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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 26, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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dead. >> two baltimore teens are behind bars charged with attempted murder of a police officer. >> a death da from the h1n1 virus. >> and checking in on the clean-up effort one week after a massive water main break. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> hello, welcome to "11 news saturday morning." >> and i'm jennifer franciotti in for kate amara. first we want to check outside with john collins. there is fall in the air. >> some of the readings this morning are in the 50's. i don't know if you -- they are not that thick. i can see a few clouds filtering through. the presence of those clouds does mean something. yesterday morning the clouds do
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mean rain. the sun finally broke through. it turned out to be a nice day today. things are reversing themselves, and what was rain pushed to the south of us today is kind of coming back at us now with a new system that will push a lot more rain our way. yesterday's rainfalls were generally less than a 10th of an inch. this new system coming in, although it doesn't look impressive on the radar now. what we do stee is light shower activity. this initial stuff won't really affect baltimore. it won't be until later this afternoon until this evening that we expect things to start to wet down so to speak. i will have more details on the forecast. >> our big story comes out of frederick county. that's where the bodies of four people were discovered inside a home in mount airy. >> they are believed to be members of the same family. the body of two adults a male and female, along with two children, a boy and girl, were found in the 300 block of
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contour road. officials went in after a family friend was concerned after not hearing from the family for a few days. the report was of seeing a body through the window. >> we don't have a lot of information this morning. investigators and troopers believe the situation is contained to this home. we do not have any kind of active search on the way for someone who may have been responsible for this incident. troopers believe this is a motor scene, but we believe the situation is contained. >> it is shocking. i would never expect something like this to happen -- especially that family. that is crazy. >> the circumstances of the deaths are still being investigated, but officials say it appears to be a murder scene, possibly a murder suicide. according to published reports neighbors say a husband and wife lived in the home with their 14-year-old son and 13-year-old
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daughter. >> two teens are in custody charged with the attempted murder of a deputy police officer. officer harris is listed as in serious condition after being shot. david collins has more. >> detective aaron harris honored with five accommodations had just left a visit with a family member in the hospital when he was accosted by two 16-year-old boys. >> they announced a robbery. one brandished a revolver at which time a struggle ensued on the porch, and the suspects fired multiple gunshots, one of which struck detective harris in the abdomen, and at least two other shots struck him in the left lower leg. >> detective harris fought back. he managed to draw a service
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weapon and draw fire striking 16-year-old craig tillet in the leg. police identify the other robber as kevon wilson. both are charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. >> 16 years old with illegal guns. you know, these are consequences they have to face, and it is extremely frustrating. too many times our system has released young people back into our community compromised the safety of many citizens in this community. >> this tells us in a very personal way we still have a lot of work to do. >> david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> detective harris is listed in serious condition following two surgeries. he has a wife and a son and is a
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deacon at i a baptist church. >> police say they have no suspects or a motive at this time for -- >> police also investigating a deadly stabbing in east baltimore. a woman was found suffering from multiple stab wounds just after 5:00 friday morning. she was pronounced dead at johns hopkins hospital. there is no word on the victim's identity. >> the case of a baltimore county student hospitalized with a confirmed case of the swine flu is not the school district's first. 1111 news education reporter tim tooten has more. >> the lobby of baltimore's polytechnic high school was
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transferred to a clinic. but a month ago all eyes were on montebello middle school. that's where it was confirmed a 13-year-old girl had come down with the h1n1 virus. >> we're following with them, but it is in the community. the vast majority of kids are sick for a few days get better, go back to school. >> new h1n1 cases, among school-age children are more common than you might imagine. >> thns the first case in the school system. influenza is in the community. we know that it children get influenza. right now am all the influenza we are seeing is h1n1. >> meantime, baltimore parents
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hearing about the montebello case, are eager to get their kids' shots. >> i got mine the other day and -- i want to get hers. >> it affects everyone. it can happen to anyone. >> city health officials say they are prepared to immunize residents 40's h1n1 flu as soon as the vaccine is on hand. tim tooten, -- wbal-tv. >> we've been told mon tesm bello will be open to students and staff monday morning. >> the centers for disease control expects six dose -- spects doses to be -- expects doses to be spent to doctors offices. >> trying to get the h1n1 ready
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to contribute. >> we have some vaccine coming in in early october. the bulk of the vaccine will be in mid to late october. >> while there will eventually be plenty of vaccine for everyone, for some the process is still confusing. >> it is going to be a little bumpy. >> although pregnant women are the athe top of the list to get vaccinated, they won't be able to use the very first doses delivered because it will be a nasal spray that contains a live virus. they will have to wait for the live shot. still it is recommended the spray go to children. many parents now stay they won't get their kids vaccinated. >> i know very few kids that have contracted it thus far, and i think it is an alarmist mentality going on right now. >> in fact, a new poll at the university of michigan shows less than half of parents plan to have their kids vaccinated against h1n1. doctors say that could be a mistake with the virus spreading
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so quickly through schools. >> among them the occasional very severely ill child admitted to the emergency room. >> and while some parents will decide to get the shot, states will be decide ling where to suspend send it. they will send doses based on a state population leaving it up to state governments to get it to those in need. >> some people may be concerned about the cost, but since the government paid for the vaccine, it is free, and now the government is asking health providers to wave fees for administering the vaccine. we asked them how the list of resources on the our web site at >> 5:09. 59 degrees on tv hill. findings ahead in medical alert.
