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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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on the 5th, 2009. it is a perfect fall day here in the heart of midtown manhattan. we've got a lot of people here enjoying what is going to be a beautiful day. we're really happy to have them here. i'm ann curry along with al roker. matt is off today. natalie's filling in for me at the news desk. hello, hello. in this half-hour, more on david letterman's confession that he slept with some members of his own staff. some revelations about the man who is accused of blackmailing him. we'll have the latest on that coming up. also ahead, kate gosselin is back. of course you all know her hit tlc show with her husband, jon gosselin, has come to a halt now and now kate says jon has emptied their bank account. meredith sat down earlier with kate and kate decided to stick around. there's some more things that she's got to say and meredith's going to talk to her to let people know what life is like now that the cameras are not on.
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got to be tough. >> it is pretty tough. on a little bit of a lighter note, on "today's style," as the weather is cooling, the popularity of tights is growing. >> i'm wearing some right now. >> i don't want to know that! we'll tell what you to wear, what to stay away from. apparently there are some rules of the road here. but first let's get a check of the top stories from our own natalie morales sitting in for me at the news desk. good morning, ann and al. good morning to you. a deadly weekend for u.s. troops has added urgency to president obama's search for a new strategy in afghanistan. nine americans were killed, including eight who died repelling a fierce attack. u.s. military now says there is proof that the taliban was behind that attack. at least five people were killed today when a suicide bomber attack offices at the united nations food program in pakistan. the bombing came one day after the new leader of the pakistan d taliban vowed fresh attacks. this morning, doctors are
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meeting with the president at the white house over health care reform. swine flu vaccinations start today for a small number of americans including health care workers in tennessee and indiana. the pace should pick up by the middle of the month. two new government studies found an increase in the number of u.s. children are autism. one study shows 1 in 91 children has some form of disorder. another study finds 1 in 100 has it. the previous cdc estimate was 1 in every 150 children. researchers say the increase could be due to better diagnosis and broader definitions of the disorder. the crew of the late show with david letterman returns to work today for the first time since the bombshell announcement last thursday that he was being blackmailed over affairs with female staffers. nbc's peter alexander is outside letterman's studio. peter, should be an interesting day there, i should imagine. >> reporter: that's for sure. good morning. one late show employee said today will be a "strange day" back at the office. man accused of trying to extort
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$2 million from david letterman, joe halderman, is out on bail. he's been suspended from cbs and he's facing first-degree attempted grand larceny charges. if convicted, that is 15 years behind bars. he was seen this weekend barking at reporters outside his connecticut home, the home until recently that he shared with 34-year-old stephanie birkitt, a woman who is one of letterman's assistants and who "the new york times" says had a past sexual relationship with letterman. letterman said he would not speak anymore on it. but other women, past employees, have come forward saying they had past relationships with letterman. meantime, one of the kings of comedy is now being ridiculed by some of the other guys that share that slot at night. >> peter alexander, thanks so much. and zombie land took over the top spot at the box office over the weekend taking in $25 million according to early estimates. "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" came in second. "toy story and toy story 2" came
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in third place. four minutes past the hour. let's get another check of the weather from al. >> thanks a lot, natalie. got some kids here from john j. college. their own dedication to the supreme court. that's very nice. which one of you is sonia sotomayor. there you go. very nice. nicely done. there's clarence thomas in the back. nice to see you. all right, let's check it out, see what's going on. i don't know who's scalia. lot of snow on the radar, billings, montana, great falls. some areas picking up to a foot of snow above 5,000 feet. in the southeast, got a lot of wet weather, low pressure along a stationary warm front. wet weather, charleston, raleigh, down to jacksonville, rainfall amounts up to two to three inches of rain along the carolina coast and you're trying to build a park in brooklyn? >> playground. >> we're a group of voel tears building a playground for the rose f. kennedy center in brooklyn. if you can just raise $50 just from the wonderful
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>> good morning. looks like the weather will stay nice and quiet. partly sunny. a couple of clouds around no. precipitation. pleasant temperatures expected this afternoon with highs in the upper 60's and low 70's. >> that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. now to the latest drama involving jon and kate gosselin's divorce. days after the couple's reality show was named "kate plus 8," jon aparentsly emptied out the couple's bank account. we talked with kate gosselin earlier this morning exclusively and she agreed to join us again. kate, welcome back. >> hi. thank you. >> when we ended our conversation earlier this morning, we were talking about whether it is time for the show to come to an end.
