. won't take that long to get back
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the practice field soon. >> giants are off today. tomorrow they'll return to the practice field. game number 2 saturday night in buffalo. another chance for the offense to get going. after rashad jennings found the end zone in game 1, it's a start. >> i think we did good things with our physicality. communication i think was good. need to work on the pass game a little bit. plenty of time to make the ro final day of women's gymnastics competition in rio today. so yes, this is your spoiler alert warning. here we go. simone biles rebounded today catching gold, her fourth gold of the games, becoming the all-time leader for a u.s. women's gymnast while teammate aly raisman took silver. biles stumbled on the balance beam and settled for bronze while fellow american and new jersey native lori hernandez won
6:29 pm
track american allison felix edged out by a diving miller in the 400 meters. felix would take silver. bartolo colon may not have won last night but he crossed another first off his list. early this season he hit his first career home run. last night the 43-year-old drew his first ever walk. somehow in 18 years in the league he never took a base on balls until last night. a pitcher. >> you said it. [ laughter ] let's take a look at some of the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. sade is here. >> getting rid of rats. a training academy teaching people how to deal with them. what's the best type of exercise to look younger and live longer? new information on what you should be doing. plus, could bananas soon be extinct? that's all coming up tonight at 11:00. >> last week we said exercise by
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for watching. see you at 11:00. breaking news tonight. bracing for severe storms in several major cities in the east. the system already bringing at least seven tornadoes and dangerous driving. while in the south tonight, the death toll rises, and so do the waters. a state of emergency. we're there. the wildfires tonight. a new fire outside l.a. on the way to vegas. and the other fire, more than 100 homes and businesses lost. tonight, word of an arrest. donald trump defiant this evening, saying, why change what got him this far? and hillary clinton, the fbi turning over e-mail evidence to members of congress who demanded it. the controversial video tonight. pinned by police. the mother dangling, held against a patrol car. and the new warning for homeowners tonight. what this woman is doing inside


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