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>> and one week after a massive water main break in dundalk. we look at how much progress has been made in getting life back to normal. >> first a live picture downtown. >> and we'll also check on the forecast. john has your insta-weather plus forecast next after the break.
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>> cooler this morning. a lot of readings in the 50's. a lot of clouds drifting over the area. if you look carefully, you can see stars. here's the live h.d. doppler radar image. you can see the spotty image over us. you move to the west, and you see rain shower activity in charlottesville. and in west virginia. none of it is heavy right now. one little concentration of light showers around charlottesville. this initial band of rain will be held off to our west and kind of be deflected to the south. and our air at the moment is fairly dry. eventually this approaching storm system is going to catch us or make us wet. we'll talk more about that in a minute. let's check outside now. it's dark. we had that considerable
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cloudiness outside. that's a good way to put it. inner harbor, 62. 93% the humidity. and that reading is going to be high in the early morning hours when these temperatures are cool like this. 38 the barometer. it has been showing a falling tendency. the approach of this next weather system. at the moment, the winds are calm. the predom in any event wind will be a more easterly wind bringing in more moisture and clouds. 73 the high at the airport. inner harbor hit 75. at this time yesterday it was raining. that finally broke away. the clouds parted a bit. we got some sun and that helped to take the temperatures up. today we don't expect nearly as much sunshine. the morning lows yesterday morning were 61 and 65. this morning they are not that chilly. .300 inch of rain. not much from that rain almost 24 hours ago. that's the situation then. theers the now. salisbury 63. 52 at easton. 62 at annapolis.
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at frederick 61. 63 at hagse -- hagse hagerstown. 63 at york. 3 all that moisture streaming up from the -- all that moisture streaming up from the south. that high pressure is now being shoved further to the east, and it is allowing the storm system to come in. here's what the map will look like this evening. the front is not moving rapidly. it is still moving through the mountains this evening and overnight pushing quite a bit of moisture ahead of. cloudy rain developing with the heaviest rains late in the day. southeast rains 10 to 12. not very warm. by 4:00 in the afternoon, that's when the more significant rain is coming. this morning and early afternoon, probably stay dry. heaviest rains overnight. but by noontime tomorrow we're clearing out. and it looks like we'll be in a good -- we'll be in shape the
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rest of the day. forecast, big game, tomorrow afternoon, 1:00. by then we should be partly cloudy skies. rain should be history at that point. seven-day forecast. 74 on monday. a sprinkle with some recovery on tuesday. the rest of the week looks dry. >> thank you, john. work continues this morning to repair that 72-inch water main that broke in dundalk last week. it has been just over a week since that happened. as you can imagine, the clean-up is still ongoing. our cameras caught work crews trying to repair the gaping hole that was left by the six-foot line break. >> and that water main break flooded dozens of home and it was a reminder of the aging infrastructure of the baltimore area. lowell melser has more information on how to get the residents lives back on track. >> it looked like a hurricane
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ripped through the dundalk neighborhood last friday when it was a 72-inch water main constructed back in the 1970's that had burst flooding people right out of their homes. >> it was a nice coordinated and cooperative response to a tragedy that we with couldn't imagine. >> 11 news caught up with baltimore county resident jim smith after his office released a timeline of how emergency crews jumped into action. some of the highlights include at 4:15 p.m. the call came in. within minutes, the command center was established. by 6:15 the main had been shut off and waters began to recede. by saturday around nun noon, most basements had been pumped out. >> i tell you what, it has been a nightmare.