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obviously jon believes it is. do you agree? >> i don't agree, actually, because first of all, it's something that the kids and i are still enjoying. the opportunities that they've been provided -- i don't say that lightly. we were supposed to be this new york now on a trip to see the statue of liberty and the kids are having trouble understanding why they're not here and why they can't be here doing that. stlp but it's come at such a cost to this family. >> you know, i'm still saying that it is our -- my job -- they're not working, they're playing, they run to and fro, but it is my way of working and being present with my kids. it's paying my bills. it's providing us opportunities that we wouldn't otherwise have and so, no, i don't feel like it's time to end it. if we are all enjoying it, i just feel like "kate plus 8" going on, the nine of us who want to continue it, should be able to do it. >> if jon makes this decision -- right now he's saying he wants all filming to stop, and it has
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stopped, tlc has postponed all filming, requecan he effectivel close down this show if he wants to? >> he can do it because tlc has always said if one of us didn't want it to happen anymore -- obviously they're not going to stand in the way. jon is a parent. he does have that right to say that. but i wish he would think harder about it because it has ended our income and our paychecks and our opportunities and it's a situation where we're still enjoying it, like i said, and it still needs to go forward because it's what we are doing and it's what we are enjoying. i don't know what else to say except that if there was ever a time that i felt strongly that it was harming the kids -- to be honest, he does not feel that way. i am quite certain. it's a situation where he's in a game. this isn't a game. this is our life. this isn't a popularity contest. it is our lives and it is our decisions. when i'm making decisions for the kids, i put away all of the
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celebrity of it, the what we've become. i'm still a mother and my first goal is to make the best decisions for my kids. if all of this fell away tomorrow and i have to move forward, i'm still with what is left. i still have to make the best decisions for them. >> although, kate, he is saying he's making the best decisions, right now the best decision for this family given the divorce proceedings is to get off the air and he says that you're the one who's dlclaiming, it's financially lucrative for us so we should stay doing it. >> the thing is, if he truly believed that, first of all, by renaming the show "kate plus 8," you wouldn't be seeing the divorce proceedings. because they're not there anymore. it's the kids and i and how we're coping. there are many moms out there who have reached out to me. i've never felt love before like i feel now. moms who are in my position. none of us thought we'd end up here. but they're saying it's really difficult to be a single mom and
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the whole gamut change. it's a hard place to be and as long as i'm saying it's a healthy thing, it's okay, it needs to go forward. i have eight of the most well-adjusted healthy, happy children that ever were. >> i want to ask you how they're doing, particularly your oldest children who are turning 9 this week. and can't -- you said 9 going on 19. they can't be oblivious to all this. >> they're not. they're asking questions and again, i'm not just saying it, i am -- when they ask questions, i provide them answers. the facts. i have never said anything derogatory about their father. he is still their father. he will always be their father. i feel like one of the best thingsky do for them is when they ask questions, i provide facts. i'm allowing them to draw conclusions, however they will. we've done a lot of talking. we've definitely done -- we have our little -- we call them pow wows at night. girls and i sit and anything
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they want to ask me or talk about, we do. furthermore, i just do need to say that financially -- >> are they protected? >> the kids are protected. they have the fund that i set up for them because that was my long-term goal was if we did this show, i wanted their future to be protected and it is secure and substantial and it is present and it is there and it is safe. >> it has nothing do with that joint account where jon -- >> nothing. >> -- reportedly took out thousands of dollars. >> i had the presence of mind to start that on my own and put it together because it's my goal and that's what i wanted for them was their future to be secure. >> last week tlc announced it was also considering developing a show for you in particular. i assume minus the kids. is that a real -- can you tell us anything about that show and what's the possibility of that possible replacing "kate plus 8"? >> i can tell you it is true. it is a project i'm very excited about. it is not completely sketched out and figured out at this point but it is in the works.
