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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  February 5, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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gross restore. that is the secret. let's break it down. there's a big storm on the way. this morning will be fine. if you are wondering if you will be able to get to work, the roads will be ok. the storm is to our south. it will eventually visit us later this morning or early this afternoon, snow, will be developing. temperatures, low of 30's, a 31 at the airport, 32 in westminster. dry and cold this morning. by 11:00 and we will have sleet or snow develop. we're will have been mixed with sweet, cutting down on a snowfall totals today. snow is going to pick up tonight angeles saturday. it will be heavy. clinton will pick up. tapering saturday evening. total accumulations by saturday evening, up 19 inches. most will be in the upper teens range.
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the worst of the storm will be late tonight into saturday morning. we will talk more about this when i come back in a few minutes. let's talk to sarah caldwell. >> i don't look for food or sled until after it starts snowing. i am not a risk taker. the major roads are looking good. not dealing with anything significant in terms of delays. southbound 95 coming out of the northeast is a little sluggish. the j.f.x. is in great shape. west side moving without delay. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. 12 minutes on the west side of an. seven minutes on a 95 south from a 95 towards the harbor tunnel. if you are traveling on 95 at white marsh, it's moving well. no delays. everything looks good towards the tunnel. the northeast corner checks out fine. that is the latest. back to you. >> our big story this morning, preparations under way for a
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massive snowstorm headed our way. >> a few hours in to you -- until the precipitation begins. kerry cavanaugh is in north baltimore with more on the efforts. >> seems like people are trying to get out and about a very early this morning, to get a jump on the storm. i went to the store yesterday and it was almost millais. some people are coming out earlier this morning trying to make a last-minute runs, doing whatever they can before they have to get to work. we are at the 7-eleven store. it has mostly been delivery trucks trying to replenish the bread and milk and cold medicine, the things that flew off the shelves yesterday. aside from the grocery store, people preparing to be stuck at home, the state highway administration and local municipalities are trying to keep the roads clear. once that snow starts to arrive.
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officials are trying to keep the roads clear and do whatever they can to keep on top of things to make its eighth for people to travel as soon as possible. -- make it safe. >> a plow driver can do one lane and go back and get salt and then come back to the other line. you may not see them, but they are out there. >> you could head out right now because it seems there are more people out and about, but not the course of people we saw yesterday afternoon and that we are expecting later this afternoon once people make that last trip to the stores before we expect the snowfall. kerry cavanaugh reporting. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day: what is your plan for getting through this weekend snow? email your response to us at >several airlines, including
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southwest, united, airtran, u.s. airways have already canceled flights to and from thurgood marshall airport. amtrak is cancelling service south of washington, d.c. secretary akaka before you travel. there is continuing weather coverage on our website, with your carrier before you travel. you'll find the latest school closings and early dismissals and have them sent directly to your cell phone. bluetooth >> of baltimore city police officer is recovering. one man is dead after shots were exchanged a northwest baltimore. two plainclothes officers returned to the scene of the shooting from tuesday in the 3700 block of clermont avenue. there is a possible drug dispute. reports of weapons fired.
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one suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and another suspect wounded. the city police commissioner and the new mayor are praising the officers' actions. >> this is the kind of heroic action that the men and women of this a problem to do try to take bad guys and put them in jail that have guns on the streets of our city. >> our citizens deserve to have safe neighborhoods. they deserve to be able to come out at night without fear. i am grateful that these officers were doing what we asked of them, which is to provide safety for our community. >> the second wounded suspect, he was taken to the hospital with a condition unknown. the wounded officer underwent surgery at shock trauma and is expected to be ok. >> a new leader will pull baltimore city to the wintry weekend. stephanie rawlings-blake became the 49th mayor of baltimore yesterday and is facing enormous challenges. >> i, stephanie rawlings-
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blake. >> the 39 year-old became the 49th mayor of baltimore on thursday. she took the oath of office and the next door mother, and, and 6-year-old daughter sofia. she called for a city unity. >> today marks the beginning of a new day in city government. none of us ask for this moment, but all of us must accept the challenges and hard work that come with it. >> she may be moving into the mayor's office today, but she knows there is no time to settle in. and with budget deficits over $120 million. -- it will take work and hard decisions to close the gap. >> from the snowfall to the budget deficit, it's gonna debate trying times, but i believe she is up to the metal. >> the budget and a snowstorm or on the agenda at hurtt first
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capital -- tended meeting, of leadership team made up of new appointees and some holdovers like the deputy mayors. this is a move that impressed councilwoman mary pat clarke. >> she is not using the old to bring in and do, but she is blending what has been working what will be her mr. diggs. >> she was appointed to the remainder of sheila dixon's term, which ends in late 2011. kate amara reporting. >> stephanie rawlings-blake's administration is expected to announce plans to tackle weekends this note today. the outgoing mayor sheila dixon received her sentence of probation before judgment from a judge whop no sympathy. judge dennis sweeney said dixon was leaving office in total disgrace. judge sweeney agreed with prosecutors that the case was strong and dixon got off easy.
