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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  January 10, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal dtv 11 news sunday morning in hd. >> good morning. john is here with a look outside. >> no surprises, it is still cold we have pulled back on the
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wind a little bit, if any thing. we have an actual air temperature of 17 degrees. >> what does that mean? >> it is all in your heads. let's look. there are clouds overhead and we have sunny skies in baltimore. out west, there are clouds. it comes from moisture coming off the great lakes. it hits the higher elevations. there may be a couple of snow flurries in pittsburgh and kentucky and tennessee. that will not amount to much at all. our forecast is dry and will be eventually warmer and we'll tell you what happens, coming up. >> are a big story this morning is the rescue at maryland's eastern shore. two girls, both 12-year-old had to be rescued from a creek.
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both girls are ok. they are a bit shaken. >> the creek is a place where people take their boats out and have a good time. saturday afternoon, it became the scene of a water rescue when two 12 year old girls felt through the eyes. the hole in the ice is still visible the two girls were walking on the ice when they fell in paris a neighbor who lives along bowater saw them and called 911. the kent island fire department rushed to the scene very >> they screamed it was very emotional. >> the fire department had done water rescue training. this was the first real rescue they have done. they sprang into action and a jump into a rescue boat to get the two girls out of six-feet of water. >> after putting on our dear, we took letters and tied off the ropes so we could be tethered. >> as soon as we got to them, i fell in with them. once they were out, they pulled
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me out. >> it was quick work. from the time the call came in from the time the girls were rescued, nine minutes. both girls' older brothers got there in time to see their sisters pulled from the water. >> one firefighter was carrying her. she had a blank look on her face. she was in a state of shock. >> both girls were taken by ambulance to the hospital but neither had severe injuries. they were back home by saturday evening. as for the rescuers -- >> you go home and hug your kids. >> it is a nice feeling. i think i speak for our department and we do not do it for the glory, by any means. we do it because we have a love for our community. >>two families said they owe these many debt of gratitude. >> we want to thank the volunteer fire department for their efforts. >> the rescue workers said the lesson to take from this is to
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never go out on the ice. >> at baltimore city hall, the transition from administration to administration is well under way. the to do list is a combination of shoring up state and federal support they will be tackling a looming budget deficit. the council president is already making progress. >> this shot could be worth millions of dollars in federal funding. standing side by side with baltimore's mayor and waiting, the senior u.s. senator pledged on wavering support during the transition. >> we will not miss a beat. we will not miss a deadline. we will not miss an opportunity to bring federal resources to the city of baltimore and to work with the new mayor.
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>> the incoming mayor called the support from her longtime mentor humbling. they are facing a budget deficit of more than $120 million. >> we will get through this. we are making evaluations. we have an eye on our budget. we are operating in a deficit. if we don't get that under control, nothing else matters. >> she called the budget her biggest challenge going forward. she is also focused on public safety. she has the fire chief and the police commissioner to stay on the job. >> we are on a good track. we look forward to partnering with 13 to make it better. >> she must also fill vacancies at the top of three city agencies and in the 18 months left in the mayoral term, political analysts and insiders say she must also put our own stamp on the office. >> it will be very important for her to exert her independence to
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show she can be a capable administrator and two, with some initiatives. it cannot be the status quo. >> the city council president says he will announce members of her transition team this week. also, she sits down one on one with jane miller, tuesday at 11:00. -- monday, at 11:00 p.m. >> former governor bob ehrlich may be considering another run for governor. he asked thousands of people to march in annapolis at the start of the legislative session and says hundreds of protesters will not be enough. they plan a demonstration for 7:00 wednesday night and called a nonpartisan event. >> it tells a new year for president barack obama as he prepares for his state of the union address. he is pushing democrats to
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complete a health care bill and continues to address shortcomings in national- security. >> one day after getting more bad news on jobs and the economy, president barack obama is camp -- touting health care reform as a way to help struggling americans. >> we are fixing our broken health care insurance system that is crushing families. it is giving small businesses double digit increases. >> his state of the union address is coming out. house democrats say they won't rush the bill. the demands to many changes, health care reform could be in trouble. the president is trying to round up the war in afghanistan, one down the fighting in iraq, and close guantanamo bay very quick >> we cannot gather the intelligence we need but blindly
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granting terrorists the right to remain silent. >> this new year has highlighted the threat of terror and vulnerability in airport security and intelligence this is in an election year that is looking tough for the president and his party. the president is focused on another fight against 81 and 1. he is urging americans to get shots for the h1n1. >> to is 9:09 -- it is 9:00 to encourage the general assembly will begin and we will take a look at what will be a tough year ahead >> the sun is shining this morning but there is a new storm on the way. we will talk about coming up.
