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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 26, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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some guys wear the protection over the ears, the ear flaps. some players do. some players don't. i'm not sure if bobby ryan did. nice block by tim thomas on a shot by jokinen. bouncer came in front. brooks orpik, played along by malone. >> i'm sorry, doc, but also with helmets on, the pressure point where you kind of get hit, and there are those open places. when the hell met is on your head, you're skating around, it does move. so times your face is exposed. players all have -- most of them all have shields on. so there is sometimes that your face -- good stop by thomas. sometimes there is some exposure on the face. >> right in the left ear of bobby ryan. but the opportunity for tim thomas, moving right to left. good stuff. >> you were mentioning the phoenix coyotes.
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eight wins out of nine, fourth in the west. a ten-game home winning streak in december. a franchise record. more wins already than all last season. and they're still six weeks to go in the year. a remarkable thing that has been. >> yeah. really a change in a philosophy and personnel. last year, two seasons ago, very young team. a lot of inexperience. but over the course of the summer, don maloney, the general manager of the phoenix coyotes got more experience bringing in a guy like robert lang, adrian aucoin. first the great leadership of shane doan, keith, great goaltending by ilya bryzgalov. those combinations, you see the recent benefits. >> bryzgalov who thought he should have seen more ice time for russia. but this is along now for the turn by dustin brown. along with pierre mcguire,
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inside the close. edd edd edd eddie. they have a decisive 6-0 lead. erik johnson will go to the box. >> this is a scoreboard call. erik johnson, one-on-one. the puck-carrying player. that's just the scoreboard more than anything else, i believe. >> well, ryan miller, pierre. there is the start of the game for team finland. miikka kiprusoff, now looking ahead to the match of the winner between slovakia and canada coming later on today. >> here is salo. well, they have knowledge of canada, having defeated them earlier. but both teams were still not on their big game yet.
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a shot. it's lobbed off by miller. ron wilson, the coach of the united states says we're still not there. the general manager said against canada, we had only ten pulling their weight. i think they've had everybody these last couple of games. but the point is, both of those teams have changed since then. and never underestimate a cinderella team that doesn't know any better other than to keep going like slovakia. >> a lot of deficiencies in one game, whether it's not a successful power play, not being able to create offense, not -- you're chasing the puck. you're just having to defend a lot. a goaltender, you're starting to get down to the bare bones of the tournament. you can have a goaltender obviously win you a gold medal when you don't perform very well. a very strong message from brian burke after that canadian win. good in stretches, but for the most part needed a lot more help. and they got it with ryan miller. >> there is a drive that is into the net!
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antti miettinen has scored a scorcher. >> from this angle, pierre, it looks like his puck was deflected about eight feet out from tim tomtz. it looked like it changed direction. >> i believe you're right. >> puck on the side boards. yeah, there is a shot right off the -- almost the waist of jack johnson. and watch johnson after this puck goes in. 3, in blue. he will continue on and tip thomas right on the pads. yeah, it went off of him and in behind. nothing you can do. you like what johnson is doing. he is trying to block a shot. >> talk about a guy that is having a real good year. in los angeles, along with johnson, his teammate. a bad break there for johnson. >> i love that little thing that jack johnson did, doc and
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pierre, to go to his teammate. look, he is getting an opportunity to play, coming in the 6-0 game. you're trying to help it. you're trying to preserve what is going on in this game. to me, that shows a lot. it's the center of the chest cavity of the guy like jack johnson. pretty much saying hey, i'm sorry. strap on the pads and skate away. i think that means a lot. >> well, it's a lifetime memory to be picked for an olympic team. and thomas knew going in that it was going to be and it was made very clear by his coach that ryan miller was going to run the table unless there was some reason to make a change. and now he gets his opportunity here. has looked forward to it. he said it's a dream of his for 30 years. tim thomas is 35. then it's hooked back out. back deeper to be retrieved by pitkanen.
