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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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it in. cmac -->> tonight, new video of donnie myers dui arrest is painting a vivid picture of the case. plus, the pressure is mounting against myers. a citizens group is demanding that he step down. sky watch weather school on the road today. i will let you know where coming up.>> i think the senate is on trial right now. we cannot fumble it. another day and still no progress on the future of south carolina's roads. sex trafficking in south carolina. a midlands mother sharing her family story only with wach fox. the news at 10 starts right now. live from the wach fox studios, this is wach fox news
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the dash-cam video released today relieves -- reveals some information about the dui arrest donnie myers. he was arrested after he crashed his car and then left the scene. >> since then, anti-dui groups have called for myers to reside. according to an incident report, he hit a pole around 8 pm and old chapin road. a state trooper found myers at his house where he claimed an unidentified person picked him up and drove him home. myers also told the trooper that someone rammed him off the road and try to kill him.>> that is only half the story. the detailed video that was released today provides a detailed picture of what happened.>> reporter: in roughly an hour long dash-cam video released by the department of public safety, you can save long-term
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the field sobriety test. he repeatedly said that he could not do the test because of injuries to his legs and masks -- legs and back. at one point, myers goes back into his house after the trooper returns to his patrol car and told myers to stay put. but he comes back to the garage, myers has trouble reciting the alphabet.>> say your abcs for me. abc def g -- >> reporter: during the 40 minute drive, myers appeals to fall asleep -- appears to fall asleep several times, claims the cubs were too tight, and claims someone ran him off of
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>> while this is not myers first run-in with the law, in may 2012, he was stopped after found swerving in the middle of the road. he did pass a sobriety test that my buddy was charged with having an open container in the car back in 2005 he pleaded guilty to dui in nashville -- in asheville north carolina. many are asking what is his weren't -- current work status. there was a statement released. watch fox -- wach fox also reached out to the governor's office and they provided us with the secretary. of state lloyd reed city state or county officer who was indicted in any court for any crime me in the discretion of the governor be suspended by the governor in the event of
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in his stead until then -- until he shall be acquitted. in case of conviction, the office will be declared vacant by the governor, and the vacancy filed as provided us -- by law. he is due back in court by march 1, and you can see this story on our website at >> one man who lost his daughter any dui crassest leading a movement asking that he resign. leah holloway was there and has more.>> reporter: david longstreet stress thursday that myers could've have more than just a utility pole. he said that the 11th circuit solicitor has lost all moral authority when it comes to prosecuting cases involving drunk drivers. longstreet hopes that no one ever has to face being hurt by someone who is under the influence.>> we need donnie
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community calling for the resignation of the 11th circuit solicitor, donnie myers. he was arrested late monday night and charged with dui. officials say that myers crashed his vehicle into a utility pole at the intersection of old chapin and beech creek road. this is something that david longstreet is all too familiar with after losing his daughter emma to a dui crash in 2012.>> is going to get behind a car in wheel -- get behind the will of a car and drive around your. out as an individual go to work knowing this is his situation every day. finding that so many lawmakers are not getting involved and allowing this position to not stepped out, fill the citizens will have to take the lead in this one. >> reporter: by taking the leak, he plans to travel to other counties under his direct it -- under myers jurisdiction and demand that the prosecutor
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weapon in the car, he had a weapon vehicle. it could have been you or me driving down that road that he had instead of a telephone pole. i really feel that he has compromised himself. >> reporter: the ultimate message from residence, the same person prosecuting duis should not be the person accused of committing the crime.>> the 11th circuit prosecutes in wedge bill, saluda, and mccormick counties. he is up for election and he has yet to indicate whether he will seek another term. reporting from the control room, leah holloway, wach fox news we now know the identity officials say was shot by midlands restaurant owner, greg leon. 28-year-old arturo bravo santos was positively identified by the lexington county coroner with the help of the mexican consulate and a family member. officials say centers have been in the country illegally. this case remains under investigation by lexington police department and the south
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if lyons is released from jail, he will have to wear an his passport. as far as it forecast goes, it is been a windy day across the midlands. that went is slowly beginning news. it has read -- led to power outages. been down. as we look at the dome of the state house, the winds not as strong as earlier. northwest flow of -- northwest flow. we have cold temperatures expected through the overnight hours. in fact, below average with that clear sky out there as we take a look at the temperature, were in the 30s and 40s. we will eventually fall into the 30s. quiet conditions expected
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we will be colder than 39 and the city. 33 is what we expect for that low temperature. pleasant for the morning. in fact, a sunny start. certainly some good news, the palm of winter expected. that sunshine is expected to he temperatures up. still below average, but at least they are in the 50s and it is not as windy. what about heading into the weekend? we will take a look at that coming up later on. we have new information on a darlington county mount killed yesterday by fallen tree during this high winds and the severe weather that came through the state. he has been identified as motley gaines. he stopped along the roadway to remove debris when the tree fell right on top of him. that accident is being investigated by the darlington county sheriff's office. happening right now, at least seven people are dead and 20 people are injured after a business shooting in kansas. authorities say they can't the
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authorities say the shootings happened in heston. therefore crime scenes here. bishop -- the county sheriff described what happened is a horrible incident. he said the investigation will take some time to get through. federal, state, and local authorities are investigating. you are looking live now at the gop debate tonight. the five men who are gunning for your vote. they want to get the republican nomination in the race for the white house. here we are, sitting and watching another one tonight. that one from houston texas this evening. >> and they will continue as the weeks and months roll-on. in south carolina, we are just days away from the democratic presidential primary.>> jeff reports. >> reporter: not to one clinton, but to.
