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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  October 4, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to 11 news sunday morning. >> first, we're going to take a look outside. you really cannot beat this weekend. it's gorgeous. >> one of these gorgeous autumn weekend. give us a few more weeks when the trees change color and we'll probably have a lot of rain. this would be the ideal weekend for fall colors and stuff, just a little too early. even out in the mountains it hasn't quite peaked out. a quick look at the radar. no clouds here. there are up in pennsylvania, though, and some of those in the northeast part of the state between pittsburgh and oirl city. a couple sprinkles and light
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shower. more so over in new york state. but we're far enough away that those clouds can't get in. and it's sunny out. so we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you, john. and in his weekend address, president obama linked health care reform to the creation of new jobs, saying it would ease the economic burden on small businesses. but at the jobless rate hovers at 10%, republicans say it's the democrats that are making it hard for small businesses to survive. >> more bad news on the economic front means more trouble for president obama. who is trying to convince the american people a recovery is under way. >> yesterday's report on september job losses was a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts. and that we will need to grind out this recovery step by step. >> but continuing job losses and low confidence levels are making it tougher to sell the
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health insurance reform he says is the key to creating jobs. >> rising health care costs are undermining our businesses, exploding our deficits and costing our nation more jobs with each passing month. >> republicans have better ideas to help working families and small businesses weather this storm. >> republicans say the economy would be in better shape if their tax cuts and other policies had been in place. >> washington democrats job killing agenda makes me think that they are living in a different planet. the obama administration insists the count vi recovering. >> it's a lagging indicator but they've got to start turning it around pretty soon or what is happening now is going to affect the election in 2010 very negatively. >> mounting pressure for the president and his party who have to create jobs or risk losing their own.
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the president says he has got additional options for creating jobs but he does not say whether another stimulus plan is one of them. in washington, brian moore. >> financial shortfalls are impacting maryland as well and the economic squeeze has gripped a local senior center. 11 news reporter barry simms has more on its last-ditch efforts to remain open. >> for years, senior citizens in northeast baltimore knew they could enjoy the senior center. it offers educational and recreational as well as health screening activities. >> they've always claimed this facility as their own. this is their home. >> but now they may lose it. >> a very difficult decision to make but one that had to be made. >> the center is set to close its doors because much of the funding it has relied on is gone. it has managed to mavernufere it in the past. >> but they aren't sure how to
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sustain it now. >> it's the nature of the fiscal clamty that the government says, state governments in right now. >> the response from seniors who consider this a second home. >> they were outraged and they made that heard. >> the senior center has a yearly operational budget of about $157,000 with baltimore contributing $97,000. but the economic crisis has taken a toll. baltimore reduced its contribution by $12,000 because of the city's own budget problems. then volunteers of america, the agency that has operated the center for more than a decade has decided to pull out. and slashing the budget almost in half. with such a wide funding gap, it seemed like the only option available is to close the center. >> these folks, they're a group of wonderful people. that in some regard have been forgotten by their families or forgotten by society. but we still make a way here
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for them to feel like they are part of something. they need to feel needed. >> city leaders are still seeking funds so the activities here can continue. >> it's unfortunate, but i'm not giving up hope. >> i can't say whether or not we can bail out the center as a result of cuts that came from the state. but i want to look at figuring a way to keep them open. >> politics now, former governor bob erlich has not officially announced a run but he is raising money. brought the whole family to the annual run. it was a fund raiser for the erlich campaign but not necessarily for a 2010 gubetorle campaign. when they caught up with the former governor, he had this to say about the current administration in annapolis. >> there's a lot of people in maryland frustrated about taxes and rellinglations, about just
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slots, what's happened with slots, for example, what's happened with the millionaires tax. wealth taxes, sales taxes, titling taxes, corporate income taxes, personal income tax. people are feeling overtaxed. and as a result some marylanders have gone out of state. i talked about pennsylvania an awful lot. truss bri, pennsylvania is part of maryland because so many marylanders have decided to flee over state lines. >> jump ahead to 2010 and a poll finds erlich traming governor oh mally. three people are recovering this morning after a light rail train and car collided in downtown baltimore. police say it happened around 12:30 saturday morning. officials believe the train may have dragged the car about 100
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yards before it came to a stop. fire officials rescued three people who were trapped inside. they are expected to survive. in columbia, a woman died after allegedly driving the wrong way down route 108 a in howard county. police say 20-year-old melissa moody crossed the double yellow line and side-swide a vehicle. officials say moody then continued to drive on the wrong side of the road, next hitting a 29-year-old. moody was pronounced dead on the scene. the other two victims were taken to the hospital. police say they are questioning a person of interest in a shooting in baltimore. an officer on patrol heard gunshots, responded, and police say a dark gray chevy mall but was seeb speeding away from the scene. a teenager shot has died.