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usa chants again. many who are wearing red here because they got tickets over the summer time in advance of it, didn't know what the matchup would be. they're wearing red for canada, and they are saying that we don't join in. but they might be saying something similar. they're hoping for their nation on sunday. >> yaroslav has been pretty impressive. kenny albert will be working. he is getting his notes together behind us here. it's a long way in the future, but this guy prepares. >> ever fun to work with. you get rested up. and we will see you on sunday for the gold medal matchup. here is pavelski, drifting and shooting one that is blocked and then covered. play is stopped with 3:23 to go in the third.
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6-1. how did we get here? well, back in the first period, absolutely all team usa. a giveaway by miikka kiprusoff. ryan malone puts it in the wide open at 1-0. team usa on a power play, by paul stastny. zach parise. 2-0 lead. and erik johnson makes it three. >> then patrick kane goes to work with ryan kesler. it goes and then for good measure put it out front and a nice little finish for paul stastny. six goals lightning-quick by the americans. and ron wilson talking about i believe the boards that you've been talking about at that end. >> i had some conversation with video coach brad aldrich for team usa. a notre damer, by the way. worked for jeff jackson as the video coordinator and hockey operations there. and now does the same work,
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video coordinator for the chicago blackhawks. i had a conversation with him before the game about really tracking all those crazy bounces in behind tim thomas's zamboni door. we've seen it. there was one early in the game when it was 0-0 when the puck hit one of those partitions and took a crazy bounce. again, nice job there by ronnie wilson. just reminding ryan miller, put it in the back of his head and get ready for sunday afternoon. >> you talked about those partitions. and you pointed out a couple of times the rather -- as you see kane. the huge barrel-like things that go down the glass. are those here during regular nhl games, or it is just for the olympics? >> i do not recognize them. this is a totally different rink than the nhl rink. >> and i think especially with all the cameras in behind, that the support, you have the reinforcement. but at that particular end, we'll get a look at it before we go off. they stick out like a sore thumb. and pucks go around the glass,
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they hit those things and come right out in front and really cause some serious outs. it hasn't cost anybody yet, but i've seen enough pucks go. we've all seen enough pucks go in behind that glass. so when the pucks are on the glass, you're a goaltender at that end, you have to stay in your net. you have to hold your position because you don't want to be behind when that puck hits. >> six times the winter olympics have been played in north america. this will be the fifth time the usa will play for the hockey gold medal. '60s squaw valley. they won it '80s lake placid. back ahead. those were both in the country. this is taken now by erik johnson, down to the last four and a quarter to go in the third. brought on by langenbrunner. tipped, from stastny. stastny lost that off his stick as it around behind, gotten by langenbrunner again.
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langenbrunner holds to the outside. pass ong, blocked by joni pitkanen. and loser of canada/slovakia will play finland saturday night for the bronze. as pierre pointed out, finland has gotten used to playing for the bronze, and has done pretty well in bronze medal games through their history. pitkanen will handle this at center. >> really no answer in that first period. tried to call a time-out when it got to 3-0. maybe a goaltending change at that particular time. getting backstrom in there. maybe give a little bit of a wake-up call, send a message. the way that the u.s. came out, it was over after 3-0. >> 1:15 left to go. carried on now by saku koivu, and offsides is called. >> mentioned again moving forward, not only in the gold medal game, but tonight against
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the canadians against the slovakians. where they stick out. the rest of the rink it seems where there isn't really anything that would allow for not a true bounce around the glass. so if you're a goaltender, this is probably a good rule for all you young goaltenders out there, that pucks that are around the glass, especially when you're playing with pitches, and there are some buildings in the league that has v those partitions. they take crazy caroms in behind. if it's in the glass, hold your streak. against canada, the united states would shoot twice at that end, rather than having to defend it. >> well, the u.s. will be the home team regardless. >> if you are building an arena, and if you are the general manager of a team to occupy it, you might want to have them build the nice locker room that you're going to have at the end