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i'm very excited. it is minus the kids and there's no word yet as to whether it will replace or go alongside of accou "kate plus 8." we're still working on it. very excited looking forward to that. i'm just glad for the opportunity because i've learned that i enjoy this. again, it is a way that i can solely provide for the kids. >> kate, where are you and jon in the divorce proceedings? last week he said he wanted to postpone those proceedings for 90 days, wanted the two of you to mediate, wanted the two of to you become friends essentially. not get back together but become friends. where are you two in the process? >> first of all, i don't believe there will be any 90-day stalling of this process. i'm not sure where that came from, because all along i've reached out and tried to communicate up to 20 phones calls, i said, earlier a day and so i don't feel we need to stop the divorce proceedings in order to learn to communicate. i've reached out to him.
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i am, strangely, able to put aside all of the anger and the hurt when i do talk to him and picture the old jon. it really just helps me to be able to, when he's present, when i'm talking to him on the phone, when i have that chance or when we're texting, because i want peace so badly. i literally stop myself and picture the old jon so that i can respond better and more appropriate. >> the last time that you spoke with him or texted him? >> was this past sunday. he actually called and asked if i could come home early from -- we had scheduled 5:00 he wanted me home at noon, which i was a few hours away but it wouldn't peaceful. it wasn't a good conversation. but prior to that he called and asked me to change custody. we redid our custody which tend to be peaceful when we approve it monthly month and so i have been in -- hasn't been 3 1/2 weeks since i talked to him.
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it has indeed been two times in the last week and a half. every time he calls i dive on the phone and answer it because i don't want to be unavailable to him because any conversation we had has involved the kids so i know that it's, again, that goal of peace when i talk to him and resolve things, it helps. >> peace seems pretty far away though at this point. >> you know, peace is really far away. i just have to say again, i never wanted to be sitting here discussing details. but i think in the end, actions speak louder than words and come what may, more is going to be said, i'm sure, in this back-and-forth. i hate it but i know that my actions are solely for the kids to better the kids and i know that i have a lot of peace about this because i know in the enmy actions are appropriate, well thought out, and with the kids' best interest in mind and, you know, i don't have to answer to the world. i have to answer to my kids. >> thank you, kate, very much.
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>> thank you very much. >> are you wearing the ring still, or not? >> it's a different -- it's my hawaii wedding ring. i'm changing them out. i'm switching them out now just to give the kids of a little bit -- we've discussed a ring that i might buy. at some point. it has eight little diamonds and mother of pearl so it is symbolic and the kids are happy about that. >> you're working your way away from -- >> moving that way. >> all right, kate. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for sticking around. we appreciate it. up next, inside michelle obama's healthy lifestyle and the truth about her diet. then a little later, the latest looks for your legs that will keep you warm and stylish from fall through the winter right after this. ... all over my body... just doesn't go away. it's so baffling. (announcer) does this sound like the pain you've been experiencing? this is fibromyalgia. chronic, widespread pain and tenderness that affects millions. sometimes i need a hug... ...but i know it's gonna hurt... (announcer) there is hope. understanding your pain...
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to turn hungry off... and turn weight loss on. hurry registration's free too. weight watchers. stop dieting. start living. burgers, all favorites of first lady michelle obama. how does she do it? how does she look so good? she shares her secrets to living a healthy and happy lifestyle in "p "prevention" magazine. overall, what was your impression of the first lady? >> i found her to be warm, engagin engaging, as wonderful and approachable as you would imagine. she talked a lot about what it is like to be 40 and approach health and fitness. i thought it was really interesting. >> what do you think are her personal attitudes? did she share her personal attitudes about health and happiness? >> she did talk about when you're 40 it is a lot more difficult than when you are 30.
