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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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their way through the palmetto state. votes have been cast and votes have been counted. >> i'm dana fulton. hillary clinton was declared the winner in south carolina within minutes of the polls closing. take a look at these numbers, the results overwhelmingly in secretary clinton's favor. here is how the numbers panned out. clinton collecting 74% of the vote. bernie sanders with 26 percent and willie wilson coming in with .4% of the vote. >> now, right now wach fox's tara is at headquarters. >> reporter: brian, dane nan, it's only been a few hours since hillary clinton was announced the winner of this south i. clinton supporters are still celebrating. south carolina is always a key state to win for the race of the white house as a winner here will likely impact results in next week's super tuesday states.
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place with 26% of the vote. she was defeated by president obama. and today we knew the african-american vote would play a mainly role in tonight's result because they were a majority of the vote in 2008 but early staff showing that african-american voters made up an even larger portion of voters. so the support not only from minorities by the congressman played into her win and while much of her victory speech was the future of the future of her administration, she did make a quick job at republican front-runner. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again, america has never stopped being great. but, but we do need to make america whole again. >> reporter: and now hillary
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voting state except for new hampshire where bernie sanders took home 60% of the votes there. we'll be back in just a bit with more from clinton headquarters. >> thank you very much, tara, we're of course bernie sanders was on road today. not here in south carolina. tonight. actually right now he's complaining in minnesota as we speak. >> sanders congratulate lating hillary clinton on her victory tonight in south carolina. bernie also saying his, quote, grassroots political revolution is growing state by state. he won't stop now. >> what this campaign is about, and it's not easy, is trying to force discussion on issues that congress chooses not to talk about in media chooses not to talk about. >> now, there is a third component to all of this, not often meksed component of this race. but chicago multi millionaire
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finishing a distant third today, less than one%. >> exactly. right now we're live from wilson's watch party. what is going on there? >> reporter: like you guys said, less than one% of the votes. actually i just checked the website it says about 1300 votes so far here in south carolina. but in a recent article, wilson did say he was expecting to have between 15 and 20% of those votes. unfortunately that tint happen. but they're still celebrating behind me and the party going on here at the hyatt place in the vista. but i can tell you that he did express a little bit of frustration tonight as he was talking about the democratic party and not being able to be included in those debates. just take a lynn. >> i tell you this much, if i had known the democratic party was what you call not in inclusion, i probably would have ran independent or republican, all right? but this is a good lesson for me also.
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>> reporter: now, you may ask what is next for willie wilson. well he's planning to go back to chicago tonight and actually he said he's had people contact him to possibly run for m mor again in chicago.. maybe somememe this year. but for now i'm live in downtown columbia. destiny chance, wach fox news. >> thank you, destiny. >> so the winner has been declared here in south carolina. what does this mean overall for the entire presidential race. two top political analysts join us now in the studio. >> i'm going to sit between you so we don't come to blows. let's just talk about this overwhel being margin of victory. what did we find out tonight in south carolina. >> we found that hillary clinton is going to be the next president of the united states. i mean, i said this before plenty of times, bob and i had these discussions. iowa and new hampshire did not look like south carolina. south carolina looks like america. and from the demographic standpoint. and south carolina is clinton country, to prove tonight.
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her hard work. she earned her victory and bernie sanders for his strong campaign effort. >> well, about 363,000 people voting today. far cry what we saw a week ago. >> that's true. secretary clinton did do what she was expected to do, win south carolina. there's a big difference between her winning south carolina and taking the oval office. so i think we've got a few more elections between here and there. but a couple of -- a couple of interesting facts, though, is the republicans last saturday in south carolina, we had -- we turned out twice as many people as the democrats did. the democrats, about 61% father, according to the exit polls. of course a vast majority of republicans are white. here are the interesting things, 70% in exit polls in the democrats today said keep the obama policies, keep fanning on obama.
