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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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coming up on wach fox news attend . >> we need to show that south carolina makes president and that our next president will be marco rubio. >> governor haley has her man but what will it mean on saturday was so many contenders still in the fight. we look at who will make all of the difference here. >> as i was walking up., someone said the pope made a statement about you. the pope? what did the pope say? i like the pope.>> the palmetto state is the site of a new turn of events. life after an earth shattering tread -- tragedy. a woman is leading the mother emanuel church out of the darkness and into the light.wach fox news at 10
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>> -- happening right now at the university of south carolina school of law. >> you can see john kasich there. jeb bush is artie taken the state. they address everything from immigration policy to healthcare and everything in between. donald trump is scheduled to hit the stage shortly. just a day after the governor that her support behind marco rubio, that endorsement is giving the senator a bit of the boost -- a bit of a boost.>> the south carolina republican primary has been releasing april every day. they are still showing the donald trump is the leader in this state, and ted cruz is right behind him. marco rubio has dropped about a quarter of a point, and jeb bush, john kasich, and dr. ben carson rounds out the rest of the numbers.
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drastically by the time that voters cast their votes on saturday. >> the latest polls do not reflect the undecided vote.wach fox news sarah pettit dove into how that could impact saturday. >> reporter: between 8% and 10% south carolina voters are still undecided. experts say that marco rubio's latest endorsement from governor ricky -- nikki haley could be what he needs to change the game. >> i'm confused on who i will vote for.>> reporter: some voters have not decided whether they will be voting in the republican primary or the democratic primary. >> i'm an undefined -- undecided voter because i do not know that much about the candidates and i do not know if any of the candidates are suited for the job as of right now. >> that is what is really important to me.>> i am looking at it quality and also looking for people that care
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that want to see them to succeed too.>> if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america.>> reporter: governor nikki haley endorsing senator. a rubio may be important to some. usc political science professor said it is not all that uncommon for primary voters to make their decision at the last minute. an endorsement to play into that. since the endorsement, marco rubio has gotten a boost in some polls, and it could make him the number one candidate for undecideds. >> the real story on saturday is for second-place. if the undecided, last-minute deciding voters go more for rubio, then it becomes a big story.>> reporter: the undecided have until saturday
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-- decision. live in columbia, i am terror pettit with wach fox news there have been more that 60,000 of absentee voters submitted. that reflects both the republican primary as well as the democratic primary for next weekend. donald trump is in a war of words with the pope. the trump -- the pope is saying that popes -- trump's proposal against building a wall is unchristian. the real estate mogul did not take long to respond. calling the comments disgraceful during a rally in keo island today.>> the toe -- the pope is being told that donald trump is not a nice person. donald trump is a nice person.
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the pope said something to the effect that may be donald trump is not christian. he is questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it and i am a christian and proud of it.>> the -- donald trump's tough with the pope -- taft with the pope was the talk on the campaign trail today. the former florida governor also took the time to address the trump talk. >> i think that the pope said that he did nothing donald trump was a christian. as it relates to his relationship -- has thoughts on isis, he should not be commander-in-chief. governor haley has been a long
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he was in columbia supporting marco rubio. two men are fighting for second place in south carolina, but haley said it is not about picking friends.>> it is about picking who you think can be the best president. i saw his fight and i saw his passion. this is not a job that we can afford for anyone to fall on. we want to put somebody in there that it was -- that was going to sleep, eat, and breathe it until we get things right. i have a great respect for jab. choice. marco rubio said were not happy with her decision here and we're not happy with her decision so she won't -- so he
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follow us on air and online at . the candidates continue to storm through the state, and they are bringing a political platform to the area. it could mean some major money. >> all we need to do is look back four years ago to see how much it means to south carolina. the 2012 primary season generated more than $90 million in economic activity creating 300 jobs earning approximately $10 million in employee compensation. the entire primary season generated devon 30 -- near $30 million in statewide marketing value. tonight, shelli adamczyk talks to businesses about how they are cashing in in 2016 and beyond. >> a lot of people trying us for the first time. >> reporter: this gentleman says the restaurant has seen a lot of new faces in the last week. >> this primary has drawn a lot of broad range people into it.