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because i pumped water out of mine. i pumped until 5:30 that morning. >> residents we called up one week later still feel like it was yesterday, most still having problems with insurance. y haven't gotten any money yet from my since company. it's supposed to be in the mail a week ago. we're just helping each other and trying to do the best with what we have to do with. >> baltimore county officials say 275 residents required pumping, and the lul lucky ones, an additional 163, had no damage at all. con county executive smith said county support will continue until everyone's life is back to normal. >> nobody has left the scene. the public works dump centers and personnel are in the neighborhood getting rid of the -- as people satisfy insurance
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claim prirments, et cetera. >> lowell melser, wbal-tv news. >> residents affected by the break will get much-needed help from a service center set up from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 7894 dundalk avenue. >> it is a disciplinary decision every parent is faced with. to spank or not to spank. >> the research is out showing children spanked and lower i.q. >> plus we have more and more young men experiencing joint problems. that's next in our medical alert. >> and production is halted on the tonight snowe show after
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♪ take me home ♪ take me home ♪ to my family ♪ ♪ i need to be surrounded by
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♪ the ones who care for me [ female announcer ] clean you can see. softness you can feel. tide with a touch of downy. ♪ take me home >> time for this morning's "medical alert." to spank or not to spank.
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new research indicates spanking could lower your child's i.q. a research study at new hampshire tested children. the kids spanked had i.q.'s 3 to 5 points lower than kids not spanked. research also showed the more they were spanked the lower their i.q. was. spanking can cause post-tramatic stress like symptoms. >> arthritis is a growing concern for men. scomperts say more and bhore men are experiencing pain that was associated with age. >> until recently just walking up the stairs was a painful experience for attorney scott jelishef. he had a health problem he never would have expected to encounter in his late 30's. >> i was kick starting a motorcycle and i started feeling a pain in my hip.
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>> the pain was a form of early arthritis caused by a disease called f.a.i. it is basically too much frick shun in the hip joint. >> i was having too much trouble walking. i stopped walking my dogs. i treaded stairs. >> this is a new evolution of arthritis that we didn't know occurred, and we're now recognizing arthritis years before it happens. >> dr. michael metaghini has seen men as early as their 20's come in with symptoms. >> the patient suffers with pain, particularly with flexing their hip, sometimes going up and down stairs, sometimes squatting down, playing with their kids, those kinds of activities. they have pain in their groin or pain in the outside of their hip. >> scott was a new father when the pain started and he worried about the impact it might have on the impact with their young son. >> i lost the ability to bounce him up and down to comfort him.
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i was concerned that as he was beginning his walking career, my walking career was going to be ending. >> he knew he needed action. sometimes cortizone injection can relieve the pain, but sometimes surgery is the best option. he said recovery was tough, but it was worth it. >> a lot of my future plans involve walking and doing other physical activity, so i couldn't let it go on any longer. >> now nearly pain free he's able it focus on his son's walking. >> good for him. >> type ii diabetes is most prevalent in the southern and aplashian states. mississippi, west virginia, and alabama had the highest rates of diabetes while minnesota and vermont had some of the lowest rates. diabetes accounts for an estimated 70,000 deaths in the u.s. each year. officials at the first mariner arena say it is the fastest
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sell-out concert in arena history. we'll find out which singer is the biggest draw when we come back. first, a look at events going on around town this weekend. got nfl-sized odors in your house?
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got a wet pet in your house? febreze air effects eliminates odors in the air and leaves a fresh scent. febreze, official air freshener of the nfl. >> conan o'brien is recovering this morning after bumping his head.
