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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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recovering, but we also have a huge deficit. education is very important. i've been here for a long time and that education and future of the schools does not look good. we have to invest of our infrastructure. i drove through a whole bunch of potholes on the way here. we need a president who knows what he is doing and will make things better. andy: christopher woods brought up an issue that is not a sexy issue, what it is interest rupture area -- infrastructure. rhodes ripped up. >> i hit a whole bunch of potholes on the way here. not good for the vehicles. does not make this area look good when you see a bunch of potholes. andy: when you went in, you had to point to a sheet about which primary want to vote in. did that bother you? >> a little bit. i think it is because the republicans are making you sign a waiver.
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dual -- thanks a lot, christopher. that was one of the issues. you have to point to which paper you want to vote on and they give you a card for that, but you want to be in. that is what you have to do. that is the latest from norfolk. center. andy fox, 10 on your side. liz: i am liz palka outside of saunders elementary school. this is considered to be one of the busier precincts in the city. from what we have seen, that stands true. they had a good turnout for this primary. i checked in with the precinct chief a little while ago, ken mallory. they had 491 people check-in today.
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they have 4000 registered voters in the precinct and they expected 25% turnout. they are a little under that right now with an hour left before the poll close. it looks like it will pass the 25% mark. there is more from mallory on the energy of today's voters. >> they are motivated to come in. i have some people come in that say they want to vote for both and some say none of the above. we chuckle and hand them the ballots they request and send it is definitely a motive. -- motivated crowd this time around. liz: if you voted in virginia, you fill everything out with a ballpoint pan and your ballot was placed in a scantron machine. mallory says they will count the votes and immediately send the results to the city registrar. liz palka, 10 on your side. nicole: our coverage continues on the bottom of your screen.
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10:00 on fox 43 and back your 11. you can also get results on tom: a developing story in suffolk, where a death investigation has been ruled a homicide. 42-year-old wayne watford was found dead yesterday. police have not released any further details. they told us they are actively looking for a suspect in this investigation. and 88-year-old woman is dead following a crash involving an ems vehicle. it happened around 9:30 this morning in lynnhaven. the suv was traveling south when a car northbound made a left-hand turn onto north mall drive. 88-year-old doris baxter was a passenger in the car. the driver went to the hospital. driver of the ems vehicle is on administrative duty. nicole: a close call in newport news today. it happened around 11: ready today.
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firefighters were on a roof trying to cut a hole to let smoke out when it gave way. through up to his waist. hands on him within seconds. he was not hurt, but lieutenant sans oh says -- sanzo says it is extremely dangerous to get on top of a building. >> you just a real cautious when we are doing it and make sure we are keeping focused. we get up there, get a hole in the roof, and get off. we do not like to spend a lot of time up there. nicole: refuge church leaders say they use the building for drug and alcohol meetings, but it is too badly damaged. tom: a last-minute change of heart for a man accused of strangling a cap. right before he was set to go to
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his crime against an animal may wind him up in the slammer for several years. jason marks has more on what happened in court. jason: gerarden was scheduled to have a jury trial, but he decided to plead will teach torturing a cat -- guilty to torturing a cap. they are tears of sadness mixed with some joy. the man accused of strangling a cat we did no contest to the crime. >> it makes me feel good because we would get him justice. jason: justice for pirate. the cat was killed in april. sailors and roommates cody gerarden and justin page were arrested. responsible. >> it was hard because he acts like it is no big deal. and it is. abusing animals is abusing humans.
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dead cat in the woods next to the roommates' apartment complex. gerarden told investigators he put the rope around pirate's head. page held the cat down in gerarden pulled until the cap no longer had light. they brag to a neighbor. >> apparently he was holding it down to remove a tick off of it, him and page, and the cat bit him, and that is what caused it. jason: gerarden told investigators he grew up on a ranch around animals and had experience on how to put them down. tell that to those animal lovers who can't understand why it happened. >> he could have taken him back to the spca and we would have taken care of pirate. it is just wrong. jason: gerarden will be sentenced may 24. page, his roommate, will have his trial in two weeks. i got my hands on the interview
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control officers. you can read that interview on jason marks, 10 on your side. nicole: still to come, a local officers sued over the shooting death of a man. we have the latest details on claims of excesses forced. -- excess force. bruce: here is what's coming up with our weather -- don: here is what is coming up with their weather. it will get cool, like january
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with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99, it's gotta be d's. tom: the family of a man shot and will buy a norfolk police officer is hoping -- shot and killed by a norfolk police is hoping to get their day in court. nicole: michael edington is awaiting trial on involuntary manslaughter charges for
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police say he threatened them with a knife. officer eddington fired his service weapon at least eight times, shooting latham in the back twice. a special grand jury brought charges last summer. tom: a quick time saver traffic alert or tonight. the eastbound downtown tunnel will be close starting at 8:00. it will reopen by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. your alternates are the midtown tunnel in the jordan bridge. nicole: next at 6:00, remembering a life lost. loved ones morning the victim of a fire in oceanview. tom: the place to check for election results tonight is
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>> from the station on your side, you are watching wavy news at 6:00. nicole: a difficult loss in a disastrous fire. tom: most belongings can be bupeople cannot. 65-year-old claudia ridley died in this fire on kingston avenue. investigators are looking for a cause. loved ones are remembering a woman he says wrister own life to save others. brandi cummings as the story. brandi: we have covered this tragic story for nearly a week. you heard from neighbors who called the victim grandma, but never said her name. we are hearing from claudia ridley's brother.