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republican voters said they're angry, they want to change everything. the democrats today, 42% said the economy is their top concern, republicans last saturday, 28%. here's the one that really disturbs me about the democrats, the republicans last saturday in the polling said terrorism is their top concern. only 10% of south carolina democrats today are worried about terrorism. that, to me, is a -- an indictment of the democrat party, of the socialist leengz, of seven years of obama and what he has done to raelg reek havoc on this country internationally. that's what i'm concerned about. >> why should democrats be concerned? you know what some president obama has led on foreign policy. ask osama bin laden if you want to know. and we know that hillary clinton is probably the most experienced candidate when it comes to the areas.
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so it's not a big issue. what south carolina voters are butter issues. kwiek frankly a lot of south carolina democrats think -- who jobs. >> well, the thing about hillary clinton in foreign policy -- is i agree with you, she will do things in foreign policy, just as she did in benghazi. 14 innocent americans were killed. she went to the families and lied to them about the reasons they were killed. so again, you know, there's a lot of time between now and when the next president puts his hand on the bible and i tell you, it ain't going to be her. >> you've got about 30 seconds. >> benghazi hearing we knew was a political move by your party. >> tell the families that who say she lied to them in private about what happened. >> we know. >> tell the families that. >> we know what happened with the benghazi, it was to take
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hill loy is a fighter. she survived. she will be the next president. and i guarantee this, just like president obama she will win the domination, she will win the presidency because everybody will vote for her. >> that's what scares me she will be like president obama.. >> absolutely. >> that's the scarey part of. >> it's always fun with bob and antoine are here. believe it or not it this do like each other. >> a little deeper into the numbers coming up in about a half our or so. gentlemen, thank you. >> thanks, scott. still could tom, as was just mentioned thousands of voters hit the polls across south carolina today. but the numbers not exactly turnout. and we look ahead to super tuesday when this extended edition of wach fox news at 10:00 continues. >> and as far as tonight goes, night. temperatures in the mid-30s with that clear sky. tomorrow, even warmer. but we will see unfortunately
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0. welcome back to an extended coverage of wach fox news at 10:00. for those those of us just joining us, hillary clinton picking up a win beating out bernie sanders by roughly 50% of the vote. >> our team coverage continues tonight with medical any who is lye from the south carolina democratic headquarters. medical any. >> reporter: well, bryan, day in a i'm here with progress south. let's talk about the election tonight. hillary clinton winning,
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of the votes here in south carolina. i know she was the projected winner of this state, but did margin? that anybody expected the margin. forth. and of course everybody is going to hear a lot more over the next couple of days when the numbers really start getting crunched. but i don't think anything is too unexpected here. she's a known combhad at this has been a known comod at this for a long time. >> now, bernie sanders predicted that he wouldn't be able to win in south carolina. he's already in minnesota campaigning there. what do you think was missing from his campaign here? >> i don't know that there was anything missing? i think it really was more of a factor, her long-time establishment with -- with south carolina. and at the end of the day, i mean, made a lot of progress, you're talking about two candidates that are really core progressive issues and really the comparison between the past
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with their campaigns versus what we saw last saturday and the -- what is generally considered madness out of those campaigns and this, you really getting a focus on working-class issues, whether it's minimum wage or justice. we really didn't hear about any of that from anybody else. >> and looking forward, i know a lot of people are wondering if trump were to get the republican nomination, do you think hillary clinton's campaign has enough momentum to beat him. >> i will tell you, i think anybody who is talking about the issues that we've been talking about, progressive, wealth gap, working class, wage issues, i think anybody can beat donald issues. because he -- he's really not bringing anything to the table. it's just more circus, more substance. >> thank you, michael. and so hillary clinton winning south carolina, 74 to 26,
