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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 1, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> gorgeous, sunny skies and a high of 67. we will be warmer by the weekend. by now it is pretty brisk. 48 at the airport. 45 downtown. mid 40's on the eastern shore. a high between 65 and 68 today. sunny skies, cooler than normal. we will be in the range of 73 tomorrow. we will see some clouds building in a slight chance of showers. more coming up as we checked your morning commute.
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>> looking good out there on the major roadways. our speed sensors are up to speed at this time. we'll see what happens as this morning evolves. here is the lively new outside this morning of 895 heading towards the harbor tunnel, it is problem-free. the best of the area bridges are looking good this hour. that is the latest on traffic. back to you. >> thank you. east baltimore injures three people including a firefighter. >> flames broke out in sheldon avenue before midnight. the firefighter was not seriously injured and the other two are in the hospital recovery.
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the fire has been contained. no word on what might have started that blaze. >> baltimore city police are investigating a suspicious death in west baltimore. -- there was a fight between two women and a man. the man was stabbed in the back in the chest. his condition is unknown. and police say that someone walked into the same store with stab wounds. he was taken to the hospital. and authorities are trying to piece together the death of a body that was found.
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the outcome is one of the virus. she died tuesday while fighting ammonia and swine flu. -- pneumonia. he is not sure have his daughter got sick. he does not hold the school responsible. checked. the school has been checked. we just do not know where it came from. encouraging parents to vaccinate kids once the shot becomes available. howard county police have arrested two brothers accused of beating a cab driver. as adults in this case. the victim was able to give police a good enough description which led to the arrests.
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bourbon street in laurel. they attacked him. very serious charges that could land them in jail for a very long time. both are being held on $500,000 bond. his body was discovered friday night inside of this home. investigators say he was in bed head. suspects were due in eviction court the same day his body was found.>> baltimore mayor sheila
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dixon faces two possible trials. it came today after the court hearing. conclusion of her legal battle. sheila dixon. is smaller. she allegedly stole get cards intended for needy families. prosecutors seem unfazed by the decision. different cases. it is up to the defense to make the decision as to whether they should be tried together or separately. they decided to try them to -- try them separately. >> the decision was made in the judge's chamber not the courtroom. no one juror will have to judge the mayor. failing to disclose the gifts. former boyfriend who is athe perjury charges were argued to be tossed. there is a far reaching doctrine of legislative immunity. in another case. fire to a pit bull will have to go to court. one of the attorneys said the prosecutor did not give proper notice and needed more time to
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prepare a defense. case in juvenile court. 14. it is october 1 and new laws are taking into effect to keep the roads safer. help with that law and those that are texting will get a hefty penalty if they are found a way that while driving. police will use the cameras in three work areas. installed its first speed camera in a worker's own. officials demonstrated yesterday how it would work. the automatic speed cameras arethe baltimore beltway at charles boulevard, and another in prince george's county. $40 for a speeding violation.
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meanwhile, a new state law goes into effect making texting while driving an offense. up to $500. terrified. recently. happen when i start a driving. people do not call any more. people will obey it. >> they are going to try to hide it more and it will take their eyes further off the road. effect for teenage drivers, raising the restrictions. we will have more of that coming up.
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>> today, talks from six nations officials outside of geneva. nuclear project may give the leverage. our reporter has more from washington. there will be some transparency, and it disclosed side will be accessible to officials. f negotiator for the u.s. is encouraged under president obama to talk to iran. >> he has played a very smart strategic game of putting the they have to change. >> iran does not look like a country ready to bargain with weekend missile tests.
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and the president claims its nuclear rights are off limits in the talks. president obama met with a security team in afghanistan. the iran investigator says he investigators in. >> they are being deceptive. they will end up with 30 nuclear weapons inside of a decade. >> unless a change from six nations can convince iran that it will be better off without them. iran will not fully come clean today. i ran offers just enough to divide the un from russia and china that have protected their run in the past.
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more likely to can -- to be they grow up. giving them sweet ride away stopped them from learning to they want. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think kids who are alloawed to eat candy every day could be more likely to commit up? >> still ahead, the financial news in a bloomberg business report. >> mother nature wreaks havoc along the pacific rim as a tsunami and earthquakes claimed the lives of hundreds. >> despite its popularity with customers, it is the end of the month for one of automobile brant in america. -- brand in america. >> i have your forecast coming
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>> 54 degrees downtown. it today will see plenty of sunshine. -- today we will see plenty of sunshine. your forecast statewide today, it looks beautiful in the mountains. 56 is the high. 67 is the forecast high.
