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tv   Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, yeah. all right. we're justlapping for one of our camera men, tommy, who does that every day and makes us happy. it is winesday wednesday. that is "thing of you." >> chris young we know and c a rks ssadee pope we know from "the voice." look who's cleaning up in the kitchen. works. >> from "fuller house." uncle joey is going to visit with us. >> also actor stephen baldwin is here. we're going to talk to him about his new cast.
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>> always has that pout. >> we'll ask him about that. >> dave? >> yeah. i use eggs. >> you going to bring all your voices over to us too? >> i don't even know what you're talking about right now. like these ladies are cuckoo or something. i don't know what she's talking about over there. who's this guy? clown or something? unbelievable, this guy. unbelievable. >> we've also got luxe for less. spring trends and where to find them for less. >> for sunglasses. >> yeah. i'm ready. >> here we go. ready? change is not a process for the impatient. change is not a process for the tim patient. it's by barbara reinhold. can we say a happy birthday to
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it's her birthday today. that's what we wear all the time. >> look how happy you too look. >> happy birthday to the beautiful girl. >> she is. does it bother your good friend jamie that it bothers me? >> it doesn't. everyone's on the same playing field. >> no. we're in order. >> j. lo who was with us yesterday -- >> she's been everywhere in new york ghinz the woman sleep? >> she was on with seth meyers last night. she talked about how close she is with her mom. here's what she told seth about how much her mom loves vegas and perform. >> i heard you're spending some time in vegas. gambler. is this true? >> yes. >> has she now taken your vegas residency to gamble? >> when she found out, she was quite excited. she was very, very happy.
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i said i know you will. no, but she loves to come to my shows any way. i don't know if any of you saw on kathie lee and hoda when she came to my show. hoda came to my show on the opening night and my mom was there. there was a lot of celebrity who came opening night and bieber was there. we put hoda next to bieber. she saw my mom and hung out with my mom. she was like leave bieber, i'm going to hang out with jennifer's mom. she's having a ball. my mom was dancing and looking -- i mean, she was being lupe. that's her name. lupe. >> just to clarify. >> people would be like what does that mean. >> oh, i want to be part of the family. >> you are. you are. you're besties. >> i love that lupe. okay. all right. here's what she was talking about, the dancing. you know, just in case you didn't know. that's what she was doing. look at her.
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>> no, look at lupe. she's in front just in case you're wondering. every word. come on, lupe. straight to l.a. >> i don't know these words. i'd be embarrassed. >> look who's behind her. rebel wilson. >> i can't tell. well, she puts on quite a show. in all the years i was singing professionally, 40 years, my mom and dad never missed a show. >> they didn't? >> never regis and i were doing it together and they'd stay to watch reg. they'd come to rehearsal. >> did they know all the words? >> they did. you love your kids. now, adele -- somebody cracking eggs over there? what's going on? >> i'm kind of crafting over
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you need a sharpie and two eggs and you have eyeballs. >> fans are talking about it online. they say don't expect the big production like j. lo. no costume changes at all. she just stands there in the middle of the stage and sings. not even going to change her dress. >> by the way, she did wear that same dress during the entire concert which is awesome. who's changing in between songs unless you're j. lo or beyonce? >> cher. >> all right. i just wear the same clothes over and over. i get it. >> which you have new shoes on. >> i do. i swished to the -- these are the jenner girls. they came up with these shoes and left them for us downstairs. >> i never wear a heel this high. they're comfortable. >> i can't believe it. >> hello. >> yeah. all righty. so we always see helen mirren
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this days she's gone rock and roll. she's in great shape. look how cute she looks. >> look at her faded jeans and those boots. >> and the rock t-shirt and blue nail polish. >> is it blue? oh, go, girl. >> she is wonderful. >> and there's somebody else that looks different. that we haven't seen in awhile. john goodeman. >> yeah. >> he weighed over 400 pounds recently. now look at him. good for him. he said he gave up alcohol. he gave up sweets. >> sugar. >> and he started on that mediterranean diet. he looks like a different person. >> he looks like half the person. >> oh, my gosh. look at the before and after. >> he's already lost a hundred pounds. good for him. >> that mediterranean style diet is what everybody says works. >> and he's walking all over the place.
