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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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i'm dana fulton. one person is still in the hospital after washington hit them. >> reporter: richland county councilman is accused of driving under the influence. he was accused of not filing taxes but remains on the council. he was released on bond and has not made any statements on what happened. >> reporter: anything to say to your constituents? anything to say at all? >> any comment at all sir. >> reporter: kelvin washington was released from jail sunday morning after being charged with driving under the influence. according to police, the accident happened at the intersection of bluff road and martin luther king boulevard and hopkins. washington hit another car with
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at his bond hearing sunday afternoon. the family of the two victims spoke and said that both victims are still in the hospital. icu. >> reporter: anything to say to the victim? did? >> reporter: his arrest comes just weeks after being charged for not paying taxes. washington was released sunday afternoon on a $25,000 bond. >> reporter: in part he says, i want to ensure the public that this body and its individual members take this very serious. our collective responsibility to the public is compromised when such an event like this occurs. in the coming days we will continue to monitor the
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investigators to manage this matter. a car crash early this morning left one person dead according to the south carolina highway patrol. the driver of a 2006 honda was traveling eastbound on gardener ferry road. the car went off the road and flipped several times. the driver was transported to the hospital but the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. exact location of the crash and the names of those involved have not yet been released. deputies responded to a shooting saturday night it happened on the public of harbor road parking lot. they are expected to be okay. turning now to sky watch weather forecast. all that sunshine, clear sky over head. nathan pier joins us. dropping into the mid-40s tonight. a little cooler early on tomorrow morning.
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anything too crisp. dry weather hanging around with us for the next few days. we'll have much coming up in the next few minutes. a young police officer was fatally shot in his first shift. ashley gundon is being mourned shot and killed while responding to a domestic altercation. two other officers were also injured. one now in critical condition. the department isn't revealing much about the domestic call but they say they found the woman dead. he faces a host of charges including murdering a police officer. harmon is a staff sergeant enjoyed to join staff support center at the pentagon. >> it's a sad day for law enforcement. but we are going to,
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>> donald hamilton is expected to be arraigned on monday. additional charges could be filed. an ohio pastor loved in the dayton community was shot and killed this morning during service. the suspect behind bars tonight is his brother. 70-year-old reverend william schooler was the pastor of st. peters missionary baptist church. witnesses say the pastor went to the back of the church when the choir started to sing. his brother followed him soon after and then gunshots were heard. >> this man walked in and sat down. we were singing and pastor just got through with the morning prayer and walked back in his office. and after he went to the office, this man got up and walked to where the pastor was. we heard boom boom and the usher at the door said everybody run out. >> daniel schooler is facing murder charges now.
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younger schooler has a history of violence. a kukluxklan rally turned deadly in california. fighting broke out in anaheim yesterday on saturday. authorities say two kkk members were stomped on the ground. three people were stabbed in the melee and about 15 people were arrested. >> reporter: racists ideals and oppositions came to head. a ku klux klan rally became violent. a larger group of anti klan counter protests showed up first. when the kkk arrived tempers flaired.
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>> reporter: after a short time, angry words rang out. then the fight broke out. >> that resulted in a stabbing right off to the left here by the fire hydrant. >> reporter: the stabbing victim a protester was stuck by either the pointed end of a flag poll from a confederate flag or american flag. you can see here a kkk member was trying to defend himself with an american flag. it's not clear who attacked who first. but several videos show protesters punching and rushing the kkk. >> that ultimately lead to a melee in the street. something. >> it's crazy for them to even come over here when there's a majority of minorities here.
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this is the klan's message as inprehencable as many of us feel it is, it's protected by the first amendment and we can't be getting in the middle of stopping them from doing that. >> to me it's just, it's just old. we are in a different time in the world, that we have to be moving forward. and this is not helping, you know. >> a 23-year-old pennsylvania man who posed as a high school student is facing new charges of statutory sexual assault of minors. semarian was already jailed for identity theft charges. residents and classmates say they are in shock.