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coming up, we're going to have more reaction from democratic state party leaders. fox news. >> thank you. there were hundreds of thousands of voters hitting the polls today. expected. officials saying the turn youft was surprisingly this election. 2008. we spent some time speaking with voters today. >> reporter: brian, dana a learned from the election -- it indicated a low turnout with smaller pockets of people flowing through different polling sites. this year's absentee ballots were just about in line with the 2008 primary. even so, this democratic primary was not as big of a turnout as the republican vote last week. >> the only way you can make a change is to vote. >> midlands residents hitting the polls saturday to cast their ballots in the democratic primary. >> it's really a civic duty, these trying times is going on,
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crazy in the world. if you want to make a change, put your name in the hat. >> this is very important because this is going to make sure that the candidate of my choice and the candidate of all the people that come out to vote will be able to stand up to the candidate of the republican party. >> the republican primary had a record turnout last saturday. today was a different story. election commission officials say polling sites saw very little foot traffic. public officials even took time top travel the midlands encouraging others to vote. voters expressed just how important it was to make their voices heard. >> i hope that -- my candidate wins because it is a great privilege and honor just to be able to vote in the primary. >> reporter: well, sir, if you voted for hillary, then your candidate did win. up next for the canned dags is super tuesday where voters in 13 states will be voting to see who
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for the white house. reporting live in the studio. >> stay with us, we have much more ahead tonight. our extended coverage continuing on of the election -- or the the prior mary happening. >> it's super tuesday, the next stop on the road to the white house. and with south carolina officially in the rearview mirror for the parties, it is time to look ahead for a very
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0. this saturday night. temperatures outside across the midlands real time numbers on the weather bug network, leesville at 34. saluda at 35 and sumpter at 43. through the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning a clear sky with us. and basically that is going to be the story on future watch. notice this is the time stamp just moves along, because thanks to dry air in place we are not worried about clouds throughout the day tomorrow so it will be a beautiful day and even a slightly warmer day across the midlands. 34 to 32 in the city tonight with a overall clear sky. the average low is about 39 degrees. then as we go into tomorrow we
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clemson, still taking on james madison, game three. that is a 1:00 first pitch. 64 degrees with sunshine. carolina fans, game three against penn state, that is scheduled for 1:30. sunshine and 65 for that first pitch. again at 1:30, the overall high temperature mashging it up to 70 degrees. that should be about 3:00, 4:00, with that sunshine as we roll through the afternoon. over the next three days, staying in the 70s, lows in the 40s, climbing to the 50s. minimal chance of showers as we start match and go into the wednesday. behind that cold front, those temperatures dropping down into the 50s for your highs, lows, getting down into the 30s. stay with us, we have much more to come he on this extended edition for wach fox
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team has done already enonoh in this season but another road win in conference would certainly loke them into the pig dance. da rare ra wares 24. came cocks looking for their win on saturday. mississippi state has other plans. early the dogs up 7. sloppy passing by sc gives wither spoon the easy dunk and transition. state up nine now. clock winding down. gamecocks down 13, looking for anything. pj dozier creates and finds dog underneath. could not get any closer in the second half. down 11 to play here. brad thomas hits the dagger from the corner. usc falls 68-58. drops to -- 10 and 6 in conference play. ping-pong or gamecock baseball. incredible winner there. usc looking to clinch the series
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this helps with two on alex forget about it. this got out in a hurry. just like that, gamecocks up 3-0. but penn state log back in. short hops to lt holeburg. it was 3-2 in the third and the gamecocks took over from there. a couple on for moony and he goes opposite field off the right field wall. that plates ld coal bert gamecocks continue their hot start. 7-0 on the win with a 16-5 win over the lions. in tiger town, clemson clifrnling their win over james madison. improving to 2-0 on the year wiwi seven strong innings pitched. the game three is set for sunday at 1:00 p.m. let's go racing in atlanta. the heads up georgia 250.
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race in the atl looking to change that today. busch passing kisslouski. lap 105. he's in the pitt and it all falls apart here. gets caught in the wall and that will end the tuesday and a win. fast forward to the final, busch snapping his 11-40 winning streak. he wins at atlanta. he will try for the beach tomorrow right here on wach fox.
