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tv   11 News Today  NBC  February 5, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in north baltimore the rush is on to prepare for the big storm. >> a new era in baltimore city government begins as stephanie rawlings-blake assumes the reins at city hall. we will have more on the swearing in. >> the answer on the minds of everyone this morning, how much snow are we going to get? >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv today in high definition. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> tony pann has all the details. >> at 5:00 we were talking about how we rarely get two snowstorms in one season. not since 1883 have we had two in one season over 1 foot in baltimore. that is. >> that was a very good year.
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i remember that. >> 15 inches in baltimore. sorry. >> i set myself up. >> it was easy. hd doppler showing precipitation. those are false echoes. it will take awhile for the atmosphere to saturate. we have at least until midmorning. after 10:00 or 0:00, snow is going to develop. we are in the low 30's. that's not bad for this time of year. 31 at the airport, 35 downtown. we should be dry early this morning. the snow is going to develop later this morning and into this afternoon. it might mix with sleet later today. snow will continue tonight. the a list will be late tonight and early saturday morning. tapering saturday evening. total accumulations between 12 and 20 inches. -- the snow will be late tonight and early -- the
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heaviest snow will be late tonight and early saturday morning. >> i'm going to start making omelettes for the week after getting two dozen eggs. 46 miles north on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. the j.f.x. and the harrisburg looking good. 795 looks good coming to the west side. the west's side is in great shape. nice ride on a major roadways around airports. there could be flight delays, so call ahead. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast. 12 minutes all the west side outer loop. no problems down to 32 on the beltway. looks good at the curtis creek drawbridge. easy ride on the north side at the harrisburg expressway. we will keep you posted. back to you. >> our big story this morning,
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breakout this doubles, stocked refrigerator, and i agree down. -- break out the snow shovels. -- and hunker down. >> kerry cavanaugh is in north baltimore. >> if you ventured out yesterday, it was a frenzy on the roads. the traffic reminded me of christmas eve, everybody try to prepare for the storm. at the grocery store is a lot of the aisles were empty. overnight a lot of delivery trucks were trying to restock for last-minute shoppers today. we are at a 711 stohr. there's a cbs. mitchell works at cbs -- cvs. >> a lot of milk and ice and cereal and salts are selling. >> that seems like a contradiction. they're using the assault for
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chips. >>-- the salt. we have sold out of snow shovels. >> what is your advice for anyone? >> we are open 24 hours and we are here to serve the customers. >> mitchell, thanks for talking to us. as individuals run out to prepare today, local officials and the state are preparing to keep the roads open, but they're asking you to stay off the roads later. if you can. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day: how do you plan to get through the weekend snow? don't forget our water cooler question: how do you plan to get through the weekend snow? email your response to us at >> the first snowflake has not aground but already its impact is being felt. several school systems are
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either shutting down or close in early. several airlines have decided not to fly into or out of marshall airports. southwest, united, airtran, u.s. airways have are decided to ground some if not all of their flights tomorrow. amtrak reports its services south of washington, d.c., check with your carrier tomorrow before you venture out. we invite you to follow the forecast act -- at >> in other news, baltimore city police officer recovering after a deadly police involved shooting in northwest. at around 8:00 last night a pair of officers on patrol approach two men acting suspiciously in the 3700 block of oakmont ave. one of the suspects opened fire on the officers. they wounded one of the officers in the right on. the officers returned fire,
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killing one of the men and wounding another. it may be connected to a shooting earlier this week. >> what we believe and what we have been on the alert for is retaliatory violence and that other bad guys in the neighborhood would be harming themselves with guns in preparation. if that is what it looked like happened tonight. >> we have to be aggressive. if this officer was injured because he is doing what he was called to do and that is to not to back down when you know. our crime is going on, but there's gang territory. we are trying to find out what's going on and going after them. >> authorities have not released the name of the wounded officer. he is and iraq war veteran with three years' service on the force. listed in good condition at shock trauma. if the condition of the wounded second suspect is unknown. >> the new baltimore mayor has a full plate of issues in front of her.