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carolina today looking for a big win in saturday's primary. up into wrap up the fight with bernie sanders. firing up democrats, clinton called out republicans for trying to appeal obamacare. >> every one of those republicans have insurance and it has a lot of golf for them to say that we don't need that affordable care act.>> reporter: she also said that sanders with threaten obama's significant achievement. >> we cannot go back on what sanders propose.>> -->> reporter: he couou not hear the comments as he was in ohio rallying voters.>> you are having a primary here on march 15. with your help, we can win this primary.>> reporter: he also
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support with the citizens. he is looking ahead to march 1 a large share of the parties delegates will be awarded. the clintons are taking it one state at a time. the former president urged democrats to look the on any criticism they have startup about his wife. >> they do not want to run against her. they are scared.>> reporter: she came face-to-face a controversy at a tidy -- she came face-to-face with controversy on wednesday night. she came into contact with a black lives matter person.>> they are not gangs of kids. they are called super predators. no conscious, no empathy.
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ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heal.>> reporter: but decades later, she is this about much of the crime bill and talks about systematic discrimination. >> we have to be able to knock down the barriers and that includes taking on systemic racism which is still a problem in america. it includes reforming the criminal justice system. and includes providing alternatives to jail and prison. >> reporter: if you're planning to vote absentee for the democratic riemer, you can vote in person until 5 pm tomorrow. as the race to the white house continues, wach fox will continue to bring you election coverage from this weekend and going forward. >> it is the beginning of many
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>> they will be back after this weekend. still to come tonight, sex trafficking in the midlands. it is a crime that a lot of people do not think happens here. but it is going on every day. a local mother is sharing her family struggle coming up later. your tax dollars at work or a standstill? another week and lawmakers still have no solid plan in place to fix the state's infrastructure. what is the holdup? the latest, straightahead.
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making headlines tonight,
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junior to be federal judges in the sources say the nominations are the result of an agreement between senator. lindsey graham and representative. jim clyburn who was backing beatty. beatty has indicated that he is interested in running for the state supreme court's chief justice when the general. assembly votes on the position and may. new outlet mall may be heading to casey. -- cayce. they are looking at opening columbia capitit outlets. it -- due to its proximity of usc, they have publicly commented on that project, and there is no timeframe on when construction would start. no sign of a compromise on a plan to pay for south carolina's roads. lawmakers have spent countless hours filibustering that bill, and they do not plan on stopping anytime soon. tara pettit was there today and
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after days of filibustering, some lawmakers say they are no closer than when they started. dot officials say that as time goes on, the price tag goes up. >> i worry but is not passing the bill.>> reporter: senator. joe lourie is not billowed one. another week is gone by and no plan for state roads. treachchous mounting. the state chamber of commerce says it is time to vote. without one, they say the senators would rather pay from auto claims then safe roads. republican senators spent hours filibustering the bill on thursday. the measure has not moved cents.>> i would like to see us continue the bill.>> reporter: bright would like to enforce a measure that would only support the dot. he only has half a dozen senators to filibuster to keep
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number is growing, and we will fica tax increase. it is enough to keep the bill from passing.>> reporter: they are of -- they are prepared to filibuster 24 hours a day when they return next week irk >> members have to get frustrated enough to where their patients become thin and they become more willing to reach a compromise.>> reporter: and lori says compromise is a keyword. at the state house, tara pettit, wach fox news the city of columbia presenting the governor with this year's action award. the ripples of hope gala was happening in downtown columbia. they celebrate the hard work of americorps members. they selected governor haley to receive this year's award because of what they call her dedication to the children of the state and positive voice for public education. south carolina farmers are getting help from suffering -- after suffering hundreds of millions of dollars in losses
