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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 22, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hi, i'm vivian puxian from sao paolo, brazil, and live from the big apple, this is "the wendy williams show!" on today's show, from mtv's "the hills," stephanie pratt, "ask wendy," and a hot performance by sean kingston! how you doin'? @ and here's wendy! ?g?g?gcc
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within h . >> wendy: how you doin'? i know you're saying omg. vivian, tell everybody why you're here, what this is and how we're connected. >> this is a personal space protecter. that's how i'm here. to tell everybody. people see in the street, say what the hell is that? it protects from people who bump me all the time. >> wendy: she's from brazil. much like new york or l.a., the streets are crowded.
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people bump you. >> i doen't want to get sick. >> wendy: the interesting thing is she actually wears this on the subway, at the beach, at the clubs. the pictures are showing. look at her. >> that's on the beach. i wear a bikini and this. perfect. >> wendy: let's see what happens when she walks through crowds in new york on a day when the president is here, the general assembly is meeting. this is -- what is this right here? >> this is my cell phone holder. >> wendy: oh, should have known. >> it's perfect! >> wendy: i appreciate you being here. this is your prototype. you're very serious about this, huh? >> yeah, sure. >> wendy: do you have a boyfriend? >> guys can send applications if you want. >> wendy: okay. we've got a clip of stephanie. of vivian. excuse me. let's take a look. this is what happens when she walks through the crowd. >> this is new york city. brooklyn bridge. people pretend not to see me.
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>> wendy: people are parting the seas. i love it. vivian, thank you so much. i would kiss you expect i'm too far away. >> yes, you can. >> wendy: it's time for "hot topics." we have -- thank you, everyone. that is so weird, vivian. you know, when you're tall, people just get out of your way anyway. when you're big and you're tall, the seas part. usually it's for something freakish. oh, my gosh, she's so tall. or the hair. but people part the red seas. it's a busy day here on the show. we do have stephanie here. stephanie pratt. she's coming through. sean kingston is here. and it is an even bigger day for us melrose fans. i got the alert on my computer upstairs that heather locklear
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is joining the cast of the new "melrose place" on the cw starting november 17th. i'm really excited! get, they call our girl in to just really amp things up. the show's doing okay. how does everying do when heather touches it? yeah. exactly. we love it! and i want to shout out to my parents' neighbors in miami. patti stanger, you know here from the millionaire match maker on bravo. her mom and dad live in the same billing. they all sit around the pool and stuff. i just want to give a special shout out to her mom, rhoda. and you also, patti. you guys hang in there! all right. oh, another mother i want to shout out to. hilary duff's mother, susan, sent me these flowers. well, okay. do you remember on "hot topics" just a moment ago, not today, but i was talking about, you know, mothers in hollywood.
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i was saying how susan duff does a really good job with hilary and hayley duff. hilary just signed on to star in an episode of "gossip girl." she's also designs clothes. while the other girls are out being crazy, susan is helping the girls. they're growing into nice, young girls. i don't know either one of them. susan, this is the time for us to connect and do a little fashion show. i saw some of the clothes in hilary's line for dkny. let's do a fashion line. why not? look, she says to me, i'll give you the inside scoop. she goes, wendy, my new best friend, thank you -- she watches the show. she saw me talking about hollywood moms and saying how i thought she was a really good manager, stage mom. anyway, so she says thank you more than you can ever know for what your kind words meant to me. i will generously pay -- wait.