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the talk show host hit his head doing a stunt and the show was not finished as a result. the network aired a repeat of "the tonight show." >> 20 seconds is all it took for all the tickets to bruce springsteen's upcoming show to vanish. people showed up to get their hans on that -- hands on that ticket. many of them spent the night. tickets range from $31 to $200. the baltimore business journal reports some of those tickets are now selling online for more than $1,000. >> that is going to be a great con set sert. -- concert. >> i can't believe 20 minutes is all it took. >> i can. he's awesome. >> annapolis democrats picked a may oral candidate to run in the december election. >> also, two people charged and one hospitalized after a school yard fight is caught on camera and then posted on the internet. 6 we'll have details when 11
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news saturday morning continues. (announcer) they're highly trained specialists.
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true professionals, always ready when they hear the call... guys, pancakes! (announcer) it's another job well done. because when it's pancakes, everyone's in it together. >> welcome back to 11 news
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saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> first let's take a look outside with john. john, i'm trying to swallow a protein bar and it is not going so well. >> it is a nice morning to have breakfast on the porch or something like that. whatever. >> coffee. >> we're working on that this morning, too. a nice morning so far. some clouds, yes, but thin enough that you can see the stars through them. a new weather system is coming in, so clouds will really rule the day, much more so than yesterday. yesterday we had a shower in the morning and then it turned out to be pretty nice. we're going to reverse the situation, and the rain chances return to the area this afternoon and tonight. this will be a much wetter weather -- try to say that fast at this hour of the morning. wetter weather system than yesterday. the rain you see on radar isn't very significant. it is kind of the leading edge. it will take a while to have
5:32 am
that stuff develop around the baltimore area. we'll detail all that coming up in just a few minutes. so stick around. >> taking a look at some of our top stories this morning, maryland state police say they have found four people dead in a single family home in mount airy. authorities say troopers found the bodies of two adults and children in the 300 block of contour road in the frederick county portion of mount airy. police believe the four are members of the same family. >> murder suicide is certainly on that list of possibilities that investigators are considering, but it is far too early to make any kind of determination like that. it is a criminal investigation, a murder investigation, and it is too early to say officially what occurred here. >> according to published reports neighbors say a husband and wife lived in the home with their 14-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. the bodies will be taken to the
5:33 am
medical examiner's office for autopsy. >> lawyers for baltimore mayor sheila dixon say prosecutors are still using inad misible evidence in their attempt to make perjury charges stick. they argue prosecutors properly used -- dixon is accused of lying about gifts from her then boyfriend ronald lipscomb. she's also charged with threft related to gift cards for needy residents. >> the annapolis county executive committee has chosen josh -- the committee made its selection last night. the committee had chosen a new nominee to replace xina pierre who withdrew wednesday after financial concerns became public days after the primary. cohen finished second in the primary. >> people know me. i'm a known quantity.
5:34 am
i have represented this area for eight years, the school up here, and people are ready for a fresh start. >> he will replace -- he plans to kick off his campaign at noon today. >> three teenagers facing serious charges this morning after a fight in a harford county high school. it was all caught on tape. it happened at c. militanton wright high school in bell air. >> ar ford county executives -- depsizz say they were called to c. militanton wright high school for a fight. >> when the officer arrived at the cafeteria, the patio area of the cafeteria, he witnessed two students, tent one and student two, throwing punches at one another. >> the entire event was caught and posted on youtube. they are ages 15 and 16 years
5:35 am
old. as you can see on the video, a school officer tried to break up the fight, but it is what you don't see that landed the unconscious student in the hospital. >> the second student was rendered unconscious, regained consciousness and was escorted to the office as well, but fell unconscious a second time. >> according to the police, this isn't the only vid -- video or fight involving these two students. police say the fight happened less than a week later on school grounds and once again this same student was beat unconscious. the feen's current condition is unknown, but sources tell 11 news he had been in a coma. police say when he is he leased he will be charged with, among other things, second-degree assault. the other teen is looking at a multitude of charges including first-degree assault. and there is also a third teen involved. >> there is a third teen. while the school resource officer was taking the students
5:36 am
involved in the altercation into the office who felt the need to interject his opinion. >> lindsey riley urebed this statement "appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against the student involved in this incident. we are unable to comment on the specific nature of the discipline." >> they don't believe this is gang or race related. melissa carlson, wbal-tv. >> on a lighter note, your favorite time of year, right? >> it is. >> fall is here. it comes with beautiful autumn leaves. >> and coming up, where you can find the brightest scenery in maryland. >> authorities release new details on what they say was a 94611 anniversary of a bombing plot on new york. that story com
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>> i'm showing the satellite radar imaginary now. there are thin spots in it. you can see some stars in it. it will thicken up as we get through the day because more and more moisture is pulling in. this initial batch will not make it to the bay. it will fall short. it will evaporate before it gets here. this storm stretches out quite a ways to the west. a lot of moisture to the south as well. it is all coming our way. so again, the clouds will get thicker and we'll see more moisture during the afternoon and evening hours in the form of rain. and much more so than we had yesterday morning at this time. let's look at the situation outside now. it is 54 athe airport, 62 ated inner harbor. there is a little bit of a chill in the air. 92% the humidity. the barometer is high.