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>> everybody is so surprised. some people felt sorry for him because they knew him. he meant well or at least as far as they knew. so everybody is shocked. they talked about it all day. >> reporter: samari stayed in the u.s. after his visa expired and enrolled in the school. he later joined the school's rotc and national honor society. in your political watch tonight. donald trump today deflected questions on whether he would disenvow duke's support. duke is a former member of the ku klux klan. the anti defamation group has asked trump to reject the support of duke. in his words quote, as i stated at the press conference on friday regarding david duke, i disenvow.
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final sprint of super tuesday before the voters have their say less than 24 hours from now. >> we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> reporter: it was no surprise that hillary clinton won the south carolina primary this weekend. the surprise is just how big she won. crushing bernie sanders by almost 48 points. leading in almost every demographic. blacks, whites, seniors women and men. >> in politics on a given night sometimes you win, sometimes you lose tonight we lost. >> reporter: sanders says he expects to do well on super tuesday. but clinton has appeared to have begun a pivot. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. >> reporter: republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz also hammers trump on the campaign trail saturday. >> he should sue whoever did
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>> that's a very good way to get rich. pick the right -- >> reporter: trump returned fire going after rubio. >> i think he's a lightweight. he can't be elected dogcatcher if he goes back to florida. >> reporter: rubio says he can still get the nomination even without winning a single super tuesday state. >> you can still be 0-15. >> because we're going to pick up a lot of delegates. >> sure, and that's not the plan by the way but sure. absolutely we can. because we're going to pick up a lot of delegates. >> starting now it's all about the delegates. i'm caroline shively, fox news. on fox tonight, we're nearing the end of black history month. on thursday night we take a look at the rich program. a group of young adults giving back to the community and also
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heritage. we learned how one individual from the program is using martial arts to make sure young people are staying off the streets. >> listening and learning about a legacy to carry on into the future. the rich program embraces young adults making a way for themselves in society. >> rich program being here is like a beacon of light to a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't have hope. >> reporter: nathaniel seymore uses the martial arts program to keep the youth off the street. aliah mckirkland is using her talents as a photographer for the rich program. but aleah has bigger dreams to give back. >> teaching, not only young
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actually do camera operations correctly. because not everybody can work a camera. and i mean it's a lot to go into it. >> reporter: by sharing her passion with others, she hopes to inspire youth to make better choices. >> anything to keep the children off the streets because the streets it's getting worse and worse as we live. as young people, as young african americans. just people in general. because the rich program has inspired so many young children and young boys, young ladies, men, women, anybody. >> reporter: the rich program helps young adults remember their past so they may teach others not to stray away from the road to success. >> they're prepared to raise up their communities. and this is the good things with our young people between 18 and 30. but they follow their dreams. so that's important. >> reporter: in columbia, leah holloway. >> if you would like more information on the rich program you can check out our website
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news at 10:00, we look at the heart fair. >> every four years this date rolls around. no we're not talking about election day. we will tell you where you can
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as the news continues. (m(mususicic p plalayiyingng) ) i i fefeelel p preretttty y (w(wesest t sisidede s stotoryry)) nonot t eveverery y cacakeke c canan b bee hahandndcrcrafafteted d inin s stotorere byby s skikilllleded d dececororatatororss lalayeyerered d wiwithth f frereshsh b bererririeses anand d frfrososteted d toto p pererfefectctioionn lilikeke o ourur p pubublilixx babakekeryry c chahantntilillyly c cakakee itit'l'll l bebe r remememembeberered d foforr alall l ththe e ririghght t rereasasonons.s. pupublblixix..