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same spectrum of people coming in to our restaurant.>> reporter: with candidates looking to get every vote they can in south carolina, the campaign is giving a boost to the state and the economy. >> it is engaging candidates, and people from around the world are going to tune in.>> reporter: the staff, media, and people that follow them is good news for south carolina. it is also good for the $19 million tourism industry.>> all eyes will be on south carolina. they see the vista, main street, all areas of the city, they will see that it is a vibrant, famously hot city with lots of things to do and lots of things to see.>> reporter: with restaurants like hickory tavern expect to see the rush this weekend. >> a lot of people get out of the house, go vote, then catch
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high hopes for local businesses. live in columbia, i'm shelli adamczyk with wach fox news sunshine today. the temperatures, real-time conditions in the vista, it is 48 degrees. a light east, southeast when. 41 in columbia. also in orangeburg. 38 for florence. 39 in rock hill. 37 is a cool spot in aiken. 40s along the water and 47 in greenville, spartanburg. through the overnight hours, we dropped to 33 in the city for the most part with clear skies. a light wind, and it will be somewhat chilly out there with those temperatures in the lower 30s. typically this time of year, we should be around 37 degrees. tomorrow is friday. it will be seasonal. heading into the weekend, it is going to be quite different than how we started the week. we will talk about that a much more in your complete sky watch
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up in just a little bit.>> looking forward to it, henry. >> big weekend ahead.>> good weather for voting, baseball, everything you can think of. coming to a fork in the road. fort jackson offering a life- changing program. this one is not necessarily for the men and women in uniform. plus, how members of the mother emanuel ame church are moving forward after the mass -- after the event last june. with an exclusive with the newest pastor. saturday, gop voters will be heading to the polls for the first in the south primary. >> we will tell you everything that you need to know about the fight for the white house. get ready for above average
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is going to get. >> were pupae -- previewing the gamecocks home opener
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albany. midlands restaurant owner charged with killing a man believed to be his wife's lover is due in court tomorrow morning. greg leon is scheduled for a bond hearing in lexington on friday morning. arrest warrants say that he shot and killed a man in lexington. warrants show that leon shot the man when he was in a car with leone's wife. the woman was not injured here. the coroner has had difficulty identifying the victim because he had multiple identities and was possibly in this country illegally. a positive id on that man. greg leon was tied to a corruption case. he was sentenced to probation in that case. also, to lexington county deputies -- to
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out of the hospital after a crash between two patrol cars while they were responding to a burglary call around 9 pm last night. the crash happened on flat springs road. the highway patrol is investigating the case. if you're looking for progress of the future of south carolina's role -- roads, you can keep looking. there is still nothing but talk tonight. one man is being done by senator. tom davis who filibustered the more than half million dollar plan to upgrade the roads. they said that money that should be used for the roads should not be funneled through the department of transportation without some type of reform at that agency.>> we have two sides of the equation when we're talking about remedying our roads and bridges. we have a revenue side, then you have an expenditure side. the expenditure side concerns those agencies that decide how to spend the money. we either authorize or appropriate.