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of the ice where the zamboni is not. because those doors cause problems. for example, in the atlantic division, four of the five teams have zamboni doors behind the goaltender for them to play their two periods. >> something they don't think about, i guess. >> marty brodeur came off the very first practice and said why are we defending the zamboni? anyway, we're down to the last 20 of this. it has been impressive for the united states. and they are headed to the gold medal game sunday 3:00 eastern, 12:00 pacific, coast-to-coast on nbc. all the way down it goes. there was no anesthetic. this was surgical this afternoon. [ horn ]
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♪ >> stats are deceptive sometimes. the shots were 25, 25, it was long over by then. very decisive for team usa. >> right from the start, doc, pretty simple. net presence. we're talking with al michaels in the pregame. this is all about opportunity now. for this american team. you've done what you tried to accomplish. give yourself a chance to play for gold in vancouver, and they have done that. >> probably the last game for
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teemu selanne and an olympic uniform. what a wonderful performer he has been to watch, and very productive for his nation, and so proud to be able to represent his country. and we still get to see him in the nhl. and that's the best news of all. >> lots of class there. from teemu selanne. and outstanding goaltending again by ryan miller and tim thomas, coming up to clean up. it's going to be a long, long 40 plus hours for these guys skating off the ice here. anticipation on sunday here in vancouver. going for the gold, doc! >> it should be a lot of fun then, and in the process they think. malone, kane, kane and stastny, they won 6-1. al michaels? >> thank you, doc. with jeremy roenick, mike
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mulberry mul milbury. there are your brackets. canada meeting slovakia in the other game tonight. and looking ahead, canada will be favored in that game, mike. how do you see a u.s./canada? >> i want to talk about slovakia. i don't want to talk about canada. we're going canada/usa. that's the game i'm not showing up on. >> don't forget, slovakia has 13 players from the national hockey league and you guys said they were the dark horse. >> they've got a lot of positions covered. zdeno won last year. marian gaborik. i'm telling you, everybody here, everybody across the states is hoping for a canada/u.s. final. >> jeremy, you're in the gold medal game in salt lake city, u.s. against canada. what are these guys thinking now in 2010? >> they're so excited right now because there is no bigger rival for the united states international hockey than canada. for many, many years, our northern neighbor has dominated
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the hockey against u.s. but this is an eight-year, an eight-year too long wait for a rematch of the 2002 olympics that canada won. this is going to be great. those guys are excited. i'm excited. it was great hockey game. >> toughest ticket ever? >> i can't wait! i can't wait. everybody should show up to watch this gym on sunday. >> it's live on nbc in all time zones. the game will start at 3:00 p.m. eastern and noon pacific nbc sunday. the u.s. team in the gold medal game. so that's the story from canada hockey place in vancouver. see you tomorrow. >> this program has been produced by nbc universal in association with the international olympic committee and the vancouver organizing committee for the olympic games.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the wind warning has expired, but the damage lingers. look at this down to a tree in northwest baltimore. >> we begin tonight with another whether plus alert. despite the wind and snow, maryland, of pretty easy compared to the north. >> the same weather system is wreaking havoc in the northeast. hundreds of flights have been cancelled and more than a million residents are in the dark. that is not the case here. >> we are still dealing with some of the effects. the wind will take awhile to
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completely died down, but some areas were hit harder than we are. the storm is off the coast of long island and not moving very fast. as long as the storm system is hovering over us, we will have to deal with the impact of it. for our region, that means gusty winds and maybe a few more snow showers, especially out in the western maryland mountains. we have had wins the clock over 60 miles an hour in parts of montgomery county and frederick county. also at clear spring out in washington county. a gust of 53 miles an hour at bwi marshall airport. let's check conditions with lowell melser o. >> i was going to tell you that the winds died down a little, but they are starting to pick up as i am talking to you.
