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tv   WAVY News 10  NBC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. first at 4: virginia state police are investigating the discovery of two possible meth labs. good afternoon. i'm laura caso. and i'm stephanie harris. the investigation involves two locations in suffolk. one on elwood road. the other on glen haven drive. this is in the holland area. brian warren is in custody facing a long list of charges. 10 on your side's jason marks has been working on and joins us live from the chesapeake. long list of charges is right most revolve around the fact that police say meth. morning. police raided the property on elwood road just as the sun was coming up. they focused backyard shed. that's where they say warren was cooking meth. you can see investigators
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suits. troopers then packed up from that location and headed to him on glen haven drive about a mile away. we're told warren had another meth lab there. police took the 44 year old warren into custody. he has been charged and booked into the western tidewater regional jail. we spoke with some neighbors who had no idea anything until they saw police. "i knew that it had to be some sort of terrible drug situation but i didn't know what i didn't even put two and two together about what kind of drugs i just knew it must be major for them. to be dressed up in their big white suits like they were going to mars or something it was really scary i was shocked" police say this is an on going investigation. warren has been charged with having and making meth. investigators also found weed at his home. live in chesapeake jason
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two landstown students are in custody after virginia beach police say they made threats against their high school. detectives say they made electronically. 10 on your side's erin the latest. police say a parent of a student here told them about it yesterday. then school officials were notified and police started investigating the threat. two students have been charged with making an electronic threat to do bodily harm on school property. the principal sent a message to parents this morning -- saying the two students are still in custody. and that normal disrupted. the principal also asked parents to use this as an opportunity to talk to
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children about the appropriate use of text messaging and social media. increased police presence at school today. talking to superintendent about this later today. live in virginia beach, erin kelly, 10 on your side. we are following developing news in gloucester. the sheriff's office is investigating a domestic incident that ended in a it happened this afternoon on main street near t.c. walker elementary school, botetourt elementary, was placed on lockdown as a precaution. several streets were also closed. 10 on your side has crew in gloucester looking into what happened. chesapeake police are involving a head start
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s-u-v. it happened around 9:30 this morning at the intersection of battlefield boulevard and hanbury road . three adults and two children on the bus were hurt. the driver of the s-u-v was also injured. they are all expected to recover. several vehicles were involved in this crash on the berkley bridge that caused big headaches during the morning commute. take a look at this picture a 10 on your side viewer e-mailed to report-it-at-wavy- dot-com. norfolk police say a woman was hurt when her airbag exploded in her face. there was also a norfolk police vehicle involved in the wreck. police have not said how the crash happened or if they charged anyone. new at 4: virginia state police are investigating a deadly crash in sussex county. it happened around midnight on route 460 near cabin point road. police say a driver hit a tree. 24-year-old alfred davis junior died at the hospital. we are working to learn more about a police a motorcycle for having bad equipment on george washington highway near
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12:30 this morning. police say the rider refused to stop. officers chased the bike into portsmouth. it lasted for several minutes before officers lost sight of the bike on high street and stopped the chase. the good news is - no one was hurt. and no property was damaged. a father faces charges after the southampton county sheriff's office he put his son in danger. deputies say there was a loaded gun in the 5 year old's reach. deputies say chad timberlake got into an argument with the mother of his child friday morning. they say timberlake left the boy in his truck with the gun nearby. when the sheriff's office responded to the domestic dispute call --- the deputy spotted the gun on the dashboard and removed it from the child's reach. deputies arrested timberlake and charged him with reckless care of a child. we're working to find out more about a gates county principal who's been suspended for 30 days. the sheriff tells 10 on your side the principal was escorted
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he say the school board investigation into misconduct. the sheriff would not confirm what school or the name of the principal. we've reached out to the school superintendent - but have not heard back. new at 4: newport news police are working to track down a 7-eleven robbery suspect. police say a man walked into the warwick avenue store sunday night with a gun and demanded money. detectives say when the clerk handed over cash --- the suspect hit the employee in the head with the gun and took money from the register. then the suspect ran. virginia beach police are looking for the gunman an oceanfront nightclub. dispatchers say it happened around two this morning in the parking cave nightclub" on atlantic avenue. no one was hit. a violent weekend in hampton roads. this man is behind bars for shooting a man on atlantic avenue. 20-year-old levi roberts is charged with unlawful wounding and reckless handling of a firearm. virginia beach police say the shooting happened early yesterday morning near a motel. the victim
