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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 13, 2009 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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ttsburgh on the docket next. this is jordy nelson. nelson will bring it back out to the 28 yard line with 2:28 remaining in the fourth. >> cris: for aaron rodgers, all of the comparisons to brett favre, he will never get away from them. he knitted that. but you have to remember that aaron rodgers has already had as many losing seasons as brett favre had in his career here in green bay. you would have to -- it's not about numbers, it's not about statistics. it's about winning games and now it is on him to win this one. >> al: they start from the 28. keep it on the ground. grant. a gain of six for ryan grant. second down and four. >> cris: i do like the call
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there. it was one that we're going to play this one all the way out, all our time-outs. >> al: that will be a first down as the pass is caught and that is greg jennings. it really didn't matter if he got out or stayed in because the clock is going to stop at the two-minute warning. so two minutes to play. first down for the green bay packers. chicago 15, green bay 13. .
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>> al: wendy's postgame show to follow. andrea will have an interview and toning tony dungy and rodney harrison in the studio in new york and bob costas with us here and we will wrap it up from green bay. it is first down. at the 41 yard line for the packers. they have all three time-outs. >> cris: i know who i'm going after here. hunter hillenmeyer who replaced brian urlacher and such a key part of their back defense down the middle. i'm playing these guys down the middle against hillenmeyer. >> al: hillen mier back into coverage.
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four-man rush and pass is dropped. nelson on the outside. he can't hang on. second down and ten. >> cris: now it's time for star players to make plays. not a bad throw. good decision that time by aaron rodgers. but i still think you got a guy in an unusual position. you look around this defense and you say, where am i vulnerable and it has to be right up the gut with a guy that is constantly in the game in this situation. >> al: rodgers stepping away and run and slide to a halt at the 50 yard line. looks around for a flag. doesn't get it. manning is there, along with briggs and he is going to be a yard shy of a first down. crowd wanted a penalty. >> cris: a couple of things. allen barbre doing a better job in this second half. three sacks in the first half
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and only one in the second half. aaron rodgers should not have slid there. too big a moment in the game. give yourself up and lock a first down up. not a good time for a slide. >> al: you're down to 1:18 so they wasted a lot of time with the clock running down. they had all three time-outs. mccarthy shakes his head and a third and one upcoming. >> cris: we saw john elway in the super bowl with that dive and spin and flip to make sure he got the first down? situational football. you always want to know what the situation is. quarterbacks, you want to protect you recall -- yourself but not nearly as important as winning this game. this should have been a head-first dive. it's where you start your slide, not where you end up. so they had to mark that ball back. actually, it gave him a pretty good mark there. they almost gave him the full extent of the slide. may be a decent thing to challenge. i think they could take that ball back a couple of yards even
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from where they ended up marking that. >> al: no challenge. only upstairs can they look at the play. third down and one. from the 50. fake to grant. going deep! he has a man open and it's jennings! touchdown, packers! ♪ how is that for a call on third
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and one? lambeau field erupting on a third and one. the fake, the deep throw, the touchdown. and they will go for two to make it a six-point game. when chicago gets is back, they do not have a time-out. and the pass is caught for the conversion! he goes back to jennings. that's a minimal importance because it's still -- whether it was five or six, barely relevant at this point. if they get the touchdown, they are sure to get the extra point but let's go back and take a look at the touchdown. >> cris: third and one.
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you bring your safety down to help against the run. you go with a great play action fake. single high. i promise you, it was never in the game plan. to have nathan vasher, who has struggled at the corner, against one of the great receivers in the game, greg jennings. they would have never set this up, but for the fact it was third and one, give joe philbin a lot of credit. one of the gutsier calls you'll see and he hit the jackpot. >> al: boy, that is the jackpot, isn't it? >> cris: and for aaron rodgers, there you go. the game that he couldn't win at the end of last year, he has a chance now. >> al: third and one. here is the two-point conversion. if this was close, jennings makes the catch. yep. >> cris: good play.