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>> we wanted to make sure that she knew that she had committed two serious wrongs and was being punished. ms. dixon should be grateful bet she received a fair trial, a very good representation, and more leniency and justice than most defendants will have. >> dixon would not comment on the sentencing. she will still receive the $83,000 pension, which is expected to start in march. 32 degrees on tv hill. coming up, and american missionaries arrested for attempting to flee with orphans. the sentence that could face. >> edrik rescue in oregon after a car flips and lands vertically against a tree. against a tree.
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for over fifty years, pediatricians and parents have trusted... children's tylenol... to care for little bodies... while they're growing big. >> welcome back. 5:00 then a the time. temperature is around 30. all is quiet at least for the present. once we get beyond a midmorning, there will be precipitation. if should be smooth sailing to start the debt. let's look at hd doppler. it's coming at us from the south. most of activity showed up around baltimore is not hitting the ground. if it will take several hours for the atmosphere to saturate. all this stuff will catch up to us by the middle of the morning.
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the snowfall will begin sometime during the mid morning. temperatures in the upper 20's and low 30's's, 28 degrees in tontitown. 31 at the airport. we should be dry and to about 11:00. this note will be with us by this afternoon. -- the snow. taitung bridger near 35. the bulk of this note will come in late tonight or saturday morning. -- high temperatures today near 35. >> 10 american missionaries that tried to take children out of haiti are charged with kidnapping irritation officials say they will not be an open trial. a judge will consider the evidence. it could be three months before a verdict is reached. the americans were arrested friday at the the dominican republic border. there's a possible sentence of 5-15 years in prison. >> surviving a bizarre accident
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that left him stranded in the woods. firefighters worked for hours after a driver lost control, to down an embankment, came to an arrest in a nearly vertical position against a tree. the cruise safely removed the man. he was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. people attempting to pass and a dicarlo across the median and slid over. >> not having a good 32 degrees on tv hill. coming up, valentine's day is known for greeting cards and chocolate. some websites are helping you look outside the box to surprise you a special someone. >> feeding on the run is about to get easier and a leader. changes coming to the nation's changes coming to the nation's
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>> traffic pulse 11 and insta- weather plus together. >> let's check the morning commute. this is the calm before the storm. really going to have problems later this afternoon into the evening. and tomorrow will be a different story. 48 miles an hour or is the only sluggish spot on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. the north side looks good. no problems on 83. 795 and interstate 71 to the beltway are smooth. no incidents or delays. volume is light. 11 minutes on the album but northeast. 12 minutes on t -- on the alerte northeast.
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-- outer loop northeast. the northeast corner at harford rohde has no problems. going away from us is the outer loo. p let's check on the buses and trains with ms. brooks. >> the buses are reporting delays or diversions. the light rail and metro reporting of problems. there's one cancellation of the brunswick lines. no. 890. that is cancelled today. all other trains operating without problems. back to you. >> good morning. things are pretty quiet to start the day. that will change as we head into this afternoon. no trouble to give it a predictive content with right now. it's 31 at the airports and cockeysville. if 28 in parkton. a big area of high pressure is protecting us right now that is
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anchored over new england. the activity to our south and west will hold off for a couple hours. difficult to say how long it will take for the atmosphere to exaggerate, but i will say at least until mid morning. the era of low pressure will visit us starting late tonight and into tomorrow. a big surge of more mr. are ahead of that. the minister is going to eventually win and a high pressure will retreat. precipitation will likely starts at 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. it's tough to call and this will start. mid to late morning. if you are making travel plans, best to do it early in the day. the early morning commuters should be no problem. by this afternoon there will be a mixture of snow and sleet developing. up to 3 inches on the ground by this evening. the evening commute could be problematic. high temperatures in the mid 30's. that will help lot on the roads. tonight that will change. snow is likely.
