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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the clinton family pulling out all the stops before saturday's primary. >> people fought and died to preserve democracy, not to have billionaires buying elections. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders is putting his own full-court press in place hours before voters head to the polls. >> he robbed our dad of so much. he robbed us of so much. >> two sisters searching for justice. almost six months after their father's murder and still no answers. we show you how they're hoping to change that. the news at ten starts right now. >> live from the wach fox studios, which is wach fox news at ten. >> in just nine hours, the polls will open for saturday's democratic primary. by this time tomorrow we'll be a step closer to finding out who
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>> for two weeks presidential hopefuls have been cris crossing the state. today it was the final sprint for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> the clinton camp making the mad dash a family affair. leah holloway is live where a clinton rally wrapped up a short while ago. >> reporter: the columbia community must love hillary clinton. they stood out here for three hours in the freezing cold. now once clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton hit the stage the crowd got fired up. she stressed on policies like the affordable health care, student loans and education. clinton visited south carolina state university along with schools in rural areas of south carolina. she feels that's what the state needs to focus onto get our education system on track and she says she's willing to help
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she's hope thing primary will be a success as the race to the white house continues. leah holloway reporting live. >> bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton by double digits but the sander's camp has been pitching as a man with momentum. he's slowly chipping away at the lead. >> tara petitt joins us live where earlier tonight sanders was urging people to get to the polls tomorrow. >> reporter: well, brian and janet, a much different -- [ audio difficulty ] >> we apologize for that technical difficulty there at the sander's rally. just wrapped up at the township auditorium. mr. sanders talking about a
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rights to equal pay to the broken criminal justice system as he calls it. if you are going to be voting tomorrow a record setting vote happened last week and more heavy voter turnout is expected tomorrow. here's what you need if you're going to the polls tomorrow. one of these five forms of photo identification. a driver's license and a voter ledge strags card that has a picture and a dmv identification card, a federal military id or you must bring a passport. we do want to point out, though, you can't be turned away from the poll ifs you're a registered voter. you'll be given a provisional ballot if you don't have those forms of identification. wach fox bringing you complete coverage. get the latest information about the candidates and the primary following us on air and online
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the most dishonest person in america is a woman. who is about to be president. how could that be? my party is gone bat crazy. >> former presidential candidate and south carolina senator lindsey graham getting candid at the washington press club dinner last night. graham is taking shots at hillary clinton and his own party at a jab at donald trump. >> trump picked up a big endorsement today. chris christie throwing his support behind him. >> this comes after last night's debate where trump faced relentless attacks from marco rubio and ted cruz. those attacks continued. >> there is no better fighter than donald trump. >> the billionaire front runner received a major boost in the form of an endorsement from chris christie in what could be a pivotal moment.
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meant a lot. >> turn away from the amateur acts from washington, d.c. and turn to a professional strong leader. that's who this man is. >> christie's attacks on marco rubio are largely credited for his poor performance in new hampshire. >> i thought he was going to die. good going, chris. >> christie's endorsement comes one day after trump butted heads with rubio and ted cruz at the cnn debate in houston. >> anyone who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants. >> now he's repeating himself. >> back on the campaign trail friday, cruz tried once again to tie him to democrats. donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal. >> he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why but the podium goes up to here. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. >> trump fired back at the florida senator.
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little act and he's a desperate guy. i've been watching him over the last number of weeks. he's not presidential material. >> the republican candidates not mincing words. in washington, steve nanz reporting. shifting gears and taking a look at your forecast and outside we have chilly conditions outdoors on this friday night. let's take a look at the temperatures. 40s and 30s with that clear sky out there. across the state to be exact 40 in columbia to 45 in orangeburg. we have 30s out there towards the rock hill area towards aiken as well. cold out there tonight and typically this time of year we're at 39. we'll see low 30s and upper 20s. in the city we should bottom out at freezing with the clear sky. 32 degrees and your saturday looking fantastic with temperatures a little bit below average, yes. we'll have abundant sunshine.