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but i was hurt and i was sad and i wanted to help. brandi: many emotions coupled with questions. >> how could this happen to my sister, who was so kind? brandi: charred debris, crime scene tape. this is what is left of the massive fire that led to his sister's death. ridley gave details about what he said claudia ridley did early friday morning. ridley says claudia saved the life of her roommate and the two children in the apartment when the fire started. >> my sister woke them up. they were sleeping and they got out the side. and then theybbed the baby, the toddler, that was two years old. they got to the window. the 13-year-old went out first, and then she with the baby in
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window and jump, and she lost her balance and she fell. when she got a chance to roll and look up at the window. she looked for my sister and never saw her come out. brandi: the woman and children were treated and rthe hospital. firefighters rescued the elderly victim from the second floor. she had multiple burns and later died. there is little comfort for her grieving brother. >> i want to know how the fire started. i want to know how it was impossible to get out of that building. that is important toe, because i lost her that way. brandi: fire officials told me they still do not know how that fire started. the family is planning a funeral, but needs help with expenses. we posted information on how you can help on a website, brandi cummings, 10 on your side .
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don: there is rain fall off to the west. there are a few breaks in the clouds. we will see some of this rainfall way off into the piedmont and mountains. mostly over the mountains. it will be moving on in later on. it wt geil here and ending around 7:00 tomorrow morning. a good chance of rain coming up over the overnight hours. we move in for a closer view. lots of hiboom, at the end of the afternoon. lots of cloud cover started moving in a row 3:30. we have fea breaks in the clouds and that corresponds with our future trak computer model. 2:00 in the morning. starting to see some rain. still inthisvening. wind will pick up. at 4:00 in the morning, still around 60. first thing inng, ld and scattered showers into the region. it will continue to cool off
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48, 49, 50 degrees tomorrow at 3:00. coor. this is going 48, 49. i'm going closer to 45 for the afternoon coming up on thursday. 55 degrees tomorrow for a temperature in the morning. it cools off from there. thursday, a high around 45 degrees. big changes are moving on in. beautiful sunset. enough of a break in the clouds. we saw the setting sun. still a little bit of dusk going on out there. we h in the mid-60's to around the 70-degree mark. 71. a couple of degrees warmer than we expected. weteit to be more in the mid-60's. basically to the upper 60's. a little cooler to the north. wallops island. most of usund and 70 degrees. it is going to stay mild
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14 miles per hour, eight miles ur. look to the west. there is still a little bit of a breeze going on. it dies off a little bit inland picks up off to the west where the i f we had wind gusts at 18-20 miles hour. we will see them job often pick up later tonight. evening, he too, 63. dropping down from 1:00 to 4:00. it will probably rain solidly between a.m. and 7:00 a.m. there is a chance of it anywhere in the area. dropping on down to 51 degrees 3 ay tomorrow and that drop in temperatures is likely to continueo on into the weekend as well.
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55 degrees with a few showers as them in :00, and then they are gone -- showers around 7:00, and then they are gone. as far as rainfall coming up thursday night, there may be a flake orow med in to the north of williamsburg. not concerned about it that if it happens see a flake of snow. more rainfall coming up su morning and started to warm back up. colder weather by thursday. bruce: local basketball players have been a big part of virginia's success. we will visit with devon hall of
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bruce: with no pressure to sign a long-term deal, kirk cousins decided to take a pass for now and the redskins will use their franchise tag to keep him as their starting quarterback for next season. b rad. to ensure they do not lose their quarterback to free agency, the redskins decided to use the nonexclusive franchise tag on. that means that washington is committed to pay him just under $20 million for next season. other teams can talk to cagent, but if that he were to
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would have a chance to match it. if they choose not to match it, that team would have to give washington two first round draft choices. this rarely happens. cousins can test the free-agent waters while knowing he will be at least in d.c. next season and will make $20 million. fourth ranked virginia has been unbeatable at home but suffered consecute loives on the road. they will try to reverse those fortunes at clemson. things really turned around for virginia when coach tony bennett started giving more playing time to sophomore devon hall. in a game that depends so much now on the three-point shot, hall is a master of handing out assists. what is it that helped him turn the corner? devon: being confident in my game.
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terms of shooting, being able to ma transitions, finishing stuff. it is a matter of staying confident. bruce: he had a good teacher. his dad is the coach of the successful program at cape henry collegiate in virginia beach. devon: he tells me from a dad's point of view and from a coach's point of view of what i can do better. i used to be like, whatever, dad, that i always take it in. bruce: expected to get some minutes tonight as they take on clemson. have highlights on the fox 43 sportswrap. what a year for the christopher newport basketball teams. bothhe men's and women's teams have a chance to win a ncaa championship. they will be hosting freemen college. the captains won their
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with a thrilling overtime victory against salisbury in that championship game. norfolk state last night against howard. the sean taylor has the green light from long range. a big night for big man jordan butler. butler goes up and under for the layout. he would come back with the jam. norfolk state wins and wraps up the regular season thursday night against hampton university, although hampton has already clinched the regular-season title and will be seated first at the tournament at scope. tom: capping off a super tuesday. nicole: nice day. bruce: beautiful day today. cool off a little tomorrow.
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breaking news tonight. we're minutes from the first poll closures as voters in a dozen states have their say. a dramatic night in the race for president as donald trump and hillary clinton try to pull away from the pack. also tonight, high-stakes showdune as the fight between apple and the fbi moves from the courtroom to congress. new twists in a battle that has major implications on your privacy and national security. living a nightmare. an emotional erin andrews back on the stand describing the daily horror she endures after being secretly taped. what she does when she enters a hotel room now. a wild chase. a kidnapping suspect at large after a police pursuit, kids in the car. tonight the manhunt to find him.


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