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an unknown gunman shot a 17-year-old around 7:45 friday night. no arrests have been made. if you have any information on this shooting, you're asked to call metro crime stoppers the time is 9:09 and it's 53 degrees here. the swine flu vaccine is scheduled to arrive in maryland soon. up next, the state top health official answers questions and addresses your questions live. >> when will we really see it open? the baltimore business journal is here to explain. >> take a look at the satellite picture, we're kind of surrounded by clouds. but there's a ray of sunshine here and we'll see how long that will last.
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>> well, this morning most of maryland is enjoying a lot of
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sunshine. a few clouds out in the far western part of maryland. more cloudiness up in pennsylvania. a look at our radar, you can see a few little sprinkles and showers. northwest of northern pennsylvania. then up in new york state as well. all that is related to some weather disturbance, a big storm system spinning over the great lakes and adjacent parts of canada. that thing is going to drift away from us. it's not coming this way. a cold front associated with it passed through the area yesterday and that's out of the picture now, too. so it looks like we're in the clear at least for a day or two here. let's look outside and show you the nice picture of the inner harbor. beautiful morning. 63 at the inner harbor. 69% humidity.
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2995 the barometerer rising. ok. take a look at a sampling of temperatures around the area. there has been some fog this morning on the central portion of the delmarva peninsula. it is still there, the dense fog advisory expired at 9:00 but there still could be some limited visibilities out there for a while. 69 ocean city, 63 salsbury. easten 59 degrees. annapolis checks in at 63. frederick 57. readings out in western maryland in the 40's. you can see a gray shading from pennsylvania down into cecil county, northern delaware, and also out in far western maryland. these are the clouds, but most of the state enjoying sunshine. here's the storm system, the key part of the storm over the great lakes reaching out a little wave has developed but that's up toward new england. so that's all cleared us now
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and we're really in a pattern that high pressure will keep storminess to the south and away from us. the storm will to the south will eventually catch up midweek or so. today mostly sunny, seasonably mild. take a little tour around the state in case you're going to do some traveling. a lot more cloudiness out in garrett county or deep creek and cooler. on the ah for a high. around the bay. temperatures in the mid 70s. lots of sunshine. and if you're in the beach areas in parts of delaware and maryland and even virginia, temperatures in the 70s with lots of sun. showing a few clouds coming up our way but no rain associated with that. it won't be until we get into late in the day tuesday that we pick up rain chances. we start to cloud up during the day, but rain chances tuesday, a better chance of rain coming
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on wednesday. sunday, monday look good. by tuesday night into wednesday uction rain chances. all week long temperatures in the low 70s for a high. >> not bad for october. coming up, naaacp giving baltimore something to snile about. >> how to dress for success when the budget is tight. but first, a look at events going on around town.
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>> welcome back. it is 9:18 and time for business news this morning. good morning, heather. let's begin by talking slots. there's a holdup for the plans right downtown. what's going on? >> right now the developers are having trouble negotiating with the city. the city swares this will get worked out. there's also an issue of a background check. before getting its license, each person behind the whole bid needs to be checked out, each company. and that takes a little bit. but given the fact that we have a $2 billion shortfall there's a lot of pressure to get this moving. so everyone is trying to urge them in the right direction and say let's get a move-on. >> so not good for ref new projections.