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make it to 56 degrees. that sun filled sky parks, tennis courts, you name it, outdoor places will be packed tomorrow. the question is will this continue throughout the entire weekend and what will we see as we say farewell to february? we'll talk about that in the full forecast coming up a little later on. lexington restaurants greg lione is out of jail tonight. the judge allowed a $500,000 bond that a circuit judge set. he must surrender his passport, live with his parents and abide by a curfew to remain out on bond. he's charged with murder and attempted murder for the valentine's night shooting
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that victim is identified. sheriff's county deputies need your help finding two men. they were in a stolen car that hit a richland county deputy's car. it happened at the 400-block in columbia. a deputy spotted the vehicle outside the police department's jurisdiction. when the officers tried to stop him the suspects jumped out of the car. the car continued to roll hitting the deputy's car. if you have any information on the two suspects call crime stoppers. a berkeley county deputy is expected to recover after being shot this morning. officials say she was shot twice during a scuffle after she stopped a suspicious vehicle. she was wearing body armor at the time when the shots hit her below the armor. the suspect was later found dead of an apparent suicide. the murder of a midland's man isn't solved almost six months after he was killed.
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brian is in the studio with more on the case and what that man's daughters are doing. >> charles kusko jr. was killed in september and there's been no arrest and very little information made public. that hasn't stopped his daughters. >> we're still hurting. we want to know who would do this. >> lauren barnes and caitlin have been asking that question. their father was killed in september. there are days they listen to old voice mails from their dad and it feels like he's still here. >> you think he'll always come through the door and he'll be there on your birthday or you're going to get a phone call and it never happens. >> a lot of people just take people for granted or take life for granted.
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i'll talk to them next week. there was no next time. there was no next week. >> reporter: on september 8th of last year, kusko was found shot to death in his home. since then columbia police have reviewed video, interviewed friends, family and akwan tenses and there's nothing new in the case. >> we're living this nightmare day in and day out because someone made a choice. we just want to know why. i think the unknown is the hardest part. not knowing what exactly happened and why it happened. who could do these things? >> reporter: while this waiting game continues the daughters he leaves behind are begging for their dad's killer to be found. >> he robbed our dad of so much and us of so much. he'll never get to hold his first grandchild.
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want this person to be brought to justice. >> reporter: the sisters are offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and a conviction in this case. if you know anything about the death of charles kusko, jr. maybe you live in the area or saw something out of place, call crime stoppers. lauren and caitlin set up a go fund me page to build the reward money up even more. for more information click on this story on our web site, also on fox tonight a puppy that's gained national attention after surviving abuse has a new home. brody the dog was shot 18 time froms a bb gun. according to the animal hospital brody was adopted yesterday by a 10-year-old girl whose family recently lost the long time pet. the first time caylee saw a
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crying saying she saw the old puppy in his eyes. he still needs medical care but overjoyed he has a new home. two teens is charged and one is denied bail. still to come, details on a deadly kansas shooting. officials reveal the gunman and what happened moments before he opened fire. a shooting massacre in washington state. a standoff is over there
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making national headlines a shooting and standoff at a home in washington state has left
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authorities in mason county say a man called police saying he shot his family and was threatening to kill himself. a 12-year-old girl survived the standoff. she was taken to the local hospital there after several hours of negotiations the suspect walked outside of the home and killed himself in front of officers. police have identified the gunman who went on a shooting spree in a central kansas factory. >> he killed three people and wounded a dozen more before being shot by police. matt finn has more. >> reporter: authorities in kansas are still putting the pieces together following a shooting spree at a lawn mower factory here. the gunman is 38-year-old cedric ford and police say he was served with a protection from abuse order about 90 minutes before the attack began. >> cedric was armed with an assault rifle and automatic pistol.