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portsmouth police are investigating a shooting that happened sunday afternoon.. someone shot a man on portsmouth boulevard near staunton avenue. police tell us the man is in the hospital, but they had no information about his condition. hampton police are asking your help identifying a that city. it happened saturday afternoon on nickerson boulevard. detectives say the man threatening injuries. weekend shooting involving two victims in newport news. police say there was a fight on hamilton drive when a fight broke out. someone shot a 17-year-old in the back and leg. he's in the hospital. the other victim is an 18-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to her left thigh. she's expected to be okay. now at 4: we're looking ahead to warmer weather. chief meteorologist don slater is
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tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night high near 75. southwest
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new at 4. virginia's senate has voted to defund planned parenthood. it aims to keep money from the commonwealth's health department from going to the clinics. the same bill has passed the house, so it's headed to governor terry mcauliffe's desk now. the bill's sponsor says the funds would go towards more comprehensive healthcare for women. police in suffolk are auto-pedestrian accident involving a teenager. investigators believe the 15-year-old darted out into traffic near college drive and university boulevard yesterday. an s-u-v hit the boy. police say the driver remained on the scene. the child is currently in the hospital and is expected to be okay. the accident is still under investigation. new at 4: we now know what sparked a duplex fire in norfolk. it happened around 10
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boulevard. firefighters found the fire in the living room of a second floor apartment. investigators blame an overloaded extension no one was hurt. a man is in the hospital after suffering a head coast guard station hatteras inlet was contacted this morning about the injured man aboard the fishing boat miss kayleigh. it sent two boats to medevac the man. e-m-s took the man to the outer banks hospital. nasa has launched a sounding rocket from the eastern shore. we showed you the launch live this morning during wavy news 10 at 7 a-m on fox 43. the weather was perfect for lift-off from the wallops island flight facility in accomack county. the rocket carried three pieces of new technology that will allow scientists to study the weather at high altitutes. a police staffing debate . the sheriff says a local department needs more money. but one city councilman says there's more to the story. 10 on your side's brandi cummings will explain. mac users might not be as
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we'll tell you about the malware targeting apple computers. hundreds of gallons down a drain. we're working to learn more about a huge paint spill in a local neighborhood. what 10 on your side's lex
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it could be weeks before we know more about who buckets of paint into a chesapeake neighborhood. 10 on your side first starting investigating friday -- after people in the south hill neighborhood asked us what was going on. they sent us these photos -- and said hepaco trucks were pumping something out of the ditches. our lex gray has been working to get more from investigators all weekend. lex - you found out more today. right, stephanie -- especially concerned about what's in the water.
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see it.... ... even though hepaco trucks were here pumping concerned about those trucks and what they were pumping out. one man told us -- he hasn't heard anything from the city. robert mccall/lives near paint spill they should at least be informing us of if there's a hazard. you would think if there was a hazard you'd be coming to us proactively...can we trust that? i took that question to captain saunders with the chesapeake fire department. he told me this afternoon they have no doubt that it's paint -- and not hazardous. saunders says someone dumped up to 500 gallons of paint out, in order to sell the buckets for whether it's water or latex-based. saunders says the fire department does have one suspect in mind - but that person hasn't been arrested yet, because the charges could change based on the results from the lab.
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out more from the city on that on wavy news 10 at 5. live in chesapeake lex gray 10 on your side. chief meteorologist don slater tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night high near 75. southwest
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here's what's coming up in our next ninety minutes of news i'm anita blanton in the wavy live center major changes are happening in hampton and plenty of people want to know about the impact to jobs. where you can go tonight to get information you need. a plea for urgent assistance as a nation faces the worst drought in five decades. millions of people drinking dirty water without much food to eat. who will step in to help those in desperate need. and a man arrested for shooting and killing cats. in december we told you about their bodies being found in a dumpster. we've been working for more information since. today a 10 on your side update.