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generously pay it forward. oh, pay it forward. so you'll come to the show? oh, anyway, she goes on to say straight from the heart, hoping our paths will cross, susan duff. so i appreciate that. that's so nice. i'm hot. flashing, no doubt. you know, i wish that more mothers would share the experience. like last night was back to school night in my son's school. i talked to a lot of the different mothers in between in the audience and out in the street and stuff. apparently this is back to school night week for a lot of the students in the schools around the country. and it's tough. these kids and the home work and the questions that they ask. and they don't want to hear about our careers or that we're tired or whatnot. shout out to all the moms. guess what. so there's this book that was
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actually sits on my desk this morning from nancy o 'dell who's going to be on the show in a few weeks. "mom to mom tips. how i wish someone had told me when i was pregnant." i love that. it's tough. if you happen to be pregnant and about to have your first, hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride. all your friends aren't going to share all the secrets. hopefully, you know, you'll have somebody in your life, you know, to help you out. oh, you know wt? shout out to all of our viewers in atlanta. have you heard about these atlanta floods? they're like on their sixth or seventh day of raining. and people have actually died. and so the rain is horrible. and we know we've got a lot of you all in atlanta. so we're really sorry to hear about what's happening. and you all hang in there also. so kim from "atlanta housewives," speaking of atlanta, is being sued.
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apparently yesterday she was forced to remove "tardy for the party" after the producer of the show -- excuse me. the song, don vito, filed a lawsuit. why don't people cover all of this paperwork before they actually come out with something, you know what i mean? why would she just come out and do it on a show that's so watched? don owns the rights. and allegedly hasn't been paid. hello, papa! i need a song paid for! don't you love that? so housewife costar candy, who's going to be here next week -- thursday? of this week. candy's going to be here, she produced the song and remastered it from the country hit to the pop hit. she'll be on the show. we can ask her more about that. you know -- yeah. on thursday. i wonder how she's doing? i wonder how they're all doing? don't we have a pipeline to any of them? maybe we can call someone after
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the show to find out how people are doing in atlanta. all that rain. so, you guys, according to "life & style" weekly magazine that i love, khloe kardashian will marry l.a. lakers star lamar adam this sunday. don't you love the pictures of them? look. his hand is on his wallet. you know he's the $33 million man. he just signed a new contract. and if they're going to get married this weekend, so far i've heard no details of a prenup. hold on to your wallet. and look at khloe's hand on her bag. fill her up, please! no. you guys, seriously, i like their love. you know, it's very fast to
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happen. they've only been dating for a moment. but, you know, lamar, first of all, he's been in the nba for quite some time. a responsible man, seemingly. i follow all the hot topics and stuff. i've never heard about anything crazy or screwy going on with him late nights, you know, with guns in his pockets or guns going off or bar fights. you know, he's a clean guy. i like lamar. anyway, his previous relationship, he has a baby's mother, they were together for 12 years. and they have two children, a 10-year-old and 7-year-old. so he never married her, but i've never heard of anything horrible. marriage isn't for everybody. i never heard of anything horrible. how do you feel if you're a mom for 12 years and khloe kardashian gets the papers? the papers. she said huh-uh. well, look, i'm happy for khloe and lamar. if they get married on sunday, it's not too late to fedex an
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invite this way. i heard it's going to be -- i love my kardashians. i heard it's going to be a small ceremony at a private home. so it won't be so private once the helicopters buzz overhead, though, right? i like it. $33 million over four years. khloe, hurry up and get pregnant. just lock it down. now, look. everyone in america, i know you hear me say that, you know, maybe more times than i should with the young girls. hurry up. lock him down. get pregnant. i really am for a woman going to college, you know, having a corner office, doing something fabulous, you know, but not everybody can do something like that. so kardashians are making a name for themselves. so i'm not going to hate on khloe. you know you wish you could have met a man worth $33 million and not have to work. what? so what are you going to do now,
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kim? one day she's the star of the family. the next day she's just one of the girls. and do something quick before kendal really -- because kendall, the little sister, that's a fire cracker. that's a fire cracker. i love you all. love, love, love all you kardashians. oh, oh, oh! sorry. i went to bed last night at 8:30 right after parent/teacher night. and i had two cups of coffee today. so i'm all -- sorry. okay, look. so -- and today's the first day of fall. see? yeah. i wore a special costume for you. all right. so 50 cent was allegedly involved in this relationship, this romantic relationship with ciara. i say allegedly just to. but i'm telling you allegedly this relationship was going on for a moment. he met her right when she was on
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the cusp which wasn't too long ago, ciara was hot and popping and doing her thing. she wasn't quite beyonce, but no one is. but she was working her way there. then something happened. and the cd came out, and you didn't buy it. and -- and jaszy faye, who's this record producer that she used to be business -- in business with in atlanta, you know, anyway, their relationship went sour. and 50 kind of scooped her up and said, come on. and he allegedly got her a phantom car and that lamborghini she speeds around hollywood with the kardashians with. six degrees of kardashians. she's friends with hollywood girls. he allegedly bought a house and put her up in there. then she did the video with justin timberlake and licked his face. allegedly 50 was p.o..ed.
