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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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coming up on wach fox news attend. back to the polls. with the palmetto state in the rearview mirror, republican states are working for votes in nevada. severe weather moving back into our area.>> this is not a good time to unsettle people in this country by saying that it will be fine. >> not in my state. that is what governor nikki haley is telling the president about a plan to shut down the prison at guantnamo bay. myers. what he told police after he crashed his car into a utility pole. live from the wach
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news at 10. happening right now, voters are making their choice for the republican nomination in the nevada caucus. getting started early tonight, donald trump is expected to do well as he hopes to build on his wentz and south carolina and new hampshire. >> that is what happening -- that is what is happening out there. democratic hopefuls are talking about issues at a usc campus meeting today. >> terry pettit is live at the school and they are starting to wrap up that live event. >> reporter: janet, brian, janet -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their last sales pitch. the two presidential candidates just now wrapping up a town hall here at the university of south carolina where they discussed the issues that they believe mattered most to the voters. hillary clinton is african -- accounting of the african-
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right before she spoke at tonight's townhall, she was part of the breaking barriers for him at central baptist church in columbia where she and five mothers whose children were subjected to gun violence or racial profiling spoke about their support of hillary clinton and her support of the black lives matter movement. pocklington was discussing those top six at central baptist, bernie sanders spoke your where he has accepted -- he has been expect -- where he has been accepted the most with the younger demographic. it is that demographic that he will need more than ever if he is to overcome hillary's 20 point lead in south carolina.>> our support has grown and it has grown in the african- american kindred -- community. what i believe, to the degree that we can get our message out,>> -- >> reporter: they have four more days of campaigning to
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we're live in the -- at the university of south carolina. i am terror pettit, watch fox news -- wach fox news. >> clinton is outspending sanders. she has spent $4.1 million. marco rubio is a big spender on the republican side with $1.2 million and advertising and eight stand -- eight states. the republican front runner has not spent a single cent for ads and tuesday states. 40,000 people vote -- voted and saturday's primary. another strong turnout is expected this weekend for the democratic vote. there are some things that you need to know before you head out to the polls. registered voters need to bring one of these forms of photo identification. a valid drivers license, a dmv id card, a voter's registration card with a picture on it, a federal military id, or a
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those, you can get a better -- a voters id card free. you cannot be designed -- you cannot be denied the right to vote. you can vote in what is called a provisional ballot. >> if you are planning to vote absentee, the deadline to mail in your ballot was today by 7 pm. you do still have another option. you can vote in person at the county election office until 5 pm on friday, february 26. as the race continues, we will continue to bring you complete election coverage from the upcoming primary and beyond. make sure that you are following us on air and online at we are starting with a look right now across the southeast because this is what is headed our way. this moisture, down in southern alabama and mississippi.
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that energy, that system is doing -- moving toward the midlands. as we look closer to home, you can see the scattered showers starting to inch on through. overnight tonight, we're only expecting things to be a little drizzly outside. driving into work, i did see some west -- some miss coming on my windshield. the severe activity not moving in until early tomorrow morning. the thing about this system, it is going to calls our temperatures to warm up overnight. right now, we are at 54 degrees and columbia and lexington, that northeast corner of the midlands. overnight tonight, we will continue on warming. early tomorrow morning, into the mid-50s. by tomorrow afternoon, into the 70s for most of the area. that rain is starting to move in. warm outside and quite cloudy. we have been upset -- upgraded to a slight risk in that area. a marginal area in the up -- upper northeast corner. were expecting the storms to move our way.