9:18 am
before you could eat whatever you wanted and just exercise. i asked her if she had an ah-ha moment or was she always healthy. she said when malia was 4 months old and barack's exercise routine hadn't changed a bit. she looked around and said what am i going to do. she decided to wake up at 4:30 and go to the gym. she said that's when it clicked for her. >> health care has been front and center for the administration. did she talk about that? >> we didn't talk about health care in terms of the political approach. but we talked about it personally, lower case "p" prevention and how important it is for every american to take care of their health and fitness and make sleep a priority and the food they put in their bodies so they prevent themselves from getting sick in the first place. >> did she acknowledge, she's the first lady and has certain perks that the average person doesn't have. but did she address that at all? >> well, she said, i live in the white house. in is a wonderful place to be and i can have pie whenever i want to have pie.
9:19 am
but so she's had to strike a balance. but what i love about her and why she wanted to talk to "prevention," because she's the first first lady to make health and fitness a priority. we've seen bill clinton going jogging and george bush on the bicycle but she goes to the gym and cares about the food she puts in her mouth and in her family's bellies. >> what's her general attitude about diet. is it diet as opposed to lifestyle. >> she has a very healthy relationship with food. she doesn't have a "no junk food" rule in the white house. she has pie, macaroni and cheese and french fries. she says when her dresses get a little tight, she knows it is to spend two, three days eating clean, healthy foods. she tries to pass that along to her daughters. >> of course wv focuses on those arms, which are obviously part of a workout. did she talk about that? >> i asked her what's her favorite workout when she's doing it and what's her favorite workout when she's done doing it. she loves doing arms, she says, because she can see the results
9:20 am
immediately in the mirror. she also likes doing treadmill workouts when she's done though. she doesn't do long cardio routines. she does intense intervals. she's added pilates and stretching to her routine as she's gotten older because she likes to strike that balance. she's all about balance. >> favorite foods? >> it's all about the pie. >> pie! >> she says the white house chefs found out she liked pie and now every meal there's pie there. she's like, that's lovely of you, but please, she hae to make choices. she said it was difficult at first. >> let's face it, who doesn't like pie? >> exactly. >> everybody likes pie. >> everybody likes pie. >> i like pie. >> you got to run it off though. >> that's right. do you like pie? >> i love pie. >> oh, see what i mean? everybody loves pie! coming up though, if you're having trouble losing that baby weight, we'll meet a mom who gained 100 pounds but lost it and kept it off. probably not eating pie. but first, these messages. r, blueberry muffin. yeah, a little family reunion. ( blowing, shouting ) what now? we're cereal here!
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still to come -- >> we've got some delicious recipes from the border of italy. >> after your local news and weather. >> and switzerland, by the way. in the time it takes you to watch a bad reality show,
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baltimore city police are searching for the person who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy. he was shot ran 7:45 friday night at the intersection of offutt avenue and payson street. if you have information, call metro crime stoppers. police say they have questioned a person of interest in the murder of a man found shot to death in southwest baltimore. the men was patrolling around massachusetts avenue when he heard gunshots and discovered a man's body. a dark gray chevy malibu was seen speeding away from the scene. funeral services will be held today for a glen burnie soldier killed in afghanistan. . he was one of three soldiers killed when an explosive device struck a vehicle as they traveled through the helmand province. funeral services will be held at the st. bernadette catholic church.
9:27 am
now let's take a look at the forecast. >> it is going to be a nice, quiet monday. temperatures this afternoon will make it into the upper 60s and low 70's. seven-day forecast, causcuts thickening up again tomorrow. temperatures in the low 70's both days. showers possible late friday and saturday morning. more rain possible on sunday. i only 63. >> we will of another update at 9:55.