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to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local.
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>> your insta-weather + forecast. >> not much to report on radar. lots of sunshine and a few clouds of to the west. foxboro has a big football game this afternoon, temperatures are down to about 1 degrees. everything is warming up a little bit since the sun is up. we have a snoop -- few snow showers from pittsburg down to kentucky and tennessee, mostly at the higher elevations. let's look at our sunshine. that is an encouraging sign for it yesterday was a nice day and overnight very pleasant part of the temperatures have been cold and it was 20 degrees at the airport. the inner harbor is now 21. the barometric pressure continues to rise. northwest winds are at 10 degrees and the 20 degrees feels more like 12 degrees. if you get caught in a breeze,
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you will feel the wind chill effect. it is not as severe as it has been. columbia is still in the teens. 21 degrees in parkville. no clouds around us, off to go west, winds coming off the great lakes and producing clouds. the coldest of the air is on the east side of that. it comes out of cattle brought the temperatures have been a very cold. the next weather disturbance to come our way is coming out of the dakotas and canada. it will run into the north side. the air is dry, not much moisture but this, so it does not look like it will produce any snow. the jet stream is taking a note
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-- nosedive all the way down the east coast. temperatures are below zero from the dakotas to missouri and up through the eastern portion of the great lakes and eastern canada. it is not as extensive as had been the past couple of mornings. nonetheless, it is very chilly air. 40 would be a more typical of pie and we will be in the 28-32 range. small craft advisories out on the day with winds coming out of the northwest. we look at our seven-day forecast and we start picking up clouds tomorrow the temperature will be around freezing for the hybrid tomorrow night, maybe snow flurries. tuesday through saturday, it will be dry and we will go into the 40's by the middle of the week. we pick up clout saturday and by the end of the weekend, we will get rain or snow next week.
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>> still ahead, lieutenant governor at the brown will be live in our studio. >> we don't have to tell you it is cold outside and that is not good for your hair. >> let's look at some events going on around town
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wax 11 sports -- >> happy game day. it is a playoff game day as the ribbons try to do something no team has done in 32 years, win a playoff game as a visiting team
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in foxboro. he blossomed into a start this season. we saw a will is running wild last week. this is is it's real chance that a second season. >> playoffs are something else. this is another season. by now, you raise everybody's stats. you get to the playoffs and we have to start all over again. this is essentially for four games. >> the afc wild card playoff is saturday -- was saturday. there is a touchdown.
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mark sanchez quarterback well for the jets. it was nearly a perfect game for sanchez. the jets gave up 169 yards but they gave up not much more. mark sanchez outplayed carson palmer. donovan mcnabb took the field in dallas. the second corner, -- the second quarter, michael vick with a great throw. a 76-yard touchdown for the eagles. the cowboys were up 20 points and their work devastating
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yards. dallas was the winner, 34-14. they will meet the vikings next week. i will be back with you to night for the ravens wrapup. >> from sports to hair -- is a strange transition but it is time to winterize your hair with dos and don'ts with hair care. >> first, your sunday gardening. >> i am not sure you will see any problems in your garden this time of year. >> we might hear that even if we don't see them. we will show you ways to get more realistic and get beautiful colors in your garden. >> that is coming up on
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener. a few weeks ago, last year, as a matter of fact, we talked about feeding the birds and other critters in the backyard. we talked mostly about the devices that you used for the other important factor is specific foods for specific birds. >> you want to do that because you don't want a whole lot of other things hanging around.
