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tv   On Point  FOX  February 28, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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love to invite you to take the opportunity to tune in to the radio tonight it's called on point with cynthia hardy and it hurt every sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. on 11.3 the big p.m. this week south carolina's record gop turnout. south carolina voters showed a record breaking numbers to vote for the republican primary on the last saturday february 20th. according to the state election officials the number of republicans who submitted absentee ballots more than doubled the number that was received during the republican primary in 2008. some of the fines were long for number of voters but most of them didn't seem to mind but seemed happy to see such a large turnout . what's behind the excitement of the gop side. stop is it that record breaking advertising dollars were spent in south carolina or was it to
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this is a great sign for the gop. on point today were talking about the record-breaking gop turnout sitting here with brian and thank you again for being with us here at on point this is been quite the season for south carolina. >> it certainly has. we're getting a break now but will ramp up again. this type of turnout is good for anyone. gop primary or democratic because we always talk about the difference of people getting out and voting. the last few elections turnout has been poor. use the lower number for local elections it doesn't have the same big-ticket feel is the presidential election but still it is good to see high numbers. >> later in the show we will talk about the museum of arts big gala coming up and what a
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talk to them i'm delighted to start off with matt moore who is chair of the south carolina publican party . first of all congratulations . brian and i have been seeing all these national interests here. you've been busy. you represented south carolina well. was behind his big record turnout. >> people are excited. stop they have more ways than other -- ever to have a forum and engage weather to nightly news on point facebook social media people are as informed now as they have been in human history. you in seconds can access all of these candidates and where they stand on the issues and what their plans are to get the white house . people are excited . there is a lot at stake in this election. >> there are a lot of people have not been voting but they came at this time to vote. what you make of that. >> i make of it that they know
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getting a new face in the white house this time . as the democratic face republican face. >> i think that excites people. >> there will be a different person taking of that office this time . and people know that. >> people seem ready for change . it's been seven years now same president office. some things aren't working people say the economy is stuck in many ways. people are ready to turn the page in the excited to cast their ballots. >> i was looking at the slate of candidates and of course jeb bush hopped out after the vote but two have all of them stopping through like ben carson all of them actually as the field narrows what are some of the dynamics you anticipate that were going to see. jeff is out i asked you earlier why would then carson stay in the race especially the last place. it's talk about the dynamic of the slate is going across the
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>> it's down to five major candidates. and in today's mail march 1st and they will be super tuesday in texas in georgia and tennessee. a lot of southern states. and those dates are very important for a couple of reasons. won the field is so small it's looking more and more like it's donald trump versus marco rubio . or some combination and we go to texas particularly where i think crews has to do well against trump to move on. and that seems also the case in ohio with john k second two weeks and marco rubio and i think were going to be the next two to three weeks pretty clear. it's really pretty clear who is going to be the nominee for the republican party. how big a deal was an endorsement from governor. >> it made a difference between the third and second. you change the narrative after new hampshire . you changed the
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election on our side with every single vote mattered. he went over ted cruz were just a thousand or so votes. it's amazing margin of victory. >> if one of them doesn't get out of the race soon you can't help but think how harmful that would be especially if you between candidates because what i'm seeing is the top three getting the majority of the votes at the vote is being split three ways and i'm would prefer to see just a head-to-head matchup. >> there are no party bosses. it's a voter driven process . only 5% of delegates in nevada went to the national convention to 95% of the way it becomes a one man or two men race going forward . i'm thrilled that more states beyond south carolina get a chance to have impact on this process certainly north
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our neighbors . it could impact the race. >> i don't know south carolina realizes how fortunate we are because from h he on out if they are skipping across the pond . >> a lot of things rain a lot of money spent. >> that's good. we kind of miss all that excitement now but i think as we ok at what's going t thappen in november things will start to gear up for that race . when we come back on to talk about that and about your slate of candidates and the front runner and all of that gop stuff. when we come back we will continue our discussion about
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turnout . stay tuned. welcome back. our topic today the gop voter turnout. people are coming out in large numbers.