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rir they saying this should be ready by 2011, 2012, but we'll see. >> do you have any idea when we will see a slots parlor open? >> the first will likely be ocean city. that's already been approved. however, in baltimore city they are aiming for 2011. again, we'll see. >> and, of course the longer it's delayed, there's a delay of new jobs that will come along with that, which is not good news. we just got word the nation's unemployment rate rose again to 9.8%, the highest since 26 years. how bad is it here in maryland? >> nationally we're creeping up to 10% unemployment. we don't have the most recent figures. what we have seen is that we're holding steady at 7.2%. however, economists say that by the end of the year you will see an uptick in that number. right now, they're about 213,000 marylanders looking for jobs. that's a small number compared to the 15 million nationally
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that are without jobs right now. at the start of the recession. at least 7.5 million or so. >> if you're looking for job advice, let's cover this quickly. there are jobs out there. what i'm finding is that they are not advertised. so your best bet is to work through your network. in other words, go meet with ten or 20 influential people who may be on a lot of boards, who may have high connections with companies, and let them know you're looking. send them your resume so that when they hear the jobs they will think of you. >> that is some of the best job seeking advice i've heard lately. >> finally, good economic news concerning the naacp. this is about their plans for their headquarters to relocate or not? >> we're hearing for a long time they wanted to move to washington, d.c. and that would be a huge loss for baltimore, not only for jobs but certainly a big name. they are right now they've
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hired mckens areal estate to market their building, sell that off. and they said here wining to stay in baltimore. they are looking for new office space to lease. that's of course contingent upon the fact that they can sell their he had quarters. but it is a positive economic development. >> we're going to end right there before anything else happens. we're ending on a positive note. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. >> stay with us. john and your sunday gardener coming up. >> these plants have fall colors but a lot may still be outside on the porch. >> and their summer vacation is over. so we'll show you how to make that transition back inside. >> coming up on your sunday gardener in just a minute.
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener. >> good morning. >> weather is changing. a lot of folks bring their plants out, put them on the porch during the summer but nights get chilly now and at some point they have to be brought in. >> the last couple weeks and even now, the best time to bring your plants inside is when -- the hibiscus will have grown a bit. it's up to you. some of these plants are still blooming nicely. >> you really hate to cut them back. >> but it is preferred to bring them in >> not necessarily. but you need to control.
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so not a bad idea. go cut them back. if you have a lot of bleeding like that, you can take a dab of char coal. just a little dip of char coal. but this has a lot of new growth. but if you have these vines go back to one of those, snip it back. and if you do that you can bring it inside. now, this isn't the best time of year to start cutting but you could theoretically take some of these lower leaves off, put this in a little bit of root tub and even root some of these. it's not the ideal time. >> it's possible. >> it's doable. >> give it a shot. >> you ought to look at your plant, take a look and see if you see any insects. >> under the leaves. you want to get rid of that before you bring it in the house. >> be aware they're there so you can keep an eye on them after you bring them in. one of the best all around things is hort cultural oil will kill house plan insects
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and suffocate anything that comes in. >> it's safe? >> it's very safe. there are even some can la based oils and fish oils. but i like this because it does do a number on the most you have problems with. >> they can't breathe. >> exactly. sometimes you can go through and use a soap and do some of the same thing. what the oil does is it suffocates the insects. and for some of the hard bodied guys you tend to get on things like fikecuss trees, maybe some citrus, you want to use a combination of the two. >> read the labels. >> not a big proponent of fertilizing your plants but i say one time. feed them in october. then give them a rest. let your house plants go dormant. >> is there a particular formula? you've got those three numbers, first, second, third. >> you want to make sure it's relatively consistent across.
9:27 am
this is a very organic mix so the nite jen is very slow released. and otherwise it's a nice even fertilizer. >> something that's -- >> you don't want a heavy dose. not a big boost in energy. >> exactly. >> this is a nice little scouting stick. this is like fly paper. buzz these stakes, it acts as a scout. when your plants are outside they have a lot of natural predators. so sometimes you bring them inside and they're clean, all of a sudden you see some insects. it doesn't necessarily kill them. it let's you know you have them. >> it's like fly paper but it's not the solution. >> it's the solution for the few that catch it but whatever. and there are some others. this is an insect side with a fertilizer and this is a pill you give your plants. i do not recommend systemics if you have pets or kids that tend to chew of least. >> again, read the instructions to be safe. >> most times, just like with
9:28 am
fertilizer you don't need to water them as much in the winter time. if they're dry give them a shot of water. >> isn't the biggest sin of house plants is overwatering? >> you're absolutely right. and it happens more in the winter time when the plant is not growing. when you water it once a week in august, you don't have the heat or sun light in october. >> so put your finger in the pot. >> and that's what i recommend. but a lot of people want to get a moisture meter to make sure. nuckles is best. the other thing is never let that plant sit in a saucer in water and you'll be fine. >> if you do get water in a saucer, dump it out. >> right. >> one to two nuckles down. >> right. >> not three. >> take a chop stick. and if it comes out wet. >> good tip. that's what we're here for. thank you for joining us. we'll be back next sunday with
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more. we'll see you then. >> if you have a garden question, send it to us. you can also visit our website. >> it is 9:29, 59 degrees. coming up, maryland's health secretary is here to answer your questions about the swine flu. >> plus, don't let a ward robe choice cost you a job. important dos and don't. >> as far as the weather is concerned, there's a storm spinning to our north. it's going to stay there and we get sun.