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remember, all have you to do is break the front of the line, not the back of the line. any part of the white line and it's a touchdown. >> al: so now it's hester back to return the kickoff. danieal manning normally does the kickoff returns and he is really good. now ron winter is going to stop play here. >> cris: remember mike mccarthy yesterday saying he thought danieal manning was the best in the nfl returning kickoffs. >> al: so there is a booth review that's upcoming. >> cris: they with only be looking at the two-point conversion at this point, right? >> al: right. you can't look at the play before that. no way. maybe looking does he have possession? he's across the line. that's clear. >> cris: no doubt but going to the ground to make the catch so he has to maintain control all the way throughout the catch here. i can't see anything that would
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say otherwise at least from that angle. >> al: no, neither can i. >> cris: but until he is all the way on the ground, he has to maintain control. >> al: ron is waiting until winter to tell us. >> cris: you know, nathan vasher on that play came up and looked like he wanted to play bump and run coverage against greg jennings, one of the faster receivers, one of the great deep threats in the game and you just can't do that. you can't turn that one into a foot race. see him off? now he is going to try to run out of it. he is trying to look back at the quarterback. stumbles. falls. oh, boy. zack bowman is in competition for that job. because of his hamstring job they have played nathan vasher a
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little bit more but greg jennings, play of the night. >> al: now chicago with 71 seconds seconds. we still haven't been told what the review is. we assume it's whether he had possession. i mean, it looks very clear to us. that the two-pointer will stand. when it comes to a basically irrelevant -- not that they shouldn't review it, but it's an irrelevant play, because whether it's five points or six points, as i say, chicago needs a touchdown and then you assume they will make the extra point. >> referee: upon review, ruling on the field stands. two-point conversion is good.
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>> al: no kidding? >> cris: i think i remember one other thing, too. when they are talking about whether they would review that third and one spot, i think the only time they go to a booth review in that situation is if, in fact, it is a first down or not. not where the mark actually may be if it's not a big distance, i think that's the rule. >> al: meanwhile, hester was back there and after the booth review, they put manning back there. danieal manning to run the kickback. bouncing ball. juggled at the 19 yard line. bennett. he brings the ball back to the 38 yard line. >> cris: well, here you go. mr. franchise. >> al: you want to write some headlines? >> cris: well, he has done it before. he has to be thinking you're kidding me, right?
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we put together a drive, we go down, we eat up most of the clock. all we have to do is keep them out of field goal range and they score a touchdown instead. now you have to go the distance. how significant is it? all of those wasted time-outs at this point? >> al: come back to bite you. first and ten. 38 yard line. bears have to go 62 yards with 1:06 left. knox in the game wide left. hester wide right and intercepted by al harris! only cutler to beat and he saves the touchdown! but harris just saved the game! >> cris: oh, boy. oh, boy. the inexperienced at the wide receiver position just killed
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jay cutler again. johnny knox, a rookie who has made big plays on the top of your screen is going to stop on this one and al harris doesn't. the old vet. won a playoff game one time against seattle with interception and return for a touchdown. and overtime. he comes up huge again. >> al: first time in cutler's professional career he's had four interceptions in a game. now green bay can just run it out. one more kneel-down and they will have a victory and 8:00 big one. it always is against your rival. they've got cincinnati coming in here next week heavily favored. and the bears at 0-1, all of a
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sudden, go into soldier field to take on the super bowl champions. >> cris: a cool game, though, isn't it? jay cutler would have been the hee ron and took them on the game-winning drive down the field and instead his defense gives up a big play and come back out and all anyone will remember is that interception and the other three. >> al: gave jennings a hundred-yard night and 50-yard reception. kneel-down will end it and this rivalry which started back in 1921, they've just written another chapter as the green bay packers beat the chicago bears 21-15. and a ton of stuff. of course, the mull orve. four interceptions. the mannelly snap on the fake field goal. vasher unable to cover jennings. and the packers are the vickors. the postgame report. bob will be along in a moment. .
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>> al: welcome to the wendy's postgame report. here now, bob costas. >> packers win 21-15 and for jay cutler, the cruel and capricious nature of the game, he goes from first half ghost to second half comeback hee ron potentially and then goat again and a career high four interceptions in this, his bears debut. as al pointed out late in the telecast, green bay has cincinnati here next week and then they play st. louis.
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they could very well open up 3-0. meanwhile, the bears after this tough loss, go home, yes, but it's against the defending super bowl champion pittsburgh steelers. now down to the field with andrea kremer who has aaron rodgers and greg jennings. >> andrea: thanks a lot, bob. the third game winning drive in the fourth quarter. of your young career, how did you manage to pull this off to a slow start of this game. >> you have to give chicago credit. their defense played great. i told the guys in the huddle we need one drive. give me time. you know, we called time-out. went to the sideline. coach called that play. greg was number two. ran a great route and made a great catch. >> here he comes. tell me what happened on the winning touchdown. what did you see? >> well, number one, they were playing a single high. vasher kind of jumped outside. i just pushed him out. the rest was o-line and this man here, he put the ball in the
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perfect spot anne i -- and i do my job and these are the results. >> andrea: you told me play action fakes are one of your points of emphasis this off-season. how much did it pay off the extra work with this play in particular? >> we actually play action fake to donald lee and they covered him but greg ran a great route. we strug oled on offense today. i was out of sync and missed some throws. we got to improve. but to get a win tonight under these circumstances big for our team. >> andrea: so many games like this last season. you guys said you would lose. why the difference now? >> off-season. off-season pays off. we stuck together in the off-season and came here and had a great training camp and great preseason. poise of this man right here, i can't say enough about him. everybody stuck together and we came together when it counted and got it done. >> andrea: thanks a lot, guys. great start to your season. >> andrea, thanks very much. let's check in now at 30 rock with tony dungy standing by along with rodney harrison.