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>> that's a lot of people. >> blew away the old number. matt moore is here and we're happy to have him here. we talked with the excitement behind voting and all that. let's talk a little bit about the candidates . i mentioned carson he seems to be running out of money . but he still in the race. what you think about that. >> when you been in the race for so long there's not much incentive to get out. you got staff that staff the ability to go out and get people to come to your rallies . but election day is always the barometer of candidates. so we'll see what happens with ben carson. >> i think the number of people were surprised about rubio's ascension the way he did because
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until he was in south carolina at the nikki haley endorsement. >> i think some people might have already been close to dead in the water at some point before he got here. stop every single day with the daily pulls you saw another bump in the governor gave him her endorsement and did help. it really did. stop. >> absolutely. i the -- i think the imagery and african-american u.s. senator governor a hispanic american is the right kind of imagery. they have great policy ideas and creative in thinking and certainly the future of the republican party despite whatever happens this presidential election. >> a lot of people are saying that. this is the face of the new republican party. is that okay to say that this is the new face the old base was a good enough. >> it's simple math. we have to be a party with african-americans and it's
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we only won 70% of the non- white vote last time. we cannot do that again. absolutely these are messengers that go out on tv in communities and say i believe these principles because they work for me. and that's we need. at the personal earrings . >> a number of people didn't give donald trump serious consideration about his longevity . were they wrong. >> there are very wrong. and i think we in the media were guilty of that too . only first get into this race we thought this is just another typical stunt that he will get in and row people up and he will pull out and get bored do something else . that's not what happened at all. and it is connected with people here in south carolina and never else. and are you as surprised as some others that he is that longevity and he is in the position he is right now. >> i'm surprised that blasts up that someone who last summer had
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35 to 38% . the question is can he consolidate the rest of the party behind him. we will see over the next six or eight weeks because there's a long way to go this process. i also think in terms of donald trump people who support him a lot of them feel left behind culturally. you look at the margins he won in the state and their very much in rural areas maybe they feel left behind in south carolina. was very successful in myrtle beach in georgetown area a lot of transplants of come. a really unique coalition put together. and certainly it means a lot of are running for any races in the future they and attract a diverse coalition which is what donald trump did. >> a lot of the editorials are comes are president. stop president.
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to do something in their respective states to get the attention of people and say what you doing . i've heard words like dangerous words like serial arsonist mentioned about him because of his views on a number of issues that seem to divide rather than connect people. and i know you see two. so what about that. >> i wouldn't say dosday. i would say regardless of who we elect america will keep the being great. it's always been great . so there's a long way to go in the process and so things donald trump says has been inflammatory . if he's nominated i want to have a conversation about how he plans to run a general electioio just like a do it all the other candidates . i think it matters very much who the nominee picks as the a vice presidential candidate and their path to victory.
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august and september and have another conversatiti. >> politics is the center stage these days. and it's quite fascinating because of one of those people i'm watching donald trump ascension and i'm curious about it . and i'm talking to a lot of people about it. i want to know if that's our brand of conservatism in south carolina . for a number of people it is . >> or will this be the new brand of campaigning that we see. as you see the similar type of fiery hold nothing back campaign from bernie sanders as well where there is a lot of yelling and screaming and speaking to certain issues to get people fired up. >> that's very true . when you appeal to the base and it divides. and bernie has a lot of people -- young people excited about him. when you talk about things that divide people it's not good for
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some conversation in the gop. >> what makes america great is not your racial heritage or identity of where he went to school where you're from . it's a shared set of ideals. and those are humility and prudence and constitutional government. they are all these things that general election. as i've been saying hillary clinton also has some issues in the general. a lot of people don't find her honest and trustworthy . she has to address that. last night we don't know the results yet but it will be a heated battle for the presidency. >> certainly a long way to go. >> a long way to go. a lot of curveballs. >> thank you matt more i appreciate you being here with us.
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days. >> you're all over the place. and we certainly appreciate you being here we always enjoy your candor. no question is too tough. >> we come back will tell you but it upcoming article and who is talking to art critics . if you never been to an art
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you guys stay tuned. >> we are delighted to welcome michaela brown a thank you for being here as well as joelle hook with the columbia museum of art. i understand the event coming up on march 5th is the best party in town. i've seen some of the photographs from some of the galas in the past but have to
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mixture of everyone is having a wonderful time. >> it really is a great party . i want to congratulate joelle who got a really big award at the museum of art. and i want to throw that out there and tell her congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> well-deserved. >> brian we talked about the exhibit and whether or not thehe exhibit that you mentioned will be already up and going on the fifth and i understand the answer is yes. >> yes it is. we open and early february and it's up to the third. the exhibit itself is an incredible experience to be able to hear and see a lot of different voices different expressions in art. it's really a great show. >> i understand there's dancing. >> you're selling this . this is good.