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73 is our benchmark. 69 on the eastern shore. note issues with building plans. the winds are very -- no issues with boating plans. the winds are very mild. 91 is the record high. a 36 record low. we will be milder tonight. a warm front will be closer to our area. 48-52. it will remain dry. the high pressure is dominating today, building from the west. the next storm system we are
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monitoring will be over near the planes. a cold front will get through here on saturday. a dry day tomorrow. a little bit of light shower activity. by midnight, we are dealing with the showers overnight. saturday morning, we will be fine. rain early on saturday and then clearing with is getting warmer during the weekend. 73 and partly cloudy on monday. >> it is looking really good on the area roads. we try not to spread the word
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because that is when things change. let's check the speed sensors in the area. 52 miles per hour in the white marsh area. 64 on the j.f.x. softbound. 62 as a major race on 795 shoemaker way down the beltway near owings mills. a nice ride overall. let's give you a live view in a couple of spots. here is a live view of traffic on the harrisburg expressed by north of the beltway. no problems to report. that is the latest. over to you. >> thank you. taking a look at some of our top stories.
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rescue efforts continue in indonesia because of the earthquake that occurred there. thousands are set to be trapped under collapsed buildings throughout the province. tuesday. officials say 190 people were -- 120 people work killed by the quake in the tsunami that followed. an earthquake strike indonesia today. thousand people. the captain sully reunited with a co-worker on a flight that left this morning.
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he is responsible for the miracle on the hudson. >> bank of america ceo ken lewis will be retiring from the top job and leaving the bank's board of directors as well. he has been under harsh criticism since the acquisition of merrill lynch on january 1. his departure is said to have no impact on an investigation. some bad news saturn of motives. altogether. to find other gm dealers to service their vehicle. current owners will have to find other gm dealers to service their vehicles. investors are betting that the
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economy is picking up steam. we have that story and more in a bloomberg business report. >> some economic reports are coming out this morning. we will start with manufacturing. a recovery is suggested to be on the way even without class for clunkers. the report is expected to show income is growing a fraction of a percent in august. the national association of realtors are expected to release numbers on contracts. let's not forget the job market. the labor department is expected to report a rise in initial jobless claims from last week. stocks are falling on an unexpected business activity.
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we are watching a columbia based company that may have to deal with another $30 million in property damage claims. they may be able to get out of paying a fine because the judge said a bankruptcy court applied the incorrect statute of limitations to the claim. i am reporting for wbal tv 11 news. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> president obama is lending his influence so that his home town will get the spotlight on the olympic stage. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the water cooler question of the day. do you think kids who are alloawed to eat candy every day could be more likely to commit violent crimes when they grow up? email us your response to
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>> we have a nice commute so far. a smooth ride on all of the area roadways. it is starting to get sluggish in the white marsh area. everything else is up to speed. after a loop drive times are pretty good. -- outer loop drive times are pretty good. 395 into town problem free.
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that is the latest. but if a check of the forecast. >> we will see plenty of sunshine today. it is a little bit chilly outside right now. the sunshine will make it gorgeous today. 65-68 degrees. the sun is setting tonight at 6:49. a chance of showers late into friday and into saturday. more on the timetable and your seven-day coming up. >> in just one more day, the united states will host the summer olympic games before 2016. the president is trying to get them to a war chicago with the games. >> in the city of -- to award
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chicago with the games. >> first lady michelle obama has been there for the past day selling her home town park. >> this is the opportunity for the united states to connect with the world in a really important way at a very critical time. >> she is joined by oprah. >> for us to be able to host the 2016 olympic games would be what my grandmother used to say is our crowning glory. >> an all-out effort to put chicago above the other final serious in six cities like tokyo, madrid, and rio de janeiro. chicago holds its golden ticket is in a presidential pitch. >> i will land, speak, and fly
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right back. >> experts say he could make all of the difference. >> chicago is enhanced by the fact that the president will be on hand here. >> but everybody agrees with the president's participation. >> he is the president of the united states, not the mayor of chicago. >> some in chicago say they do not want the games, even staging protests over the next couple of days. but excitement is building for some. many in chicago get ready to put on a full-court press. >> the next day will have the final presentations to the ifc. thousands will gather in the daley plaza to what the decision live. wbal tv 11 news. >> there is much more ahead to
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come in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> if you are addicting to texting, b whereware. a $500 fine could be waiting for you if you do it while driving and are caught. >> sunny skies, a nice start to the month, and an interesting weekend weather forecasts. details are just ahead. >> a report card on some of the area bridges. >> here is a look of the winning lottery numbers from last night .