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>> wow, the tapes are coming in. you're looking at more talented children showing off their outstanding personalities. we've gotten a great response to our search for "today's kid reporter." we want to remind you that wednesday is the last day for entries. >> wow, i keep looking to see for a little fat black kid. there's no representation of me! if you know someone between the ages of 8 and 12 who may be a good fit as a member of the "today" family, have them send us a tape, no longer than a minute, showing off their style and personality to "today's kid reporter," "30 rock" feller plaza, new york, new york. >> the officials rules are posted on the website, get them in right now. meanwhile, still a lot to come here this morning, including a must-have fall fashion item that women love -- tights. this year they're making a big statement on the runway and on the streets. we'll show you what's hot and how to wear new looks in a few minutes. also ahead -- you guys remember winnie the pooh, of
9:31 am
course. and christopher robin. for the first time in 80 years, there's a new pooh tale for the whole family to enjoy, the first authorized sequel for the beloved series. everyone's back from tigger and even a new character. also in "today's kitchen," we are making some delicious northern italian delicacies you can actually make in your own home. it's not too difficulty. called spitzle. it's a pasta. you just put the pasta dough through the colander, then it just kind of drips down. that's it. >> looks like the weather is going to be nice and quiet on this monday. a mixture of sunshine and clouds out there. high temperatures range from the upper 60s in the northern
9:32 am
suburbs to low 70's down south. >> that's your latest weather. thank you. coming up next, the best look for your legs. coming up right after this. that means you, al. in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in royal caribbean's nation of why not. on our caribbean cruises, you can do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. for as low as $80 a day, why not reserve now? call 1-800-royal caribbean or your professional travel agent today.
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this morning on "today's style," time for tights. fall's favorite accessory now comes in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs for any age or size. the executive fashion director at "harper's bazaar" is here with five different ways to wear them. avril, good morning.
9:36 am
seems like everyone's wearing them these days, all colors and all different types of designs. >> isn't it great we can actually wear hosery again. the runway dictates what we'll see whether it trickles down to the stores. you can update your wardrobe for a minimal amount of money. >> let's look at our first look here, the retro seam tights. emily here is our first model. she's got this more corporate dressed-up look but this is kind of a way to keep the sexy in it. >> it is like from the 1950s. if you just turn around, can you see the wonderful seam in the back. the idea we're going to be wearing sheer tights again is a total no-no. it is like a "dynasty" moment, the joan collins kind of look. black sheer really trendy again. the seam tight is something we can all adopt very easily too.
9:37 am
any style skirt but it also looks good with a high heel. it is one of those moments where women -- of course we like a little bit sexy but sophisticated and elegant. >> very gorgeous. thank you. appreciate it. next, for a little more after playful look, yet still very elegant. we have the polka dot tights. modeling for us, gabriella. there is a very sophisticatsoph going out on the town look. >> who ever thought polka dots would be fashionable again. they showed up in valencia, and are an uber label in paris. we found a look from talbot's, literally right around $10. >> very affordable. >> i think it is kind of an evening sort of look. shoulder pads are back again. that '80s thing is coming from all directions aga. but again, $10. dig out that little black dress
9:38 am
you've got. generally a black sheer with polka dots is the way to go, chic and gorgeous. >> gabriella, thank you. beautiful. our next pair of novelty tights, the black lace. and this you are seeing everywhere. here we have ashley modeling this for us. and avril, to pull this look off, you really have to be simple on top. >> yes, please don't ever try a lace glove on the madonna, "desperately seeking susan." don't wear with a lace shirt. keep is very, very basic. i love that this dkny tight is random. please remember that this can be worn by any age group. i have actually got staffers modeling. not one of these girls is a professional model. but you know what? you don't have to be size 4. do you not have to be in your 20s. can you pull this off. the great thing is that many women who are a little heavier, apple-shaped women, have fantastic legs. it is one of those genetic
9:39 am
things. think about your best feature and work it. >> the perfect accent. okay. thank you so much. next up, we can't talk about tights without talking about fishnets. these are the small fishnets which are very in style. >> i love this as a day look. we all think of that as sort of uber sexy, a little bit sort of lap dancer-ish, you can't wear a fishnet. but a tight fishnetworks great for a date look. i put it with a great coat from london fog. can you wear it with a sandal. it looks cool. obviously the tighter the mesh knit, the more elegant, chic and up-market. >> bear lare legs are basically >> thank heaven. it means we'll have six foot of snow and still have a little bit of warmth. >> this is a cool look, grommet tights. this particular look right here that norah has on is by chanel but they're a much cheaper versions of this also. >> lots of different brands are
9:40 am
doing the grommet tight. i particularly like this one. it works so well with those little ankle boots which incidentally are from the elizabeth line from the olsen twins. little biker jacket. all looks really cute together. >> this is a little bit of a biker chic kind of look. >> this really works quite well for the younger set. but if you're quite daring, go for it. i've used a pencil skirt for most of these looks but they actually work with a flared skirt, too. it is just a question of make being the accent look more chic for the leg. >> let's bring our ladies out for a great look at these tights. nicely done. avril graham, thank you. they should be professional models. they're all gorgeous. coming up next, the first winnie the pooh book in 80 years is back. a preview right after this. pure cane sugar and the stevia plant.