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she allegedly got a visit from 50, and there was allegedly no foot in the refraj tor. i'm going to bring this around to where it's going to make sense. all that means -- allegedly they are no longer together. there, you have that part. you young girls have got to stop living on dropping it light it's hot and being cute. men need more than that at the end of the day. if you can't cook, figure out how. gather it. make it work. you know, you can see him coming in the house all, you know, no food, yo? what's that? the video? you're licking his face? your album flopped and i'm bankrolling your whole situation and you're disrespecting? oh, no. instead of the kardashians you should have become friends with christina milian the singer. she's doing it. i told you guys christina and the dream just got married. no prenup.
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he's worth multi, multimillions. wrote fancy songs for fancy people like beyonce. ciara, i'm sorry to hear about what happened. you'll learn next time. hi, 50. >> how you doin'? >> how you doin'? >> what's up, wendy. i have a couple of comments about your "hot topics." you hear all these young girls in hollywood. they're going out with these guys. this one with that one, ciara with this one, khloe with this one, kim with this one. you never hear about them, like, going to get checked and stuff. >> would you stop it? would you stop? people don't give -- >> we need to hear that, you know. it's real. >> that khloe was seen coming out of a doctor's office? people don't get checked at public places. these people have health plans and they get checked at private doctors. sir, you're being too technical. >> we need to know that. we need to know it. not about how much your shoes cost or your bags. we need to know the real things.
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>> what's the last time you got your trap checked? >> my point exactly. how you doin'? >> thank you, sir. okay. okay. so did you guys see barack obama last night, our president on david letterman? i didn't see -- i went to bed at 8:30. you saw him, though? it was his sixth appearance. but the first as a sitting president on "letterman." ow. ow! i didn't rip them, though. these aren't fish net-fish nets. real fish nets rip. then you get all slutty like you see the girls look. they got the pads at the bottom. yes, no. doing it. they're for the dancers. if you're a long tall salary li --
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sally like me, yesterday i told you my panty hose were way down here? these are all the way up. yes. how you doin'? okay, look. there's a new book out today. and it's by christopher anderson called "barack and michelle, portrait of an american marriage." i can't wait until the weekend. that's when i dig into all my books. i just finished "push" this last weekend. i have a book giveaway later in the show. hold on. this book about barack and michelle has some really interesting nuggets about the first couple. i have notes here. but i have to tell you, i heard about this book weeks ago. i read all about it in "the enquirer." where are my nuggets? okay. initially barack was reluctant to pop the question to michelle. despite his obvious devotion to her.
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until the night of their engagement, michelle said, look, buddy. take notes, girls. look, buddy, i'm not one of those girls who just hangs out forever. shortly after that, he presented her with a one carat ring in a velvet box. the book also detailed -- take note of the size, too, by the way, girls. it's not what you get. it's the potential of what could be in terms of the ring. i know we had an "ask wendy" earlier in the week. the girl was complaining about her ring. you know, if a woman supports her man and vice versa, in no time at all, so now they're in the white house. more nuggets in the book. the book details crazy surroundings, last year's craziness surrounding the presidential campaign last year, political groupies, passing phone numbers, and the obama girl and, you know, he's sexy and there's some sexy women out there who don't -- who are very disrespectful of marriage. but michelle says, according to this book, that she never
5:19 pm
questioned his fidelity. he's never given me reason to doubt him. the president initially also thought that the "yes, we can" slogan was childish and corny until michelle convinced him otherwise. she said it'll work. trust me. michelle also shut down the notion of hillary clinton being vice president, opting for joe biden. saying do you really want bill and hillary just down the haul fr -- hall from you at the white house? could you live with that? they also struggled with issue. michelle often accused barack of being an absentee husband. now everybody's more focused. when does this book come out? then we have to go to a break. comes out today. we've got another session of "hot topics." serena, john travolta and more. pure cane sugar and the stevia plant.