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newton, kansas, had been served a pfa. >> reporter: it's unclear what prompted the protection order or the shooting. records show ford had several prior offenses in florida and kansas stretching back a decade including arrests for brawling, burglary and grand theft. officials were aware of his violent history and say the officer who shot and killed him is a hero. >> this man wasn't going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: no matter how quickly police will respond they'll be casualties in active shooter situations. >> congress may not have an appetite to do something about it but we need one that does. as long as i hold this office i'll keep on bringing this up. even if it's not getting the same attention that it should. >> reporter: the sheriff's
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information about the protective order but has said it could have sparked this rampage. in heston kansas, matt finn, fox news. >> stay with us. there's much more ahead including the battle between an and will the federal government over a locked phone. what the feds say is vital information. why apple's ceo says his company can't be cooperating. the presidential candidate in the running claiming to be outsiders. that's not how voters see it. we'll explain later. friday night and a lot of folks out in the vista. it's 45 degrees and you're looking at a beautiful weekend. there are thunderstorms in your future. i'll let you know when when wach fox news at 10 returns. hillary clinton: wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years.
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whether it's racism holding people back... big financial interests, drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. to root out all of these barriers... and together we will make progress. i'm hillary clinton,
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>> winter jam taking over tonight. it's the largest annual christian contemporary music festival in the nation. this includes acts like lauren daigel and matthew west.
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>> yeah, that is definitely the case, janet. we have temperatures on the chilly side but it could be worse just remember that. as far as what we're looking at across the region, we have numbers in the 40s and 30s. so right now we're a little bit closer to the average low for the night would be. around 39 degrees and we'll see these numbers continuing to fall with that clear sky out there. bringing it in closer to home realtime conditions, leesville at 37 and 39 in newberry and pinewood at 34 degrees. we have a light wind throughout the midlands with the exception of pinewood. the wind is calm but it was coming from the west earlier. very quiet out there and it's going to remain quiet throughout the weekend. that's good news. it won't be until next week we get activity on the radar. we take you to 9:00 in the morning and you're looking at a sun fill sky to start your day.
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into the 50s by the afternoon hours. we'll pause this at #30u 00 mid afternoon on a saturday. abundant sunshine with us and let's fast forward to 7:00 and getting ready to head out for the night. beautiful weather expected and for those heading out to the polls tomorrow to vote in the democratic primary, weather no excuse because it'll be an absolutely gorgeous saturday. no reason to worry about weather impacting any of your plans. 32 tonight with the clear sky. average low is 39. clearly we're running on the chilly side of things. tomorrow morning the golfers, it's 36 at 9:00 a.m. and 36 at 8:00 a.m. and 45 by 10 and abundant sunshine expected and if you're heading to founder's park for the carolina penn state game first pitch is at 2:00. here's what we're expecting. a home run for the forecast.
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we climb to 56 and fall back to 55 by the time the 9th inning is rolling around with sunshine. haven't forgotten about you clemson fans. you're taking on james madison. that, too, 2:00 first pitch and 56 degrees with sunshine and look for our temperature to be around 54 by 5:00 as we're heading into the night. another home run forecast whether you're a carolina fan or clemson fan. leap day is monday and we're leaping into the 70s. march 1st on tuesday and 73 degrees but then a front moves in and we could be talking about thunderstorms on wednesday we're down into the mid-50s with dry weather. the lows from the 30s, 40s and into the 50s at times. this weekend it should be considered criminal if you don't go outside and enjoy the weather.
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mid-50s and cool for some but still. this nice in february? going into march. you can't beat it. >> we'll take it and you get the free day. >> you do, the extra day. >> overtime. you can leap on that day. >> yes, i'll dress up like a frog. >> please don't do that. i just realized what you said. no thank you. we'll just take the suit. that's fine. no weather shoes, either. >> corey miller is wearing a suit, too. >> i don't know, that green right there. he's up next with sports.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her church taught her to do all the good you can... for all the people you can... for as long as you can... after law school, she could have joined a high priced law firm... but instead, she worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina... exposed racism in alabama schools... registered latino voters in texas...
