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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  February 5, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news today at 5 in hd. >> good morning, everybody. konstam stovall -- i am stan stovall. >> i am mindy basara. >> we do have a big storm on the way. we should all do something with a milk moustache. that would be a good promotion. there's a storm coming from the southwest. it will take a couple hours before the atmosphere gets going. the morning commute will be ok. beyond 10:00 or 11:00, we will see more snow developing. we are in the low 30's right now, 31 at the airport, 35 downtown, 28 in frederick. it will be dry and chile this morning.
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sleet or snow developing by this afternoon. tonight it will change over to all snow. heavy after midnight. the worst will be early saturday morning, tapering saturday evening. tolovic simulations by the time it's over, between 12 and 20 inches. it is a very rare event for us to get two in one season. maybe once every 100 years do you get two die in antics no false -- two gigantic snowfalls in baltimore. it could happen again. >> we don't like tony pann anymore. let's see what's going on, on the roads. >> doing fine for the most part. tonight and tomorrow is when it will be a little difficult to commute. 47 miles an hour right now on southbound 95, all little delay. if nothing major on the north side.
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six 795 and interstate 70 coming towards the beltway, no problems. traveling on the northeast outer loop, 11 minutes. five minutes on southbound 95 from the 895 split towards the fort mchenry. in the area of white marsh, looks good heading out of the north east. and harbor tunnel traffic looks good on may 95. at harvard road, no problems. enjoy it. that is the latest. >> the winter storm warning has sent many into a frenzy, looking to stock up before the snowfall. >> officials are working to clear the roads to protect public safety. kerry cavanaugh joins us from north baltimore this morning with more on the efforts being made. >> good morning. the psychology of the storm is a
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story unto itself. people are paranoid about being trapped at home. we are all acting like we're going to starve even though we probably have enough food in our cabinets. i went to the store yesterday with my cranky toddler even though i probably did not have to. we are joined by a representative from cvs. what was it likely last night when everybody is rushing in? >> we did triple the business we normally do. they came in and we sold out of everything. things disappeared fast. >> what are the hot items on shoppers' lists as the storm approaches? >> people have been buying a lot of groceries, paper goods, shovels, everything to get prepared. >> right now it's seems we have hit a low -- lull. what is your advice to people
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today? >> i would come before anybody gets off work. >> what are your plans as an employe e? are you planning to be at work? >> i am off this weekend, thank god. we have to do what we have to do. try to get our best to get to the store even though there will be a lot of snow. year after. >> the pharmacy is open for people needing it. thank you, krystle. the best advice is to go now if you have to get something. last night, this is what it looks like and will probably look like again in a few hours. preparations are well underway for the next big anticipated storm of the season. if state and local officials are loading up salt trucks and lining up personnel. >> it takes a snowplow driver up to 1.5 always to do a full route.
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he can do one lane and come back with more salt to do the lane in the other direction. they are out there. >> if people are stocking up before they get stuck at home. in towson it begins in the parking lot. >> we could not find a spot. >> there is a sorted on bread, chicken, shopping carts. >> they are all gone. it's crazy. >> it's really busy. crowded. >> there's a long wait in the deli department. tambor is going so fast that it is sitting on a rack in the middle of the aisle. most shoppers are unwilling to endure the hysteria to make sure that all well-stocked, even if they are skeptical about how bad it will be. >> i don't think it will be 30 inches or 20 inches. i think it will probably be five or 10 inches.
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i'm in this line not because of the snow, this because i wanted ice tea. >> as we have been out and about at the stores, most activity this morning has been delivered trucks rushing to replenish everything that was purchased yesterday, to make sure they are off the roads when the snow comes in later today, those trucks. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day: what is your plan for getting through the snow storm this weekend? email your response to us at for latest school closings and dismissals, go to the bottom of your screen or go to our website, you can sign up for direct alerts to yourself down. there's the stormtracker or to find out if it's in your neighborhood. send us your pictures.
