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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it is possible that some of the mixed precipitation will work its way up toward baltimore, especially to the south and east of the bay bridge and on the eastern shore. we could top 2 feet of snow by the time it winds down. snow becomes heavy at times right into tomorrow morning and continues into tomorrow afternoon. the mixed precipitation will go back to snow overnight and into tomorrow. everyone across the state will have a chance at some help the snowfall totals by the time is all said and done. sunshine is expected to come back by super bowl sunday. it will be over 2 feet in many areas right around baltimore. it is a big storm that could produce a blizzard conditions at times. we will monitor that overnight as we head into the morning. it could cause dangerous conditions around the region.
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david collins joins us live. >> the governor has already declared a state of emergency. the maryland national guard is already on the job. this know is: at least one serious accident in harford county and flights are being cancelled 2 dwi marshall airport. >> given the magnitude of the storm, we are encouraging people not to go out tonight. we saw the biggest surge in traffic or around the state from about noon to 2:00 a lot of employers and let their employers -- let their employees go home early. traffic flows are moving fairly well right now, but is just now starting to come down pretty heavy. >> thankfully, no drama today at thurgood marshall. a major carrier canceled its
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flights earlier today. >> this is usually crunch time for southwest airlines at dwi thurgood marshall. starting at 2:00 p.m., they canceled all flights, more than 100.
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they are making 60 humvee is available immediately. >> we will put a law enforcement officer in our vehicle. we will patrol the highways and to take medical personnel to respond to a house for a call and for emergency support. we have provided ambulances in baltimore city. >> transportation officials have access to 150 traffic jams located all over the state. this will be -- this will help them provide resources. >> it is good to be very difficult for us to be keeping up with keeping always clear.
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so we are anticipating that a number of the roadways will not have all lanes open during the course of the storm. >> the rule of common sense applies. no one is to go out if they do not have to. if you do, please do not pass any pileplows. >> the biggest emergency plan in the city just went into affect a couple of moments ago, at 6:00 p.m. stephanie rawlings plate was a sworn in yesterday appeared less than 24 hours later, she has had to take charge of managing a storm on what could be a very difficult weekend. she was briefed first thing this morning in the city's emergency management center. that is where they keep tabs with an extensive camera system. this went into affect about 6:00 p.m. there is no parking in the city.
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there are emergency routes. the mayor ordered the suspension of the fire house closing rotations and the new bus service, the charm city circulator, has also been canceled through tomorrow. >> the snow is not new to baltimore. we're going to get through this. everything about how we handle snow is getting better. we're already in emergency management mode. this is when we operate best. >> the city is encouraging folks to use a certain school parking lots to get their cars off of snow emergency routes. residents in little italy, federal point, and center hill can use the garage is to get their reviews the roger -- use the garages for free to get
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their cars off the street. fha has pledged trucks to the afx. >> we have had a chance to look at the snow in the city. we're going to check with barry sims. what is it like out there? >> we have been telling people to get home and get home safely. we found some friends of some people who have been outside. this is andrew and him. they have been riding their bikes. where you're not home? >> you cannot pass up an opportunity like this. the snow is fresh. this is not below freezing. this is perfect for making snowballs. >> tim, why are you making snowballs? >> it is slippery and fun du.
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>> we're good to let you guys get on home now. andrew's mother also told us that it has been kind of slippery. she came to pick him up. you just got here a minute ago. what was it like? >> since it started to get below freezing, the roads are starting to get a little slippery. event in a four-wheel drive, i was kind of moving in going. you just have to go slow. you will get to where you're going. >> thank you. we want to show you this road. this is montgomery road. when we got here at 3:00 p.m., it was clear. the county told us that they put a layer of sold out. as you can see, it has started to stick on the -- a layer of salt out.
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as you can see, it has started to stick. this is a shopping center. there were people coming in and going to be different stores and to the grocery store. we see a lot of people leaving now than actually coming in here and people are trying to deal with the snow. -- than actually coming in. people are trying to deal with the snow. >> i want to talk about the fleet said have been falling. we had big flakes a while ago. now we have these tiny little snowflakes falling. the nature of the snow has been changing. this morning, i was driving along and looking at the clock and saw the tiny flakes. his back to that now. intermittently, we that had these huge and heavy snow flakes. across the parking lot, it is starting to stick and
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accumulate. and get him up to me and said that things are great on the roads. i did not have a problem until i got to the parking lots. i do not know if any treatment has been put here. it does not look like it. a young man was trying to take carts along here and had a hard time getting his footing. we have seen some seniors try to get shopping carts out in the snow. it is getting more treacherous on the roads and for pedestrians as well. the snow is not turning back the people. you can see the parking lot is still full. people are turned to get the last minute shopping done. once they get into their houses tonight, it is unclear when is the next time they will get out. there will be open until midnight. it will be interesting to see how many people come out tonight. >> thank you. it looks like local school districts were successful in getting a leg up on the snow. some schools opened three hours early. how did it go with the students and the parents?