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>> wendy: i cannot wait until the weekend! i can't wait to get into this barack and michelle book. you know, though, if this goes to show that first of all they are regular, normal people and also all of, like i said earlier, the wonderful things that can happen to two individuals when they support one another, i love it. i can't wait until the weekend. oh, by the way. kim from "housewives of atlanta" just tweeted in during the commercials. she said about "tardy for the party" she's getting her legal issues in order. did she say anything about the rain? >> no. >> wendy: tweet back. how you doin'? all right. hi, how are you? >> i'm doing good. how you doin'? >> wendy: how you doin'? >> you're working that dress. >> wendy: thank you. >> wendy: second of all, on barack and michelle, you know, michelle used to be barack's boss when they first started in the law firm. >> wendy: yes. >> so, i mean, just imagine what kind of game you got to have to
5:23 pm
come, you know, to get your boss, you know. >> wendy: yeah. i love it. >> yeah. >> wendy: i bet you their sex is good. i mean, first family. everybody has been wondering that. nobody's said a word. let's talk the obvious, right? i bet you it's good. okay. so serena williams is the new spokesperson for tampax. and i love this idea. i love this idea. procter & gamble is featuring her in a light hearted campaign about the tampax brand. serena is going to take on the mother nature character. the advertising begins -- huh? oh, advertising begins in october. you know, even with her tirade on the tennis court and her $10,000 fine, tampax says that does not affect us. we still want her. and she was a previous pitch woman for nike and gatorade.
5:24 pm
i like the idea she's their spokesperson. a lot of people wear tampons if they have an active life. after i had little kev, i wouldn't put anything in there for ages. it took me -- i know that's a lot. like a tampon. it took me a while. but now i'm back in the game. and i'm a tampax user myself. how you doin'? okay. how are you? >> how you doin', wendy? >> wendy: okay. >> on the topic about barack and michelle's book, you know, it just goes to show you that behind every great man is a great woman. >> wendy: yeah. >> you know, with teddy roosevelt, you know, when teddy roosevelt was going through his thing in the past, he had his wife there. >> wendy: eleanor. >> it just goes to show you, finally there's a woman to go -- he's a great president. don't get me wrong. i voted for him and i love him. behind him is that great woman. i'm not standing for it unless you're going to give me what i
5:25 pm
give you. >> wendy: exactly. thank you. all right. now, my dearly departed friend e. lynn harris, "new york times" best selling author, you know, he passed away at age 54 while promoting this very book. and this is all recently. about a month ago, this happened. anyway, this friday will be, the 25th of september will be e. lynn harris day at bookstores all across the country. everybody in the audience is going to get a copy of this book right here. it's called "mama dearest." if you'd love to win your copy, go to my website at and find out the details. e. lynn harris will always mean something to me pip am a two-time "new york times" best selling author. when i first became a "new york times" best selling author it was with my autoboyography in 2002. he sent me flowers, called me privately, welcomed me into the club and talked to me about how
5:26 pm
prestee jous it is to be a best selling author. he was never a hater. i read this book on our plane trip to l.a. this is another good one. shout out to my read anistas. a person who reads. the john travolta extortion trial started in the bahamas. this second "hot topics" is running a long time. >> we're over so speed up. >> wendy: among the potential witnesses at the trial which began yesterday are two people -- this is about the two people who were accused of extorting $25 million from the travoltas. an ambulance driver and a former senator in the bahamas were allegedly targeting john and his wife kelly. you know, their son, jett, died in the bahamas. he was only 16 years old. they were accused of demanding money in exchange for not publicizing the documents. his wife kelly preston and daughter ella bleu were recently
5:27 pm
seen for the first time since the death at disney promoting a movie called "old dogs" which features ella. she happens to be in it. i hear they're a real nice family. peace be with you, all travol s travoltas. okay. which married celebrity couple wants to get their vows renewed already? find out the details. one more "hot topic" coming up next. next, she's used to mayor djor ó every day.