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good for him. >> last night, if you didn't stay up to the end of "the voice," you missed this singer. none of the coaches had turned for her near the end. look at what happened. yeah oh [ laughter ] >> so only blake didn't. >> imagine in like the last three seconds. >> oh, my god he just hoisted her up. ended up after that makeout with adam and pharrell. she ended up picking christina as her coach. >> she sounded like janis joplin
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>> i hate getting picked up. because i feel like i'm a big per son. when someone tries to pick me up -- i don't know why i'm thinking that. when i'm hoisted up -- >> i've only been hoisted a few times. [ laughter ] it is hump day. and hunk day. >> and our big hunk of the day is andy coehencohen. i don't know if you've seen his abs, this guy works out. we are featuring him today because tonight he is celebrating his 1,000th episode of "watch what happens." i can't believe his bod. let's just take a minute. because that's pretty -- >> that's hard to look at because next to that is our own josef. >> i think they photoshopped his head onto my body. oh, yeah, that's me.
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will air tonight at 11:00 at on bravo. kristin chenoweth and chrissy teigen. >> okay. how important is kissing? >> i think it's really important. combed through studies to find it out. people remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they were in poughkeepsie, if you know what i mean. who was your first kiss? >> john lee. i was 12 years old, it was behind somerset elementary school and he laid it on me. >> how was that? >> he was good kisser. i'd never been kissed. then i went on to chuck kennedy. >> did he lick his lips? >> i don't know. i was sort of in shock. >> were you hoisted? >> i wasn't hoisted until many years later. are you a hoister or a hoistee?
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i was going to say i'm an oyster hoister, but it just rhymes. i don't know what it means. >> 59% of men, 66% of women have ended a relationship because someone's a bad kisser. >> one guy i was crazy about one time -- i won't say his name, i'll tell you commercial break. i really thought he was the cat's meow, my mother used to say. well, he came at me and practically broke my piece. that was not romantic. >> you know what's not romantic? when somebody comes at you with their mouth already open. it's like what are you doing? >> he wanted to devour you. >> it's such a turnoff. >> a lot of dental work in there. >> and licking is not good. yeah. nobody wants all that. >> anyway, the amount a couple kisses is proportional to their level of relationship satisfaction.
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their wives before they went to work are far less likely to get into a car accident and live longer. >> we have no idea why that appears to be true. >> you're not going to wreck the car if you kiss your wife. kiss your wife in the morning. >> i think that's it. the ideal husband back in 1956 is still my idea of a perfect husband. >> here's how they described it. life magazine came up with a survey. this is what qualifies a great husband. >> they asked unmarried women this. tall and blue-eyed. honest and involved in civic affairs. athletic. helpful around the house. steady profession, well read, and -- yeah. my husband had all of those things. and it's true today. qualities that turned them off,
10:12 am
with family and relatives. are you married, dave? >> got the old ball and chain right there. >> for how long? >> we've been together is 12 years, married for almost 2. long courtship. i had to get to know her. don't want to rush into anything. >> but it's worked out. all right. we're going to be back with -- we'll be back with you. i keep going over to him. i don't know why. all right. he's moved on to a "fuller house."
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it was one of the most popular sitcoms of the early '90s. so popular it is still in syndication in more than a hundred countries. we are talking about "full house." where comedian and actor dave coulier spent eight seasons as uncle joey. he is back in the reboot "fuller house." >> and it wouldn't be made without the tag line. take a look. >> one of my missing shirts from 1989. this baby never went out of style. >> because it never was in style. >> jess, cut it out. >> weird. >> weird? >> got to be weird for you.
10:17 am
called "full circle". >> because we're back where we started from. it's a gift to work with these people. we're like a real family off camera. it's remarkable. through the years. >> very close. john stamos invited me to his hotel room last night and we ordered room service. and he had a gas problem. he had a gas problem. >> in his room or? >> no he had a gas problem. he was proud of that because usually it's me. >> first of all, isn't john stamos supposed to be a hot guy wants? >> yes. but a lot of people don't know this, he has little bird legs. he does. gas problem and bird legs. >> we've seen his legs though. we saw them in a picture. >> yeah, i know. >> did you see that picture? >> no. they cut him off at the legs? >> i think they photoshopped. because it's not that curvy. i've seen it a lot. more than i want to. >> well, we'll see it a lot you've got good news this morning. right?