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you really want bird feed that the birds enjoy. >> some foods do not work. >> sunflower oil -- comes from sunflower seeds. birds love these. cardinals and the blue jays spend a fair amount of time at our bird feeders. >> we have these small seizeds. >> purple finches and others are beautiful this time of year. when you look outside and it is dreary, you see there yellow color. >> here are specific feet were uc peanuts mixed in. >> these are for a large
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assortment of birds. this one a best bird food award. there is no waste. everything will be gone. >> at the end of the season, in spring, you will not have a 5 inch pile of stuff sitting under the bird feeder. >> or you will not have surprised some flowers coming up. take a look at how small the seeds are afraid they have to be very tiny to fit for the finch feeders. -- through the finch peters. -- finch feeders. >> there is a not end up buried mix. -- there's a nut and berry mix. that puts off for it in there in addition to just see.
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>> it keeps the protein and fat level up. there are things that are specific to cardinals. this is another one of those no- waste food. >> great for the birds and convenient for us. >> if you feed them on your back porch, you do not want to waste. we mentioned this one a couple of weeks ago. >> it has bugs in it. >> freeze dried meal worms are good. we showed you some of the ways to keep other critters alway. away. >> i can get a whiff of that right now. squirrels don't like it.
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>> they don't like hot pepper. you can use some of that. i don't use too much of that. >> they are sensitive. we have covered the leaders and the type of food. get out there and enjoy the garden in the wintertime. >> the birds will be right out there with you. >> next sunday, we will be back with more. >> if you have a gardening question send it to send a garden. you could also go to our website, up next, the maryland lt. governor anthony brown live in our studio. >> and what you changed -- need to change your beauty regimen. >> book cold weather continues and we're watching a new storm developed off to the northwest. we will talk about that all coming up.
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it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local.
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>> live, local, late breaking. >> welcome back. >> will get to our stops -- top stores but let's look outside again. >> temperatures are beginning to bounce back from close down in the teens this morning. the sun is beginning to warm up
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a little bit. when we look at the radar, there are clouds in there. they are offshore. there are some on the mountains and they are dissipating. that is from pittsburgh down to tennessee. when you look around foxboro which is halfway between boston and providence, it is clear and it was down to 1 degrees this morning. notice how the clouds are very evident and seemed to be expending out of new york state and parts of vermont and new hampshire. that will affect the big football game at 1:00 this afternoon. >> it is time for sunday morning to end a. joining us this morning is maryland lt. governor anthony brown. >> it is great to be here. i have already winterized my hair. >> that is terrific.
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moving on to more serious matters, the legislative session is opening on the 13th this week with major budget problems. what do you see as the areas that are expected to be hardest hit with the budget? >> this is not the first budget cycle in the o'malley-brown administration where we have had to look at costs and reductions. 80% of our budget goes to public health, safety, and education. the governor and i end with the general assembly will continue to put a priority on public education. have the number 1 schools in the country. we want to continue funding that at the historic levels we have. there are areas we have to look to do the most savings. we had to close some health facilities. we have reimbursement rates for hospitals and other providers. that is probably where we want
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to look as we look at the fiscal 2011 budget. >> we reported that former governor ehrlich's planning to get supporters out in annapolis this week to protest the o'malley administration's policies. >> we are focusing on what we need to do to solve the problems in maryland. with the school system, we have maintained college in state tuitions. compared to the prior administration, tuition went up 40% per we were able to drive down the violent crime to los we have not seen for three decades. >> do you anticipate that he will enter the race again? >> it is likely that he will run. he governed for four years he has maintained a voice in the public. we really are focused on what we
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need to do to make progress. we think we have a record of success. we have established a foundation that will enable us to build on that. that is where our focus is. we will turn to the camp in the legislative session is over. >> let me take you to the national stage. former lt. governor michael steele has been in the news a lot this week. what do you make of his leadership of the republican party? >> that might be the best contribution to the republican party of maryland. he has had challenges within his own party, establishing forceful leadership, establishing credibility. he has come under more attack about republicans than democrats i think he has a real challenge ahead of him in trying to establish leadership. that is not really what my focus is. my focus is not even on the democratic national committee. we will continue the progress we
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are making. >> we have been talking so much about airport security. obviously, you have a military background. this is an area you have focused on, a homeland security issues. what do you anticipate happening in maryland and do you feel we are safe enough traveling in maryland which is sensitive because of its proximity to washington -- are we doing enough to protect people flying in and out of maryland? >> i think we continue to look for ways to improve what we do. the maryland aviation administration and all law enforcement arm of that works with tsa other federal law enforcement and the airlines to make sure that passengers flying in and out of bwi-byrd marshall have the safest environment you cannot be content. gori you have to look for ways where the system can be improved.