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añ >> wendy: okay. we all love watching our first guest as she weaves her way through the good, the bad, and the dramatic on mtv's hit show "the hills." take a look at the new season. >> you should come right here and talk to me like that. >> she's the girl that's going to stab us all in the back and she doesn't care. >> you [ muted ] with the wrong girl, dude. >> these are people's lives she's messing with. people do have hearts and feelings. >> how can one person turn all of our lives upside down? >> what do we do now?
5:31 pm
>> wendy: please welcome stephanie pratt! oh, my god, you're tall! >> what? >> wendy: you are so tall! it's nice to meet you. >> it is so nice to meet you. >> wendy: i love your sparkles. >> thank you. you're like the smilest person. i love it. >> wendy: thank you. do you watch the show from home. from "the hills?" >> yeah. i saw it yesterday. that girl, did she find the date? >> wendy: are you talking about the girl from the joel mchale show? >> she's got another 15 weeks and a year. she really does watch. stephanie and i have something in common. joel mchale.
5:32 pm
>> love for joel mchale. >> wendy: if you watch "talk soup!" you're the go to make fun girl on the show. >> yes. i love it. it is literally my favorite show. and it's the only show that i always watch. and when he started showing clips of your show and then he was like, everyone must watch wendy williams! do not let the show go off the air! and then i heard your ratings just like went nuts. >> wendy: he helps us all. right? >> oh, my god. >> wendy: does everybody on your show get the joke? >> yeah. i'm on, like, a serious drama. i'm the only one who's making jokes that gets edited. >> wendy: you're the -- "the hills" on mtv. you guys watch. dramatic. your brother spencer and his wife heidi, you're like the go to spencer about what heidi's doing. and go to other cast members about what the other one's
5:33 pm
doing. >> i'm awful, yeah. >> wendy: yeah. is that you? or is that a character? >> i mean, we do play ourselves. >> wendy: yeah. >> but, i mean, for the show to progress, everyone needs to know what's going on. since no one's there. yeah. >> wendy: yes, yes, yes. it's really interesting when i found out how you actually became a part of "the hills." >> yeah. >> wendy: originally stephanie was working for $300 a week as a hostess at a restaurant? >> yeah. >> wendy: and tell the rest. >> okay. so i was making $300 a week as a hostess. and i had just come back from college in paris to go to fdim, fashion school. always what i wanted to do. handbags. love it all. love your fashion. >> wendy: yes, yes. we're going to talk in a moment. >> that is not okay. oh, my god. anyway, so i was making $300 a week being a hostess and going to school. and then i was at school for a year and a half.
5:34 pm
one day lauren walked in my class. >> wendy: conrad. >> yes. >> wendy: she had the cameras with her. >> yes. >> wendy: "the hills" was already on tv. >> here's what happened. i had already yelled at her and stuff. yeah. at a club. i had yelled at her. >> wendy: omg. >> totally. so i had yelled at her and all this stuff. so -- oh, my god. your cup. >> wendy: thank you. all right. i'll tell the story. >> wait, wait, wait! >> wendy: look. this is what happened. i get it. i'm from ocean township. there are a lot of oh, gosh and likes there also. i get how you're talking. we can go on like this forever. but we got to speed it up because we're only on for an hour. >> okay. >> wendy: so, look. she and lauren were fighting. "the hills" producers told her you're on the show. she said i don't want to be on the show. i'm here studying fashion. i'm just fighting the lauren.
