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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  October 1, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we will be up there tomorrow. -- normal height is 73. we will be up there tomorrow. >> if you're heading out on the west side this morning, here is a look. 11 minutes toward 95. here is a live view of traffic near baltimore park side. that is the latest. back to you. >> and overnight house fire in east baltimore injures three people including a firefighter. >> flames broke out in sheldon avenue before midnight.
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the firefighter was not seriously injured and the other two are in the hospital recovery. >> baltimore city police are investigating a suspicious death in west baltimore. they found the body of an adult male, but no more details are given at this time. >> maryland officials have confirmed that another child was the outcome is one of the virus.
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she died tuesday while fighting ammonia and swine flu. he is not sure have his daughter got sick. >> the whole family has been checked. the school has been checked. we just do not know where it came from. it is hard, but we are holding up. >> health officials are encouraging parents to vaccinate kids once the shot becomes available. you can find a ride away of information on our web sites including how to protect yourself by going to >> today is the day that new driving laws go into effect. >> officials will have speed cameras at their fingertips to help with that law and those that are texting will get a hefty penalty if they are found
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a way that while driving. >> the state of maryland has installed its first speed camera in a worker's own. officials demonstrated yesterday how it would work. they will let drivers know that the automatic speed cameras are in use. the baltimore beltway at charles straight, one on white marsh boulevard, and another in prince george's county. $40 for a speeding violation. meanwhile, a new state law goes into effect making texting while driving an offense. it could give you a ticket worth up to $500. >> my friends have been terrified. we have been texting about it recently. we are like, what is going to happen when i start a driving. people do not call any more.
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i do not know. people will obey it. >> they are going to try to hide it more and it will take their eyes further off the road. >> new requirements go into effect for teenage drivers, raising the restrictions. we will have more of that coming up at 5:30. the bba ltv. -- wbal-tv. >> thank you. hearing. a development could delay the conclusion of her legal battle. stands in the case against sheila dixon. the case set to go full forward is smaller. she allegedly stole get cards intended for needy families. it is up to the defense to make should be tried together orthey decided to try them to -- try them separately. >> the decision was made in the judge's chamber not the courtroom.
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no one juror will have to judge the mayor. failing to disclose the gifts. developer. >> iran is on the defensive now that the world knows about a secret u.s. -- nuclear facility they have been building for years. our reporter has the latest from washington. >> today, talks from six nations are face-to-face with iranian officials outside of geneva. the exposure of this secret nuclear project may give the u.s. and the allies' new leverage. >> now they have to show that there will be some transparency , and it disclosed side will be accessible to officials. >> the chief negotiator for the u.s. is encouraged under president obama to talk to iran. >> he has played a very smart
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strategic game of putting the iranians in a position where they have to change. >> iran does not look like a country ready to bargain with weekend missile tests. and the president claims its nuclear rights are off limits in the talks. president obama met with a security team in afghanistan. the iran investigator says he was prepared to let u.n. investigators in. >> they are being deceptive. they will end up with 30 nuclear weapons inside of a decade. >> unless a change from six nations can convince iran that it will be better off without them. the chief negotiators expect iran will not fully come clean today. i ran offers just enough to divide the un from russia and china that have protected their
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run in the past. wbal tv 11 news. >> could the amount of swedes a child's -- a child eatof sweetsd needs affect how violent they will be in the future? there is a new study about that. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think kids who are alloawed to eat candy every day could be more likely to commit violent crimes when they grow up? email us your response to >> and american auto maker is shutting down one of its lines. details on what to do if it affects you. >> earthquakes have less extensive -- left the status of damage -- extensive damage in
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indonesia. indonesia. >> and we will have m by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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>> top of this thursday morning. we had cloudy skies yesterday morning and then it cleared out. we are in the upper 40's to mid 50's this morning. 53-56 at the bus stop. 73-76 this afternoon when you get off of the bus. i have details on your seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. climb from the tsunami on tuesday. officials say 190 people were killed by the quake in the
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tsunami that followed. quickened the tsunami that followed. -- 149. 8.0 birth quake caused waves up to 20 feet high. 20 feet high. today. occurred in the same area where there was a previous earthquakes this is video from a tv station in indonesia. it shows a woman being lifted from the rubble of a damaged building. thousands are said to be trapped under collapsed buildings throughout the province. still ahead this morning, one of the largest banks ceo is stepping down. >> is the idea of cutting down their house payments a good idea? stick around. we have some suggestions in the consumer alert. >> if you are getting ready for your morning commute, looking good so far.
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we will update you coming up.
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>> it does not look like there is too much to worry about. >> no, it is actually very nice out there. problem free on the 83 this morning. i 70 and 795 looking good. enjoy it. drive times, 11 minutes on the outer loop east side. if you head out on a 95 this morning, the fort mchenry only five minutes to take heat for that stretch. here is a live view traffic this morning.