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gas prices are going up. the average price has
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over the last two weeks. according to triple a's daily fuel gauge report --- the national average sits around $1.81 a gallon. virginia drivers are paying around $1.60. the average price of gas in hampton roads hovers around $1.57. despite the spike in gas prices --- we're still paying 70 cents less than we did this time last year. experts say the rise in prices is likely because of higher demand --- and an increase in crude oil prices. to find the cheapest prices near you, just go to wavy-dot-com. go to the "traffic" tab and click "gas prices". less than half of american businesses have adopted the credit card chip technology that's intended to fight fraud. a new survey finds only 37-percent of businesses are currently able to accept chip-enabled credit and debit cards. they are supposed to be more secure than traditional cards with magnetic strips. retailers, credit card companies, and merchants were supposed to adopt the new technology by october first or face penalties. malicious software has successfully targeted
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first time. mac users are the target of the ransom-ware. the malicious code hijacks your computer, steals your files and encrypts them, then asks you to pay money to get your files back. apple has taken steps including updating its antivirus software to protect against the ransomware. stabbings and setting people on fire. police say one man went on a violent seven hour crime spree that left one man dead and several others injured. chief meteorologist don slater is working on your forecast live in the super doppler 10 weather
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chief meteorologist don slater tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46.
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wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low around 50. southwest wind 5-10. wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest wind 5 to 10. chief meteorologist don slater tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low around 50. southwest wind 5-10. wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest wind 5 to 10. new information coming in from gloucester county. the sheriff's office just told us more about an
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a search and suicide. it started this morning at a home in the t-c walker, seawall avenue area. a woman tells investigators, her estranged husband broke in and attacked her with a mallet. she locked him out and ran to a neighbor's, but not before deputies say he fired shots through her back door. deputies say he got into her vehicle, and they started searching for him. when they finally found him at the intersection of t-c walker and main street, they say he had already shot himself. investigators say they're not releasing the names of those involved out of respect for the couple's children. they say the woman has a concussion. new at 4: two people are in custody for a homicide in norfolk. saturday afternoon --- police found a man shot in the driver's seat of a minivan on kingston avenue in ocean view. 38-year-old robert knight, the third died at the hospital. police are investigating two other shootings in norfolk. both happened sunday night. officers found someone shot on lead street- near the spartan village neighborhood- around 10pm the person is expected to
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crime --- detectives say someone also shot a 16-year-old on pollard and barre streets in the lindenwood neighborhood. he should be okay. those crimes are what led norfolk sheriff bob mccabe to release a statement today calling for the city to fully fund the police department. he says vacancies on the police department put residents at risk. but one of his opponents in the race for mayor says sheriff mccabe is playing politics with tragedy. 10 on your side's brandi cummings joins us now with more on this police debate. this morning, after news spread of the tragic shootings in norfolk over the weekend... sheriff mccabe's campaign sent a news release saying the city needs the police department. i sat down with sheriff mccabe this afternoon. he told me norfolk doesnt have enough police the city uses the vacancies to save money and put residents at risk. mccabe who is also running for mayor says the city has spent too
4:32 pm
putting money into development and not schools and public safety. he wants to the city to prioritize spending. but one of his opponents in the mayoral race and current city councilman andy protogyrou says the city does not use unfunded positions to make its budget. sot - sheriff bob mccabe, norfolk mayoral candidate they can address different things that are happening in our city. 6:25:15 butt sots sot - andy protogyrou, norfolk mayoral candidate politics that's what hes doing and hes doing it on the back of a tragedyand its unfortuante. 6:37:25 i spoke to kenny alexander today before he read mccabe's comments. he is a delegate who is also running for norfolk mayor. i sent alexander the news release this morning but could not reach him this afternoon for an interview on this story. he did tell me he was in richmond today. we'll let you know when we hear back from him. im brandi
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flags are lowered at half staff across the nation in honor of former first lady nancy reagan. flags flying above the white house, at the washington monument and at the u-s capitol are among those lowered today. the wife of president ronald reagan died in her sleep sunday at the age of 94. she had congestive heart failure. today president barack obama said she will be missed. president obama: i think the extraordinary love that she had for her husband and the extraordinary comfort and strength that she provided him during really hard times. as somebody who has been lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner in my life as well i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her and i'm sure he would be the first to
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will be missed." a private funeral for nancy reagan will be friday at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. she will be buried next to her husband on the grounds. it's official. a month after winning the super bowl --- denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is retiring. peyton manning/retiring from football "because every moment, every drop of sweat, every bleary-eyed night of preparation, every note i took and every frame of film i watched was about one thing, reverence for this game. when i look back on my nfl career i will know without a doubt that i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win. there were other players who were more talented but there was no one who could out-prepare me. and because of that i have no regrets." manning played his first 14 seasons with the indianapolis colts - leading them to a super bowl win in 2007 - before spending his last three seasons in denver.