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they lost on us $400 million in direct crop losses, but a statewide effort called plant it forward south carolina could give them some help. they help reimburse farmers for percentage of what they've lost in the floods. today, as cg and d -- sc eng presented a check.>> if you look at what they do for styles -- south carolina, it is tremendous. if you look at the fields, you will see birds and the peanut fields.>> they have to go through an application process. there are more than 500 farmers set of applied. the agricultural commissioner says they want to get that money to the farmers as soon as possible. that is a substantial loss that they had. >> so many farmers were devastated by that flood. even the smallest amount would
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>> they are the lifeblood of any economy. anything that they can get us much needed. there is much more tonight. including chasing a first. one company is hoping to do something extraordinary. staff truck -- plus sex trafficking in the midlands. how one mother's nightmare is sending a message to others to keep them from becoming a victim. we made it to 57. we could be -- we should be at 63. it was the win. will that be a problem for your friday? i will let you know when we return. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her church taught her to do all the good you can... for all the people you can... for as long as you can... after law school, she could have joined a high priced law firm... but instead, she worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina... exposed racism in alabama schools... registered latino voters in texas... and provided legal aid to families in arkansas. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. together. a stronger country. sky watch weather school out in the community today. we traveled to st. matthews in calhoun county to speak to fourth and fifth graders of calhoun academy. we will talk about weather and all of the questions of the difference between sleet and hail. how can ice fall from the sky in summer months, and of course wanting to know all of the trtrical activity. what really causes it all to
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fourth and fifth graders for allowing me to come out and bring sky watch weather school to st. matthews. if you want us to come to your school, shoot me an email. that is the best way to reach me. i would love to bring sky watch weather school to you. let's talk about the weather right now. the wind continuing to die down. that is certainly good news after the last couple of days and what we call a gradient windstorm. i've not seen one like that since personally 2008 in memphis tennessee. i was talking from the meteorologist at the national weather service who at his 10 years at the officer has never seen one like that in columbia. it is been a very interesting two days with the wind out there. that it is starting to die down. sky watch doppler radar is -- wach fox news is looking quiet. you will have clear skies as
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are going tomorrow morning. sunshine in the 50s by lunchtime. founders park, clemson, sunshine for both of the home games. as you head out for friday night, clear skies. as far as tonight slow, 33 degrees. look for tomorrow's high temperature to be below average at 55. 63 is where we should be this time of year. at least we have abundant sunshine out there. let's speak baseball specific. clemson is taking on james madison. a 4:00 pitch. if you 5 degrees a 4:00. what about in columbia as penn state comes to town. borges weather, 55 degrees as well. first pitch is also scheduled for 4 pm. going to the weekend, 50s,
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73 for the first day of march. it will be the meteorological start to march. spring officially begins on march 21. that march is the beginning of it. chance of rain on wednesday of next week. i've feeling the tennis courts, off cart's -- golf courses, and baseball fields will be packed this weekend. it is going to be beautiful.>> one thing that we have learned is that henry can spell "beautiful.">> maybe even a pool. they be take a dip? despite the chill and they went today, some brave souls did just that, they took a dip at the pool for the polar plunge. students and staff from usc, the columbia college of police
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and five sigma fraternity's did that. the money went directly to special olympics, south carolina. >> no thank you. it was not a nice of enough -- nice enough day for that.>> tweet us if you know what that was.>> he dressed up for the event. >> they had one several weeks ago, and it was too cold for us. we wanted to, but it was too cold. >> corey miller was not there, but he is going to be appear in
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he has sports. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong.