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if you plan to travel, southwest, united, airtran, u.s. airways have canceled flights to and from thurgood marshall airports. amtrak has canceled service south of washington, d.c. check with your carrier before travelling. >> 32 degrees on tv hill. going to the mountains could shrink your waistline. >> if your looking for sali 6, how healthy and safe are the prepackaged salads mixes? >> not dealing with any delays or incidents. or incidents. we will update yo
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science center. all is quiet on this early friday morning. things will change by midmorning. smooth sailing for now. most of the stuff you see in the circle is not hitting the ground. it is deceiving. we will stay dry through early this morning probably until 10:00 or 11:00. let's look at the temperatures. low 30's's parikh 31 at the airport, 30 and randallstown, 28 in parkton. we expect snowfall by late this morning or early this afternoon. it will probably mixed with sleet by this evening. a couple inches of snow will be on the ground by the time you drive home from work if with a high temperature near 35. the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> in the medical alerts, a new study from germany shows spending time in the mountains could help you lose weight. they started off 20 obese mena
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spent one week living at a high altitude. their body weight, their food intake, and their blood pressure went down. the low levels of oxygen potentially increases hormone that is thought to suppress appetite. researchers say living at a high altitude can increase your metabolism and the effects could be lasting. the men were still seeing positive health results a month after their return call. >> many salad mixes are not squeaky clean. the tests included 200 packages of 16 popular brands. many packages contain high levels of bacteria that indicate poor sanitation and fecal contamination. none contains e. coli or salmonella. spinach was in the dirtiest packages and were close to the "used by" dates. all its purchase as far from that date as possible. no matter what, wash it yourself
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even if it says prewashed. it's 32 degrees on tv hill. food and football this weekend. keith mills joins us for preview of sunday's super bowl game. >> sandra shaw takes us to baltimore county for a lesson in swing dancing. she will need a few more lessons. in the downtown area, this is a live picture. we will update your morning commu mmmm, well hi there, baby. ♪
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>> traffic both 11 and insta- weather plus together. >> good morning, sarah caldwell we are smiling now, but later this afternoon if the committee will be a different story. easy ride right now on the harrisburg expressway. 66 miles an hour south of mount carmel and well towards the beltway. a delay on southbound 95. usual stuff approaching the
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beltway northeast as volume picks up. 795 and interstate 71 was sides looking good. no delays on a major roadways around the airport. there could be delays on your flight. call ahead. you're looking at the harrisburg expressway at a bar and road. no problems. the j.f.x., south of the beltway, so far, running smoothly. running smoothly on the major roadways. let's get the latest on the buses and trains with ms. brooks from the mta. >> good morning. the buses are running without problems. they continue to reports no delays or diversions. if light rail and metro reported no problems. brunswick train no. 890 is cancelled this morning. all other trains running without problems. back to you. >> good morning, everyone. before we get to the snowfall, we have delays and closings.
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baltimore county schools will close two hours early today. crawford county schools will close two hours early. baltimore city schools will close three hours early this afternoon. all that information will be available at the bottom of your screen. you can always go to our website, those three are just into the newsroom. things are pretty quiet right now. good morning to sandra shaw. have a little fun before the snow. we will be swing dancing. >> there him -- we were suppose to do this on tuesday to tell you how to heat up during the winter, but we had 5 inches of snow. kriebel level massive snowstorm later this morning. we thought we would need to things up. tryon's city swing has been here five years. summer gentry is the founder. -i cannot believe you got sucha
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great crew together. >> they love it. we could not keep them away. >> useppa the lindy hop is a form of swing dancing you do. -- you say. goes back to the 1930 policy. >> it's a great way to get some exercise. i met my husband dancing. and we found charm city swing. pkg eight other couples have met through this. >> there's a lot of improvisation, right? >> absolutely. it's about having a good time with your partner. people make stuff all the time. >> i like being aerial. spika took a lesson. i need to learn more. what can you do if you want to get involved? >> every monday night at 8:00 we have a beginner lesson through
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9:00. if you don't have to wear special shoes or show up with a party. we are at club baltimore at pulaski highway. or go to our website, charmcity .com >> a c doppler is showing some echoes of the storm entering the vicinity. -- hd doppler. a lot of it is not making it to the ground because of a high- pressure. that will change. there's an immense amount of moisture with this system. bee are getting ready for it. --we are getting ready for it. we are going to have some fun this morning. >> i suggest you change before going outside. that would be a good idea. not that you don't look good. >> i have to wear both hats. back to you. >> thank you. things are pretty quiet this
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morning. it will take awhile for the atmosphere to saturate. temperatures are in the low 30's, not bad for this time of year. 31 at the airport and park scio, 30 in jared's bill. a big area of high pressure is blocking this from coming in for the time being. the morning commute will have no problems. all this stuff is going to catch up to us. the storm came out of the gulf of mexico and is just getting its act together. it will get much stronger by late tonight and into saturday morning. the flow of moisture is incredible. tropical moisture plowing into a cold air mass. eventually we will get snowfall. late this morning or early this afternoon, snow is going to develop. it could mix with sleet later this afternoon as well. 1-3 inches will be on the ground by this evening. there will be snow coming down during the evening commute. high temperatures will be above freezing, which will help a little on the roads.