5:40 am
it is falling with this storm approaching, and at the moment the winds are calm. the predominant wind will be more easterly. that will add to the storm coming in. it will drak drag moisture in as well as what's coming in from the southwest. here is the cloud cover we haveover head. this is the high that gave us the good weather yesterday. it's being pushed out of the picture and allowing the storm system to move in, and a lot of moisture with it. that moisture stream will move in, too. the main front is stationary. it is ultimately a cold front. at the moment, stationary. it will be a little further east. again, it has a lot of moisture pushing in ahead of it. that's going to be our rain maker later today and tonight. it looks like tonight is when the rains will be heaviest. that's the way we phrase the forecast. it should stay rain-free this morning, at least around the bay. cloudy skies. rain developing.
5:41 am
heavy, late. late this afternoon and tonight, we could get some pretty good downpours with more than an inch. 61 so 65 the high today. we can't warm up as much. southeast winds. 7 to 12 miles per hour. boaters a small craft advisory. one to two-foot chop. winds up to 15 noths. insta-weather futurecast, you watch the timeline it is by late afternoon or evening. our best chances of rain. maybe heavy stuffover unite tonight. but by midday tomorrow, the storm is pulling away. we start to clear out, it looks like we'll have good weather much of the day sunday and monday. late in the day, may pop a couple showers and maybe a sprinkle on tuesday. notice the temperatures -- 60's today but 70's then. most of the rest of the week. still, not bad weather for autumn. we just get rain this weekend. >> thanks john. it is the first full week of fall, and state leaders want to make sure you know the best places to see autumn's beautiful
5:42 am
colors. the maryland office of tourism have teamed up for a toll free fall folia ghsm e hotline. travelers can call 1-800-leaves-1 to find out where the best autumn-colored leaves are, and you can find out where fall festivals are taking place across the state. >> coming up, we'll take you to pittsburgh where president obama and other leaders met to for the g-20 g-20 summit. >> and iran's decision to -- >> first a look at last night's lottery numbers. good luck. dad, here-look at this-
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(announcer) if you have a stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor before planning surgery or taking aspirin or other medicines with plavix, especially if you've had a stroke. some medicines that are used to treat heartburn or stomach ulcers, like prilosec, may affect how plavix works, so tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare, but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. >> in a denver courtroom
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yesterday foremen prosecutors accused a terror suspect of planning a new york subway bombing on or around the anniversary of 9-11. a short time later the suspect was flown under tight security to new york where he's facing charges that could put him behind bars for life. brian mooar has the story. >> at a hearing in denver federal prors claim zizzzizz -- the 24-year-old was facing charges of -- prosecutors say they have a strong case to a man who admit today attending an al qaeda training camp caught with bomb-making instructions. >> this is someone who looks like he did get training at a
5:46 am
real terrorist training camp which is a distinguishing sfactor from a lot of the home grown cells eve seen here since 9-11. >> he was accused of setting off a bomb, and he didn't know the bomb was fake and his al qaeda handler actually an undercover agent. in dallas a 19-year-old tried to blow up a 60-story skyscraper. he, too, was duped by federal agents posing as al qaeda. and two men were indicted at the quantico marine base in virginia. federal sthorts say zazis plots plot was more trussthan than any this country has seen in years. still unanswered, who might have been working with him, whether this attack was actually ordered by al qaeda, and whether there might be other plots like it waiting to be found. brian mooar, nbc, washington. >> it is up to iran to avoid a
5:47 am
confrontation. that was president obama's warning after revealing that iran has been secretly building a separate knew crar facility used to make atomic weapons. the latest from pittsburgh where the g-20 summit was held. >> revelations rocked the economic summit in pittsburgh and prompted tough talk from the host, president obama. >> iran is on notice that when we meet with them on october 1, they are going to have to come clean or will they continue down a path that is going to lead to confrontation? >> u.s. officials say the once secret rein -- rean plan is under-- iran plan is underway. president mahmoud ahmadinejad's secret was learned in 2007, and by the time of his u.n. speech, he knew his plant had been discovered and informed the u.n.
