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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  FOX  February 28, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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breaking out of the box. >> my philosophy is i spend all my time building my dreams. so when i get some time i can live my dreams. then we see how family and friends are truly the keys to success for this entrepreneur of the week. >> my three kids work with me in the business. my wife of 45 years is working with me daily. so i'm very family oriented. from the corner office we push for diversity inside the board room. >> it is a powerful institution the corporate board. and if properly managed and pardon use of the word manipulated, it puts people of color in the position to open doors that have been closed for decades to black folks. and finally in our spice of life, we serve up some creative cookery with a program that provides scholarships to turn
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>> we provide scholarships education and career opportunities in the culinary arts to at risk students throughout the nation.
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in "our world" up next. welcome back to "our world with black enterprise" for years we've watched steve harvey's empire expand before our eyes from television, film, radio, and now the host of the miss universe pageant. our correspondent sat down with him to unveil the secrets to his suck set. take a look. >> mr. harvey, thank you so much for joining us today on "our world" i'm excited to have the conversation with you. >> thank you very much. i'm glad to be here. >> you are easily one of the most inspirational successful business moguls. i think primarily because you focus on not just how you execute day-to-day work ethic but you also talk quite a bit
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>> in this business we're told not to talk about faith on television, in print interviews. >> because it's not considered professional, right? >> you don't want to offend anyone. >> sure. >> i'm not saying it to offend anyone. but i'm not going to not give credit and thanks to a huge reason for me being here. do i work hard? yeah. yeah. i work pretty hard. but man, no faith? i don't care how hard you work. without the faith part you're missing it. i don't care how much faith part you got without the work part you're missing. so it's that combination. but it's primarily the faith that keeps me going through the difficult moments. if you're trying to be successful there's going to be a lot of difficult moments. >> one thing they found particularly interesting is that you manage your time so effectively that you can account for every minute of your day. >> absolutely. >> how exactly do you do that? >> people ask me all the time. how do you do what you do?
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doing this, writing books. well, i care about every minute of the day. there's not a minute that i don't account for! my philosophy is, i spend all my time building my dreams so when i get some time i can live my dreams! >> steve harvey is also helping others live out their dreams. gerald washington, the president of two harvey companies, began in a very different position. >> i actually started off making his green drinks. from there i was given an opportunity to work on one of his first tv shows coproduced. from there open the doors get in give me the opportunity to read the contract. once i read the first one i was it. >> how do you get from reading that first contract, impressing him on clearly a significant level to ultimately running steve harvey world being the president? how does that work? >> consistency.
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i still carry his bags if he need me to. i still get the green drink. >> he's very successful. he runs 112th street production but also the president of my company. that's a lot of responsibility. a lot of responsibility. but he's up for the task. because he is very much like calhoun he don't sleep. >> he's referring to alabama businessman greg calhoun, the other half of the moniker and recently formed investment groups. >> in addition to all of what you're doing in media and the ore holdings that you have, you've also launched an investment group with your best friend. talk to me about that partnership that you have with greg calhoun. >> greg and i care about people. greg and i are trying to build a legacy. what better way to do that than opening up manufacturing right here in the united states of america? >> specifically in the south,
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tennessee and alabama for easy bake and ameritech. why that region of the country? >> that place gets overlooked. a lot of our jobs are created in rural america. did not our great president, president barack obama, say we need to start taking care of the jobs in america and they got programs where they will assist you if you can bring jobs to rural america. >> and paying it forward. >> that's what it's supposed to be about. we're into creating opportunity business. >> that's the vision. >> it has to be. it's not just for me and greg. it's to help thousands of people. hopefully one day millions of people. >> tell me how you stay sharp. you are clearly not someone who's deterred by failure. you are continually inspirational with different audiences and markets. what's been your greatest teacher? >> first of all, failure is a wonderful teacher. i've learned a lot.
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you can't be successful without failing. failed for? do you understand that's a part of the process? you have to fail in order to succeed. my legacy, i think it will be fine. i don't think this father will leave me. i think he's going to show me some other things, things i don't know yet. it's about changing lives. i got to do something to get these african-american boys' lives together there is got to be a way to rally men to stop this killing. it takes black men to change black boys. >> a big part of what you've noted with young black men in this country is that they don't have someone just saying i believe in you. something as simple as looking at them and seeing their value. you think tran be transformative. >> i can't tell you how many young men have my number that i've men toward, i give advice to the semipitchers when they graduate. in the military send me their
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all i got to do is just text them say man, i'm proud of you, man. let me know how that went. sometimes when they get in a real jam, give me a call, man. let me know. hold on. i'm busy today can we talk tomorrow. i just give them an ear. if all of us black men did that we could change the direction of these young black kids. >> i have to say, mr. harvey, it's been a pleasure speaking to you. and we look forward to seeing all that you look to create and benefit the world with moving forward. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, trish comes back
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partner with steve harvey in a company called harcal. from humble beginnings to the million dollar grocery store chain, calhoun says family matters the most in the art of >> mr. calhoun, thank you so much for joining us today on "our world". >> my pleasure. i wanted to get a sense of your experience starting out working at a supermarket and at some point having the notion that you supermarket. >> i as a package clerk had to tell myself something. i used to say i was the best packe clerk that ever was going to be in the supermarket. that's the way i came to work. then when i got promoted to clerk in the world. when i became a cashier i was the best cashier. and into produce and into management. i became the first black owner of supermarket in 1984 in the whole entire south.