4:35 pm
the oldest quarterback to win a super bowl. he turns 40 later this month. r-g-three is on his way out of washington. the quarterback tweeted today saying "it was a blessing guys. i just want to say thank you." c-s-n redskins tweeted about the release of griffin as well as jason hatcher. this ends griffin's four-year tenure with the team. griffin is now a free agent and can sign anywhere. decision 2016. the presidential candidates are focusing on the next primary --- tomorrow in michigan. former secretary of state hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders squared off in flint last night. they agreed michigan's republican governor should regisn because of the water crisis there. but the candidates disagreed on the auto industry bailout that was critical to millions of michigan workers. senator bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate "he should resign (clapping) hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "i agree the governor should resign or be recalled." hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "i
4:36 pm
industry - he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto talking about the wall street bail out - where some of your friends destroyed this economy - " hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "ya know ...." senator bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate "excuse me - i'm talking ....." the n-b-c wall street journal-marist poll shows clinton with a 17 point lead over sanders in michigan. clinton is also way ahead of sanders in the current delegate count. it's severe weather week in north carolina. the governor is challenging you to make an emergency plan. ahead at five - find out the total cost in damage caused by severe storms last year. many call it a heroic move. two firefighters took a toddler who was having a seizure to the hospital in the fire engine. now they are suspended from the fire house. a high school wrestler cut from the team over something he got on the mat. hear his warning to other
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a california high school wrestler who contracted herpes from a wreslting tournament is now off the team and sharing his story to warn others. (sot: david deloach, wrestler) "i thought it was just acne because it first started on my face, all right here, and it was weird because i never had acne in my hair." that's david deloach. the high school junior started noticing bumps on his skin. they later spread to his ear, arm and legs. his doctor diagnosed him
4:40 pm
it hurt so bad, he couldn't sleep. he was also depressed and says his friends rejected him. (sot: david deloach, wrestler) "they didn't want me like touch them or nothing. like, no high fives or anything." (sot: david deloach, wrestler) "people need to be more concerned about how serious getting herpes is and how it'll affect your life." the wrestling coach said he holds a meeting every year with parents and students informing them about the sport's risks. that includes concussions and skin infections. david's mother says she did not attend the meeting and now wants it to be mandatory for all parents. as for david, there's no cure for herpes. he'll have to take medication for the rest of his life to prevent another outbreak. president jimmy carter doesn't need cancer treatment anymore. carter shared this news yesterday with his church congregation in atlanta. no sot super "i'll continue to get regular mri and other
4:41 pm
shows up again and i'll start getting treatments again." president carter says doctors will continue to monitor his progress. they diagnosed him with an aggressive form of melanoma. it spread to his brain and liver in december. video of a burglary in progress. see what these thieves got away with. 10 on your side is investigating a firefighter suspended for talking to the media. 10 on your side's deanna leblanc is digging deeper into his punishment. what she uncovered today --- next. tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest
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in case you missed it over the weekend - a portsmouth fire captain and union president has been suspended for two days - for talking to the media - including to 10 on your side. rusty quillin talked to our deanna leblanc in november and in december about concerns over staffing shortages within the department. quillin is president of the local international association of fire fighters union. now, the city manager is accusing him of violating city policy that states employees cannot speak to the media. mike imprevento, a virginia beach attorney who has represented unions in the past, says the
4:45 pm