5:35 pm
they said, you're already on the show. we're going to give you $1,000 a we. a $1,000 a week? she says, yeah. hostess no more, i'm on "the hills." got it? >> it was the best chance happening ever. >> wendy: it was the best decision you could have made. >> what was also really great at the time was that i'd just been fired from being a hostess. >> wendy: oh. took you 25 minutes to seat somebody. yeah. welcome to the restaurant. i'm making jokes with you. by the way, so you're cool with brody because he's on the show. are you cool with his sisters. >> no. never cool with brody. >> wendy: really? i'm thinking some of it's acting. really? >> no, no, no. brody, i've known my whole life. my brother likes to make me cry and stuff. but he stopped. you know. and so, like, brody's still doing it. so i was, like, crying on this random day, like probably last
5:36 pm
month. and i was like, spencer, i'm so done. i can't do this anymore. my therapist is telling me to quit. i'm just not emotionally stable. and my brother is like, okay. you know what, stephanie? i'm going to take care of brody. i'm like, thanks, spens. he was like, seriously, brody's like 28. stop making a 23-year-old little girl cry. like, leave me alone. >> wendy: yeah. steph is 23. >> yes. >> wendy: do you drive? >> yes. i failed my license test, like, three times, though. if you see a white x5 with black rims don't get near me. >> wendy: what is that? a bmw truck? omg. you're making money, though. okay. here's the thing. do you get along with your sister-in-law in real life. >> heidi? >> wendy: heidi. >> okay. you're asking me this on a particular day. i wasn't invited to her birthday dinner on thursday. >> wendy: omg.
5:37 pm
>> but, in general, yes, i do. >> wendy: okay. >> and she is the best thing that has happened to my brother. >> wendy: oh! >> because my brother has really bad adhd which people don't -- i'm sure people probably do think that. so growing up with him, he was like, i'm a scuba diver. i'm a baseball player. i'm a soccer player. it was always something, you know. >> wendy: yes. >> what was next? you know, always, my parents were just, like, exhausted. >> wendy: your dad's a dentist? >> yes, he is. >> wendy: you know -- >> you're due for a check-up. >> wendy: i'm due for a check-up? >> just kidding. you need to come to l.a. and visit joel. >> wendy: did you guys get anything out of this conversation other than that she's 23, she's on "the hills," we love "the hills" on mtv. you're adorable, cute and very nice. you know i know holly. >> holly is the nicest person
5:38 pm
ever. what i was saying about spencer, so basically he had adhd and -- >> wendy: runs in the family. >> i have add. he has adhd. he's really all over. >> wendy: we're out of time. >> your show needs to be longer. >> wendy: hello! check out the all-new drama on the new season of the "the hills" premieres september 29th on mtv at rogressive. how may i help you? i'm looking for a deal on car insurance. i think i ght have a coupon in here. there's an easier way. we've got the "name your price" option. you do? follow me. you tell us how much you want to pay, and we'll build you a policy that fits your budget. and i still get great coverage? uh-huh. go ahead. you're the boss. i'm the boss of savings. more like the c.e.o. oh, oh. no glass ceiling. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> wendy: vivian is still sitting here with that damn personal space hoop. welcome back.
5:42 pm
it's time for "ask wendy." how are you? >> good. i have a problem. i've been dating this guy for about a year. and up until recently, i thought he was 23. i found out via text message he's 19. i'm 25. think that's a deal breaker? >> wendy: well, there's a big difference between the maturity of a 19-year-old and a 25-year-old. i don't know. what else does he have going on in his life? >> i mean, he's a nice guy. he's working. he goes to school. he has a car. he's doing -- >> wendy: he sounds better than a lot of 23-year-olds. >> yeah. >> wendy: there's nothing wrong with it. >> but he lied for a year. >> wendy: but that's because he thought you'd react like this. give him a hug. where his head lands right here. tell him it's going to be all right. take it slow. don't feed him alcohol. >> acy. >> wendy: you know he can't ? drink. all right. congratulations. more "ask wendy" next! depression is a serious medical condition
5:43 pm
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>> wendy: shout it out! welcome back, everybody! we're still doing "ask wendy." how are you? >> how you doin'? >> wendy: fine, thanks. how you doin'? oh, oh. look, can i just -- thank you. thank you, sir. go ahead. >> so, wendy. i've been married 11 years. my husband think i dress too sexy. i have four children. he think i dress too sexy for being a hamom. what do you think? >> wendy: there's nothing wrong with your outfit.