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it will drop into the mid 20's tonight in most locations. if there's a mix at your house in the evening, it will change over to all snow. it will be heavy at times late tonight. there could be thunder late tonight. that is a possibility. at 5:00 in the morning on saturday is when the meat of the storm will take place, early saturday morning. the area of low pressure will explode off the coast. the wind will pick up out of the northeast. gusts over 20 or 30 miles an hour or. there will be a lot of drifting saturday morning. this will be the heart of the storm. that will taper off by about 1:00 in the afternoon. the heaviest stuff will be pulling away. by 6:00 in the evening or 7:00, everything goes off the coast and we get a little break. it's going to be a long duration, along yvette. how much? 12-20 inches from baltimore up
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to the pennsylvania line. there might be a couple spots with more. does about everybody will be below 20 inches. down to the south there will be a lot of mixtures. accumulations will be a lot less. 11-16. in pennsylvania, a lot less, because they will be further away from the storm. in the mountains when you get the aid of a lift from the slopes, maybe some spots there will get up to two feet. most of us will be under 20 inches. on sunday, super bowl sunday, the saints -- the things should be dry. another chance of light snow on tuesday and wednesday of next week, late tuesday and wednesday. a fun snowstorm for the weekend. back to you. >> the kids love it, so we will focus on their fund. if it's 32 degrees on tv hill. much more ahead. >> we will look at one of your
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answers to our water cooler question. >> this is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> 11 sports. >> good morning, everybody. keith mills. super bowl on sunday in miami. more on that in the second. first, a big win for the maryland basketball team for. a few hundred miles from south florida to the north in tallahassee. a good win for maryland. a good effort from landon.
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the slam. he had 18. the game tied early. in the second half, derwin had 29 to lead the seminoles. it was tied at 64. there is the clutch. he had 23. maryland wins 71-67. half a game behind duke, in first place. super bowl at 6:00 sunday night. the colts and the saints. the second super bowl for a demanding. the first for his coach, jim caldwell. he was tony dungy's quarterback coach. i know that he hopes he does not have to use tony as a punt returner, tony hugo. caldwell says they are taking nothing for granted. >> there is still a lot of work
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to do. we have to be sharp. that is important. also, if it is an opportunity for us to show that we know the team in relationship to how it will respond to what they do from an offensive and defensive standpoint and their kicking game. >> we are bracing for the snow in our town. it's raining in miami. if it will be 72 and partly cloudy during the kickoff on sunday. >> sounds good. >> go saints. >> thank you. let's get to one of your answers. >> what is your plan for getting through the weekend snow? >> one viewer said they got bread, toilet paper, and chocolate. >> another viewer says sid back and enjoy it. this is a universal day to relax, take mother nature up on the offer and relax. sending your responses.
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email your response to us at we will post all of them on the front page of our website. let's look ahead to our next hour. >> lawmakers are pushing for more gambling as a revenue source. details at seven minutes after 6. >> a howard county teacher allegedly abused a student. >> we are not the only ones with that will have to deal with snow. folks in japan are putting their to good use. that is at 6:40. >> i forgot there was a game this weekend with this stuff. superbowl sunday. we do have to talk about the snowfall first. we will do that in a few minutes. >> we know this is your super bowl, tony. nothing major on those major roadways. we will get y
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