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0. > well about 99% off the votes are in as we speak. and hillary clinton's lead is not changing significantly. it's still sitting at 73%, bernie sanders way back at 2006 percent and willie wilson a chicago businessman still with less than 1% of that vote at .4%. of course hillary clinton declared the winner hours ago. that means she picks up 39 delegates and extends her lead on bernie sanders in the race for the democratic nomination. >> our tara petite is live and tara it looks like an exciting night for the hillary campaign. >> reporter: right, dana, brian, it's -- the venue is mostly cleared out now but it was quite a seen just a few hours ago when hillary clinton was declared the winner of the south carolina democratic primary.
10:30 pm
important win for the clinton campaign here at her celebration headquarters, clinton spoke about her dream for the future of america and while she won an overwhelming portion of the african-american vote today she spoke specifically tonight about how she will overturn the systemic racism in america. take a listen. >> and our victory is for the entrepreneur who told me more dreams die in the parking lots of banks than anywhere else. and that's especially true for women and people of color. so we're going to work together to give people particularly young people, the tools you need. >> reporter: and from here, hillary clinton and bernie sanders head to the super tuesday states where they'll battle it out for the hundreds of delegates up for stake in those 12 states. we're live in columbia. >> thank you, tara. so with hillary clinton being named the winner here in
10:31 pm
mean for the overall presidential race? we have two top political analysts joining us now in the studio with more. brian. >> your top political analysts. we know that. you're here. you're here all the time. you heard -- we heard tara say super tuesday. let's talk about that. mrs. clinton just got shot out of the cannon. let's talk about momentum. >> well, clearly super tuesday will be in her favor. super tuesday looks like south carolina, i think the lion share of the voters who participate in super tuesday primary izz will be african-american. those are hillary clinton voters. 86% -- she received 86% of the african-american votes today. i think the fact of the matter is the country is getting browner and republicans do not have a plan to reach minority voters. and so hillary is well on her way to the white house. >> now, we have seen at least in this state, a shift, though, on what you're saying. think about that image last
10:32 pm
marco rubio all on stage together and it's being presented as the new face of the republican party. >> it's the face of america. listen, we've -- we've got candidates of hispanic origin. african-american, female, we've got yankies, we've got red in the case. he's got two ol' while people with aarp cards. so the republican party looks a lot more america than his party. >> that's good. that's a good propaganda pump. but if you look at their policies on how they govern, they were the parties that try to take away minority right to vote at the polls. they are the one who consistently vote against assisting those who are in need. so their policies don't reflect this outreach in minorities. >> i'm talking about voter suppression. you know those billslsou all filed across the country when we made history in 2008 by electing the first african-american president. that voter suppression. voter suppression. >> you're -- that's below your dignity.
10:33 pm
i don't know. but anyway. what else you got for us? [ audio problem ] >> let's really talk punish let's talk about after the volts roll in a few days from now on super tuesday. do we finally see a lot of these folks just walk off into the sunset? >> no, i don't think they're smart enough, to be honest with you on our side, at least. i think we've got a couple who are going to go on their merry way until then. here's the thing about super tuesday. seven southern states, donald trump is way ahead. got texas, cruz is ahead in texas and the he will poll right now, but in my opinion, cruz has to have a blowout win in his own home state. if trump gets close to him in second place, it's really going to be bad for cruz. rubio, i -- i just, you know, i don't -- don't see the establishment coming behind him
10:34 pm
the establishment seems to be leaning more and more toward trump. but chris christie just the other day, trump got a heavy endorsement from christie, no pun intended. but, you know, i don't know how anybody beats trump now for the nomination. it's possible mathematically it's possible realistically it's going to be tough. >> i know what you want to say, you want to see trump. >> he is the leader of their party. essex treem, right wing rhetoric brings out the crazies in their parties. we know we live in serious times. we know we cannot have donald trump in the white house and that's why it's another reason as president. her favor. i do think bernie sanders will stay in the end as he's committed to. but the truthfully i think about march 15th the democratic paper. >> there's no question about that. but here's the problem. if it's -- if it's clinton and trump.