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can were -- you can use the skywach weather app to be updated around-the-clock . that is the skywach weather app right in the palm of your hand. full forecast that you can get coming up in just a few minutes. one school district arty calling for an early dismissal tomorrow because of the possible threat of severe weather. williamsburg county schools will have an early release for students and staff. officials making the call after talking to county emergency officials. they will be released at noon tomorrow. just a few weeks ago, the what -- the area has -- was impacted. now, a new threat out there. melanie barden went back to check on the recovery.>> it was a lot more than what we realize to begin with. tracy's logging in statements
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damage the property. the family business has been there for 50 years. now, they are starting to rebuild.>> the buildings are betty -- ready to be repaired. we're just waiting for contractors to come and start repair work.>> reporter: tracy gunter owns the business and said they can save the buildings but they are still working to clean up what this storm left and its trail. the weather some predictability has made it harder to recover. >> this is outside weather. delays in repairs, and it is spend one thing after another.>> reporter: which is why gunter and his family are shaken that another batch of storms may come through this week.>> i never dreamed that we would have anything like this to begin with. now that we have had it, we realize how quickly it can happen. things are so temporary. they are here today, and they are gone tomorrow.>> reporter: a realization that this family hopes that no one else has to
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fox news donnie myers, according to an incident report obtained by the wach fox news, myers could not recite the alphabet installed -- and told state troopers or someone ran him off of the road last night. he hit the utility pulled -- poll on monday night, and he was not at the scene. they went to his home and he said that he only had one drink at a new nose restaurant. they said that he had difficulty completing field sobriety test, and he also felt a breathalyzer test later that night. this is myers second dui charge. he pleaded guilty to dui in north carolina. the video that you are looking at here was from me, 2012. this was after he was stopped when officers saw him driving in the middle of the road. he passed a field sobriety test that my. he was not charged with dui, but he was charged with having an open container of alcohol in
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jake knotts left it in the car. he has been a solicitor since the 1970s. he is up for reelection this year. a warning from lumbee a please tonight. urging -- they are urging residents not to leave your car running in the driveway. happen in driveways or convenience store parking lots. between january 1, 31 cars were stolen with the keys and the ignition. right now, these people have been identified as persons of interest. anyone with information on these thefts are asked to call crimestoppers at 1888 crime sc. they are asking people to follow these steps to avoid crime theft. do not leader car unattended. do not lockyer -- do not leader doors unlocked early valuables in plain sight.
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year-old amonte douglas and a 14-year-old shot a puppy 18 times with a bb gun. the pellets were lodged into the dog's skin and muscle. douglas has been charged with felony cruelty up -- with animals. the 14-year-old has been released. the dog was bleeding at a complex late sunday afternoon. right now, the be is recovering at an animal hospital. also one fox, folks, keep the midlands beautiful. the mayor was part of this effort. that effort was put on hold initially after last october's historic flooding. that did not stop the group from partnering up with td bank and the columbia parks and recreation department to get things done today. and all, 42 trees were planted.>> this is a place where all citizens gathered to enjoy this great community.
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park, the soccer fields, or coming to columbia for the first time flying into owens field. the contribution to improving the public realm along -- well last for a long time.>> the tree initiative, they have planted 135 trees from the state of maine down through florida.>> they did not have a perfect day, but they got it done. keep up the good work. still to come tonight, not in our state. that is what governor nikki haley said about the plan that could send guantnamo bay
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carolina. be careful as you head out this wednesday morning. we might be headed -- we may be expecting some severe storms. we will meet a gymnastic coaches jim mr. put -- whose gymnasts are picking up perfect tens. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her church taught her to do all the good you can... for all the people you can... for as long as you can... after law school, she could have joined a high priced law firm... but instead, she worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina... exposed racism in alabama schools... registered latino voters in texas...
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her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. together.
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unsettle people in this country or south carolina by saying we're going to send you a few more. it will be fine. no it is not to be fine. been fined and guantnamo bay for a long time and i'm not the only governor the think that. he knows where to fight it.>> governor nikki haley says she general. allen will fight president obama's plan to shut down the naval brigadier just outside of charleston.
