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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 2, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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feel safe. four years after gallons of gasoline seeped into the groundwater, these seem like permanent fixtures. families worry about the safety of their what -- safety of their water found this letter of setting. exxon mobil will no longer be monitoring the homes of the families. the statement came from the maryland department of the environment. >> that surprises me, i thought that they would take longer to do the complete cleanup, keeping the water from seeping out. i am surprised. >> they say that the decision is based on four years of studying the problem. >> this is one of the most heavily studied sites for oil contamination. the data we have says that there is no risk. >> according to mede, those
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wells are safe, but residents wonder why they would reduce the monitoring. >> it tells us where the contamination is moving and is still fully intact. >> at 260 wells are still being monitored, but exxon mobil no longer have to check wells on the perimeter. there is no contamination risk. responding to the situation, exxon mobil says that this follows four years of extensive investigation and remediation, demonstrating that they are successful the cleaning up and significantly improving ground water conditions. exxon mobil says that they will continue to work with mde to make sure that the ground water is safe to use and drink. >> barry, thank you. there is a new requirement tonight for building new homes in the county.
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all single-family homes will need sprinklers. the county council made the ruling last night. since 1992, sprinklers have been mandatory in townhomes. the requirement will be added to the building codes next year. >> get ready, more snow is in the forecast. how much and when? we will check in with our chief meteorologist. >> down on the coast, the storm is moving this way, getting stronger, winds increasing, heading away from us tomorrow. along that track we will expect a big bag of rain, snow, and sleet as the temperatures cooled. especially in the areas to the north and west of baltimore and carroll county. overall, this is not a heavy
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snow, but there is potential for maybe even a few inches in some spots with increasing amounts of wind as the storm passes by. more details in a few minutes. >> guilty on all counts, that is the verdict against three cult members the star of the baby boy to death because he did not say amen at dinner. >> the three defendants were found guilty of first-degree child abuse resulting in the death of javon thompson, as well as second degree murder. the prosecutors and the boy's grandmother told us that it was justice. >> right now i wish i could just hold him. this is all about him, not about me or my daughters.
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>> the argument that was made that upset me the most was the way that queen antoinette attempted to portray herself as the victim in this case. everyone needs to be crystal clear about the fact that the victim was javon thompson and his grandmother. >> in closing arguments, queen antoinette, trevia williams, and marcus cobbs blame to the state and even the grandmother for what happened. the jury did not buy it. in less than two hours they returned guilty verdicts across the board, 60 years maximum sentence for each defendant. prosecutors say that she will now be placed in a residential treatment facility. >> think about what she will have to go through when she realizes that in his lifetime her child is not coming back. she will have to deal with the
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guild and the related feelings. i think she will be in for a difficult time. >> it will take years for her to get back. i do that know how long, how many years, but it will not happen in just five years or 10 years. it will be a long time. >> the judge saying to the jury for working so hard on what he called such a difficult case. he ordered medical investigations for each defendant before the sentencing process begins. >> the thompson gas station owner that was shot at his store has died. william porter died this morning in shock trauma. investigators say the someone shot him multiple times yesterday, police believe that it may have been a robbery attempt. the police have not identified any suspects at this point.
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>> maryland prosecutors converged today to lobby for tougher gang legislation. many consider the gang prosecution act of 2007 a failure, saying it does not define exactly what a gang is or constitutes membership. david collins joins us live with more on the story. >> there has only been one prosecution under the current law, only because the defendant copped a plea. supporters are optimistic that the bad track record will lead to changes. >> the cornerstone of the bill clarifies the definition and what constitutes membership and, more -- most importantly for prosecutors, tacking on significant jail time. >> gangs are a serious threat to public safety. >> the bill is a do over, containing the same language
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from 2007. prosecutors found it impossible to use. >> we wound up dropping the gang charges and proceeding only and other criminal charges. >> it adds several offenses, piling on 10 years to 20 years more in convictions. >> we had underlying conviction for witness intimidation, murder, and whatever the crime was. >> nearly one dozen bills are under consideration. a number of groups opposed it. >> our premise on skewed or inaccurate assessments of what the reality is about gang, gang crime, and gang violence and recruitment in maryland and around the country, for that reason they were aiming in the wrong direction. >> legislators are considering mandating that property used by gangs be subject to forfeiture.
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another takes away good time jail credit. repeat offenders would be denied jail at the district court level. the measure of filing for 16 or older would automatically start in the adult system. advocacy groups oppose it. experts say that children will mature out of being a gang member. >> this bill denies using a second chance in life by putting them in places where gangs are born. >> the police are issuing a dire public warning of lawmakers fail to act. >> we will find ourselves one morning finding that gangs have overrun the country. >> the bill, backed by law enforcement and prosecutors is being heard by the same committee that gutted it back in 2007. >> thank you, david. there is official support for
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unemployment insurance reform today, the chamber of commerce gave its blessing for the plan, allowing businesses to spread out the payments to the fund on the verge of going bankrupt. the state senate voted to confirm beverly stanley as the new transportation secretary, she has been serving in the post since her appointment back in september. >> one republican has brought the senate to a standstill, jim bunting is blocking the senate from passing a bill that extends unemployment and health insurance coverage to the jobless. he says he will hold the bill up until the senate figures out how to pay for it. sally has the story. >> he has been blocking this measure since last thursday, saying that the senate needs to figure out how to pay for it first. a showdown in the senate. >> what better time than to
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stand up? >> harry reid accused jim bunting of filibustering. >> it is not a filibuster when you object. >> he accused harry reid of hypocrisy. >> people can make other own decisions. >> he is blocking a $10 billion measure that would extend funding for highway projects, small business loans, flood insurance, and medicare reimbursement. he says he does not object to the funding, but he wanted to be paid for up front. he is not getting a lot of backing from his colleagues. >> he is not running for reelection, it does not matter to him, but for his fellow republican senators they are pulling their hair out because he is making a commercial for democrats. >> minority leaders would only say --
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>> hopefully it will be resolved in the future. >> jim demand defended bunting on the senate floor today, calling on democrats to stop the hypocrisy. >> next, maryland is still sending aid to haiti. how will the donation help those injured? >> the maryland zoo is set to reopen. we will tell you when. >> focusing on the oldest infielder this spring, the orioles are looking to win. >> of the whether that will not give up, another coastal -- >> the weather pattern that will not give up, another coastal storm is on the way. not give up, another coastal storm is on the way.