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progresso. oh yes hi. can you please put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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beloved bear in history. winnie the pooh. the little boy's stuffed toy made famous by the classic books and disney movies. now the plum little fellow and all his pals are coming back to life. for the first time, ever, 80 years after the last pooh book, an authorized sequel is hitting book stores today, it is called "return to the 100 acre wood." jim dale is the voice of the audio version of the new book. jim, good to see you. >> nice to be back. >> when you were -- when they told you, here's this book, winnie the pooh, iconic children's book, and when you first read it, what were your first reactions? >> this particular book when i first read it i realized how near to the original it was. the guy who's written this book, he's very famous writer in england and he hasn't copied exactly the way it was written in the old days but he's created a wonderfully funny book that is so reminiscent of the first -- those first few that came out. i think the kids are going to adore this. >> although i would assume it's not only going to be children but a lot of us older children.
9:45 am
>> there have been kids waiting 18 years for this book to come out. i think they're going to be the ones who enjoy it, too. >> there are a lot of purist whose say, in the old book, christopher robin left, went to adulthood. why are we coming back? >> purists are the people who xlent about somethi comment about something they've never seen or heard yet. but wait until the thing is released. then go and see the film. then read the book. then make your comments. but until then, stay quiet. let the children decide. it is their book as well. >> in this new book christopher robin returns to the 100 acre wood. what kind of adventures will he be having. >> very simple, very loving, very innocent, very educational adventures that they had in the original book. there is some lovely lines. look at this, this is one line from it. "piglet said, i tried to come to 80 once but when i got to 37 the numbers started jumping out at
9:46 am
me and turning cartwheels, especially the 6s and 9s." "they do that when you least expect it," said pooh. i mean these are beautiful lines and the whole book is full of stuff like this. it is a gem to listen to and read. >> when you create these voices, for a lot of people, they're going to have the sound, the voices of the animated movie in their head. is it your job as the actor to either jump off from that or create something completely different? >> i have to create something that the writer wants you to do. he gives you a description of what the character looks like, and possibly what he sounds like. had he a wheezy voice, et cetera. when i was doing all the harry potter voices, i couldn't think of those characters in the films. i had to create and see the world through the actual eyes of every character in the book. so you have to create your own voices, and hopefully the kids will appreciate what i've done with these. >> and there are some new characters. >> oh, yes.
9:47 am
we have a very elegant otter. i took -- you remember the lovely actress that used to talk like this? she had wonderful english accent. it's that -- it's that sort of voice. >> you're a grown man! doing an otter! i love it! >> an otter. yes. fun. >> do you enjoy doing it? >> i was falling off the seat laughing at some of these. we had to keep stopping the recording. it is an outrageous character. she's got a row of pearls. like an english duchess! you know, that sort of thing. i'm sorry, i'm dribbling. >> you're almost channeled meredith vieira, i think. it is a pleasure. i am so looking forward to not only reading the book but hearing your audio book version. >> i never listen to my audio book version. >> you have avenue never heard the harry potter book. >> not at all. not at all. >> you're terrific.