mike imprevento/attorney 1:40:08 here's somebody speaking about something very important that we all need to hear about. he's doing it as a union president, he wasn't doing it in uniform, he was not at the fire station, he was identified as a union thinking about. 1:40:27 tonight at 6 - deanna digs deeper into the suspension - see what she learned from the fire union, and from city leaders. there's outrage in northern virginia after stafford county officials suspended two volunteers firefighters for what many say was a heroic move. a stranger even started a facebook page aimed at getting their positions back. the two firefighters got into trouble for driving a toddler to the hospital in their fire engine because she was having a seizure. the woman who started the social media page didn't want to show her face for fear she might lose her job. mos says: "so the fact
4:46 pm
heroes and they're suspended, bothers me." mos says: "they saved this child's life and at the end of the day it i would have done the same thing." proper protocol says an ambulance should have taken the 18-month-old to the hospital. the little girl's father says he's greatful for the actions of the first responders. atlanta fire rescue is investigating what caused the fire that killed six people. four men and two women died in this morning's fire at a boarding house. when crews arrived on the scene --- flames were going through the roof. the house had collapsed. police are investigating a deadly workplace shooting in sydney, australia. investigators say the gunman shot and killed one person and wounded two others inside a factory before killing himself. three workers hid during the gunfire and six hour standoff that followed. they escaped unharmed. new york city police are investigating one man's 7-hour crime spree. it all started yesterday morning when a man in
4:47 pm
neighbor's neck and face. less than four hours later, police say the same suspect stabbed a liquor store owner and set him on fire, killing him. then, he set another man on fire. after a massive manhunt, officers found the 23-year-old suspect in the backyard of a home. during a stand-off --- officers ordered him to drop his knife and beer bottle which contained an accelerant. officers say he refused and sprayed officers with the fluid. they shot him 7 times. the suspect is in the hospital in critical condition. his family says doctors are treating him for a psychological condition. someone shot a teenager worker inside this fast food restaurant in philadelphia. investigators say the gunman was angry at a worker for cleaning near his table and shot another employee who tried to intervene. paramedics stabilized the 19-year-old victim him and took him to a nearby hospital. so far, police have not made any arrests. california police are looking for the thieves
4:48 pm
a gun store and made off with several weapons. take a look at this video from inside the business just north of san francisco. detectives say the impact was so hard, it disabled the store's alarm system. the four suspects took off in a 19-90s honda accord. investigators are sharing this video with the whole someone will recognize call authorities. navy seals say they don't have enough combat rifles to go around. that's what they are telling a california congressman. republican representative duncan hunter says after seals return from a deployment, their rifles are given to other commandos who are shipping out. the weapons are actually fine-tuned to individual specifications. hunter wants to let seals keep their guns until they no longer deploy. congressman hunter says the issue isn't because of a lack of money. he says congress has frequently boosted the budgets of special operations forces since the 9-11 attacks. an army general says heavily used rifles
4:49 pm
maintainence and that may be contributing to the perception of a shortage u.s. military officials say they are looking into the complaints. some scary moments after a plane carryig a nascar team had to make an emergency landing. the aircraft was forced to land at the memphis airport after someone noticed smoke in the cabin. no one was hurt. the plane belongs to hendrick motorsports and was headed from las vegas to charlotte. mechanics checked out the aircraft and the passengers took another plane to north carolina. a piece of debris, suspected to be from the missing malysian airlines plane has been handed over to malaysian officials. the debris washed up along the mozambique coastline. tomorrow marks two years since the boeing 7-77 carrying 239 passengers and crew vanished. families of the passengers are skeptical the new debris will provide any answers. the chief investigator says the search for the missing plane will end for good this summer --- even if it's not found.
