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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we are now back with more of "today," thursday morning. 17th day of september, 2009. it's a bit of a gray day in the northeast. it doesn't seem to bother any of these people. some gathered about 5:00, 5:30. we're out with norah o'donnell who continues to help out despite everything she was warned about. back for a second day here in the 9:00 hour. did you have fun yesterday? >> i had a great time. >> i was watching a lot in my dressing room and saw a lot of laughing going on. >> that dauf -- that's a sign of
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maria menounos. >> coming up police in connecticut made an arrest in the murder of the yale grad student annie le. now the chief suspect is ray clark. we'll have much more on the story coming up. switching gears from the financial files. ever thought you would like to be your own boss, perhaps the boss of you. we look into what goes into the starting business especially in the economic tough times. we meet two young women making a go at it. >> do your kids ever do that thing when you're arguing? >> you're not my boss -- you're not the boss of me. >> speaking of kids, you heard of ninja turtles. coming up tortoise and hare. we're talking about a special turtle. there he is. he's name is lucky. he's still going strong after he had two legs replaced. we'll get the whole story. >> what are those thins up
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front? >> coasters. little coasters. he's got a girlfriend too. >> what's her name. >> unlucky. >> all right. plus i hear you guys are looking for a new member of the "today" team. >> we are. today's kid reporter. >> if you got a youngster that likes to report the news, we want you to give a shot and go to the website. "today" send a tape, between the ables of 8 and 12 and report on any story they like. the submissions should be mailed to today's kid reporter, 30 rockefeller plaza new york, new york. official rules on >> that should be fun. look forward to meeting some young people. before we go further let's go inside. natalie in the news desk while ann on assignment. ann is reviewing iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. you'll see it on "nightly news"
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this eing. >> as we've been reporting an arrest has been mayed in the killing of grad student annie le. jeff rossen joins us from new haven, connecticut. jeff, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, natalie this happened a bit ago. earlier this morning police pulled into a super 8 hotel around 30 miles from yale campus. that's where ray clark arrested for this murder of annie le. is now in single custody with a single charge of murder. you see the police arriving at the hotel. here's a yale lab animal technician who worked with annie le. there's no evidence of romantic relationship. they would not discuss anything about the motive. they collected close to 300 pieces of evidence. and a $3 million bond has been issued. they also say they do not have any other suspects. it's lieutenant important to note that at the moment that ray clark is being arrested.
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police held a briefing with reporters. take a listen. >> we don't have any suspects of suspects at this time. we have a lot of evidence we have to analyze. literally hundreds of pieces of evidence to go to the lab. this was not a street crime. not a domestic crime which is often what we have. it was a workplace crime. >> yale's president sent out a message to all of the students and faculty earlier this morning reassuring that there has been an arrest. he said this is a place of workplace violence and there was nothing in mr. clark's past, he said that would indicate he would be involved in any crime like this but said yale will redouble its efforts to keep students and faculty safe. robin. >> joining us is clint van zandt. we know they've been watching clint for some time. during the news conference you heard from jeff ross and police, they said this is not a case of
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street crime but workplace violence. we know the method she died, she was choked to death. what does this tell you about this man? >> i think it says what we see, many times in cases of workplace violence, natalie. these people work in proximity to each other but appears that something happened in this professional relationship. allegedly e-mails passed between the two, where mr. clark indicated he was upset at the way the victim, perhaps, had handled mice, that he was responsible for within that laboratory. whether the handling of a mouse actually led to a murder or not, is something that we still have to see, but that appears to be what police are telling us. >> yeah. police are saying they have over 300 pieces of evidence that they're still looking at. they set bond at $3 million as jeff rossen was reporting. we know that they were making sure they had a dna match. does it sound the case against raymond clark is pretty much sealed? >> well, i think it's a
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developing case. you know, natalie. there was a time we used to follow footprints in the stand to find a suspect. today those are electronic footprints. authorities able to follow the electronic key cards of both the suspect and victim in this case throughout the entire building and in specific rooms in the lap. you can put two people in a room with the key card, and only one goes out, that's pretty good evidence that they were together, then of course we have dna, hair, fibers, fingernails, clothing. e-mails that we talk about all make up over 300 pieces of evidence in a case that will continue to grow as the evidence is examed. >> all right. clint van zandt, former fbi profiler, we appreciate the expertise this morning. thank you. >> former vice president dick cheney is in a washington, d.c. hospital this morning. he's undergoing elective surgery to deal with lumbar spinal stenosis, a lower back problem. another deadly day in
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afghanistan, this morning a suicide car bombing near the u.s. embassy at american military base in kabul, killed 16 people. no word if americans are among the dead. president obama awards the first award, posthumous to. singer chris brown does 10 days of community service. he cleared brush and debris at police horse stables in his home state of virginia. now seven minutes past the hour. let's go back to al for a check of the forecast. >> thanks a lot, natnatalie. we have the folks from the shield foundation. >> today they kick off the national campaign giving 50 homes to wounded and disabled veterans. louis and his family are first recipient. we'll be giving it to him this evening at the director's guild red carpet event.
