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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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in midlands baby born into the world under some unique circumstances. the news at 10 starts right now. life from trend one -- wach fox studios. this is wach fox news attend. pressure is mounting after the dui arrest of kelvin washington. some are asking for him to step aside. one person is still in the hospital after washington reportedly ran to the back -- ran into the back of another car while under the influence this weekend. >> he is facing felony dui charges after a state trooper said he crash into the back of another car in hopkins. washington is the second- highest profile official to face charges within a week. tonight, melanie barden's tells us how some colleagues are concerned. drug to elected officials charged with dui in just one
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>> donnie has had problems like this before, we have two people in the hospital.>> reporter: solicitor donnie myers was charged after running into a telephone pole on thursday.'s third event since 2005. richard -- richland county official kelvin washington hit another car with two people inside. both were sent to the hospital. this was washington's second arrest in the new year after being charged with not paying taxes in january.>> public officials are going to be scrutinized more carefully than an ordinary citizen should be. they should be extra careful about their own personal conduct.>> reporter: john pringle is with a watchdog group of public officials. according to him, this -- these two cases are adding to a skeptical public -- skeptical
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corruption. >> reporter: pringle says there is nothing the public can do to oust public officials. the council members seth rose said it made -- it may be in the best interest of the public if washington steps down to address these issue. >> i think it would be best if he stepped down from his duties. i'm praying for everyone who has been impacted.>> reporter: donnie remains in his position as solicitor. elven arrest is not addressed his arrest either. if convicted, washington will be removed from the county counsel. he was charged with felony dui. as for the victims and washington's accident, we're told they are both in the hospital at this time. there is a richland county council meeting on tuesday. no word if washington will be there. in the newsroom, melanie barden, wach fox news this is what happened to kelvin washington this year. in early january, he was
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on february 4, he was replaced on the council member board. a week later he pled guilty food -- to failing to file tax regard, and this past week he was arrested on felony dui charges.>> as for donnie myers, 2012, he was found's irving and driving in the middle of the road. plasse -- he passed his sobriety test but did have an open container in the car. in 2005, he pled guilty to dui in asheville north carolina. we have coverage on our website. just click on the story at it is the last day of february. it only occurs every four years. leap day. february 29.
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quiet conditions. that will take us through the overnight hours with a few clouds and no rainfall expected. temperatures in many locations in the 50s and trying in some locations to climb into the upper 50s. we will see the numbers continue to fall. still in the mild side over -- during the overnight hours. the average low should be 40 degrees. we will see the lows drop to 47 degrees in the overnight hours but with just a few clouds when you wake up. the first day of march, springlike weather expected. average hi, 64 degrees. we are going to push that i bridge -- we are going to push the average high. 76 degrees. our chances for thunderstorms increase. with is that mean for you? we will talk about it with the full forecast a little later on. making headlines, tonight their plans in place to make sure a forest acres police officer killed in the line of duty last year is not forgotten.
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rename the intersection gregory thomas alia intersection. late last year, the officer was killed at that intersection. jarvis hall shot and killed him during a struggle. they have filed the measure to permanently honor the officer.>> he died doing what he loved to do which was protecting the public. i felt it was important that future generations will all be able to tell the story of who greg alea was.>> he leaves behind a wife and young son. he plans to formally -- plans to formally honor him and plans to put a marker in place of not been finalized. lawmakers are sending $150 million for flood recovery.
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hit areas hit by the floods. lexington county will receive 16 million. one major roadway with -- that was shut down is open to traffic again. transportation officials opened spears creek church road. they look for temporary emergency repairs to get the route open as it is possible. on the political watch tonight, a former carolina gamecock and former aide to joe biden is running for state congressional seat. fran person arrest -- announced his he -- announced his desire to take mall manes place. congress has got more broken since mullaney has gotten there.>> we saw in looked at true hate in the eyes last year
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i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the [ null ]. that is not a part of our party. but is not who we want as president. we will not allow that in our country. >> governor nikki haley is sounding off about david duke. is a moment -- his -- she was with trump's republican rival marco rubio. several high profile republicans are standing behind trump despite the [ null ] information. mcmasters said that he has never said anything that his beliefs are in line with the agenda of the clue klux klan. why would anyone running for office want any vote they can get. we are adding that just because david duke back strap does not
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donald trump and hillary clinton are ahead with respect to the republican and democratic contest with -- heading into super tuesday.>> they are likely to earn the party's nomination. i will do so play out tomorrow were voting -- voters in 13 states head to the polls.>> reporter: a day before super tuesday car marco rubio is giving donald a -- giving donald trump a taste of his own medicine. >> we're not going a allow him to take control.>> reporter: trump is running what with roast -- running away with the race with 49% of republicans. rubio is not even close. looking to close the gap, rubio schedule is packed today. five events in four states. donald trump has only two.>>
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sides of the the divide -- both sides of the divide. >> reporter: heading into super tuesday, clinton's popularity among african-american voters is expected to help her in the southern states. bernie sanders says that he has a shot in minnesota, colorado, massachusetts, oklahoma, and vermont. >> i think that you were going to see us doing it. i think the polls indicate it much better in the african- american community outside of the deep south.>> reporter: it will be an uphill battle for sanders. clinton leads 55% to 38% according to the ball. sanders insist that he still has a path to the nomination. in washington, i'm scott maclean. they have moved on from south carolina, but tomorrow is where a lot of things will take shape.