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have not had a wise expenditure of taxpayer dollars in that regard. that is a fact. >> the senate get back stoop -- gets back to work on tuesday at noon. also on fox tonight, new beginnings are happening at fort jackson. the military base and the khmer start -- and the american red cross started a jumpstart program.>> jana, this program will not be a walk in the park. a lot goes into the dental assistant program. the students are gearing up for six months of classroom and volunteer time in a dental clinic. i spoke with one of the students who is facing more than just a trials of getting through this program.>> it is strictly variables. >> it is always been follow them, take care of them. doing this was my turn to be
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been a military wife for 14 years and it is had its challenges. crookston and fellow wives are taking on a new task in the classroom. >> they've a great motivated class. they are dedicated. they show up every class. they read the textbook in advance. they are ready for their quizzes and tests. they seem very excited about it as they should be. >> were excited because we all have the same goal and want the same thing of the lucky to be a part of the program. >> -- >> reporter: they are working to become future dental assistants. giving a helping hand they are helping each other get by. the on the books, there are the reasons for starting over again. >> we lost our 15-year-old son. he took his life. very unexpected, and it was right after my husband came
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before he asked me to come here.>> reporter: she is happy to have the program as long was the support of the fellow wives in and out of the classroom. they make sure that they come to the study group and it has been a complete lifesaver for me. >> reporter: -- >> were happy to help them out whether it is camaraderie between themselves or the service they are able to get through the american red cross. it makes me happy to know that we are helping to fulfill part of their lives.>> reporter: a life of new beginnings for the long road ahead. after six month of training, they will receive a certificate along with opportunities as to how they want to use their new skills. they will be able to work on federal installations such as an army base or navy base, depending on where they live. if after training some students decide to take the dental assistants national board and pass, they will have eligibility to work anywhere in the us.
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holloway, wach fox news great program. >> definitely. >> it is not only about the military out there. important skills. there is much more ahead tonight. including starting over. -- leading the mother emanuel church past tragedy. reason why the us government is trying to undermine its security? esparza temperatures go, 41 degrees at the columbia metropolitan airport. another chilly night on tap. get ready. it will be a different story for the weekend. plus, sky watch -- skywach weather school out and about today. find out where when wach fox news returns. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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welcome back, friends. another day, another school for skywach weather school. we went out to talk with a group of second graders about the weather. we had the chance to have them in studio last year's first- graders, and this year, we had the chance to go out to heath woodhall and talk with the
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a bright group of students. i enjoyed spending time with them today and reading double trouble groundhog day. i felt very welcome. they made these lovely signs. heath would gloves wach fox 57. thank you so much for inviting me out today. want weather school to come to your school? shoot me an email. let's talk about whether right now. we will talk about our sky watch -- trend 12 weather bug right now. it is 40 degrees at heath woodhall. it is 37 and 35 it wrapped in creek elementary. again, these are real-time conditions in your community,
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live. you can see the temperatures for most part around 40 degrees. let's look across the southeast. we have those 40s in place there. 50s off to our wes. we are going to start to see a shift in they went flow and a warmer trend kicking in as we head toward the weekend. that is good news. more good news for you, while tomorrow is seasonal with highs around 60, we will still be and the dry air mass. still looking at all of that sunshine around eric still with us by 4:00 as you get ready for your weekend when you are leaving the office or heading out of town for the weekend. take a look at 7 pm as you head out for a night out on the town. that takes you to 11 o'clock. we do not worry about the clouds increasing until overnight tomorrow into saturday and the rain chances overnight on sunday into monday. 32 will be the low in newberry tonight. lexington and 33 degrees tonight for a high of 60 was sunshine and in columbia, 33 our low temperature in the city.
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we will see 60 as the high tomorrow. how about 70 on sunday with clouds increasing. then, unfortunately, the weather pattern changing again. rain chances returning monday through the middle of next week. temperatures on the decline thanks to another cold front that will push through back down to about 50 this time next week. a beautiful weekend on tap. today, not too bad as well. no excuse to not get out to the polls. i have a feeling a lot of kids from heath would are going to be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend.>> i could care less about what comes afterward. >> you have him so happy is not even looking past the weekend.>> i can't. to nice. -- too nice.>> you have done
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good job.>> henry gets in a in our book.