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>> thank you. let's check your weather and see what's happening. it's raining in the southeast from texas, florida and georgia and tennessee, anywhere from one to almost nine inches of rain over the last 24 hours. low pressure system just won't quit. actually sliding back into texas. spreading that heavy rain as far east as raleigh, north carolina, >> cloudy and cool, with light rain and drizzle. high only going up to 67 in central maryland. across the eastern shore, the shores of ocean city, 70. that's your latest weather.
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natalie. >> al, thank you. and today, we begin a two-day series called today's entrepreneurs. how many times you dreamed of being your own boss but wonder if we really have what it takes. we meet two youngsters pouring their passion and personalities into their idea. >> 27-year-old jodi snyder and her younger sister, danielle knows that starting a business takes more than a dream. >> we have vision, passion. that only gets you so far. >> it also takes a lot of hard work. >> will you print out two copies. >> spend creators of danny-jo jewelry you see there's nothing they don't do. from sourcing raw materials, to managing production. >> i love this one. >> to selling their line. >> this one's a little less. >> how many hats to each of you wear. >> too many. i would say. >> and they run their entire
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fledgling business out of a one bedroom apartment they share. >> not a lot of -- >> this is the pantry. >> but don't let their slight frames and tiny headquarters fool you. these girs mean business. >> if you really want to do something. find a way to do it. no one else is doing it. how can i do this that's creative and we'll get some kind of buzz or attention. >> a lot of brands, either focus on rough and edgy, or very soft, feminine and dainty. i don't think there's a brand, at least in my opinion that nailed the policy later. >> a collaboration of personal styles and substance. >> what about your personalities that think allowed you to have the success that you've had so far? >> probably jodi's determination and my willingness to not take no for an answer. >> rates that help them secure 60 sales accounts in the first yearen aa half, including the
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contract with bergdorf goodman in new york. >> getting to know their customer and bidding a longtime relationship. >> reporter: if these two 20-somethings sound like they've been in business for year it might be because they listen closely to those who have. >> you have a mentor, find people who have been there, done that. >> reporter: weathering the biggest economic downturn in recent history might have less to do with expert advice, and more with something simple. their bare bones approach. >> very easy for us to be nimble and accommodating. if something is not working switch it quickly, we can whip something up on the spot. >> after projecting a profit in 2009, nimble and quick seems to be, woulding. >> what is the hardest lesson you've both earn willed so far. >> just making sure you took
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enough time for yourself is important. >> live, eat and breathe your business at the enof the day if you're not enjoying it, you shouldn't be doing it. >> they started the country with about 50 thousand of savings and family loans, on track to make a profit by the end of the year. when we come back gene chas ski is here to help you with your business. but first, these messages. seeing the whole picture. thee ask your doctor about trilipix. statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides and raise good cholesterol to help improve all three cholesterol numbers. trilipix has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or stroke more than a statin alone. trilipix is not for everyone, including people with liver, gallbladder, or severe kidney disease, or nursing women. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you are pregnant or may become pregnant.