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the integrity of the system could be made stronger. we continue to do that. to not just at the airports but we look at across the board what we can do to look for disasters and emergencies. yesterday i was with barbara mikulski and announced a $2.5 million for disaster preparedness. across the board, we need to continue looking at ways we can improve security or asshur security. >> what will the administration be doing to continue the relationship of baltimore city? much has been made of this relationship between the governor and the incoming mayor because they both serve on the council together. how do you see baltimore benefiting from a french of there? >> baltimore city has been
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making a lot of progress in the last 10 years. public safety has improved, businesses are returning to maryland, residents are coming back. we certainly want to work with the mayor-in waiting, stephanie rawlings-blake, to be successful. baltimore will continue to be successful. our business requires strong public relationships and partnerships. the governor and i enjoyed a strong relationship with stephanie. we want to make sure that baltimore city continues to make progress. >> on a lighter note, you will watch the game today. what do you think will happen? besides a victory. >> it will be a tough game but with the cold weather in foxboro, it favors the running game and that means that we will be in good shape. i am looking for to sitting down and watching the game. >> thank you for coming in today. nice to see you. one week from today, our guest
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will be the maryland state attorney. e-mail your questions to sunday questions at we will be right back with more news. here's a look at what is coming up. >> in a special edition >"meet the press, harry reid apologizing this week from a controversial remarks about then-candidate obama. three key democrats announced their retirement this week. there'll be a square off in a live debate this morning. the california talent -- an exclusive interview with california governor arnold schwarzenegger. he offers his prescription for reform and economic recovery in the state and the nation. i trust unisom.
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i fall asleep fast and have a full night of restful sleep. morning class. unisom. good night. good morning.
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>> now your insta-weather + forecast for the >> a lot of sunshine in baltimore. thought i would take the radar toward the boston area with the game schedule this afternoon. there are clouds right of cape cod. it is colder there than here. the temperature norwood, near foxboro, is eight degrees. it was down around the zero earlier this morning. the clouds are drifting in from new york state and western moss -- massachusetts. there may be a few scattered cow -- clouds for our forecast but it will be cold temperatures, only in the 20's
9:41 am
there. let's look at our own temperatures. we are moving into the 20's after a low of 17. the humidity is down and the barometer continues to rise. the wind knocked about 10 degrees of the actual air temperature. some of the gusts are up to near 10 miles per hour. our ratings are mostly in the low 20's. if you include though wind when there is a breeze, subtract 10 degrees from that. 17 degrees at hagerstown. we are cloud-free at the moment. the clouds are offshore. there's a big area of high pressure from oklahoma to cleveland. this is the cold canadian air that is slipping further south. it is reaching down into the gulf coast region where temperatures this morning down to central florida have dipped below the freezing point.
9:42 am
our situation today, 32 for the high and lots of sunshine. temperatures are running way below the average. normally, we would be around 40 for the high. the wind should be about 7-10 miles per hour. that knocks about 10 degrees off the temperatures. the specific forecast for the ratings game in foxboro which starts at 1:00, the wind chill factor will make it feel like a 10-15 degrees. the future cast, by monday, we have a clipper system coming out of the great lakes moving across the area. it looks like it will be overnight monday into tuesday. we may pick up a few stow flurries into the mountains to the west and that goes away on tuesday. the forecast for seven days a dry one with a warming trend.
