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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 4, 2009 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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>> cris: now you've got a little decision to make. >> referee: holding number 68 of the offense. >> al: that is kemoeatu. >> referee: ten-yard penalty. still be third down. >> al: right. because you could decline it but then they would have a chance to send reed in for what would be, in effect, a clenching field goal. >> cris: here is the hold right here on kemoeatu working against luis castillo. roethlisberger throwing it away. now he really -- you don't need this first down. but you really need about ten yards to feel better about jeff reed having a chance. >> al: you're talking about a 54-yard field goal now. longest field goal ever in this stadium is 50 yards.
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third and 19. he goes underneath and taking it to the 28 what might be a 45-yard attempt is moore who gets tackled by merriman. >> cris: i tell you what ben roethlisberger makes more guys miss in the pocket than anybody i think i've ever seen. castillo looked like he had him dead to right. he steps up. makes the play. and gets ten yards we were talking about. castillo looks like he is going to come in here and get this. roethlisberger turns his shoulder. you can see just eludes. castillo gets his hand on it an here we go for jeff reed. >> al: 46-yard field goal. sepulveda holding. >> referee: time-out pittsburgh. >> al: pittsburgh runs the clock all the way down and takes a time-out. if ever a special teams group works on a kick block, whatever your best play is, whatever your
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best stunt is, this is the time. >> cris: i've never seen a team ice their own kicker. you know? want jeff reed to take a little time and think about this, i guess. >> al: perhaps they can squeeze a few seconds off the clock by doing that. >> cris: remember, if he misses this kick you get the ball at the 36 yard line and it has not taken san diego very long with antonio gates and philip rivers and company to scream up and down the field. boy, wouldn't this be an unbelievable ending? >> al: reed with 4 of 7. and two of those misses in the fourth quarter. >> cris: jeff reed needs this kick. >> al: the city of prt needs this kick. >> cris: right to the rush. >> al: sepulveda to hold it and greg warren to snatch it and reed's kick with a flag down!
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a flag is down at the line of scrimmage. for the moment, it is good. and the headlines have been pointing toward san diego. anded head linesman says do you want to decline it and mike tomlin says what do you think? >> referee: offsides defense number 31 lined up in the neutral zone. penalty is declined. field goal is good. >> al: so he is lucky he doesn't miss it. >> cris: lined up offsides. you got to understand he was trying to make a play. trying to get around the edge. no question about it here. i think he he is offsides and it's not even that close. the line sort of sloped that way and for jeff reed, that's a big whew! >> al: they may have had a couple of guys lining up offside
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the way -- i mean, pittsburgh kind of curling its way back from the edges and san diego trying to line up nose-to-nose and here is roethlisberger's reaction. first thing he reacts to is what is the flag about? so it's a ten-point game. and for the chargers, they just dug too big after hole tonight. >> cris: i remember we were talking to ryan clark and he said after we lost chicago, we came back against cincinnati and they came back and scored that first touchdown. you could tell on our sideline we were a little uncomfortable over there which is so strange for us. then here it was it looked like it was going to happen again tonight. >> al: sproles and here goes sproles! and sproles trying to get it as he gets out of bounds in pittsburgh territory. for tomlinson, of course, he wasn't a hundred percent
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tonight, though time-to-time, he looked pretty good. he will have that streak ended tonight with consecutive games of ten or more carries. shaun alexander had a streak of 87 and for tomlinson that is 86 games in which he had played and carried the ball ten or more times. that is against the equivalent of almost five 1/2 seasons. >> cris: you need two scores here so you can go field goal/touchdown and can try a field goal and then try a hail mary with onside kick. >> al: absolutely. and rivers -- sacked. loses the football! james harrison with the sack and the force fumble. >> cris: well, the defensive end mvp is back. only one sack coming into this game but, tonight, when the game was on the line and that is what mike tomlin talked to us about.
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he said we have defensive stars who, when the game has been out there for the taking, we have not made plays. tonight, that is not been the case. they finally stepped up when they needed to. that says it all right there. welcome to pittsburgh. >> al: san diego never feels welcome in pittsburgh because this will be 14 regular season losses and no wins for the chargers in pittsburgh. though, they have won 2 out of 3 in postseason and a trip to the super bowl by winning the champion m game in '94. 0 for 14 and come in here three times in 11 months and tli fly home with a loss. but the chargers made it a game at the end. and turn what looked to be a rout into nervous time in pittsburgh. they lost this game, they would have had to have kept the bars
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open in pittsburgh all night! >> cris: that probably would have been all right with a few people. >> al: i'm sure it would have been. end of the game. andrea, bob, the whole gang coming up on the wendy's postgame report on the other side of this break. .