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talk about women's basketball. welcome into gamecocks sports with corey miller on this lovely evening. it is time to get things going. basketball is winding down and it is caught -- time for college baseball. they are ready to take on albany. the weather should be great. this is a new team with a lot of new faces. today we spoke to the media. >> our players and coaches are excited that opening day is upon us. they have put in a lot of work since late august. both on the field and in the weight room. a lot of swings, a lot of
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it has been a lot of work preparing for this season, and we are ready to welcome a team into founders park and open up the 2016 season. the gamecocks have been very good. missing the postseason, it is been a while since we've seen that here. in columbia, chad was asked how it feels to not be the haunted here.>> there is been an experience daily and we have new guys wanting to make a difference in change some of the things that occurred and get back to doing what south carolina baseball is used to doing. at the same time, i think this program is very respected across the country. they know and our opposition knows that we do have good players here. game starts tomorrow. gamecocks women were back on
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they are looking to clinch first-place. asia wilson with a nice drop to the basket, a right-hand. it is good. good passing. watch the ball screen. tiffany mitchell steps back. three, she drains it. that basket is good. georgia has won five games in a row. the senior doing some bawling her cells. the gamecocks come back again. strength, and well. and one is good. she will miss the free-throw. 27-13 at the past -- at the half. tina roy, basket is good. georgia comes back. all silk but it will not be enough. the gamecocks will when this one in a tight 1 x 10.
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the performance.>> it is bittersweet. you want to play your best basketball, and i do not think that we displayed that tonight. we did enough to get the job done. i do not know what it is. i think that our players are meant to be drained at this point, but we have to find a way to dig deep and rest up and figure out a way to fake -- a way to close the season the way we want to close the season. the three the 3a playoffs. dreher will get off to the -- to a good start. south pointe will come back. williams will get ahead. the deans it -- defensive score. that basket is good. prayers going to feed trail and murray. the turnaround jumper, and elaine, it is good. you know the story.
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left hand is good. the story is dreher will when this one easy. 63-45. how about the lady hornets? they are ready to play tonight. they hosted calhoun falls charter. look at this. they will get a start, this that -- and this team is good. no hesitation. they will come back with another nice basket. it is good. ca johnson, they are undefeated this season. this is a good basketball team. they play great bass -- defense. off of the steel. 67-19. they will advance in the high school women's basketball playoffs. we will have a lot more of high school basketball later on in our chick-fil-a over time with captain carey rich. chat holbrook, as they get ready for opening day.
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we will be right back. first on fox tonight, i want to make god proud. i want to make them happy. those are the words coming from mother emanuel churches newest pastor. >> the church's leader is making her mark as the first female pastor at the church. our friend sat down with her with reverend. dr. betty gaze clark.
10:36 pm
that there was a special relationship that i had with god. one that i could not articulate, but one that was ever present with me.>> reporter: that relationship seem to prepare dr. betty days clark for an appointment at mother emanuel ame that she did not see coming. >> my first priority is the love the amid -- love the members of mother emanuel. >> reporter: dr. clark became the pastor of mother emanuel ame in january. she was appointed by bishop mitchell morris. he oversees more than 500 ame churches across south carolina.>> on the human side, it is a heavy undertaking. how many people would find themselves in this position? >> -- >> reporter: a position that could be overshadowed by so
10:37 pm
how could it -- how could a person lead a congregation about murder, hurt, and we have to take you back to the life of dr. clark. >> as i went away to school, i went to denmark tech. i asked, what do you want to do with your life? that you would be doing for the rest of your life? there were two things that came to my mind: one was to become a hairdresser, and to mac -- and two, was to become a taylor. even at that, i saw the hand of god moving. just as a garment is put together from fabric and thread, a pattern, and a design, it in set up as a fashion statement. so it is with the lives of individuals.>> reporter: fast- forward to 2016, and what she learned as a taylor helper
10:38 pm
>> wake up and believe in the hope of a brighter day and a brighter tomorrow. >> it was drawn from jeremiah chapter 29. in the -- and the essence of the scripture is to say that god has a plan for each of us and no matter what we have been through, no matter what we're going through, there is a hope and a future in god. >> reporter: that future god means finding the strength to push past the massacre.>> at this point, i am caring for my congregation. i am taking the time to hear their hearts. >> reporter: despite the tragic event, dr. clark says she feels right at home here at mother emanuel ame.>> i know the people. i have lived downtown for over 30 years. i am not a stranger coming in. i am that sister.