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>> i, stephanie rawlings- blake... >> at 12:14 yesterday afternoon, stephanie rawlings-blake took the oath of office to become the 49th mayor of baltimore. flanked by her mother, husband, and daughter. she has to hit the ground running, but her colleagues expressed confidence in her ability. >> we have a budget deficit of $120 million. it will take serious work and tough decisions to close the gap. >> to the snowfall this weekend and the budget deficit becca the snow as under. it's got to be trying times. i believe she is up to the metal. >> she's the youngest mayor to ever hold office in baltimore, age 39. this comes on the heels of you dixon's departure. she officially resigned from office at noon as part of a plea deal with prosecutors on charges
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of perjury and misdemeanor embezzlement. judge dennis sweeney described the mayor as leading in disgrace, going on to say that the agreement kept her from the jury deciding what he believed would be a strong case. she left without addressing the media, the mayor, that is. >> turning to annapolis, a new bill could bring new faces to the state house. james king is proposing a measure to limit the political careers of delegates and state senators to all the two terms. the anhe wants to bring an end to career politicians. it requires a two-thirds vote from both chambers before being placed on a referendum ballot in november. already one lawmaker says she has a vision of turning baltimore into las vegas of the east coast. state senator katherine -- says
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roulette and other games can increase revenue. they want to put it on the 2012 ballot. >> a coalition of slot machine protesters submitted a petition of 23 dozen signatures to the anne arundel county board of elections, hoping to put the issue of the slot machine palace near rental bill to a referendum vote. such >> coming up, bloomberg business reports with financial news. >> more cars developing problems at toyota. we will tell you which ones that could be added to the recall list. >> the former physician for michael jackson wants to turn himself into police. will they take him up on the offer? we will explain.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> of very good morning. we are expecting massive snowfall later today. all is clear looking over downtown right now. there's a big party going on at charm city swing. they are dancing and getting ready to go. when we are going.
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i took a lesson a little while ago. it is energetic and upbeat. it's improvisational and so much fun. check it out. you get yourself into the swing of swing. you have to let yourself go. >> is very silly. people make things up. we cheer when people call downtimes if it is funny or cute. >> double kick. >> summer gentry and her and started the business years ago. they're rising to new heights. >> it is a ton of fun. you don't realize you just work out 2.5 hours. >> emily met her husband jason lancaster through swing dancing. >> going well. >> lindy hop, the original form a swing from the 1930's and 1940
6:14 am
posted. i took a lesson, trying my hand at the charleston. >> spin around. >> moving on to some swing. >> it makes you want to bounce, the music. it should have energy. >> bouncing and expressing. >> you cannot hide yourself when you are dancing. >> whatever you are feeling is going to come out and that is wonderful. >> i cannot believe how many people came out. they are having so much fun. they meet on monday night's. a couple thousand people participate. any age. there are classes offered on their website, charmcity
6:15 am we will have live weather coverage starting today at 12:00 noon and throughout the duration of this massive winter storm. what do you think, tony? >> i don't think my wife would go for the lessons because i am certain i would drop her. >> that couple was doing ok. that couple, i asked if he had never dropped his wife, he said, oh, yes. but as long as the wife knows ahead of time that she's going to get dropped. if the morning commute is going to be ok. the drive always going to be restored. right now we are in the upper 20's bandlow 30's. 31 degrees at the airport. high pressure is helping us at the present. eventually the storm is going to win.
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dei'm looking for that to happen at 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. it is difficult to time when the precipitation is going to start. midmorning is what we are shooting for. there's a tremendous amount of moisture surging north into the cold air. eventually the moisture is going to win, but it's going to take a couple hours. snow developing by late this morning or this afternoon. sleet will likely mix in in some places, especially south of town. 1-3 inches on the ground by this evening. temperatures will be above freezing. that will know little. tonight, temperatures drop to the 20's. snowfall becoming heavy, especially after midnight. there could be lightning or thunder after midnight. this is a strong storm with a lot of energy. at 5:00 in the morning, this will be the height of the storm. the wind will pick up out of the northeast at 20 or 30 miles an
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hour, producing blizzard conditions at times around baltimore as the storm gets organized off the mid-atlantic coast. when we head through the day, the snow will start to taper off. by 2:00 it will still be happening, but by 5:00 it will taper off. by 8:00 in the evening of everything is offshore. the further into the day on saturday, the better. the height of the storm will be early saturday morning. 12-20 inches is what i'm expecting to the north. down to the south, there will be a lot of sleep mixing in, across the lower eastern shore, southern maryland, and d.c. most of those watching will get at least 12 inches out of this. in the mountains, may be up to two feet. in southern pennsylvania, less, as they are farther from the center. that is the way it stacks up. on super bowl sunday it should clear up.
