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tv   Wall Street Journal Rpt.  NBC  September 13, 2009 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> i'm juliana and this is open house. rea expert barbara corken tells this homeowner how much her house is really worth. then nursing room designs that grow with your child. it's pretty common to have a mobile above the crib. but i've chosen something that's black and white. >> i'm george and in "open house" we'll find out where all this came from. hi, kate, hi, lauren. what's that in there? ok. well, consider it done. >> plus, we'll go behind the gates of a private garden estate. >> we want an exceptional master suite. and this is truly that suite. [captioning made possible by nbc universal]
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>> welcome to "open house," we are your weekly guide to your country's real estate market whether your buying, selling or just dreaming, we've got your covered. we're coming from brentwood. inside a seven bedroom, seven and a half bath how many. this is reminiscent of english royalty and offers a spacious master sweet. 1,500 wine cellar. real estate export barbara corchran will tell this homer how much her home is really worth in today's market. >> hi, i'm barbara, today on price fix, i'm here with nicole on east 22nd street. and we're going to find out exactly what her apartment is really worth.
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nicole, when did you buy the apartment and what did you pay? >> we bought the apartment a year and a half ago. and we paid about $1.3 for it. >> did you put much into it? >> we picked out unique lighting fixtures. >> and those unique fixtures what did that actually cost? >> we spent about $50,000. >> how worth it. they're great. >> thank you. >> in a perfect world what would you like to get for this apartment? >> we would get about $1.3. that would be awesome. >> ok. ready. let's see what the experts have to say. >> ok. >> nice. nice high ceilings.
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>> when you walk into a home like this, and it's wide open, it's dramatic, this is a wow home. >> nice, open space with nice high ceilings. great fixtures. you think that comes with it? living room is nice because this is -- it's comfortable, you know? it's comfortable to sit -- let's see what's on tv today? >> look at that. you've got a remote. that controls everything. i think you can actually launch rockets with that. >> this looks like really good storage. this is a no-no. suitcases have to disappear. >> in new york we all do what we have to do with storage place. >> i have to ask you -- do you want a wall of closet in your living room? >> everything is stylish and well done. we've got room for a king sized bed but it's dwarf by that loft. in a home like this, i want it
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to be the forethought. >> are you ready, nicole? >> yes. >> here come the numbers. >> ok. >> have a look. >> ok. >> ryan put $995,000. wende says $1,150,000. >> that oversized window, and what that means it's more light. and the number two reason that buyers get the particular apartment is the light and particular location. people love that park. now for the bad news. the pricing has to be lower than your arche enemy which is two floors higher. it's a two bedroom and they're asking only $950,000. you've got to compete with that guy. so you can't go anything above him. >> is there anything we can do to increase the value of our apartment? >> there's nothing wrong with
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the way you have it. it's all about competition with the enemys that are out there. >> before we break, here's a sneak peek on what's coming up on "open house." >> we're taking these faux panel walls out. >> they're out. >> we're taking out these beams. >> we're taking out the beams. >> in the shower, i've chosen this. it's timeless. i've added a shelf to it instead of a traditional dish. >> we have sort a james bond 1985 concealed television underneath this bed.
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>> welcome back to "open house." your guide to the country's real estate market.
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now on square feet we go behind the doors and take you on an exclusive tour of an impressive home. >> welcome to 1326 north cleveland avenue, in chicago's old time neighborhood. this house is divided into two buildings. but connected by a wonderful set of bridges that cross at every level. so besides the bridges, you'll find a set of stairs of metal but they're very open. now we come into the living room, a place where the family gathers. the interesting thing about this space, the way we were able to carve out spaces adjacent to the fireplace to display pieces of art work. throughout the house the bases are reset. there are no moldings. the detail is very, very simple.
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therefore craftsmanship was very critical in the way it was created. the lighting is composed of fixtures that allow to be enclosed and recessed. >> the central part of this kitchen is the outer composed of this great island where the cooking takes place. i like to be able to have the dining room right next to it. >> the other important element of this kitchen is the fireplace that allows you to cook right in the fireplace. we use that quite often in this house. >> and this is the master bedroom. the fireplace critical element to have in every room where you want to have coziness and warmth. we have the library on -- on the opsiposite side you have the library.
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beyond the bedroom is the private entrance to the terrace. >> we have come to the third floor. across the bridge, the guest room with its own bathroom and its own terrace. and to my left, just behind the tv room is the full view of downtown chicago. and this concludes this tour. i hope you enjoyed it. and for further information contact nelly rosenbloom. >> still ahead, timeless designs that will take your child from crib to college. >> and don't think for a second that you can hang your of the on dry wall alone. you have to find the stud.
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>> welcome back to "open house." now on tips of the trade this designer will give you tips on how to evolve with your child throughout the years. >> hi, i'm an interior designer julia wall. welcome to my nursery. i have a baby girl.