10:18 am
i guess we're back for season two. >> congratulations. >> that means they had huge success with it. you've been around the block long enough to know that doesn't always happen. >> yes, i know. it's really exciting. and the fans just love the show. and we really wanted to do a show for the fans. to heck with the critics. they've never liked us over the years. we wanted to make something the fans would enjoy. >> and the jokes hold up. watching you do that again, the jokes -- >> funny, isn't it? >> yeah. >> what the heck have you been doing all these years since? >> fishing. i like to go fishing. play a little golf. i fly airplanes. >> you go to napa valley. >> i like to go to napa valley where the water is colored like this stuff here. >> but the first time -- were there any nerves when you got back on the set? >> i looked at the set at warner brothers.
10:19 am
from where the original show was. i have to tell you when i saw the living room and the kitchen, i started to tear up a little bit. it was really emotional. when we all got back there, it took a good day to reakcclimate myself. we all clicked back into our characters. it was like a family reunion. >> who do you think hasn't held up so well? >> i think john stamos' butt. i think his butt hasn't -- no. you know, john does a line in the first episode where he said damn we all look good. so it's nice. people say how do you do it? i just drink out of the same coffee cup as john stamos. >> that does the trick. >> we have a clip. a lot of people are wondering where two little girls were. >> we love them dearly. >> let's take a look. >> where's my little sis?
10:20 am
she's busy in new york running her fashion empire. [ laughter ] >> little take to camera there. >> a little tongue in cheek. >> a bit. we adore them. they're part of our family. i personally was disappointed that i didn't get to share this moment with them. but they're welcome to come back any time. >> they know that. >> they're loved. >> we're happy to see you. come back any time. >> take us out with one of your impressions. or place this again. >> i'm going to play this right here. >> it's playing on netflix right now. >> the i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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all right. >> time to take a pop quiz. we hope you're up on your grammar. >> here's a question to get you started. which of these words or expressions was not recognized by oxford's dictionary in 2015. awesomesauce, bloggish, or wine o'clock. >> then you'll never know who's going to pop up as jill helps us organize our lives for spring.
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[ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] oh, my gosh.
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weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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known as the day we play "who knew." and in case it's not on your calendar, this friday is national grammar day. mark it, okay? we thought it'd be fun to give everyone a grammar pop quiz. hoda is across the street ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right and for those who don't, they get one of her wonderful signed books. so everybody's a winner. with me is host of the grammar girl podcast and author of "grammar girl's quick and dirty tips." all righty. before the break we asked this question. which of these words or expressions was not recognized by oxford dictionaries in 2015? awesomesauce, bloggish, and wine o 'clock. which is it? >> bloggish. people think that dictionaries proper.
10:31 am
people use them. if people look them up, they want the words to be there. awesomesauce -- >> i've never heard those. i don't get out much. >> yeah. they were apparently used enough to max oxford's cutoff. >> maybe it'll make it this year. what you got? >> i think we have a school teacher. what's your name. >> beth anderson. i'm from prince george, virginia. >> no pressure at all but the students are behind her. what do you teach? >> english. >> oh, gosh. here we go. senior english. which famous movie title is not grammatically correct? catch me if you can, honey i shrunk the kids, guardians of the galaxy. >> honey i shrunk the kids. >> yes! >> so it is in the verb?
10:32 am
>> i'm not surprised an english teacher got it right. they conjugated it wrong. it should i have shrank the kids. it's one people have trouble remembering. we don't use it often. they didn't fix it before it went live. >> maybe it was more lovable. it was about a family that was silly. it fits. it. >> i'll take your word for it. >> we have lots of people with lots of questions here. i have no pressure on this either but he's a school superintendent. what's your school? >> hemlock bluk school district. this is reading month. read your books even though you're home on a snow day. >> no pressure at all. >> no pressure! >> here we go. ready? all right. we did that one. no, i want that.