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dry with a high near 29. another chance of snow from zero wimpy storm tuesday night into wednesday. let's see if sarah caldwell have does newt -- has good news on the roadways. >> the storm is going to win, tony says. the j.f.x. is in great shape. south on charles, on the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway, a left turn lane is closed due to construction. that is a busy area. we will keep an eye on that. drive times look great. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. five minutes on southbound 95 from the 8956 put down to the fort mchenry. quarantine road looks good through the construction zone. on the north side at the
6:19 am
harrisburg expressway, no delays. this afternoon into this evening will be a different story. back to you. >> looking at some other top stories, an american missionaries have been formally charged with child kidnapping in haiti, charged yesterday. their lawyer says there will not be an open trial. a judge will consider the evidence and could issue a verdict in three months. each kidnapping count carries a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. they were arrested last week when it tried to take 33 haitian children across the border into the dominican republic. the personal physician to the late michael jackson is expected to surrender to authorities later today. expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter in the pop singer's death. a spokesperson for conrad murray says he's been awaiting charges from los angeles novartis since tuesday. the district attorney's office has not moved forward. dr. murray admitted to giving jackson a powerful sedative to help him sleep shortly before his death.
6:20 am
even if he surrenders, it is unclear if he will be charged today. >> in the consumer alert, toyota is expected at more of its cars to its growing recall list. the japanese auto maker expected to recall 270,000 toyota prius hybrids because of problems with the brakes. there are investigating brake problems with two more hybrid models including the ledger reflects a spirit if it comes in the wake of a 4.5 million vehicle recall because of faulty it's already petals. worries over job losses led to a steep decline on wall street yesterday. a key on and plotted report comes out today. jane king has those stories and more in the bloomberg business report. >> investors are hoping for a silver lining from the jobs market this morning. according to economists, the economy probably added 15,000 jobs last month. this would be the second monthly increase in payrolls in three
6:21 am
months. one economist at jpmorgan chase says there's not a lot of staff left to cut and deployment may grow through the year. the overall and implement rate is expected to hold at 10%. stocks plunged yesterday on worries about european debt and an unexpected increase in weekly jobless claims year at home. the bloomberg maryland index fell for a second straight day. choice hotels international shares have fallen 2% in two consecutive sessions. that may change today, thanks to an upgrade from one company. sienna corporation shares down 4% yesterday. under added pressure this morning due to a downgrade at barclays capital. the marriott international of bethesda cut its debt by $800 million last year, much more than expected. it's been able to cut costs by shortening working hours, freezing hiring, and reducing investment spending. quarterly results from them next week.
6:22 am
jane king reporting. >> 6:21, 32 degrees. another check on the weather and traffic ahead. >> the biggest order back in the nfl hopes -- the biggest quarterback in the nfl, what's expected. keith mills has a preview. >> don't forget our water cooler question: how do you plan to get through the weekend snow? email your response to us at >> this is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good lu
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>> traffic pulse 11 and insta- weather plus together. >> the roads are looking good so far. later this afternoon into this evening will be a different story. we are enjoying a quiet ride. 46 miles an hour on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. tapping the brakes a little. on the westside outer loop approaching 95 on the southwest side as well. looking good on august of the majors. the left turn lane on charles is blocked due to construction. drive times are looking good around our area. liberty road on the westside is moving without delay in making your way towards edmondston. looking at 29 at 32, both major roadways in great shape. tony pann has a check on the forecast. >> good morning. things should stay quiet for the next couple of hours until
6:26 am
midmorning. if the doppler is picking up precipitation. south of that line right there, everything is hitting the ground. no. of the line, it is not. a couple hours before the atmosphere saturates before we get the snow going at around 10:00 or 11:00. we are in the low 30's, 31 downtown, -- , 31 at the airport, 35 downtown, excuse me. if light snow around lunchtime. there will be snow or sleet by the time you get out of work. high-temperature around 35 degrees expected. we forgot that there is a game on sunday. keith mills is going to tell us about that. >> 11 sports. >> the weather in miami, a little more rain today by 6:00. 70 degrees by sunday evening
6:27 am
when they kick off, the saints and the colts. the first super bowl for the new orleans saints. the the second for a demanding. if the head coach of the colts was the quarterback coach numbunder tony dungy. both teams will practice again today. caldwell says to take nothing for granted. >> the hague is not in the barn, there's still a lot of work to do -- the hay is not in the barn. we need to be able to respond to what they do from an offense and defense standpoint and the kicking game. >> maryland basketball or big winners last night. jim caldwell was the coach -->>
6:28 am
i'm going 28-24 with the colts. >> 31-30 colds. -- colts. >> you should go for the saints, not the fcolts. >> 30 degrees on tv hill. a much more ahead in the next half-hour or of 11 news today. >> in north baltimore preparations are underway for the big storm. a live report and next. >> a howard county elementary school teacher in his in trouble for taking a discipline problem into her own handspringin. >> try to give the blues right.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news today at 5 in hd. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall. >> i am mindy basara. meteorologist tony pann has a look at the forecast.