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her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. together. a stronger country. >> happy friday, everyone. thanks for joining us. the gamecocks men's basketball team are trying to finish strong
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very confident and feeling good about themselves. talking about the ncaa and what seed they'll be. they really don't care to talk about that. they want to take a game by game approach and finish as strong as they can. they got three players that got sick. the shakes and high temperature and all that good stuff and had to keep the guys away from the players. he talked about that and how that affected the team against tennessee going forward. >> all three guys that were not on the bench today woke up early, 4:30, a quarter till 5 in the morning body temperature shaking and obviously mark roger our trainer, trainers don't get credit for 24-hour a day job that they have. he had to deal with them when there's body temperature there's
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keep them away from the players. >> hope tli nobody is sick and they're ready to go. for the women they got a big win on the road at ole miss and the final regular season home game coming up for the gamecocks. it's been a great career for the senior class. they take on lsu on sunday. go out and celebrate. sellout and the final regular season game against lsu. what a great career for the seniors. they've done great things. the nfl combine for the clemson tigers they have eight players there. the big focal point is on the defensive end for clemson. lawson and those guys have done well, played well. they were interviewed at the combine and talked about maybe they'd be the first round and they'll do good things going forward.
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with the other ends in the previous year. i'm focussed on myself and me getting better as a player. i know it's been unsuccessful for those guys but i feel like they'll come along and do well and have a great career. >> i did reach out to my former teammates and they let me know it'll be a long stressful process and you have to get through it and stay positive. i'll go out and do what i have to do and i'll live up to my potential. >> boy, this was a thriller. ac ford really good basketball team. they stayed banging the glass. they got up early in the game and seneca playing great defense. getting the layup and it will come down to the wire.
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hampton 12 points and thomas had 11 rebounds. congratulations to the falcons. the drew girls. they were fired up and ready to rock and roll. they'll be in a dog fight against ren. it was like a home game for those guys. these girls can straight ball. they can shoot that thing. had a good crowd on hand. they won 51-49. they'll play myrtle beach next saturday at 5:30 for the state championship game. in other news, -- they lost to northwood in sumter.
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a big shock to a lot of folks. when we come back, plenty of baseball for the gamecocks and tigers both. we'll be right back.
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change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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for two weeks the presidential hopefuls have been cris crossing. today is the final sprint for hillary clinton and bernie sanders.
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they made the mad dash a family affair. leah holloway is live where the clinton rally wrapped up an hour and a half ago. >> reporter: brian and janet, once hillary and bill hit the stage the crowd went wild. so much excitement. clinton stressed on her policies like affordable health care, student loans and education. clinton visited south carolina state university along with schools in rural areas of south carolina and feels that what the state needs is to focus on that to get the education system back on track. clinton is ready to help south carolina in any way she can. >> i want to send a strong signal that south carolina is ready for change, ready for progress, ready to make a difference and i will do everything i can as a democratic
10:36 pm
help turn south carolina a little bluer this year. >> reporter: hillary hopes that coming around here was a big enough push to help win the south carolina primary. reporting live from main street, leah holloway, wach fox news. >> right now bernie sanders is trailing by double digits but the sander's camp has been pitching him with a man with momentum. he's slowly chipped away at leads from state to state. >> tara petitt joins us live from the township auditorium. earlier tonight he was urging people to get to the polls tomorrow. >> reporter: brian and janet, bernie sanders giving the final pitch to south carolina voters before they head to the polls. hundreds of people came out in support of the self-proclaimed semicattic socialist. he'll need more than this crowd
10:37 pm
bernie is all about a political revolution and that was his message tonight. he's aiming to change a rigged economy to make it work for working families not the top 1%. he says he'll do that by raising the minimum rage from $7.5 to $15 over the next few years and he spoke about ending institutional racism in the united states. getting the african american vote tomorrow is important to sanders and clinton. right now they're expected to be the majority of the voters to turn out tomorrow. tonight he laid out his plan to create a political revolution. take a listen. >> there is a radical idea. we'll invest for our young people in education and jobs, not jails or incarceration. >> reporter: sanders will not be in south carolina tomorrow. he is headed to texas, minnesota
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in hopes of getting an edge on hillary clinton. live in columbia, tara petitt, wach fox news. >> many of the candidates on both sides are eager to distance themselves from being labeled washington insiders. >> political experience is viewed as a liability than an asset. we look at a race that continues to turn norms inside out. >> reporter: to one degree or another everyone is still in the presidential race has laid claim to the notion of running as an outsider. signalling to voters they're not beholding to special interests, lobbyist. >>s the hatred and what it is is establishment because i'm not taking anybody's money. >> i cannot imagine anybody being more of an outsider than the first woman president. >> they should be getting nervous. we have taken on the political establishment. >> about half the people didn't even know who i was.