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party we have reggie sullivan and we have dj herb. there's doubling different places and they're remixing everything they do with music as well. and then the suit is playing traditional items so all of it is really a lot of fun. >> on the spring there were some of the items that were in the exhibit. i want to start by introducing michaela brown. thank you for being with us today. >> you are an absolutely wonderful artist and that we are looking at one of your pieces a moment ago. it's so very striking. it's a dark piece but it isn't dark in the way that it feels. it feel like to live. talk to us about that and i want to see if we can get that in. >> it's a piece in response to
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it's commentary on feminism and rape culture and the divide between black and white communities. >> do you see what looks like her hair. >> i saw that. >> what about the symbolism. >> it's inspired by queen mother which to the 16th century ivory carving. it was the first position of power in the kingdom for a woman. it gave the chief's mother special privileges and at the time they had the porches -- portuguese carved around at the crown. it's a piece to talk about commodity and personal commodity and how black female images are presented as commodity. >> what happens with the gala is at the gala which is your annual development effort and
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the dates overlap so you're using the opportunity to cross them over. >> absolutely. not only of the cross promoted but they are inspire each other. to the gala really celebrates signature and most important event in terms of exhibition and this one f fls close to home but it's very community-based of south carolina artists in the show as well as national figures and it shows what level these artist including michaela are on and so there it's a really great celebration so why not also than celebrate through the hosting of annual fundraising event and bring these together . the excitement about the show is great and the excitement is about the gala and having a good time to celebrate. >> you guys talk to me about the show. >> these are artist who stand on par with the best artists in the world . it's an opportunity to
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we are a community as black artist and this is just some of the most exciting work you see in the world . this is an award- winning museum . we've quite community here. >> we will hear more from folks have never into the museum who i know we'll see this as an opportunity to get in there and feel right at home . when we come back we will continue our discussion about the
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exhibition. brian and i are talking to michaela brown about the upcoming gala in the exhibition
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over the country. >> absolutely. supranational figures historical figures but really great contemporary art as well. >> michaela i know it feels great to be part of this. >> absolutely. some of these artist i know personally but some are people who are making their mark on the world. they are creating works for dialogue is changing how we think about how we move in our communities. >> the power of art. >> it does have a tremendous power and it speaks to a lot of the issues that we live through each and every day . we want to look at some of these pieces if we can and you can talk us through who's who. of a local artist and there's more here i don't of that done by someone who south carolina are not. >> that the new york-based artist but she's really talking about the power of imagery and
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and uncle ben breaking free and becoming superhero figures. >> because generally when people think about them it's kind of the old-time a slave. >> yes. very syrupy and sun mental -- sentimental. >> oh that is beautiful. phenomenal elder artist and wonderful educator. he's brought a lot of these younger artists along the way and here we looking at the vibrancy of the different culture. looking at patterns that are drawn from african-american culture is but have their roots in african culture. >> and how many artists altogether. >> daymond howard. a south carolina artists. >> this is huge it's very big. >> this doesn't tell you how
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talking about the development. is the double consciousness. it's the masking if you well. that's a powerful. what about that when the rockwell. >> this is an atlanta-based artist who talks about masculinity commodity and consumer culture . in popular culture. stop . here he's taking his rockwell image and repair -- rebranding it and made in the image of himself. >> that is awesome. >> it's interesting because the columbia museum of art had that rockwell . -- piece years ago. >> this is a charleston based artist who is a former comedy writer so he's this incredible conscious smart funny guy and here he is taking a monopoly game and made a plantation monopoly to talk about how
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contemporary world's. so y y have all of these new plantation without any real consideration for the history is or how it affects mass culture. >> people often say that when you find that the culture base of the city is good and you're vibrant city. >> that has grown considerably. they say the art community can draw people downtown. >> absolutely. look at main street 19908 now look at the arts community. it's great and we love her exhibitions to be part of that. >> what else do you want folks to know about what the museum. >> i want folks to know that this is an exhibit that i think is very accessible for people to try out. if you're not considering
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giving you lots of tools to be able to come in and not be intimidated. to learn from the artist's themselves. and two be engaged in the activities and to enjoy it . were not a shushing place . we want discussions to happen. so please come to the museum and check out this incredible show. >> this is a national museum. it's a leading national museum for the country. and they been nominated . so do think the thing that we have this tool in our community that stands on par with anyone else in the nation. >> it's very flattering. it's so exciting to know. >> i talk to people in columbia and they said there's nothing to do. no we are great city in a great state to celebrate the positive things that we have. regarding to be part of that. >> michaela and joe well thank you both for being with us.
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the columbia museum of art. that's it for this edition of on point. when you're informed are empowered.
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will see you next week. i'm chris wallace, as we head to super tuesday, the biggest day of the republican campaign, we'll sit down with donald trump, ted cruz, and
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>> trump gets a big endorsement. >> the best foern beat hillary clinton is donald trump. >> donald trump joins us tloif explain how he intends to cement his standing as the front-runner. marco rubio and ted cruz finally team up. >> donald, relax. relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> you're a basket case. >> there's a statute of limitation onz lies. >> we'' talk live with senator cruz who has more riding on super tuesday than any other candidate as he defends his home state of texas. and marco rubio as he launches an all out attack against trump. >> we have a con artist as a front-runner in the republican party. >> plus, we'll ask our sunday panel what they'll be looking for as voters go to the polls in a dozen states across the country. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington. we begin with the democratic primary in south carolina and


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