6:31 am
>> if this is kind of like my super bowl. >> what about the small amounts, have we taken bets on that? >> we should have. it should be dry early this morning. by midmorning and early afternoon we should see light snow developing. it might mix with sleet by the time you drive home from work. i expect a couple inches to be on the ground by four, or 5:00. it will intensify tonight. the worst will be after midnight tonight into early saturday morning. the wind may gust over 20 or 30 miles an hour, creating blizzard conditions tomorrow morning. the snow is going to come to an end saturday evening. total storm accumulations, 10- -- 12-20 inches. most will be a bloodbatbelow th.
6:32 am
back to you. >> the weather is the biggs store. the anticipation of what could be a storm to remember. we say that every time. >> kerry cavanaugh is in north baltimore with more on preparations already underway. >> good morning. the essentials are flying off the shelves at stores like 7- eleven. bread, milk, toilet paper topping the list. cvs has already sold out of snow shovels. ice and salt are big sellers. salt for the walkways. ice for the drinks. they're trying to openness store shelves. it was crazy a grocery store yesterday. be expected to return to that shortly after the sun comes up.
6:33 am
preparations are well underway for the next big anticipated storm of the season. state and local officials are loading up salt trucks and lining up personnel. >> it takes a snowplow driver if an hour or an hour-and-a-half to do a complete route. you may not seek those salt ploughs, but they are out there. >> the madness begins in the parking lot at pistols and gross restore. >> we cannot find a spot -. >> at this towson grows restore. >> the bruce regards are gone. it's like crazy. people are going crazy with 24 inches. >> its really busy. crowded. >> in the deli department, there's a long wait. hamburger is going so fast that it's sitting on a rack in the middle of the aisle.
6:34 am
most shoppers are willing to endure this. to make sure their well-stocked for the storm even if they are skeptical about how bad it will be. >> i am thinking it's not going to be 20 inches, probably 5-10 inches. i am in line just because i wanted some iced tea and some lemonade. >> i did pop in to this pharmacy. i picked up some cold medicine. another hot seller, valentines, so you have something to do with your kids while you're stuck inside all weekend. how long it -- i saw a lot of parents in their yesterday tried to get books, movies, music, anything to was swayed to the cabin fever that we may be selling into for the next few days. kerry cavanaugh reporting. >> i need some cold medicine. get some for me. for the latest on the changing
6:35 am
conditions, we invite you to follow it on ou fourtr website, the latest school closings and delays sent directly to your e- mail or your cellphone. sign up to the service on our website, click on "weather." >> the t3 being charged with assaulting a fifth grade student. 28-year old tracie clay allegedly shoved an 11-year-old girl out of class and into the hallway at geoff braziel elementary following an argument last month. -- at jeffers hill. >> we found a mark on the girl and ultimately it led to the hearing. >> what i am hearing is inconsistent with what i know about her as a person.
6:36 am
>> she is on administrative leave during the investigation. >> traffic both 11 and insta- weather plus together. >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. it's got to be dicey later this afternoon and into this evening. we will enjoy things for now. south bound to arouse all the ramp to the inner loop, there's construction. if the left turn lane is blocked. no sign of delays southbound on the harrisburg expressway, 65 miles an hour. traveling to the beltway from 95 on the northeast, 46 miles an hour. no problems on the j.f.x., looking great on the west side 795 to 970. volume continues to build at liberty. no significant delays there.