5:48 am
now he's defiant. >> what business of yours is it to tell us what we might do? >> but he claimed no u.n. violations. >> what we did was legal according to the law. >> the u.n. nuclear agency demanded to see the plant and lining up behind president obama other nations demand iran congressman -- comply. >> because of the deception for so many years, the u.n. has no choice but to draw a line in the sand. >> sarkozy agrees to sanctions and the russians and chinese are on board. >> how tough might sanctions be? >> president obama says wait to see if diplomacy works, and then we'll know. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> release may be coming sooner
5:49 am
for doctor card owners who face fees and interest rate hikes. >> and the action congress wants to take this year instead of next year. >> i'm pete gilbert. coming up, a look at another incredible week. i can't believe how -- highlights ahead. ♪ there's the other stuff. ♪ and then there's kraft macaroni & cheese. ♪ kraft has more cheese than those other guys. no wonder they call it the cheesiest! crunch. wheat thins. that's what's gonna happen here. because you're tasty... with toasty whole grains. (crunch) wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. have at it.
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>> already week four. four weeks into the high school football season, and your "extra points game of the week" a couple teams that really love to get together. the rivalry renewed between north carroll and south carroll. the cheerleaders had much to cheer about last night. s faking a hit. -- taking a hit. through the uprights. kick. 5 yard touchdown. 10-0 in the fourth.
5:53 am
off the drive with a keeper up the middle. south carroll over north carroll. 22-0. your "extra points," "high school football game of the week." harris is pretty good, too. a couple moments later, harris once again. breaking outside the block. well on his way into the end zone. 35 yard score. city college a winner. friday afternoon 47-0 over walbrook. last night over -- crowd on hand. no score. north harford surprises aberdeen. 10 yards. in the second, there he is again.
5:54 am
he's running like ray rice. there he goes. 60 yards. score. aberdeen got the highlight, but h.r. forte -- harford got the victory. towson linebacker goes the other way. can't get into the end zone. that proving just a moment ri setback. francis with great blocking. not touched on his way to the end zone. 12 yards. 7-0. gets back on track for the patriots. gorgeous pass to robert flynn. could not find the end zone. towson moves to four round. 45-0 your final. check out "extra points" at
5:55 am your home for the baltimore area high school football. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. had have a great day. >> the time is 5:55. it's 54 degrees on tv hill. here's a look at our next hour. >> a horrific discovery in frederick county. the bodies of four people were found inside a house. >> county leaders are setting up shop today in the dundalk area in an effort to help residents affected by last week's massive water main break. details coming up. >> an approaching storm brings clouds and a chance for rain. details in just a moment.
5:56 am
>> last week's water main break in dundalk is another reminder of the aging infrastructure facing most american cities. the 72-inch water main break came without warning taking on a major section of road and flooding the homes of several hundred families. as the families left without power or water for days, now rummaging through clothes, water-soaked appliances, the questions of responsibility and prevention begin. while the city, the state, and even senator mikulski talked about coming to the aid of the families, some insurance companies did not respond to policy holers or doe clared their policies did not cover the damage. many of these families will be in limbo longer as they try to get their lives back in order. there is no question the aging of our communities needs to be ad depressed, and it is not a
5:57 am
question of if but when another community will face similar circumstances. with the maryland general assembly session approaching, legislators have another actionable item staring them in the face -- what can maryland do to ease the problem of the failing infrastructure. it is a problem that affects us all. it is a simple but difficult solution -- money. the aging of our communities is another important item that must be addressed during this difficult times. we believe it must move to the head of the list.
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5:59 am
>> good morning. welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> here's lisa robinson. >> first let's look outside with john collins.


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