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and bring the prisoners here is in the house.>> congressman jim gliedman says he will wait to see what the president does. they are unified in preventing the president. >> i am very clear eyed about the hurdles to finally closing president -- guantnamo bay.>> reporter: he admits the closure is challenging. but he says now is the time to do it. >> this plan has my full support. it reflects our best thinking.>> reporter: trying to make good on a campaign promise, the president police guantnamo bay prison is counterproductive in the fight against terrorist because they use it as propaganda in their recruiting efforts. one of these states gop's senators disagrees. >> the law specifically says a you cannot transfer any
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locations. that is a law of the land. he should leave them and guantnamo bay and keep us all safe.>> reporter: senator. scott opposes the president's plan. he worries about the safety of neighbors living close to the detainees if the detainees are transferred near the naval brigadier. >> reporter: -- >> it only endangers the lives of americans wherever that location is, perhaps around the country. keeping them in guantnamo bay seems like the logical choice because it is not -- because it is a logical choice. >> reporter: senator. scott says the best option is to keep the cuban detention center open. >> the sabres -- the safest thing and most cost effective thing to do is keep them at gitmo. this brings us to
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do you believe closing gitmo will create a security risk for the us? the vote split right down the middle tonight. 50% saying yes, and 50% saying no. the future of south carolina's roads in maine at a standstill tonight after another day of a whole lot of talking.senator. tom davis doing that talking. he continues to filibuster a bill to figure out a way to get more money to the states infrastructure. he has been doing this since last week. he tied up the floor for more than five hours again today. they can call for a vote to remove them, but they have not done that. republican wants to change how the dot is put together before he will commit to hundreds of millions of dollars to fixing the states rose. >> we do not have any accountability for the wise reallocation of her scarce resources. we have somebody who has got a personal ax to grind. because of that personal ax, he is going to take some official
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some action that is going to permit our funds to be spent in a certain way. that is what i'm trying to move her -- move away from.>> the state chamber of commerce is calling on its members to tell the district senators to eliminate the filibuster and vote this week. the confederate flags may be heading down i 26, and the house ways and means committee put -- pushing forward a plan that would relocate the confederate relic room to charleston. it would save taxpayer money saying that the state has too much duplication and museums supported by tax dollars. that one is not done just yet. stayton. >> we will see what happens with that one. stay with us. there is much more coming tonight. with tax season in full swing, could you be audited by the irs? we will take you to
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president are being cass -- cast. we will talk about when the weather is coming into
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right after the break. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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welcome back everyone. we are going to take a look at our current temperatures across the midlands. you will notice right now a little above average for lexington columbia. 58 in orangeburg. the thing is, overnight, our temperatures will start to warm up, leading into a very warm, very energetic day for your wednesday. already starting to pick up a few scattered showers and cells midlands. -- its way toward us. at the national map, you can way. tornadoes in southern mississippi as well as southern alabama. that energy is moving toward us. we will check this out with our current set up.
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the warm front is just to the south side of the state. is it lives over us, we will start to see some warm air move into place. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures into the low 70s. it is going to be very toasty outside because of the warm front as well as some thunderstorm activity. because of that warm air moving in and how wendy it will be -- how wendy it will be, we are expecting prime conditions for extreme weather tomorrow morning. the thing is, we have been placed on a slight risk for the severe weather outlook by the storm prediction center for tomorrow. if you were in a moderate risk, that is a red flag for things moving into the area. we are expecting these storms to start popping up tomorrow morning. around 5 am, 6 am, give yourself extra time for your commute on wednesday, and later in the day. keep an eye is this rain starts to march on through. were not expecting too much
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much of the area, less than one quarter of an inch. we are keeping our eye on the wind that will be pushing through with these storms. we are expecting the potential for some toward attic activity tomorrow morning. meteorologist lauren will be and for good day columbia. the sky watch weather team will be in throughout the day keeping track on social media for you and on the air if anything gets too severe. that warm weather is moving in. 71 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. 100% chance of scattered showers and storms coming into the area. it will be clearing out by tomorrow evening. that is the good news. as we get for tomorrow morning, you can stay indoors throughout the day. stay indoors. that is ideal. tomorrow, later in the day, cooling down. 55 degrees for thursday, 54 on ride it, and we will stay dry and sunny moving through the back half of the work week. we will bounce around in the 50s until we warm up in the 60s. seasonal weather expected for
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tomorrow, we want to remind everybody, the storms are coming through. expected to be severe. very energetic system. there are so many components that would be the severe. the warm air coming in, and we are expecting to see that tomorrow morning. as we mentioned earlier, your skywach weather app, you can get that in the palm of your moving through tomorrow morning, they were asleep, the app does go off. mind.