6:37 am
29 and 32 in broward county moving very well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. sandra shaw is wearing her dancing shoes. looks like son. >> it is a blast. if a lot of people showed up to get their last swing dance been before the snow storm. charm city meets every monday night. there are a couple thousand of them around the area that come out. it's on pulaski highway. it's upbeat, energetic. they practiced the lindy hop, the original form key of swing dating back to the 1930's and 1940's. you can take the lessons at any age. nine couples have met and got married. i guess you get a dance partner and tried to learn things. it's a lot of fun. they invite you to check out their website,
6:38 am there have been a nice party bright and early as they are showing their moves. a lot of swing is improvisational and that is part of the fun of it. with your seven-day forecast, there's a massive snow event that is going to a coppice most of the weekend. it will not dissipate until tomorrow evening sometime. frigid cold on sunday, down to 17, only up to 29, with sunshine. another storm on tuesday and wednesday. let the sun begins. back to you. >> 6:38, 30 degrees on tv hill. >> in the animal kingdom, and it has already been decided. we will tell you how and why ,
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> as a animals have a 6 cents winneconne to predicting things like earthquakes. talk about sporting events > >> the new orleans saints will be marching into the nfl championship, according to the orangutans. something having to do with a helmet. and at another zoo, habakkuk with the emblem for the new orleans saints -- they picked a bag with an emblem for the new orleans saints. >> amazing snow sculptures on display in japan. the festival features a 78-foot
6:42 am
tall regression of a german church. that is amazing. organizers expect more than 2 million people will visit the sites during the festival which runs until thursday. >> gives you some ideas on how to spend your day locally tomorrow. 32 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we will look at the morning headlines. >> i am going to do that. we have some construction talk about. we will update you on that, coming up. let's go to our website,, for the latest on delays and closings for your children's school. there's plenty of snow it'
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> welcome back to 11 news today. in the headlines, a baltimore city police officer recovering
6:45 am
after the gallipolis involved shooting in northwest. two men fired on police after being approached in the 3700 block of oakmont avenue last night. if the officers returned fire, killing one suspect and wounding the other. what officer and was wounded in the arm and is listed in good condition. the stephanie rawlings-blake era of baltimore city government to affect at 12:00 yesterday as she was sworn in as mayor following the resignation of sheila dixon. the new mayor will pitch to the ground running, and dealing with a deficit and a storm that threatens to shut down the city this weekend. at age 39, she's the youngest mayor to hold office in baltimore. parents of a student at the broward county elementary school are stuck to your bedroom of their teachers is being charged with assaulting a fifth grade student. 38-year-old tracie clay accused of second-degree assault after allegedly selling a girl into the hall at jeffers hill elementary school last month
6:46 am
following an argument. she is on paid administrative leave. >> tre the boss 11 ander insta- weather plus together. >> sarah caldwell texting on your morning commute. it's nice for the moment. a different story this evening when the snow comes into the picture of southbound charles on-ramp to gen. lute on the topside, the left turn lane is closed due to construction. volume is rising. 47 miles an hour on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast approaching the beltway. if slowing on the west side and waterloo. at liberty -- outer loop. 95 in the white marsh. , backing down slightly from white marsh toward the beltway northeast, stop and go traffic there. let's check with sandra shaw in
6:47 am
rosedale, doing a little swing dancing. it looks like so much fun. i don't know how they have that much energy at this hour. >> they say it's the music, the bounce, the rhythm, and the improvisations whistling and dancing. this is more of the original form, which is lindy hop, from the 1930 policy and 1940's. there are so many variations. they say you can go with it and move on to disband erroll moves. they offer beginner lessons for every monday night before their actual swing dance that starts at about 8:00. there are a couple thousand of these groups. been website is
6:48 am
there's precipitation that is not yet making it to the ground. that will change in a few hours. there is a mass of energy headed toward us. we are going to get pummeled in this event. maybe a little sleet early on. heavy snow through at least tomorrow evening. that is it for now. >> you will change before you do your live shot in the snow? >> i will change. it might have been interesting. >> things are pretty quiet right now. we expect snow to develop later this morning. the morning drive will be ok. if temperatures are 31 in catonsville, 32 in westminster, 35 downtown. there's a big area of high pressure in our neighborhood, which is a good thing. it's blocking the storm for the time being. the storm has just come out of the gulf of mexico. it is just starting to get going. eventually the high-pressure