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>> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks for starting your day out with us today. >> we're going to start off by taking a look outside. hey, john. >> good morning. the sun is shining on most of maryland. cecil county, a few scattered clouds. up in pennsylvania more cloud cover and rain. now, i'm showing you yesterday's radar and overnight to show you that somebody did get some rain, mostly on the eastern shore. there's also a couple isolated spots. but last evening, 9:00, little area thunderstorms you see them moving across the delmarva
9:32 am
peninsula. a lot of lightning with that. some strong gusty winds. but it didn't last long. but that's all the rain we had in the area yesterday. the front that helped cause that sout of the picture now so we're looking good. how long will that last? our forecast with all the details coming up. >> sunday morning q and a is all about flu season. swine flu and seasonal flu and how to protect yourself and your family. here this morning, good morning secretary coal ber. >> good morning. >> when i saw you last monday i think it was, and i went to say hello and you said huh u, elbow bumps or hand sanitizer. >> good. >> and we're doing this because you and your staff members have said consistently the most important thing you can do is to keep your hands clean. >> practicing good high jean is important.
9:33 am
cough into your sleeve or elbow if you're going to cough or sneeze. and if you're sick, stay at home. and then there's the vaccine and that's one of the things we wanted to talk about. >> your office expects the first shipments to arrive tuesday. it's about 31,000 doses. and this will go to health care workers? >> the first set are all coming in the form of the nasal vaccine, which means that it can be used for healthy people above the age of two. so initial focus will be on local health departments and health care workers will get it so we can get them started. this is going to ramp up fairly quickly, relatively small amount nirmly. there are five target populations. pregnant women, children and young people between six months of age and 24 years, health care workers, people who live with or care for children under six months of age. and then adults between 25 and
9:34 am
64 who have a preexisting health care condition. that's 2.9 million marylanders in this target population that we will start with. by the end of october, we hope to have on order between 900,000 and 1 million doses in maryland and then about 400,000 additional doses each week. >> so by the end of october, people in this priority group should be starting to get or have gotten their shot? >> absolutely. and it will begin this week very slowly with this one particular formulation. and then in addition to the nasal form of the vaccine there is injectable form. and that will come in pre-loaded sirnings as well as multi-dose vials. that will go to your health care provider, and opportunities for all jurisdictions in the state for public clinics, and mass vaccinations, school systems, including the private school systems are going to be engaged in this. this is a massive effort that we're involved in.
9:35 am
>> we have a lot of questions from our viewers this morning and i think we'll get to most of the points. our first question says, i would like to get my child vaccinated by our pediatrician for swine flu and seasonal through flu. at the same time. can i do this? i heard i need to wait a month between the different shots. i have to tell you, i heard that too. is that true? >> if you're getting the shot, the injectable form, there is no delay. you can get them both at the same time. >> you can get one in one arm, the one in the other? >> if you're getting a nasal form for either, you need to wait 28 days, four weeks. but if you're going for the injection there is no delay. >> good answer. next question. if you're not on the priority list, should you eventually get a swine flu shot? this year you're encouraging gets the seasonal flu shot. >> absolutely.