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here now, bob costas. >> well, the chargers make it interesting. down the stretch. but pittsburgh prevails 38-28. ben roethlisberger threw for two and rashard mendenhall filling in in spectacular fashion and willie parker ran for two and
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here they are with andrea kremer. andrea? >> andrea: you're up by 21. mid fourth quarter. they close it to within seven. what are you thinking? >> we had to answer the bell. we did all night on offense. we moved the ball. told this good night rear here to squeeze it up. he gave is time and opened up holes for him so give a lot of credit to them. >> the guys in the booth said it best. this was not your mother's steelers offense that we saw here tonight. how did you open it up? >> you know what? we came out with a lot of pride and we said we're going to run the ball and pass the ball and we did that great tonight. we're not the steelers of the '70s. we will throw the ball and be balanced and i think we did a great job tonight. >> andrea: what did rashard show you tonight? >> i tell you what a lot of heart. he bounced back after last week and no doubt he would do it and be fine and he was great tonight. >> andrea: a lot of times you hear you have something to prove. you really did to your teammates and to your coach. tell me what went through your mind as you're going through this game tonight.
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>> i mean, just the play. i've been playing this game my whole life. a lot of hard work and preparation put into it and do you know what i mean? just to have an opportunity taken away from you and makes you hungry do you know what i mean? and i had to work harder and come out here and get it. >> andrea: 29 for 165 and two touchdowns. you told me before the game don't judge me until you see me as a player. what should people come off thinking of rashard mendenhall after tonight's performance? >> you know, i want people to see me and who i am. this was a time where i was able to do that do you know what i mean? to play a full game do you know what i mean? for the first time in my career and i feel good about it do you know what i mean? offensive line did a great job and we did a great job as a unit on offense and that was evident by the performance today. >> andrea: thanks very much for your time. by appreciate it. remember, bob, in his last and only start last year, it ended with a broken collar bone. back to you. >> thanks very much, andrea. let's swing it from pittsburgh to new york where tony dungy and
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rodney harrison are standinging by. tony, what is your take-way from this one? >> if i'm mike tomlin i'm ecstatic. he challenged his football team. they had to get back to playing steeler football and they did it. cris talked about the offensive line play and that was tremendous tonight. mike tomlin challenged rashard mendenhall last week and sent a message to him and rashard responded tonight with 165 yards. pittsburgh did what they wanted to do. san diego not so much. rodney? >> well, san diego felt like they've owned this division the last four out of five years and basically took the title. if you look at the division, you look at kansas city, they are rebuilding mode. you look at oakland, they are just oakland raiders. then you look at denver, they felt like denver was in a rebuilding mode. now, all of a sudden, they are down. denver is 4-0 and they are down two games to denver. tough situation to be in. >> it really is. this was a statement game for san diego, too. . they lost two games last year in pittsburgh and had to prove to
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themselves they could win in pittsburgh and didn't get it done, especially early tonight. >> very disappointing for san diego being that pittsburgh lost two consecutive games and really didn't have a good showing last week. for san diego not to really come in and take advantage of that and get pushed around, the entire field, definitely disappointing. >> yeah. they've got a bye this week and big game now with denver two weeks from now. they have to get it regrouped. bob, back to you. >> all right, tony, rodney, thank you for staying up late with us. see you next week. now turn our attention to the headlines from week four. peyton manning two td passes today against seattle. he ties fran tarkenton for third most behind favre and marino. denver is 4-0 and broncos have allowed just 26 points all season. a few injuries. eli manning sat out most of the fourth quarter today with a bruised heel. but he is probable for next week
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when the 4-0 giants play the raiders. lions rookie qb matthew stafford left with injured right knee in chicago is questionable for next week against the steelers. ravens tackle jared gaither scary moment against the pats. he sauvered neck injury and carted off the field on a stretcher but x-rays were negative and he is expected to be okay. everything okay for the steelers tonight i al and cris to wrap it up when we come back. ..
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>> al: welcome back to the wendy's postgame report. 38-28. san diego made it a game at the end. i think we've taken about all of the meat off the bone. give me one more morsel. >> cris: one more? i would say how good is troy polamalu? this defense was deepest in every statistical category a season ago and now you take him off and three straight weeks they almost blow fourth quarter leads defensively.