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of calcium and vitamin d. that's where their favorite cereals can help. general mills big g is the only leading line of kid cereals that has calcium and vitamin d. help them get more of what they need with general mills kid cereals. we're back with more "today's" entrepreneurs. if you of thought of starting your own business.
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good morning, jean. >> you saw the two sisters invested quite a bit of starting their jewelry business. is there a rule of thumb. how much initial investment you have to make and how much cash you have to invest. >> we talked earlier there have been incredible successful business started to $5,000. if you can make sure that you have enough capital to keep yourself in business for six to 12 months. i think you're doing okay. you got to know you may not have money coming in that first year, you want to have enough to sustain you. >> that said, we start turning a profit this year. give yourself a cut-off as to when you actually start making money. >> again i think a year is a really good measure. you have to see the numbers moving in the right direction. doesn't necessarily mean you're turning a massive profit. if you show a potential investor that you will be turning a profit in the near future. at least you're able to keep yourself going. that's just the rule of thumb. >> as we saw in their story
9:17 am
they're nimble and quick. they're able to react because they've been able to keep their business small. they hire interns rather than paid people. does that help in this economy. >> absolutely. cheaper you can keep yourself going, the better off you'll be. it's not that there are interns willing to work for free in the fashion business there's so many talented people laid off or come out of school and haven't been able to get out of jobs. they're looking for something to put on their resume so they get the next job. willing to work for you, three months, six months, even longer for no money. >> you have to consider the product you're selling too in the marketplace. they have a jewelry design business which there are a lot of jewelry designers out there. they have a different product, how important is that? >> so important to go out and see if there's an appetite for other people to buy whatever it is you are looking to make or sell. otherwise there's so many people who are the best blogger. they're the best baker.
9:18 am
it's not enough anymore. if you're not able to actually sell it, then it's not work, it's a hobby. >> they kind of tested the market before that. they did that well, doing it in college and dabbling in it. >> this is not a time to quit your day job. not in this recession. spend your weekends, moonlight. see if you make money and then shift gears. >> jodi talked about importance of having a mentor to get people to help them out a lot. how important is that? >> professional business advice is available for free. if you go to service corps of retired executives you find people willing to help you for free with accounting, writing that first business plan, pretty much everything you need they're there for you. >> that's the key, to keeping yourself organized too. we saw jodi and danielle struggling with that. but that's the next step. >> pay for the help you need
9:19 am
whether it's accounting, whatever to get you the next step. you do whatever you can yourselves right now to keep it cheap. >> jean chatzky, thanks so much. we'll look at two business grads who got into the men's fashion business and the turtle lucky who was mauled by a wild animal has a new lease on life. we'll tell you why and how. and explain his feet or paws. right after this. for joint pain.
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last july, sally pines missing box turtle returns home without his front legs. sally guessed he had been
9:23 am
attacked by a raccoon and took her to a veterinarian. we have sally with her turtle. along with the veterinarian. >> describe the story after you first found lucky after they were injured. >> he and his girlfriend lovie live in our yard in a nice enclosed pen, pretty much turtle heaven. we came home to find they were outside the pen. we found the girl she were okay. we found him, his legs were missing. oh, my god, poor thing. we took him to emergency and they cleaned him up. then we found dr. jeram. he was just wonderful. took great care of him at north park. >> did you fear the worst for lucky, given both his legs were mauled off? what was his prognosis. >> i didn't know. i thought this will be awful for
9:24 am
the turtle. dr. jeram said they live through all kind of attacks. >> they put the furniture sliders on his legs. these are temporary right now. >> we're think ig this is what we'll permanently do. >> how does love i have feel about the sliders? >> that's the girlfriend. >> she's not interested much in all of this attention. she just burrows. like turtles do. >> good to see he's doing well. >> there's a little fun that got started for him. this is crazy. >> thanks for sharing. huh? don't worry, it tastes great. froot loops now with 3 grams of fiber. it makes your tummy happy so it can absorb the good stuff you need, which your mom is gonna love. it does taste great. fiber is a great way to keep ya healthy. i can never read these things. kellogg's froot loops and apple jacks cereals, now provide fiber. kellogg's makes fiber fun.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. a daughter and granddaughter of townsend and kelliher have been charged after the daughter allegedly attacked a police officer. that happened after kelly oliver kicked and hit an officer who tried to subdue her. once handcuffed, she refused to get out, and officers say they had to carry her to the corporate the granddaughter was arrested for disorderly conduct. -- every her to the car. the granddaughter was arrested for disorderly conduct. we will find out about the state's deepening budget woes and how it could affect you. revenue projections could be off by as much as $300 million.