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the heaviest blow come down after midnight. the bins will be picking up with a lot of drifting. late tonight would not be a good time to be out and about. temperatures will drop down to the 20's. at 4:00 in the morning is going to be the height of the storm. about 5:00 in the morning on saturday, the wind will pick up out of the northeast over 20 miles an hour, creating blizzard conditions. visibility's will be down to a quarter mile. if down to the south there is some mixing. into southern maryland or the lower eastern shore, they might get some rain. if the storm pulls away, and the cold air will get down there. even by 1:00 in the afternoon on saturday, everybody watching will seasonal fall. it will start to taper saturday afternoon. by 7:00 the storm pulls off shore. this could be a long event, starting at midday today and going through 7:00 in the
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evening on saturday. how much snow? 12-20 inches from baltimore on north towards the pennsylvania line. there will be a few isolated spots to get more. 11-16 from annapolis on south. there will be mixing with sleet and rain. in the mountains, the lift from the rain will get some spots up to two feet. towards pennsylvania, maybe 10 or 12 inches. everybody will get at least 1 foot elvis. nobody cares after that much. that is a lot of snow. it's got to be a long duration event. sunday and monday it will dry out. eisner's 29 on sunday, 36 on monday. maybe more snowfall next week. -- high of 29 on sunday. >> ford plans to repair 17,000
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mercury milan and for confusiond geza electric highbridge ghaziyeh software problem. -- ford fusion gas electric software problem. they will notify customers. heinz ketchup, the new package can be torn it and more convenient way. it will be available at some fast-food restaurants in the fall. >> i have messed up my neckties a long delay. sentiment on wall street echoing around the globe. the problems at toyota have hit and destroy it. >> the good as its friday naqoura. >> things appeared to be quoted
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a big sell-off yesterday. globally, other markets have been selling off as investors worry about the recovery. chinese stocks for its third straight week, weighed down by energy and metal companies. on wall street there was a big tumble, disappointing earnings, weekly jobless claims as well. the dow jones did below 10,000. that happened late in the day briefly. first time since november 6. there are troubling developments at toyota. the company is officially recalling 270,000 toyota prius hybrids in the u.s. and japan over problems with the brakes. it 60 countries. there may also be problems with the breaks in the lexus highbridge. ford is updating the breaks in two hybrid models. super bowl sunday is the biggest sales day of the year for pizza companies. dominos expects to sell 9
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million slices by game night. pizza delivery is dangerous work. insurance companies, some of them won't even in short beats a drivers such as allstate. jane king reporting. back to you. >> you at 6:15. are you still looking for perfect valentine's day gift for your sweetheart? has all kinds of ideas for different levels of relationships. for women, says floridayahoo says to focust not to give to women. if you are still in a rut, there
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work out details of his surrender. for months he has been under investigation for his role in michael jackson's june 25 debt. late thursday his lawyer posted on his website that the doctor will turn himself into authorities later today. details of the surrender agreement remain unclear, including whether he will be taken into custody or appear at an arraignment on his own. after a seven-month investigation, sources tell nbc that the l.a. county district attorney's office is expected to file an involuntary manslaughter charge for his role in the pop star's death. >> "have to show dr. murray was indifferent to the possibility of michael jackson living or dying. this man wanted michael jackson to live. $180,000 a month is what he was earning. >> is attorney says his client is innocent. dr. murray has acknowledged giving tax and the powerful surgical anesthetic propofol and other drugs shortly before his
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death and opens lead. the lawyer said he plans to plead not guilty. nbc news, los angeles. >> 32 degrees on tv hill. coming up in the next half hour -- >> preparations are underway for the storm that is expected to hit today. ulia the latest coming up. >> kasam nichole killian in washington. new jobs numbers are due out today. i will bring you a preventive -- a preview. >> all is quiet right now. that will change as we head through the morning. we will give you what to expect for the rest of the day. >> it is calm, but things will change this afternoon. we will get you up-to-date on we will get you up-to-date on
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