9:36 am
we think that eventually there will be enough vaccine in the state for everybody who wants to get the vaccine to get it. we'll start with the priority groups because we want to focus on those people who are at highest risk. but eventually everyone ought to be able to get it. >> will that be around december, january? >> i'm expecting that around mid-november it will be open up, it will all depend on the manufacturers producing it, getting it delivered to the distributor, and then to the state. but we're going to be very active in talking with you and others in the media about where it's going to be available. and we'll be sure that on our website, we will have a site to show people where to go. >> i think we may have just answered our next question. my wife and i are over 64 years of age. we are wondering when healthy seniors would be able to get the shot. >> when we are really in the open phase of this that they
9:37 am
ought to be able to get it. the interesting thing about this is that it tends to affect people, younger people more so than season yam through. if the people who have written that question haven't gotten their season yal through go ahead and get that. >> if i get the swine flu should i go to the hospital? how do they treat it? and is there a medicine i can buy? >> very important. first, let's talk about what the symptoms are for the flu. it's a fever of over 100 degrees, it's a cough and sore throat that goes along with it. for the most part people can take care of this at home without having to go to see your health care provider. and one of the concerns we have is is there going to be a rush of people going to the emergency room when they don't need to. that being said, it's also important for people if they are truly sick. and by that i mean they have trouble breathing, they're starting to turn blue, they're becoming disoryepted,
9:38 am
absolutely go seek out a health care provider. this is also a flu that is a virus that is responding so far to anti virals that are available. so it is good. the important thing there is to identify it early and get treatment early. and we're working to make sure that there's an adequate supply of anti-virals in maryland. >> thank you for your time and the information this morning. >> sure. >> and forgive me for not shaking your hand. i think we're going to have to get used to not shaking hands for the next two months. first, here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up. >> the challenges weighing on the white house at home and abroad. a key member of the president's foreign policy team, u.s. ambassador to the united nations. then insights and analysis on health care around afghanistan and the economy. it's all this morning.
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>> nice we recall wind. nice and dry. we've got sunny skies here in baltimore. up to our north, more clouds in parts of pennsylvania. also the northeast corner. some of those clouds producing sprinkles and light showers. up in new york state and over lake erie rabe activity as well. we have some here. let's look at that sunshine. temperatures are responding to the sun. 59 at the airport. morning lows in the 40's. inner harbor, 2995 the bramt pressure rising west wind at 7 miles an hour right now. that wind kept more
9:42 am
temperatures from falling into the 40's. there's another bug crawling across the lens of the camera. 59 at easten. 61. annapolis 63. . college park. here's that satellite picture. some clouds in the eastern part of pennsylvania. kind of clear in central pennsylvania down into maryland. west winds coming across the mountains coming down the slope, tends to dry things a little bit. a lot of clouds in the pennsylvania mountains. thatsd where there's showers. those west winds coming courtesy of this disturbance. the winds spinning around keeps it nice and dry. that's an area of high pressure that will favor us with some good weather for a couple days before this storm system down to the south kind of slides our way mid-week. already big thunderstorms along the texas coast. they can use some rain. so not bad news for them. in the tomorrowics we have a
9:43 am
new tropical wave out in the atlantic and forecasters will be watching that to see if there's any development that might be a depression. out in the pacific we have parma and that's a tie foon. and another typhoon has cleared the mariannas and is moving toward japan, 16 0 mile an hour winds. so still the hurricane or typhoon season. back home, mostly sunny skies. 71 to 75 the high today. we have clouds sliding to the south. basically we stayed dry. once we get into tuesday, that disturbance down to the south pushes clouds into tuesday night, into wednesday. seven-day forecast. barely, just into the 70s. essentially pretty good weather. partly cloudy skies most of the time. but late tuesday into wednesday, late friday into saturday webbed see some rain
9:44 am
activity develop. >> thanks. a good first impression can help you land a job or a bad one can knock you out of the running. it's more important than ever to put your best foot forward when competing. so today we're welcoming leea with some advice on how to dress to impress for less. a lot of businesses these days are allowing business casual. is that something that makes you look hip and fresh in a job interview or is that too risky? >> that's a little too risky. i would recommend that you wear a traditional suit, preferably one of traditional colors. red is aggrezzive. navy is considered trust worthy. and black is always sheik and gray is also conservative as well. >> so a good idea to play it safe. >> definitely. >> we have some models here to give us an idea of how you can stock your ward robe with some basics. our first model here, tell us about her. >> she is wearing gray, which
9:45 am
is considered conservative, which is excellent for the work place, always good for an interview. she has a belt that dresses the suit up very night. light jewelry which is always good to do because you want to access rise. but also lightly just to keep it conservative in the workplace. >> and conservative. neckline and taking no risks. >> definitely. >> probably good for an interview. of course black pants are of course a staple for a lot of us here who have to wear suits every day. so we have an example of how to dress them up. >> once you have your black pants and regard wobe, it's good to add a black and white jacket. you can always do a white blouse underneath or a shell. and then youk you can do some jewelry, keep it always conservative. >> you could wear a different jacket with the skirt or the pants and make it look like a fresh new outfit. >> you can add a new skirt and
9:46 am
make it look like a totally different suit. >> what are some common mistakes that women make on a job interview? >> not wearing panty host and going to an interview, trying to be a little too trendy. keep it conservative and basic. that way you'll be able to land the job well. >> a lot of women think, i don't have to do it any more. that was my grand mother's generation. but what does it say if you are bare legged? >> it shows that you're not thinking about being conservative in the workplace. >> ok. so the idea is to make an impression that you are there to be serious and work. >> yes. >> you mentioned jewelry before also. can you talk a little bit about how jewelry can help change up the look? >> definitely you can add, wear as you have, a black jewelry or you could add the perls, which is always something that makes it look different. giffs you a nice accent. >> and once you land the job, feel free to pop it up.