9:27 am
11 news reporter david collins will be at the board estimates meeting and we will have complete coverage at 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00. the baltimore convention center will play host to a job here today from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. we have the information on our website, let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> mostly cloudy skies, cool, chilly conditions. a damp filter the air. we have a chance of seeing and drizzle and light rain. winds northeasterly, and that is pulling in the moisture from the atlantic ocean. high pressure from new england is helping the wind flow from the east and northeast. we have a lot of moisture to deal with because we have the moisture that has not moved everywhere all week. it will remain unsettled today. partly cloudy after maybe an
9:28 am
isolated shower in the morning. mid-70's, partly cloudy. >> we wi
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♪ and as if you might not know, the things that are world famous dallas cowboy cheerleaders. one part of the family they call america's team. team has a home sweet home, bigger than anything to come before it. a billion dollar 3 million square foot state of the art stadium. world's biggest hd television stretching from 20 yard line to 20 yard line. we'll be broadcasting there tomorrow on a special edition of "today." i'm al roker along with natalie morales and norah o'donnell. you've been left holding the
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back, norah? >> i need a new bag. of course the perfect fashion accessory. >> a man purse? >> a man bag. >> the perfect accessory and necessity and favorite indulgence for all of us women. see some men really do like them. and so if you're looking for what's hot this fall. bobbi has the scoop. >> there's a new show coming to late night. actress mo'nique is taking on the big boys with her talk show and her new movie "precious" earning huge reviews. the buzz behind this movie is unbelievable. >> that's right. do you guys like steak? >> love it, how can you not? >> we'll help you make perhaps the best steak going from a guy who has written the healthy beef cookbook. that's right. >> so it's going to be healthy, i guess. >> first what's cooking with the forecast. >> i get it.
9:32 am
you're unbelievable. let check your weather and see what's going on. as far as today, we have record highs in the plains, that continues in the southeast, flash flood warnings. then tomorrow, beautiful for the western half of the country, >> cloudy and cool, temperature range in the upper 60s for the high. we will rebound nicely tomorrow. 78 and starting to clear. and that's your latest weather. >> come on, norah.
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love that music this morning on bobbie's style buzz. this year it's all about bold, beautiful colors, texture and metal hardway and bobbie thomas as a little bit of everything. this is so much fun. you've been copying stores, chevrolet shelves, even the runway. a lot of interesting stuff. let's start with the class is. >> it was exciting.
9:37 am
designers on the runway. they went back to basics. this fendi peek-a-boo bag is spotted on runways. look at all of the bags on our price point. >> you had viewers help you pick them out, right? >> it's funny, i asked you to help me hunt for handbags. it was fantastic. we had so many people sharing what they like and favorites. it's fun to incorporate what you like. i love that. >> let's talk about colorful bags, that's what you can use, of course. >> i do do want to point out. all-day boggers loved this. $39, really great buy. >> i like that. colorful, other big trend. how do you wear a color like this in the winner with a black outfit. >> what you have on is great. color adds to the basics you see in the winter. we're breaking the rules. i have something on the blog.
9:38 am
i like they picked this, cops in lots of bright colors. >> how much? >> $99. this is one celebrities are scooping up. and so many discount department stores. they had so much color. moments, t.j.maxx all of these on my article on the website. bianco. dsw have great clutches. add pop of color and chanel set the tone with candy-colored bags. >> the other, i'll take this with me now and sort of keep that -- >> see the orange works nice. nice fall color. we also have texture. it was like the tough biker chic look. >> this tough category are the bad girl bags. if you like something like that, that's lace, floral and feminine. >> if you add a little edge. you'll get me in trouble. >> this is a pick again.