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we talked about jay cutler on the pregame and now on the postgame. his first 60 minutes under his belt with the bears. what do you think? >> it was a tough night for jay. and when you're going to be the franchise quarterback, how do you respond in very tough situations? got to go 62 yards. first play, interception in the two-minute drill is not what chicago gave up two number one draft choices for. >> on the other hand, you were saying at halftime when we spoke on the phone that if he comes back in the second half, if he bounces back it all from the disastrous first half would show you something so i guess he did to that extent. >> he did. he showed me a lot. you throw three interceptions and basically shut out in the first half. he came out and played with a lot more poise in the second half and directed them and got them out in front and you have to give him credit for that but now you come back and you've got to have that drive to win the game. that's why they got you. that's what your teammates are counting on and now he sees the
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same type of defense next week from pittsburgh. he has to get back. this is where that leadership will come in, what does he this week. >> rodney, your thoughts on cutler? >> well, i tell you find out what type of person you are when you go through adversity. he went through that today. first half he really struggled and he came back in the second half and showed great resiliency but couldn't make the throw when it counted and he struggled today. he has to step up next week because like coach said, he is going to struggle next week against pittsburgh. >> yes, they will give him a lot of the same type of things but what he does from here on out is what i'm anxious to see. >> how funny you is key kyle orton in denver chilling at 1-0. crazy game. >> strange 1-0, too, on a most spectacular and bizarre game-ending plays you will ever see against cincinnati. let's turn our attention to your old team, the colts. beating the jags 14-12 today. how difficult was it to watch
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your teams and the guys you coached for so much years to watch them from the studio? >> it was really strange, bob. and, you know, i'm sitting there trying to do my job here as an announcer but definitely deep down inside, pulling for them and it was great to see them pull it out, but definitely kind of a weird feeling not being there on the sideline. >> yeah. they did pull it out and they lost anthony gonzalez, the outstanding receiver, with a knee injury out from somewhere between 2 and 6 weeks. let's look ahead to next sunday night. rodney, cowboys won today against tampa bay and giants won against the redskins and sets it up next week and official regular season opening of the new stadium in dallas. how do you see that game? >> big, big-time game. very physical. i was very impressed with dallas offensively today. but on a defensive side, i really wasn't impressed with their secondary. they struggled. but if you look at the giants, i mean, they look good from
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offensive standpoint as well as defensive. especially defensive line aggressive and created turnovers and put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. >> yes, this big division game early in the year. somebody is going to have the advantage to jump and both teams are going to want that. great defense of the giants. good offense of dallas. it will be interesting. >> i'm picking the giants. >> already? >> already. >> tony withholding your pick until next sunday? >> i'm going to withhold a little bit. but you know i'm a defense guy so i like the good defense. >> thanks for staying up late with us, guys. >> thank you. >> we'll wrap things up from green bay turning it back over to al michaels and cris collinsworth for the final word from lambeau field when we come back. .
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welcome back to the wendy's postgame report. >> cris i'm thinking
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roethlisberger is not really throwing the in the super bowl, he is going to mewelde moore and hines ward and it turns out it's holmes and then rodgers is not going to go to jennings, he is going to go to donald lee and guess what happens? >> jennings is always a good choice, you know? i've got to go back and clean up a little bit. i gave a lot of credit to joe philbin for that call. obviously mike mccarthy calling the plays as he did throughout the course of the night and they had a time-out and time to discuss it over there but one of those calls if you don't make that and you end up fourth and one and don't convert, it takes a lot of nerve in this newspaper and internet age to roll the dice like that, but, boy, when it pays off, it sure is fun to watch. >> plenty of fodder in chicago tomorrow. we go to arlington, texas, that is going to be great. giants and cowboys great but especially in that environment. >> that stadium. it's like the eighth wonder of the world down there! they say the scoreboard is right in front of you.