4:50 pm
and his wife jill are on a middle east tour. the biden's arrived in the united arab emirates today. then they took a trip to masdar city, a model for a clean-energy city on the outskirts of abu dhabi. the u-a-e is an important u-s gulf ally and a regional commercial hub. they will aslo visit israel, the west bank and jordan. the white house says the trip will include talks with key leaders on u-s economic and energy interests, as well as security concerns about iran and syria. chief meteorologist don slater tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low
4:51 pm
wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest wind 5 to 10. tonight thin clouds, with a low around 46. southwest wind 5 to 10. tuesday mostly sunny, with a high near 73. west wind 5 to 10. tuesday night mostly clear, with a low around 50. southwest wind 5-10. wednesday: sunny, with a high near 75. southwest
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straight ahead on wavy news 10 at 5 two students are under arrest for making a threat against a high school. our erin kelly will have the latest from the school superintendent. state police are investigating two meth labs discovered in suffolk. our jason marks will connect the dots. then at five-thirty - a battle to keep ted cruz off the ballot. what a new york judge decided to do about the case. and at 6-- more on a firefighter controversy in portsmouth. should one of the city's firefighters have been suspended-- just for talking with the media? we go searching for answers--
4:54 pm
but first ahead here at 4 --- a parking ticket prank. hear the strange thing that happens when north carolina residents go to pay the fine. with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies.
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on the streets of north carolina have people raising their eyebrows. drivers in downtown asheville got the bogus 100-dollar citations. officials know they're fakes because the regular parking fine is only 10 bucks. plus, the officer's signature is fake and the violation code is made up. the biggest surprise is the q-r code. it took people to a youtube link with this 80s music video. "never gonna give you up, down." "it was kind of surprising to go to a link for a youtube video, and then when i went to it it was featuring some rock star that i didn't know who it was." yes that was the rick astley hit, "never gonna let you down." as for the tickets, the city wants to know who's been handing out the fake citations. wavy news 10 at 5 starts right now. jason whip: (whip) 49=1:10:13 "i'm jason
4:58 pm
to meth" c00014 - aaron spence - virginia beach schools superintendent 909 peoples' lives. 912 making sure students are safe in virginia beach. increased patrols at a high school and two arrests. and new information after someone dumped 500 gallons of paint into chesapeake drains. what the executive director of the elizabeth river project just told our lex gray. first at five -- not one, but two possible meth labs in suffolk. they were discovered while a task force was executing search warrants. 10 on your side's jason marks joins us live in chesapeake while state police continue their investigation. jason, are these labs connected? according to stateolice they are. the two labs were only about a mile from each other and troopers say they were being run by the same man. (under video) 45=1:06:14 "i never suspected anything an i am extremely observant suffolk's bridget anderson day started like home she realized it was no ordinary day. 45=1:03:58
4:59 pm
full of various police vehicles a great big armored vehicle. all the blue lights were flashing and that's when i knew something major was going on" officers were focused this shed just doors down from anderson's home. 45=1:05:07 "i just knew it must be major for them something" a state police task force say they raided the property to bust up a once troopers got done with the lab on elwood.. they went down street and broke up another on on glen haven drive. 40=:59:08 "i kind of already figured they were doing some wild stuff over there for the last couple years. it has been hush hush they've been up to trouble" police say warren was tied to the this lab too. 40=59:45 "it's a good thing that police are cracking down on crystal meth in suffolk" 10 on your side looked into warren's criminal history and only found some traffic violations
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much more serious charges. 45=:1:05:13 "it was really scary i was shocked" warren is being held inside the tidewater regional jail. we did try to talk with his family but they told us no comment. live in chesapeake jason marks 10 on your side. two students are under arrest after a threat was made against landstown high school in virginia beach. as an extra security precaution police increased patrols at the school today. 10 on your side's erin kelly is live. erin, what have you learned from the school superintendent? virginia beach school leaders say threats against schools aren't new -- but the format is -- allowing them to be distributed rapidly. police have not said what the nature of the threat was -- or where it was written -- just that it was electronic -- threatening bodily harm on school


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