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there.>> a lot of them here in the south. heart health. a little midlands girl was born with a very rare disorder pepe cow her r ory may encourage a lot of people to be more aware of their own health. it is a day that only comes around for the -- four years. one family welcoming leap day with open arms. our story coming up -- our story coming up. coming up tuesday on good day columbia, we will tell you about new, free classes to help you out thanks to the aarp. >> another day with above average temperatures. we will let you know when the cooler air returns. all of that and much more.>>
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tuesdays at 5 am. in tonight's health watch, hartmut is coming to an end today. but the effort to raise awareness of heart disease never stops. >> each year, 40,000 babies are born with a rare congenital heart defect. tonight, tara pettit introduces us to one of them. she is live in the studio with more. >> reporter: every 15 minutes, a baby is born with a heart defect. heart disease is the number one
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continue to fight fofotheir four-year-olds life, they hope that the four-year-olds story will continue future awareness for heart disease. this is a story of catherine and -- catherine and -- catherine mullis.>> reporter: she was born with a heart defect. the family was referred to a cardiologist. >> we had to go force -- go for transplant testing. when we went for her heart cass, she came out on a ventilator.>> reporter: they found out the baby's heart had a rare condition. one which made her heart oversize.>> she needed a new heart. that was the only treatment. there is no cure.>> reporter: catherine went on to a heart trant -- transplant list and she ended up on a berlin
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her new heart. she was nine months old. that is when she became whole again.>> reporter: after being in the hospital for five months, catherine could finally go home with her family.>> i will tell you, the day that we found out, it was magical. you just don't think it is going to happen. when it does, it is an amazing >> reporter: even though catherine will still need to rest of her life and will likely need a new heart in the are thankful they have their baby girl. she went to the surgery and she came out and was a mess with it was a beautiful sight. >> reporter: even though catherine's future is still unclear, the mullis family says they hope that stories like their daughters will create more awareness about heart they hope for more research in
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lifesaving techniques and surgeries, their catherine would not be here today. live in the studio, tara pettit with wach fox news. in two weeks, the midlands heart walk. it is a 3 mile noncompetitive walk to promote physical activity and spark heart healthy living while raising funds for the american heart association's -- association who assist children like afternoon.>> great effort. you see what it does right there. >> especially in little cheat -- children like catherine. people have been heading to the polls this election season but not on both sides of the aisle. a very -- a very special birth in the midlands. find out why. a look at the radar.
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we will talk about that at --
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wach fox news returns .
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february, this is late day, february 29. 50s out there. the exception in greenville. it is 60 degrees. 52 in columbia. 50s along the coast of this evening. myrtle beach is not reporting correctly there. as far as any type of precipitation goes, we do not have it on the skywach doppler radar. there is some activity to our wes. by tomorrow night, could bring the chance of a few showers are thunderstorms to the area. we will keep a watchful eye on things. for tonight a much of tomorrow, things are expected to be very quiet. tomorrow night, around this time, about 1 am -- to about 1 am on wednesday morning, we could see some thunderstorms. it is not and organize risk but a storms threat risk. all of that is going to be to
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it is worth mentioning the chance of a few thunderstorms. let me put future wach in motion. pausing it at 7 am, right in the middle of good day columbia with lauren and the start of your morning commute, it is looking perfect out there. we will see the clouds increasing first. appalls this at 3 o'clock. you can see in the northern counties, a few isolated showers. better chances that you see in the upstate in advance of this cold front. you could see a light shower up towards winnsboro and over into newberry county. housing it at 7 pm tomorrow night, still dealing with the cloud cover. by this time tomorrow night, here comes the frontal boundary. not as organized as what was happening to the west but still the chance of a few thunderstorms in bedded in there. will keep a watchful eye on this for you. for tonight, mild. in the 50s and only into the upper 40s as you see a started
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toward the afternoon hours, very mild. low 70s but crowd -- clouds will increase. keep that in mind as you make your way through the day. on tuesday, 76. that will likely be at midnight with falling temperatures -- temperatures for the day. i want to show the hour by hour planner for wednesday. will drop into the 40s. we could make it back up to 59, 60 degrees. around midnight. clouds occur once again on thursday with another front. weekend, it looks like we will be drying out in temperatures this will be the week of cold fronts with a one will slowly begin to rebound. this will be the week of cold fronts with a 1-to punch. and then it is march. >> it took us one extra day to get there. today is the 29th.