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the snow has dissipated and the skies seem to be clearing in northwest baltimore. the story we are covering is storm damage like this from downed trees. it came dangerously close to a power line right here. this is something that bge was watching last night through today, and luckily it was not as bad as they thought it would be. >> i know the wind will be blowing me almost into the middle of the street, and i am a young man. >> another cold, chilling blast from mother nature, this time more in the form of wind and snow. >> my car was going all over the road this morning on the way up here. >> the morning rush was a little messy, but there were not too many problems. there were not as many problems with falling trees, which was good news for bge.
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>> we have not seen as many allergists as wheat potentially could have seen. -- as many as outages as we potentially could have seen. >> there's still a lot of work to do. >> the biggest problem is wires that have come down for a couple of reasons, tree limbs coming down, and also some vehicles have collided with poles. >>winds also caused problems for an area firefighters. this fire in mount airy was also a prolonged by the wind. bge said that only a couple of hundred customers are without power, but they say it could change if the zero whence the side to pick up once again. -- if the winds pick up once
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again. >> remember, you can track the weather in your neighborhood using our interactive radar. there is a link on the homepage of our website, >> 19 hours of freedom is what a prison inmate had until police recaptured him this morning. raymond thompson walked out of a prison yesterday. >> a task force captured raymond taylor. now prison officials are looking to see what went wrong with their procedures. this is as far from baltimore as raymond taylor got. a tip helped track him down friday morning. officers surrounded the house in west virginia and found him hiding in an upstairs bedroom
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closet. >> we are investigating exactly how he was taken to west virginia. detectives are vetting that process right now. >> taylor were serving three life sentences for attempted murder. investigators say he has a striking resemblance to another inmate who shared a cell with him for several hours. that led to confusion, and his mistaken release. recent -- prison officials do not think any staff aided him, but they do think there were problems with protocol. >> proper policy and procedures were not properly followed. as part of the investigation process, we are also analyzing our existing policies and addressing in the areas of concern that may have contributed to this event. >> taylor was brought to the baltimore facility and moved to
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a court appearance in somerset county for a civil case. he was placed in a cell with william johnson of baltimore, who was being released after two years search for burglary and assault. johnson was arrested again friday and charged with conspiracy to escape. >> we will continue to improve every day at what we do. >> if convicted, johnson could get up to 10 years in prison. an acquaintance of taylor is also charged with harboring a fugitive. >> governor martin o'malley is in iraq tonight on a trip to visit merrill lynch troops. the governor left yesterday morning and spoke with 11 news this afternoon -- to visit
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maryland troops. >> this is part of a pentagon program to connect governors with troops from their respective states. he says it is an extension of his duties as the state's commander in chief. >> this is really a goodwill mission, and i correct? >> i think it means a lot to them. i saw so many maryland service men who came up to me and asked me if i would call their kids or call their spouses when i get home. we are very glad to see that they are appreciated. we have lost approximately 114 men and women in either afghanistan are iraq from the state of maryland, but they are doing a really important work, and they are doing it well. >> o'malley is visiting iraq as the american presence there winds down. there is an august deadline for troop withdrawal. >> the troops here take pride in
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the fact that iraq is no longer on the front page in the region in everyday fashion. they are making sure things are done by the iraqis. it is an exciting time. >> the governor made note of tightened security on his visit. >> for all of akaka danger -- for all of the danger that the citizens of iraq have to go through in order to vote, everyone here is hoping it there will be a decent turnout, maybe even better than some of the turnout's we have at home. >> the governor met with members of the 392 signal corps and caught part of an awards ceremony. he will return home on sunday. he will return home on sunday.