10:39 pm
hear now from across the potomac is the washington car tell in full terror. >> reporter: washington cartel, establishment, master hiperboly. how does that explain the rise of donald trump or ben carson? neither of them fit the strict definition of insider as neither as served in office. >> trump has been in real estate and that requires wall street. ben carson is still part of the fabric of the american elite in that he's been a path breaking neurosurgeon. >> reporter: he added carson is the closest one in his view to an outsider. this is not how voters see it. >> trump is an outsider, right? he hasn't been in congress.
10:40 pm
>> reporter: if a definition is applied four of america's 44 presidents can be considered outsiders. dwight eisenhower was the last and george washington was the first. both served in the military. apple versus the feds. that battle is still going strong tonight. >> the company's ceo coming forward. why he says granting the fbi
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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the battle between the fbi and apple is gaining steam with both sides refusing to back down. at issue, the i-phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> the ceo of apple is sitting down to talk about the controversy in a one on one interview. >> reporter: law books may record the battle that's going on right now between apple and the fbi. >> it's a long standing principal in our justice system that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime then that judge can authorize the government to
10:44 pm
>> reporter: attorney general loretta lynch making her case to congress wednesday. the issue is whether the tech giant should unlock the i-phone of a terrorist. >> if the government needs the assistance of third parties to ensure the search is conducted judges all over the country and on the supreme court have said that those parties must assist if it is reasonably within their power to do so. >> reporter: meantime in an interview on abc news, the head of apple says creating a so-called back door could be danger. >> what does it state here? can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds and millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the u.s.? >> reporter: tim cook says the fbi waited too long to ask apple for help. the phone was owned by his employer.
10:45 pm
reset the i club password. when that's done the phone will no longer back up to the cloud. so i wish they would have contacted us earlier so that would not have been the case. >> reporter: tim cook says if apple were to create the code it would be if they created a software version of cancer. >> we asked in a national poll about this particular subject. what's more important to you security or privacy? 62% of those polled all around the country say privacy is most important. 38% say security. that's about a week long poll that we did. >> looks like nationally people are siding with apple when it comes to this argument. >> yeah, that's certainly the case. we'll see where it ends. looks like the courts will decide this one as they often do in many cases.
10:46 pm
>> i'm actually quite pleased, henry. >> yeah, why not. henry, what do you say? >> beautiful weekend on tap. haven't heard a lot of complaining. that's rare coming from janet and brian together. let's take a look at what we saw today. nothing but love for those two, maybe. 57 was the high temperature. we should be in the 60s. beautiful weekend on tap and thunderstorms in the future.
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>> welcome back, everyone. those temperatures on the southeast are on the chilly side. it could be worse for the last weekend of february. 40 in columbia. 41 in savannah and also in atlanta. 35 in charlotte. we've got 40s for just about
10:50 pm
42 in nashville to 52 in new orleans at this 10:00 hour. 51 down in orlando. it's 38 in columbia. irma at 40 and 32. again, temperatures tonight below average and clear sky. we're going to see lows in the low 30s and upper 20s across the midlands. it will be a cold night but don't worry tomorrow will be a beautiful day. future watch showing just that. many of you waking up and getting up the morning run in, taking the dog for a walk, whatever it may be. beautiful weather expected and that'll carry you throughout your saturday with a sun filled sky going into tomorrow night. now, as far as tonight goes 32 with the clear sky out there. typically we're at 39 degrees. clearly it's a night of below average temperatures.