9:39 am
excited this is by laichle and rachel roy. this bag is only $40. >> i loved that. these bags from bakers have sequins. i like this hype clutch. >> this is over $100 but a classic bag you'll have forever. the jewelry to your dress. >> and this oversized bag, $50 at express. i love these, this is a great way. >> studs are here to stay. >> then of course texture. >> this is too hip for me. i wish i could wear a bag like this. i think it's so cool. >> what i love about this, add interest to an outfit. this bag right here. it's the classic iconic bag. they have lots of great weaving techniques, set the tone -- >> this is more expensive. >> it's an investment, this plum bag is really on trend. i love this right here from rampage. approximately $100 with the pleating.
9:40 am
>> great. urban outfitters, $60. in general you look for something like this big buddha bag. stay with the neutral color, you don't want to add crazy sparkle and studs when you do texture. adds interest to your look and soft pastels are really pretty. >> i've learned a lot. thanks for the bag, i appreciate it. >> everything on i've done a lot of home work. check out the viewer picks and these. >> p coming up monique giving the boys some back talk but first these mess ans. an unstoppable foam that penetrates the toughest clogs and pummels them away. liquid-plumr foaming pipe snake. unleash the power of the plumr. maybe this is one of the most important.
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most. mo'nique will host the show. in addition she's also receiving rave reviews for her new rule in the film "precious." mo'nique it's good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> what made you decide to do a late night show. a lot of people have tried. >> yes. >> you know, the morning time just wasn't -- >> you don't want to get up early? >> i couldn't do it. i couldn't do it. late night, i love a party. i love a good time. i love noise and music and people just dancing, having a lot of fun. >> that's like this show. >> i get that, i get that. >> what better to do it at late night. >> uh-oh, what's happening here? >> oh, no. >> hold on a sec. >> oh, no. >> what was it? >> what the -- what? what's going on? >> your husband is your co-executive producer?
9:45 am
is he watching all that? >> yes, he gave me that note. baby go over there and sit next to them. it works. >> he's willing to give you up for the show. >> listen, baby. >> so funny he'll be at cameras, everybody watching him, watching me. he said listen, that's my wife, i know here, she's all right. >> what's different about your show, besides mo'nique which is enough, obviously? >> what i believe is different is community, unity, it's a show totally for us. it's black entertainment television. you'll get a chance to see our stars. >> you don't have to be black to watch -- >> baby, listen to us, you can be from mars, it's for everybody. >> listen. nanu, nanu. >> you were a little unaccustomed to this. at one point you launched into your stand-up. >> okay. you've been doing this for a long time, so you know. i'm a stand-up comedian.
9:46 am
i had guests on that show that day. singing group silk. they were very sweet. audience had laughed at a joke i said. baby, i turned around in my chair and went right to the stand-up stage. i forgot that i had guests. i forgot, yes. >> well, i tell you one thing that may make us forget about your stand-up career is this performance in "precious." co-executive produced by tyler perry. by lee daniels. tell us about this. >> lee daniels called me up, i said i have something that could destroy your career. i said sign me up. when i read the book "push." i said what is this? it was devastating. it was, oh, my god. what's happening here? it's a movie about ill literacy, molestation, hiv and aids. cruelty, mental illness and also
9:47 am
a movie about triumph when you see this young lady, gabby, she's absolutely amazing. she plays precious, some people think it's a documentary and not a movie. >> you play her mom? >> let's take a look. >> i don't want you to sit there and judge me. >> you shut up and let him abuse your daughter. >> i did not want him to abuse my daughter. >> you allowed him to hurt her. >> she told you what i did to her -- who else was going to love me? >> it was a very, very honest and powerful movie. >> yes. >> after each day of shooting, i would think ud you'd be drained? >> well, you know, lee daniels was so brilliant, the moment he said cut, we play. the moment he said cut, we
9:48 am
played and yet when we left we were supposed to be drained that's when you know you leave it all on the mat. we didn't take it with us, we left it right there. >> there's oscar buzz about this movie. and about your role in this. that must be pretty heavy stuff. >> you know what, baby, any buzz is pretty heavy stuff. the image award is heavy stuff. s.a.g. award. >> it's gotten all these awards. >> hey, baby, we had no expectations. lee caught us all in, set us all down. we all knew our positions. we didn't say, oh, no, this is going to be oscar, this is an image award. we say baby we'll give you what you're asking for. the night he said cut. he said monique, you gave me what i needed. i won my oscar right there. that brother took a chance on me when normally no one would take a chance on me to play that type of role. not gabby but he did.
