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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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their cars. others had to be extricated. a suffolk county exemployee was involved in the crash. there were 11 people total traveling in the three cars three adults pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say eight people were taken to area hospitals including a 2-year-old and a 9- year-old. most significantly injured were taken to stony brook trauma center. a car traveling eastbound crossed over the grass divider, went airborne plowing into two cars that were headed westbound. they say there's a dip in the grass median there that may have contributed to this car going airborne.
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is car that crossed the median may have been traveling at a high rate of speed. >> the two vehicles that are traveling westbound probably didn't see the vehicle even the vehicle was crossing the roadway. there's no opportunity for them to negotiate out of the accident. >> we received five victims from this horrific accident. as a group they sustained significant and severe injuries. >> we always hope for the best. the most optimum care possible. >> reporter: and the head of trauma here telling me he gives a lot of credit to the first responders who were out there today. he says they acted very quickly allowing doctors to get access to these as possible. we're live in suffolk county, mallory huff. heavy rain sweeping through
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the city. but there may be a pay off when the clouds leave. >> we have a flood advisory in place for about 15 minutes or so. we'll have to see if these advisories get extended a little further to the east. the radar right now showing downpours approaching from the west. just started raining recently in the five burroughs of city. no doesn't look like a huge deal. there will be some downpours out there through the early evening hours. as quickly as it moves in the back edge is moving through the city at 8:00 a.m. after 9:00 p.m. there still could be a shower or storm over parts of long island through midnight. even the wee hours of the morning on the east end of the island. that will be it. after that front moves on by as joe was saying a big pay off.
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we'll detail that in your full accu weather forecast. joe. >> thank you. you can stay up to date with the rain using the abc 7 ny app. and police are investigating the death of a woman and they believe she may have just been an innocent bistandard. an innocent one. >> reporter: the parents to five grown children between them. the couple had been playing cards with their friends last night on lennox avenue and 144th street. it was around 11:45 when basil kissed odessa good night and went back to their apartment two blocks away. he had told her he didn't like her staying out so late. >> by the time i opened the door, the phone stopped to ring. they told me that she get shot. i just leave her.
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bullet went right through sin's neck killing her. this man says she was sitting near her when it happened. >> a fellow in dark clothing came up to her -- i didn't see him but they told me. he ran up shooting another fellow and she went down. >> reporter: it's hard to find someone in this neighborhood that doesn't know odessa sims. they say she was like a mother. was 14 years old. >> she cooked for people, fed people. >> everything, everything. >> reporter: police spent the morning combing the area for clues. even if they found who did it. sims says it won't bring his wife back. >> i'm doing bad. i ain't going to be doing good forever. police in connecticut are looking for two suspects after a shooting at a house party. 13 people were hurt when two
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home in bridge port just before1:30 this morning. one man is in critical condition after getting hit in the face. police are trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. a man was shot and killed at a party inside a park in brooklyn. police say a gunman walked up to the 34-year-old victim inside scarangelo park and shot him in the head. police say he continued shooting after the victim fell the ground. the shooter fled the scene in a dark colored vehicle. a man crashed a car and crashed into a bodega. just before crashing into that bodega leaving the stores flower display in shambles. the cab driver suffered a minor leg injury but no pedestrians were hurt. it's not yet clear what caused
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the woman accused of killing her stepdaughter in queens. she faces 25 years to life in prison. also announced charges for her ex-husband raymond noraya. we were with him and his grandchildren at his apartment on friday. they reportedly would not open the door to police for an hour. a neighbor in richmond hill his bathtub. he had been strangled. is the republican candidate showing a new side of his campaign or is this more of the same? >> reporter: as far as the trump campaign says this has been the best week ever. >> i want a totally inclusive country and i want an inclusive party. >> reporter: trump working on his pitch to minority workers
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the african american community is in an area where the republican party must do better and it will do better. >> reporter: but despite that admission and a meeting with his new hispanic advisory board the week has not been entirely smooth for the campaign. from protests to outrage over this comment. >> what do you have to do? you live in poverty, your schools are you have no jobs. >> most don't live in poverty and trump was making those comments in a community that's mostly white. >> i'm white, i was very moved by his comment. in other words he's trying to tell american that is we can do better. >> reporter: kelly anne conway hitting the sunday talk shows after a staffing shake up.
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to prorussian primary leaders. >> that doesn't mean that the russians have been pushed out of this campaign. the hand of the kremlin has been at work in this campaign for a long time. it's clear they are supporting donald trump. >> in los angeles, mary bruce, channel 8 action news. devastation takes over a wedding party in turkey when a child suicide bomber kills thousands of people. ahead, a controversial festival in crown heights. a quarter of deadly riots organizers say there's reason to celebrate.
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a child suicide bomber killed two and injured dozens. by exploiting tensions. the bombing was the deadliest attack in turkey this year. today in festival to bring together people of all backgrounds. but relatives of the jewish man says the festival is incentive. this after a car in a rabbi's motorcade struck and killed
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of our archival footage from 21 years ago. one man wants a comprehensive investigation. the initial reports of gunfire led to confusion, fear and panic among passengers and airport workers. police later determined no shots were fired. it's hard to believe after we've seen so much terror at there is such lack of coordination that still exists and something that could happen last sunday could actually happened. it defied my imagination. a weekends of hard work for recovery teams in society volunteers are assisting
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their working quickly to remove wet materials in an effort to prevent mold. >> if we don't get the wet stuff out in the next few days our homes will be contaminated. >> emotional because it's our stuff and we have to throw a lot of stuff out which is really hard. >> reporter: president obama is expected to visit baton rouge on tuesday. shelling out green for more green space. the city announces big plans for several parks.