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>> it appeared to be the right call. thousands of students made it home thank you to a much shorter school day. >> [unintelligible] >> administrators say that it was a short, but productive school they appeared there was classwork -- school day. there was class work and homework. >> i was able to get my homework turned in. >> at the sound of the bill, we will be dismissing school early today. >> students made a final stop at their lockers and then packed in the hallways heading for the parking lot and not a minute too soon. >> at first, i did not want to come to school. we were going to get out three hours early. but i decided i had to cannot -- i decided i could not miss any class. >> it did not take long for parents to weigh in on a shorter day, even that if it meant for
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some to go down memory lane. >> when i was a kid, a public school students here, it had to snow 24 inches before schools were closed. things are different now. >> i think it was a great call to have schools open today. we're not done with winter yet. >> the principal said students home with words of wisdom. >> remember to give me three hours of homework. take care. >> some students are looking for to next week to seek what school changes might take place after the storm. administrators ended up with a shorter day and saved a snow day on the calendar. >> coverage of the winter storm continues on our website. you can use our interactive radar for the conditions in your neighborhood. you can join the snow discussion with other viewers. be sure to send us your pictures at
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>> baltimore police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own. >> baltimore's new mayor is responding. >> heavy snow continues to fall. i have important information for you concerning parking in eastern baltimore and southeastern baltimore. >> we will show you where blizzard warnings are in effect for parts of maryland and how much snow to expect and what to expect on super bowl sunday it is 31 degrees at the airport
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this gives you a look at boston street. the snow is starting to stick to the pavement. we are over by the starbucks. these are the guys that are taking care of the parking lot here in we are live. i just want to talk to you. are you gearing up? this is going to be a long night for you. >> we are going to be here for the duration of the storm. >> what kind of winter has it been for you guys this year? is it difficult? >> it has been a great winter. >> we really like the snow. at this point, it is getting in little tiresome. >> you have a very long night. >> it will be a very long weekend. we will probably be here until monday. >> be safe. be careful. the snow is good for some people, for folks who have to move it it appeared a lot to let you know about a parking situation in a southeastern baltimore area. because of the state of
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emergency, baltimore city has gone ahead and will allow folks to park in parking garages for free. those are city parking garages on federal hill, little italy, and south pointe. you can park their for free over the weekend. even if they are reserved, you can park there. it is to help people off the street so that they can remove the big stuff when it comes into town. >> first, the warnings and advisories. deep purple is the winter storm warning. that means we will get a lot of snow. if we focus harder on the state of maryland, there is an extensive area for warnings and advisories.
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regency that the red-shaded areas along the delaware coastline -- we can see that the red-shaded areas along the delaware coastline and along the jersey day, those are red. that is a blizzard warning. the wind will get up to 50 miles an hour on the coast. these temperatures have been a little stubborn. we are staying basically at or above freezing in baltimore. that goes all the way up to western maryland. is not until you get to garrett county where the temperatures dropped to 20 degrees. it is holding up any decent accumulation of snow so far. we have set up a statewide view here. at the bottom of the screen, the
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green is replacing the white. it is creeping northward. the snow is changing over to rein in richmond. that area of rain is creeping northward. we have to keep an eye on that this evening. if we get any sleep mixed in with the snow, -- if we get any sleet mixed in with the snow, it could affect our snow totals. here's tom with more information on this story. >> you can see two areas of low pressure heading back to us. one is from the ohio valley and the other is the main storm hion the south carolina coast. the rain is pushing up into parts of southern maryland at
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9:00 p.m. tonight. then the cold comes back in from the north and west. there is a surge of precipitation and then pushes back down to the south. areas north and west of the bay bridge have primarily snow and it it could be quite heavy at times. it could linger into saturday afternoon before the system pulls off the coast. it looks like the main feature will be snow, heavy at times, late tonight and early tomorrow morning. the forecast will take that into account. the theory is that state also could go as much as two feet. -- the areas that stay all snow could go as much as 2 feet. just tonight, we could have a board to 24 inches late tonight and into tomorrow morning as
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the -- we could have buckboardab upwards of 24 inches late tonight and into tomorrow morning as the snow lingers. >> bge is expecting to take a hit from the storm. woodlawn warehouse has already loaded up and supplies just in case. hundreds of local employees are on standby. lineman from indiana and louisiana are on their way over. >> we certainly believe that, if we see power outages in excess of 100,000 customers, it will be several days before we can get everybody back >> bge adds that
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she should never assume that they know that their power is out. call 1-877-778-2222 to report to the outage. >> police say they were approaching a group of men on the 3700 block of oakman avenue last night when one of them opened fire an officer fired back, shooting and killing one of the men. >> this is the kind of heroic action that the men and women of this department are willing to do to take bad guys were put bad guys in jail that have these guns in the streets of our city. >> the 20-sheet -- the 28-year- old police officer is under iraq war veteran. we will have an extended hour- long version of the news at 6:00
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is a worthy challenge. >> others are sitting on the panel. and number of sessions are being held to get input from parents, teachers, and students -- a number of sessions are being held. >> one haitian woman says after surviving the earthquake in port-au-prince, she got a second miracle this week. she worked as an interpreter. after learning one person was pregnant and considered high risk, the doctors arranged for her to deliver in the u.s., but her miracle was how she and her son survived the earthquake. >> and when everything finished, we got out, and we have five other houses in the neighborhood. and then, mine did not collapse. >> her new son was born tuesday morning, 7 lbs. 6 ounces. her husband and 3-year-old son are anxiously awaiting her
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return to haiti. >> just a reminder, our weather condition continues. >> a live interview with governor martin o'malley is next. >> how are the roads here in howard county and other places? we will
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back, as we get a live look of i-83 just north of the beltway. you can see the traffic is moving along at a steady pace. there is not much traffic out there, which is a good idea, but
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particularly on i-83, which is an elevated roadway, we have to really be careful. thank you for staying with us for our extended coverage tonight. >> at this point, as you know, maryland has declared a state of emergency because of this weather, and that means we have light team coverage tonight, 5 team coverage, stationed throughout maryland. tom tasselmyer begins our coverage from the weather center -- we have live team coverage. >> we have been watching the storm moved in all day long, and some of the snow has been moderate and heavy. warmer temperatures have cut down on the team relations so far. -- cut down on the accumulations so far. from 1:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m., that is likely to be the most intense part of the storm. over even on to the eastern shore, we are seeing snow in the region as we speak. region as we speak.


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