10:33 am
which of these words is not generally accepted as proper grammar? conscientious, indispensable, irregardless. which one? >> "a." >> what a great day! you wanted the book. >> oh, i don't know if he was kidding or not. but what is the real answer? >> i think his students are going to give him a hard time. >> he's a supervisor. >> irregardless is the wrong word. a lot of people use it though. people think that people have confused irrespective with regardless and blended the two together to make irregardless. people will say it isn't actually a word. but it's used so often that it's in the dictionary. but it's a word that -- it's a
10:34 am
if you want to be taken seriously. >> one more, hoda. >> just one? here. but that's okay. >> thank you. >> what's your name? >> amy oats. >> here we go. which of these song lyrics is most grammatically correct? love is a battlefield, i can't get no satisfaction, or who you gonna call? >> "a." >> yes. >> all righty. thank you very much. remember this friday is national grammar day. >> absolutely. >> and they can go to your podcast. >> grammar girl march 4th. >> okay. good for you. lillian has got the hottest shades. and we'll get organized as we
10:35 am
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it's time to dig into jill's shopping bag. now that it's march, it has us thinking of spring cleaning. >> of course. so anyway, to get you started and organized we decided to borrow from another tradition. it's time to unveil our spring cleaning march madness bracket. here to explain is jill martin. we don't get this at all. >> here's the deal. you come here. and every time you make a basket, i am going to reveal a different organizational tip that will go into our bracket. so you learn something. but in order to learn something, you have to make it happen. >> what if we don't make any? right? >> no. square. >> but to make it, we know we referee. stephen baldwin.
10:40 am
>> put on the shirt, brought his whistle. and he will judge every time he makes one. >> he borrowed that from andrew goldstein. he's mad. >> here we go. you go first. >> nope. doesn't count. >> do i keep going? oh, come on. this is the worst. >> hold on. >> yeah! >> one for hoda. so let's start with your jewelry. we'll reveal that. this is from the container store that hangs in your closet. you have a version of this in your dressing room. so you can see everybody. if you don't see it, you're not going to wear it. that's our first one. >> okay. come on. >> yes. you got it. of course you did. >> that was a good one. >> makeup. we all have so much makeup. okay? makeup that you have should only fit into this. anything beyond this must go. this can go in the bathroom.
10:41 am
go where you have your jewelry. this is from bed bath & beyond. $29.99. >> go. >> this is amazing. >> so sometimes it's very hard to store your glasses and your sunglasses because they get all scratched. so these are personalized from etsy. you can keep them right on a table top. and it keeps everybody nice. and you don't scratch them. >> okay, i think you have it. >> yes. >> by the way, nothing but net. >> nothing but net. i can never find anything next to my bed so this is a remote organizer. it has home for two remotes. and you can keep your keys, change, whatever you need next to your bed. you wouldn't need keys next to your bed. but maybe change you find in your pocket or a lip balm. so this is from amazon for $30.
10:42 am
>> you're judging. >> yes! >> do we know the score right now? >> nobody knows. >> oh, wow. okay. i love this. this hangs on the door and everybody has a lot for your pants. >> where does it hang? >> inside the door. so you open it. it will merge nicely. look now nicely they're sitting. >> and you can see them all. >> yeah, where are all of your pants, hoda? >> in piles. >> we're on our last one to complete the tasks. >> no pressure. yes! >> good one. >> okay. this is for your back yard organization. it's a pop-up shed. so it store ifs you don't need it. and if you do need it, it pops up. i love that. this is from sharper image. $99.99. and there's a place for stephen if you don't have a place for him at the table. >> bye-bye.
10:43 am
i mean, really? what was the point? >> well, he wanted to wear it on tv. he told me. >> come out. >> stephen will stick around, tell us about his new movie, his family, and why you got to have faith. >> really what was the point? looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amop\. the new pedi perfect wet & dry. now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin. plus, it has 2 speeds and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. amop\.