10:35 pm
both are very flawed candidates. a majority of the american people in polls by many news organizations say they can't trust her, that she lies. on the other hand about before you get all mad, trump has the same problem. so there are going to be two very flawed candidates. trump, i think, is going to have some tough waters with not releasing his income taxes, and also this thing about trump university there are lawsuits and the bankrupts and everything. rubio has put him on defensive this week. but if it's trump and clinton, which it probably will be, i'm telling you, they're both going to have problems. >> 20 seconds to go. >> i have strong confidence in democrats and republicans in this country that in notify they will hillary clinton the first woman president of these united states. i t tnk what we've seen in 2008 and '12 was president obama enjoying the support of
10:36 pm
i think that will continue. >> three -- actually three. >> since you're the leading expert, i want to know one thing. who would vote for willie wilson in south carolina? >> apparently not many people. >> not antoine. there you go. that's the burning question, the $64,000 question has been answered. always good to have you bob, good to have antoine. >> thank you so much, guys. as you just heard super tuesday is the next big step. we're going to take a closer look on what is coming up this
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0. our team coverage continues tonight with -- who is lye right democratic headquarters. what's going on? >> reporter: well, brian, dana a landslide victory for hillary state. democratic leaders saying they did expect her to be victoryious but with not such a wide victory of margin. and hillary clinton spoke earlier saying that margin is a message to the rest of the country just ahead of super tuesday next week. she says -- i asked democratic party leader why she had such an appeal here in south carolina, and he told me it was because her campaign is directed toward what south carolinians care about. >> you know, all those issues, rural effort, the needs in rural communities like where i'm from, you know, all those issues in hilly takes them all head on.
10:40 pm
she's -- she's from a place like south carolina and arkansas. and she understands our needs. >> reporter: and clinton also captured the majority of the after riff can american vote here in south carolina over 60% of voters today were african-american. so that was very instrumental in her victory. and this is the largest win she has secured so far. and what are some are saying will go down in history. reporting live in columbia, watch fox news. >> thank you. today the first in the south primary a very big deal but coming up this week, super tuesday in texas is the crown jewel of super tuesday. it has the most delegates at stake. >> it will tell the story we just heard from our annual lifts a few minutes ago, that texas really is where the rubber meets the road. it is also a must-win for open significance for ted cruz who needs a big win and particularly this one.
10:41 pm
i think donald trump has a borders. >> reporter:. >> for one month let us do without the hispanic and things are going to shutdown on the construction yard. >> reporter: in the state where they say everything is bigger, so are the opinions, especially when it comes to immigration. behind california, texas has the largest number of illegal immigrants in the country, and feelings are mixed about how to solve it. >> all of the republican presidential candidates have followed donald trump's lead on building the wall and deporting those who are here illegally. on the democrat side, it's a discussion of comprehensive immigration reform, a path to citizenship. >> reporter: energy is a hot topic too. the state's oil and gas industry has taken a beating over the plummeting price of oil with thousands of layoffs and scaled-back production. but analysts don't believe the candidates are focusing enough
10:42 pm
>> it's critical to the texas economy. >> reporter: 155 gop delegates are up for grabs in texas making it a big prize and all eyes are on senator ted cruz. >> ted cruz does have a home-field advantage. he's the junior senator from texas. but he's an acquired taste. people love him or they worry deeply about him. >> there are a variety of polls out there that show texas senator ted cruz leading over businessman donald trump. however, there are two recent polls that show the two tied for first place. on the democratic side of things, secretary of state hillary clinton is leading in all polls by double digits over her rivals senator bernie in dallas, fox news. >> and mrs. clinton, of course, riding a huge wave of momentum. >> moving into next week it's going to be very interesting. >> it sure is. >> movong into next week, also keeping an eye on the weather. >> we can take a break from that
10:43 pm