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here is a figure for you, henry. the chances of having a leap year birthday are more than one in 1000.>> one family getting a new member right in the midlands at lexington radical center.shelli adamczyk caught up with them. >> this is abigail. >> reporter: a family welcoming a new addition to the family and a special day that comes every 1460 days. >> it has been a busy morning. she is libby. >> reporter: me baby abigail. she is one of the first leap year babies and 2016.>> we got to the hospital a little after 7 am this morning. by 7:15 am, abigail was with us.>> reporter: abigail was born shortly after 7 am one -- this morning weigh in 7 pounds and 6 ounces. today -- >> she will have her pick up birthdays and every special --
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special birthday.>> reporter: catherine says that her two- year-old son is excited to see his brand new baby sister. for their family, there is more love to go around.>> you love the first one as soon at -- as it is born, and you give them all the love, and then the next one born in it just multiplies.>> reporter: shelli adamczyk , wach fox news very official names.>> special birthday. corey miller is not a labor.
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i hope that you're doing well tonight. thank you for joining us here at wach fox sports. the men's basketball team, struggling a little bit of home. took care of business with tennessee. things did not go so well for the gamecocks in georgia. trying to make a statement to put in! in the basketball season. george is coming to town on thursday. therapy with the crowd and senior night that they can get things done. frank martin will talk about the matchup against the georgia board -- bulldogs. >> their balance. they play their paroles. they understand what they are supposed to do. they come at you. they are relentless. the way that they attack you. we have our hands full. we have had our hands full for the last 16, 17 games. our guys are excited about senior day and the opportunity
10:29 pm
tonight at the alumni center, was a nice afternoon. a lot of people gathering for the women's gamecocks basketball team. they came out today. they are still the number three team in the country but they're doing some great things. a lot of folks showed up to celebrate to get them ready to head down to the secretary tournament in jacksonville. had a chance to catch up with dawn staley in tiffany mitchell before they took the stage. >> we felt really good about our team. the season is a long grind, but the way that our team handled every challenge that we have faced, i am really proud of them. it could not happen to a better group to be undefeated and make this year historical in our conference. >> it is difficult. it is something i have not dealt with in a while. i've not have -- i have not had any injuries since high school. it was an adjustment for me
10:30 pm
back on task and believe in what i could do.>> i caught up with a'ja wilson.>> i just think about it. i just be a'ja wilson on and off of the courts. i go out and play, and i help my teammates out the best way that i can. were coming together. people will try to break us every time, and we probably just want to hurry up and and the season, but we have to stay together because that is what it takes to win an actual championship. we will, -- we will have more basketball talk on game talk chalk talk. you are watching pedal to the metal. welcome
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a memorable sunday were jimmy johnson taking the checkered flag at atlanta. he tied the late dale earnhardt on the all-time when list and discuss it after the victory. >> there is been a big void in my mind about not having the chance to raise against him. it was literally a handful of months away from having that opportunities. too high him -- to tie him today it gives me an attachment to the great dale earnhardt and something i'm very proud of.>> reporter: very big a cost -- accomplishment. we talked about jj's dominance over the year. >> he did it over 100 less starts. over the last 12 years, it is been pretty amazing that those guys have accomplished -- are as accomplished as they are.
10:32 pm
since 2001.>> reporter: one name to keep in mind is kevin harvey. he won this race last season and has been strong to start the 2016 year. that is pedal to the metal by stanek sheet-metal and roofing. we will see you next monday. (m(mususicic p plalayiyingng) ) i i fefeelel p preretttty y (w(wesest t sisidede s stotoryry)) nonot t eveverery y cacakeke c canan b bee hahandndcrcrafafteted d inin s stotorere byby s skikilllleded d dececororatatororss lalayeyerered d wiwithth f frereshsh b bererririeses anand d frfrososteted d toto p pererfefectctioionn lilikeke o ourur p pubublilixx babakekeryry c chahantntilillyly c cakakee itit'l'll l bebe r remememembeberered d foforr alall l ththe e ririghght t rereasasonons.s. pupublblixix..