6:49 am
will go away. the storm is going to win later this morning. >> is when the snow is going to fall. maybe 10, or 11:00 this morning is when it will begin to fall in baltimore. difficult time when the atmosphere will saturate. there are returns on the radar, so it's hard to tell when that will start hitting the ground. later this morning or early this afternoon we will see some snow developing. certainly by this afternoon. there might be sleet mixing in especially south of baltimore. 1-3 inches will be on the ground by this evening. the evening commute will be separate. temperatures will be above freezing. that will local on the roadways. the worst of the storm will happily tonight into early saturday morning. heavy snow at times overnight. you could have thunder and lightning late tonight. low temperatures in the upper 20's. at 6:00 in the morning on
6:50 am
saturday is when the height of the storm will take place. it will be bombing offshore, really deepening off the mid- atlantic coast. the wind will pick up out of the northeast at 24 25 miles an hour, reducing visibility down to a quarter mile at times -- at 20 or 25 miles an hour. by 2:00 in afternoon it will still be snowing. by 6:00 everything is offshore. to buy 9:00, the skies will start to clear saturday night. it will be along event. by the time this ends, most of you will be in the 10- -- 12-20 inch category. down to the south there will be a lot of mixing with lead and all kinds of stuff, so that will cut into the total so little. just about everybody watching is going to get a foot out of this. up to two feet up in the mountains because you get that
6:51 am
extra lift. maybe a little bit more in the mountains. it will be dry on sunday, with a high near 29. we are looking at the possibility of a little more snowfall tuesday night and wednesday of next week. back to you. >> thank you. allies look at our big story. baltimore bracing for the big winter storm. reporter kerry cavanaugh joins us from north baltimore. >> it's been a busy morning. the way people are reacting to the forecast a month me what you see in new orleans when a hurricane is coming, everybody runs into the store to get the essentials, bread, milk, a toilet paper. several stores are sold out of snow shovels. salt is another big item. people are stocking up on ice for super bowl parties as well. we have checked with state officials and local officials. many are overbudget already for snow removal already, but they are confident they will have
6:52 am
enough employees and equipment to handle what, a. they're urging you to stay off the roads if you can, once the storm gets started, to aid in the removal of whatever comes our way. kerry cavanaugh reporting. >> thank you very much. that brings us to your answers to our water cooler question. >> your plan for getting through the weekend snowstorm. >> robins plan is to stay home and study for college. she did her a grocery shopping last night so she only had to pick up a prescription in the morning. she wishes she could stay home until spring and has had enough of this note and has never seen so much in one year. she's lived in maryland all her 36 years. >> big story writes that its her and her residence ocean city get away for the last 10 years. they've decided to leave earlier than the plant. some would call them crazy, they
6:53 am
say. be careful, victoria. >> tom in hamilton this schedule to work today and tomorrow at the post office and will take an overnight bag and survival kit with me to work in case i get stuck and cannot get home. on sunday he will not shovel snow and relax a little before going back to work on monday. tom, thanks. all of the responses to our water cooler question on the front page of the web site, what's coming next on the "today" show with matt lauer. >> good morning. coming up on this friday, much more on a massive winter storm that could jump two feet of snow on the east coast. al roker will tell us what to expect. michael jackson's dr. conrad murray will surrender to police today. we will have the latest on that. also, a live interview with the lifeguard who bristol is like to save a kite border killed in a
6:54 am
shark attack in florida. a 15 year-old who offers from a disorder that causes her to sleep for days on end when we get started on a friday morning.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. >> is no major traffic right now. this afternoon will be restored. southbound charles on the web to gen. lute, there is a left turn lane block. -- on the outer loop. a commuter bus service, after noon troops will begin running three hours early. if you take a 4:00 i was, 1:00
6:57 am
p.m. is when it will leave. in the day trips are operating as scheduled. call ahead if you have questions. '95 is building in plaut -- in volume. some delays at white marsh. >> a couple hours before this n snow. it will be dry and julie this morning, snow or sleet beginning by this afternoon. the heaviest snowfall will be late night and early saturday morning. there could be a blizzard conditions at that time. if it will end by 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening on saturday. total accumulation will be around 12-20 inches. most will be below that. >> thank you, tony. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. good luck and the weekend, folks. >> and a live update 7:25. goodbye. captioned by the national captioning institute
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