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>> al: on the other side, jamal williams not there and shawne merriman was like a quarter of what he normally is. next week, peyton manning and nobody is playing any better than he is right now. >> cris: he is actually making the game look too easy and tennessee titans, a football team we were talking about them in our opening broadcast this year and i thought they would back play the steelers for some sort of a playoff game. yet, this football team right now, i don't know if it's albert haynesworth or what happened to them but they cannot find themselves defensively. >> al: sue you. >> al: see you in nashville next week and talk you from nashville next week. "football night in america" gets it started at 6:00 eastern time and the colts take on the titans. your local news and "dateline" is next. our entire nbc sports crew
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saying good night from pittsburgh. . -- captions by vitac -- >> the body of a woman that was found in a man hole friday, now and arrest has been made. >> thousands of marylanders vaccinated for free against the seasonal flu. from that first dollar forward
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cash flow isn't just an important thing to small business. it's everything. that's why pnc is introducing your new cfo, cash flow options designed to effectively improve your cash flow. cfo helps every dollar work harder. from the very first dollar to the last dollar of the day. get in touch with your new cfo. pnc. leading the way. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> two days after the badly did
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he composing body of a woman was discovered in a manhole in north baltimore tonight it appears authorities have identified the victim and charged someone in this case. good evening, i am deborah weiner. it was friday a verizon technician discovered the woman's body in a manhole. since then investigators have been working to identify the woman and figure out how she ended up in the sewer. melissa carlson is live now in the news room with what we have discovered. >> according to charging documents, police have identified the body and a suspect who they say dumped the body of this woman just 15 yards away from where he lived. >> according to court documents, the body found here are those of 28-year-old elda vasquez. the missing persons release said she was last seen being dropped off by a taxi from one
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of her job. >> her roommate said she never came home that night. so somewhere between being dropped off by the cab and entering the apartment she never made it. 40-year-old victor cruz has been arrested and charged with first and second degree murder and assault. court documents show that back in december of 2007, vazquez sought and was granted a protective order against cruz after he grabbed her struck her and attempted to drag her into the woods. she said cruz stalked her and had threaten to kill her. less than two months later she was missing. >> it is tragic. i hope it was a horrible accident. >> while residents were shocked, it was the neighborhood itself that may have helped this case. according to charging documents, it was detect
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yiffles who recognized the address from media reports and made a connection. the document spells out that while the body was badly did he composed, investigators were able to i.d. her body through the work uniform and jewelry she still had on. cruz is currently being held without bail. wbal-tv 11 news. are new tonight baltimore county police are searching for an 11-year-old missing boy. michael neff is missing from the st. vincent home. he was last season in the 2300 block of eastlake road ash 7:30 tonight. if you have any information please dall baltimore county police. >> well, if you got caught up in traffic around columbia today and wondered what was going on it was the prospect of free flu shots at the
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largest drive-through clinic of its kind in the country that lured folks in by the thousands. >> it was quite the sight near columbia gateway drive between 10:00 and 2:00. this is what happens when flu shots are offered for free for anyone over six months of age. by shot or mist, the vaccine for seasonal flu was administered by county headache workers car by car. last year 4,000 people were vaccinated this way and more were expected today. >> this year we are trying to do 5,500 or 6,000, which we believe is the largest flu clinic ever in the united states. >> it seemed to operate smoothly. >> folks even though they have had to wait up to an hour seem to be appreciative. >> this was the fourth year for the clinic, held one month early to make way for the swine
11:53 pm
flu vaccine. state health officials say the first shipments of that vaccine are expected to arrive tuesday. eventually there will be enough in the state for everybody who wants to get the vaccine to get it. a sign of the times, long lines for free seasonal flu vaccine and the elbow bump. >> or hand sanitizer. >> in lieu of that almost passe hand shake. >> there is continuing coverage of the h1n1 flu virus on our website. we have set up links to the center for disease control and details of the simms. that is in other news tonight, a prominent baltimore rabbi convicted of sexually ma
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lesting a woman half his age is accused again. five more women have come forward alleging in this 85-year-old rabbi touched them in a sexual manner or made comments or both. the sun reports that three of them connected the newspaper and others were referred by others. a traffic stop ended with an anne arundel county police officer shooting the driver. it happened just after 6:00 last night. authorities say when the officer approached the driver, there was some type of struggle between the two. it ended with the driver severing a non-life-threatening wound. >> the incident happened around 4:30 this afternoon. authorities say first responders were called to a home in the 7500 block of
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brightside after nufmente once they -- avenue, at some point the patient became combative and a medic suffered a dislocated shoulder. >> coming up, the ravens are dealt their first loss of the season. pete gilbert will have details. america's poet responds to rumors about her alleged failing health and her fiery words. the calendar may say fall, but in some places it is beginning to look a lot like winter. >> there is something slipping to our south and that snowstorm is edging this way. don't panic though. we do have some high then clouds overhead. 53 degrees at the airport inner harbor is 60. forecast is coming up.