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there is been a new sheriff
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now. coach will must has been working overtime. >> a new head football coach has big shoes to take on and he is up to the task. corey miller goes one-on-one with coach must chant. -- must chant.>> we have a lot to do. developing our football team on campus, there are a lot of pats involved in this job, and we have an outstanding step. i'm pleased with where things are at this point. we have not stepped on the field yet with the football, but we're looking forward to march 15.>> how difficult was that as a new coach coming into a new program? >> i think it is an -- it is your staff.
10:36 pm
i want to introduce these guys and make sure that you understand who is going to bring a championship to columbia. >> first and foremost for me, when i hired anybody was you better be able to recruit or u cannot cochair. selling south carolina's going to be easy for us moving forward. the coaches are with the players more than i am. when were recruiting on the road, he is with them every single day. it is important to continue the message that you are having with your football team. i call at the barber chat -- barbershop and that is where they can go complain about the coaches.>> as you look back at the program and what you think is going to be your biggest challenge on the field?>> always go back and watch the film from the previous year. we were playing hard. special in some of the games.
10:37 pm
we had the opportunity to flip the schedule in an eight win season. you are what your record is, we're 3-9 record and i'm a 3-9 coach.>> argue excited to get the guys on the field this spring? i i think that after talking some discipline, that is@what we have hung our hat on. that is where we need to make some strides. i think that we have talked about it in our off-season, going into spring. from there, you have to have some belief in what you are doing. the team needs to start taking more ownership and the football team. when you're players run the team's first discipline and accountability, that is what makekeit special. >> what is your process? there is a purpose to everything that we do. i what everything as an important attitude. every drill is important, every meeting is important, every day
10:38 pm
right now we're lacking a little bit of that focus. as we move through spring, i will look -- i will know a lot more about our football team. there's a lot of unknowns for me about our team in talent level. where we in the southeastern conference? i'm not ready to comment on those things right now. as we move forward, i will have a better idea. how quickly are things going to term -- turn? i will determined that fairly quickly.>> how important is that when you talk about guys like myself who have been out over 20 years. how important is set? >> it is a very important place in south carolina where a lot of the former letterman live here in carolina. that is not true in our league because of the size of columbia and the opportunities
10:39 pm
opportunity to stay in columbia pictures have a former letterman involvededs always important. our players will travel through ember city and sometimes must of falls on deaf ears. to have a former player that played in williams brice stadium and walked in the classrooms here in columbia and understand what it makes -- what it takes to be successful as a student athlete, to have guys who have the outlets for our players to be able to reach to these guys and to be able to bridge the history of our program with the present and the future of our program, i think that is critical.>> every day is important.>> it sure is. he is putting in the time no doubt about it. several students wanted tonight and one of their own classsstes pulled the trigger. what led up toto terrifying morning of the state of
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enable you seal -- a navy seal receiving an honor at the white house.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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making national headlines, shooting at a high school in the cleveland area has injured for students. witnesses say that someone started firing in madison high school cafeteria this morning. authorities say that a 14-year- old and 15-year-old were wounded. two other students were hit by shrapnel while trying to get away. injuries, fortunately, are not considered life-threatening. a 14-year-old student at that school was taken into custody by police. police say that they have an idea what led up to the shooting but they have not released that motive. a us navy seal awarded an honor today by edward -- honor today. edward byers help with the
10:44 pm
being held hostage by tele ban insurgents in afghanistan -- afghanistan. he used hand to hand combat with several assailants and used his own body to shield the hostage. fires also performed cpr on his teammate for 40 minutes to try to save him. it when for apple tonight. a federal magistrate judge in new york city has ruled that the us government cannot force the company to hack an iphone to investigate a drug dealer. apple is being pressured by the fbi to help break into an iphone 5c belong into one of the san bernardino shooters. apple says a doing that would undermine the security features in hundreds and millions of iphones around the world. there's been record turnout during this primary season, at least for one of the two political parties on the road to the white house. that includes right here in
10:45 pm
what may be driving it.>> reporter: this is an angry electorate. and few rounds other than politics, this anger equal enthusiasm? in 2016, that anger is translating into votes. take a look at republican voter turnout in the first few states to vote. it is -- it has increased everywhere. for democrats, turnout has waned. a sign they are not harnessing the few emotions that drive voters. >> sometimes it is hope as we saw in 2008 with a more optimistic energy. sometimes it is anger or fear and frustration.>> reporter: a late fee has sued -- who serves as the director of politics and public service says there have republicans in the race, they have build a stronger infrastructure to get out and vote. political analyst also perceive
10:46 pm
a hillary clinton victory is inevitable. at last week's republican guard -- caucus place, one place reported a shortage of ballots. looking forward to super tuesday, there are record breaking ballots. but what is driving voters to the whole may not be the key in the general election. they may look for the candidate that gives some hope for the future. >> most people say i play by the rules, and i cannot get ahead. the people above me are getting the brakes and the people below me are getting the handouts and no one is looking out for me.>> reporter: he says that whichever party can make the voters believe that they are fighting for them will get the win.>> we will do our part. >> and hendry get -- and henry
10:47 pm
henry, what do you have this weekend? i deliver on my promises. >> vote henry in november. as far as skywach goes, it is quiet right now. full forecast when we return. h and creamy. finally a shake for an aficionado like myself. you're a shake aficionado? not a shake aficionado. the shake aficionado. handcrafted, slow-churned creamery shakes are here.
