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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  FOX  February 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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country who don't think this brutally repressive totalitarian anticonstitutional program of sharia is their faith and don't want to live it themselves, muslim and non-muslim alike. trouble is there is a large number of people who do think this is god's will to make everyone conform to sharia and use whatever techniques, violent kind expressed by groups or individuals of jihad or two other types, something called hidrum colonization or stelfi
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calls civilization jihad deaf it is an arrangement that will govern the entire planet. we are in the way. >> armstrong: they want all these things, all the things that frank mentioned. are we allowing this to happen through our laws? through how we monitor this? financial institutions? government? leadership? how are we making this possible to happen not only just in our lifetime but many lifetimes to come. >> we are facilitating this, u.s. government is helping this to spread because of perversion of how we do intelligence and analyze the enemy.
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win the war, you have to know why you are fighting and who the enemy is. for many years now, this isn't just the obama administration. this started unfortunately under the bush administration, we have allowed politics and ideology into our threat of america. we have created this strange fantastic version of reality that jihadi terrorism is result of poverty and lack of education. if poverty and lack of education led to jihadiism why isn't half of india? jihad has been part of islam since the beginning.
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as jewish tribes on the arabian peninsula. jihad morphed over the centuries. what we have seen since 1979, modernization of jihad. thanks to the muslim brotherhood. the invasion of afghanistan brought people like osama bin laden to the fight and siege of mecca in saudi arabia most americans don't know occurred. beginning of the support from the saudi regime began. finally today all your viewers have to understand, for 90 years, fundamentalists, brotherhood, al-qaeda, have said
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caliphate, empire of islam. what happens june 2014, leader of isis walked into the grand mosque, second biggest city of iraq, we used patrol and declared caliphate re-established with himself as the emperor. this threat is real, 93 people in america arrested as members of isis, 30% of them with no intention to travel to the middle east to kill over there but here, kill americans on u.s. soil. threat is real. arrived, armstrong, your viewers need to prepare themselves. >> one example of how serious
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the director of fbi said he has 900 investigations of islamic-state related operations in every one of our 50 states. this is probably the tip of the iceberg, frankly. when you throw into the mix in addition to the islamic state, hezbollah cells, hamas cells, al-qaeda cells, then there is the muslim brotherhood on top of them. >> armstrong: hold that, we are coming back. this is serious and monumental.
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ran dumb from the archives of the muslim brotherhood, right here in america how did they build their infrastructure? how do they describe themselves? how do they use american's laws against them. how do they plan to make their presence known or have they already? >> this is the beauty of that little book, armstrong. this is the secret strategic plan of the muslim brotherhood. explanatory memorandum of the strategic goal. written in 1991. only came to our attention, 2007-2008, largest terrorism trial holy land foundation trial. that lays out the answer to every one of your questions.
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this book talks about how you build stelfully the infrastructure for jihad. there was an article back in wall street journal talking about in germany overrun by migrants, refugee seekers, performing what the muslim brotherhood and other islamist call the hidra, colonization in force. people in germany, authorities in germany are now concerned not just about jihadists, but people recruited to jihad very like what they built here. mosques that the muslim brotherhood established, north american islamic trust. islamic society, islamic
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front groups of various kinds. together, they have tried to dominant the islamic community in this country as they have tried elsewhere and become the official interlock ters with government agency solar system, other religious communities, academic academic institutions. all of which is creating an environment we are basically bliepded to -- blinded to what they are doing. >> armstrong: has the media been coopted? >> they subscribe to the -- we have this mantra, you need to understand terrorist as victims
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regimes by mubarak or general c.c. oppressing them. lack of education, poverty. we need to feel sorry for them and remember what the deputy >> you are saying this to characterize not endorse it? >> no. this is what the media says, deputy spokes person giving an interview on a national left-wing media saying we can stop all the terrorism if we have jobs for jihadis. >> we are being told what we can know. in fact, sabastian and i were talking about how it is
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violent extremism program. >> armstrong: are they being manipulated? arrogant? >> it is all of them. council on american islam. >> i had the honor of teaching people across the u.s. government. i had one very bright guy write his thesis on submergs, his one conclusion is the following: if the enemy, nobody talks about victory or enemy which is a problem, if the enemy can control what you are allowed to
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lost. that is where we are. >> you can't possibly win. you can't identify as both of you have said the strategy. >> armstrong: we are afraid to call terrorism terrorism when it happens on our soil. >> we have been told we may not give offense to muslims. that is sharia blasphemy. now by twitter and facebook. we had democrats for a different reason majority of the democrats when it was under control, democrats adopting amendment to the constitution. >> armstrong: how do we change the trajectory?
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nature of the enemy. sebastian and wife katy have done a book about this ideology. we have to be clear. the fault line between muslims that are a problem and ones that are not. muslim brotherhood is sub -- from our point of view is sharia. if they adhere to this ctrine, individual or collective, those folks which includes the muslim brotherhood make no mistake about it are on the wrong side. we must not be taking counsel from them and bring them to take
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egypt, tried in libya and syria. >> armstrong: in other words, we need to make a halt to their movement? >> amen. >> armstrong: we have the perfect example as europe unravels before our very eyes.
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be back. >> armstrong: what does it all mean, frank? >> this is a larger problem we are seeing play out in europe, armstrong, past years alone, they have brought a million of these muslim refugees. 70% of them we are told are
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by most definitions, that would constitute an invasion. >> armstrong: or declaration of war. >> we are beginning to see it play out as war. one example what happens in cologne in germany on new year's eve. gangs of these young men sexually molested and physically assaulted women under program that is known as taharoosh. >> armstrong: it is a fact. undisputed. >> not initially. they tried to suppress who did it. >> armstrong: the fact they didn't want to report it is blasphemy. >> it might give offense and then they will go violent. you are seeing the muslim brotherhood saying don't do
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those guys will come and kill you. it is working, we are being suppressed. >> armstrong: what do we have in place in america to fight this, sebastian? >> i have the honor to work with a lot of people across the military. there are tens of thousands of good people usually at lower ranks. we have to get politics out of the threat assessment.
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cancer, your patient is going to die. >> unfortunately propping up one element of the global jihad movement. there is this shiite strain then there is the sunni strain. they have points of disagreement. they seem to be fairly minor. they kill each other over them. what we have been blinded to, they make common cause against the infadel, meaning us. unfortunately that 100 billion dollars which is one part of the terrible deal, frankly the treasonist deal, president obama
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will be sufficient to prop up that regime which seeks explicitly death to america. also i am afraid catalyze further transformation as people react. some of which will be aimed at us. >> armstrong: i am going to go out early and come back with a minute of wisdom. we need to empower the people how they can put pressure on the members of congress, put pressure on the white house and
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we'll be back. >> capacity like an elevator, how much you can hold, container or bucket, but in the practical application that will carry us into the year, capacity is the potential inside of you. and potential is existing in possibility. that is where i live. some people live in impossibility. you can tell me you -- them. >> armstrong: sebastian, empower the people?
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project with a c. memory, middle east institute. gorjk. you can read the enemy's documents what isis is writing. all americans should read those documents to understand the enemy. >> also a new site launched 23rd of february rare, >> armstrong: did well, frank. we appreciate your love for this country, arming the people with knowledge and wisdom so they can save this country from this coming jihad. good day, everybody. thank you so much for joining us.
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