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it goes 20 yard line to 20 yard line. can't wait to see it. >> see you from arlington, texas. giants and cowboys next week on "sunday night football." bob costas and the gang, "football night in america" next week. live from cowboys stadium. 7:00 eastern time. coming up next, except on the west coast, your local news followed by "dateline nbc." al michaels for cris collinsworth and andrea kremer saying good night from lambeau field in green bay. . -- captions by vitac --
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>> it is the day ravens fans hrahebeve waiting for all summer long. i am melissa carlson more on tonight' isbigve ti comtig up. >> lots of rain to the south. that is what we willlhebupookiin s hisve be
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[capair ltingmade possible by world wrestling entertainment, tic.] - > gllhd evening, i am deb what wiener. hir btoo 6 crys r ltoig> ss th btove ti at the stadium. the ravens opened with a win h agatir fs th ciiefs. um mssa carlson is live at m&t bank stadium. - >s thg ansr k.upr lgntr le, whe h i am sure a lot of them are flying high overs thve ti. s hiumo wads ur amfoe h nail-biting than they wanted. >> 72,000paeoplepaackeds th r f[cysm,r nds phitumant dollar signs for vendors like andre
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whainisys wustiess hur wben h good, especially when it comes to a certain player. ãu> joeg lacco. iup whe joe. >> and probably as much as sprave iss fenup whes os walnt e. ãu> yeah! ravens! >> from crab cakess opasvfoee h bk.[cso t,rhes feng uemadompg fo what many thought was going to hebr n euryve ti. - >> s th a blowout. it shouly phav wbef a wercrhe h bhe > tve urn'b c >> that is because the chiefs ke ãu>> ve ur nmmvoysm, whe > upike it when it is close because it [- n is i amfoe> stlmm,raiin. ãu>r ftmms he game, the grills fired back up, and so dids th ecnvmmisair lr bohe ve pht happened on the field. >> it was a big win. magh ist,y raves pllayr. wth >> i thought it was awesome. wdas oo d rs fs tho layrlike ier i rlpapecud to be a baltimore fans. thhebaltimfohe raveny oc s ãu> whe o ve theisys oday's game has then worried.
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- >> e r lg fs ii mss the ns veth uro trr lgr s it used to be. >> she says she isn't going to h ¤ c13t tculaorl ve phts ii isat n h means or talk about her prediction fosss thg he sve. pbkeo daso th> s, pys o today. >> i am happy for the slayrlike ie r lg f ca e. % ãg a fan either way. >> it is all going to happen h take on the san diego chargers. lifer t am ci wanko d au s um mlissou carlike wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. ecti inomh tir he 6 c13t5 amtihe ,r h gerry sandusky along with pete gilbert wi a wer nmmeg fos thn' h .un'r fahauair l y raves wrap up. they will have a a s ohdaht iini mnip>r erinve icomk.3 ir l from coaches and players. t > ss r ltoig y raves wr3 -utig >> it was certainly a nice day todda. oep.s, o unpbktim& cve t frs , ma temperatures. high pressure came in and k.foe3 igr as phit wht cve tbrda weather we had for a couple of
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days, a-b> tupllhksupntoes iis h +tocomat a wheat tomsg or a couple of days before more wh thr cve t,r> ike % havs thr ntohsupisted there as those h's over the ohio and mmel3liiptiey ivmm2,almas ga but along the gulf coast a couple of lohse sysorlmsr -b erp> amensr fsver -b> itmel second half of the week is lookingve etr i. ãu>s tho layrch> s, g fos th suspects who gunned down a man ieno hi t whr f walaick k.sou e,theyi reve mme calmads o the scene on west pratt street. oturnce0po das th2,i raim amda phav wben shot a block away and strag staggered home. - >ve eugm c knows the es phit john allen mohammed may be put to death. oturndoal isisys the er nur wben coordinated with the governor's officesoany apatig cmaumncy> sahxppoorlgh
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mohammed was sentenced to death for teo lagnin, e layn am an0p h hgi 10 people shot to death in the rampage that orlfiefoizhigs the .c.r -b maryland aurs. >> a second video surfaced that 3 t ta higs oo th tmployees giving tax voice for criminal employee. ^ for advice on skirting the law. a sim wea 2,useur ve ur am[ce> f wuriiin6 cike congressman roscoe barton says const ,r ispbkhiby> chi,rai rl. tmel amfo tin amdafoo heila dixon joined us on 11 news today for hsvve bekly q mur fthrf andr en whr h segment. she sared her thoughts on ughfieveitmag> li musr -bs thn' h iempact. >> my focus is not allowing the doaicoupens o wsvapnr -bs og r lrysm on all of taxes and issues.
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i don't want to burapns th h ^ issues that we are currently dlay minve ih> f tmelahec hadr'. - > amdafoe strar lo ays the city is doing everything possible to +ucp> ncluauin che s> n salaries and furloughs. now a week from today osvnt mur f at a wheat ao mher mmat da, h chancellor of the yumpt of marylangh thpaht l, if you have a question, send them to ouore- [ wer _bdamoh,rair ls@wbaloph a bode was found insuseer ve al s h mc^ ti ro ar> nugewr nrave discovered the body in the wallaces phty arg wtig .uerfoog thy presume it is the


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