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welcome back, folks. as far as the temperatures go, it remains mild across the palmetto state. myrtle beach is not reporting correctly. it is not 39 degrees. that the 50s and 60s are correct. rain fleet -- rain free, cloud free right now. we will see a few passing clouds by the time you're waking up. i'm focusing on the thunderstorms currently in oklahoma. there are even severe thunderstorms associated with this. this frontal boundary is going to head this way and bring a chance for storms by this time tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. the good news is it is not going to have quite as much of a punch. while we could see some thunderstorms, yes, the organize threat not as significant here at home. that is why we're not even in the marginal risk. we are in the chance of seeing
10:51 pm
let's take a look at the next 24 hours. you wake up to the clear start, but we will have mostly cloudy skies by the time the kids get out of school. northern counties, even parts of newberry family cannot -- newberry county, cannot rule out a chance of a shower. at 4 o'clock, we will have a mostly cloudy sky. by this time tomorrow night, you will have a chance of a few thunderstorms. nothing in the way of an organized severe weather outbreak, but we could have to deal with the kids waking up to the sound of thunder tomorrow night. keep that in mind over the next way for hours. tonight, overall mild. temperatures in the mid-40s. tomorrow, climbing and it 70s as a clouds increase across the area. as you look at the three-day planner, from 76 to 61, which is a midnight high temperature on wednesday with the front moving through. our sky does clear throughout
10:52 pm
the lows leaf -- briefly dropping into the 30s before coming back up in the 40s. 60s by the back of the week and into next week with dry weather expected. that is it for the forecast.
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welcome back to the wach fox sports. this week, my friend chris wooten told me about his friend, brian thompson. he has colon cancer. what we can do about it to help his calls. i went out to river bluff today to interview those guys and talk about what they are doing. he was buying telling the story about how he found out about: cancer. >> i was having symptoms back in the fall. i went to my general physician a couple of times. i thought i had a stomach bug
10:56 pm
gastrointestinal virus and some other symptoms popped up and he sent me to a gastroenterologist. the wednesday before he let out for christmas break, they did an endoscopy. went down and check. the monday outside of christmas break, when we got into christmas break, they did a colonoscopy. that is where he found a tumor. he felt at that point that he would not be surprised if it was not cancer. is been going through chemotherapy, and he talked about his wife being a stud or rock in his life. >> my why g ge us a stud. she is a superstar. she is everything that i am not. i am a football coach, and supposed to exude the tough aspect of things. when something like this hits you, that is where probably 95%
10:57 pm
she has been a rock -- comes from is them. she has been a rock for me. my kids are doing as well as expected. we have a great support system. corey, it is truly a day today, moment to moment situation. chris has been a support system. they are going to run to sullivan island. were going to talk about how he got this idea to do this.>> reporter: to be's -- to do something where they, you have to do something crazy to recognize a. what is crazier than -- i have a solid group of friends that i meet every work out. us a, guys, why don't we use this. >> you say that iron sharpens iron. we have shirts made up. and it says iron sharpens iron.
10:58 pm
were not strong enough for smart enough to go through any of this by ourselves.>> reporter: -- >> he understands who is in control of his destiny. he talked it -- he talked about it and some good up. >> jesse outpouring of love and support. i looked at her and i said we arty have this thing beat. we already have it beat. we have to go through the process. now, coming up next sunday, you have to step in the ring again where god takes me and try not to confuse it. i know the i know -- i know that the odds went up when jesus one on the cross. god says that we have to take you through this. i try to keep that in mind. i am not suffering near as much
10:59 pm
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