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>> a push to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes has it stay in annapolis. a bill is written so that marijuana would only be used under narrow and well-defined circumstances. supporters of the bill packed hearing room and some of the testimony became quite personal today. david collins has more on that
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story. >> this issue has always been a very personal one here at the state house. this year is no exception. barry is in constant pain. john is hiv-positive. he has chronic pain from a broken neck. john and mary had never met, but they now share a common purpose. -- john and barry have never met. >> it will allow me to have the use of cannabis. >> if i had been just taking the pill, i probably would have been addicted by now. i am able to stagger my doses using the marijuana with a small dose to boosted and allow me to participate in my daily activities. >> using marijuana to reduce
5:31 pm
pain and or stimulate an appetite under a doctor's care is being driven by compassion to improve quality of life. the sponsored access using marijuana for medical purposes has nothing to do with the war on drugs. >> i believe it is time to take the sick and dying of the battlefield. >> it is modeled after the new jersey law. marijuana would be harvested at a state facility under the supervision of the state agriculture and health departments. it would be distributed through licensing infirmary. the patient would have to register with the state and help fund the program. it is a highly personal and emotional issue among legislators. republican senator david brinkley is a cancer survivor. >> for some people, this is a viable option as they seek recovery. for others, it is a viable option as they figure out how
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they are going to live the end of their days. >> of baltimore city delegate has cancer. >> i don't think anyone would want to see their loved ones waste away when we could strengthen them and lengthen their years. if we can stimulate their appetites to the point where they can eat. >> according to the sponsors, the bill has the backing of the ama, nurses, and the maryland state police said they are not taking a position on this issue. >> it will probably take another couple of days before the storm to completely wind down. it is still sending snow showers down the mid atlantic. it will take a while.
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the french effects will be across the area consistently for the next couple of days. the center of the storm is over the eastern sections of long island. it is a broad area of low pressure in that stretches back to the great lakes, producing snow almost back to chicago. a broad area of low pressure is sending waves of snow back into the great lakes and almost to chicago, and as far south as the appalachians and down to central virginia. it will take a few days for the huge storm to weaken and move out of the picture. the watches come warnings, and advisers will be coming down, but a scattering of advisories and warnings through new england. whiteout conditions still possible from western allegheny into parts of garrett county. limited visibility, traveling up into the mountains, beware.
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the winter weather advisories should be stopped this evening. there is still a high wind warning out west. if you are traveling in the mountainous areas, you will be dealing with the storm in a more extreme fashion. 36 today, but the normal high is 48 degrees. a few areas to our north picked up a couple of inches of snow in cecil county of into southern pennsylvania. instead of gusting 50 to 60, the peak gust are mostly around 20 to 30. overnight lows tonight, 24-31, and the west wind slowly diminishing. we could still have a gust over 30 at times tonight. the area of low pressure will slowly drift to the east. the next system on the gulf coast will stay to ourselves and cut across the deep south and
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moved out to sea. there is another one lined up on the west coast with the potential to bring us some snow. there is the one impacting us now. there is the one to this out over the weekend. the third one is the one they could bring us some snow tuesday night into wednesday, and a fourth one shows thup out to the west. all the way on the horizon, there is a fifth storm. it may take awhile for the stormy weather pattern to die down as we head into march. highs of 38-43 tomorrow. the normal high is 48 degrees. we do not see that on the seven- day forecast. sunday snow showers may be more significant. we will keep an eye on that. here comes the western star from tuesday evening into wednesday.
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maybe some accumulation, followed by more windy and cold weather toward the end of next week. >> the days until the end of the vancouver olympics may be dwindling, but the excitement is not winding down. more chances for superstars like the u.s. men's hockey team this afternoon to really shine. >> a strong start for team usa against finland in men's hockey. a big day on the ice. apollo onin his last two olympic events of these games rejects apolo ohno --in his third olympics, he has broken his all- time winter olympics medal with seven. i am prepared, physically and mentally. i am very optimistic about my
5:37 pm
chances. >> i think it will be made him out there. whoever makes the least amount of mistakes will prevail in the end. >> tonight you'll also see the start of the four-man bobsled. it has been more than 60 years since the u.s. claimed the gold in this sport, but they hope to change that. they will have four runs over two days. the americans say they hope to finish what has already been a historic season with an olympic win. >> that brings us to our olympic text question for today. what do you think was the most compelling story to come out of these winter games so far?