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0. and welcome back, everyone. but not frigid. outside across the state. real time numbers closer to home on the weather bug network showing the same from columbia and the vista at 35. 45 in orangeburg and 35 in pine wood. future watch is showing this out of formality. all you need to pay attention is the time stamp because we aren't going to see clouds moving through thanks to dry air in place throughout sunday so look for another clear sky out there
10:47 pm
34 tonight, clear, average low 39 so a little below average. baseball fans will start with the gamecocks first penn state game three that pitch scheduled for 1:30, as far as when the game will start. home run weather, 65 degrees at the start of the game. likely by the ninth inning around 70 degrees and sunny. clemson game three at james madison, here's what we can expect. first pitch is scheduled for 1:00, 64 degrees and by the ninth inning we're looking at temperatures right at 69. so gorgeous weather expected for both locations. our high officially topping out at 70 with that sunshine tomorrow. we'll continue that upward swing into monday, which is leap day. 71, march 1st, slight chance of showers, 75. see these temperatures falling as the front moves through, minimal chances of rain down in the 50s and lows in the 30s. that's a quick check of your
10:48 pm
stay with us, more to tom on fox wach news at 10:00. wrap wrap wrap this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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0. high school hoops everywhere. buckle up we start in florence, irmo taking on west ashley on the 4a lower state finals. irmo will get on the board first with a turn around by jumping gun wes ashley will get its first points by a drive and layoff by dave, by irmo back on the attack again. it's gun later in the half. knocks down the 15-foot jumper. irmo will continue keep feeding it to the big man, gun using the soft touch, gets the bounce and the roll and irmo will go on to win easily tonight 51-34, they advance to the 4a state finals.
10:52 pm
upper state finals between spring valley and burns. will head the other way, kendall wall will weigh it in to cut the spring valley deficit, 27-23, is under a minute to go in the half. jones goes up strong for the basket, vikings down five now, but burns will answer back, brown showing off his post moves, rebels led at 33-28 at the break and they hold on down the stretch to advance to the state championsnsp. 69-66 over spring v vley. and girls 4a action. picking up action in the second half, sumpter's abram will get the pass underneath, lays it up to give the gamecocks a six-point lead. later in the half, aprogram will get the pass, north augustus's defense and get the score here, and the foul, sumpter's wilson later in this half will drive
10:53 pm
key bucket here for the gamecocks. ties this one up at 37-37. we go to ot and then wilson will come up big again with the bucket and the foul sumpter will go on to win this 1, 41-39 and they advance to the state title game. 4a spring valley and rock hill. lady vikings come out firing, spring valley works it into joy jones. she turns and scores to give the vikings early lead, bear cats though responding. brooklyn bailey wilbur ry the foot, 14-footer to tie things up early, but spring valley will answer right back. they work it ahead to christian piky who quickly puts the vikings back in front, spring valley advances to state with a 57-39 win. upper state finals between kenan and ab i vill, the raiders setting the tempo early, simmons
10:54 pm
mars shall slices to the buktd, scores to cap an 8-0 run to start the game. abbeyville responding in the fourth quarter. lays it up and in, cutting the raiders' lead back to 8. panthers despite trailing at the break, find a way in the second half, they go on to win this 1, 58-51 preventing a kenan state title appearance. 2a upper state titles, newberry quartering off with kenan. raiders off to a quick start. robinson moves it ahead to jackson. she buries the triple. raiders score the first seven points of this ball game. newberry strugglgl to score the ball recall i. baits gets rewarded for her good defense. baits gets the steel and the score. but too much kenan in this one, they win it 55-23 to advance to the 2a state championship game.
10:55 pm
into the saints, six-point lead at the break. willie butler misses but green there to lean the boards. scoring at point-blank range. stants won't be dedenied. they find the handle, from 15, puts the taints back ahead and calhoun county will go on to the state title game with a 68-60 win. and finally tonight one a upper state girls, johnson taking on christ church, is in control, cook, drives into the paint, dumps it off to bennett, the all-stater in north carolina lays it up and in to puff christ church up 14. ca johnson trying to hang tough but just too much christ church in the afternoon, cavs win this by a final of 61-49. that's going to do it with sports. back after this. with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's!
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hoi! looks like the american takes this one. - ( laughs ) - ( speaking japanese ) - an ultra! - ( energy crackling ) ( rumbling ) - uh... - ( grunts ) ( rips )


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