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with sports. good evening to you. thank you for joining me at wach fox sports.
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is to make a perfect 10. ayla from charleston got it done and made her parents very proud.>> at first, it came up as a one. and i did not know what was wrong. i did not know what i did. one i got the 10, i was really excited. my mom was crying. >> what did your parents say to you after? >> they were really proud of me. >> i've been coaching for 25 years and have been to thousands of competitions. i have never been in an arena where one has been given. she never complains. she takes every assignment with a very serious attitude, and she is very driven to make sure that she is doing the best that every single practice. the 10 was a result of what she
10:30 pm
what would you stay -- what would you say to other gymnasts who are getting started? >> stick with it. your best every day, and it gets easier as you get stronger. the gamecocks baseball, he has a beat on it, but cannot make a catch. it is 2-0, gamecocks. and then, later on in the third, jenna brian at the dish. he sends one right back where it came from. alice -- alex makes it away -- alex makes it around and scores. freshmen, adam hill, straight dillon on the hill. 11 case. that freshmen, king of the hill. he did it, did it, did it. here's what he had to say.
10:31 pm
school. this is where i wanted to go. i jumped on it. once i got here in the fall, i pretty well. there was a little adjustment.. pitching college hitters. as the fall went on, i feel like i could contribute to the team and really throw some i am out there trying to help do what i can. >> he did just that. the gamecocks play tomorrow. the gamecocks basketball play against tennessee. the question is: are you putting pressure on this team to win? the reality is they still have a chance to make the ncaa tournament as they continue as planned. frank, is there any pressure on winning as the coach?
10:32 pm
accountable for their responsibilities. there, i pressure the heck out of them. that is a new animal for us. that is our next step is a program. this time of year, for the past couple of years, we have been on survival mode. the teams that were playing against knew that we were in the bottom part of the league. i'm not going to tell you they did not play hard against us, but we probably did not get their 100% focus. we are getting that now.>> they are getting a because they are a really good basketball team. tennis -- gamecocks tomorrow against tennessee at the cla. some thriller games against high schools. the team taking on georgia tech, did they get it done?
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be right back. unless you have allergies.
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you are watching wach fox news attend with brian mcconchie, janet parker, sky watch weather with chief meteorologist, henry rothenberg, and sports with corey miller. this is wach fox news attend. were about -- about 25 minutes ago the democratic presidential hopefuls wrapped up a town hall at usc campus. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have their hopes set on
10:36 pm
just wrapped up. >> reporter: janet, brian, were live at the university of south school where bernie sanders and hillary clinton were part of the town hall that wrapped up less than 30 minutes ago. after another event of central baptist church where hillary barriers forum. at that forum, five mothers whose children were murdered by gun violence or racial profiling told the story of how their kids lost their lives. they all spoke in favor of clinton because of her support of a black lives matter movement as well as gun reform. the mother of trave on margin who was shot and killed in february 2012 by jordan zimmerman. his mother says it was a case of racial preflight -- profiling.>> brown skin, mild complexion, he had 12 bruises on his body. and they say self-defense.>>
10:37 pm
>> reporter: cindy sanders also supports gun reform laws. -- bernie sanders also supports gun reform laws. live in south carolina, tara underway tonight, republican national committee says it is concerned about reports of double voting at a troubled caucus site in las vegas. fred brown is saying that there been reports of double voting, long lines, and in that -- and not enough ballots any particular high school. some people are being turned away and directed to another location. >> all of that is going on, and marco rubio is -- has a personal history and that state where he spent six years of his childhood. he has been picking up endorsements and donors after jeb brush -- jeb bush dropped out of the race. >> rubio's best case scenario
10:38 pm
donald trump again. mary maloney reports. >> reporter: donald trump expecting a when. >> i am serious. you have to get out. you have to go caucus.>> reporter: in the unpredictable caucus state of nevada, marco rubio hopes to change the republican race. >> we cannot win if we are divided.>> reporter: some major republican donors concerned about trump's early wednesday want to clear the field for rubio and encourage case it to drop out. casey cloth -- laughed off that idea and told a group of reporters that may not be his ultimate goal. trumps blows still focused on ted cruz. >> ted cruz is the single biggest liar i've dealt with in my life. crews trying to -- >> reporter: trying to distance himself from running a negative campaign in hopes that his message sticks with voters.