9:49 am
we're appreciative of that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next a recipe that will get your mouth watering. oh, yeah. put a l l
9:50 am
9:51 am
all right this morning, in "today's" kitchen. chef richard chamberlain, if you try to duplicate your favorite steak you got some health. . he owns the award-winning chamberlain steak. glad to have you. >> thank you, glad to be here. >> we are making a flank steak in >> yes, in my steak house we use expensive equipment but i want to show you ho to do it at home. >> and very budget friendly. it's not an expensive cut of
9:52 am
beef. >> my wife loves it. it's lean. healthy. this is where the magic comes in. this is where the magic comes in a little bit of olive oil, a little weight on top. helps to rest it against the heat and evenly brown it. it's going to be really beautiful. >> let me ask u-why do you use the iron skillet as opposed to a regular frying pan. >> great question. riern holds the heat and you put the cold steak down and the heat holds the flavor. >> so that pres it down -- >> even kicking. that's how we do it in the steak house. >> you are making a tomato jam? >> tomatoes and garlic pair great with beef. it's just natural. >> put it on the beef, this is toma tomatoes, garlic, conion.
9:53 am
>> this helps balance the tomato, a touch of sugar. reduce by half and it will be ready. >> how long do you cook it for? >> reduced by half. >> senator raw is a chef. >> i'm learning. >> i'm going to finish this with lime juice and cilantro. we have a great steak that's allowing it to rest. resting is really important. it allows juices to stay in so they don't run out on the cutting board. >> and flank steak, it's a tough steak so you can't cook it too much. it's a lean steak. >> perfect. it's very lean, perfect medium is the best way to eat it. it's teper as can be when it's like this. also a great steak to marinade if you like to marinade things. >> how long do you cook it to get it medium? >> depending on thickness three to five minutes on each side.
9:54 am
see i get against the grain. that helps with w tenorness also. >> this is just right. we love it that way. >> you serve it with a great salad? >> we have a tomato jam, which is, again, just a flavor explosion, when you have beef. >> flavor explosion. we love explosions around here. >> yes. >> an we paired it with a nice ar aarugula salad. eat the beef with arugula, it's a pepper steak feel. >> you add this to really any cut of steak, filet, t-bones. >> that's right we have t-bones. filets. >> that's amazing. thank you so much. it's delicious. it's so easy. >> five minutes or so. voila. it's done. >> like a chef in your own home. >> it's lucky, you have the real thing at home. >> coming up we have first date mistakes.
9:55 am
kathie lee and hoda take you behind the scenes at fashion week. i love that. >> first a check of local news and weather. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore city firefighters are on the scene of what is being called a deadly fire in west baltimore. the fire erupted just before 5:00 a.m. in a row home at the 2000 block of north smallwood street. while searching the house, crews found a body, which has been taken to the medical examiner's office. back in a minute with a check
9:56 am
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>> now let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> we will be cooler than normal. highs in the upper 60s today. a slight chance of seeing a little drizzle and light show activity. winds are northeasterly, tend to 15 miles per hour generally. tonight, mostly cloudy and lighter wind. as we go to tomorrow, starting to clear. gorges on saturday. 75 and mostly sunny. >> we will see you back here for 11 news at noon.
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