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i wanted to create a space that's both functional and stylish. but most of all, i wanted to create a space that would evolve with the baby. >> we've established that this is where the bed's going to remain and avoid redesigning the room just for the bed. i've chosen an up holsered head board. the head board can be changed so you can change the tone of the room very, very easily. this crib will not evolve with my baby. i've just bought a piece that's already made. very clean line. it's pretty common to have a mobile above the crib. but i've chosen something back and white. not just the typical pastel, fluffy teddy bears or the caricatures. >> i really wanted to add a
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piece of art. i mounted it on a canvas that's lightweight and it can be removed and change to something else as the child grows older. i found this charge at a florida market. it has a white seat so i can nurse on it. or it can become a nice armchair for resting or reading. this piece is one piece that i want to emphasize. this is a changing table, chest of drawers. i've kept it in a neutral color. the neutral color will still work. the hardware is timeless. again, we're trying to get a timeless piece. >> a lot of women suffer from
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back problems after delivery from bending over and lifting the baby from the bathtub. and i know lots of mothers they bathe in the kitchen sink. so i decided to bring the kitchen sink. i've chosen a sink that's high style and also functional. this has a spray that functions as a shower. in the shower i've chosen this tile. it is timeless. i've added a shelf to it. it's important to use a shower with the adjustable bar. therefore you can adjust the height as your child grows. it was a pleasure showing you my nursery. i hope you can apply some of the design elements and techniques.
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not only will this help the development of your child, but it also make first a great-looking room. >> after the break, we'll tour this elegant estate in longs. and later on open house to the rescue, george helped take this family from past to present when "open house "retur
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>> welcome back to "open house." on this next installment, we go behind the doors of the spectacular wall invaded estate in a community in los angeles. this four and a half bath home features resort style grounds with pool, spa, and outside kitchen. it features an expansive master suite and more. >> welcome.
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michael la bode. we are in an exclusive part of los angeles. we entered the property through a gated doorway. i would like to take you inside. so come on along. so here we are now in the entry of this magnificent home which is the central hub of the house. to my right we've got an amazing panel library. to my left a formal living room with dramatic 20-foot ceilings, which was created into a billiard. we've got a wonderful granite kitchen. we are now in the manifestation of the media room. it's casual as well as somewhat formal. you have a fireplace in the center of it. a wonderful bar that serves the
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interior of the house and well as the exterior. we have wonderful french doors which takes you to the garden. we are now in the master bedroom. one of ways to make this suite timeless is we have a concealed television underneath this bed. we have a fireplace in the master. we have dual baths. we have his and her baths. we have three large closets. probably the largest closets in this house. so for a buyer who's look for room, this ises the house. we now go to the terrace. we have a complete outdoor kitchen. off to my left, we have the guest room.
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a pool with waterfall and jacuzzi and incredibly private which is what people want in this price class. >> i want to thank you for participating in the store of 135 moneville drive in los angeles, california. priced at $4 -- $1,450,000. >> one, two, three -- >> oh, my god!
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>> welcome back. now on "open house" to the rescue. george brings the family closer by adding style and function to their outdated living room. >> i'm george, and on tow today's rescue we're tackling a living room. they s say they're stuck in the 1970's. let's find out for ourselves. >> hey, emily, how are you? i love hugs. >> i got your e-mail.
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let's check out your living room. >> hi i'm steve, and i'm emily. >> our problem with our living room is it's a little outdated and it's cave like. this is the place where we're going to spend our time. so we feel we need help getting this room how we need it. >> wow, you guys weren't kidding. this room really is stuck in the 1970's. >> it is. it really is. these walls. >> what's going on? >> check out these fake beams. >> and the lighting in here -- >> anything that you can do is going to be better than what we have. we need inspiration. we need ideas. >> this room is perfect for a rescue. i'm going to take care of it. you guys enjoy. >> are you going to hammer during nap time. >> i'm going to take a nap myself. i like to get -- you know, stay rested. >> needless to say this is the
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family room, living room, whatever you're going to call it. what's your idea? >> looking at the fireplace, i think it's slightly dated. what i picture is two built-ins on the side. >> i love built-ins. and hooked to the tv. >> we're taking the faux panel walls off, right? >> they're out. they're out. >> and also we're taking out the beams? >> we're taking out the beams. it's going to be nice and clean. >> built-in tv. out with the old. in with the new. let's get to work. >> hey, you guys having fun? >> we have gutted this room. what's next? >> you're going to have everything hidden in the cabinet. you're gouk to have your speakers hidden in the ceilings.
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>> all right. this is room is looking pretty good. what's next? >> we've got to sheetrock it. and we put in the built-ins. >> we should probably look what they look like. >> awesome. >> so cabinets have arrived, george. >> hi, there, kate. hi lauren. what's that, you guys? you guys need a new family room? ok. well, consider it done, ok? you guys enjoy your lunch. why is it better to have prefab kated cabinets rather than just come in with a pile of wood? >> well, you could get the pile of wood. you're not going to get specialty hinges. and it's not going to be durable.
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they're going to be really happy with this. >> don't think for a second that you could hang your tv on dry wall alone. you've got to find the stud. >> i say that this room is done. >> nice job, buddy. >> we did it again. let's get emily and steve. >> emily, steve, are you ready to see your new family room? >> ready! >> one, two, three. o>> o my god! look at this! >> thank you so much, man. this is so awesome. >> i like this. i like this. it's a different room. you guys are amazing. we needed this. thank you, george. thank you, matt. thank you "open house." we love it.
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love it. join us next week. i'll see you next time on "open house."
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