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she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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good evening to you. i hope that you are doing just great tonight. corey miller here with us gamecocks basketball. frank martin the band got things done. taking on tennessee. a lot of folks did not see this game coming. the gamecocks were hitting on all cylinders last night. carrera, all of the big guys. you name it, they were bawling last night. ththgame not even close. a blue tennessee out. they were split -- they was without their top scorer, but the frank -- gamecocks made them pay. >> i did not realize the margin would be what it was. those things. based on the way the florida game unfolded, watching the joy
10:32 pm
locker room, and the approach, i had a feel that we were going to play well. i did know that we were going to win, but i thought we would play well.>> they played almost perfect against tennessee. mississippi state on the docket next for the gamecocks. the same results for the baseball team. 16 runs. not a close baseball game. incoming, been -- big ten team coming in with penn state. about big 10 baseball and penn state -- >> it will be need to see. that is one of the reasons we scheduled them. we thought that it would be a very competitive and good weekend. we are playing a national name,
10:33 pm
and for them to come in and play three games, it certainly says a lot about them and we're looking forward to the series. >> they play friday, saturday, and sunday against penn state. dungy love and college athletes have the chance to live out their dreams. the gamecocks have four guys hoping to impress scouts and general managers i running and changing direction, lifting weights, and catching balls. yes, the 40 yard dash. i will talk about that later on in sports. the gamecocks will not rent, but they had a chance to speak to the media and several of them are very confident. >> i can do it. i am used to going across the middle and getting around linebackers and moving all of the route -- moving all around. we have been doing it for the last three years. >> i also bring speed to the table. i also can catch in the backfield. i tried to simulate my game after matt mattea and corey foster.>> the coaching staff, i mean, i feel they could have
10:34 pm
what it was.>> adams getting question about the team not so much as him as an individual. he has turned some heads with nfl coaches and general managers. we will have more on this guys all this week. coming up later in sports, the gamecocks women's basketball team handling some business. i will have some highlights for
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you are watching wach fox news at 10. it is a crime that most people do not even realize is happening here in south carolina. it is likely going on in our own backyard. >> sex trafficking is a $150,000 industry and has no borders are limitations including in south carolina. tonight, a midlands mother is sharing her struggle with watch fox's shelli adamczyk. >> they are monsters.>> reporter: a midlands mother is telling her story how her family overcame sex trafficking. for privacy purposes, we will refer to her as monica.>> she got mixed up with another young
10:38 pm
to selling her body for a guy.>> reporter: for three years, her 16-year-old daughter have been running away, disappearing for days at a time. >> she would run away and come back. we would have to go and look for the child.>> reporter: she said her daughter got her involved in what people slavery.>> at first, they were collaborating together, then they got mixed up with the guy. from there, he took over. they brainwash them.>> every time we go out looking for this, we find it.>> reporter: says trafficking -- sex trafficking is something they see every day in the community. >> what we are seeing assessed
10:39 pm
traffickers who are trying to take over their emotional and physical.>> reporter: he told her of my -->> he e told her that if he needed a -- if he needed help -- if she needed help, he would come and help her. he told them that he would meet them at the waffle house. instead, he was going to a room. >> it was here that was her daughter's safe haven. away from the manipulation. away from the monsters.>> she felt like, i am safe now. it is over.>> she had very loving parents that sought her out.
10:40 pm
says there is some warning signs. >> she would come home with her nails done, new shoes, different things that you look for in you know that you did not buy it. you know that she was getting it for -- from somewhere else. >> reporter: the most common way they are able to manipulate the victims is a ross is called grooming. >> most teenagers have emotional needs. what these guys are doing as they are act like that there is they will say, oh, you are so beautiful. and they will make them feel special, make them feel nice. all-girls want to feel nice and special. they are just manipulating. they are grooming these girls for what they are about to do to them.>> reporter: i hope
10:41 pm
encourage other parents. >> please get help. please do not leave the kids out there like that. truck despite the fact that her daughter fell into a multibillion-dollar industry, the family has a new beginning. >> she is doing great. i am so proud of her. all she talks about is going into the military. it has been a rocky road, but you have to travel with them.>> reporter: she plans to sell -- monica tries to tell her story to others. last year, south carolina put in place a law that is easier to prosecute such strap -- sex traffickers in the state. one man is taking on a heroic goal and how thth community is coming together to make it happen.
10:42 pm
a particular type of health emergency is on the rise in one particular state. we will tell you more about it coming up. the south carolina democratic primary takes place this saturury.
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the polls. (m(mususicic p plalayiyingng) ) i i fefeelel p preretttty y (w(wesest t sisidede s stotoryry)) nonot t eveverery y cacakeke c canan b bee hahandndcrcrafafteted d inin s stotorere byby s skikilllleded d dececororatatororss lalayeyerered d wiwithth f frereshsh b bererririeses anand d frfrososteted d toto p pererfefectctioionn lilikeke o ourur p pubublilixx babakekeryry c chahantntilillyly c cakakee
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pupublblixix.. whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. in health headlines, there are er visits that arose after marijuana became legal in 2012. according to research published in the new england journal of medicine, the end -- the visits
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with out-of-state visitors. sales began and out-of-state visitors for marijuana related symptoms rose 109% during that time. fofocolorado residents, trips were only a 44%. experts say that more education is needed for consumers. also on the healthwatch tonight, coming together to pay a very expensive bill. it is the story behind adam real estate -- adam berlinski.>> he is wanting to be the first to run in the marathon and the lowcountry. >> reporter: adam said he always knew that he would walk again one day. that now, he is running toward a new challenge. the cooper river bridge run. >> the challenge accepted. i am a for the -- i am a former cross-country runner, and i ran track and play basketball in
10:46 pm
i am back at it again.>> -- >> reporter: it is's third work out the gives them the ability to use his legs again.>> it is i'm in control of something that has been in control of me, the lower half of my body for the last 10 years. >> reporter: but the workouts are not easy. he says that standing is an entirely different experience, strengthening muscles he's has -- he has not felt in 10 years.>> working on my coronene allows me to get the torque that i need to really move this whole machine more efficiently. so it is constantly for stuff. -- it is constantly core staff.>> you are killing me today. >> reporter: his friends and family have been with him every step of the way. one person in particular inspires him every single day.>> christopher reeves.