5:47 pm
how old are you? >> 33. >> wendy: so you got the four -- see, it's my own personal opinion that there are just some men who are stuck in their ways. they want their wives a little downtrodden. whether it's that you don't get yourself together physically or you stay stupid and don't get your education, they think they're saddling us with a bunch of children. there's some of us who can ño clearly still rise to the occasion. i don't know. you know, you're going to have to talk it out with your husband. you knew what he was when you were dating him. >> uh-huh. >> wendy: okay. i'm sorry for you. i'm sorry for you because you're cute. that shouldn't be the way it is. >> okay. >> wendy: the flies are still here! sorry. sean kingston performs his smash hit next! she's gonna be fine, we did find this. there's a five dollar bill inside your dog. - what should i do? - i'd go to cici's. announcer: got five bucks and change?
5:48 pm
you gotta go to cici's.
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5:50 pm
>> wendy: a jamaican raised sensation at only 19. he's the king of the dance floor
5:51 pm
with his platinum selling single "fire burning." his new cd "tomorrow" is in stores today. sean kingston! ♪ somebody call 911, shorty fire burning on the dance floor, whoa ♪ ♪ let's go, hey, hey, shorty got that super thing, hotter than the sun of south in spain, got me as soon as i walked through the door ♪ my pocket started tickling, the way she dropped it low that thing got me wan na spend money
5:52 pm
on her ♪ ♪ she get it pop it, look it, drop it, that birthday cake, got a candle ♪ ♪ need to blow that crazy flame away now take my red, black card and my julie, is cool like the fire, cool like fire, somebody call 911 ♪ ♪ shortly fire burning on the dance floor ♪ fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor ♪ shorty fire burning on the dance floor ♪éñ ♪ put your hands in the air let's go ♪ that shorty is a masterpiece ♪
5:53 pm
♪ she get it pop it, lock it, drop it ♪ ♪ blow that crazy flame away ♪ take my red, black card and my jewelry away ♪ ♪ somebody call 911, shorty fire burning on the dance floor ♪ ♪ i got to cool her down, she won't bring the roof to ground on the dance floor ♪ ♪ that little shorty's fire burning on the dance floor ♪ she ♪ she's fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor ♪ ♪ she got that fire in the dance style, make them fellas run around ♪ ♪ she got that fire in her dance
5:54 pm
style, make the fellas run around ♪ ♪ pop it, lock it, drop it, got a candle, need to blow that crazy flame away ♪ ♪ i take my red, black card and my jewelry, shorty is cool like the fire ♪ ♪ somebody call 911 >> wendy: whoa! oh, honey buns. oh, well. it's so good to see you, honey. you know he's only 19 years old. i always wanted to is you this. is your mom as tall as i am? >> yes. >> wendy: very nice. i can't wait until my little kevin gets to be big and strong like this.
5:55 pm
who's the special lady in your life, sean kingston? >> you. and all the rest of the ladies in the crowd right here. for real. >> wendy: smart answer.ñññí
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> wendy: okay. thank you, audience. okay. we've got time for one more "hot topic." earlier in the show i asked you which married couple is ready to renew their vows already. eva longoria and tony parker. they were just married two years ago. the wedding cost a zillion dollars. it goes to fast. small and intimate this time around. tomorrow's show, rudy gettinger, and friend to the show, sheryl lee ralph. i love you all for watching. see you next time. seem smooth and strong to irreversible damage. no different. irreversible loss of enamel. enamel shield enamel loss by forming against acid attack. toothpastes dentists check most. save your enamel. be gone for good. enamel shield. with the rinse.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domtic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> last i remember, chuck liddell said that he wasn't >> today on "tmz" -- >> last i remember, chuck


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