10:39 pm
i am that friend who cares. after i heard from them, then i want to take it all to god and let god order my steps as i lead the congregation into the future.>> reporter: no one knows what the future holds, but dr. clark says she knows who holds mother emanuel's future.>> i believe in my heart that the best is yet to come for mother emanuel. god is not through with us.>> reporter: in charleston, fendi clairvaux, wach fox news. >> in june, it will be one year since dylan roof walked into bible study at mother emanuel church in gunned down nine people including senator.
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the feds will decide next month if they will pursue the death penalty in the case. still to come, drumming up support. congressman byman has been sitting on the sidelines, and that is about to change very soon.'s work could make all of the difference for the democratic voters to stick. apple versus the fbi.
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passwords could impact you. we call ourselves the greenwood runners. the open water paddlers. the hike life trail club. for us it's not about running faster. it's about being out here together. the feeling is hard to describe. you cant put put into words. but we don't have to. for friends who come together to reach for better. we brew a superior tasting light beer with fewer carbs and calories.
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making political headlines. the democratic presidential candidates making a final push during a town hall in nevada. -- in nevada. them accredit polls show bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a dead heat. 40% of likely caucus goers say they support clinton while 47% support sanders. hillary clinton is expected to pick up support from congressman jim clyburn whose endorsing hillary clinton at columbia. we will have the latest for you on air and online at if you are planning to vote absentee and next saturday's primary, you have two options. the mail-in deadline is coming. if you are not going to go person, male and the bad --
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on february 23 at 7 pm. that is a deadline. in person voting, that is friday, february 26 turkey have until 5 pm to get that done at your county election office. [music] south carolina's lee jean taken the american idelson stage by storm. the bluffton teen has become a fan favorite. he is now in the top 24 contestants and says he knew that he wanted to audition for idle as soon as he started watching the show during the seventh season. american idol airs every wednesday and thursday right here on wach fox. >> very talented team. >> the seventh season was a long time ago. it is the final season that we're in now.
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attention to more national headlines. apple and the federal government. they are continuing to lock horns on whether the company should help them unlock a phone tied to a terror plot. what this is all mean to the millions of us who are iphone users in this country?>> this controversy oh case -- controversy oh case pits privacy versus the federal government. >> reporter: one security expert says this court order demanding apple create an iphone back door for government use is a slippery slope and not just for iphone users.>> in pursuit of information in this specific case, fbi director and atty. general. appear to be willing to roll the jet -- roll the dice with the digital security of every american. >> the government -- the government wants them to use
10:46 pm
that apple said that this would seriously compromise apple's customers. among ipod phone users that we talk to, opinions are mixed. >> i think that fbi should just be able to get information on apple justice by him people. >> i think the privacy is very important. >> reporter: eddington says that any owner of a iphone device should take notice. any file that is introduced into encryption into the popular iphone is like bringing the dinner bell for a hostile intelligence service or hacker.>> they will figure it out. they will get to it one way or the other. but they do, everybody is laid bare.>> reporter: as of now, nothing's changed among iphone customers. many legalist -- legal analyst agree and it could go all the way to the supreme court. in washington,n, have jeff barn reporting. >> the last person said a
10:47 pm
see how it plays out. >> it could have lasting impacts there. strikes witching hour attention to the weather department. janet parker could not be happier than henry -- with henry rothenberg. >> he is an hour good graces right now. i promised and i deliver. great weather. were talking temperatures and not rain. it is 41 degrees right now. seasonal out there is we had to the overnight hours. it is going to be chili.