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we love highs in the 30's in the early part of the week -- we will have highs in the 30's in the early part of the week and the highs will move into the 40's in the middle of the week to the end of next week. we will pick up clouds on saturday and by the end of the weekend, we might see in wintry mix. >> you have to winterize your hair like you have to winterize your car. >> when it gets cold, we do things to take care of winterizing and our bodies and moisturizing. her skin gets dry and sometimes we forget our hair parted is susceptible to damage because the dry conditions outside make it more brittle. when you go inside, the heat is trying it out. focus on getting moisture into it as much as possible without saturating your hair. >> there is a winter shedding
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that goes on? >> beckham be exacerbated by a chemical process and over-abuse of heat. one to put color or relaxing in your hair, you could extract the natural moisture. we want to put that back in. >> this is your daughter. you get the idea. >> the most vulnerable here breakage takes place at designated. the nape. line your hair with a silk scarf. that will protect your hair. you can sleep on a satin pillow. keep the end of your hair trimmed. this is the older here which
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would be the driest and most fragile. in the wintertime, we like to put our hair back and put a hat on. try to change the placement of your ponytail to reduce the probability of breakage around her bed. once they get used up, throw them away and use a new hair band. you can put up the middle or you can do a cute evening style. >> your products are for women of all ethnicities. these are for everybody? >> everybody does something to their hair that is changing the texture of their hair and making it dryer. it is mostly he styling for you want to make sure -- i'm doing this with my fingers. >> i do that all the time.
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>> what you want to do is make sure that you have moisturizers. essential oils are important and that will put back some of the moisture that he is taking out. the ends are reinforced. >> if you thought you were done with your mother fixing your hair your > -- >you have sheens and all kind of treatment. >> you can put a little cheating your hair and that will put back some of the moisture. >> thank you so much. stay with us, up next, here is a
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look at the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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>> welcome back. time for sunday brunch. william mckinley joins us. we will do this because that is what moakler mac and schmitz is all about. >> today wouldn't will make a new england-style mussel fritter. i have two pence going.
9:50 am
i will put oil in each one so that we can start a finnish component. i have peppers, onions, and jalapenos. >> this will go into the fritter ultimately. >> we prefer debated but today we look in the pan. -- we prefer to bake it but today we will fry it in the pan. >> this is pretty simple, really. >> this is very straightforward. you use a food processor and puree mussels. you can use whatever fish is your preference. put them in the food processor, very simply, put them in there with a little bit of egg white and you will grind it up.
9:51 am
>> that is the quiet is processor i have heard. >> that was a christmas present >> and the contents are pretty soft? >> yes, not appetizing now. that is the desired look you're going after. take the contents and put them in a mixing bowl. >> the key is to make sure that they all get in? >> i saw that. if you do not grant it all up into eight -- if you do not grind it all up, i prefer to have a little texture to it. we have peppers that we have cooking in the mix those in. we will put those together with the onions and peppers in this ball, we have cilantro and other spices. >> we can just add this?
9:52 am
>> weekend. -- we can. >> it is really pretty simple wants to collect all the ingredients. >> that's it. it is most of the preparation work. you want to bake this in a 350 degrees. oven. once you bake it for six-eight minutes, put it in a pan with a little bit of oil and brown one side to give it a good color so that you have a crisp texture. >> while you are putting the rest of this together, talk about your new zealand contest. >> we have a contest to be able to win a chance to go to new zealand. we are promoting new zealand dishes using the new zealand and tenderloin. we used new zealand mussels and
9:53 am
wines. this fritter as a sauce that is cilantro, smoked paprika, cumin, and vinegar. it is a nice spicy sauce. >> thank you for the idea for the recipes are on line.
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>> that recipe is available at thank you very much for that. let's check the weather out. the sun is out but it is very cold. 30 degrees will be the high today and tomorrow we pick up clouds, some snow flurries tomorrow night but look at the
9:56 am
middle of the week in the end of the week. we finally make it into the 40's. saturday we pick up clouds and sun that we may go back into rain or snow. >> we need 40 degrees. >> we need a raven's chair right now. go ravens. we will see you back here tonight at 6:00. "meet the press" next. >> this is a wbal tv 11 editorial. >> the conclusion of the nfl season has once again made
9:57 am
early january in baltimore a special time. the ribbons are poised for another epic battle with new england. this conclusion left something to be desired -- the indianapolis colts decision to forgo a chance for history in preparation for the playoffs has left the story is disappointed and disgruntled. nfl scheduling made three of the four playoff games and to remake his one week after the season finale for these kids at an average spread of points where teams slept through their games. nfl football is clearly a great product and marketing machine that continues to attract record your shipping interests. like all great product, there is room for improvement for the nfl should entice these players to play every day with maximum
9:58 am
effort. perhaps the nfl should make the last week of this season confidence games to avoid the possibility of a rematch. the playoff alarm clock starts when the game is over. let's hope the new england alarm is still set.
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