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welcome back. hundreds of people came out to the lexington medical center's in inaugural heart fair this afternoon. from screenings to cooking lessons. one in two people in south carolina will be affected by heart attacks, heart disease or heart failure. >> the more awareness there is the better our community is going to be served. and we want people to recognize that their health is in their best interest. and knowing about their heart health is priority number one. and saturday march 12th. you can hang out with myself at
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if you want to register you can visit and this afternoon, the women's club hosted the 35th annual bridal showcase. the event also included a wedding guest sale. in your consumer watch tonight, it rolls around once every four years and no we're not talking about elections we're talking about leap day. this year retailers are rolling out big jobs for leap day deals. >> reporter: leap day comes every four years, it's the day on which the universe realigns itself with our clocks and calendars. and this year retailers are
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with your spending calendar -- >> leaplings will receive a free entree. >> check out things like hash tag leap year, hash tag 29feb, or hash tag sales. see what you can come up with and you may get some hash tag coupons on the way. >> reporter: the forever young package. the deal includes dinner for two, complete with birthday cake and a champane toast. >> primarily it's a day about eating and drinking and special deals and special menus that reinvolve around leap day. >> reporter: several retailers like foot locker, aeropostle. >> the flash sale that just
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they're extremely popular with consumers. >> reporter: jet blue is offering another deal for travel through april 30th. use code winter 16. >> it's a little gimmick y. but it's about keeping their existing customers happy and attracting new ones as well. >> i think the take away if you're born tomorrow are called liplings that's adorable. the gamecocks and tigers both looking for series sweeps on the diamonds. plus the gamecock women's basketball team. derek has those highlights and much more later in sports. >> first that forecast. 45degrees the overnight low here in columbia tonight and very comfortable for the next few days.
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after the break. (m(mususicic p plalayiyingng) ) i i fefeelel p preretttty y (w(wesest t sisidede s stotoryry)) nonot t eveverery y cacakeke c canan b bee hahandndcrcrafafteted d inin s stotorere byby s skikilllleded d dececororatatororss lalayeyerered d wiwithth f frereshsh b bererririeses anand d frfrososteted d toto p pererfefectctioionn lilikeke o ourur p pubublilixx babakekeryry c chahantntilillyly c cakakee itit'l'll l bebe r remememembeberered d foforr alall l ththe e ririghght t rereasasonons.s. pupublblixix.. whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. welcome back everyone. plenty of sunshine today with the nice clear sky over the area. here's the doppler radar and it's going to stay nice and clear as we move through the rest of the evening.
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most of us in the 50s, are rock and rolling in the 50s. we go toward the west a little bit warmer. right now 57. it's a little breezy right now. it's all coming out of the southwest. we have high pressure over the area. it's pumping that warm gulf air toward us. keeping things a little toasty for tomorrow as well as your tuesday. we will break that down with your future watch. start off this first day of the week but the last day of february for all you liplings out there. i think i'm going to be stuck on that word for a little bit. not really expecting any rain for us next tuesday. that rain not really coming in until we push into wednesday. 74 on tuesday, and those clouds you saw starting to creep in late in the day. but the rain not coming in until wednesday.
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cool down until the showers come in. and then cooler for this back half of the week. sunshine to wrap up the week. and move in to march. check out that forecast for your seven days.
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bittersweet sunday for don staley and the senior day for 5usc players. what a career it's been for tiffany mitchell tries to capture the usc season. jumping out to a quick lead off this rena hill bucket. but the gamecocks would heat up in a hurry. mitchell on the move finds asia
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and gets it to go off glass. plus the foul. usc starting to take control. later in the first. it's mitchell dishing it out again. bianca cuevas for the triple. usc rolls in this one. 75-39 to finish a perfect 16-0 in the scc. >> i think it's just a, you know something that our seniors wanted to do since we were that close. and i mean i think it's a tribute to what they mean to our program. the you know, the historical run that they put us on. this kind of caps it off because this is something we haven't done. >> to the diamond we go. gamecocks looking for the sweep of penn state. usc up one. two more on the board with this john jones rbi single. what a series for this kid. 8-8 in the series with two bombs. four runs scored and 10 rbi.
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since rutgers going back to 1987 with a perfect on base percentage in three weekend starts versus an opponent. usc goes to 8-0. >> it's a match up issue with the opponents because we had to switch up the hitter. loves to hit and he's got great knowledge and a great approach up there. so i'm not, i'm not saying anything about that kid. just let him keep on playing and put him in a three hole and see if he can keep bringing in runs for us. >> tigers looking to bring out the brooms as well. seth beer epic name with a shot to left. puts clemson in front for good. beer second of the season. reed roleman at the dish and he lines one up to center that will plate another run. tigers sweep the series by 27-
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improve to 5-1 on the year. >> and in atlanta, sheer domination by jimmy johnson and the 48 crew down the stretch. after pitting with three to go. johnson's four tires much stronger than kevin harvick. johnson goes on to win the honor 400. listen to this, the win for johnson ties him with the late dale earnhart for seventh on the career win of 76.


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