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developing other things. and i created calhoun enterprise. and calhoun enterprise not just owns supermarket we have a marketing company. we represent kraft foods, frito lay, coca-cola, we went throughout the world rereesenting major companies. that's how i met mr. harvey. >> you founded an investment group called harcal. >> yes. >> it's been an interesting journey. >> he moves people, i move products. i can take a lemon make lemonade out of. he cass move people like nobody else in the world. we're going to test in georgia, we can't keep it on the shelf. it's flying off the shelf. what are your projected revenues for 2016? >> we look at doing 20 million in the easy bacon business. that's pretty big in the bacon category. >> you're also launching the only latex plant in the u.s. called ameritech, correct? >> that's correct.
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off work. we had a plant there. and it was sad that we was buying latex gloves from china and abroad, malaysia, nothing against those countries but we need to put our people back to work in the u.s. so i went to see the governor of the state of alabama and asked him what opportunities were for developing a business presence especially minority business presence. i wanted to expand my retail grocery business. he said they was more into manufacturing. so i went out and found a manufacturing business and brought it back to him and said, i like this business. i think we can get behind it, steve and i, and launch the only latex glove in the united states. sosoe went to walmart and talked to the chairman of walmart, doug mcmillan. he bought into it. he saw the great opportunity to put people back to work. >> what do you anticipate for 2016 revenue with ameritech? >> first year if we can get 50 million we'll be very satisfied with it. >> so steve is really big on
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the business. and i know that you share similar values. tell me more about that. >> my three kids work with me in the business ever since they came out of florida a & m college they came right back into the business. my daughter got a master's in h.r. my son got a mar teres in marketing. my youngest son has a degree of accounting. my wife of 45 years is working with me daily. so i'm very family oriented employees we have. so having family to me means everything. >> in addition to running these amazing companies you also sit on a number of boards. >> bose is there in part because that's where the decision power was made. kind of run the operation of the companies having the right talented people can mean the success or failure of both. so when you just look one way you're just like a one-eyed quarterback. but if you look both and cover the whole field your potential success is going to be much better.
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actually sit on is a bank that you had a previous dynamic with where you had initially where you were launching your first supermarket you needed the capital to be able to actually launch it effectively. and you were rejected. >> yes. >> now that you sit on that particular board of that particular bank, what does that feel like? >> that's an awesome feeling to be rejected because of the fact that some people think your abilities don't exceed what they think qualify for banking. but that's just to prove people sometimes wrong it's the inner feeling of a person that really makes you susceptible. i didn't accuse them or being racial or nothing like that. i just thought that they just thought that because the store was not prosperous they didn't want to take the risk with me. let's say it that way. i took the same business plan to new york, chase morgan gave me $1 million.
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prospering. within one year $40,000 in profit in a business they had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in. i took that same store and went out and bought 15 other supermarkets from that particular supermarket. >> thank you so much for your time, mr. calhoun. it was a true pleasure to speak to you. >> thank you, patricia i really enjoyed the interview. >> thank you. >> thanks, trish. up next, our push to get more minorities on the board of
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stay with us. welcome back. black enterprise's annual report reveals a lack of minorities on corporate boards. we take an inside look with the director who has a unique perspective. >> bruce gordon serves on three corporate boards. cvs, northrup grumman and adt. as a member of the black enterprise corporate directors
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people directly impacting corporations that affect everyday americans. >> the average person in my opinion doesn't even recognize that corporate boards exist. or if they've heard about boards, they don't fully understand what boards do. boards set policy for corporations. so if you believe that corporate america is one of the major sources of power and influence in this country, i believe that, the average person may not know what happens inside the board room. what they simply need to recognize is that when we, people of color, have a seat at that table, it provides us the opportunity to influence policy, to effect issues around hiring, developing, retaining and promoting. it puts us at the table where we can decide who gets to be the
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it is a powerful institution, the corporate board. and if properly managed -- and pardon use of the word manipulated -- it puts people of color in a position to open doors that have been closed for decades to blake folks. >> gordon has seen an increase in the number of black directors but admits more needs to be done. after all, minority directors often ensure that funds go to areas where it's needed. >> when you get into having conversations about budget, you get into having conversations about spending. when you talk about spending, you talk about with whom are you spending. it provides me, as a black director, the opportunity to raise the question for the -- of the billions of dollars that said institution, said corporation, is going to spend in a planned year, how much of that spend is going to be with
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>> gordon is a powerful addition to any board, having served as a top executive at verizon and at ceo of the naacp. to this former b.e. executive of the year, the key to attaining a seat on the board of a major corporation is a matter of performance. >> it's hard rk. and hard work. and hard work. i've always believed -- and i'm confident that this is the case -- that you have to outwork everybody who's around you. you have to pursue excellence. it's not a matter of being as good as your peers. it's being better than your peers. it's being the best person in the organization at the job that you do.
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welcome back to "our world with black enterprise" a slice of life this week dishes on a new chef and the program that's making it possible for kids who are at risk to find creativity and careers in the best kitchen. >> we provide scholarships, education and career opportunities in the culinary arts to at risk students throughout the nation. nationally we work with 17,000 students. we work with 230 teachers every year. we do job training and
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all of this trying to help the students succeed and find a career path. >> we have as our executive pastry chef a ccap graduate she is senegal. gifted, extraordinarily talented. watching her bloom here with us at the two restaurants has been a unique and rewarding and warm experience. she's amazing in the kitchen. she contributes so much to the flavor profile of our culinary experience here. and all of that comes out of the support and the education she got working with ccap who provided full tuition scholarships and support, opened
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people the tools they needed to come and compete in a first class restaurant. that's special. >> my role here for both restaurants is to as the pastry chef come up with the desserts, work closely with chef alexander, chef k.j. and teach my staffs how to do it and just keep them motivated and going. it gets pretty hectic here at times, doing desserts for two restaurants. but i always just have to make sure that it goes out 100% perfect every time. >> and that does it for this edition of "our world with black enterprise" be sure to visit us on the web at also like us on facebook and
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