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better. we should get you a hat. now buy any blackberry like the new tour, at our lowest prices ever, and get one free.
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>> a plitser prize winning author is speaking out after negative rumors about her health began circulating. she was at southern illinois university. the agent says there were false reports saying the author had
11:59 pm
been taken to a hospital in l.a. and was gravely ill. she said she is fine and was quite disturbed when relatives as far away as europe and africa called her in tears to make sure she was alive and well. >> life is for the living, and life loves the liver of it. you should be living your own life, not talk about somebody else's death. that is stupid. >> she gained fame with her literary activism and for her work i know why the caged bird sings. tonight governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a disaster area for the wildfire for the so called sheep fire in san better than -- bernadino fire. three homes were destroyed and 200 others threatened.
12:00 am
6,000 have been evacuated from their homes. >> we welcomed fall two weeks ago, but some places are seeing signs of winter. this was the scene in oregon. several inches of snow fell here. it was the perfect sight for kids in the area, who decided conditions were just right for sledding. >> that storm is headed this way, but not with the snow. there is a little disturbance to our south showing up on hd doppler radar. i have added the clouds to it. this might prevent the temperatures from dropping too dramatically for the next few hours. but the rain should stay in virginia and the carolinas. today we had a lot of sunshine. 69 at the airport the harbor hit 70. typically 72 is the high. morning lows to start sunday we
12:01 am
were in the 40's and 50's. 59 in and police. westminster at 54. 48 in frederick. we could see 40's if the thin clouds go further south. but at the moment that will hold temperatures up a bit. there is a disturbance county to the sold which will be held to the south of us because of this high pressure. in the immediate future, no big change in the weather. but further west, here is that snow-maker out in oregon idaho and wyoming. by tuesday that will catch up with us. not a snow-maker though. out in the tropics we have had only six named storms, way behind the forecast of 14. there is a new wave out in the atlantic that forecasters are watching. it doesn't show on this satellite picture, and another one they are watching. so the hurricane season is still alive.
12:02 am
48-55 the range tonight. tomorrow the winds pick up a bit. the breeze will be from the west at 10-15. tomorrow, very similar to today, mostly sunny skirkse and these temperatures are right in the seasonal range where they should be. for boaters in the bay small craft advisories out. waves at one foot, and wind gusting to 20 knots. here is the sbks futurecast. clouds should dissipate. by the time we get to tuesday the storm in the rocky moups will be rapidly moved to the east. by tuesday into ends, we could see a few scattered showers but by wednesday that should move out of the picture. 71 tomorrow, 69 on tuesday and 70 on wednesday. the temperatures at or slightly
12:03 am
below average. friday some showers, and then saturday some showers south of us. by next weekend we will only be in the 60's rather than around 70 for the high. >> and mercifully it comes to an end. the orioles' season after the last two months showing little promise, came to a close on a high note. 0-2 on the day but celebrated by his mates. that was nice to see melvin getting a chance to likely say goodbye after this season. goes to extra innings. bottom 11, two on for jeff foreign teen, aubrey scores, wall game. 5-4 your ball game. however, a season record of 64-98 marks one of their worth in this 12-season stretch of losing records. the story seemed prewritten that tom watson would collect his first win of the year and
12:04 am
become the oldest seniors champion in history. it looked at it like the 15th hole. a lightning fast putt, and in it goes. but jaw haas made a birdie on 17. then tied with watson, his approach, the very best of the day, one of the best of the tournament at this hole. playing it just right nestles it to about four feet. still, a tough putt to deliver what would be a victory. and haas, who would struggle putting earlier in the week, dead center it goes. jay haas cards a 64 and wins the senior's players championship. >> from tee to green, i couldn't play any better. a tough golf course with the best players there. to beat tom watson when he is playing well, i will take that


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