10:39 pm
platform to speak for the country. >> reporter: as ben carson finish last in south carolina continues to confuse voters with his conversation on race, raised white. if elected, he would be the first real black president.>> i do not think that anybody would deny that someone who was raised in hawaii by his white grandparents and then spent formative years in indonesia with his white mother does not have the typical black experience. >> reporter: i am mary maloney reporting. straightahead, tonight, why you may want to check some of your favorite candy before satisfying your sweet tooth. it is time to pay the piper. it is tax season. make sure that you are dotting the i's and crossing the t's. we will look at the chance of
10:40 pm
sam. hillary clinton: wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's racism holding people back... big financial interests, drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. to root ououall of these barriers... and together we will make progress. i'm hillary clinton,
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consumer watch tonight, the american chocolate maker mars has announced the recall and 55 countries. that recall includes millions of mars snickers and will keep -- milky way chocolate bars produced in the netherlands. those candy bars with best before dates of june and october 2000 candy bars with best before dates of june and october 2015 should not be eaten. celebration and variety candy packs are also on that list. >> and consumer headlines, it is taxis and. were right in the middle of it is millions of people are
10:43 pm
paperwork and making sure they have all of the receipts and hoping for a return and not a balance due.>> what about the likelihood of getting audited? christine purcell takes a look at who might get the dreaded audit notice.>> reporter: twos the season for taxes, and for audit. >> there is an urban fear that irs's like the gestapo.>> reporter: the odds of getting audited are pretty low.>> -- 1%. they go up with income level. you might think. >> what you see on the move is the irs agent knocking on your door. a lot of the times, you get a letter from the irs.>> keep in mind. just because the irs send you
10:44 pm
more money. >> a lot of times, the irs just has a question. >> reporter: and whether you get audited often comes down to your actctns. like taking excessive deductions, failing to report all taxable income, or taking an early payout from an -- from a retirement account. already flax. the best way that a taxpayer could prepare is good record- keeping.>> the best time to think about your taxes and record-keeping is not in march, but in the months preceding tax season.>> it is good to keep good records for everything. not just during tax season. dana fulton is in the sky watch weather center. we could have interesting things come morning. >> things are about to get very interesting for us.
10:45 pm
for tomorrow morning. severe weather is moving into the area. we will break this down after the break. going back to the old neighborhood can be hard sometimes. walls have been built invisibly around the old neighborhood and that police brutality is used to keep folks hemmed in, and frankly, opportunity locked out. i spent my entire life in the civil rights movement. i came up in the naacp like my mom came up in the naacp,
10:46 pm
like bernie sanders came up with the congress of racial equality. black lives matter. we need to combat institutional racism from top to bottom in a broken criminal justice system. i'm supporting bernie sanders for president and all of us who have joined this campaign are there for the same reason. he's always fought for a populus position of let's fight for all our families as if they are our own.