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>> in morning. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> october 1, plenty of sunshine. you'll see a cool temperature range much like a guest today. 65-68. it will be prettier outside today than yesterday. change is on the way for the weekend. >> we have the latest on talks in geneva. geneva to discuss the nuclear program of iran. nikole killion has more on what it can expect to come out of this meeting. thing. >> it is important for the iranians to take this opportunity sitting across from the table from the partners and demonstrate for the world what their intentions are.
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>> the administration is pushing for access to a secret nuclear facility. iran says it will open it up to international inspectors but will not say when. >> iran has a choice to comply with the obligations which means not only offering inspections but ending its activity. >> the u.s. and its allies have considered stricter sanctions on iran if negotiations fail. their unlikely to make some progress today. >> i think we are looking for a give us some time. >> president obama says at least a few months to assess the position of iraq. -- iran. respect for the rights
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according to opera and then a job. >> if you're not careful, it could cost more for you to drive safely on baltimore roads. speed camera violations will cost $40 and texting while driving will cost you $500. it is all about safety. signs of being posted to let drivers no to that automatic speed cameras are in use. $40 for a speeding violation. driving an offense.
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up to $500. this driving simulator was set up to show young drivers how dangerous it can be. a second of distraction can send drivers off course. >> it is really important because we want to get the word out. we want to protect our people and everyone else out on the streets. >> it is not going to be illegal to read the text messages while driving. four teenage drivers, you have to have your honour's permit for three months longer to get a provisional license. -- larearner's permit for three months longer to get a provisional license. you also must be 18. >> thank you.
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most small unloaded pickup trucks with that amount. the bridges 18 years old. will take to fix the bridge. a reporter has more on a different story. other bridges showed an advance deterioration our reporter has more of what this means for baltimore drivers. the question is, are they safe? >> they are safe. motorists have no need to worry about the bridge.
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>> he says the problem areas are under water. the pure foundations are showing their age. the bridge opened in 1940 and 11 million vehicles have trouble another bridge opened in 1963. it said 29 million vehicles each year. >> there is some deterioration since terms of the concrete of the bridges and the base of the bridges themself. >> the i-team looked over three reports. there has been a challenge to mother nature and mankind. inspections are now being done more aggressively than even just a year ago. the agency follows recommendations from a peer review panel which include surveys that scour critical bridges, and a plan of action rather than just monitoring.
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the combined costs of fixing these bridges exceeds $50 million. $3.5 billion is needed in the necessary maintenance. >> board directors will take a look at the level of polls tols -- tolls and the policies associated with them. >> good morning. if you problem spot but no incidents to report. -- a few problem spots but no incidents to report. some heavier delays on the west side of the loop. the j.f.x. looks good this morning.
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let's check drive times for you. not bad at all out there. delays are starting to develop on the beltway northeast. a live view of traffic on the website -- west side. over to you. >> i high-pressure is in control today. mostly sunny skies, 64-68 degrees. the winds are light. a warm front is approaching overnight. more sunshine early on tomorrow and then a chance of showers late. sometime after early evening tomorrow. 73 on sunday partly cloudy. >> thank you.
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coming up, and the policy is creating quite a buzz at a new coffee at a florida coffee shop. and a cat that is turning heads. >> we are still taking is as to your watercooler question of the day. do you think kids who are alloawed to eat candy every day could be more likely to commit violent crimes when they grow up? email us your response to
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by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries.
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and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> italy's unemployment rate is at 8.5%. one chain is running a lottery where shoppers can when one of 10 jobs for a year.
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thousands of people have taken part in the competition. the winners can start working in december. if all goes well, there contract can be extended. winners will be picked later this month. starbucks -- >> starbucks is unveiling its new coffee sold in packs of three for about $3. the small package for $10. the instant coffee will be in stores. selling the we're risk popping the world's rarest coffee. the name may be weird, it has an interesting process.