10:50 pm
a beautiful weekend. welcome back everyone. looking at real-time temperatures that you can only
10:51 pm
36 at this hour . 34, we have for most part an easterly component. the wind is gradually continuing that shift to what will be a southerly and warmer when flow in the area. were still with the 40s in the area of charlotte. 51 degrees in charlotte. 41 in charlotte -- and savanna. that warmer air mass is heading this way over the next couple of days. future watch -- future wach, we will pulses at 5 am. those of you who wake up early, take the dog for a walk or get that jogging, clear sky. lower 30s. meteorologist lara on good day columbia will have the latest.
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there. we will pulls it at 4:00 pm. the kids are out of school, , and you are starting your weekend. whether you are staying here are traveling across the region, beautiful weather for your friday evening even as you are heading for a night on the town at 7:00 pm. still looking good out there with that dry air mass. it will not be until saturday before the clouds roll into the area. 59 is our high temperature tomorrow. here in lexington, 33 degrees work as we go through the day tomorrow, we have sunshine. 60 will be our high temperature. taking you now to columbia. 33 is our low. 60 our high with that sunshine going through the day tomorrow. how about 60 degrees tomorrow to 69 degrees on saturday. beautiful for sunday with 70 degrees. rain chances not during the day. we will keep it dry. the clouds will increase. lows in n e 40s and 50s.
10:53 pm
are in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. and that colder air mass moves out as well. when wach fox news returns, we will take a look at sports with corey miller. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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coach, i appreciate you taking a few minutes with us. you are beginning your fourth year here as a gamecock. does it feel like four years has gone by? >> it feels like this saying that started yesterday. it is been a great time. with had a wonderful time and wonderful experience for me, being around so many great players. we are excited about this year's team. we of worked extremely hard since september, and our focus and attention is on friday as we start the marathon of a
10:57 pm
were anxious to get going. >> reporter: the expectations that have been built around this program, it is always been to make it to the ncaa tournament. how difficult was it last year for you? >> it was difficult for us. it was difficult for players and fans and difficult for me personally, and our staff. there is not -- it is not anything that we want to go through again. we asked -- we worked extremely hard to fix an address some of the issues we had last year. our kids are ready to go. >> -- stroke you will not be able to assess everything until the first pitch is thrown out. what is your first impression of this team as you start the opening season? >> have done everything that i've asked him to do and more than that. they've been great and the community when the floods came. in october, our players did all
10:58 pm
coach luger did not have water and had an issue in his home. we called off baseball practice for the whole week and went to help folks in the community. it was neat to see our team come together as liking each other, helping one another. i kate that -- i hate that the floods allowed me to see that. i have kids with good character. i have kids that have stayed out of trouble off of the field. they have done great work in the classroom. up to this point, they have made us proud. they have to go play and play well. i think we have a good team. i think it will be a team that our fans get a -- get excited cheering for.>> reporter: any new comers that have stood out so far that you think may make
10:59 pm
>> we have a number of newcomers that will make an impact. over the course of this season, our new players are very good. i feel good about those guys. don thompson williams, a student from iowa stood out. danny blair, and outfielder from marilyn. jonah brad is going to be our starting third baseman. a junior-college player from oklahoma. we will have some new faces. it will be some guys that people around here have not seen play. but we feel good about the type of players they are and how they have performed up to this point. i think that we have addressed some of the issues that we have. i can print -- put nine pretty good players on the field. if the guys at the top and the bottom work hard to get on base, i think will -- we will have a formidable team.>> reporter: do you take some of the struggles from last years team and mention it to this team, or do you do -- do you let all of that said in the past?
11:00 pm
baseball, every single day, a day or bad day, you can learn. as a coach, as a player, that is one thing that this great game of four. if you didid not learn anything last year from coaching a player, you do not deserve to be here. i learned a lot. it was a learning experience for me. but every day is. i think our players learned a lot. the layers that experience what we went through laster, they learned a lot, but there are a lot of players that are going to play and make a huge impact on our team that was not here last year. is an, we went 32-25. it was not like we collapsed and had a 10-40 season or anything like that. what we expect, we know that we have to do better. our players understand that. we worked extremely hard focusing in on this year. do i bring it up from time to time? maybe. it is certainly not the


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