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standard text messaging rates apply. we will tell you the results of our poll tonight and 11 news a
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>> money is on the way to a
5:40 pm
baltimore schools, but there are some strings attached. tim tooten has the story. >> it is another day of learning for these third graders. while they are focused on the basis, administrators have been working behind the scenes to get much needed funding for school programs. there is a belief that successful schools helped to build a healthy neighborhoods from the inside out. to make that happen, that will be sharing a grant. >> healthy and strong schools are a part of helping neighborhoods. >> it turns out that neighborhoods or to compete for the money, which benefit both schools and homeowners. the head of the foundation believes is a worthy investment.
5:41 pm
>> you have to give people a reason beyond good neighbors, beyond good housing values, if they have kids. >> broad well elementary, cross- country elementary middle, when falls elementary, a city neighbors charter school, hamilton elementary and middle, st. francis of assisi, berkeley elementary middle and margaret brent elementary school. one school will use its share to buy the weatherbug science curriculum. >> we could have used our math skills, reading skills, skills, and social studies skills to alert our parents in order to prepare for the blizzard. >> in the case of garland oaks, the neighborhood plans to use its share of the grant to operate a housing resource center and for marketing. >> letting the school know there is a neighborhood around them that supports them can only be
5:42 pm
for the betterment of both the school in the neighborhood. >> in other news tonight, at sea world says its killer whale show will resume this weekend, despite one of its orcas killing a trainer. the company says it is looking into what safety changes, if any, where necessary. the president says he stands by the animal. >> he is an extraordinary animal, and there probably was not another facility in the world that could accommodate him. he has been part of our team and will remain part of our team. he is a very special animal that requires special handling. >> the sea world president said he knew dawn brancheau and she was a very skilled trainer.
5:43 pm
>> according to sources, patterson faced mounting calls to about out of their race. he became governor in 2008 after eliot spitzer resigned amid a prostitution scandal. the white house social secretary is resigning after criticism of the way she handled the administration's first state dinner. deseret rogers will step down sometime next month. she came under fire when a celebrity seeking couple was able to get into the formal event without an invitation. she has the knowledge not having enough staff
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>> a student protest at the university of california at berkeley turned violent. a demonstration over tuition hikes spread into the streets shortly after midnight. police arrested at least two protesters. a massive system wide protest is scheduled for march 4. tonight the suspect a accused
5:47 pm
of washing up -- walking into a state school and shooting is dead. reports say a teacher had gotten an anti harassment order against the suspect. the suspect was killed with a shared out about a mile from the school. >> jenny sanford attended a 20 minute court hearing without her husband, governor mark sanford. she filed for divorce back in december a few months after learning her husband had an affair with a woman in argentina. >> the dissolution of a 20-year marriage is not a cause for celebration. it is a sad occasion. >> the divorce becomes official mid-march. >> the storm that made its way
5:48 pm
off the mid atlantic curved back to the west and up toward long island. it made landfall in massachusetts and wandered back down the coast of long island, where it is sitting right now and spinning its wheels, still producing rain along the massachusetts coast near boston. for our region, it will continue to have an impact through the weekend. the winds will diminish, but we are likely to deal with a few scattered rain and snow showers through the upcoming weekend. the farther west you go, the more substantial the snow will be for tonight into tomorrow. as the storm begins to weaken, a lot of the watches and warnings will be coming down. we are still under an advisory, but it is scheduled to be dropped at 6:00. up into the mountains, the weather is more severe. blizzard warnings remain in effect all the way of into western allegheny county.
5:49 pm
high wind warnings in the highest elevations out that way. winds are gusting over 55 or 60 miles an hour, and now they are mostly in the 20's. that produces wind chills in the single digits to the west. the storm that is sitting on the coast of long island is having a weather impact all the way back through the ohio valley and into the great lakes. maybe a more substantial snow shower will cut through maryland on sunday afternoon, with sunshine expected as march arrives on monday. for tonight, cold and breezy, 24-31. variable amounts of clouds tomorrow, not as windy, with highs of 38-43. the normal height is 48, so we will fall short of that.