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all right it's a few dark skies out there right now. that rain you talked about headed in. >> yeah, a band of rain heading in right now but you know what the heaviest will be over around 8:00 tonight. so it's not that bad. it'll provide some much needed rainfall too about a half inch to an inch of rain across a good portion of the tri state area. we take a look at the view out to the south past the empire state building. the clouds shr been lowering and thickening through the afternoon -- the clouds have been lowering and thickening through the afternoon. there's heavier stuff out to the west. temperatures right now 80. we have the south winds gusting to 24 miles per hour. humidity still way out there but that's going to be falling in a big way overnight tonight after the front moves on by. the high on the day getting up to 56. above average for this time of
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showers that moved on through right around dawn this morning. a few showers and storms into the evening. some of the downpours could cause localized street flooding. the threat for severe weather has really diminished with this system. humidity does drop overnight after the rain moves on by. and tomorrow, is just absolutely beautiful. breezy out there. low humidity a lot of sunshine. right now bell mar 84. 70 at dewpoints will fall into the invigorating category by late tomorrow and tomorrow night. here's the radar picture showing that rain has just moved into new york city. just approaching western long island. south western parts of connecticut. the heaviest rain by far north and west of the city. some heavy downpours over
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advisory western sullivan that has since expired. some thunderstorms near philadelphia we'll have to watch and see if these survive the trip all the way to the jersey shore for parts of ocean county. the heaviest of the rain probably over around 8:00 p.m. still can't rule out a shower or thunderstorms through midnight. then even there it will exit. we're down to 68 overnight. upper 50s at monticello. breezy, cooler. highs getting only intth city. only 72 for a high at monticello. it'll feel great out there with the lower humidity and the nice breeze. but later on in the week. warmer and more humid air does tend to return as that bermuda high sets up offshore. for tonight showers, a heavier thunderstorms this evening then things wind down. humidity lowering overnight. mostly sunny, pleasant, less humid out there, pleasant.
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64. many of the suburbs will be in the 50s tomorrow night. could even be some upper 40s well north and west. here's your accu weather seven day forecast. pleasant on tuesday. high of about 80. plenty of sun. warmer on wednesday but still not humid. the high getting up to 85. it does turn a big muggier on thursday. near 90 on friday. it is more humid. there could be more thunderstorms friday night. the weekend looking dry. pretty typical august like weather. upper 80s by day. night. >> all right, thanks jeff. it is one of the city's largest investments in green space. the mayor will spend $150 million to improve five new york city parks. >> and the improvements will mean something for everyone. eyewitness news reporter tim fleisher has the story. >> reporter: kids in the park. having a good time without a care in the world.
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st. mary's park is going to be getter more green space. parks set for major improvements. >> we call them anchor parks because they play such a big role in their neighborhoods. >> reporter: 750,000 people live in walking distance to the parks. upgrades include soccer fields, stations and bike trails. >> in particular we could use some better playground equipment, we could use some more exercise equipment. there's a very small running track. but it would be nice to have a bigger track. >> reporter: williams and her son michael mcclain jr. just moved near by and are quite
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improvements. >> especially for safety. they need to put money in the park. >> do you like to ride your scooter? >> yes. >> reporter: community meetings will begin in the fall with a look at the multiweek time frame. >> we will work with the community to address those plans and visions to make it a reality. tim fleisher. well it's not unusual for to disappear. but it is rare when those things are ultimately found even rarer when those century old things are pets. >> is this your baby. is that your baby?
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the gardener left the gate open. >> we posted on a lot of sites and we placed fliers in the neighbors mailboxes saying that we had lost the tortoise and please keep your eyes open. >> well a homeowner saw the tortoise in his neighbor's yard and found the pet owner. so much for the tortoise slow reputati traveled 6-1/2 miles. at 100 years old.
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5:55 pm newark will soon have a flight between new york and key west. tickets went on sale yesterday. step by step, that's how a 93-year-old world war ii veteran made his way across the country. erny andrus decided he wanted to run from coast to coast started at the pacific ocean. it took him three years of running, three days a week but
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simon's georgia this weekend just one day after his 93rd birthday. >> in an 88-year-old man gets this much attention on a relay how about a 90-year-old running coast to coast. so i decided right there i'm going to do it. >> now to be clear, ernie didn't just want to make the record books he wanted to raise heart. he raised money to bring back a tanker that has been restored. this is the third straight week it ranked number it's brought in a total of more than $250,000. sausage party came in second at the box office and war dogs was
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a gruesome discovery. a massacre, police say a man went on a killing spree inside a home while everyone else was asleep. disgraced swimmer ryan lochte has revealed his regrets but the united states olympic committee isn't done with him just yet. and tussle on the upper west side when a yellow cab jumps a sidewalk. that and much more. weather and sports coming up on
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highway horror. a tragedy on the island expressway when an out of control car goes airborne and slams into two other vehicles. we have new information about the victims. and caught in the cross fire, a beloved neighbor in harlem is shot and killed now the outraged community is calling for action. good evening everyone i'm joe torrez. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we're going to begin with that


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