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>> more help is headed to the
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disasters around in haiti. residents will soon get wheelchair's, walkers, in cannes, the newest slightly used items were dropped off the day. staff members sorted and cleaned the items, which were then sent to project hope. >> popular outlet stores have been temporarily closed, causing damage to several stores in queenstown. right now a majority of stores are open, but here's a list that are not. for may, the favorite factory, timberland -- the paper factory, timberland, tommy hilfiger, and yankee candle are all closed. the zoo in baltimore reopen on saturday, after suffering a lot of damage in the back-to-back storms last month. some exhibits will remain closed until further notice.
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admission? just $5. >> now your forecast. >> this storm, there are a lot of ingredients that many of the winter storms have had this season. it will be a big, coastal storm, getting deeper into the season, temperatures are not quite as frigid. much of the early precipitation is a mixed bag. the more likely areas are north and west of interstate 95, heavy rain is expected across southern maryland and the lower eastern shore. the typical divide will be in play but quite a bit of snow in central and western virginia and parts of north carolina. snow in the charlotte area as well. overall and is a wet storm coming from the south, expected to clear the outer banks of north carolina tomorrow, pulling
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away tomorrow night. precipitation in the rain gauge at the airport has been light. a couple of hundred 7 inch at the inner harbor, highs in the low 40's, getting up to almost 50 degrees, a record day for a high in march in baltimore, 80 degrees in 1982. the evening rush-hour, save for winter weather problems, right into the northern tier, temperatures in the upper 30's. the only freezing areas right now appear to be in the colder sections of the county. overnight temperatures will continue to cool with more and more rain mixing and changing into wet snow at 10 to 20 miles per hour. could get windy tomorrow as the storm system intensifies and moves out to sea. farther to the south and east, the coastal areas may get more
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wind with temperatures hovering around and just above freezing, expected to be a slushy snow. watches and advisories are out, inching into parts of central and southern virginia. the wind is parting -- starting to increase, over 30 miles per hour on the outer banks of north carolina right now, a big theme for this storm. there is the split, rain to the south and east, changing into snow as the storm falls into the coast during the evening. winding down on thursday, a clearing expected on friday, temperatures getting chilly when you factor in the wind that could gust over 30 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. highs in the upper 30's, but only up to 20's by end derrick county, looks like we will get some more over the next couple
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of days. tomorrow a high of 38, ocean city mixing with wet snow, 43 degrees. snowfall potential tomorrow afternoon, a couple of inches north and west of baltimore with a few pockets getting a little bit more snow in a few locations. overall it looks like the warmer temperatures save us from major winter problems. 41 on thursday with lots of sun on friday, almost back to normal on saturday, looks like early next week the next storm will bring us just rainfall with highs in the 50's. >> now, lavan sports. but when the orioles open their exhibition sports -- >> when the orioles open their exhibition season, they will be shifting the shortstop over the third base. these games can give the best
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read on how hot former can be handled. just days before his name to surface in the mitchell report linking him to steroid abuse, compared to that firestorm the hard line hit down the line drives seem like easy work. tajada may bring better leadership, i say may because he knows more than anyone that he has to exceed to be of any value to the younger players. >> that is a role that i feel comfortable in. i am trying to be a leader for myself as well. >> with implications for who wins the regular season title tomorrow, the basketball game has a making -- the makings of a larger than life event. te carriedrfs a lot into the
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game. it could impact of their seating in the tournament. the biggest challenge that maryland will face will come after the duke game. the veteran basketball coach still sees the team as a work in progress. tomorrow night will be a measuring stick for williams, not a finish line. >> it will be great to watch the process of the team. that has been the enjoyable thing for me as coach, watching the team developed. >> lavan james wants to change his number. might be insignificant, but for the fans it will mean that he will not change teams next year. he has petitioned the n.c.a.a. to changes number from 23 to six. he wants to do it out of respect for michael jordan. he thinks that the number should
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belong to michael and no one else. if he were to change teams as a free agent, he could change numbers without needing permission. by the way, lebron might want to consider honoring all of the legends and not just chael jordan. bill russell and a doctor j wore no. 6. >> i do not think that lebron would have a feel for dr. j. >> i remember that. [laughter] next we have a look at the 7 day forecast.
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>> here's a look at what we are working on tonight for 11:00 news, cutting cards or fat, which is the best? a new -- an earthquake that hit chile may have changed the earth's rotation, possibly shortening the length of days on
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>> we have got precipitation headed our way, anything to worry about? >> i try not to worry at all. >> life in general? [laughter] >> maybe i should worry. >> i have got to get the 7 day forecast up there. likely not, just a couple of inches of slushy snow. if anything comes through, it will be during rush hour tomorrow morning. by next week we will see temperatures into the 50's. >> nbc news with brian williams is coming up next.
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