9:47 am
>> sure. >> thank you. thanks for being here. some great advice. keep those tips in mind. up next, we're in the kitchen for sunday brunch. first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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9:49 am
>> welcome back. it's time for sunday brunch this morning. and joining us from whole foods. welcome.
9:50 am
>> thank you. >> part of why you're here, we're going to work on a pumpkin raveyolie but it's part of something we want to talk about called the harvest fest. >> absolutely. the community likes to put down a festival between fleet and exter just to celebrate the harvest and the fall flaferse and get the businesses and the communities together. there's going to be u pumpkin carvings and painting, live local bands. >> coming up? >> a week from next saturday 10:00 to 6:00. a good time. i hope we can pull up some good weather for it. now, it intreegs me. pumpkin raveyoleeafplt >> we love working with any kind of gords that are coming in. and i thought why not use pumpkin, top it with sage butter broth. >> we have less than two
9:51 am
minutes to go through this. >> we start with a small pumpkin right here and then we cut it and then we're going to dice it up. into this size right here. and then we throw a little butter in a pot. sizzling right there. and you will add your shall lots, about two table spoons, the garlic, and then throw in your pumpkin. you'll cook the pumpkin covered for about 20 minutes. it will look like this. and this is maple sirup, nutmeg and sin money. puree it. and then take the goat cheese. and then mix this with a little sage. and just kind of puree it. and then mix these two together. >> put it with your mashed pumpkin.
9:52 am
and it looks like this. so then these are just some pasta sheets that you can get at any kind of specialty stored and get a little water on it, stuff about a table spoon of your mixture. >> let's see if i can raise this up. >> all right. >> there we go. put my filling in it. cover it up, and then we're over here to our broth. where you just heat up some vegetable brotteds. wisconsin in some butter. -- wisconsin in some butter. add your raveyolies to the pan and cook it. >> there are a lot of steps to this. >> i know. >> but it sounds like it will be rewarding. so i'll tell you what. while we're doing the final mix, let's give you the recipe because there are a number of steps. if you want the recipe, send a
9:53 am
self-addressed stamped envelope to recipes,. you can also fiped the recipe on wbal just click on the recipes. what have we got? >> we have the finished product. we'll top the raveyoli right there and we toasted some hazel nuts. so pumpkin and goat cheese with sage her bs and toasted hazel nuts. >> thanks for joining us. and we'll be back in just a second.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> forecast for the next couple days. lots of sunshine, low 70s for highs. maybe showers late friday into
9:56 am
saturday. very simple, straight forward forecast. how is it? >> delightful. not simple and straight forward to the taste buds but it's really good. >> wbal for that recipe on pumpkin raveyoleie. thanks for joining us this morning. and thank you all for join us this morning, too. >> enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for feeding us. >> from the inner harbor to lake mont bello and throughout the city, runners will participate this year.
9:57 am
in addition to the signature event there are five race options including a kids fun run. and walkers are welcome. various segments will be run by participants across the nation and globe. thousands more will watch and cheer the runners as they challenge themselves and race to the finish line. regardless of who wins, the city and the region are the major ben factors. the economic impact is more than welcome in these difficult economic times. wbal tv 11 is a proud sponsor of the marathon and salutes our own tom castle mier in his ninth run and pete gilbert who is running for the cool kids campaign. please join us. for more information on all of the events of the baltimore running festival including the marathon, log on to wbal
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