9:48 am
>> well thank you. >> if you'd like to read an excerpt, you can find it on our website at "today" up next, nada's kitchen for website at "today" up next, nada's kitchen for some northern italian ohh...
9:49 am
how many friends does a person need, sharon ? 'cause i'm thinking 90,000 is 90,000 too many. i can't imagine having too many friends, lewis. oh i can. i open the door to my apartment and 90,000 friends jump out from behind a futon screaming "surprise, happy birthday !" i would be in seventh heaven. i'd be in emergency cardiac surgery. you know a real friend would be giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation right now.
9:50 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," hot chef at the tender age of 11 began taking cooking classes. he's worked at some of the best restaurants in new york city. in 2008, he opened up his own astronauts, scarpetta. we're making an having dish.
9:51 am
spaetzle. >> in the very north of italy there is a lot of germ antic culture, it is kind of on the border with austria. that part of italy doesn't get a lot of love. but it is one of my favorite parts. >> we'll make braised short ribs first. >> this is the starting point. in italian they call it the sofrito, start with this and develop all that flavor. >> anything just about is celery, onions, carrots and garlic. right? >> a lot of things start like that. exactly. for me that part is kind of the soul of it all. i have some red wine, some red wine vinegar. >> any particular kind of red wine? >> something assertive, something bold. i have some filets of tomatoes that i'm adding in here. all this good stuff. you start by braising it in the pot. you put herbs in, of course.
9:52 am
>> then we pop it in the oven, 325 degrees or so, for about 3 1/2 hours. >> that's the more labor intensive part. once you pop it in the oven, it's fine. >> exactly. >> now the spaetzle part which i get to help you make. this is going to get dirty. >> this is the batter. let me show you how to make the batter. it is flour, eggs -- two eggs? >> couple of eggs. little bit of milk. >> it's essentially a pasta dinner. >> exactly what it is. little pinch of salt. >> what kind of herbs? >> thyme, parsley and chives. then just mix it up. you could do this in a -- cuisinart or something. mix that up until it looks like this. then i'm going to take this -- >> looks like pancake batter. >> i'm going to ask you to grab that. just press it right through through those holes. you'll see it dropping through
9:53 am
the bottom. genius. right? >> genius, yeah! >> those germans, italians, they're all geniuses. >> just dropping it into the hot water solidifies it there. >> exactly. it is going to boil. >> i was having fun. okay. >> you let it cook until it floats. can you see how this looks. right? >> great. this is what it looks like when it's cooked. >> exactly. >> now we're just putting it with this but the person. >> a little butter, just toss it together. >> so easy. >> so simple. pinch of salt. finish it like this. here on the other side -- >> 3 1/2 hours late your braised short ribs should be falling off the bone. >> literally falling off the bone. >> look at this. >> you're so good at that, scott. >> he better be.
9:54 am
>> a little spaetzle with the short ribs. this is just -- the cold weather's coming. i think you're preparing. >> with red wine to complement. thank you so much. wonderful. still to game,come, a woman gained 1 hun
9:55 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara.
9:56 am
police have identified the body of obama and found in a sewer pipe in north baltimore -- body of a woman found in a sewer pipe in north baltimore. according to charging documents, her former boyfriend is facing murder and assault charges in connection with the death. she formerly lived in a house near the metal or the body was found. back in a minute with a check on what's this? lisa, your family thinks you might have "roasterphobia." i'm not roasterphobic... maybe a little. well, there's always my perdue® oven ready roaster. but that's a whole chicken. it's okay, dear. my perdue® oven ready roaster is already seasoned in its own cooking bag. and it cooks in about half the time. it's that easy. my work here is done. (announcer) perdue® oven ready roaster. the cure for roasterphobia.
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>> quick look at the seven-day forecast. mostly sunny, up to 70. rain showers tuesday night into wednesday morning. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here for 11 news at noon.
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