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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welcome back everyone. our temperatures right now for most of the midlands in the midshipman 50s. 54 degrees for columbia, lexington, and aiken right now. over the next few hours, rather than cooling down overnight, we will start to warm up. i will show you why in a quick and. looking at our live doppler radar, we're startrtg to see some showers move in and the west corner of the midlands. take a step back and look at the national map. moving on toward us bringing tornado watches and warnings to alabama. it is a low pressure system with quite a bit of energy and quite a bit of moisture
10:49 pm
just a second. we are expecting that warm up to happen overnight as that warm front lifts over us. temperatures tomorrow in the 70s for most of the area. expecting thunderstorm activity throughout the morning. a second. were expecting quite a risk for our area. some torn attic activity is possible early on tomorrow morning. looking at 4 am, that is when we will start to see some severe thunderstorms move in the area. we have an early shift starting tomorrow. give yourself plenty of time to come into work. you notice our temperatures at 4 am, near 60 degrees for most of the area. we will continue to warm up as we move through the day. scattered showers popping up throughout the day with all of the energy. all of that moisture will push on through. later in the afternoon, near 3 pm, our temps in the near 70s. as we get later into the
10:50 pm
one said the -- once the storms move through, thursday, much more comfortable and seasonal forest for the second half of the week. the wind and the warm weather is what we are keeping an eye on for tomorrow. not expecting a whole lot of rain accumulation. most of the area, beneath a quarter of an inch. the system is movingnguick. not widespread, not dropping a whole lot of rain on us. we are expecting -- we are expecting flooding if you are living in a poor drainage area. as far as widespread flooding, not a big threat for tomorrow. the main focus is going to be the rent -- the wind and energy coming through. our temperature tomorrow, the hi, 71 degrees. in columbia, we start to school down. sunshine coming back to into our forecast for thursday and friday.
10:51 pm
extra time as you had -- hit the road. we will be keeping you updated on the storms as they move through. corey miller is in the house with a look at sports. thrilling basketball games in high school basketball, and clemson at georgia tech. it came down to the final seconds for a couple of teams. ac flora getting a big win. the tigers, did they get the
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
coming up, next in sports. welcome back to watch fox -- welcome back to the wach fox sports. let's go to irmo. once seated, under tim whipple, they took on carolina forest. rj gun for the turnaround jumper. it is good.
10:55 pm
things close later in the quarter. matt to whether max knocks down the three ball. good. irmo led just by three after one. the jackets will pull away. the fans loving it. you can see right here, hitting it done. the lefty mrs. but it is put back. it is good. irmo will move on to the state -- richard springs in the third round of the 1a playoffs. bridge springs up by eight. three points, it is good. and then the cousin, he sees the past, and yes, three hole -- three points. back in the game. the hornets are going to get things going with a layup and one. right here. counted. it is good.
10:56 pm
a turnaround jump is smooth. that basket is good. three. you will hear me call his name. punt pass off the glass. 40-39. rejecting. get that out of here son. there was a big mistake. they are going to tie the game. this is where all of the drama is going to happen. 11 seconds to go in this ballgame. they are going to drive down the court. mr. green. up in for a basket. ca johnson getting ready to take on calhoun county. here is the coach after the game. >> we wanted to apply as much defense and pressure as possible. they knew that they could shoot the lights out, and unfortunately he did tonight. but we were able to make the stop. sometime short game plan is not go as much -- as well as you would like. we know that everybody covers our guard. we do that if we could get a
10:57 pm
him drive it in for the rack. the worst thing that would happen is he would make it a good file.>> ac flora highlights just got in. i did not have my script but i can tell you they were hyped up. look at the big fella. nice fake move. the fans are loving it and having a good time. they are giving ac flora there all. they are hitting that the reason they are going crazy. now let's get things rocking and rolling, a grand slam. it put back ac flora on the run. they came back and won this game. ac flora, they are getting it done. they will advance to greenville, let's go to some college basketball action. george hunt on be nice pull up jumper. the basket is good.
10:58 pm
it is good, folks. this game is back and forth. they take a double-digit lead. they continue to -- he is he had over 20 points again in this basketball game. half, george hunt. he is hunting it. three points to go into halftime. clemson was up but they are going to change. you heard me say the word, but. the second half is going to be different. george hunt on the dribble, drive, off the glass, it is good. he is going to continue to keep coming and coming. this game is close. crimson down by three. watch this. long ball. good. he ties it up with a few ticks left on the clock, georgia tech will get a chance to do foul. he will make it basket. georgia tech will when this basketball game, 75-73. eight thriller in the atl.
10:59 pm
have to when the tournament to get into the big dance. that is going to do it for sports.


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