10:47 pm
i'm trying to carry on his legacy.>> he already is whether he makes that run or not. >> standing there doing that work out. using muscle he is -- muscles he is not used for 10 years. he is an inspiration. that switch our attention to the weather department. henry is tracking that. what do you have for us? the wind is dying down before the weekend. that is good news. it is been brutal for the last couple of days. let's take a look outside real quick. westerly winds at 5-10 miles per hour. that is going to calm down for the weekends. what about the temperatures? what can you expect? i will let you know when10 returns.
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returns. welcome back everyone.
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cooler thanks to the strong wind flow that we've been dealing with out of the west. it is starting to die down. 44 degrees under a clear sky. real-time conditions on the sky watch -- skywach weather bug , 42 and 43 and pine wood at this 10 o'clock hour. what happens as we go through the overnight hours? our clot -- our sky remains clear, and temperatures fall into the 30s. that is what lauren is talking good day columbia. remember, it is on from five 5 relevant for you all if you are a baseball fan -- fan if you are traveling as clemson takes on james madison and usc takes
10:52 pm
takes you to a beautiful friday night and as you continue into the later hours of your night. south carolina, penn state, first it founders park. clear sky, 55 degrees. falling into the likely 50 or 51 degrees by the end of the game. same up a clemson as they take on james madison, a beautiful day for baseball. 4:00 first pitch with the sunshine and 85, and eventually -- and 55, eventually going to 50 degrees. tomorrow, we should be at 63. if you're heading out of town, beautiful with the sunshine. not as wendy and a nice warming trend.
10:53 pm
55 again on friday 256 on saturday and 69 on sunday. that is above average. your lows jumping from the lower 30s into the mid-40s on sunday night and into monday. 70s as we say farewell to february on leave a. march 1 is tuesday, 73 degrees, but we drop back into the cool range behind another front on thursday of next week. corey, it will be a weekend and i have a feeling that you will be found out on a golf course somewhere.>> i think that you are probably right. golf is in my future. also and my future, some women highlights from ole miss. i have your gamecocks women's
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
next. welcome back to sports, round two. corey miller's -- corey miller with you with women's gamecock basketball. ole miss.
10:57 pm
we will see ole miss getting warmed up, hyped up, trying to rate -- trying to knock off the third -ranked gamecocks. averaging 15 points a game, ole miss, they are going to come out blazing. joseph, they, step back, early lead for ole miss. but then a'ja wilson, good heads-up play. here comes that all-american tiffany mitchell. it would not take her long to get end -- to get the ball off. nice pass. you know the results. the basket is good. tiffany mitchell getting things done early. good ball movement by the gamecocks. nice pass. a'ja wilson. she is probably the secretary player of the year. tiffany mitchell, basket is
10:58 pm
way voss, -- cuevas is stealing everything. she is going to miss the shot. she gets her own rebound. the gamecocks are going to go on and when this basketball game tonight. 66-45, 27-one for the gamecocks. we will talk about -- we talked about the man early. a lot of guys question the guys tonight. it is been so long. are you thinking about the ncaa tournament? are you looking at the end of the tunnel? >> we're not worried about how many wins were going to get. were just worried about the next game. the next game is the hardest and most important game for us. we would like to win every game. that is the plan, obviously, but we're not looking too much into the future saying that we are going to finish with this record. were just worrying about playing the next game.>> the
10:59 pm
more about it. cooper will not run the 40 yard dash. he has an upper hamstring -- he has a hamstring injury. he is choosing not to run the 40 yard dash. he has been known -- it has been known that the turf is very slick it indianapolis. clemson baseball, they lost to maine last week. but they will play starting tomorrow at 4 pm and saturday at 2 pm, and they will also play on sunday. coming up after we're here -- coming up after we're done here, we have some high school basketball playoff action. that is going to be it for
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,


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