5:50 pm
the brees will make it feel a lot colder. there is the big storm of to the northeast. the storm on the gulf coast misses us. we are kegan i on the next pacific storm tuesday night -- keeping an eye on the next pacific storm tuesday night into wednesday morning. 40 tomorrow with a florid, snow showers sunday at 41, and tuesday night into wednesday, that west coast storm. followed by windy and cold weather on thursday and friday. >> when it comes to new ways of connecting, communicating, and organizing our life, technology and the internet have been on the move. one company has been especially busy. mike takes a closer look at
5:51 pm
google. >> global voice gives you a single phone number that brings all your funds, save your voice mail on line, and transcribe your voice mail to tex. >> googles new voice telephone service not only gives out free telephone numbers but then actually transcribes the phone messages you get an e-mail to a written record. you can still play the calls and hear them, but this new service may be the coolest google innovation yet. to get it, you have to be invited. you can apply on the google side, but it is expected to be fully available to everybody sometime soon. this is now available to everyone, the global answer to twitter. . it plays well with blogs and other social media services. my favorite google service is the new tasks application.
5:52 pm
it's a free to do list that works with your global regular account and synchronizes with mobile devices like the iphone. it is very handy. just ahead over to my toch blog. i have direct links and instructions on how you can sign up. >> the new credit card rules are now in place, but so are some old practices. some companies are fighting back to save their revenue streams. city group offers a 10% interest charge credit if you pay on time, but charges 29% interest if you do not. others are switching customers to variable-rate of interest, which could cost you more. experts say paying your bills on time will help you avoid all the
5:53 pm
extra charges. >> the state's unemployment trust fund is nearly bankrupt, but it seems those looking for work will continue to get benefit. we'll have details on a compromise at 6:00. >> look at what it takes to become one of the
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>> being an olympic speedskater requires time, determination, and lots of hard work.
5:56 pm
>> here at that vancouver velocity short track speed skating club, anybody can give it a try, even me. >> can you guys teach me how to do this? kevin fitzpatrick coaches these young racers, some who just guarded this year. >> i like to go fast. i am faster than a rocket. >> kevin starts with the basics. staying low held your balance and aerodynamics, but does little for out of shape legs. this is hard. 12-year-old manfred can hardly wait for practice. >> i like the wind in my face, and going so fast.
5:57 pm
they started out like me. >> it is a sport that is lost to most of us any other year. it is one these kids dream about every day. apolo ohno will have to wait. i have bigger competition. >> the canadian short track team recently trained at that club, giving the kids quite a show. >> i cannot wait for the short scapegrace tonight. >> if you'd like to see the new tests at -- the newscast again, we will broadcasted again at 7 on wbal plus. >> the storm will still impact the weekend weather. >> a violent criminal is recaptured. we are pleased and of him,
5:58 pm
coming up. >> a breakthrough in making sure state unemployment benefits keep flowing. >> live, local, latebreaking. >> are big story tonight has to be the high wind and that has been whipping all day long. >> the snow became a secondary concern because of the wind. >> the storm is up off the coast of long island. it produced wind gusts of up to 63 miles an hour. it was slowly weaken over the next couple of days, but is still close enough to produce some snow showers through the evening and right into the weekend. there are still a number of the advisories and warnings in effect. you can see the watches and advisory's across the region.
5:59 pm
there is a blizzard warning in western allegheny county and into the mountains of western virginia. the advisory a realm of war is scheduled to be dropped in the next few minutes, and the wind advisory should improve through the weekend. >> it feels a lot better than it did earlier. things are much calmer, but the story i want to tell you about is the damage that was done by those with gusts earlier this afternoon. it was not as bad as we thought it would be, but this is a prime example when you are dealing with the saturated ground from the snow, and then you have the high winds blowing and damaging trees. we spoke with


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