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here is a live view at greenspring at the northeast corner of the beltway. once you get on to the j.f.x., a smooth ride into town. >> we are looking at a very smooth commit at this hour. no major delays to report. the 17 bus at corporate and international. metro subway is on time in both directions. watrel running on time. -- light rail running on time. >> we are starting out in newmont today. we cannot ask for better autumn conditions. we will see sunny skies throughout. not a lot is happening on hd doppler. there is a very strong storm
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system that is brewing on the plains. that storm system is going to play into our weather forecast for the weekend. we are checking out those current temperatures from 47 to 55 downtown baltimore. 58 at the airport. a brisk start. we are where we should be, just a little bit below normal this time of year. in the mountains, a statewide tour today. 56 degrees is the forecast high. the winds will not be in issue. a high pressure is going to give us gorgeous sky conditions here and on the shore as well. getting the waters of the chesapeake. -- hitting the waters of the
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chesapeake, at this is. to be a good day on the bay. -- this is going to be a good day on the bay. 73 is normal for the high and 53 is normal for the love. we probably will be where we should tonight, 48-52. partly cloudy. it will stay dry. the sun will set at 6:49 tonight. we have a high pressure that is going to stabilize over the mid- atlantic. plenty of sunshine. a strong, intense line of storms over there. the seven-day forecast gives us a high of 67 degrees today.
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tomorrow, mostly cloudy and somewhat sunny. a chance of showers. 74. the cold front will get through here on saturday. 60% chance of showers early and then clearing out around 75. sunday partly cloudy and 73. our first full workweek will have temperatures in the 70's with partly cloudy skies next week. >> in the consumer alert, there is a government program that will reduce your fannie mae and freddie mac payments to a certain percentage of your income. good to their website, type in the information requested, figure out how much of your gross monthly income is taken up by your payments, and applied to qualify. a large savings account may disqualify you and a lack of
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credit card debt may disqualify you. recent graduates in maryland can look to washington, d.c. for places of employment. dc and seattle in the top spots up staying power and emerging industries for college graduates. affordability, quality of life for some of the factors in the poll. among the other top 10 cities for employment were denver, dallas, boston, and a certain parts of north carolina. state officials will launch a new college prep website. it will help students plan and prepare for college careers. students can tour a virtual college campus and find information on financial aid in campus life. >> let's get the latest from wall street where investors are paying close attention to detroit and washington. here is the bloomberg business
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report. >> good morning. the senate is smiling thinking of investors with one eye on detroit in one eye on washington. ben bernanke is expected to go to bat for the american consumer today. he is expected to testify and capitol hill that protecting consumers from deceptive banking practices is vitally important. all of this is according to information obtained by bloomberg. september sales figures will be out today for car sales. they probably fell once again as cash for clunkers expired. the end of the road for saddam. gm says it will close the brand -- the end of the road for
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saturn. a gm says it will close the brand. stocks are falling after a manufacturing report had concerns that the economy is struggling to recover. stock index futures are pointing to a slightly lower open here on wall street. after 40 years with bank of america, ceo ken lewis is resigning at the end of the year. he has become a distraction as regulators and lawmakers, over the details of the $29 billion takeover of merrill lynch. lockheed martin says that the delivery and launch date for the newest pentagon satellite system will be delayed to early 2011. the system was supposed to be launched this december but has been pushed back five times. that is business news at the new york stock exchange, reported for wbal tv 11 news. back over to you. >> we will see you back here at
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6:15 for your next report. >> coming up, we will get another ligature morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> -- get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> and we will tell you all about the patriots and the ravens coming up. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the water cooler question of the day. do you think kids who are alloawed to eat candy every day could be more likely to commit violent crimes when they grow up?
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>> the ravens are looking to go 4and -0 this sunday against the
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new england patriots. a big sunday needed for ray lewis and the defense because they are going against tom brady. he has yet to find that touch which has made him almost unbeatable at times. the ravens know from previous experience the only way to beat the patriots is to keep pretty from feeling comfortable in the pocket. it is completed less than 50% of his passes in plant begins the ravens. he comes into this game with great respect for the defense. >> they have an instinct of players at every position. it can really disrupt the offense, because each of the guys have their own unique qualities.
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one employer covers up so much in the passing game. ray lewis is so and stand a. that play he made against san diego was an incredible play. it could be in the guy at any time. >> it should be interesting. for the orioles, the trouble continues, the 13th straight loss. four games left. they have 2 win 3 of them to avoid the third ever 100 lost season for the franchise. i hope your day is off to again test start. >> michael vick has rejoined the nfl and is also back with nike. the shoe companies signed him when he was a rookie back in 2001. when he admitted his involvement in a dog fighting ring, they severed ties. he was released from house arrest in july and returned to the field this sunday. the agreement involves shoes and apparel. >> coming up, new driving laws
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go into effect in maryland today. it will affect speeders and textures. details are next. >> -- texters. the tulsa next. >> i will bring you the latest from washington coming up. >> --
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>> good morning. >> thanks so much for joining us. we would today check on weather and traffic together. it is the first day of october. it really feels like it. >> not as cold as we thought we were going to get. the clouds and slated as. a high of 67 degre


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