10:51 pm
tomorrow morning those of you that like to get the early tennis match in, it'll be a chilly start despite the sunshine. 36 at 8:00. 40 at 9:00 a.m. and 45 at 10:00 a.m. with the sunshine. as we jump ahead to the afternoon hours we'll start the tour in clemson for you clemson fans taking on james madison. that's a 2:00 first pitch. 56 degrees with abundant sunshine out there. that will be the story throughout the game with temperatures in the 50s. here at founder's park with the gamecocks taking on penn state, 55 degrees. all in all beautiful but slightly cool baseball weather as our average high is in the low 60s for this time of year. let's take a look at the three day planner before we look at the 7-day. 56 tomorrow and then mild air moves in.
10:52 pm
69 on sunday for the high and then leap day, monday. that's right, we're in a leap year. 29 days this february. we're at 70 degrees. march 1, '73 and we could be talking about spring thunderstorms on wednesday. 69 and behind this cold front drier weather for thursday and friday. lows going back to the 40s and 30s and highs down into the 50s. at least all of that comes in the week. so the weekend looking to be nice across the midlands. of course that's it for the forecast. stay with us. when we return we'll have a look
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10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>> welcome back. round two for wach fox sports. corey miller with you. a big ten school coming down
10:56 pm
john jones right in the beginning goes deep, 4 for 4 on the day. that's another home run. the second on the year. john jones is getting it done and a double play. that'll be a 6-4-3. chris cullen goes deep. back, back and off the wall and the gamecocks will score again. 4-0 gamecocks. he blasts one up the middle and the gamecocks score and they continue to have the lead. then this one pops up. nice play right there for penn state. one of the bright spots of a double play for them and then right here. look at this play. the gamecocks say if you can do it, we can do it as well. then the gamecocks back at work on offense and another deep ball
10:57 pm
again and they win this ball game. penn state hits one late in the game. a little too late. >> obviously it was a good win for us and i thought the kid from penn state had a really good arm and maybe a little bit more than what we thought on the scouting report. he's running up there pretty good. a big tall lefty throwing 90 to 92, that's pretty tough. our guys battled him pretty well and jones got us off to a good start in the 1st inning and we put three more across there in the 2 sxn we felt good about the game at that point. clarke smith was outstanding and efficient 7 innings and 81 pitches and he struck out 8. >> yeah. he set a career high of striking out 8. he talked about how he overcame that and played much better on today.
10:58 pm
in counts and last week i had a problem with the uncompetitive walks. you're getting behind hitters too much. today i wanted to work ahead with my fastball and come inside and outside and work from there and that worked real well today. >> clemson gets started early with great defense. throws the runner out at 1st. the 2-2 pitch comes up and he's going to swing and that is as chris burrman would say back, back, back and that's gone. then folks it's all about defense. you get the lead and the pitchers feel comfortable and they get on the mound and like barnes he's going to be just straight gas. james madison gets up and has an opportunity to make plays. watch this. barnes, sit down, son. take a seat in the bullpen.
10:59 pm
try and no, sir. the next batter mr. barnes had a great day on the mound. the tigers win 6-1. >> it's huge for us. when you pitch two guys on friday night and have the rest of your bullpen to pitch two ball games it's huge for us to get a quality start like charlie davis and get us through 6 innings and have a guy like eubanks you can piggy back with and carry you the rest of the ball game and throw up 0's. it allows us to use everybody we have in the bullpen if we get in any sort of trouble we can go with guys longer in relief in game twos and three of the series. >> always good when you can use two pitchers.
11:00 pm
game s two and three. that's going to do it for sports.


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