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from one of the most famous and talented families in hollywood, stephen baldwin is the youngest of the brothers and now he's in a new faith-based film. >> it tackles the issue of separation of church and state. he tries to reinstate a bible club at his high school. take a look. >> in two days we launch our new bible club. >> that's going to have some consequences. >> well, i remember this still being a free country. >> what if people don't believe in what you believe in?
10:49 am
>> no one's forcing anyone to come to the bible club. >> well, if they do, i'd be very careful what you do or say to those kids. >> this is not your first >> no. i've done about ten now. >> and what draws you to them other than your own personal faith which i know is strong? >> just i think there can be compelling stories told in film and television as we see march burnett kind of launching bible stuff and christian content. and it's become quite popular and successful in hollywood right now. >> yeah. >> big-time paying attention. so for me, what do i want my legacy to be in film? i've been very blessed. and now i want to make stuff that communicates who i am, stuff relevant to my family values, things like that. and christian films are that
10:50 am
>> who else is in this film with you? >> corbin burnson. i love you. lorenzo llamas. and i'm making -- staking a claim right here. >> yes. >> this very young gal that plays my daughter in the film who's fabulous, i have discovered her officially and miss elba is her name. i'm just making that claim. >> she's going to be something? >> she's going to be big. she's very talented. she's younger than hailey, my daughter. but she's a great actress. this will do good things for her. >> you brought up your daughter. >> you did. >> but you're not allowed to talk about her, so why'd you bring her up? >> she's supposedly dating justin bieber. and a lot of people would be upset. but you're not allowed to talk about it, right?
10:51 am
i have a hearing loss problem. >> something's messed up with your ear piece. she wants to continue his relationship with his daughter. >> i have a gag order with my kids. i get it. >> i can't believe you turn 50 in may. >> i turn 50 in may. my daughters are hailey and -- >> there you go again. is she dating justin or not? . >> so my daughters, 23 and 19. >> they're beautiful. >> yeah, they're doing great. they're both modeling and hailey is doing great. we're happy every other day she's on the phone either with myself or mom. checking in. >> that's great. >> at 19, to be really successful, been there done that. >> yeah. >> and this industry pulls at you and you go out, run around,
10:52 am
to me there's kind of no better confirmation of the job my wife and i did than we really have an open and honest communication with our kids. you know, even though they're out of the house. which by the way officially as an empty nester, i'm married 26 years in june which in hollywood is a miracle. and for me it's just amazing to be an empty nester because now my wife and i, it's like we're dating again. >> we don't care about your sex life. we want to know about justin bieber and your daughter. all right? we got to go. >> the film is available now on dvd and online in digital hd. >> look for my new movie i'm producing called "youth group" with a wonderful actor named
10:53 am
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
10:55 am
10:56 am
hey. you've got some specs for us. >> i do. >> what's what girl? >> one thing we see for spring is all about the new trends for sunglasses. we all have our aviators which we love. don't throw them out. they always come back. these are the trends everyone is talking about. modern cat eyes. this is a trend -- see, this is a trend i think looks great on all face shapes. >> i'll prove you wrong right here. >> and she'll look amazing in them. >> you look cute. i look stupid. >> we also have fabulous ones here. now, beyonce owns these. rihanna owns these. so many love them. all super affordable. >> okay.
10:57 am
let's talk about the rounds. gigi hadid has been wearing these everywhere. they're not the '70s bug eye ones. these are softer. they're london based. >> no. >> it's a brother/sister team. try these. you guys look adorbs. >> you look hip. >> how cool does she look in those? >> take those. >> take them. okay. now, the all black everything. the kardashians love these. you've seen them on the olsen twins. you want all black frames and lenses. those look beautiful. these are from soul society. last but not least, the pastels. carr let johansson was wearing
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> this is the jv girls softball team. you are watching "the hampton roads show." >> if it is in hampton roads, it is on "the hampton roads show." luana: morning. it is wednesday and welcome to the "the hampton roads show." our audience is from the volunteer rescue squad of virginia beach and they are here fundraiser. making bourbon bacon. it's a special preview of restaurant week. luana: on counting kindness, jen


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