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the coffee beans are fed to a cat which processes them internally. when they finished their journey, the chemically changed beans are sifted and brewed for consumption. delicacy. through the pooh of animals. >> it is thick and rich. what could be better. >> they told me i needed to bring some immense. >> the minutes are not free. -- they told me i needed to bring somecustomers are paying $20 for it. -- they told me i needed to bring some mints. >> the mints are not free. >> i do not know if i could drink that. >> customers pay $20 per cup for it. >> let's take a look at our
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current conditions right now. it is
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. the firefighter was not seriously injured and the other recovery. the fire has been contained. fire officials say there is no word yet on what may have started the fire. paris avenue reason to keep their kids out of the candy aisles. -- parents have a new reason to keep their kids out of the candy aisles. it may get them in prison.
6:46 am
kids to get candy anytime they want may learn in polls of behavior which could lead to crime when they grow up to become adults. -- may learn in polls ompulsiver which could lead to crime when they grow up to become adults. >> this morning we ask you if you think that kids who get candy every day, would be more prone to violence as an adult. >> there were different answers. we will oppose them on the front page of our website. -- we will post them on the front page of our website. >> i do not want my child to commit violent crimes.
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>> if that is the case, my daughter is going to grow up to become a homicidal maniac. we will post more answers on the front page of our web site. >> you should probably put the candy bar down and get on the road. we have some problem spots developing. an accident in middle river. one of our few delays are starting to develop. we will continue to monitor the delays. it is slow going on the west side. the delay continues toward i-70. here is a live view of traffic. it will stretch back to white marsh shortly.
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that is the latest. over to you. >> we are looking at crisp temperatures right now. 47 at the airport. we will see abundant sunshine throughout the day. it will be beautiful from the mountains to the metal part of the state down to the eastern shore. 56 is the high in upper elevations. it looks like we will be 69 on the lower eastern shore. the chesapeake waters look nice today. water temperatures are in the low 70's. 73 is the normal high. it will warm-up just in time for the weekend. the record high was set back in
6:49 am
1941. the record low was 36 degrees. tonight we will be in the 50's. a 48 in the outlying areas. high pressure is dominating the landscape today. it is stabilizing in giving way to a sunny, gorgeous day out there. a cold front will get through here on saturday. showers are bubbling up. it will hit friday through saturday morning. it is a quick-moving system. a mixed bag for the weekend as we have seen the last couple of
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weekends with showers early on saturday. partly cloudy saturday afternoon. 73 and partly cloudy on sunday. a gorgeous second half of the weekend. monday is off to a nice start. 73 and partly cloudy. >> thank you. the roads will be safer today as new laws go into effect. >> 3 cameras are being put up in work zones. warning signs will get a driver's plenty of advance notice as to where those cameras are. it will be at the beltway enteral street, 95 between 895 and what was boulevard, and in prince george's county. -- white marsh boulevard, and in
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prince george's county. up to $500 if you are caught texting while driving. you can still read text messages while driving. four teenage drivers, and you have to wait three months longer when you have your learner's permit to get a -- and you must be 18 to get a awful driver's license. >> the most incredible story that oprah has ever heard. we the woman who traveled 10,000 miles to make her dreams come true. that is 4:00 on oprah. >> here is a look at what is next on the "today show." >> good morning. coming up on thursday, the death toll rising from the tsunami that slammed into the samoan islands as the second deadly
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earthquake rocks in indonesia. accused kidnapper phil garrido sent a letter from prison to express concerns for duggard. and the backlash from celebrities who are calling for the release of roman polanski from prison. a woman who gave up her son 18 months after she started caring for him through an adoption. >> just ahead, we will take a look at weather and traffic toge
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>> and ice morning so far.
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-- a nice morning so far. >> yes, there are some delays that are popping up. s logo of the northeast of the loop -- a slow go on the north east outer loop. 90 miles per hour -- 90 minutes getting from -- 19 minutes getting from 795. we have a delay in traffic. >> it is going to be a gorgeous day. 67 degrees and sunny skies. " but comfortable. -- cool but comfortable.
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there will be some showers saturday but it will clear up on sunday. >> thanks for joining us. have a good day. this is a wbal tv editorial by the president and general manager. >> with the report of debt of one baltimore area child and dozens -- death of one baltimore
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area child, the swine flu virus is no longer a threat. ignoring the warning signs could lead to death. swine flu spreads like the normal seasonal flu from person to person through coughing and sneezing. if yng. if you or your child has any of the following sentence -- symptoms, see your doctor immediately. many doctors are urging vaccinations against the seasonal flu. if you have any questions about this one flu, or want more information about vaccinations, a law unto our website at please do your part to keep our community stay healthy. wash your hands often. do not go to school or work if you are ill. playing safe is the best prescription.
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